Gay Barcelona – Parties Without Panties!

Gay Barcelona – Parties without panties!

Gay Barcelona Cruising Nightlife

Where to cruise in Gay Barcelona?

In our Blog Series “Gay Barcelona – … ” we’ll be talking about several gay topics, and this one is all about cruising with your fellow gay men, in men-only clubs! Oh! By the way, check out this awesome blog about Gaixample!

I bet you’ve experienced it, you see that beautifully well-built guy, dancing around that pole, and you are craving for his attention.. Well bad luck for you sir, because there they are, the well-known ‘fag-hags’ of the other gay men, drooling all around him screaming for a glimpse of his eyes (or you know, some other things). Well, we’ve come up with a solution just for you, so you won’t have to slap those girls faces: A list of a few Men-Only clubs! But yeah, you might’ve guessed it, Men-Only clubs can be rather.. Cruisy.

Berlin Dark

Gay Barcelona Cruising Berlin Dark Nightlife CruisingBerlin Dark – The first one on our “Gay Barcelona – Party without Panties” – list would be Berlin Dark and the club is located at Passatge de Prunera, No. 18. The nearest Metro would be Poble Sec. If you exit the Metro it is about a 10 minute walk. Berlin Dark is not your average clubbing place. This club revolves around cruising. This gay club is home to gay men who are into fetishes, S&M, Naturism, Leather, and so on. There are plenty of events in this club which have certain dress codes, well, you could’ve guessed it, won’t be Catholic. The opening hours of this club, however, aren’t like most either, being closed on mondays, open from 22:30 – 2:30 tuesday to thursday, and 22:30 – 3:30 on fridays and saturdays, but oh well, we all know that cruising doesn’t take that much time, right? But, if you’re up to finding someone to spend and stay the night with, this might not be the place you’re looking for.

Club Trash

Gay Barcelona Cruising Trash ClubbingClub Trash is located at C/ Mare de Deu del Remei, No. 11. The nearest Metro would be Poble Sec as well, and is just a 5-10 minute walk away from the Metro station. If you think Berlin Dark is too much, then you’re in for a big one. Club Trash, with 500m2, is probably the biggest cruising club of Barcelona. This club is sex. Sex, sex and sex. Have I told you it’s also about sex? Yeah, I guess you get it. This club has strict dressing codes, and all are sex-based. If it’s either leather, S&M, sports or just being naked, everything is being judged at the entrance, just to check if you are worthy enough to get inside. Yeah, I’d say it’s pretty intense, but if you’re up for some hardcore cruising, please, be my guest and get in there, discover the grounds, and tell me after if there is anything I missed out on.


Metro Club
Gay Barcelona Cruising GoGo Metro

And then we’ve got Metro. Metro is located at Sepúlveda, No. 185. The nearest Metro would be Universitat. And then it’ll be just a 5 minute walk. Compared to the other ones in this list, this is probably the most ‘innocent’ club. If you are looking for 25yo+ men, this is probably the place to be. Metro has quite some sexual tension around the club, but it’s not as much as the others. Metro has great music, techno, dance, anything really that can keep you going all night. For those who like to watch, there sure is something that would please the eye; GoGo-dancers! These gorgeously built men will show you their dance moves.. And if you’re lucky, they might even drop that towel just in front of you..






Gay Barcelona Cruising Nightlife Gay Bar NightBerryThe last one (for now!) on our ‘Gay Barcelona – Parties without Panties’ – list, is Nightberry and this rather small bar is located at C/ Diputació, No. 161. Like I mentioned, this isn’t a club, it’s a bar. And just like all the other Men-Only clubs / bars, this is yet another bar that is probably just for cruising. Unlike the clubs, this bar has a more relaxing atmosphere and therefore it might be easier to start your cruising adventures here. But don’t be fooled by the relaxing atmosphere, because this bar can get just as hardcore as you want it to be..




If I would have to make a ranking list from hardcore cruising to somewhat ‘decent’ cruising (of course, cruising isn’t always.. You know, decent.) out of these four clubs, I’d say that Club Trash would be the rather intense one, followed by Berlin Dark. And Metro and Nightberry would follow respectively. But wherever you want to start your cruising adventures, I am 100% sure you’ll find it in any of these four bars!

Well, I’ve tried my best to give you some of the best cruising places in Barcelona, but of course, it’s not just these four, there are just so many clubs, bars, where you can cruise. Therefore I would love it so much if you would share me your amazing cruising adventures (no need for the explicit details though, we need to keep something for the imagination) in the comment box down below so I can find more cruisy clubs to write about, just for you!

Well this is it for now, so what are you waiting for? Put on your cruising boots, thong and hat, and get your cruise on!

Have a fabulous gayday!

So long, gay boys!


Top 5 Movie-Themed Spots in Barcelona



Best movie inspired bars in Barcelona

Do you often go to cinema and love talking about movies ? Do you always keep up-to-date with upcoming movies or movie news ? So if you are a film buff or you just want to be in a cool themed bar/coffee shop, here are the 5 movie-themed places in Barcelona to get you in the mood of a film night.

1. Polaroid – 80′s Retro Bar

The first place in our favorite movie-themed spots in Barcelona is Polaroid Bar. Although I was born during the 90s, the movies of the 80s like The Karate Kid or Terminator were parts of my childhood. Therefore, when I discovered the hidden bar named “Polaroid”, I was impressed and felt like traveling back in time. Being hidden in a small alley of Barri Gòtic, with its 80’ies themed décor, the bar is full of retro things such as Polaroid photos, old films playing on the screen, cassettes and so on. The dimly lit walls covered with vinyl, VHS tapes, cameras along with film posters of famous movies from E.T to Dirty Dancing bring it the funky, relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The bar also features a good choice of music from classic rock bands such as Nirvana, Guns and Roses or Pearl Jam. It is very interesting while reading the menus as you can recognize very familiar 80s characters such as Mr Miyagi or Sarah Connor (of Terminator). The price for beer or cocktails is reasonable. You can order a bucket of five beers with free popcorn for 10 EUR or a fruity mojito for 6 EUR.

Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 29

Top movie-themed bars in Barcelona,

2. Dry Martini – James Bond bar

Dry Martini is definitely the type of bar that you often see in movies: classical, elegant and sleek bars. When you are entering the bar, you will feel like you’re on the set of a James Bond movie. It has an English vibe with large armchairs, benches, dim lighting, plush fabrics and dark wood. Being internationally recognised as one of the best 50 bars in the world in 2014, Dry Martini is founded by the cocktail master Mr Javier de las Muelas who is giving a lot of cocktail lectures. It serves excellent cocktails and food with very professional and friendly staff being all dressed in white suits. It is also enchanting to watch the bartenders preparing the drinks with enthusiasm. Dry Martini is most suitable for formal meetings, first dates or a proposal. You can also check out our blog Top 25 places to take a first date

Address: Carrer Aribau 162 – 166

Top themed bars in Barcelona, Top themed bars in Bcn

3. Bharma – Lost bar

Located in Sant Marti, Bharma is a themed bar inspired by the popular TV series: Lost. From the decor to the names of sandwiches & tapas, the owner has paid the closest attentios to details in order to recreate the Lost atmosphere. Special features of the bar are: oceanic flight 815 stuck in the wall, the hatch door, Sawyer’s letter, and even the “Bharma Initiative”beer with the Dharma logo. During the show’s peak, Mr Jorge Garcia, a member of the cast, has also visited the bar during his stay in Barcelona. Since its opening in 2008, Bharma acts as a regular refuge for not only Lost fans but also for fans of other legendary TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead. The biggest pro of Bharma is that it usually organizes special meeting nights to celebrate movie events or special episodes. For example, it has broadcasted on big screens the Academy Awards, the epic finale of Breaking Bad or the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones. About 2 weeks ago, to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the legendary Star Trek, the bar had many activities such as  showing famous episodes, discussions, contests, and workshops. So, if you are a fan of US-UK TV series, you will definitely love this cozy bar where you can make many new friends sharing the same interests.

Address: Carrer de Pere IV, 93

Top themed bars in Bcn

4. El Laurel – Best empanadas in town

El Laurel is a good choice to stop by before going to a cinema. It is considered as a hidden treasure for locals.  El Laurel is an Argentina cinema bar located in Sant Antoni and just opposite the Cines Renoir being one of a few cinemas having movies in the original language. Because the cinema and the bar work together, they offer amazing deals of a meal + cinema ticket. For example, for 15 EUR “Cena de Cine” deal on week days, you will have 1 movie entrance ticket, 3 empanadas, a nice salad of arrugula and parmesan and a medium-sized drink. Most customers come to El Laurel for empanadas which are incredibly delicious and there are many options for both veggies and meaties. It is a busy spot so I suggest you to come early.

Address: Carrer de Floridablanca, 140

Best empanada in Barcelona

5. Pudding – Alice In The Wonderland

Last but not least, we want to introduce Pudding – the lovely coffee shop inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Pudding is opened by a French woman who has definitely brought the unique and quirky decor for the place. The massive mushrooms, bookshelves, a roof of red and white stripes, the interesting lights, the painted doors and jazz soundtracks all together will surprise you. The place attracts many young travelers, group of friends and families. If you have kids, be sure to bring them with you because they will love Pudding so much.  The concept of Pudding is: Eat+Play+Think.  The owner wants to create a fun atmosphere for kids expressing new ideas through different activities. This is the perfect place for a delicious brunch and fresh home made cakes. The fantastic cakes are served with generous portions. I recommend the carrot cakes and the quiche here. The friendly atmosphere, the beautiful decoration, the good food quality and price will let you want to come back here soon.

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris 90

Best coffee shops in Barcelona

If you know any interesting themed bars in Barcelona then we love to hear about them, leave us comments below.

In the mean time, check out our The most unique bars in Barcelona and our e-book Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Barcelona


The Full Moon Festival in Barcelona

Full Moon Festival (Fiesta de la Luna Llena) in Barcelona – a venue of music, dance and fire

full moon party barcelona

The Full Moon Festival in Barcelona or Fiesta de la Luna Llena – do these two entertainment concepts ring any bells? If the answer is NO, please continue reading this blog article. If the answer is YES, well a little bit of extra info never hurt anyone, right?

OK, so this article will answer the 5 W’s and the H – WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, WHO and HOW that every tourist coming to Barcelona should consider when deciding whether they should go to the Full Moon Festival or not. From our experience, it’s definitely a MUST-GO!


WHAT is the Full Moon Festival?                                  

The Full Moon Festival is a group of parties basically celebrating the occurring of a full moon. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been fascinated about viewing the full moon as an extremely occult phenomenon, which is why they have been assigning different powers or supernatural characteristics to it. For example, the early Babylonians thought the full moon made women more fertile, whereas the Amerindians used to give their children names containing the word ‘moon’ because they thought the Moon Goddess would protect the little humans from danger. Nowadays, the Full Moon celebration is a little less religious (we would argue pretty much profane), people gathering on the beach just to enjoy the moment by drinking, dancing and having fun.


WHEN does the Full Moon Party happen in Barcelona?

The Full Moon festival takes place during a 14-month period, starting in July (current year) and ending in October next year, with events happening once every month – as the Full Moon appears. The next event will be held on 8th October 2014 at 11 PM in the evening, so if you will be in Barcelona at that date, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!


WHERE can you find the Full Moon Party in Barcelona?

The answer for this question is the Mar Bella beach (Playa de la Mar Bella), one of the most famous beaches in Barcelona.


WHY should you go to the the Full Moon Party in Barcelona?

Because FUN, that’s why!!! You will be witnessing a spectacular show done by acrobats juggling with fire, acro-yoga and so on. In the background, you will be hearing rhythmic beats of drums, accompanied by other instruments such as trumpets or the traditional Spanish castanets. Because the music is so good, you will see people dancing  and feeling the good vibe of the whole atmosphere, so don’t be shy and join them! They will be glad to have a new member in the dance crew!

WHO goes to the Full Moon Party in Barcelona?

In short, all the people with latin ‘caliente’ blood, eager to experience an adventurous and energetic night under the moonlight, as well as tourists with a different concept of entertainment than the cliche-ed night out in a crowded club . If you are one of them, don’t miss out this event, as it represents the pure essence of open-air fun!


HOW can you get to the event?

There are several ways to get to the Mar Bella Beach. The best one is to use the metro (closest stop would be Llacuna on the yellow L4), combined with a little bit of walking (15 mins). Another way is to take the bus N8 which will leave you 10 minutes away from the beach.


Finally, if you want some more info about the Full Moon Festival in Barcelona (as if what we have provided so far is not enough), you can always click here.






What’s on in September in Barcelona!

What’s on in September! How to have amazing September in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a stunning city and you will find out that September in Barcelona can be one of the best months for you to enjoy the spirit of Catalonia and spirit of its capital. Have a look at our events picked out especially for you to enjoy the slowly ending summer in this hot city.


September in Barcelona


06.09.2014 (Saturday) – 07.09.2014 (Sunday) – Demanoenmano market





Semptember in Barcelona does not have to be boring, it can really be full of joy!

Second-hand market Demanoenmano which is taking place at Convent de Sant Agusti will give you the occasion not only to purchase second-hand and vintage wares but take part in creative workshops as well and listen to live music. You just have to find some free time during the first weekend of September and come and enjoy the day!

So, if you would like to join Demanoenmano market, check the official website of the event for more information.


07.09.2014 (Sunday) and 14.09.2014 (Sunday) – Piknic Electronik


The atmosphere is fun, mellow and family-friendly like all September in Barcelona!

September in Barcelona

There are two zones for people participating in the festival:

One section for adults where you can enjoy music with DJs playing from 1 pm till 8 pm

The other zone is for families with children where kids have the chance to take part in a lot of activities organised just for them.


Have a look at the last year edition (I am sure that you will love it) and just visit on Saturday on Montjuic.

AND, here is the official website where you can find more details



07.09.2014 (Sunday) – Cursa Barca 2014 – FC Barcelona (Barca Fun Run)


September in Barcelona. Run It’s going to be the first edition of this event in Barcelona!

10km race is set around the Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou football ground. Everybody who signs up will receive, among other gifts, a commemorative  T-  shirt  designed for the occasion. Come and support people who are taking  part  in  the  run! More information on the official wesite ( It’s not available in  English,  sorry).



11.09.2014 (Thursday) – La Diada Nacional de Catalunya (The National Day of Catalonia)


Public holiday in Catalonia and Barcelona!

September in Barcelona. La Diada Nacional de Catalunya

This is the first public holiday in Sepetember in Barcelona, the next one is taking place 19th of September so just one week after (check below). Two extra days off in the month to enjoy the time with friends or family!

During the National Day of Catalonia you can join cultural events in the city and other celebrations and political demonstrations. To give you the example, at the statue of Rafael Casanova, which is located at the corner of Ronda de Sant Pere and Carrer d’Ali Bei, you can lay floral tributes or catch a concert, a poetry reading, or political speech in different parts of Barcelona. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of people with the Catalan flag on the street and hear the official anthem of Catalonia, Els Segadors, in a lot of places .


24.09.2014 (Wednesday) – Public holiday in Barcelona in honour of Barcelona’s patron saint

– Mare de Deu de la MErce (Our Lady of Mercy).


19.09.2014 (Friday) – 24.09.2014 (Wednesday)

Les Festes de la Merce 2014 (Merce Festival Barcelona 2014)


Les Festes de la Merce is the most popular festival during September in Barcelona!

You can’t miss it!

Join Barcelona’s biggest party of the year.


September in Barcelona

Celebrations are taking part in a lot of places in Barcelona. The map of the event and schedule usually is available 2 weeks before the Festival (keep checking our Facebook page for more information). The festival offers a wide variety of events and it is the largest street party in Barcelona with – great music, parades, dancing, cultural and sport events and a lot of fireworks. Every year events take place for around 5 days and its tradition started in 1902, when people were saying goodbye to the summer and were welcoming the colourful season of autumn.

There are some, the most popular events, in which you can take a part while enjoying September in Barcelona during the Merce Festival:


September in Barcelona. La Merce

‘Els Castellets’ (Human Towers) – building of human towers. Amazing show which provides a lot of fun. The most spectacular part is the end when the smallest person, usually a child, trying to stand at the top of the tower which have to be as high as possible. Thousands of people are coming every year to see human towers.


Spetmber in Barcelona

“El Coreefoc’, ‘Diablos y demonios’ (Devils and demons) – Parade takes place at nightfall. Dragons, devils, demons and another scary monsters are walking on the streets and scare the people with fire, fireworks and performances. This is an amazing show which you will not forget quickly!


September in Barcelona

Gigantes (Gigant Parade) – Fantastic parade to which you can come with all your family. Usually it takes place at Placa St Jaume. Giants who are having a good time dancing and walking on the streets are accompanied with some drum music played by small groups of musicans. Giants are mainly queens and kings, nobles and saints. You can’t miss this as well.


September in Barcelona

The celebration is ended on 24th with a ‘big bomb’ – Amazing music  and firework spectacle!

More information you can find in the official website of the Les Festes de la Merce 2014


24.09.2014 (Wednesday) – Public holiday in Barcelona in honour of Barcelona’s patron saint

– Mare de Deu de la MErce (Our Lady of Mercy).


We hope that you will enjoy September in Barcelona – The Most Amazing City In The World!


Le Cyrano: A Barcelona Bar like no other!

Le Cyrano barcelona bar

When it comes to nightlife and partying hard, Barcelona never disappoints. Thanks to the huge variety in bars, pubs and clubs, Barcelona attracts millions of visitors each year willing to make the most of the amazing nightlife scene!

I am myself an enthusiast and frequent customer of the many bars in Barcelona, and I must say that after a while one can have the impression that some of them are very similar. In other words, some of the bars here are the same.
They always rely on Tapas, Sangria, Beer and so on to attract customers.
By the way, if you fancy some Tapas, you can check our Barcelona Tapas Ultimate Guide :) !

Even though it can be really enjoyable to share a few Tapas and a couple of pints with your friends, you can get tired of it and want to go for an unusual experience or atmosphere! This is why I have decided to talk to you about a very unique bar in Barcelona: Le Cyrano. It is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is located in Aribau 154.

Le cyrano Bar barcelona girls

In my opinion, this is by far the best bar in Barcelona and its concept is just too awesome!!

Here is how El Cyrano works:

-First you enter the bar and hopefully find a table to sit. Yes, Le Cyrano is often packed so it’s better to either go early (it opens at 11PM so sometime around that) or to hope that one free table will be waiting for you!

-Then you go to the bar and order a drink of your choice. The bartender will give you an empty glass and will bring you the liquor bottle of your choice so that you can pour your own drink! I am serious, you can put as many alcohol as you like in your drink!! He then takes the bottle back and gives you a bottle of soda or juice to mix with your alcoholic beverage. Of course it is not recommended to fully pour your drink with alcohol as it could annoy the bartender but I have been there and you can put 70% or 80% of alcohol in your drink without a problem!!

-Concerning the prices, they are incredibly low! The price range is 3 – 5€ for any mixed drink, so that’s one hell of a deal!! Forget the clubs that make you pay at least 10€ for a drink!

The only negative point is that with people being numerous and most of them drunk, the place is really noisy and it can be challenging to talk to your friends and understand each other properly! But that shouldn’t be a problem since that’s the case in all the clubs and no one really cares.

Le cyrano bar barcelona

Apart from that, this is the perfect place to go before going to a club!!! I usually prefer to “pre-game” at home with a few friends since drinking in bars before going to a club implies spending quite a lot of money, but I have to say that I was amazed when I went to Le Cyrano for the first time!
You can literally get wasted for 10-15 € there and after a few drinks it’s really easy to meet and talk to new people there while being with your friends at the same time!
And I forgot to mention that they have free pop-corn as well!

Everyone there is young, happy (half-drunk) and wants to have a crazy night out in Barcelona, isn’t that what you’d expect of a bar in Barcelona?!

So if you don’t have any plans for the weekend yet, you know where to go now!! Have fun guys!!



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