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What about the top 10 hot Spanish Women?

Before we start with our top 10 hot Spanish women list, we like to mention that we got a lot of positive feedback for our previous blog ”top 10 hottest Spanish men” from both men and women. This week at Suitelife, we made a list of top 10 Hot Spanish women. We really had a hard time to choose the hot candidates. As you all know, Spain has one of the world’s most gorgeous women on the planet. Who are those hot Spanish women? Let’s have a look..

10.Kira Miro


Kira Miro is one of our top 10 hot Spanish women. She changes her hairstyle now and then but no matter what hair style or color she may have, her hotness is undeniable. Every time I see her she gets me all sweaty and nervous. My advice, don’t look at her pictures while you’re at work!


hot spanish women

9.Helen Lindes


hot spanish women

People love girls like Helen Lindes, that’s why she is in our list of top 10 hot Spanish women. What we mean by girl like her, is that most of us know absolutely nothing about her, as most of the information on the web is not written in our language, but we couldn’t care less.

8.Marta Torne


hot spanish women

Marta Torne may be the sweetest and cutest woman in Spain in my eyes. The Spanish actress and presenter makes television really addicting for many people, including me. So addicted that men will stand in a row to kiss her feet!

7.Sara Carbonero


hot spanish women

How hot is Sara Carbonero? Absolutely gorgeous! Her green eyes, tan skin and perfect figure are just amazing. In fact, she is so hot that she may have cost the Spanish football team their first game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. While covering Spain’s match against Switzerland, the smoldering television journalist who was named the sexiest sports reporter in the world by FHM allegedly distracted Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas by standing behind the net, allowing for a game-winning goal by the Switzers. Spanish fans, can’t have stayed mad for long, though. After all, she remains a prominent figure on Spanish television. And Casillas? Well, the two are now engaged, so he can’t be angry either. Would you be?

6.Eugenia Silva

hot spanish women


There is no denying that Eugenia Silva is a beautiful woman. As a Victoria’s Secret model, Eugenia has a hugely unfair advantage in the sexiness department. Her stunning sex appeal, her dark hair, complementing features brings a big smile to my face every time I see her. What a woman!

5.Paz vega


hot spanish women

The Spanish actress Paz Vega is definitely one of the hottest women in Spain. A native of Seville, Paz Vega had been wowing Spanish audiences in her television roles for years before people outside of Spain recognized her with her movie ‘’Spanglish’’ with Adam Sandler. Her sweetness and classy appearance made us put her on our ‘’top 10 hot Spanish women’’ list.

4.Clara Alonso


hot spanish women

Spain’s supermodel Clara Alonso is the 4th on our ‘’top 10 hot Spanish women’’ list. This sexy little minx is one of my favorite models and makes me drool every time I see her. Lord.. she is like perfection in a female body, insanely sexy from head to toe that she makes me wanna hola!

3. Vanessa romero


hot spanish women

Known for her acting roles on Spanish television, Vanessa Romero is the 3rd in our ‘’top 10 hot Spanish women’’ list. Vanessa is probably best known as Raquel Villanueva on the series ‘La que se avecina’. Vanessa, with her gorgeous smile and rockin’ body, has been captivating Spanish television viewers for years. Vanessa Romero is the type of girl that could make men do just about anything. If she told me to jump off a bridge, not only would I do it, But I’d do a triple backflip in to the water full of sharks just to impress her. Ok I Exaggerated a little bit with the sharks, but you get the picture. This is how dedicated I am to her.

2. Triana Iglesias


hot spanish women

Number two in our top 10 hot Spanish women list is the smoking hot model Triana Iglesias. She has modeled for FHM, Maxim and several other Spanish Men’s magazines. She has great curves and a sexy attitude, kind of like a Spanish version of Charisma Carpenter as I may compare.  Triana Iglesias knows her way around, especially when the camera is on her. The little tease she does everytime always leaves me wanting more.

1.Penelope cruz


hot spanish women

Number one of our ‘’top 10 hot Spanish women’’  list is who else than Penelope Cruz. She is definitely una mujer especial as they say it in spanish, not only because she is the beautiful Hollywood star of Spain, but in my eyes, Penelope has all the right flavors to be the most desired woman in our list. Penelope has a great looking skin, beautiful thick eyebrows and the caramel highlights around the crown and remaining natural brown hair which ads more natural beauty to her already natural appearance. She is one of the few women in Hollywood today that truly embodies the image of a glamorous movie star, Penelope looks just as amazing at 39 as she did a decade ago. Not to mention that Penelope Cruz showed everyone that she is the sexiest and most passionate female pirate of all time in her role in ‘’the Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of youth’’.

hot spanish women


Please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Who do you think should be added to the list of top 10 hot Spanish women?

- Alper

Submitted on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 7:16 pm

  • Sevisiyoruz

    The Hotest Spanish Lady Is Banu Alkan

  • Alper

    She is beautiful indeed. Thank you for your comment!

  • Call Your Escort

    there are really hot. I love each model figure and attitude. The hottest one is Triana.

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  • BigBob728

    All of these women are beautiful, but it’s no Top 10 and besides, the list is almost perfectly upside down.

  • chatsexoporcam

    i love penelope cruz. she is woman #1

  • greek

    Olum alt?ma sictim

  • stephen Smith

    Roselyn Sanchez and
    Patricia Velásquez should be at the top

  • Alba

    I’m spanish and my favorite is Vanesa Romero <3

  • sexy

    You Forgot Pilar Garcia Muñez who is a very beautiful Sexy Woman i like her very much, appears on RTVE used to present España Directo

  • georgette casandra carter

    i am part mexican and black put penelope cruz to shame