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Looking for the Best pubs in Barcelona? At SuiteLife we love a good pint so we decided to go to lots of Barcelona Irish Pubs and drink lots of beer so that we could give you a list of our Top 5 Irish Pubs in Barcelona. There is a huge selection of Irish Pubs in Barcelona and we think that these are the best Irish Pubs that Barcelona has to offer.

The Temple Bar

Barcelona Temple Bar Irish Pub

The Temple Bar is one of the nicest Irish pubs in Barcelona, just off the famous “Las Ramblas” its in a great location and always full of expats looking for a good pint.  It’s a cosy pub with a good bar selection and they also serve simple TEX-MEX food!

The Temple Bar often has good live music and like most Barcelona Irish pubs is great for sports.  They show mostly football, and you can catch games from most big European leagues, especially the premier league.  Because The Temple Bar is a relatively small pub there is always a good
So if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere then this is the Irish Pub for you.atmosphere for the big games and live acts.

Check out Temple Bar on the Map



Ryan’s Irish Pub

Ryans Irish Pub Barcelona

Ryan’s is a small chain of irish pubs In Barcelona.  There are 3 Ryan’s Irish pubs dotted around Barcelona near the marina.  The best thing about Ryan’s pub is that it’s cheap.  You can get a bottle of San Miguel for €1 if you like their facebook page and get their loyalty card (without the card its €2) and they sell 5 shots for €5, just don’t have them all to yourself. (Single shots are €1.50).

Ryan’s pub is also good for sports, showing British and Spanish sporting events (mostly football).  Its staff is generally friendly and there is always a fun atmosphere, probably because of the cheap drinks.

Ryan’s Irish Pub usually attracts a younger crowd, and is very popular with British students in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for cheap drinks and a fun time then Ryan’s Pub is for you.

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P. Flaherty’s

Flaherty's Irish Pub BarcelonaP. Flaherty’s is a chain of Irish pubs across Spain and the one in Barcelona is a favourite among many.  It is in a great location in a sunny square just off “Las Ramblas” and only 5 minutes walk from the sea.  Flaherty’s is a great traditional Irish pub and they have a great selection of drinks on tap for a good old pint.  They also serve great British food for reasonable prices.  Most of the staff seem to be expats and are very friendly.

They have loads of flat-screens and projectors and as many sports channels as you can imagine, so if you ask politely they will show any game you want to watch. It’s a good size pub, and they even have a pool room where you can play darts and pool.

If you want an Irish Pub in Barcelona where you can watch all the sports you want then P. Flaherty’s is for you.

Also check their Facebook page for news and offers!

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Dunne’s Irish Bar

Dunne's Irish Pub BarcelonaDunne’s Irish bar is a great Irish pub that many expats would say is their favourite Irish Pub in Barcelona, and it is easy to see why.  Dunne’s Irish Bar is a wonderfully typical Irish Pub with great British/Irish food, good beer and friendly staff.  As a Brit I felt right at home as soon as I walked in, the whole place has a warm welcoming feel to it.  They have a lovely little outdoor terrace and of course some big flat screens for all the Barcelona football.

The pub is decorated with great care and attention to detail with authentic wooden bars and great leather seating.  It makes for a wonderful dining and/or drinking experience.

If you’re looking for a nice Irish Pub in Barcelona where you can relax with friends, a nice pint and good food then this is the one for you.

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The Michael Collins Irish Bar

Michael Collins Irish Pub BarcelonaMichael Collins Irish bar is wonderful old-fashioned Irish Pub in Barcelona that is close to La Sagrada Familia.  It’s a large Irish Pub that is very popular, especially among expats in that area of Barcelona.  They have a good selection of beers and Irish Whisky but it is a little expensive.  The food is very traditional and its proper homemade pub food.  I thought the Guinness steak pie was brilliant, although I would say the food is a little over priced.

If you’re looking for an old style cosy pub then this is the one for you.

Check out the Map!



So that’s our definitive list of the Top 5 Irish Pubs in Barcelona but if you feel like just going to a bar check out our Top bars in Barcelona.  Or you could try this Irish Pub that I would say feels more like a bar.  It didn’t quite make our list of the Top 5 Irish Pubs because it doesn’t feel like a pub, but I still recommend it.


The George Payne Irish Bar

The George Payne Irish Pub BarcelonaThe George Payne Irish Bar is the biggest Irish Pub in Barcelona. It’s layout reminds me of a big club with a huge hall and spectacular mezzanines either side.  There are many bars in this Irish Pub, with a good selection of drinks, which are relatively cheap (although not as cheap as Ryan’s Pub).

The George Payne Irish Bar also serves good pub food, with great Fries (Chips) that you can get with cheese garlic or Curry! I would also recommend their Gourmet burgers.  And let’s not forget sports, they have loads of screens for watching all kinds of sport and as I found out, it gets very busy when Barcelona are playing.

Because it is so big you don’t get the same warm, welcoming feel as you would with most pubs and that is why I would describe The George Payne Irish Bar as more of a bar.

If you’re looking for a big pub with cheap drinks to have a party then this is the Irish Pub/Bar for you.

Check out the George Payne Irish Pub on the Map


The Wild Rover Irish Pub

Top 5 Irish pubs in BarcelonaLocated near Port Vell, The Wild Rover Irish Pub is our new favorite spot. With cozy, lively and friendly atmosphere, The Wild Rover will not disappoint you. Being the only Irish pub in Las Ramblas with live music from 11pm to 2am everyday, it features awesome artists playing different types of music, from classic rock and roll, pop to traditional Irish songs. You definitely will sing along with the bands performing on the stage !

The Wild Rover also offers a wide selection of drinks with more than 40 kinds of beer from Ireland, England, Belgium, US, etc and 15 cocktails on menu. I especially like their very good Stag and Hen offers which you can check out  here. If you are a sport lover, you will love this place as Wild Rover has 2 HD Giant screens and 6TVs and you can watch 6 different matches of sports at the same time.

If you are looking for a pub to enjoy lively music and chit chat with friends, Wild Rover is a place to be !

Check out the Wild Rover Irish Pub on the Map.


If you think we got it wrong and there are better pubs to be found in Barcelona then we would love to hear about them, leave us a comment below.

In the meantime, check out our secret bohemian bar in Barcelona.

Matthew Rutter


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Submitted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 at 6:18 pm

  • Barna

    Wow!! Apparently lots of British food in these Irish pubs!!
    Do any of them serve Irish food?

  • Jon

    The Fastnet is good for rugby

  • Cluckie11

    Yes in the collins we serve traditional Irish stew and order in Irish bacon and sausages….. Also we make our guiness steak pie sounds pretty irish but it’s amazing none the less…. Best guiness pint in barca!

  • Mick Roach

    there’s a lot better Irish or Celtic theme bars in Barcelona not mentioned here. George Payne with local beer at 2.75 a bottle isn’t cheap when a bar no more than 120m offers it at 1.30.

    There’s more interesting Irish bars on the corner of diputacion con Bruc. Micheal Collins puts on more live music but its the droney cover stuff you’d endure at any drunken beach party with a mate and a strap.

    Most of these gas serve junk food that wouldn’t appear on most plates, but hey burgers and chips as Irish as an Irish breakfast with chorizo sausage. Service is so slow in The George Payne, I would probably be a new source of oil while the new ice age set in.

    When service did finally come, and rigor mortice subsided thought I was being served by a three legged mule as I’m sure next Mondays news paper arrived before the beer turned up. The food was nicely per processed but had enough calories to keep the average kid on vicodin

  • Keith

    I was in a good Irish Pub in Barcelona, but cannot remember the Name…however, the Menu for food was very funny…It had things like A Dana all kinds of everything Burger, and an Aer Lingus wee Plain Burger…I would love to go back to it this year, but dont know where it is…do you know of an irish Pub like this ?

  • Steve Currie

    The George Payne used to be an X rated cinema.

  • Rockingmyworld

    Dunnes Irish Bar is rocking and a great place to go to watch anything sport related or just to grab something decent to eat i.e. their steaks are drop dead amazing.

  • SuiteLife

    Ahaha Thanks for this funny fact, Steve!

  • SuiteLife

    Hi Mick,

    Thanks for the info! :)

  • Guest

    Excellent article. The last time I was in Barcelona, I went to this one but next time I will go to The Temple Bar

  • ANDY


  • charbel

    These are the top 5 Irish pubs in Barcelona ??? Have you been to The Wild Rover Irish pub off las Ramblas? Have you seen the live music acts there ? Have you ever seen a live match on a 3 metres HD screen? Can you watch a multitude of sports at the same time? In my opinion it should be number 1, 2 and 3