The 3GSM World Mobile Congress 2013 in Barcelona

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The SuiteLife guide to the 3GSM World Mobile Congress 2013 in Barcelona

One of the biggest technology events in the world has started yesterday (25th February), the 3GSM World Mobile Congress Barcelona 2013, and if you’ve noticed the hordes of people in suits invading Barcelona, or that it’s almost impossible to book a hotel room or restaurant, that’s  probably why! Here you’ll find info on the show and photos from Day 2 of the show.

world mobile conference barcelona 2013

A Bit of Background Information

world mobile conference barcelona 2013

Despite, being a great place to spend a holiday, Barcelona is a key commercial city which is a major reason why this event has been held in Barcelona every year since 2006. The World Mobile Congress is a technology event focused around mobile technology and is an opportunity for companies to showcase new products and innovations as well as new technological applications for mobile technology too. Various exhibitions are also held too. Typically the event is attended by up to 50,000+ people ranging from industry leaders from some of the biggest names and brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Nokia and Sony to name but a few. Also many other groups of people attend such as mobile networkproviders/retailers, other businesses in other industries and basically anyone who can afford to go! For those involved in this industry, it is an incredible opportunity to network with some of the biggest mobile players.

The event generates a lot of attention and for a very good reason. At the time of writing, Samsung have just announced that they will be showcasing the new Galaxy S4 in March 2013. Judging by the past year in the mobile world, this year is set to show some incredible developments in mobile and tablet devices in terms of both hardware and software (for example the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 being announced in the photo below).

samsung galaxy note 8 announcement in world mobile congress barcelona 2013

How Much Does it Cost to Attend World Mobile Conference 2013?

Attendance at the World Mobile Congress comes at a price. Passes range in price from 699 Euros all the way up to 4999 Euros, with each pass offering different benefits and areas to access. The different price levels include access to different things such as:

  • App development workshops
  • Keynote presentations from some of the biggest names in the industry (last year included a keynote by the Google CEO: Eric Schmidt)
  • Panel discussions with industry experts on key developments inthe mobile industry.
  • Award ceremonies for those who have contributed greatly to all things mobile.
  • Opportunity for brands to market and advertise their products.
  • And more!

Naturally, the best way to talk about this event is to show you it. The photos in this blog are taken today (February 26th, 2013) at World Mobile Congress, Barcelona and the video here features some of the highlights of 2012.

So What’s New at World Mobile Congress this year?

  • New location – the 3GSM World Mobile Congress 2013 was traditionally held at the INEF building at Plaza Espanya, but has now moved to the Fira Gran Via (Avinguda de Joan Carles I, 64, 08908, L’Hospitaletde Llobregat, Barcelona).
  • New product innovations – Many of the showcasing companies are using the congress to introduce new products this year!
  • New applications of mobile technology – expect to see some exciting new technological developments in how mobile devices are used. Rumours are of developments in mobile payments, developments in mobile connectivity (4G and the like) and more!

LG booth at world mobile congress 2013 barcelona

Are you going to the 3GSM World Mobile Congress? Or have you been in previous years? Let us know what you think!

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Huawei booth world mobile conference 2013 barcelona spain

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