Impressions of Barcelona Best Beaches

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Barcelona Best Beaches


Going to the beach in Barcelona is a real experience. I’ve almost always lived on the seaside so I may be quite an expert in beaches. Barcelona best beaches all share a special atmosphere that you will never find elsewhere. I know beaches in Northern Germany, West and South of France, Italy and California. None of them can be compared with Barcelona best beaches.

Where does this particular feeling come from?


1)      Girls go to Barcelona beaches topless

Barcelona best beaches and the not so good ones have this in common: 90% of all women take the upper part of their bikini off… This is a very usual thing but newcomers might be surprised.

2)      Barcelona nudist beaches are right next to the other beaches

This might appear a bit naïve but being French, I am used to completely separate beaches for nudists and covered up people.  It’s not that way in Barcelona. The beaches are mixed but there is no physical separation. In other words, you can walk along Barcelona best beaches and suddenly see naked people walking and hanging out amongst the clothed people.

Just be aware that Barcelona best beaches include Barcelona nudist beaches. Yes Sir! Sitges and the end of Mar Bella for example…

3)      You hear “Cola Cerveza Agua Fria!” quite often…

Most certainly the first words you’re going to learn in Spanish. Barcelona beaches are full of “Pakis”, as they’re called here, walking between towels and selling beer, coca cola and cold water to the thirsty ones. It can get a bit annoying hearing this over and over, but we also think it’s pretty damn convenient to have cold drinks delivered right to your towel.

They inverse the words sometimes to avoid getting bored of saying the same thing over and over again…

Barcelona best beaches

4)      Sand entertainers have imagination

Pay attention to the marvelous sand castles, forests and other sculptures on the side of the walkway. Some of them really are impressive: they build mountains with waterfalls, volcanos and pay attention to details like trees and caves!


Check Out Our Best Videos Of Barcelona Beaches:


Have fun tanning!



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Submitted on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 10:50 am

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  • Coast Radar

    I'm amazed at the patience people who make sand castles have…imagine losing your balance and taking out a big chunk of your work.

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  • lachikiletty

    omg ….. you people are so groce how can u got to the beaches in france with out clothe…………….ewwwwwwwwww

  • Erinsleebee

    i can not believe you called  people ‘pakis’ how racist, typical ignorant racist french people! 

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