Do I tip in Barcelona?

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NO, niet, nein, non ! Empty cup of coffee and tipping euro coinsBuenas cuentas, buenos amigos! Tipping in Barcelona is not expected unlike in America, Great Britain or the Netherlands for instance where tips are a must because waiters practically live from tipping. In Barcelona (and Spain in general) you can be as scroogy as Scrooge himself. Everywhere you go you’ll be given back the exact change: waiters get paid on a fixed salary each month and benefit from a rather well developed social system compensations.

So who can you tip in Barcelona?

You can tip waiters in restaurants, bars and clubs, taxi drivers, grooms in hotels (but none of these people expect it). Do not tip anyone else like public agents of any kind, hairdressers, teachers or employees especially in expensive and posh places, they don’t need it and/or they are supposed to give you the best service ever, regardless of what you give them in return.

Other tricky question: when is tipping in Barcelona preferable?

Well, you obviously tip in Barcelona whenever you feel like it: when the service pleases you, when the food is awesome, when the cab driver makes you laugh, when the waiter/waitress is sexy and nice, when you want to impress somebody (anybody for any reason)…

Tips in Barcelona are left only when you pay cash. If you pay with a credit card, there is no second line on the receipt for tips.

Cup for tips in a bar BarcelonaIt cannot be denied that tipping in Barcelona is pleasant whenever tips are not expected. There is nothing like seeing a bright smile suddenly expand on somebody’s lips and gratefulness appear in their eyes. Then you can go home on a pink cloud for your good action. Besides, if the service you have just received is normal or bad, why should you tip?

Catalan people will appreciate any tip you leave without feeling insulted, from 10cents to any amount you like. Tips of 1 or 2€ are already very good tips in Barcelona. In certain places waiters ring a bell anytime they receive a tip (as in Síncopa) and I sometimes tip them with a simple “keep the change!” just to hear the bell.

Tipping in Barcelona is a left to your appreciation. Make good use of it!





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Submitted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 9:30 am

  • Tonywg

    i think that tip is totally up to you, i noticed that citizen people dont give tip, only foreigners like us give, at the end, i did the same thing like the citizen people, dont give tip, i recommend people to check because there are a tons of local info written by local guy, it was very useful for us to plan our holiday