9 Extraordinarily Expensive Properties in Barcelona!

9 Extraordinarily Expensive Properties in Barcelona!

The most expensive properties in Barcelona are true eye candy for anyone that loves real estate. Check out the architecturally stunning properties and try to not drool on your computer! Barcelona has all different types of properties ranging from new, contemporary homes to old, gothic homes.

9. Apartment in Barcelona for 3,500,000 Euros

This apartment in Barcelona is about half as expensive as the next one, but I felt it was worth your time. It is a unique, contemporary apartment with bright lighting and colors. The vibrant artwork makes this apartment intriguing and fun with an edgy feel to it. Some other features that interested me was the lighting over the dining table and also the accent walls behind the beds.

Vibrant Artwork


Vibrant Artwork


Vibrant Artwork Bedroom

8. Home overlooking Barcelona for 7,950,000 Euros

This home has been renovated, but still kept the old character and charm of the original home. The views of the city from the home and the expansive patio are breath taking. One feature of the home that I like the most are the stained windows. The green cabinets in the kitchen and the wine cellar also add charm to the home that is different than other homes.
Home with ViewHome with View

Home with View
House with View


7. Contemporary Penthouse in Barcelona for 8,400,000 Euros

This extraordinary penthouse would be anyone dream place to live. It is equipped with a private pool on a large terrace, a steam room, a workout room and much more. My favorite parts about this penthouse are the grand entryway, the pool, and the living room. The terrace with the private pool would be a great place to watch the sunset with some friends and have a few drinks.



Contemporary Flat


Contemporary Flat

6. Spanish Ocean-Front Home for 8,500,000 Euros

This Spanish home is placed right on the water. It has an expansive patio and beautiful pool. My favorite parts of this home are the view and the pool. Can you imagine waking up and having a coffee on that patio every morning with the sea breeze gently blowing around you?

BCN03892_1_1_1 BCN03892_1 BCN03892_2

5. Contemporary home for 8,500,000 Euros

This home is architecturally stunning. It has an open concept floor plan and many unique features. They used more of an industrial style flooring in parts of the home and added contemporary finishes to make this home all come together. The back yard also has a contemporary feeling with the terraced lawn and pool. I really like the design of the outside with the metal accents.

Contemporary Home Contemporary Home Contemporary Home

4. French Estate for 10,000,000 Euros

This old French estate has all the charm you could ever want. There is no questioning why this estate is on the list of expensive properties in Barcelona! Between the beams on the ceiling, the design of the outside, and and perfectly manicured grounds, this estate will have you speechless. My favorite parts about this house are the vines crawling up the side of the house, the pool, and the gardens.

French Estate French Estate French Estate French Estate

3. Contemporary Apartment for 10,008,000 Euros

Every detail of this apartment was thought out thoroughly. The whole apartment is controlled by an iPad and has all custom furniture. For me, it was hard to pick only a couple favorite things, can you choose only two? The apartment also has a large outdoor area off of the living room that makes it a great place to entertain. Before you check the photos out, make sure to take a seat because you will be blown away!

Property-5af95e9295036e607730840668ffc360-28169441 Contemporary Flat


Contemporary Apartment Property-e629e92df5b6da3367616649201f7844-28169441

2. Castle in Barcelona for 19,500,000 Euros

Who wouldn’t want their very own castle? With the outside keeping its older charm and the inside updated with high end finishes, this is the perfect castle for any new age King/Queen. Between the indoor pool with grotto, the vineyard, and spa facilities, this castle is the ultimate relaxation place. The castle is set up to be a house, hotel, or both at the same time. This property is very versatile, which makes it all the better. My favorite parts of this property are the indoor pool and the vineyard. Could you see yourself sitting on a throne?


1. Contemporary Estate for 19,800,000 Euros!

The last estate on the list of expensive properties in  Barcelona is truly amazing. This contemporary estate is eye candy for any architect lover. The exterior is beautiful with a tile finish throughout. The expansive deck with floor to ceiling windows/doors leading to the living room makes this mansion the perfect place to have people over! I love how the outside is a simple neutral tile, but the shape of the house makes it very sophisticated.

Contemporary MansionContemporary Mansion in Barcelona


I hope you enjoyed looking at these extraordinary homes! I had a great time looking through the expensive real estate of Barcelona and all it has to offer on the market right now!


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