Carrer Montcada: Barcelona Street Profile

Carrer Montcada (Placeta Montcada) Barcelona Street Profile

Carrer Montcada is a beautiful historical street in the heart of the trendy neighborhood El Born. It can be seen as a connection between the two busiest streets in El Born, Carrer Pincesa and Passeig del Born.

Being home of 4 museums and several little art galleries, Carrer Montcada is one of the most important arts streets in Barcelona.

Museums in Barcelona – Carrer Montcada is the street to go!

1. Museu Picasso / Picasso Museum

One of the most famous museums in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum on Carrer Montcada. The museum is open from 10 am to 8 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays the entire year. They offer guided tours through the collection of the famous Spanish artists. There isn’t really a specific time to go there, since there’s always a queue. Nevertheless, the museum is worth visiting. Check out their website for further information or recent exhibitions and events.

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

2. Museu Barbier-Mueller / Museum Barbie-Mueller

The Barbier-Mueller museum is another historical part of Carrer Montcada. Located opposite the Picasso Museum, the collection deals with most of the styles that exist in the pre-Hispanic cultures of Meso-America, Central America, Andean America and the Amazon region. Go on a journey back to a time when the understanding of the world was completely different. Check out their website for further information, exhibitions and events.

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

3. Museo Del Mamut / Mammoth Museum

Discover everything about the lesser known animals which lived in the Ice Age. The museums offers a different kind of experience and is the place to go for either specialists or people who have less knowledge about the Mammoth. Check out their website for further information.

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

4. Hub Disseney Barcelona

There are two Disseney’s in Barcelona. One of them is located on C/ Montcada. Hub Disseney (DHUB) is a mixture of a museum, a centre and a laboratory directed at promoting an understanding and proper use of the design world. Natha recently blogged about this interesting institution. Check out her blog and their website for further information.

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

Besides the interesting museums on Carrer Montcada, there are several small galleries or art stores. In order to give you an impression, I took photos of some of the stores.

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

museums in barcelona; carrer montcada

5. Eat Tapas on Carrer Montcada / Lonja de Tapas

Lonja de Tapas is a typical Spanish Tapas restaurant, offering all kind of tapas and different wine. This restaurant on Carrer Montcada is one of the better Tapas Places in El Born. It belongs to a restaurant group (LT Group) which includes the following places: Lonja de Tapas on Pla de Palau, Lonja de Tapas on Montcada, Celler de Tapas and Celler de la Ribera. All the restaurants offer high quality food. For openining hours and locations, check out their website.

tapas barcelona; carrer montcada

6. Buy Tea on Carrer Montcada

One of the few great places to buy tea in Barcelona is on Carrer Montcada. The chain “Tea Shop” offers all kinds of tea from all over the world. Check out their website.

to buy tea in barcelona; carrer montcada

In addition to the places already mentioned on Carrer Montcada, there are tons of more interesting things going on along this beautiful street.

Due to it’s proximity to El Born’s main streets, you have everything you could want nearby. I discovered a small bar at the end of Carrer Montcada called “Bar del Pla”. It looked really cool and I will definitely check this place out during the weekend. Also, there is a store which specialises in selling all kinds of chocolate products. I didn’t go in, but the chocolate looked delicious! Last but not least, one of El Born’s best Tapas places, “El Xampanyet”, is located on Carrer Montcada as well. Check out our Tapas Tour Guide of El Born.

carrer montcada

What do you think of this historical street in Barcelona? Did we forget to mention any places to go on Carrer Montcada? If yes, let us know on comments below.


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