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UrbanSimply put, when in Barcelona you must do as the Barcelon├ęs’ do. UrbanBuddy is SuiteLife’s newest collaborating partner. They offer a personal city concierge service. Especially perfect for students coming to BCN to study, but in general for anyone moving to the city.

You will be provided with your very own UrbanBuddy, a local expert in everything BCN. They can proactively customize and adapt your experience via their 24-hour assistance, expertise, recommendations, and guidance. This is a great service for newcomers as your UrbanBuddy can help you with great info on all of your settling needs. Plus, how is cool is having your own personal concierge on call 24 hours a day?!

UrbanBuddy offers an exclusive 25% discount, plus one free day service, to anyone who gets in touch through the SuiteLife signup form below. Send us your name, mail, and phone number and an UrbanBuddy rep will be in touch with you the same day!