Bar in Barcelona: El Mariachi

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After the Sincopa, a rock and reggae bar in Barcelona, discover the bar El Mariachi!

A great bar in Gotico

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The place is kind of hidden and if you don’t know where it is, you will probably never find it. In fact it’s in the long list of the secret bars of Barcelona! El Mariachi is located in c/ Dels Codols, 14. This street is perpendicular to c/ Escudellers, near the triangle-shaped plaza. When it’s dark and raining you may feel a bit scared to venture down the street but you have to, because then you will reach this secret paradise!

Sincopa and El Mariachi: same difference!

People say that El Mariachi is Manu Chao’s bar. Actually it’s not, he doesn’t own it, but he comes often there, it’s like his HQ in Barcelona! If you’re lucky enough, you may meet him in the bar and enjoy one of his improvised concerts.

When you go, in one second you will understand why it’s one of the favorite bars of Manu Chao in Barcelona! Very colorful, very relaxing, a great place to chill out in the afternoon or in the evening when you want to escape from the tourists on La Rambla. Obviously music has a huge place in the bar and you can meet a lot of musicians from Barcelona and this is also a great place to find about “secret” concerts and buy tickets for some of them.

El Mariachi Specialties

Prices are quite low and you can have all the usual drinks.
El Mariachi has also its own specialties: Hydromiel Nubia. What is this? It is honey fermented with water and some spices like cinnamon for example. The fermentation changes the mixture into something like honey wine. You can also try their other homemade beverages, like vermouth or the licor café. These drinks make this bar quite unique in Barcelona.

bar barcelona hydromel

Did you already know about this bar in Barcelona? Have you been lucky enough to meet Manu Chao?
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  • Copito1234

    Check out the bar SF on Carretes 48.  Best beer and free shows in town. Hard to find but worth the search. Very special.