Party in Barcelona; No blood in your alcohol system!

Festivals in Barcelona, 2015!

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What’s up boys and girls! It’s time for a new blog, this one is a little different from my other ones. Except for the topic of course. I know how much you guys love partying, so I’m sticking to that! That’s why this blog is all about where to party in Barcelona in 2015!! However, usually I make a blog that is either more appealing to the gay community, or to the straight community…

But what kind of a person am I to make that distinction? I SHOULDN’T! And that’s why I am writing this blog for both of you. For both of us. “Insert equality monologue here”. This is going to be an amazing blog about where the totes amazeballin’ parties / festivals are at. I like to party. You like to party. Therefore we like to party! (I’ve always been a star in Mathematics). No matter if you’re gay or straight. You’ll love ALL of them. So I’ll tell you what’s definitely worth your black-outs. I’ll try to keep it as close to this date as possible, but it might happen every now and then that I HAVE to tell you guys about that sick-ass festival in the future. But don’t worry, everything will be this year (sorry Three Kings, I was too late.).

So, Barcelona, where do we party in 2015? What are we supposed to do? Well first of all, let me share you all the dates of all the holidays this year. Might be useful, I guess;

(Bee Tee Dubs, everytime I see this list I am jealous of how many holidays there are here in Spain. There’s just so much room for partying in Barcelona! Dayuuuummm..)

- New Year’s Day (Any Nou): 1 Jan
- Three Kings (Reis Mags): 6 Jan
- Good Friday (Divendres Sant)
- Easter Monday (Dilluns de Pasqua)
- May (Labour) Day (Festa del Treball): 1 May
- Mon after Whitsun (Segona Pascua): 1 June
- Sant Joan: 24 June
- Verge de l’Assumpció: 15 Aug
- Catalan National Day (Diada de Catalunya): 11 Sept
- La Mercè: 24 Sept
- All Saints’ Day (Tots Sants): 1 Nov
- Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución): 6 Dec
- La Immaculada: 8 Dec
- Christmas Day (Nadal): 25 Dec
- Boxing Day (Sant Esteve): 26 Dec

Sooooo, I could actually find a party / festival for you in 2015 that is on any of these holidays, but that’s no fun. The best parties are the ones where you have to go hangover as fuck to your job the next morning. (Especially when they serve you some sort of celebratory food because one of your 60 year old colleagues became a grandmother for the 7th time.) And God, how the hell do you say to her that that kid actually looks like you want to throw up? Because obviously it is not because of the booze. It never is. Hint; Tell her the baby is going to have an awesome personality! Yes I am here to help you out on any fronts. I’ll be thinking of you when you’ve had too much to drink. I’ll just tell you where the next party is at! ‘Cause we all know the best hangover cure; more booze.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to business. I’ll tell you where the amazing parties / festivals of 2015 in Barcelona are at!

Sitges Carnaval

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So the first place you’re gonna HAVE to visit is not actually in Barcelona, sorry. I sincerely apologize. But it is just so awesome that you have to go and check it out. Go there. It’s only like 30 minutes by car. But you can also get there by train, or bus. Or you can walk, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Ever. Sitges Carnaval lasts for about 7 days straight (12th of February ’till the 18th), and is mostly gay-minded / open-minded. But there are just SO many people and the atmosphere is SO awesome that you can not miss out on this. Everyone can be found there. Straight, gay, transgender, anything. Please do me a favor and go there, you will not regret it, ever. You’ll thank me for mentioning it; You’re welcome. Parties will be everywhere in Sitges. If you can’t go every single day, then go for the weekend, the weekend is gonna be amaaazeballs! And don’t forget your Powerranger Morphsuit – costume, because obviously on Carnaval you’ve got to in costume. Double the fun!

Primavera Sound

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The next one our festival / party in Barcelona hitlist is going to be Primavera Sound (28-30th of May). The venue itself is already amazing; check out their website! If you haven’t heard of it; SHAME ON YOU! No, I’m kidding. I’ve heard about it just recently, but I’ve watched some videos of it on youtube, and my god. Yes. (Or YAAAAAASSSSSSS, as we do nowadays) Go ahead. Tickets are 175 euros if you buy them now, but hey, for 3 days full of partying, concerts, amazing people playing, c’mon, that is definitely worth the money. Don’t even think about it. JUST GO! It’s going to be awesome. Insane. Sick. Get your tickets here, and get your group of friends ready to go, or go by yourself, you’ll have a great time either way, I gaurantee it!

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Sonar Festival 2015Sonar Festival

Sonar Festival is one of the few rock / electronic / mixed festivals that I actualy really, really like. The tickets are pretty much the same as for Primavera, which I think is a quite decent price for a 3 day festival ( Sonar is from 18-20th June, about 180 euros). It has an amazing venue, everything is so close to each other. It’s just another festival in summer.. Just like Primavera, you should just go! I hate to say it, but let’s just pretty much go YOLO this year! Even though the names aren’t from any high-class hardcore stars, they really are amazing!


Barcelona Pride

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Barcelona Gay Pride 2015

Okay I’ll try to stay subjective on this one. Just kidding, I can’t. Anywhere where there’s a gay pride, you’ll be entertained, for sure. Gay prides have the BEST parties. The BEST atmosphere. The BEST men. The BEST women. It’s gorgeous people all over. Amazing music everywhere. The Barcelona pride is here the 26-28th of June, and it’s when you have to take your days off. To rest from the partying of course. There are SO many parties going on during gay pride, it’s going to be hard to mention them all, but if there is at least one event you should go to, it is the main party event. Like. Main party of a gay pride? It’s really hard for anyone to top that off. Check out all the gay venues, anywhere, Success gauranteed!

Rock Fest

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Rock Fest

I’ll have to admit that I am not a rock-fan, so I won’t be able to tell you a lot about how amazing Rock Fest is. However, as the festival has been a success for several years in a row, I expect that it is something you want to be at if you are a rock fanatic! This year Rock Fest is from 23-25th of July, and you can see the line-up here, so decide for yourself if it is something worth going to. It’s 100 euros for just three days, so why not I guess! Looking at how crowded it is, it must be good!

Circuit Festival

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Circuit Festival

The last festival that I am gonna be covering in this blog is the Circuit Festival (5-16th of August). This is Gay Pride 2.0. But bigger, better, SEXier. Circuit festival in Barcelona is probably the biggest one around the world. I can’t help but get so excited when I know the Circuit Festival is coming again. I mean please check out their aftermovie, then come back here and you tell me how it could be possible to anyone not to get excited. The music, the men. If you’re gay, this is A MUST-go-to festival. Fun, music, beach, swimming, partying, go all out during the Circuit Festival, everybody does it, so why shouldn’t you? Circuit Festival is just awesome. Be safe though. Always. Be. Safe. Festivals like these are bound to end up with sex, lot’s of sex. So I can’t say it often enough that you HAVE to be safe. Always be sure to bring your own condoms, AND ALWAYS GET YOUR CHECK-UP!!

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015

It’s time for me to take off, so this is gonna be it for today guys. I promised to keep the festivals as close to this date as possible, but I miserably failed, I’m sorry. Either way, I hope you guys are going to have an amazing summer (who won’t with these festivals coming up..)! I just want you gorgeous people to have the best time ever here in Barcelona. So please check out this city’s amazing opportunities on getting wasted!

I’m going to end with two very, very important life-lessons;

1) ‘All you have to do in life is go out with your friends, party hard, and look better than the bitch next to you.’

2) ‘When life hands you lemons, bust out the Tequila and salt!’

Oh, and don’t do drugs. Unless it’s medical, of course. Then do. But in general; don’t do drugs.


Untill next time!


Top things to do at Christmas 2014 in Barcelona


Like many places in the world, during Christmas, Barcelona is full of lights, decorations and energy to celebrate the most magical holiday of the year. The vibe and traditions here are unique, exciting and fun, which you will never forget. The weather in Barcelona during this time is around 10-15 degrees, which is cold but not freezing so you can still definitely go out and enjoy the festive atmosphere through  tons of activities. And SuiteLife would love nothing more than to share with you in our blog “Top things to do at Christmas in Barcelona 2014″.

Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas market and shopping

Fira de Santa Lucia Christmas Market

Christmas in BarcelonaThis is the most well-known and largest outdoor Christmas market in Barcelona. It celebrates its 228 anniversary this year (1786-2014). The market is opened in front of Catedral de Barcelona in the Gothic quarter from 30th November 2014 to Monday 23rd 2014. With 287 market stalls, you can easily find traditional items for example the famous el Caganer (the pooper), Christmas Caga Tio (a smiley face log), moss, Christmas trees and other handicrafts.



Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Familia

From 29th November to 23th December, in front of the famous Sagrada Familia, there are around 120 stalls selling traditional Christmas items. On two Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm, Santa Claus will collect letters from children and hand out balloons and cookies.

Christmas lights

“Els llums de Nadal” is the Spanish name for Christmas lights in Barcelona. It will be switched on 29th November at 17:45 by the Mayor of Barcelona. The ceremony is held Plaza Catalunya. The lights will be on until 6th January at almost 400 locations on Barcelona’s streets and the illuminations cover a total distance of around 85km.

Christmas lights Barcelona

Magic Fountain

In December, on Fridays and Saturdays, there are special Christmas water and music shows between 19:00 to 21:00. There will be additional sessions on 25th ,27th, 31th December as well as 1st and 5st January.

If you are curious about New Year’s Eve 2015 in Barcelona, check out our new blog: New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015

Christmas in Barcelona


Pessebre in Plaça Sant Jaume

In Barcelona, nativity scenes play an important role in Christmas traditions. It is called as “Pessebre” in Catalan. You can find many different nativities in Barcelona, mostly on plazas and in churches. But among all of them, the most impressive nativity scene in Barcelona is the one in Plaça Sant Jaume which attracts thousands of locals all eager to see what has been created this year. The production of the crib is changed from year to year. In recent years, both traditional and contemporary styles are applied, but always with the familiar characters of the Holy Family, shepherds, Three Kings and angels,…You also can see the caganer, an elf or a gnome-like figurine who will be found in the scene, crouching down to defecate. It is quite a strange and unique tradition in Catalonia. This tradition means that the caganer drops his britches to “fertilize the Earth”. The fellow is believed to bring good luck.

Christmas in Barcelona 2014

Eating out

Barcelona is always famous for its outdoor activities, nightlife and amazing food scene.  The typical Christmas dish is “Escudella i carn d’olla”. This is a bowl of pasta shells “galets” in a meat and vegetable stew or soup.  Another dish is the “carn d’olla” which is a meat dish of stuffed capon or turkey. About dessert, the typical  ” Turrón” is on sale at Christmas markets and supermarkets in Barcelona. It is nougat made with almonds, hazelnuts and honey. “El Pa de Nadal” is Christmas bread in Barcelona and is sold all over the city. During Christmas, a lot of restaurants in Barcelona serve Christmas menus, which you can check on this link from bcnrestaurantes.

Christmas in Barcelona

If you have any other suggestions about how to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to comment below.

So, this is probably our last blog of this year. We hope you have an amazing holiday season and New Year’s Eve ! See you in 2015 !



New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 – best venues in the city!

What to do for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2014-2015

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015


Hello everyone! As promised before in the blog about Events in Barcelona in December 2014, the blog about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 has finally come out with the ultimate purpose of providing you with some hints & tips on where you should go and what you should do to have an unforgettable experience during the night between the years! New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 should be something memorable for all of you, accordingly take an extensive look at what’s written below – it’s gonna make your New Years a blast!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Best spot for an outdoor  celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! Be prepared for concerts, visual shows, flashing lights and human towers. Highlight of the evening – a 15 m high iron figure called ‘L’home del millenni’ (The Man of the Millenium), put on stage by the Catalan theatre group Fura del Baus.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

The centre of the middle of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya will be the meeting point of all the tourists that usually spend New Year’s Eve outside, in the central points of their cities. After cheering ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’, the vast majority will most likely hit the pubs and bars on Las Ramblas – the most famous street in Barcelona, which is literally adjacent with the Plaza.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Considered to be one of the most atmospheric venues in the whole Barcelona due to its narrow size, Poble Espanyol is thus a more intimate approach towards spending the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015. With retro music concerts featuring ’70s/’80s/’90s styles, the tickets cost 35€ and include five drinks, hot chocolate and a party bag! VIP tickets are 45€.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

What can be better than a beach celebration of New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? We’re telling you – NADA!! Grab your friends and your booze and be prepared to raid those beaches accompanied by other crazy people, all waiting for the marvellous fireworks from midnight! If you feel ‘adventurous’, you can try the parties from the W Hotel – 50€ to enter to the W lounge; 100€ for the Eclipse bar.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Oh, Good ol’ Razzmatazz! Of course it couldn’t be missed from the list of venues for the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! With a unique ambience, Sala Razzmatazz can be the best choice for a techno clubbing, especially for those of you that are into electronica ‘warehouse’ parties. Tickets are 50€ (till midnight) and 40€ afterwards.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Alongside with Razzmatazz, Opium is also one of the most touristic clubs in Barcelona. Situated by the beach, it will also give you the opportunity to admire the midnight fireworks from shore, while enjoying excellent loud electronica! Ticket prices are 50€ (including one drink).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Flamenco in its purest form! If you’re looking for the real thing for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, then Tablao de Carmen is definitely the place you will have to hit! All Spanish New Year’s Eve traditions gathered in one place to delight your senses with music, dances and amazing food, drinks and service!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Wanna hear some latino vibes  during the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? Then off you go – Harlem Jazz Club! Do your warm up before going there, you are going to need all the muscles in your body, as the salsa, afrobeats or bossa nova style music will make you shake yo’ ass so hard that the next day not only you will feel the hangover, but also a very acute muscle soreness! Tickets are extremely cheap (considering other venues) – 16€ (live music and dj session after 2am).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

For those of you who just wanna take it easy and chillax after a long 2014 year while enjoying a great 3-course Spanish dinner plus dessert, we recommend you the Hard Rock Cafe. Dinner, dessert, party bag and drinks will be 100€, whereas if you only wanna drink, it will cost you half.


Having mentioned all this stuff, have a crazy New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, a Happy New 2015 Year and may all your wishes come true in 2015!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



Gay Barcelona – Online Gayness

Gay Barcelona – Online Dating.

Grindr, Gay Barcelona, Gay Clubbing, Gay Apps, Gay phone, Gay hook-up, Gay Matching, Gay App, Gay Dating, Online Gay Dating

What’s up my gorgeous bits of fabulousness! I’m back for another blog for our Gay Barcelona – Blog Series! After a few topics about real-life face-to-face action, like regular clubbing, cruising and how to tackle the STD-problems some might have, it is time for some online Gayness! Oh yes, the apps. Websites. Grindr, The famous ones, and some of the less famous ones. I’ll cover a few of them to help you out if you are lost in what to pick. And what you can find in any of them! Just remember. All the apps are most likely to be NSFW. So. Be sure to run to the bathroom before using some of them at work.


Grindr, Gay Barcelona, Gay Clubbing, Gay Apps, Gay phone, Gay hook-up, Gay Matching, Gay App, Gay Dating, Online Gay Dating

So one of the first apps and probably the most famous app I am going to talk about is Grindr. Everybody knows about Grindr, or has heard of it or whatevs. But if you are one of those gay guys that has been living on the bottom of the ocean, or some other bottom, then I will gladly tell you all about Grindr! It is supposedly to be a social app, some sort of regular chat app that is thrown out there for our gay guys to meet each other. Because gay clubs don’t always do it, because then you see them in real life. And yeah well, everybody lies every now and then about their age, and photoshop is a marvelous thing after all. However, I do not suggest using enhanced pictures of yourself or fake pictures overall, because IF you end up meeting the guy through Grindr, he will see how you actually look. Which is of course is still very, very fabulous. It’s just not that nice to let people think you are different than who you actually are.


But that, my unicorns, is what Grindr was / is supposed to do. Meet up with people in your near area (it shows how far away some guys are and you see their pictures and stuff), Gay Barcelona all the way! But what Grindr really does is kinda skipping the whole ‘let’s meet over a cup of tea with some cookies’ – part. 9 out 10 times the guys you will talk to on Grindr, or that will talk to you, are out there for that thing that biologically defines you sexually as a man. They want sex. Sex and nothing else. Well, that 1 out of the 10th guy is actually out there for that cup of coffee and a cookie, but then again, that probably is some old 80 year guy on his deathbed, or someone that just been traumatized by his psycho ex.

Now how does Grindr work? It’s very, very simple. You make an account, log on the app, and you’ll see quite some guys nearby, ready to be talked to. You’ll see how far away there are, and a few photos they’ve uploaded for you to see. Click on the guy you are interested in and you are ready to chat. Yeah. That’s it. Easy as taking a lollipop from ehh.. Does a kid sound wrong here?


Grindr, Gay Barcelona, Gay Clubbing, Gay Apps, Gay phone, Gay hook-up, Gay Matching, Gay App, Gay Dating, Online Gay Dating, TinderNow up for our next few apps, the explanation won’t be as long, as they all pretty much work the same. But Tinder will be our next Gay Barcelona App Awesomeness topic!

So Tinder has kinda the same mechanics as Grindr. It shows how far away someone is, you see a picture, etcetera. However, Tinder is officially a straight-people app. But that has seriously changed since its creation. You can now say if you’re interested in boys or girls. Or both. So no worries about that, you can still swipe your way till you find your Prince Tinder on his Golden iPhone. Unlike Grindr, you only get to see one guy at a time, and you’ll have to swipe if you’re interested or not. Right if you’re interested, left if you’re not. Easy as that. And it’s not even awkward or something, because the other person will never know if you’ve liked them untill they’ve liked you as well and you both got a match-up.

Is this the real life?

Tinder is a little bit less sex-focused as Grindr, but still. It has sex. Notice the ‘little bit’ in that sentence though. Because really. The difference is minimal. I must say that I MUCH more prefer Tinder over Grindr. It just seems more user-friendly. And better. And more fun. It’s like real-life bar scanning on your phone. If that makes any sense. It did in my head.

Gay Apps

The last app-part of our Gay Barcelona blog won’t be a huge explanation. So instead of explaining exactly how all the other apps work, which will just bore you out if it didn’t already, I’ll just give you a few more options to try out yourselves and find some Online Gayness that’s totally amazeballs:

  • Scruff
  • Hornet
  • Manhunt
  • Bender

Gay Webbing

Grindr, Gay Barcelona, Gay Clubbing, Gay Apps, Gay phone, Gay hook-up, Gay Matching, Gay App, Gay Dating, Online Gay Dating, Tinder

So now I’ve covered the phone section of this blog, let’s top it off with some real Online Gayness. Websites. Online dating / meeting / hook-up websites. It’ll be the last thing I’ll cover in this Gay Barcelona blog. I’m sorry I’m not sticking around longer. But no need to miss me. I’ll be back. Oh, if there is anything you specifically would like to be seen discussed, please leave a comment down below!

These websites are the typical, stereotypical, and, in my opinion, lame online hook-up websites. 9 out of 10 the people are purely out for sex. And most of them don’t have pictures. Or fake pictures. (Which can also be the case in the apps as I mentioned before)

So these websites are all the same, some a little more serious than the other. But just like I said before, most of them are pretty much to find some sex.

The most innocent one right now is probably It is about 50/50 on the sex / serious – ratio. You can see people come by on the website and you can click on them to start a conversation. You can exchange photos in the conversation. And of course hook-up if you feel like it. But that’s the same thing as with the apps.

To be honest, I don’t really think I have to explain all these websites in such detail, as they all are pretty gay-forward. So I’ll just give you a few options to try out;


Grindr, Gay Barcelona, Gay Clubbing, Gay Apps, Gay phone, Gay hook-up, Gay Matching, Gay App, Gay Dating, Online Gay Dating, Tinder

Well, my fancy love-birds. As I didn’t use enough puns in this blog as I always do, here is one to end the blog. You’re gonna love it, because it is SO lame;

What does a gay horse eat?


Bet that made you smile.

Oh, and before I forget, have some wonderful holidays!

Grindr, Gay Barcelona, Gay Clubbing, Gay Apps, Gay phone, Gay hook-up, Gay Matching, Gay App, Gay Dating, Online Gay Dating, Tinder

So, that’s it for this blog my gorgeous sunflowers. Have a fabulous gayday!

So long, gay boys!




Room escape games in Barcelona

Room Escape Games in Barcelona: What IS That?

Have you ever heard about room escape games in Barcelona ? It seems new but actually, it isn’t. Room escape games have become so popular among young people who are loving this new type of amusement. Real life room escape is a type of adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use the elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape from the room in the time limit. Each game integrates specific concepts and themes. The game is based on the “escape the room” video games. Room escape games were first opened in Switzerland and Hungary, and then in other European countries, North America, Asia and Australia. It is very popular in the US, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China. Inside Europe, there are around 150 game locations. Following the trend, Suitelife is happy to introduce you room escape games opened in Barcelona !

Room escape Barcelona


Want to have some intriguing experiences ? Let’s try ParaPark. ParaPark is the first room escape game in Barcelona. It is becoming more popular day by day, which made ParaPark to expand to 5 locations in Spain (2 in Barcelona, 2 in Madrid and 1 in Gran Canaria). Like many other similar room escape games around the world, ParaPark tests people’s mental sharpness by locking them in a room. You have 60 minutes to manage by trying to find clues, solve puzzles and riddles, and hopefully to escape the room. The countdown clock on the wall shows how much time you have left. Every corner of a room has a hint or code and you have to solve the codes together in order to successfully escape the room.  ParaPark lets you be another Sherlock. No physical strengths needed, but your brain strengths and team working abilities are keys to lead the way out. And don’t worry about meeting a fearful light, voice effect or blood-curling turn that you usually see in the movies. ParaPark is sensational because of its exciting quizzes, jigsaw puzzles pieces and the adventure of team-work. You don’t need to speak Spanish/Catalan, because the game is available in English as well! The rules of ParaPark is that each group has to have minimum 2 and maximum 5 people and those who are under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. The price for 60 minutes is 47EUR/per team (from 2-5 people). You need to book your time slot online and I suggest you to book at least 1 week in advance.

Address: Carrer Valladolid 25, Barcelona

Carrer Rei Martí 33, Barcelona

Room escape games in Barcelona


Are you wandering around Gracia neighborhood in the afternoon when many shops and restaurants are closed ? Then Roomin is a good choice to kill time and have fun. Similar to many other room escape games, the only way to escape the room is collecting clues, searching objects, solving puzzles and hieroglyphs,…  With 60 minutes of both thrilling and hilarious moments, Roomin has soon become one of the most favorite places in Gracia for youngsters. At Roomin, the time just flies by and you have a lot of memories to talk about afterwards. There is a great deal of variety in the hunting and puzzles. Roomin has smaller sections that go together to solve a bigger section, so you can feel that you are getting somewhere instead of being frustrated by having bigger bits to do. Some people, especially those who have not tried this game before, might find Room Escape challenging and get lost. But at Roomin, the staff is very helpful as they place placards in letter boxes so you can concentrate on certain items. They can see your progress on CCTV and make sure you don’t get stuck. If you want your adrenalin to be triggered and the five senses to be awakened, you definitely should give Roomin a shot. Roomin is an adult game, so you have to be at least 18 to join the game. Players aged 14 to 17 must be accompanied by at least one adult. Decide to give Roomin a go ? You can reserve online on its website. The price is 44EUR/ per team (from 2-5 people). If you are English speakers, you should inform the staff when you book so they can prepare the game in English.

Address: Carrer del Robí, 2-4-6, Barcelona

Habitacion 73

Last place in our Room escape games in Bcn blog is Habitacion 73 (Room 73) which is a new escape room in town. It was first opened in August 2014 at Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 96. Since then, Habitacion 73 has attracted a considerable number of players, especially locals. Great staff, terrific design, genius details and enigmas of this escape room will definitely get you hooked ! A story, a mission and an hour to solve it, if you want to have fun time full of laughter, this is your place ! When you are inside the room, you will feel like you are in a mystery movie with dim light, dark walls, a Mona Lisa picture on the wall,…This game will have your mind racing and your adrenalin flowing. Feeling interested ? The price is 40EUR/per team (2-5 people) and you can book online on this page.

Address: Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 96, Barcelona

Room escape games in Bcn

Barcelona has tons of things to entertain. If you like adventure, don’t hesitate to check out our new blog Skydiving in Barcelona !

Do you know any other fun group activities in Barcelona ? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below !


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