Events in Barcelona – Top 10 of March 2013

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Events in Barcelona: What’s Happening During March 2013

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013

There are thousands of events in Barcelona each month but with our top 10 list you’ll have everything you need to find the best of what’s on in Barcelona in March 2013. This blog aims at informing visitors about major events taking place in this beautiful metropolis, going beyond the more known tourist routes and exploring those hidden gems off the beaten path.

Would you like to sail the Mediterranean Sea inside a Currach? Run past all the landmarks of Barcelona? Or perhaps become more spiritual this Easter? Barcelona has something for everyone depending on your interests and the type of activity desired – everything seems possible when in Barcelona. This can get quite overwhelming, so without further ado here’s the best of events and festivals in Barcelona during March 2013.

1. Festa de Sant Medir

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013There is a magical time in Barcelona when the streets of Vila de Gracia, an old area in the Gracia District of Barcelona, turns into the sweetest street any person could ever walk on. A street where horses, carts, and lorries come together to form an amazing parade that travels down Gran de Gracia, showering spectactors with 60 tons of candies.

This event is called the Festa de Sant Medir or Fiesta de San Emeterio, which began all the way back in 1830, when a baker named Josep Vidal i Granés who lived on Gran de Gracia, became very ill one year and had made a vow to God, that if he was cured he would make an annual pilgrimage to the Chapel of Sant Medir.

God did cure him and to announce his pilgrimage, he banged a drum and handed out candies. This occassion became very festive and grew in popularity within the community with more and more friends and neighbours joining the pilgrimage every year. This led to the establishment of the first Colla (club) of the Sant Medir Festival. You’ll see it’s one of the ‘sweetest’ Barcelona events in March, 2013.

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you can still enjoy the parade and fireworks display that closes this amazing event on the 2nd of March.

2. Craft Beer Festival

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013If you are a beer lover and happen to be in Barcelona on March 8th to the 10th, you may want to head down to the second annual Craft Beer Festival taking place at the Cupula de las Arena in Plaza Espanya. The festival began in 2012 in an effort to showcase and introduce the qualities of artisan Craft beer to the general public. Visitors who attends the festival, get the opportunity to taste over 10o variety of Craft beer, participate in workshop, and how to combine beer and food.

It is not an ‘all you can drink festival,’ per se, but a chance to find out what the world of beer has to offer, meet new friends at the enormous bar with its 36 beer dispensers, and impress your friends back home with your new found knowledge.

As you can imagine, this is one of the most popular Barcelona events. Last year, for its inaguaration, hundreds of people lined up to have a taste of these beers, which are made with nothing more than just malt, hops, water, and yeast. The line got so long, that many unfortunate beer fans were left out in the cold, so if you decide to go you make sure you get there very early in the day.

3. Justin Bieber

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013

As far as events in Barcelona in March 2013 go, this one is huge. You may become exposed to, and possibly the victim of, an epidemic fever that has been going around the world for the last couple of years. It is not the hay fever, nor a viral fever but the Bieber Fever.

Yes, you read that right.

It would almost be a sin to write a list of what’s on in Barcelona in March and not include Justin Bieber who is performing at the Palau Sant Jordi on the 16th to a surely sold out auditorium. This is but only one stop of many during his World tour – The Believe Tour.

So if you’re a Bielever you wouldn’t want to miss this concert.

4. 5th Mediterranean Currach Regatta

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013Would you sail the Mediterranean Sea in a currach?

What is a currach? You may ask.

A currach is an Irish wooden boat covered at one time with animal skin or hide, but today canvas is more commonly used.

Who would do such a thing!?

Irish people and local businesses will be at the 5th Mediterranean Currach Regatta held on the 16th and 17th during the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Who would we be kidding if we said we wouldn’t want to see such a race! Besides, let’s face it – half of your holiday will be spent at the beautiful beaches of Barcelona (<-Click the link for a free ebook!) – so why not check it out.

The race was started by Mark Redden, an Irish artist and launched by Andrew Maxwell in 2008. The regatta features local teams of rowers who compete in a 1km course around the Moll de Espanya to finish at the bridge on the Rambla de Mar in front of the Maremagnum mall.

There is an after party with live music and dancing on the Reial Club Maritim de Barcelona terrace. Barcelona events in march 2013 don’t get much more unique than this.

5. The Zurich Barcelona Marathon

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013Another thing that could be on your must experience list of Barcelona events in March 2013 is to watch – depending how active you would like your holiday to be – or participate in the annual Zurich Barcelona Marathon, which will be held on the 17th.

It is a grueling 42.195 km distance run that begins and end at Plaça d’Espanya, at the foot of Montjuïc, in the Sants-Montjuïc district and takes all participants through some of the most iconic landmarks of Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia, the Old City, and Camp Nou.

This marathon started in 1978 as the Catalunya Marathon (Marató de Catalunya) before the name was changed to the Zurich Barcelona Marathon back in 2005. The athletes who participate in the race still run the Olympic distance used in the 1992 Games which is suitable taking into consideration that the 1992 Olympic stadium is still located at Plaça d’Espanya.

6. Kitty’s St. Patrick’s Street Party

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013This is not another St. Patrick’s Day party – it is the biggest St. Patrick’s Day event in Barcelona and it is also taking place on the 17th of March. So if you didn’t get enough of St. Patrick’s Day at the Currach Regatta, you can rush down to Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Pub for a few drinks before the party moves out onto the street of La Rambla, where you can dance to pipe music by Delorgan Irish Dance Company and many more. You can find other places to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Barcelona here.

7. Mumford and Sons

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013

If you’re not a Justin Bieber fan (like us at SuiteLife!) then perhaps you would be more inclined to sing along with the 2013 Grammy award winners, Mumford and Sons. They also will be rocking Barcelona the 20th of this month at the Sant Jordi Club.

With around 600,000 copies of their album sold in the first week, a Brit Award, and now a Grammy Award for best Album of the Year – it’s hard to imagine that this indie folk/rock  British band was only formed in 2007.

It comes at no surprise.

Mumford and Sons performances are so full of energy and inspiration that will having you dancing and jumping all night long.

8. Barcelona Sitges Rally

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013Barcelona and Sitges will be holding their 55th annual International Vintage Car Rally (El Rallye Internacional de Coches de Época) on the 2nd and 3rd of March, during which, cars manufactured before 1928 are showcased in both cities before and after they race down the 45 km long, scenic coast line that separates both cities in a battle for the ‘Elegance Grand Prix’ award.

The day before the rally begins, the cars can be found on displayed in Barcelona, usually from 10:00 a.m. until 17:00 p.m. and again at Plaza La Fregata de Sitges in front of the Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla church after the race on Sunday.

The rally begins on Sunday at 11:15 at Plaça Sant Jaume in the Gothic quarters and is one of the more unique events in Barcelona in March.

9. Andrew Stanley

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013As far as what’s on in Barcelona in march 2013, this one will literally ‘tickle’ your fancy.  The Guinness Laughter Lounge will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a show by one of Ireland’s funniest stand-up comedians, Andrew Stanley.

Andrew is the TV presenter of the “I Dare Ya” show which has become a smash hit in Ireland, has been a regular guest performer on the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Calendar and has travelled around the world, performing in comedy festivals in countries such as the Canada, Australia, and Scotland.

Andrew is considered one of the top comics in the world today.

It doesn’t matter if he’s peforming as a Resident MC in numerous clubs around the country, one of which is the legendary Comedy Cellar in Dublin, or in his own act.  You will surely love a night of laughter due to his energetic and entertaining act. Don’t miss his performance at the Spai Portal Nou (Teatre de l’Enjòlit) the 15th of March.

10. Good Friday and Easter

Barcelona events what's happening in march 2013Semana Santa, although celebrated here in Barcelona, is not as strongly revered as it is in more southern cities like Valencia and Seville. The people of Barcelona are still very much Catholic but the difference between them and other Spanish cities is that they tend to keep their beliefs and traditions more to themselves. Here the saying ‘Live and let live’ applies perfectly and you can see it in their liberal views such as ‘gay marriage and equality.’

The city celebrates this public holiday by holding two Easter parades held in the early afternoon and evening. The Viernes Santo Parade starts at 17.00 at the church ‘La Iglesia de Sant Agusti’ located in the Raval district, 300 people participate, musicians perform, and you get to experience a display of beautiful floats.

The Easter procession takes place at the ‘Iglesia de Sant Jaume’ on Carrer de Ferran in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona at 19.00. Here, the religious brotherhood ‘Costaleros’ carries huge statue of the virgin Mary down the street attracting the attention of onlookers.

If you would like to celebrate Easter by going to a mass, you have other options to choose from, like the Santa Maria del Mar church, Basílica de la Sagrada Família or the Barcelona Cathedral – all three of which are very iconic churches.

Let us know what you think about our top 10 picks and also if you know of any great events in March 2013 that we haven’t covered. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


A. R. Urena

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