Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Oy Vey! Where are the Kosher Restaurants in Barcelona?!

kosher restaurants in barcelona

Welcome back, SuiteLife gang, to my newest blog in which I’ll be talking about Kosher Restaurants in Barcelona and where to grab a bite either out and about the city. As a bonus we’ll also tell you where you can buy Kosher meat to cook in the comfort of your own home.

A bit of a WARNING: Kosher restaurants in Barcelona are very few and far between and tend to be a bit (read: quite) overpriced due to a marked lack of competition. Another reason for this is the very small Jewish population in Barcelona. Hence, Kosher restaurants in Barcelona do not have a big target market. They Cater to the tiny Jewish population that actually eats Kosher, tourists, and religious expats. So yeah, get ready to get our your wallet, but hey, we gotta eat, right?

Maccabi Restaurant

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Maccabi is probably the most famous Kosher restaurant in Barcelona. With a great location right on La Ramblas, cozy decor and atmosphere and a delicious menu, Maccabi is considered the best Kosher restaurant in Barcelona by locals and tourists alike. The restaurant occupies a former bakery from the seventeenth century called Montserrat. This restaurant just screams vintage and culture.

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Apart from their extensive menu of delicious dishes, Maccabi also offers tapas for when you just want something quick and delicious to enjoy over a cup of coffee or a nice and cold pint of beer. Unlike other Kosher restaurants Maccabi is a full service dining joint with fast and friendly service. The menu is a mixture of traditional Israeli dishes and Catalan cuisine and it successfully combines the best of both worlds. The staff knows a little Hebrew and English so language barrier in Maccabi is not an issue. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for an excellent dining experience, Maccabi is one of the best Kosher restaurants in Bacelona that will meet your every requirement. Address: Las Ramblas 79 / Web

Delicias Kosher

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona


Delicias Kosher is a great dinning experience.  Its located in one of the ‘posh’ areas in Barcelona – Sant Gervasi – Galvany, and the food is really delicious and they have above average service for Spain as well, which is always appreciated.  As a common theme with foreign cuisine restaurants in Barcelona, Delicias Kosher incorporates a lot of Catalan dishes and cooking techniques in its Israeli menu. Nevertheless, a pinch of Catalan is all that takes to make their Kosher dishes exquisite.

Kosher restaurants in BarcelonaThe service in Delicias Kosher is what really closes the deal. The staff is very open and motivated to do everything it takes to make you feel like home. No matter if you’re dining alone or with company you will always feel like you are in the comfort of your own dining room. Address: c/ Santalo 125 / Web

Well folks, that’s kinda it for Kosher restaurants in Barcelona. New ones haven sprung up but tend to die quickly because of a lack of customers. Now for our Bonus, where to find a Kosher butcher in Barcelona and where to buy a Challah in Barcelona!

Isamar Kosher

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

If you’re looking for Kosher food in Barcelona, it is one on the few places you can buy Israeli foods and kosher meat. Isamar Kosher is not just a Kosher supermarket. From noon until 5 pm every Monday through Thursday you can enjoy some of their delicious food in their deli. What you can also find in Isamar Kosher is a bakery with freshly baked pastries offered throughout the whole day, a butcher with all sorts of meats to ‘meet’ all of your cravings, prepared dishes and take away.

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Whether it is for Shabat, Hanukah, Passover or any Jewish holiday or even on a regular day, Isamar Kosher is your best choice for stocking up on some delicious Kosher meals and stocking your fridge at home. It is actually the only Kosher butcher in Barcelona, and by having a virtual monopoly, it also has some scary prices. A bag of chicken schnitzels with about 8 or 9 pieces, at the time of this blog, is about 17 €. Address: c/ Avenir 29 / Web

The only other location we know where you can buy Kosher meat in Barcelona is at the Cortes Inglés  department store located on Avenida Diagonal 617. Enter the department store and go down one flight to the basement where the supermarket is, and on aisle 13 you’ll find a small freezer with a small assortment of Kosher food. Don’t get too excited though, it’s a bit underwhelming to say the least.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, folks, if you know of any other Kosher restaurants in the city or hear of one that has sprung up, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the blog!


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Waiter:  Yes Sir, it’s the fly’s day off.





Housewarming: Find the Best of What Barcelona Can Offer for Your Party

Housewarming Parties: the Perfect Spanish Night

house warming parties barcelona

Now that you’ve found your apartment in Barcelona and settled in and decorated it with your amazing tast, it is time to throw a similarly amazing housewarming party! If not, what are you waiting for? Check out our article on home stores in Barcelona and find everything you like to embellish your place.

A housewarming party is a must to inaugurate your new place. It is definitely essential to show off your brand new designer couch and impress your guests with great activities. Find out below some tips to give your friends the best house warming party ever and set yourself as THE party planner of your group.

As you are enjoying your new life in Barcelona, what you might be interested in is to find out what the fantastic region of Catalonia has to offer to you and your guests in terms of leisure, food, music and so on. Why not combine all those Spanish wonders that are yet to be discovered in one big house warming?


Housewarming tip #1: get yourself a Catalan caterer


ambrosia catering seafood dish


Impress your guests – locals or foreigners – with the best Catalan caterers in the city. You will enjoy the most exquisite food from the classic tapas such as pa amb tomàquet or queso or even jamón ibérico to the traditional dishes such as escudella and ollada or mar i muntanya (“sea and mountain”) dishes. Finish the dinner with the excellent traditional Catalan desert: la crema catalana. Most caterers in Barcelona have found a way of mixing tradition and innovation by introducing in their cuisine international tastes. Find below a list of caterers who might interest you and your friends, fellow gourmet!


Housewarming tip #2: entertain your guests

Living in Barcelona gives you access to plenty of activities. Between clubs, bars, sports and so on available in the city you might ask yourself, what can I bring to my own party to entertain my friends in an original way? Well here’s one piece of advice for you: get stereotypical. That might sound strange but I assure you, nothing is as great as a night listening and dancing to the traditional Spanish music: Flamenco! And there are plenty of other stuff that Barcelona can bring to your party.


house warming parties barcelona


Just so you know, you can hire flamenco dancers, singers and guitar players right here. How cool? You get to have your own flamenco show in your home, enjoy the very rhythmic music and maybe learn how to dance it yourself! Your guests are going to be astounded by the perfect Iberian night. Otherwise, if you prefer to hire a DJ, Barcelona is the perfect place to find one and enjoy a house warming party with the last Spanish and international hits.

But this is not all! If you are a smoker or a cigar aficionado you should consider hiring your own cigar roller who would come to your party and roll cigar right in front of you – can’t be more fresh. And the bright side of it is that you get to choose the tobacco you prefer while the cigar roller entertain your guests by telling it all about the cigar-making process. All you have to do to get your own professional cigar roller is click right here. This is the perfect mix of class and cool.



Housewarming tip#3: hire staff and relax

Just like superpowers, planning an event such as a fancy housewarming party comes with great responsibilities. If you really want to enjoy your night just like your guests, you will need help. First because you planned so much fun stuff and it’s not fair if you miss them just because someone broke your favorite vase and you have to clean up. Someone should do it for you so you can relax and just be your fabulous self. That includes of course a waiting staff that your caterer will usually provide but not only, you need to keep in mind that your place need to be cleaned up in the morning. I know, no one wants to hear about what happens in the aftermath of a party but I am telling you, a cleaning service is the best idea for you not to worry about the mess, they’ll deal with it for you.


waiters and champagne


Alright readers, we gave you the keys to organise the best housewarming party ever and we hope that you will enjoy your special night or any other one in the wonderful city of Barcelona. You can also read more about the nightlife in Barcelona on our blogs.

See you!



Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia


Beat the Queue at Gaudis Sagrada Familia


Suppppp Suitelifers!!!

Todays blog will be about how to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia, if your reading this then your just one of thousands trying to work out when is the best time to go and how on earth you can avoid that god forsaken queue!!! Well your in luck, I have found a solution toooo all lives problems … well thats a slight exaggeration I’m just going to help you with the queue nothing else.

Gaudis Church is truly remarkable and the on going project is extremely ambitious and one that should really be admired and cherished. However the last thing you want to do is have a bad experience at Sagrada. Gaudi was artistically a genius!!! However service wasn’t really a thing back in the 1920s I mean not even the great Gaudi could orchestrate or anticipate the popularity his church would generate. Therefore do not let a long queue associate your experience with this magnificent building. So what are we waiting for … lets find out how to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia.



Sagrada Familia, Sagrada, Gaudi, Sagrada Gaudi, Cathedral, Barcelona Gaudi, Barcelona Sagrada, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, BCN Sagrada, BCN Gaudi

Right okay step one to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia …. its the most obvious one which is to book in advance! I know it sounds silly but we are lazy creatures lets be honest. We expect to come to this city and just walk into places, well let me tell you now that is not the case and NEVER will be!!!! So this is a must !!!!!! Whether your planning to visit this city or already in Barcelona you need to book this ticket well in advance online. This comes included with a tour guide and you’d be jumping the queues shouting ‘SUCKERS!!!’ as you pass by to the helpless individuals in the ever-growing queue. Remember you cant just go straight to the gates and expect to walk straight through… you just have the advanced tickets you don’t own the place! With your advanced ticket you can then jump the queue to the meeting point where other clever people have also purchased tickets and then you shall all be escorted in from there…. Make sense??



Sagrada Familia, Sagrada, Gaudi, Sagrada Gaudi, Cathedral, Barcelona Gaudi, Barcelona Sagrada, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, BCN Sagrada, BCN Gaudi



Now for those who refuse to book in advance online ( why on earth you wouldn’t, I shall never know ) so if you are that 1% this is what you need to do to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia . Come close … Are you listening ??? Okay you need to set that alarm of yours and make sure you get there early in the morning! Trying to buy a ticket during the day or towards the evening is next to impossible and a waste of time. Sagrada Familia isn’t selling a new IPhone so theres no need for you to be waiting a ridiculous time. So seeing as though Sagrada opens at 9:00am and that tourists usually start quite early too, you will have to anticipate and plan properly. There is no guarantee that even if you wake up at 6am that you will be at the front of the queue as its all about the luck of the day!! But what I can be sure of is that if you time it right in the morning you can certainly reduce your waiting time!!! SIGNIFICANTLY!!!


Sagrada Familia, Sagrada, Gaudi, Sagrada Gaudi, Cathedral, Barcelona Gaudi, Barcelona Sagrada, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, BCN Sagrada, BCN Gaudi



Okay maybe that wasn’t the greatest title but hey we’ve all said it right. Now if you haven’t even booked your flight yet and your sole purpose for coming to Barcelona is to see the Sagrada Familia then you would be wise to choose your dates accordingly. This is the perfect way to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia as this enables you to avoid all the touristy periods which tend to be near the spring and summer season. So an ideal period would be during winter around November to late February. However there is a reason why this isn’t a touristy period because the weather isn’t the greatest but hey its just an idea i’m not pointing a gun at your head!!! Personally Gaudis Church looks far more spectacular in the sunlight but I guess it could look in the snow too …… if it ever snowed here!

So there you guys, your very own makeup tutorial on how to look like Elsa from Frozen ..

Oh wait sorry thats another blog … Ignore that

Its a hobby don’t judge me!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog guys and if you have any comments please do share them below ….

Maybe theres another way to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia .

For more information on Sagrada Familia Click here

If you paid attention to my post then you should get your tickets from here

Right thats all for today guys …

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Record Stores in Barcelona – that’s My JAM!


Record stores in Barcelona


Record stores in Barcelona? Yep, they exist. *authentic vinyl music in the background* Good day, vintage music aficionados! How is it going? We know many of you out there have awesome taste in music (that usually means music left to us by our predecessors), so we thought why not provide you with a complete list of record stores in Barcelona? As knowledge means power, next time you have a hankering for the warm vinyl sound you’ll know exactly where to go! But enough with the chit-chat about and we’ll let the music do the talkin’!



Record stores in Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Valldonzella 29, Raval,  Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: A vintage shop with an eclectic variety of cool stuff, amongst which you can find not only music on vinyl but also other artsy hipsterish articles like old magazines or cameras!
  • OPENING TIMES: 11am-9pm



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/ Sitges 9, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: One of the coolest record stores in Barcelona, Daily Records possesses an amazing range of old music formats (some say the best in Barcelona). If you have even the most exotic taste in music, rest assured they have a record for that specific band or genre!
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours


3. DISCO 100

Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/ Escorial 33, Gracia
  • DESCRIPTION: Biggest record store in Barcelona, Disco 100 also has a large collection of vinyls and the customer service is absolutely flawless. They specialise in commercial old music though, so if you are looking for a really really specific sub-genre, you might leave the store a bit disapointed.
  • OPENING TIMES: 10am – 1:30pm / 5pm-8pm (Monday-Saturday) ; 10am-2pm (Sunday)



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 7, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: The oldest record store in Barcelona, Discos Castello are most likely defined by a very long heritage. Tradition precedes Discos Castello, pretty much the foundation this market is based on. Better check them out soon!
  • OPENING TIMES: 10am – 8pm (Monday-Saturday)



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 61, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION:  Specialised in vinyls, this record store in Barcelona is always ready to surprise their customers with their daily collection changes, so if you feel undecided on what you wanna buy, then this is definitely the place that you have to hit up!
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Lluna 27, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: Discos Juando is a really nice and cozy record store in Barcelona, the owner of which is a real DJ that plays exactly the type of music that you can find in the store! Interested much? Why not go there and have a chat with him in person?
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Ferlandina 39, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: This is the newest record store in Barcelona! Focused more on electronic such as house, dubstep or funk, Disco Paradiso is the perfect location for the new gen music lovers!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 13, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: This 2-level record store in Barcelona is extremely well supplied not just with music, but also old books and magazines and all kinds of memorabilia. It is considered to be the most popular record store in Barcelona!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Corsega 202, Eixample
  • DESCRIPTION: As you may have already guessed, they sell only and only jazz music, so they kind of address the jazz listeners niche market. And be certain that you have a ton to choose from if you visit their store, as their records are countless!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Riera Baixa 14, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: If you’re looking for the oldest music in town, this is the spot! These guys have records dating even from the 1900′s! However, their newer collections are not too extensive, but anyhow absolutely worth your time!
  • OPENING TIMES: 11am-2pm / 5pm-8:30pm Monday-Saturday


Hope you find this blog about record stores in Barcelona useful, guys! Till next time, MAKE LOVE – NOT WAR!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


Events in Barcelona March 2015 – What’s Good this Month in Barcelona!

Events in Barcelona in March 2015

Events in Barcelona in March 2015 – no way you’ll be staying inside this month

What is up, gorgeous SuiteLifers? Ready for your monthly portion of news about the events in Barcelona in March 2015? Well, you’re at the right spot, as we’re gonna summarise everything there is to know.  Since we know how much you like your info to be presented schematically, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do – only providing you with the most essential events! So, vamos!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Fira Barcelona (on Gran Via, next to Plaza Espana)
  • PERIOD/DATE: 2nd March – 5th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: All the technology giants around the world will gather together under the same roof to launch their new products, provide tech predictions for the upcoming years and to give speeches on current trends! More details here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: All over the Gracia neighbourhood
  • PERIOD/DATE: 3rd March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Also called ‘The Sweetest Festival in Barcelona’, 60 tons of sweets will be thrown on the streets of Gracia celebrating the curing of a baker that lived in the 1830′s that vowed to do a pilgrimage to the Sant Medir Chapel in Sant Cugat by playing a drum and handing bakery products on his way! Need more info? Click here!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Different clubs around the city
  • DURATION/DATE: 6th March – 8th March
  • DESCRIPTION: Perfect opportunity for the young people from abroad (students, interns, young professionals, etc.) to go wild at the best parties for internationals in town! More on this event here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Fira Cornella, Cornella de Llobregat (outside Barcelona)
  • PERIOD/DATE: 6th March – 8th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Every scuba-diving afficionado’s dream, a fair featuring all that ‘s new in the field of scuba-diving, such as gear, destination and so much more! Here‘s more info about the event.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Montjuic Hill
  • PERIOD/DATE: 8th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: If you wanna get some mud on your face, then head to this extreme sports event in Montjuic to see live motorcycle stunts and crazy bikers! More info required? Go here!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Plaza Blanquerna
  • DURATION/DATE: 8th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: With a very cool slogan ‘We can do it!’, the flea market organised this year also marks the International Women’s Day, all the money obtained from sales being redirected to the catalan charity L’Asssociacio de Dones Ca l’Aurelia, helping women from Catalunya fight against domestic abuse. You can find more details about the event right here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Sala Marques Comillas, Museu Maritim Drassanes
  • DURATION/DATE: 13th March – 15th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Freenlance beer brewers all across the Globe presenting their masterpieces in a grand 3-day event near the Barcelona harbour! This year food will also be available, so prep yo taste buds y’all! Much more info here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina, Plaza Espanya
  • DURATION/DATE: 15th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Runners from all around the world will try to complete the 42km track in less than 6 hours in one of the most famous Marathons ever created! Here is a link with more details.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Camp Nou Stadium
  • DURATION/DATE: 18th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: 2nd leg of the Last 16 team in Uefa Champions League, Barca will be facing Manchester City after a 2-1 victory in Manchester!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Camp Nou Stadium (also)
  • DURATION/DATE: 22nd March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: El Clasico, ladies & gents, clash of the titans, most expected event of the year in the football world! Barca has to win this one, as they must make it up to their fans after the 1-3 away defeat against Real Madrid in October! Don’t want to pay the very expensive ticket? Here are the best bars you can watch football in Barcelona!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Montjuic Hill
  • DURATION/DATE: 27th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Who Robie Williams is goes without saying, this time the artist being on his ‘Let Me Entertain You’ Tour, in a marvellous atmoshpere on Barcelona’s rooftop – the Montjuic Hill! Wanna find out some more? Then why don’t you click here?



Events Barcleona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Sant Jordi Club, Montjuic Hill
  • DURATION/DATE: 30th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Celtic funk beats will be rockin’ from the Montjuic Hill on the night of the 30th March, when the irish band will be having their concert as part of their ‘No Sound Without Silence’ tour! For tickets and details, follow this link.


Fine selection of events in Barcelona in March 2015, SuiteLifers, don’t you think? We surely think so! Let us know how any of these went  after you’ve seen them! We’d like to know about that in the comments section below!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

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