Karts in Barcelona – All you need to know about karting!

Karts Barcelona

Hey there karts aficionados from Barcelona! Up for some some adrenaline rushing through your veins? This blog is about what you need to do in order to satisfy your need for speed. You’re definitely looking for KARTS IN BARCELONA! Accordingly, you can find down below the most essential info about where you can find karts in Barcelona gathered in just one place – here! So let’s get the kart engines running!!



Karts in Barcelona



Karts in Barcelona



Karts in Barcelona

  • LOCATION: Llisa de Vall, 30km from Barcelona (25 mins)
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by car only
  • CHARGES: 15€ – 30€ / person (depending on the options selected)
  • OPENING HOURS: May – October 9:30am – 8:30pm ; October – May 9:30am – 8:00pm ; Mondays and holidays closed
  • WEBSITE: www.kartodrom.com

BONUS! – They have their own karting school, so if you want to improve your kart driving skills, go for a course! Here you can find their website!



Karts in Barcelona

  • LOCATION: Terrassa, 30km from Barcelona (25 mins)
  • HOW TO GET THERE: http://www.transportebcn.es/FGC/linea/S1.html
  • CHARGES: 14€ – 19€ / person (depending on the date you go – more expensive in the weekends)
  • OPENING HOURS: Monday – Wednesday 5pm – 11 pm; Thursdays 11am – 11pm; Friday – Saturday 11am – 1am; Sundays 11am – 11pm
  • WEBSITE: www.genekarting.com



Karts in Barcelona

  • LOCATION: Castelloli, 60km from Barcelona (40 mins)
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by car only
  • CHARGES: 43€ – 58€ / person (depending on the options selected)
  • OPENING HOURS: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 8pm; closed on Mondays
  • WEBSITE: www.kartingparcmotor.com


These are the most important places in and around Barcelona where you can rub that rubber on the track. If you have another alternative for a day off dedicated to karting in Barcelona, we would love to hear from you! Hasta luego!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (aka El Dragon)






Movember Barcelona 2014 – Making the Mo’st of Fundraising

Let’s Hair it for Movember!

Movember Barcelona

What’s up my MoBros!? How’s it growing? Or hanging, ’cause we all know what this cause is for, right? Well in case you don’t know, this blog will be all about No Shave Movember!

Movember Barcelona

And of course this blog isn’t just for the men among us. We also have some (some might think of it as something unlucky) women among us who don’t have to wax anything this month around their mouths! Of course I’m kidding. You’ll never grow such a manly beard as we do. Pfft, you wish. We are strong! We are hairy! We are men! But we can’t be strong and amazing all the time. And that is exactly what Movember is for, to raise awareness for diseases of men, for example Testicular Cancer. Yeah, Movember isn’t just fun, it has a serious side as well. (Although I must say some people can be pretty hilarious with a moustache, take this one for example:)

Movember Barcelona

Life Shavers

So what IS Movember? Why is it so popular? Well like I mentioned before, this month is all about raising awareness. The goal is to ‘change the face of men’s health’. It is to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as testicular and prostate cancer. By encouraging men (referred to as MoBros by the cause itself) to  get involved, the cause tries to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, and in the end, tries reduce the number of preventable deaths. Therefore, all the money they raise goes to all men-related cancer-research (prostate cancer for example).

Movember Barcelona

The cause started with events and raising funds in 2004 in New Zealand and Australia. In the years after many countries have followed with the cause, and since 2011, Canada is one of the best fundraisers for the Movember cause! (Yay too the Mouse! Ehh, Moose.) Of course I know the Moose isn’t really Canada’s symbolized animal, but people mistakenly do think so, right? There are a lot of countries that actually participate in the Movember Foundation. If you want to stay updated on who is performing best at the moment, here is a list which stays up-to-date on which country has donated the most (and the last spot is just a combined ‘rest of the world’; SHAME ON YOU IF YOU BELONG THERE!)

Movember – A Moust-have

Movember Barcelona

So how DO we raise awareness? Well you may already have figured it out with my amazing puns, but the cause raises awareness by encouraging men not to shave their moustaches. So the idea is simple. But there are actually some rules that come along with this cause! – Start on the first of November, shave everything! And then.. Let’s get growing! – Just a moustache. Not those slick little goatees, or beards, no, just moustaches! – Use the power of the moustache to start serious conversations about the actual goal of the cause; to raise awareness and donations! – Every MoBro has to behave as a gentleman AT ALL TIMES!!

Where’s That Moustache Taking That Man To?!?

Okay, so what are the activities here in Barcelona, dedicated to Movember? Well there are some! And I found you a few; – Belushi’s Barcelona, located at C/ Bergara 3, they have this awesome Movember Manwich for sale, and every 1 euro from each sale of that sandwich goes to the cause! And they also have a few 2 for 1 drinks! Go check it out with your Man-velous Moustache!

Movember Barcelona

- Irish Pub Flaherty, located Plaza Joaquim Xirau (Just off La Rambla), has an amaaaazing event at the end of the month. Untill the 30th of November, everybody shares their photo of their moustache on Instagram and Facebook with #growasexymo. At the 30th of November, there will be a ‘shave-off’, and that’s a contest on who has to most awesome moustache! And for the Mo-Sistas among us, they need to have some really original ideas for their moustaches to participate! For every pint that will be ordered throughout this event, the pub will donate €0,50! Oh, and the winner will win a dinner for 2, now isn’t that awesome? And all you have to do is show-off your manhood! – Visit one of these english-speaking hairdressers and try out some new looks to go with your moustache during Movember!

This Blog Might Be Mover, But Movember Is Not

So, MoBros and MoSistas, sign up at the official Movember website of Spain, and support this amazing foundation. Oh, and here is an awesome song! If you want to share your experiences of Movember, please leave a comment and we can exchange experiences! Doesn’t that sound fun? And one last pun, because we all love hairing puns;

Movember Barcelona

(Must-dash, get it?)

Untill next time, ~Tjeerd

Drums in Barcelona!

drums barcelona drumming

*DRUM ROLL* If you’re interested in drums in Barcelona, this is the blog for you! The first blog from SuiteLife Barcelona about everything related to drumming within this wonderful music loving city – where to beat them toms, where to buy your rig and also where you can find the best gigs in town! This is definitely the best place to start, improve or excel your drumming skills, as Barcelona is unofficially named the European capital of performance arts and music!

Alright rockstars, let’s get started!



If you have lots of free time and a huge passion for drums, you can always enrol in a university course! Down below is a list with the institutions offering programmes for drums aficionados:



drums in barcelona drumming

Yes, we know it looks like a castle and probably you don’t think it’s the proper place for practicing on drums in Barcelona, but this amazing building hosts some of the greatest budding musicians from Spain! Their percussion courses range from 4 to 8,5 hours a week, perfect to cater to every schedule. Being a public institution, there is higher competition for admission, but don’t despair! Confidence is everything, am I right or not? Wanna find out more? Why not check their website out?



drums in barceloa drumming

An affiliated member of the American university of music performances Berklee College of Music Boston, Conservatori Liceu can offer you private drum lessons, ranged from level 1 to level 6. So no matter how experienced you are with drums in Barcelona, they most likely have a programme for you, be it bachelor, postgrad or masters! Don’t trust me? Take a look at their website!




drums in barcelona drumming


The newest music school in Barcelona, this private institution has the most modern equipment and facilities and is authorised by the Education Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya to provide the best musical education. They guarantee that their graduates possess a very high expertise in their fields, as they specialise in all instruments (drums, obviously the most important are included). Take a peek at their website here!



For those of you with a very busy schedule or on a budget, the best solution in following your drumming passion – private lessons with a tutor! We’ve done some research and found the best drums tutors in Barcelona just for you! Here they are:



drums in barcelona drumming

This Argentinian drummer has a great personal record of performances – played his acoustics on stages throughout the whole world. They include Brazil, Spain, France, Helsinki and even in the Eurovision song contest for Bulgaria. With 15 years of experience in teaching drums and other acoustic instruments, he has a fully equipped studio for lessons in the neighbourhood of Poble Nou. Curious already? Better check his Internet page!



drums in barcelona drumming

Also a drummer with vast experience in acoustics, Eduardo Cervera’s CV is rather impressive – apart from teaching drums, he’s also a singer and a songwriter. A former philosophy student, he chose the drumsticks instead of overthinking and we’re glad he did. Now he’s specialised in jazz and flamenco instruments. His blog is just one click away!



We drummers know that couple of hours a week of playing drums (the ones with the instructor) is definitely not enough to excel in this area, so we’re going to need our own rig, available 24/7. Everything comes with practice, so thanks to our friends’ from Yelp help, down below you will find a list with the most important shops that sell drums in Barcelona!


Barri Gòtic

Carrer Ample, 37
08002 Barcelona
Phone number+34 933 152 561

drums in barcelona drumming




Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 571
08011 Barcelona
Phone number+34 934 515 838

drums in barcelona drumming




Carrer de Sepúlveda, 79
08015 Barcelona
Phone number+34 934 236 608
drums in barcelona drumming




Carrer d’Entença, 192
08029 Barcelona
Phone number+34 934 302 869

drums in barcelona drumming




Carrer de Rocafort, 131
08015 Barcelona
Phone number+34 934 234 285

drums in barcelona drumming



L’Hospitallet de Llobregat


Carrer de Sants, 304
08028 Barcelona
Phone number+34 934 402 448


You can find a lot more places that sell musical instruments in Barcelona here, but not all of them sell drums like the ones above!



Every artist needs an idol or a mentor, right? What’s better than having one? Watching them live, of course!!! Accordingly, (and hold your horses, drummer) here are the venues where you can actually go and analysing their technique!

Drum roll please! *DRUM ROLL* *BA DUM TSS* Sorry, but we’d rather keep them as a surprise! OK, since you are insisting so much, here is the list with live music locations in Barcelona.


Hope this helps. I think it does and I am glad to hopefully have helped my fellow drummers!

From a drummer to you all,  never forget – ROCK AND ROLL!!!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (aka El Dragon)


FC Barcelona: Why is it “More than a Club” ?


Based in Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona Football Club also known as FC Barcelona or Barça is one of the biggest clubs in the world as well as the biggest club in Spain. Winning 22 La Liga, 4 Champions League and countless trophies, the team attracts millions of fans around the world by its long tradition, chequered history, and especially by the Tikitaka style of play. Tikitaka has not only brought huge success to FC Barcelona but also contributed greatly to the Spanish national team’s glory during the period of 2008-2012. The Germany national team also adapted successfully the Tikitaka’s possession philosophy with its ruthless efficiency in the team’s road to be World Cup 2014 Champion.

FC Barcelona

Yes, FC Barcelona is great. However, for the people of Catalonia, FC Barcelona is more than just a local and successful club. It is a part of their lives. That’s why the FC Barcelona chose the phrase “Mes Que un Club” (More than a club) as the official slogan, which is somewhat speaking for Catalan nationalism.


In the 20th century, Catalonia was laid under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco who repressed local culture and language of different regions of Spain. During Franco’s dictatorship from 1939 to 1976, basically, every aspect of Catalonia’s society was banned and the Catalan cultural activities were imposed by Franco’s policies.  Remembering all these things, Catalan people were determined to change and abolish policies that Franco had created, while keeping their own identity from the habits, language, music, cuisine,…

In this silent war, football and FC Barcelona is a great bridge between Catalan people and their aspiration of independence. Because when all aspects of Catalonia were suppressed by the Franco dictatorship, Catalan people supported the Barcelona club and regarded it as the flag and the symbol of the Catalan community. FC Barcelona is their voice, their honor and pride.

Catalan Independence

For people outside Spain, the El Clásico is considered as “the fiercest rivalry of the football world”. With the number of high-profiled players on show, every El Clásico is always a must-see spectacle of skill, class and unpredictability. The 1 billion EUR El Clásico game on 25 October 2014 had a global audience of 500 million viewers. But, beyond legendary football rivalries, El Clásico is connected to customary political connotations. At any El Clásico match, it is easy to recognize many banners on display by Barcelona’s fans: “Independencia”, “Catalonia is not Spain”,..They chant in unison “Independence” making the atmosphere in Bernabeu or Camp Nou become even more epic and heated. The clash between the two biggest teams of Spain can be seen as a battle between Catalonia and the central government of Madrid which also represents for a unified Spain. FC Barcelona sees itself as the symbol of independence, Catalan traditions, and democracy. For Catalans, Barcelona club, football and media plays an important role to spread the message of Catalonia to the world. Thanks to the success of F.C Barcelona and the huge impact of media, millions of people outside Spain know about Catalonia and its independence movement.

Barcelona FC


Just a few weeks ago, Artur Mas, the president of the Generalitat of Catalunya, announced to cancel the referendum that is planned to be on 9 November. This cancel shows that it is not easy for Catalonia to be independent. Catalonia contributes 20% of Spain’s GDP and the government of course does not want to lose that big contribution. About football, if Catalonia breaks away from Spain, Barcelona would have to leave La Liga. This will affect both La Liga and Barcelona. La Liga will be much less competitive comparing to other tournaments such as Premier League or Seria A. On the other hand, Barcelona then will have to join another small tournament such as Catalan league where Barcelona just needs to play against Espanyol and other small teams such as Girona, Sabadell, Llagostera,…And who wants to watch a tournament where there is the same champion through the years ?


Although Barcelona club will have many disadvantages if Catalonia becomes independent, the team still joins the push for Catalan Independence Vote. In details, the club has signed up to the National Agreement on the Right to Decide, a organization lobbying the central government to allow the vote regional officials. The Barcelona-born defender Gerard Piqué and Xavi also support for referendum in Catalonia. Xavi said “We have all the right in the world to vote. We need to vote, we need the people to show their opinions and I am in favour of the referendum obviously”. Pique said “I consider that, in a democracy, everyone has the right to decide. If people don’t have the right to express what they feel, we would be going back to a bygone era.” He and his son Milan also joined the march for Catalan Independence through the streets of Barcelona on 11, September 2014 – The National day of Catalonia.

Pique and Catalan Independence

It is undeniable that many Catalans want to be independent because there are so many demonstrations in recent years and the Catalan Way 2014 on 11 September 2014 is the biggest peaceful mobilization in European history.  But there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered. It seems that Catalans still have to be patient and wait until Madrid shows more positive signals.

We hope that you enjoy this blog and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments.



Salsa Barcelona – Where to Shake That Booty!

Salsa Barcelona – Where to Shake That Booty!

Salsa barcelona, Salsa in barcelona, Barcelona Salsa, salsa club, salsa classes, salsa bars, salsa lesson, salsa school, salsa academy

Do you like Salsa? Do you like Barcelona? Well boys and girls, please read on! Because this blog is going to be all about Salsa in Barcelona. What to do, how to do it, and most importantly; where to do it!

Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course

When we’re talking about ‘shaking that booty’, we are obviously not talking about our lovely Miley Cyrus trying to twerk, because no, just no, we don’t want that. No, we’re going to shake our booties with the lovely (originally) cuban dance; Salsa! Yeah, that’s right, it’s from Cuban. So we don’t only owe the Cubans that delicious Mojito, but also this enormously sensual dance. Oh, talking about Mojito’s, check out our blog about amazing cocktails!

What to do?

Did I get you hyped yet? No? My bad, am I not enthusiastic enough? Okay, let me tell you one thing. When you want to practise Salsa in Barcelona, you get extremely flexible in the hips, and we all know what they say about people who are flexible.. That’s right, they can dance! Either with your partner or on your own, mastering the Salsa boosts your self-esteem by a huge amount. It might sound weird, but it does. Being confident about your moves makes you confident about yourselves. If you don’t believe me, try it. You will believe me. So what should you do? You should consider to follow some classes I’ll mention next!

How to do it – Schools

Well obviously I can’t make you a Salsa-expert instantly. Because this is a blog. These are just words, no classes. Lame, right? Yeah I know, so to help you become an expert, I’ll be telling you where you should go to take classes! (For some of them you might want to improve your spanish skills)


Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa courseEscuela Salsa Barcelona

The first one on our Salsa Barcelona – list is a spanish one. Just for 19 euros you can get 4 seminars, 1 hour each. You’ll have free entrance on fridays and the bar (open hours), and you can subscribe on your own or with your partner! Please have a look yourself on their website.



Shangó is a small, sweet club, and gives free(!!) salsa classes on tuesdays and wednesdays at 11:30. (And an happy hour from 21:30 – 23:00, in case you are shy when it comes to dancing). It is located in the Gothic neighbourhood, carrer d’En Groch 2.



Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course, antillaDance School Antilla

Another school where you can go to practise the Salsa is Dance School Antilla. They have professional dance classes, and you’ll be mastering the dance in no-time! You can also get private classes, or just drop by for one week to see how it’s like. This school is really, really flexible. Try it out! They are located at Carrer d’Aragó 141, and please feel free to do some of your own research on their website!


Where to dance?

There are sooo many clubs where you can do the Salsa in Barcelona. I mean, you can do it anywhere, anytime, but of course we prefer do it in clubs where they have the right music, don’t we?

Well here is a list with some of the best clubs (it’s so hard to pick the best ones, but I’ll do my best, just for you)!

Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course, antilla club, antilla barcelonaAntilla Salsa Barcelona

If I had to pick a number one club to go for salsa dancing in Barcelona, it’d be Antilla Salsa Barcelona. (It’s also where you could get classes I mentioned earlier.) This club has a lot of performances of a lot of music bands with so many different kinds of music, with a mix of latin and fusion music. The club has a lovely atmosphere and is divided into two spaces (sala 1 y sala 2), which offer (sometimes free) dance lessons, workshops, performances and delicious Caribbean cocktails. Please do not miss out on this club. It’s really worth a visit.


Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course. Mojito club

Mojito Club

If there’s another club worth mentioning it’d definitely be the Mojito club. It’s not a HUGE club, but the atmosphere is definitely caliente! It’s so worth it to visit this club. People line up and dance together, and every now and then the DJ comes down to teach everybody some dance moves! It’s located at C/ Rosellón, no. 217. If  you drop by, could you drop a comment below and tell me how amazing your night was?



Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course, la claveLa Clave

Another great club is La Clave. As soon as you enter this club you realize you’ve made a great decision entering the room. Because honestly, the music, the people, everything is just so nice. It gives that amazing Cuban taste while you’re going out. Yes, this is a great place to Salsa. La Clave is located at Passeig del Rengle – Torre d’Ara. Oh, and you can also take salsa classes here (Like, amazing classes). They have party nights fridays – sundays, and on the other weekdays it’s an extremely professional dancing school.


Habana Barcelona

The last one for our Salsa Barcelona blog would be Habana Barcelona. You can start your evening by having dinner here, and about 1-2 am they will clear the tables, and everything just turns into this one big Salsa club. This is another must-see! Grab a bite and end the evening with a lovely salsa swing. Yeah, I love it, do you? Oh, and from Thursday – Sunday they offer free classes where you can just walk in and join the fun!

Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course

So this is it for today guys. Hope you found our blog useful for your Barcelona Salsa desires!

So put on those boots, grab your partner, and let’s salsa to it!

Untill next time,


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