Barcelona Music Festival : Primavera Sound 2014

Primavera Sound 2014: Your Barcelona Music Festival Guide

Looking for a badass summer music festival in Barcelona and you have never heard of Primavera Sound?! Let’s rectify that now!

Primavera Sound Barcelona music festival

Primavera Sound Festival : What is it?


Parc del Forum Primavera Sound Barcelona

Primavera Sound Festival is one of the best Barcelona music festivals along with Sonar, and will take place this year from the 28th to the 31st of May 2014. For over a decade, since 2001 to be more precise, the festival is held in the Parc del Forum located in Diagonal Mar neighborhood which is pretty close from the Barcelona city center. What is awesome about this festival is that it is right on the seaside and enables you to live an amazing music experience with a beautiful view on Barcelona Seaside. The Primavera Sound Festival attracts a lot of the most well-known bands in the world, and if you love Rock and/or Electro music, this music festival is made for you! If you fear going it alone, well you’ll be one of the 100.000 lucky ones enjoying the open air concerts!

Primavera Sound Programme


Line Up 2014 Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona

You can from now on check out the Primavera Sound Festival programme per day. Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine inch Nails, and many more! And if you are fan of Stromae, he will actually play for free on Wednesday afternoon! If you don’t know him yet, here is one of his most famous songs!

And below is a video of Primavera Sound 2014 Line-Up!

Tickets for the Primavera sound Festival 2014


Ticket Primavera Sound 2014 Barcelona


There are different tickets available for the next Festival :

Primavera Sound Day ticket

As its name suggests it, you will get access to all the concerts taking place on a same day. That is the least expensive ticket and can be sufficient according to your needs.

Primavera Sound Weekend Ticket

Again, don’t need to be clever to guess what you get: access to all the concerts of the whole weekend, yeah that’s just a little bit more expensive…

Primavera Sound VIP Weekend Ticket

The golden ticket, the KING ticket. You’ll be able to wink at the bodyguards, like “Yeah, that’s right, I’m a VIP, bitches!” (well, maybe it’s better to keep this sentence in your head so that you won’t get beaten up before the concerts have even started).

Accomodation on Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival 2014

Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival accomodation

You can check out the different possibilities of accomodation on Primavera Sound website.

Well, I guess this is it. You’ve got everything you need to enjoy this incredible music festival in Barcelona. Bring your hat, your suncream, your smile and you’re ready to go !

Don’t hesitate to share your personal experience on this festival! This year, Queens of The Stone Age is my favorite band, and you?



Free Secret Gigs in Barcelona: Check out Sofar Sounds!

Secret Concerts in Barcelona by Sofar Sounds

sofar sounds barcelona secret concerts free

You know all of the best live music venues in Barcelona but you fancy some secret free gigs in Barcelona? Sofar Sounds is a company that is doing something so cool, you simply cannot miss it!

Gigs in Barcelona Sofar Sounds

With Sofar Sounds you can enjoy live music in Barcelona on every last Friday of the month as well as in 50 other towns around the world such as London, New-York…

The principle is pretty easy: You have to subscribe on in order to get tickets. If you have a pretty big house or flat in Barcelona, you can even offer your house to host the gig! Finally if you’re a musician in need of some exposure, you can also subscribe on their website! Then through a random draw, you might be one of the lucky ones to attend to the live music concert in some great house!
It’s a win-win situation, the tickets are free, musicians get exposure, and if you have a big house but no friends, you’ll get tons thanks to this event ;)

If you want to know when is the next gig, check out their Facebook page, they post a link at the beginning of each month for every city it’s hosted!

Last week-end, the gig was hosted in a huge mansion in the posh neighbourhood of Bonanova in Barcelona. About 80 people were invited for an amazing night of music. Some of them brought food and beverages but everyone could buy some drinks in the mansion.

Live music Barcelona Sofar Sounds

Interested in these awesome secret free gigs in Barcelona? Then start subscribing now for the next event!

If you’d rather see something more official in some famous live music venues, check out our top 5 best live music venues in barcelona!



A Cheap Secret Bar in Barcelona: The Antic Teatre

The Antic Teatre: A Cheap Secret and Local Bar in Barcelona

We’ve already written about secret bars in Barcelona but today we show you a particularly amazing secret bar in Barcelona in El Born neighborhood. If you’re looking for alternative cultural events/shows, a secret place for locals and cheap drinks, then The Antic Teatre is gonna be your favorite place ever.

Antic Teatre cheap Bar in Barcelona


The Antic Theatre can be found next to the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Urquinaona Metro Station), in a narrow street which doesn’t let you believe that an awesome place might be hidden right there. To access the theater/bar, you have to enter through a small door, then take the stairs. As you go up the stairs, you will hear, little by little, more and more noise, which will lead you to the discovery of a parallel world. Perched upon the terrace, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden below, often crowded with locals, artists, young hipsters…


Antic Teatre Barcelona


You can sit on the terrace or in the garden enjoying your 2€ beer or 3€ glass of wine – that’s right I didn’t lie about cheap drinks – and participate in all kinds of alternative shows: music, dance, poetry readings, exhibitions, etc…


Show Antic Teatre Barcelona


The best time is obviously Spring and the Summer but the shows take place inside during the winter and it’s not as if Barcelona is a cold city, so you’ll still survive in the garden year round.

Don’t wait any longer, run for it! Check out more information about L’Antic Teatre.

Check out the following blog if you have more interest in cheap bars in Barcelona!

Have you been there? Do you have any other suggestions for secret bars in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!



Pub Crawl on St Patrick’s Day in Barcelona

Still nothing planned for Saint Patrick’s Day in Barcelona? I guess we should have assumed that a bunch of people looking to get wasted tonight might not have made plans already. SuiteLife to the rescue! We’ve given you below a great (and short, 4 Irish bars within a short walk) Saint Patty’s bar crawl where you can get as drunk as you like, enjoy Saint Patty’s festivities and stumble along to the next three bars on the list.

Ladies and Gentlemen, St Patrick’s Irish Golden Drinking Route in Barcelona:

Ryan’s Irish Pub

Ryans Irish Pub Barcelona

If you’re looking for cheap beers and good atmosphere, then Ryan’s Irish Pub on Carrer Escudellers is for you! Guinness is flowing, green hats for the clients and the best irish music playlists!

  • 2€ San Miguel beer bottle;
  • 4.90€ Guinness pint;
  • 4.50€ cocktails;
  • 7€ – 5 tequila shots


Flaherty’s Irish Pub


Flaherty's Irish Pub Barcelona


If you’re looking for a traditional Irish Pub, run to Flaherty’s Irish Pub! Live music from 8pm, traditional irish dishes, raffle at 10pm for 2 tickets for Jamie Cullum (you get a ticket every time you order a drink), photographer, face painting and great craic! ;)

Temple Bar


Temple Bar Irish Pub Barcelona


Same name than Dublin’s most famous Pub, it will be sure smaller but as cosy and lively! Tonight they offer free shots, Irish music and some gifts!


Lennox The Pub (former Molly’s Fair City)


Irish Pub Lennox Barcelona


Right next to Temple Bar, there will be lots of music, decorations, gifts for everyone. The famous green beer, some Guinness cakes, lots of people dancing and dressed for the occasion.


Have fun and drink responsibly (or not)!



Valentine’s Day Barcelona : Let’s get drunk instead

Valentine’s Day Barcelona: Want a delicious alternative?

Are you sick of organizing Valentine’s Day in Barcelona year after year for your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or are you one of those single people sick of all those happy couples passing the day in blissful lip-locked jubilee? Either way, check out some of the best parties in Barcelona we’ve planed for you tonight!

#1 Party for Single People on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona : Let´s celebrate with Flaherty’s Irish Bar!

Valentine's Day in Barcelona - Flaherty's Irish Bar

Wanna start with the basics? An Irish Pub offering beers and then some more beers: classic. But that’s not all: You’ll find a 15€ menu including a starter + main course + a pint of lager or glass of wine. Is that it? Nope, you’ll get a cava for 1,50€ (Spanish sparkling wine), a mixed drink for 4€ and a pint of beer for 3,80€ all night long. Hell yeah!

Find the location of Flaherty’s ;)



#2 Otto Zutz : A great club where to party for Valentine’s Day in Barcelona!

Valentine's Day in Barcelona - Otto Sutz

Please write down the name and the address of the following club (or, better yet, the address of your apartment) before you are not able to remember anything. This club offers free entrance for girls until 2:30 am and 1:00 am for guys. You’ll be able to drink love shots and love cocktails, who knows you might find the love of your life in this very club while you were showing your disapproval for Valentine’s Day.

Location for Otto Zutz


#3 House parties are great too


House Party - Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Or you can just get hammered at home for Valentine’s Day in Barcelona. As long as you have good friends to party with, good and load music as well as lots of alcohol ammunitions, you’re good to go !

And because we are too nice at SuiteLife, here is a tip for an aphrodisiac cocktail, the “Crazy Night”:

- 2cl of Vodka
- 1cl of ginger Syrop
- 2cl of Chambord Liqueur
- 2cl of cranberry juice
- Champagne until you reach the rim ;)

Remember, the most important thing is not where to go but who you’re gonna party with!

I hope you’ll have a memorable night and fuck Valentine’s Day.



Barcelona: TOP Events for FREE in November!

What can you do in Barcelona in November for FREE?

November is in full swing and perhaps you want to try to save some money for Christmas presents? What about some events for free in Barcelona?? SuiteLife has chosen the TOP 5 for you!

#1 Jazz Photo Exhibition

The Galerie of the Institut Français presents an exhibition by photojournalist, illustrator of several album covers and jazz muscian enthusiast Sophie Le Roux. Sophie has travelled with her camera to every jazz festival for over 30 years!

The exhibition is on throughout November from Monday to Friday (10 am – 9 pm) and on Saturday (10 am – 1 pm).

More information is here.

barcelona music


#2 Cinema from Cuba

Different movies in different places around Barcelona! Movies are gonna play till the 20th of November, so don’t miss it!

Check a schedule.

barcelona music

#3 Free meditation

The change of weather maybe hasn’t made you feel so great recently so how about a little relaxation? The Art of Living arranges a one hour meditation session every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 pm for free . Don’t hesitate to book your session here – places are limited!

barcelona music


#4 Ska – ska – ska SKASTI BAND!

On Saturday the 9th of November Basque band Skasti are going to be playing live! Get ready – the event starts at 10 pm in Parc de Clot.

barcelona music

#5 Tap Jam

Tap Jam in Parc Ciutadella? Yes! Lets watch this show for free! It’s on every Sunday between 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Awesome, see you there :)

For an example click here.

barcelona music

Did we miss any other cool events for free?? Let us know in the comments below!

Saludos amigos!


~ Ivet



Concerts in Barcelona September 2013

Concerts in Barcelona in September 2013: The Best of the Best

concerts in barcelona september 2013

So you’re looking for Concerts in Barcelona in September 2013 but you have no idea where to begin? There’s tons of live music in Barcelona so we’ve decided to curate a top 5 list for you. We tried to include various genres, so all of the music lovers who are in Barcelona during the month can enjoy a good time.

Lets begin with the beginning of the month: On the 7th we have  David Byrne (founding member of the american new wave band ” Talking Heads “) &  St. Vincent (her last album ” Strange Mercy ” met with huge acclaim; scoring a 9.0 on Pitchfork, and ended up on countless end-of-year album list). Together they collaborated for an album last year called Love This Giant and right now they are touring, their style is very unique blending genres like folk and art rock. Reviews of their recent shows make us even more excited about their performance which will take place at the National Auditorium of Catalonia.


David Byrne & St. Vincent on The 7th of September at the National Auditorium of Catalonia

Concerts in Barcelona September 2013

Now lets move 3 days further, the date is the 10th of September, and the artist, none other than Kool & The Gang, the amazing american band which you can dance to with your grandparents and still feel fresh. For the people who are not familiar with them, then I assure you, you’ve heard their songs in films, commercials and also they have been sampled numerous times in hip hop. Starting out with a jazz sound, then becoming practitioners of R&B and funk, and in the post-millennium creating music with a modern, electro pop sounds, these guys will definitely make you move. We are sure that a lot of people are excited about seeing them perform this September in Barcelona. So mark your calendars and be ready for a great show at Saint Jordi Club, because this will definitely be one of the most liveliest Concerts in Barcelona September 2013.


Kool & The Gang on the 10th of              September at Saint Jordi Club

Concerts Barcelona September 2013

Okay, off to Number 3 , who do we got here? It is Kris Kristofferson. American country music singer, songwriter, musician, and film actor, notably killing vampires together with Wesley Snipes in Blade, so you know this guy is a problem. In 2004 Kristofferson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you are a fan of this genre do not miss this legend in Barts on the 17th.


Kris Kristofferson on the 17th of September at Barts

Concerts in Barcelona September 2013

And now, talking about legends (we know, what more can possibly happen this month?) but we got … Eros Ramazzotti. This guy doesnt really need much of a description, everyone in Europe is familiar with him. Having albums in both italian and spanish,  Ramazzoti is a favorite of many and we are sure he will make all of his fans happy during this gig, this is why we included him in our list for Concerts in Barcelona in September 2013. With his incredible voice and ear for melodies, we cant wait to hear him live in Palau Sant Jordi on the 19th.



Eros Ramazzotti on the 19th of September in Palau Sant Jordi

Concerts in Barcelona September 2013
Last but not least, for the fans of the electronic music (guys of course we did not forget you) to close the month, Piknic Electronik will present Richie Hawtin. We are talking about one of the pioneers of electronic music. His career takes him all over the world with tour dates in over 25 nations on average each year, so his visit in Barcelona doesn’t come as a surprise but his sets are always unique and he is appreciated everywhere, Richie one of the most innovative and important figures in the dance music. The date is the 22nd of September. All of the techno fans sure cant wait for this Concert in Barcelona in September 2013.



Richie Hawtin on the 22nd of September at Piknic Electronik

Concerts in Barcelona in September 2013
We hope that you liked our list and that at least one of the artists is interesting for you. For the people that plan to go to any of these events, enjoy your time and create many beautiful memories.

If you’re looking for great events that aren’t strictly music, checkout our blog on What’s on in September in Barcelona.

Do you know of any other amazing concerts in Barcelona in September 2013 that you can share with us? Let us know!

~ Etien

Barcelona Circuit Party 2013

Circuit Festival 2013

Circuit Festival 2013There is another huge event taking place in Barcelona, Sitges, and Madrid this August, at least huge for the gay community. It is the Barcelona Circuit Festival 2013, a new international gay & lesbian event supported by famous party promoters Matinée Group Barcelona.

Of course everyone knows about the Barcelona Pride held in June but the Circuit Festival it’s said to be the mother of all gay events. Thousands of buffed up muscled men flee to the city for Matinee’s annual cashcow that offers up eleven days of hard-core parties.

There is a circuit festivals for gay men and one for gay women and both run from the 8th to the 18th of August.

Water Park Day

Circuit Festival 2013On Tuesday August 13th from 10AM – 2PM, thousands of men and women from all over the world come to Barcelona to enjoy the pools and aquatic rides of Europe’s biggest open air gay party. And if the sun becomes unbearable (which is quite likely) you can just sit on a lounge chair and relax while listening to music or watch the performances.

But try not to get so relaxed because from 2PM until 10PM an open air party starts on the main stage with the Matinée All Stars DJs, dancers and performers. The night ends with an incredible fireworks display.

If by this time you haven’t had enough of the party there is no reason why you should stop. From 10PM until 6AM the party moves to the Illa Fantasia’s club venue where the best DJs will spin their records while the sexiest dancers strut their stuff! Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure this is the place to find it!


Circuit Festival 2013The Barcelona Circuit Parties 2013 will be hosting several art exhibitions:

  • From Warhol to East Village (Art of Behaviour) Franco De Toledo Art Project (08/08/2013). A photo exhibiton which contrasts artistic and socio-cultural realities between East and West through performances produced during the late eighties and early nineties and showcases the complete picture collection of China’s most representative artistic action for the first time in Spain.
  • Become a ‘Golden Warrior’: Personalized and Unique Artworks (12/08/2013). This will give you a unique opportunity to meet the artist Frederik Garcia who will make two photo sessions at Artevistas Gallery where he will transform you into a golden warrior. The personalized portraits will be handed to you so you can take them home.
  • Frederik Garcia: SIFR (08/08/2013). This is, once again, an art exhibition of Frederik García but this time he will show his audience naked people with their faces covered with golden ornaments and exposed in all their individual fragility. The aim of this exhibition is to transport us into the other person’s place and help us in recognize our own essence.
  • It’s A Pre’ Sensory Event (15/08/2013 . At Mutuo Centro from 7 – 11 pm, an art exhibition will take place where the audience gets to experience distinct art forms through an elaborate itinerary. From cabaret desire (women in pornography) to glycerine (this is very interactive trust me) and if you don’t know what it is, perhaps a great example from my own experience would explain this better. A couple of months ago I was invited to an art exhibition showcasing glycerine pieces. They were in the shape of male and female genitals and the visitors as they entered the locale had to wet their hands in a basin and give it more form by…er…touching it. This was done to break the taboo we carry around about sex and genitals especially in public.  This exhibition also will be showing a shortfilm from 1998 by Ramon Ruaix and ‘Heroines’ by Ilene Sova (portraits that pay tribute to Spanish women activists that defended the idea of social justice and feminism).



Circuit Festival 2013Throughout the circuit festival, you’ll have the chance to join several sporting classes. It is another great way of meeting people who have the same interest while at the same time staying or getting in shape.

The Calderon Hotel will be hosting a workshop on Yoga. This is for men and women who are interested in philosophy, lifestyle, and discipline. It could be a way to relax and unwind from excessive partying or a simply a great introduction to those who wants to learn more about this ancient practice and its countless benefits.

The instructor Mr. Roger Escola will be holding this workshop on the 18th of August at 4PM on Passeig de Gracia.

If you are more of a hard-core kind of guy or girl, then perhaps you can try one of DIR grueling spinning sessions on the 12th of August on Aribau or one of their Boxing classes on their DIR Campus on the 14th from 12pm-13pm or 13pm -14pm.

These exercises will make you sweat, impoves cardio resistance, tone your muscles and burn hundreds of calories. The boxing classes, because it’s an introduction will contain no contact, just the exercise so there is no need to worry about getting a black eye but you’ll need to register quickly because the class is limited.

On the 15th the circuit festival will hold a volley tournament at Platja De La Marbella at 9am. So, if you came to Barcelona to enjoy the sun and the beaches but you still want to get your workout in without missing all the fun, you can register to participate in this tournament.

It costs 20€ per person to enter the tournament and there must be a minimum number of participants of two and a maximum of three. You also have the option to choose between amateur and advanced level.

On this day there will also be a training fitness session with Magali Dalix & DJ at Maria Cubi at 18:30 hours. This session is suitable for all levels and ages and you will only need training clothes, sneakers and a towel. And the sweat will be worth it because after the training, Magali will invite you for a cocktail.


Circuit Festival 2013Sometimes talking about STDs can be such a turn off especially when all you want to do is have some fun. But in the last couple of years a significant increase of CHV amongst men that have sex with men, especially in men HIV positive.  This is why There will be a talk about Hepatitis C at the Hotel Calderon on Passeig De Gracia the 9th of August at 5pm. It is always a good thing to keep wellness and safety in mind.

There will also be discussion about barriers faced by the seniors of the GLBT and how can one can achieve respectability with mature age (Lack of financial safety, isolation and unequal treatment, etc), about GLBT youngsters and transgender who faces challenges in many areas, about the daily struggles of Gay men and women in Africa and about the difficulty of having a long-lasting relationship in the gay community.

All of this is to eliminate ignorance and stereotypes and to open our eyes about how we can make a difference and how other ‘minorities within a minority’ do matter.


Circuit Cinema

Circuit Festival 2013The title is self-explanatory. The circuit festival will premiere a touching documentary about the delicate situation that the LGBT community faces in Uganda titled ‘Call me kuchu’ on the 14th of August at Boliche Cinemes on Avinguda Diagonal.

Circuit Shopping

Circuit Festival 2013Circuit Shopping is an initiative to show the rich supply of fashion, beauty and lifestyle associated with the LGBT world found in Barcelona. This event will take you to the best LGBT shops of the city and give you the opportunity to choose and try what you want. This all happens on Friday August 10th from 10am until 8pm.


Circuit Festival 2013Of course, the official meeting point for all major events such as the parties, music, dancing, etc. is none other than…El Chiringuito De La Marbella, a bar located at the eastern end of Barceloneta known before as Dulce Deseo de Lorenzo.

It caters for the city’s large gay community and, of course, gay visitors. In August for the Circuit Festival it won’t be any different. There are catwalk shows, movies, music and also masses of information on Barcelona’s lively gay scene.

Here clothing is optional and the music style is more laid-back than the traditional dance music of most beach bars. If easy listening is your thing then this is your place.

Walking Tour

Circuit Festival 2013If you’re here for a couple of days, perhaps a walking tour would be just the thing that you need to meet people and get to visit the city (especially if it’s your first trip to Barcelona). The Circuit Festival offers walking tours to the Gothic Quarters which contains the most charming streets, squares and historical buildings. A Picasso tour which takes you down the streets were the man himself walked for inspiration, which of course includes a trip to the museum.

There is also a Gourmet tour. This is very straight forward. It is a guided flavour-filled journey through the old town while discovering Barcelona’s cuisine. During this walk you will find out about the history of Barcelona’s cuisine as well as some of its flagship restaurants and food outlets. The best part is that you get to enjoy sampling some of their produce. This is the reason you should join one of the sporting classes mentioned earlier!

And lastly, a walking tour of Modernisme. This is a guided tour in the Eixample district focusing on Catalan modern art from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. You’ll get to admire architecture by Antoni Gaudi, Domenech I Montaner and Puig I Cadafalch just to name a few.


In the past, the festival has been criticized for its poor organization with overcrowded venues, overpriced drinks and lack of transportation. But don’t let that stop you because as with wine, the older it gets the better it tastes.

Another thing worth knowing is that if you can’t make it to all of the events offered there is no need to panic. We would then suggest you attend their all-gay, all-day water park party and the La Leche party on the last day because these are the highlights of the whole festival and skip the opening and closing which are tame, big arena events.

Tickets can be bought online and range from 20 to 50 euros. If you’re looking forward to attend every event be ready to pay a whopping amount of 605 euros. Thankfully you can buy an all access pass for 320 euros. Don’t forget to print out your ticket and bring it along.

I know it’s not all about the day programming. Go out to the night parties, dance and have some fun! That’s what the circuit festival was made for.

Clubbing in Barcelona

There’s no clubbing in Barcelona.. yeah right

Hey party people, where do you go for clubbing in Barcelona? With the short period of time that I have lived here, I can say that Spanish people don’t need their regular nine hours sleep; instead the lifestyle is keeping people enjoying their lives. That spirit has got into me as well. Many clubs in Barcelona are open each day of the week and there is something for every taste. In this blog I am introducing seven clubs and one bar where tourists and locals find their way for clubbing. Remember there are plenty more to explore (e.g Nasty Mondays). When it is the hottest time of the year in the city why wouldn’t you also try the rooftop bars in Barcelona.

Many blogs would give you a description of these clubs based on copying info already found on the Internet, but I actually went to experience them. At this point is good to mention that I did my clubbing in Barcelona-tour during the same week to make it more experiential. I had a great time! Though waking up in the morning wasn’t that fun, but what I wouldn’t do for writing a blog..




Opium is a fancy (and touristy) club playing excellent music. Well known DJ’s including Maxwell, Nicky Romero etc. are playing there this summer. You can find more information from Opium’s website. As a high standard club there is a dress code and the age minimum is 21 or 23 depending on the night. They also have dancers and a VIP area above the dance area (it costs only 330 euros) plus an outside terrace which is just next to the beach. It is definitely worth of going there especially in the summer.

Clubbing in Barcelona




Clubbing in Barcelona

Do you like cocktails? Come to Shoko. In this club a bartender uses fresh berries for delicious cocktails. This club has a big dance area, though sometimes it is too crowded so you literally don’t have space to move. Shoko has an outside terrace next to the beach (always a plus) which at daytime is a restaurant seating area. For the entertainment they have dancers (only female, where are the male dancers?), and VIP area for groups. Shoko is known as a club that organises different kind of theme nights. Fancy place for clubbing in Barcelona!




Clubbing in barcelona




One thing about clubbing in Barcelona is that parties in the club start around 2 am, sometimes at 3 am. If you go there too early you don’t see that many people but as soon as people start to gather to the dance floor, the party is fully on. Catwalk is not an exception. My previous time here was one of the best in Barcelona. People were friendly and the atmosphere was magnificent! While going out, instead of giving a stamp, a man on the door drew a heart to my hand. A bit corny but absolutely sweet! Just to make sure, they play house, funk, soul and R&B which is not everyone’s favourite clubbing music, but if you like it, bring your ass here.


Clubbing in Barcelona




Moog is a small club in the centre, but a bit hidden. It looks mysterious, and I didn’t know what to except. It was one of the smallest clubs I’ve seen but also one of the best in Barcelona. The main attraction was the DJ that night. He was brilliant! The DJ in Moog is playing just above the dance floor and you can see him (maybe some nights her) doing tricks with his keyboard. People were dancing as if they were in a trance. Perfect music for clubbing in Barcelona!


Clubbing in Barcelona





Clubbing in Barcelona

I was actually going to another club while this friendly guy was standing with a stamp in front of me. He offered me free entry with a COMPLIMENTARY DRINK and I thought that’s not a bad deal. This is only for girls so sorry guys; you still have to pay (not a bad business idea while we all know what brings boys to the club). Boulevard is a wicked place with good club music (though it was better on the weekend). Techno is played on the main dance floor, and house in another room. Additionally they have a third dance floor upstairs, but I didn’t spend too much time there. Honestly superb club!





Everyone is talking about Razzmatazz and I expected it to be bigger than the sky in terms of clubbing in Barcelona. Yeah it was a huge place combining three floors, two floors for dancing and one floor between the two for VIP people. Was it really the coolest place in the Barcelona? … Entrances are confusing because they close some gates so to go to a balcony or a dance floor you have to go down and then up from another side. It took me some time to figure out the building and meanwhile it was an exercise climbing between the floors. Bouncers were mostly nice. Especially the one in front of VIP area who agreed with me that la gente en VIP area está muy loca. He was funny! However the bouncer at the entrance door was another story. I stepped out to hear my friend over the phone but coming back wasn’t that easy. Because I stepped out that half a meter, I entered out the club and therefore I should have used another door (with a long queue). Nonsense! With my good negotiation skills I got back in so everything was fine. Overall comment about the club: great music (anyone can dance to it) and terrific atmosphere. People are really having a good time here! Especially the live concert (short one, but still) made people crazy. Would I go there again? Yes, but maybe not this week.


Clubbing in Barcelona


City hall


Nice club, not that big, but it has a brilliant location, just next to Placa Catalunia. I don’t have too much to say about it, good club music, beautiful place (especially the outside terrace). Go there!


Clubbing in Barcelona

Living lounge bar


Again as it happened already before I wasn’t going to this bar, but then a guy invited me there (he actually walked me to the entrance) and I got curious. I hadn’t heard anything about this bar before but after visiting it I was wondering why. Atmosphere was great! Even the tiny dance floor behind the dj was crowded. Staff was really friendly and sometimes while bringing drinks to the table they were dancing a little. People liked that! That night they were playing R&B and hip hop (in the voucher it says soul and funk so maybe on other nights). Excellent place to have drinks!


Clubbing in Barcelona



Check also this video (not the best music for break dancing but he’s brilliant!) Ladies & gentleman, Michoko!

Where do you go for clubbing in Barcelona? Let us know!



primavera sound 2013

Primavera Sound 2013 is an annual music festival in Barcelona. For over a decade now Primavera sound has been offering consistently successful and innovative musical events. The festival has been taking place since 2001 and it stands out from the rest of musical events because of its characterized pop, rock and the most underground tendencies of dance music.  Primavera Sound 2013 is going to be huge as it focusses on indie rock, noise rock, alternative electro music and many other types of rock music. The festival attracts approximately 60.000 visitors per year. Also, daytime performances take place in a park somewhere else in Barcelona. These smaller performances are free to enter. In the week before the festival, several showcase nights take place in clubs and venues.


primavera sound 2013

Primavera sound 2013 is going to take place in an outdoor area called the Forum. This place was originally built for an international convention called ‘’the Universal Forum of Cultures’’. It is a large outdoor space with large auditorium areas which is perfect for Primavera sound 2013 as you can have great views of the bands performing.  There is no camping at the Primavera sound 2013, so you will have to find your own accommodation in Barcelona.

primavera sound 2013

Dates for Primavera sound 2013

Wednesday 22 May – Sunday 26 May

primavera sound 2013

Where to buy your tickets for Primavera Sound 2013

primavera sound 2013

Tickets for Primavera Sound 2013 are available via phone or online. Tickets are sold through various ticket outlets as well. However, you should take into account that the ticket prices at the outlets are a bit higher.

There are three kinds of tickets available for Primavera sound 2013:

Day pass: The day pass will allow you to have access to all the events during the whole weekend, which includes any Primavera sound 2013 events taking place in clubs in Barcelona organized by Primavera Sound.

Night pass: The night pass will give you access to the night time activities on a chosen night provided by the Primavera Sound 2013. The night pass only gives you access to certain stages within the Primavera Sound 2013.

Weekend pass: This is the ticket that gives you full access to all events provided by Primavera Sound 2013 during the whole weekend.


If you are going to the festival, you should know and arrange some important things before you arrive:

Primavera Sound 2013 Timetable

Primavera Sound 2013 Accommodation


For the full festival line-up, check the Primavera Sound 2013 Official Site


If you have ever been to a Primavera sound festival, please share your thoughts

- Alper


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