Top 10 Barcelona Grocery Stores for International Products

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Listen up all you desperate expats craving for a taste of home in Barcelona! Come and have a look: we have searched the entire city for Barcelona grocery stores providing international products just like the ones you find home! These types of Barcelona grocery stores are quite common, especially Barcelona Chino stores (or Chinese stores). You just need to know where to look!!

Here’s our top 10:

pots of peanut butter BarcelonaIt all began with our boss complaining about his tremendous craving for Peanut Butter. Yes, when you’re Canadian (or North American in general), you have more Peanut Butter running through your veins than blood, believe me. So, with this special taste of home in mind, we went on the hunt for Peanut Butter.

1) A Taste of Home in Barcelona is our absolute number 1. Peanut Butter here costs 3.95€ but it’s not the only American/British product you’ll find there. A Taste of Home in Barcelona gives you the choice between 2000 products from jelly to Gentlemans Relish & all their products can be delivered directly to your home or office… or your yacht (yes, absolutely dear!). Have a look at C/ de Florida Blanca, 78.

2) The British Market, located on c/ Iglesias 178 bajos, in Castelldefels, is another good one: baking goods, teas, curry sauce, creams, biscuits and Peanut Butter (from 3.40€…), everything’s there. A taste of home in Barcelona for those from the other side of the Channel… (Transportation: Renfe “Castelldefels” stop, NOT “Castelldefels Playa” stop.)

3) Barcelona Chino stores. We were actually hesitating: should we put them number 1? Peanut Butter won, however Barcelona Chino stores are EVERYWHERE and so cheap! You can find anything in them, from rice cookers to  100 varieties of noodle soups… anything authentically Chinese. My favourite is near MACBA (SuperStar Asia Food, C/ Tallers 77). There’s also the Barcelona Chino shop next to Plaça Catalunya (Dong Fang, c/ Balmes 6) that is enormous.  If you’re a Chinese food lover like us than you have to check out some of these Chinese supermarkets and make your next dinner party at home an authentic one.

4) Colmado Afro-Latino is on Via Laietana 15 and pretty well reflects the growth of South American comunity in Barcelona. We love this international food store! Located in the heart of Gotico, Colmado Afro-Latino sells spices, beers, vegetables, fruits, sauces, beans, cheeses, and already made meals from all over Latin America at reasonable prices. Check it out if you’re home sick or in search of thrilling discoveries!  Also, The Sagrada Familia area of the Eixample has a very high population of Latinos.  Literally walking around a little you will discover quite a few great Latino supermarkets.  I’d suggest LatinCor, which is at c/ Córsega 536 and also Zoco Latino on c/ Lepant 362.  If you’re from any Central or South American country, or just a fan of the food, you’ll love these places.

5) Tot Formatge (Passeig del Born 13) means “All Cheese”. Cheese addicts, this store is for you. There are cheeses from pretty much every European country. As a French person, I am a cheese connoisseur. I love every single type of cheese: blue, soft, creamy, strong, hard, stinky, goat, cow, sheep, or even cat milk! (OK, that last one was a joke). This shop is like Paradise for me. Do check it out!!

French cheese in display Barcelona

    6) Australian Gourmet. Want to eat some kangaroo?? Or how bout some of that famous Vegemite they love so much down under? Help yourself!

      7) El Corte Inglés, at Plaça Catalunya 14, is one of Spain’s largest department stores. Go to the basement and explore the gourmet section.  Even in the non-gourmet section you’ll find a nice selection of international products.

      8 ) Cafés El Magnifico is a dream for anyone who’s in love with this dark strong flavoured hot drink that has become so indispensable to hard working people. Coffee is actually the world’s second most traded commodity after crude oil and the coffees from other countries are as diverse as the people living in them.  At Cafés El Magnífico you can rest assured that you’ll find the finest brews from all over the world. Italians, find the best ones and prepare coffee as if you were home!

        9) DeliShop is an excellent international food store where you can find thousands of ingredients.  Anything you need to cook any type of international dish you might be craving: from Indian to French, German, British, Latin and Asian products!  As one of the owners is from New York City, all you Americans will be happy to know you can also find such comfort foods here as Dr. Pepper, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese, Nerds, and much much more.  Try Ricky’s original recipes on their website. DeliShop has 3 locations in Barcelona, so if you live in BCN and you have a diverse palate, then you must experience this unique store!! c/ Mallorca 241, Travesera de Gracia 141, & L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre.

        10) If you prefer Russian food to Peanut Butter, the Russian shop La Troika Delicatessen (c/ Unio, 3), near Las Ramblas, will offer you  smoked fish, Vodka, sweet potatoes, caviar and kotliety… Prices are somewhat high though.

        Russian food store barcelona

        Do you know of any shops in BCN where they sell international food products?  We’d love to hear your suggestions so we can check them out and maybe include them in an update!



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        Submitted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 5:33 pm

        • patxi

          For mexican food lovers:
          México con sabor a Barcelona, in Perez Galdós 47, near Plaza Lesseps. They sell everything a mexican would ever want (salsas, chiles, oaxaca cheese, tortillas, even prepared meals like enchiladas and sopes!!!) and totally affordable prices!!!!

        • surak

          The polish store Krakowiak, at carrer de sicilia. Here's is the street view at google maps:…

        • Tan

          Thai Gourmet
          C/Comte d'Urgell, 24
          08011 Barcelona

        • Inge-barker

          Hi, The British Market in Casteldefels closed down in May. There is only one English Supermarket now in Barcelona. They have sourced lots of much cheaper products. You can now get Peanut Butter for 1.59 euros

        • Inge-barker

          Hi, The British Market in Casteldefels closed down in May. There is only one English Supermarket now in Barcelona. They have sourced lots of much cheaper products. You can now get Peanut Butter for 1.59 euros

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        • SBenPrice

          Where can you get good French supermarket type food?

        • Mar

          There’s a New Delishop in Passeig Sant Joan close to Arc de Triomf. Also there’s a Belgian shop somewhere in Gracia, can’t remember the street!
          Plus the new American Store in Balmes!

        • Inge-barker

          there is another Taste of Home English supermarket in Sitges. It also has American and Dutch products

        • Marleen Hustead

          I’m American…but seriously, why would I want to buy Jif peanut butter or Dr. Pepper?  Yuck.  I gave up trying to find quality peanut butter and started making it myself in the food processor.  Much better.

        • Inge-barker

          Some of the Dutch Peanut butters are very good with a much higher proportion of peanuts.  As well as that they are much cheaper than the American imports

        • Joe Littenberg

          Nice list but may I recommend adding Cosmo Cash and Carry to the list? Here’s a little write up about it: It’s very central and has LOADS of great products from all over.

        • Catherine Garayoa

          Do you know where to buy Aunt Jemima pancake mix in Barcelona?? Is there “an american store”???

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        • Sinanini Bartholomäus

          Does anybody know where in BCN I can find morello cherries? It’s a kind of cherry mostly filled in glasses and used for cakes et. Thanks for all ideas!!!

        • inge-barker

          Try a Taste of Home English Supermarket, Calle Floridablanca 78, Barcelona (near Viladomat). They have lots of baking products.

        • Sinanini Bartholomäus

          Thannk you Inge! I’lltry that :)

        • gorodok

          potato pancakes mix??
          In US, I used to buy them in koshier department…