Housewarming: Find the Best of What Barcelona Can Offer for Your Party

Housewarming Parties: the Perfect Spanish Night

house warming parties barcelona

Now that you’ve found your apartment in Barcelona and settled in and decorated it with your amazing tast, it is time to throw a similarly amazing housewarming party! If not, what are you waiting for? Check out our article on home stores in Barcelona and find everything you like to embellish your place.

A housewarming party is a must to inaugurate your new place. It is definitely essential to show off your brand new designer couch and impress your guests with great activities. Find out below some tips to give your friends the best house warming party ever and set yourself as THE party planner of your group.

As you are enjoying your new life in Barcelona, what you might be interested in is to find out what the fantastic region of Catalonia has to offer to you and your guests in terms of leisure, food, music and so on. Why not combine all those Spanish wonders that are yet to be discovered in one big house warming?


Housewarming tip #1: get yourself a Catalan caterer


ambrosia catering seafood dish


Impress your guests – locals or foreigners – with the best Catalan caterers in the city. You will enjoy the most exquisite food from the classic tapas such as pa amb tomàquet or queso or even jamón ibérico to the traditional dishes such as escudella and ollada or mar i muntanya (“sea and mountain”) dishes. Finish the dinner with the excellent traditional Catalan desert: la crema catalana. Most caterers in Barcelona have found a way of mixing tradition and innovation by introducing in their cuisine international tastes. Find below a list of caterers who might interest you and your friends, fellow gourmet!


Housewarming tip #2: entertain your guests

Living in Barcelona gives you access to plenty of activities. Between clubs, bars, sports and so on available in the city you might ask yourself, what can I bring to my own party to entertain my friends in an original way? Well here’s one piece of advice for you: get stereotypical. That might sound strange but I assure you, nothing is as great as a night listening and dancing to the traditional Spanish music: Flamenco! And there are plenty of other stuff that Barcelona can bring to your party.


house warming parties barcelona


Just so you know, you can hire flamenco dancers, singers and guitar players right here. How cool? You get to have your own flamenco show in your home, enjoy the very rhythmic music and maybe learn how to dance it yourself! Your guests are going to be astounded by the perfect Iberian night. Otherwise, if you prefer to hire a DJ, Barcelona is the perfect place to find one and enjoy a house warming party with the last Spanish and international hits.

But this is not all! If you are a smoker or a cigar aficionado you should consider hiring your own cigar roller who would come to your party and roll cigar right in front of you – can’t be more fresh. And the bright side of it is that you get to choose the tobacco you prefer while the cigar roller entertain your guests by telling it all about the cigar-making process. All you have to do to get your own professional cigar roller is click right here. This is the perfect mix of class and cool.



Housewarming tip#3: hire staff and relax

Just like superpowers, planning an event such as a fancy housewarming party comes with great responsibilities. If you really want to enjoy your night just like your guests, you will need help. First because you planned so much fun stuff and it’s not fair if you miss them just because someone broke your favorite vase and you have to clean up. Someone should do it for you so you can relax and just be your fabulous self. That includes of course a waiting staff that your caterer will usually provide but not only, you need to keep in mind that your place need to be cleaned up in the morning. I know, no one wants to hear about what happens in the aftermath of a party but I am telling you, a cleaning service is the best idea for you not to worry about the mess, they’ll deal with it for you.


waiters and champagne


Alright readers, we gave you the keys to organise the best housewarming party ever and we hope that you will enjoy your special night or any other one in the wonderful city of Barcelona. You can also read more about the nightlife in Barcelona on our blogs.

See you!



Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona: The Funny Side of Barcelona

Stand-up comedy in Barcelona: The Funny Side of Barcelona

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Hello SuiteLife gang and welcome to my first blog entry about stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Stand-up comedy is something we all like and most likely relate to. As International people in Barcelona are a huge comedy audience in my first post I decided to let you know where you guys can enjoy this excellent style of comedy in English within the marvelous and apparently funny city of Barcelona. As a comedy enthusiast myself, I took the liberty of tracking down the best clubs, pubs and venues where we can put our funny hats on and let the giggles run free.

Barcelona Comedy Club

First off we have Barcelona Comedy Club. Stand-up is what this venue is all about. BCC is known to be more UK orientated than anything else, having mainly English and Irish guest comedians. Nevertheless Spanish and other foreign comedians are always welcome to try out their material in English. The shows are held in a cozy little pub called Gaelic BCN. Really old-ish and warm atmosphere providing a perfect setting to the hilarious stand-up you can enjoy for only 5€ (including a free drink! Woo!). Once you step inside and the comedians take you away with their tasteful humor, the feeling you experience is nothing short from the one you would have as if you were in old-time London.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona














As it turns out to be a trend in the field of stand-up comedy in Barcelona, this comedy venue organizes shows only once every month. Not the most exhaustive schedule, I know, but I suppose this just throws emphasis on how special the shows actually are (wink). Although their website is updated regularly, BCC has a big online presence on Facebook. If you ever need to find out when their next show is going to be or who will be performing, it would be a safe bet to hop on Barcelona Comedy Club’s Facebook page and read away.


Ample Comedy

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Next, we have a stand-up venue which allows us to showcase our own funny side. Ample Comedy throws an “Open MIC Night” every Thursday providing us with our so much needed weekly dose of ‘funny’ to get us through the busy and tiring work week. What we find at the shows is mainly an amateur based panel of performers, as well as audience members, that try their best to suck up their stage fright, grab the mic for a period of five minutes and try to make us laugh. Now guys, don’t judge. We get one or two bad jokes occasionally but hey, it’s not easy being funny in front of a crowd… It is?! Alright then, prove it! All you need to do is arrive at The Quiet Man bar at 20:30 and write  your name down in order to book yourself a five minute time-slot. Knock ‘em dead, guys.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona









If you hate being in the spotlight, however, just watching is perfectly fine too. Although never underestimate the power of a drink. You can quickly gobble up some inspiration with the cheap drinks they serve at the bar.

Now the best part of this venue is that all the jokes you can take in and all the laughs you can have are for the price of… (Suspense drums)… Nothing! That’s right, guys, you can enjoy a hilarious night out all for free. Kudos to Ample Comedy.


Stand-up Comedy Kills (SUCK)

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

All kinds of funny is what SUCK is all about. Don’t be thrown off by the name, consider it more as evidence of their spicy humor. At least you know what to expect now. This comedy group is the rebellious independent ‘child’ of Ample Comedy gone wild.  With shows twice a month SUCK offers us some of the best comedians to be found in the city putting stand-up comedy in Barcelona on a top level . Often they have guest comedians from abroad like Igor Orlovsky – performing in their last show this month.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona















Diversity is what these guys rely on and so far it has been working great. We get to experience all types of humor – from observational humor about everyday life which we all love to sometimes grim and dark humor which we all often don’t admit that we love and everything else in between.

We can enjoy SUCK twice a month in Las Cuevas del Sorte – a great friendly little spot worth visiting even on a regular night. Oh and guys, make sure you try their Mojitos at least one. It is literally a taste explosion in your mouth and you won’t even want to look another Mojito… ever!

You can follow SUCK on their Fcaebook page as social media is their ultimate outlet to promote their shows and connect with us comedy lovers.

Barcelona Improv Group (B.I.G.)

Another great form of comedy is Improv. Let me tell you all about it.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

B.I.G. or Barcelona Improv Group organize some of the biggest Improv comedy venues in the city. They have been performing in English since 2011 and have quickly built up a solid reputation for being brilliant comedians. Their performances are always powered by their beloved audience’s suggestions and energy, which fuel up the shows to the MAX. Once you step inside the theater leave your expectations outside and when the show starts, brace yourselves because the ‘funny’ is coming.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona








Here’s the sad part of this venue. B.I.G. organize shows at Teatre de l’Enjólit only once a month (every second Friday of the month to be exact). And while we cannot have enough of them and wish they did a show every day we seek consolation and comfort in their monthly ‘Jams’ and weekly workshops they set up.

The Improv group values us as their audience and always love to get us involved in their activities and share the comedy experience first-hand. And that my dear friends is what Jams are for. Very casual and very fun, no instructions and no need for taking notes, their Jams are just like a night out with the lads. The only thing you have to do is hop on the stage and Improv away. If you’re one of the shy ones that’s fine, just sit back and observe what your fellow amateurs are doing and build up some inspiration for next time. If you feel like you need a break from partying hard after a hard week of work (I actually can’t believe I said that too), gather your friends and head to B.I.G’s monthly Improv Jams on Fridays. Or better yet, don’t call anyone and head out to make some funny new friends (common practice at Jam sessions).

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona







For the more “eager to learn” comedy fans, B.I.G. offers weekly workshops in which you will be tutored and slowly mended into a professional Improv artist. However, guys, you might need to bring a pen and some paper for this one.

So there you have it guys. Take your pick, put on your good mood and head out to the hottest places you can enjoy stomach-paining, hilarious stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget – always look at the funny side of things ;)

Now here’s a joke for you guys:  So a guy walks into a bar, looking really moody and orders immediately a double-whiskey. Then he starts rambling on about how lousy a wife he’s got, until the bartender finally says: “You know, I don’t understand what you’re complaining about. All the other guys in here only have compliments about your wife.”

Yeah, I’ll try again next time.




Gay Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride!

Proud, Pride, Penis.

Gay Barcelona, Gay Pride barcelona, Barcelona Pride, Barcelona Gay Pride, Gay Nightlife, What to do in gay barcelona, Pride in Barcelona

In my previous blog that was both for us and our frenemies (straight people, hehe.), I quickly mentioned the Barcelona Pride as one of the festivals you CAN NOT miss out on! Well, of course I am going to talk a lot about Gay Pride in Barcelona, because just one paragraph? That is just not-done for such a big, marvelous, fabulous, outrageous, astonishing event! This blog will about what Gay Pride actually is, why Gay Pride is so awesome, and most importantly; what to do during the Gay Pride in Barcelona!

“Gay rights are human rights”

Gay Barcelona, Gay Pride barcelona, Barcelona Pride, Barcelona Gay Pride, Gay Nightlife, What to do in gay barcelona, Pride in Barcelona

Yeah, let’s start off with some serious business. The boring, yet interesting, and must-know stuff of our fab lives. Gay Pride is not just a random festival, some random parties thrown together. Gay Pride is what it stands for; PRIDE. Proud to be Lesbian / Gay / Bi / Transgender (LGBT). Pride is there to promote their / our self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights and to increase their visibility as a social group. But it is also there to build community and to celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

Phew. So that was the serious stuff about what Gay Pride actually stands for. Some people may argue that it is lame that we actually need something like Pride to be approved / liked / known, or whatever you want to call it. But to be honest. In countries like this (Spain, obviously), it isn’t really there anymore to show how we are, but just an excuse for another party. An insane party. Of course the main reason is all mentioned above, but in general, do the teenagers nowadays actually know what Gay Pride stands for besides partying? Well I hope they do know that in some countries being gay is NOT done, (Fuck you, Russia.) So it is important that things like this exist.

Sixpacks, Penises, Parties.

Gay Barcelona, Gay Pride barcelona, Barcelona Pride, Barcelona Gay Pride, Gay Nightlife, What to do in gay barcelona, Pride in Barcelona

Now Gay Pride is more than just seriousness. Obviously. We gays are known for something. And that something is parties. (And our fabulous clothing, but what else did all those people expect us doing in that closet for such a long-ass time?) And where are our greatest parties? During gay festivals. When is there just one bunch of festivals / parties clammed up in a short period? That’s right. Gay Pride. And Circuit Festival. But this blog is about the Gay Pride in Barcelona, so I’m sticking to that. God I just realized I wrote a lot of questions – answer sentences. Kind of like maths, y’know? I’m so good at deductions. And stuff. Like. Totally. Anyways, drifting off.

What makes the parties during Gay Pride just so amazing? Well, if you are gay yourself, it won’t be too hard to answer; The men. My god. Where the F do they hide out all year long? The men during Gay Pride are just so fit. So gorgeous. It’s insane. It’s like they are designed just for parties like these.. But it’s not just the men. It’s the music, the atmosphere. The attitude of literally everyone is AWESOME! Everybody is so sweet, always in good mood (hello XTC, M, GHB, and so on..) – Don’t do drugs kids. – and that makes Gay Pride so tempting to go to.

I have been to several Gay Prides in my life, San Fransisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and so on, but Barcelona is one that I haven’t been to yet. As a proud Dutch man, I obviously stand for our Gay Pride, but San Fransisco, and Berlin are awesome as well. To be honest, all Gay prides I’ve been to have all been soooooo awesome. And knowing Barcelona and its gayness.. I highly doubt it’s going to be disappointing!


Gay Barcelona, Gay Pride barcelona, Barcelona Pride, Barcelona Gay Pride, Gay Nightlife, What to do in gay barcelona, Pride in Barcelona

So where to go during the Barcelona Pride?!

Sadly, as I kinda mentioned earlier, I won’t be able to tell you where to go from experience, but heck, I can tell you where to go on my friends’ advice, and that’s what I’ll do! First of all, it would be nice to know the date, when Barcelona Pride is actually happening. Well, it’s from the 18th – 28th of June. So you got 10 days to get your groove on. So plan your hairstylist in advance people. (My advice is to go to the hairdresser the 15th of June; everybody knows your hair looks best 3 days after the hairdresser cut it into whatever he thought looked good on you. The bitch..) So in general, most useful information can be found right here. Everything about the Barcelona Pride is in there, where the parties at, what parties there are, and the calendar in general. Just check it out and see it for yourselves!

Even though I know it’s all up to you on which parties you’ll attend, I’m telling you, you’re going to want to go to the Gay Parade and the Main party, both on the 28th of June. And lucky you, they both are at the same place! (Parc de les tres Xemeneies, starting 6 pm). The parade is an amazing thing. People dressing up like whatever they want, as long as they feel free. It’s just an experience you can’t miss out on. And right after the parade ends, the Main Party starts. Sooooo… See you guys there?!

Gay Barcelona, Gay Pride barcelona, Barcelona Pride, Barcelona Gay Pride, Gay Nightlife, What to do in gay barcelona, Pride in Barcelona

So that was my blog for this time guys. And as always; Have a fabulous gayday!

Oh and remember, whenever a guy tells you he’s straight; just tell him this;

‘Oh you’re straight? So is spaghetti, untill it gets hot.’ – Success gauranteed!

And what do you call a gaybar with no bar stools? A fruitstand!


Untill next time,






Party in Barcelona; No blood in your alcohol system!

Festivals in Barcelona, 2015!

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015

What’s up boys and girls! It’s time for a new blog, this one is a little different from my other ones. Except for the topic of course. I know how much you guys love partying, so I’m sticking to that! That’s why this blog is all about where to party in Barcelona in 2015!! However, usually I make a blog that is either more appealing to the gay community, or to the straight community…

But what kind of a person am I to make that distinction? I SHOULDN’T! And that’s why I am writing this blog for both of you. For both of us. “Insert equality monologue here”. This is going to be an amazing blog about where the totes amazeballin’ parties / festivals are at. I like to party. You like to party. Therefore we like to party! (I’ve always been a star in Mathematics). No matter if you’re gay or straight. You’ll love ALL of them. So I’ll tell you what’s definitely worth your black-outs. I’ll try to keep it as close to this date as possible, but it might happen every now and then that I HAVE to tell you guys about that sick-ass festival in the future. But don’t worry, everything will be this year (sorry Three Kings, I was too late.).

So, Barcelona, where do we party in 2015? What are we supposed to do? Well first of all, let me share you all the dates of all the holidays this year. Might be useful, I guess;

(Bee Tee Dubs, everytime I see this list I am jealous of how many holidays there are here in Spain. There’s just so much room for partying in Barcelona! Dayuuuummm..)

- New Year’s Day (Any Nou): 1 Jan
- Three Kings (Reis Mags): 6 Jan
- Good Friday (Divendres Sant)
- Easter Monday (Dilluns de Pasqua)
- May (Labour) Day (Festa del Treball): 1 May
- Mon after Whitsun (Segona Pascua): 1 June
- Sant Joan: 24 June
- Verge de l’Assumpció: 15 Aug
- Catalan National Day (Diada de Catalunya): 11 Sept
- La Mercè: 24 Sept
- All Saints’ Day (Tots Sants): 1 Nov
- Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución): 6 Dec
- La Immaculada: 8 Dec
- Christmas Day (Nadal): 25 Dec
- Boxing Day (Sant Esteve): 26 Dec

Sooooo, I could actually find a party / festival for you in 2015 that is on any of these holidays, but that’s no fun. The best parties are the ones where you have to go hangover as fuck to your job the next morning. (Especially when they serve you some sort of celebratory food because one of your 60 year old colleagues became a grandmother for the 7th time.) And God, how the hell do you say to her that that kid actually looks like you want to throw up? Because obviously it is not because of the booze. It never is. Hint; Tell her the baby is going to have an awesome personality! Yes I am here to help you out on any fronts. I’ll be thinking of you when you’ve had too much to drink. I’ll just tell you where the next party is at! ‘Cause we all know the best hangover cure; more booze.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to business. I’ll tell you where the amazing parties / festivals of 2015 in Barcelona are at!

Sitges Carnaval

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015

So the first place you’re gonna HAVE to visit is not actually in Barcelona, sorry. I sincerely apologize. But it is just so awesome that you have to go and check it out. Go there. It’s only like 30 minutes by car. But you can also get there by train, or bus. Or you can walk, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Ever. Sitges Carnaval lasts for about 7 days straight (12th of February ’till the 18th), and is mostly gay-minded / open-minded. But there are just SO many people and the atmosphere is SO awesome that you can not miss out on this. Everyone can be found there. Straight, gay, transgender, anything. Please do me a favor and go there, you will not regret it, ever. You’ll thank me for mentioning it; You’re welcome. Parties will be everywhere in Sitges. If you can’t go every single day, then go for the weekend, the weekend is gonna be amaaazeballs! And don’t forget your Powerranger Morphsuit – costume, because obviously on Carnaval you’ve got to in costume. Double the fun!

Primavera Sound

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, primavera sound 2015

The next one our festival / party in Barcelona hitlist is going to be Primavera Sound (28-30th of May). The venue itself is already amazing; check out their website! If you haven’t heard of it; SHAME ON YOU! No, I’m kidding. I’ve heard about it just recently, but I’ve watched some videos of it on youtube, and my god. Yes. (Or YAAAAAASSSSSSS, as we do nowadays) Go ahead. Tickets are 175 euros if you buy them now, but hey, for 3 days full of partying, concerts, amazing people playing, c’mon, that is definitely worth the money. Don’t even think about it. JUST GO! It’s going to be awesome. Insane. Sick. Get your tickets here, and get your group of friends ready to go, or go by yourself, you’ll have a great time either way, I gaurantee it!

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Sonar Festival 2015Sonar Festival

Sonar Festival is one of the few rock / electronic / mixed festivals that I actualy really, really like. The tickets are pretty much the same as for Primavera, which I think is a quite decent price for a 3 day festival ( Sonar is from 18-20th June, about 180 euros). It has an amazing venue, everything is so close to each other. It’s just another festival in summer.. Just like Primavera, you should just go! I hate to say it, but let’s just pretty much go YOLO this year! Even though the names aren’t from any high-class hardcore stars, they really are amazing!


Barcelona Pride

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Barcelona Gay Pride 2015

Okay I’ll try to stay subjective on this one. Just kidding, I can’t. Anywhere where there’s a gay pride, you’ll be entertained, for sure. Gay prides have the BEST parties. The BEST atmosphere. The BEST men. The BEST women. It’s gorgeous people all over. Amazing music everywhere. The Barcelona pride is here the 26-28th of June, and it’s when you have to take your days off. To rest from the partying of course. There are SO many parties going on during gay pride, it’s going to be hard to mention them all, but if there is at least one event you should go to, it is the main party event. Like. Main party of a gay pride? It’s really hard for anyone to top that off. Check out all the gay venues, anywhere, Success gauranteed!

Rock Fest

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Rock Fest

I’ll have to admit that I am not a rock-fan, so I won’t be able to tell you a lot about how amazing Rock Fest is. However, as the festival has been a success for several years in a row, I expect that it is something you want to be at if you are a rock fanatic! This year Rock Fest is from 23-25th of July, and you can see the line-up here, so decide for yourself if it is something worth going to. It’s 100 euros for just three days, so why not I guess! Looking at how crowded it is, it must be good!

Circuit Festival

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015, Circuit Festival

The last festival that I am gonna be covering in this blog is the Circuit Festival (5-16th of August). This is Gay Pride 2.0. But bigger, better, SEXier. Circuit festival in Barcelona is probably the biggest one around the world. I can’t help but get so excited when I know the Circuit Festival is coming again. I mean please check out their aftermovie, then come back here and you tell me how it could be possible to anyone not to get excited. The music, the men. If you’re gay, this is A MUST-go-to festival. Fun, music, beach, swimming, partying, go all out during the Circuit Festival, everybody does it, so why shouldn’t you? Circuit Festival is just awesome. Be safe though. Always. Be. Safe. Festivals like these are bound to end up with sex, lot’s of sex. So I can’t say it often enough that you HAVE to be safe. Always be sure to bring your own condoms, AND ALWAYS GET YOUR CHECK-UP!!

Barcelona, Festival barcelona, festival in Barcelona, Festivals 2015 barcelona, 2015 barcelona festivals, where to party in barcelona 2015, festivals in barcelona 2015, 2015 festivals barcelona, 2015 parties barcelona, festival barcelona 2015

It’s time for me to take off, so this is gonna be it for today guys. I promised to keep the festivals as close to this date as possible, but I miserably failed, I’m sorry. Either way, I hope you guys are going to have an amazing summer (who won’t with these festivals coming up..)! I just want you gorgeous people to have the best time ever here in Barcelona. So please check out this city’s amazing opportunities on getting wasted!

I’m going to end with two very, very important life-lessons;

1) ‘All you have to do in life is go out with your friends, party hard, and look better than the bitch next to you.’

2) ‘When life hands you lemons, bust out the Tequila and salt!’

Oh, and don’t do drugs. Unless it’s medical, of course. Then do. But in general; don’t do drugs.


Untill next time!


New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 – best venues in the city!

What to do for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2014-2015

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015


Hello everyone! As promised before in the blog about Events in Barcelona in December 2014, the blog about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 has finally come out with the ultimate purpose of providing you with some hints & tips on where you should go and what you should do to have an unforgettable experience during the night between the years! New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 should be something memorable for all of you, accordingly take an extensive look at what’s written below – it’s gonna make your New Years a blast!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Best spot for an outdoor  celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! Be prepared for concerts, visual shows, flashing lights and human towers. Highlight of the evening – a 15 m high iron figure called ‘L’home del millenni’ (The Man of the Millenium), put on stage by the Catalan theatre group Fura del Baus.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

The centre of the middle of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya will be the meeting point of all the tourists that usually spend New Year’s Eve outside, in the central points of their cities. After cheering ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’, the vast majority will most likely hit the pubs and bars on Las Ramblas – the most famous street in Barcelona, which is literally adjacent with the Plaza.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Considered to be one of the most atmospheric venues in the whole Barcelona due to its narrow size, Poble Espanyol is thus a more intimate approach towards spending the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015. With retro music concerts featuring ’70s/’80s/’90s styles, the tickets cost 35€ and include five drinks, hot chocolate and a party bag! VIP tickets are 45€.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

What can be better than a beach celebration of New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? We’re telling you – NADA!! Grab your friends and your booze and be prepared to raid those beaches accompanied by other crazy people, all waiting for the marvellous fireworks from midnight! If you feel ‘adventurous’, you can try the parties from the W Hotel – 50€ to enter to the W lounge; 100€ for the Eclipse bar.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Oh, Good ol’ Razzmatazz! Of course it couldn’t be missed from the list of venues for the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! With a unique ambience, Sala Razzmatazz can be the best choice for a techno clubbing, especially for those of you that are into electronica ‘warehouse’ parties. Tickets are 50€ (till midnight) and 40€ afterwards.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Alongside with Razzmatazz, Opium is also one of the most touristic clubs in Barcelona. Situated by the beach, it will also give you the opportunity to admire the midnight fireworks from shore, while enjoying excellent loud electronica! Ticket prices are 50€ (including one drink).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Flamenco in its purest form! If you’re looking for the real thing for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, then Tablao de Carmen is definitely the place you will have to hit! All Spanish New Year’s Eve traditions gathered in one place to delight your senses with music, dances and amazing food, drinks and service!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Wanna hear some latino vibes  during the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? Then off you go – Harlem Jazz Club! Do your warm up before going there, you are going to need all the muscles in your body, as the salsa, afrobeats or bossa nova style music will make you shake yo’ ass so hard that the next day not only you will feel the hangover, but also a very acute muscle soreness! Tickets are extremely cheap (considering other venues) – 16€ (live music and dj session after 2am).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

For those of you who just wanna take it easy and chillax after a long 2014 year while enjoying a great 3-course Spanish dinner plus dessert, we recommend you the Hard Rock Cafe. Dinner, dessert, party bag and drinks will be 100€, whereas if you only wanna drink, it will cost you half.


Having mentioned all this stuff, have a crazy New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, a Happy New 2015 Year and may all your wishes come true in 2015!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



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