A Guide to the Best Record Stores in Barcelona 2018

Record Stores in Barcelona


With a love of everything vintage on the rise, vinyl sales are off the charts.

From Taylor Swift to U2, everyone has gone back to making vinyl available, often with special editions and offers for fans included , such as promo codes for ticket sales or photobooks.

Since music shops closed years ago, giving way to the digital age of music, most vinyl sales have moved online or been confined to charity shops and vintage outlets.

These are often still the best places to find vinyl but a recent rise in popularity means the number of stores dedicated solely to vinyl is creeping up.

As a culturally rich city, Barcelona has always been abuzz with music of all kinds…but where can you buy records in Barcelona nowadays?

We’ve made a list of the best vinyl stores and music shops in Barcelona so you can get your musical fix A.S.A.P.


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Valldonzella 29, Raval,  Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: http://shop.chandal.tv/
  • DESCRIPTION: A vintage shop with an eclectic variety of cool stuff, amongst which you can find not only music on vinyl but also other artsy hipsterish articles like old magazines or cameras
  • OPENING TIMES: 11am-9pm


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/ Sitges 9, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: http://www.dailyrecords.es/2/index.php
  • DESCRIPTION: One of the coolest record stores in Barcelona, Daily Records possesses an amazing range of old music formats (some say the best in Barcelona). If you have even the most exotic taste in music, rest assured they have a record for that specific band or genre!
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours

3. DISCO 100

Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/ Escorial 33, Gracia
  • WEBSITE: http://www.disco100.com/?___store=en&___from_store=es
  • DESCRIPTION: Biggest record store in Barcelona, Disco 100 also has a large collection of vinyls and the customer service is absolutely flawless. They specialise in commercial old music though, so if you are looking for a really really specific sub-genre, you might leave the store a bit disapointed.
  • OPENING TIMES: 10am – 1:30pm / 5pm-8pm (Monday-Saturday) ; 10am-2pm (Sunday)


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 7, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: The oldest record store in Barcelona, Discos Castello are most likely defined by a very long heritage. Tradition precedes Discos Castello, pretty much the foundation this market is based on. Better check them out soon!
  • OPENING TIMES: 10am – 8pm (Monday-Saturday)


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 61, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: http://www.discosimpacto.com/
  • DESCRIPTION:  Specialised in vinyls, this record store in Barcelona is always ready to surprise their customers with their daily collection changes, so if you feel undecided on what you wanna buy, then this is definitely the place that you have to hit up!
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Lluna 27, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: https://discosjuando.wordpress.com/
  • DESCRIPTION: Discos Juando is a really nice and cozy record store in Barcelona, the owner of which is a real DJ that plays exactly the type of music that you can find in the store! Interested much? Why not go there and have a chat with him in person?
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Ferlandina 39, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: http://www.discosparadiso.com/en/
  • DESCRIPTION: This is the newest record store in Barcelona! Focused more on electronic such as house, dubstep or funk, Disco Paradiso is the perfect location for the new gen music lovers!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 13, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: http://www.discos-revolver.com/
  • DESCRIPTION: This 2-level record store in Barcelona is extremely well supplied not just with music, but also old books and magazines and all kinds of memorabilia. It is considered to be the most popular record store in Barcelona!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Corsega 202, Eixample
  • WEBSITE: http://www.jazzmessengers.com/en/
  • DESCRIPTION: As you may have already guessed, they sell only and only jazz music, so they kind of address the jazz listeners niche market. And be certain that you have a ton to choose from if you visit their store, as their records are countless!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours


Record Stores in Barcelona


  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Riera Baixa 14, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • WEBSITE: http://www.wah-wahsupersonic.com/html/index.html
  • DESCRIPTION: If you’re looking for the oldest music in town, this is the spot! These guys have records dating even from the 1900’s! However, their newer collections are not too extensive, but anyhow absolutely worth your time!
  • OPENING TIMES: 11am-2pm / 5pm-8:30pm Monday-Saturday

Hope you find this blog about record stores in Barcelona useful, guys! Till next time, MAKE LOVE – NOT WAR!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


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