Stoke Oktoberfest

OKTOBERFEST – 6 million people, 7 million litres of beer…
50 €/Day All-Inclusive. Happening BETWEEN 18 September & 5 October (Minimum 2 nights).
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“Oktoberfest? The best time of my life…why? I couldn´t tell you, don´t remember much…but that´s kinda the point, find a place, sit yourself down, drink a million beers, because that´s the thing to do, and marvel at how the best looking woman you have ever seen can carry 6 beers in each hand.”
# – Johnny D, stoked at the 2007 Oktoberfest, Ireland.


Munich, Germany. The Oktoberfest grounds (Theresienwiesse) is located in the centre of Munich. The Stoke campground is just 10 minutes away from the madness. They have daily shuttles between the campsite and the Oktoberfest.

What’s the Deal?

Stoke at Oktoberfest costs 50€ a day. You can stay for as many days as you like (minimum 2), with no fixed dates. This includes:

  • Camping accomodation (tents, sleeping bags & mattresses) at a rocking campsite
  • Free pick-ups from the Munich train station
  • Breakfast
  • BBQ every 2nd night (vegetarians ok)
  • Shuttles between campsite and centre of town
  • A Stoke festival within a festival atmosphere, with an international vibe

Eat, drink and be mery!

The campsite is very close to the Oktoberfest grounds (just 15 minutes). They give it a Stoke festival within a festival atmosphere.  2 person tents & mattresses (with sleeping bags available for an extra 3€ per day) are set up for your arrival.  Just dump your stuff inside and grab a beer.  Stoke serves you up hearty breakfasts, and every 2nd day they fire up the BBQ, and make a party of it.  No worries if you are vegetarian.  If you sign up here through the SuiteLife site, you get a special bonus: FREE DAILY UNLIMITED BEER & SANGRIA!

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