New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 – best venues in the city!

What to do for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2014-2015

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015


Hello everyone! As promised before in the blog about Events in Barcelona in December 2014, the blog about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 has finally come out with the ultimate purpose of providing you with some hints & tips on where you should go and what you should do to have an unforgettable experience during the night between the years! New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 should be something memorable for all of you, accordingly take an extensive look at what’s written below – it’s gonna make your New Years a blast!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Best spot for an outdoor  celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! Be prepared for concerts, visual shows, flashing lights and human towers. Highlight of the evening – a 15 m high iron figure called ‘L’home del millenni’ (The Man of the Millenium), put on stage by the Catalan theatre group Fura del Baus.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

The centre of the middle of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya will be the meeting point of all the tourists that usually spend New Year’s Eve outside, in the central points of their cities. After cheering ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’, the vast majority will most likely hit the pubs and bars on Las Ramblas – the most famous street in Barcelona, which is literally adjacent with the Plaza.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Considered to be one of the most atmospheric venues in the whole Barcelona due to its narrow size, Poble Espanyol is thus a more intimate approach towards spending the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015. With retro music concerts featuring ’70s/’80s/’90s styles, the tickets cost 35€ and include five drinks, hot chocolate and a party bag! VIP tickets are 45€.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

What can be better than a beach celebration of New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? We’re telling you – NADA!! Grab your friends and your booze and be prepared to raid those beaches accompanied by other crazy people, all waiting for the marvellous fireworks from midnight! If you feel ‘adventurous’, you can try the parties from the W Hotel – 50€ to enter to the W lounge; 100€ for the Eclipse bar.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Oh, Good ol’ Razzmatazz! Of course it couldn’t be missed from the list of venues for the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! With a unique ambience, Sala Razzmatazz can be the best choice for a techno clubbing, especially for those of you that are into electronica ‘warehouse’ parties. Tickets are 50€ (till midnight) and 40€ afterwards.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Alongside with Razzmatazz, Opium is also one of the most touristic clubs in Barcelona. Situated by the beach, it will also give you the opportunity to admire the midnight fireworks from shore, while enjoying excellent loud electronica! Ticket prices are 50€ (including one drink).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Flamenco in its purest form! If you’re looking for the real thing for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, then Tablao de Carmen is definitely the place you will have to hit! All Spanish New Year’s Eve traditions gathered in one place to delight your senses with music, dances and amazing food, drinks and service!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Wanna hear some latino vibes  during the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? Then off you go – Harlem Jazz Club! Do your warm up before going there, you are going to need all the muscles in your body, as the salsa, afrobeats or bossa nova style music will make you shake yo’ ass so hard that the next day not only you will feel the hangover, but also a very acute muscle soreness! Tickets are extremely cheap (considering other venues) – 16€ (live music and dj session after 2am).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

For those of you who just wanna take it easy and chillax after a long 2014 year while enjoying a great 3-course Spanish dinner plus dessert, we recommend you the Hard Rock Cafe. Dinner, dessert, party bag and drinks will be 100€, whereas if you only wanna drink, it will cost you half.


Having mentioned all this stuff, have a crazy New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, a Happy New 2015 Year and may all your wishes come true in 2015!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



Draft Beers in Barcelona


Draft beers Barcelona

Draft beers in Barcelona? You would think that Barcelona sounds like a drinker’s paradise with cava, sangria, mojitos, vermouth, etc… But about beer, I was not so sure. The big Spanish brands like San Miguel or Estrella Damm have never seemed as good to me compared to other breweries in Europe. Most restaurants, bars and pubs serve beer but the options are limited. In Barcelona, I realized that there are very few bars/pubs offering actual beers on tap that aren’t one of the commercial brands. Don’t worry though! We’ve taken it upon us to thoroughly investigate the situation and we will show you the best of draft beers in Barcelona.

If you are a cocktail-lover, don’t miss out our ebook Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Barcelona


This bar has everything you need to have a fantastic late night beer binge: a huge selection in both international and local beer, delicious food, humorous and knowledgeable staff, nice and chill atmosphere,… It seems that 10 taps is not enough for a beer bar, BierCab has 30 taps which you might have not never seen before. The awesome beer selection both in taps and bottles ranges from strong to weak, from dark to light, from all over the world. The prices aren’t cheap, mostly around 5-8EUR for a pint, but it is totally worth for trying beer thats beyond the normal standard beer in Barcelona. The bar also serves tasty tapas. When you go there, don’t hesitate to try the burgers and patatas bravas. With its funky vibe coming from good music, wooden design, and especially from friendly drinkers, BierCab is a favourite spot for many foreigners and locals alike. Check out their website for more details in drink and food menu.

Address: Carrer Muntaner 55

Draught beer in Barcelona


The second spot in our Draft beers in Barcelona list is Ale&Hop. If you want to escape from very crowded breweries, Ale&Hop is the place for you. This cozy bar is an indie brewery of Barcelona par excellence. Ale&Hop is a place where you can listen to underground hits, enjoy cozy ambiance, a hipster feel and especially great beer, which is a mix of high quality offerings from Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain,… With 10 taps and excellent bottles in fridge, Ale&Hop is a must-visit place if you want to get drunk. The price is 3-5EUR for a pint, which is very reasonable for quality beer. Located on a small street in trendy El Born, Ale&Hop is a good late night choice after having a stroll and dinner. The food here is not very special. But if you are veggies, Ale&Hop does very well in serving top notch vegetarian food.

Address: Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 10

Beer on taps in Barcelona

La Cerveteca

Another cool gem  in Gothic Quarter is La Cerveteca. It’s a shop, a bar and a brewery library. There are always people tasting different beers and perhaps you might not understand their drink list and sometimes strange vocabulary. La Cerveteca is a cultural meeting space that revolves around beer and everything related to it. At La Cerveteca, you will find information on beer culture, brewery events, and craft beers from different origins that become the symbols of the world of beer. Not just only a shop, La Cerveteca is also a drinking spot which offers beer from 13 taps and 100 bottles being selected carefully as well as pretty good tapas. Not like other beer bars/pubs, La Cerveteca should be visited early, because its opening hours are from 18:00 to 23:00.

Address: Carrer d’En Gignàs, 25

Draft beer in Barcelona

Cara B

Cara B is a great little bar in Gracia well off of tourist path. It is shabby but still nice with 10 taps and around 130 bottles of beers mostly from the UK, Belgium and US. It has live music every night from Tuesday to Saturday. The singers and bands bring the intimate feeling to the room. This spot is more for thirty-something plus crowd because Cara B can really remind them of their childhood when you bounce up and down on your bed with Twist and Shout and Jumpin’ Jack Flash. There are black and white photos of The Stones, Jackson 5 as well as the vinyl 33 on the walls, which will send you back to an older musical era. When the music isn’t live, you can still enjoy your beer listening to the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and so on.

Address: Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 36

Draught beer in Bcn


The name says it all. CatBar is a little bit different from other Barcelona’s draft beers places. Located in El Born neighborhood, this bar is a cat-themed bar, which is surprising and fun. Of course you won’t see any real cats in this bar, but you might see some drawn on the walls and some hipsters lovingly referring to their friends as ‘cats’. There are 9 craft beers on tap and the staff let you sample somethings before ordering a pint. About food, this dimly lit bar features very good veggie options, especially burgers which I recommend highly.

Address: Carrer Boria, 17

Draught beer in Barcelona


The weather is getting colder and colder folks! I hope these cool draft beers places will inspire you and keep you from being lazy and staying at home on the couch tonight.

If you still want to know more about other drinking places, make sure to check out our blog Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Barcelona and Unique Bars in Barcelona and let us know if you know of any other great bars that serve draft beer in Barcelona!




Gay Barcelona: Keep it in your Pants

Gay Barcelona – Party ’till the sun comes up!

Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife

What’s up gorgeous people! I am back with another blog for our amazing Gay Barcelona – Series! These series is all about giving you the ins and outs of the not-so-hidden gay scene in Barcelona. And this blog will be about where you can go gay-clubbing in Barcelona, but the places will be less.. Well let’s just be gay-forward about this one; less sexual, as my previous blog.

Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife

You had a rough week, right? And you just want to Shake It Off on Taylor Swift, or you just want to Applaud yourself for getting through this horrific week with Lady GaGa. Well yeah, I know that feeling. You just want to dance. Dance all freaking night and just have fun with your friends. You just don’t feel like having that 30 year old bear staring at your ass all the time. Well I have found the solution just for you. Gay clubs where the old men barely come. Where it is filled with young guys just like you. Where it is completely up to yourself if you want to get some action that night or just want to shake your booty.

Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife

Okay the first one on the Gay Barcelona – list is actually one big club. The Fairy GodGay of the ‘normal gayclubs’; Arena. However, Arena has three different buildings / rooms / venues, and they are all different. The three of them have different atmospheres, different music, and it differs every night as well. Therefore no night will ever be the same! Anyway, I’ll just make it easy for you and pretend they are 3 different clubs. Like they actually are. But. Yeah, well, you get my point. All the Arena clubs have a 6 euro entrance fee on fridays and a 12 euro fee on saturdays, but once paid, you can switch between all the Arena clubs. And you can get a free drink with the entrance card. So it’s worth the money, I’d say! And they all stay open ’till 6! Yay!

Arena V.I.P. / Dandy

Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife, Arena Madre Barcelona, Arena VIP, Arena DandyThis club is definitely my favourite. It has two separate floors, the top floor’s music is pretty much the same as the bottom one, but it has more oldies; Touch me here baby won’t you kiss me there? But they say that the top one is more for the straight people. Well, I gotta burst your bubble there for your daydreaming of hooking up with that straight guy, because it is just as gay. More gay than straight at least. Isn’t that what gay clubs are for? If you are looking for a more clubby, current-top-of-the-charts Ariana Grande mixed with Katy Perry music, then the bottom floor is more your style. In my honest, humble opinion, the bottom floor has more of a partying vibe than the top one. But that might just be because I like the bottom’s (haha) music more. You know what, you go check it out yourself. I’m not telling you wether to go top or bottom, it is up to you what you like most from your own experience!

Arena V.I.P. is located at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 593. Take the metro to Universitat, take the exit to the plaza. And follow the big road to the right. You’ll see it within 5 minutes!

Arena Madre

Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife, Arena Madre BarcelonaArena Madre is the next stop on our Gay Barcelona – list. Arena Madre is like the ‘mother’ of the arena clubs, as the name states. However, in my honest opinion, it is not. But that’s only because I like V.I.P. the most. It’s less big as well. But, if you are really into the whole Dance / Trance / Techno Music, this place is definitely something you want to check out. Oh and every now and then, some reviews state that they might have striptease every now and then, but I still have to experience that. But stripteases can’t be that bad, right? I’d say that the average age in here varies from 20-30. With the most being around 25-ish. The people are neat, the service at the bars is pretty quick, so it’s really worth it to visit this club sometime if you’re into a dancy mood. But if you really want to scream along with Beyoncé, you should get back to Arena V.I.P.!

Arena Classic

Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife, Arena Madre Barcelona, Arena Dandy, Arena Classic, Arena VIPArena Classic is our third and last of our Arena sistahs on our list and is a place I still have to go to myself, so I can’t give you the whole personal atmosphere experience explanation kind of thing, so I’ll pass on what my friends have told me about this place. Arena Classic is right next to Arena Madre. They both have somewhat the same music. So it’s pretty much the same as Arena Madre. The age group is about the same as well. So the only thing I can tell you to do, is to just check it out yourself. Maybe we’ll see each other this weekend!

Arena Madre and Arena Classic are both located at C/ Balmes, Eixample, number 32. If you see one, you’ll see the other!


Gay, Gay Barcelona, Gay barcelona Clubbing, Gay Barelona nightlife, Gay BCN, Gay BCN nightlife, Gay nightlife, Arena Madre Barcelona, Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz: Okay, I know, Razzmatazz is not a gay club. But Razzmatazz has a ‘unofficial’ gay room, and that’s why the stepsister made it to our Gay Barcelona – List! To start off, Razzmatazz is HUGE! There are so many rooms, so many different kinds of music. You can dance your night away on Electro, HipHop, Dance, Trance, Pop music. Like anything is possible and available there. But I know what you came here for to read. It is a Gay Barcelona blog after all! Well the ‘unofficial’ gay room is the one where the most pop music is being played. (Makes sense, a lot of gays just like to scream along.. Guiltyyyy!) So if you are up for a challenge for trying to hit on someone, try this one out. Making it difficult for yourself every now and then has is always fun! But this is definitely a place where you can have an awesome night out. Trust me, it’ll be great! Razzmatazz is located at Carrer Almogàvers, 122. Just take the metro to Bogatell or Marina and it’ll be a 5/10 minute walk from there.


And remember fellow gay human beings, always, ALWAYS be safe. Whatever happens, no matter how much alcohol / drugs. Please. Be. Safe. But if something did happen, please check out this blog on how and where to get yourself checked up!

Gay Clubbing barcelona, Gay Barcelona, Gay BCN, Gay bars barcelona, gay nightlife barcelona, gay bars barcelona, gay clubs barcelona, gay party barcelona

So, my beloved butterflies, this was it for today! Please drop a comment below if you want to share your experiences, and let me know if I made you have an amazing night!

Have a fabulous gayday!

So long, gay boys!




Salsa Barcelona – Where to Shake That Booty!

Salsa Barcelona – Where to Shake That Booty!

Salsa barcelona, Salsa in barcelona, Barcelona Salsa, salsa club, salsa classes, salsa bars, salsa lesson, salsa school, salsa academy

Do you like Salsa? Do you like Barcelona? Well boys and girls, please read on! Because this blog is going to be all about Salsa in Barcelona. What to do, how to do it, and most importantly; where to do it!

Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course

When we’re talking about ‘shaking that booty’, we are obviously not talking about our lovely Miley Cyrus trying to twerk, because no, just no, we don’t want that. No, we’re going to shake our booties with the lovely (originally) cuban dance; Salsa! Yeah, that’s right, it’s from Cuban. So we don’t only owe the Cubans that delicious Mojito, but also this enormously sensual dance. Oh, talking about Mojito’s, check out our blog about amazing cocktails!

What to do?

Did I get you hyped yet? No? My bad, am I not enthusiastic enough? Okay, let me tell you one thing. When you want to practise Salsa in Barcelona, you get extremely flexible in the hips, and we all know what they say about people who are flexible.. That’s right, they can dance! Either with your partner or on your own, mastering the Salsa boosts your self-esteem by a huge amount. It might sound weird, but it does. Being confident about your moves makes you confident about yourselves. If you don’t believe me, try it. You will believe me. So what should you do? You should consider to follow some classes I’ll mention next!

How to do it – Schools

Well obviously I can’t make you a Salsa-expert instantly. Because this is a blog. These are just words, no classes. Lame, right? Yeah I know, so to help you become an expert, I’ll be telling you where you should go to take classes! (For some of them you might want to improve your spanish skills)


Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa courseEscuela Salsa Barcelona

The first one on our Salsa Barcelona – list is a spanish one. Just for 19 euros you can get 4 seminars, 1 hour each. You’ll have free entrance on fridays and the bar (open hours), and you can subscribe on your own or with your partner! Please have a look yourself on their website.



Shangó is a small, sweet club, and gives free(!!) salsa classes on tuesdays and wednesdays at 11:30. (And an happy hour from 21:30 – 23:00, in case you are shy when it comes to dancing). It is located in the Gothic neighbourhood, carrer d’En Groch 2.



Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course, antillaDance School Antilla

Another school where you can go to practise the Salsa is Dance School Antilla. They have professional dance classes, and you’ll be mastering the dance in no-time! You can also get private classes, or just drop by for one week to see how it’s like. This school is really, really flexible. Try it out! They are located at Carrer d’Aragó 141, and please feel free to do some of your own research on their website!


Where to dance?

There are sooo many clubs where you can do the Salsa in Barcelona. I mean, you can do it anywhere, anytime, but of course we prefer do it in clubs where they have the right music, don’t we?

Well here is a list with some of the best clubs (it’s so hard to pick the best ones, but I’ll do my best, just for you)!

Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course, antilla club, antilla barcelonaAntilla Salsa Barcelona

If I had to pick a number one club to go for salsa dancing in Barcelona, it’d be Antilla Salsa Barcelona. (It’s also where you could get classes I mentioned earlier.) This club has a lot of performances of a lot of music bands with so many different kinds of music, with a mix of latin and fusion music. The club has a lovely atmosphere and is divided into two spaces (sala 1 y sala 2), which offer (sometimes free) dance lessons, workshops, performances and delicious Caribbean cocktails. Please do not miss out on this club. It’s really worth a visit.


Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course. Mojito club

Mojito Club

If there’s another club worth mentioning it’d definitely be the Mojito club. It’s not a HUGE club, but the atmosphere is definitely caliente! It’s so worth it to visit this club. People line up and dance together, and every now and then the DJ comes down to teach everybody some dance moves! It’s located at C/ Rosellón, no. 217. If  you drop by, could you drop a comment below and tell me how amazing your night was?



Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course, la claveLa Clave

Another great club is La Clave. As soon as you enter this club you realize you’ve made a great decision entering the room. Because honestly, the music, the people, everything is just so nice. It gives that amazing Cuban taste while you’re going out. Yes, this is a great place to Salsa. La Clave is located at Passeig del Rengle – Torre d’Ara. Oh, and you can also take salsa classes here (Like, amazing classes). They have party nights fridays – sundays, and on the other weekdays it’s an extremely professional dancing school.


Habana Barcelona

The last one for our Salsa Barcelona blog would be Habana Barcelona. You can start your evening by having dinner here, and about 1-2 am they will clear the tables, and everything just turns into this one big Salsa club. This is another must-see! Grab a bite and end the evening with a lovely salsa swing. Yeah, I love it, do you? Oh, and from Thursday – Sunday they offer free classes where you can just walk in and join the fun!

Salsa, Salsa barcelona, salsa in barcelona, salsa classes, salsa lessons, salsa school, salsa courses, salsa nightlife barcelona, salsa by night, salsa course

So this is it for today guys. Hope you found our blog useful for your Barcelona Salsa desires!

So put on those boots, grab your partner, and let’s salsa to it!

Untill next time,


Gay Barcelona – STDs on your Weenie!

Gay Barcelona – An STD on your Weenie!



What’s up boys and.. Boys? (I do sincerely hope there are some girls around here, because well, this is a very, very serious topic.). This time in my “Gay Barcelona - ..” – blog series, in light of my glory-ous blog about gay-cruising, I want to write about the risk that cruising brings along with it, and most importantly, where to get tested and treated for STD’s in Barcelona. And not just with cruising my sweet little ponies, but with all forms of sex. Sex is fun. Sex is great. But sex is risky. Hey, it’s a risk we all are willing to take when we’re drunk. Well buckle up (or rubber up in this case) for the ride! Because this is going to be an informative one.

How do we get STD‘s? How do we prevent getting them? And maybe even more important; how do we get rid of them.

What is an STD?

Condoms, STD Barcelona, STD, ETS, ETS Barcelona, SexWell, STD stands for Sexual Transmitted Diseases, but STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) might be little bit more up-to-date. As the name states, you can get an STD by having sex. Any form of sex. Oral(!!! Think of Chlamydia, Herpes, even HIV.), anal, and so on. How do we prevent that from happening? Condoms. Condoms all the way. Of course there are more ways to prevent STD‘s from entering your body, but the good thing about condoms is; you can always have them with you and buy them everywhere, and in some clubs they even come free of charge! So you don’t have an excuse not to be safe, right?

Pills, Cure, STD, Barcelona, ETS


Well, we all party from time to time, drugs and booze can limit our rational thinking, and well, when we are about to have sex, we don’t want to break the hot tension of both parties, do we? It sounds so innocent, I mean what can happen if it’s just one time without, right? Well guess what, my beautiful unicorns, A LOT CAN HAPPEN! Thank God most STD‘s can be cured with just some random injections or pills (of course not random, but who cares what’s in the needle, just fix my last week’s mistakes, am I right?). However, some of them are really hard to get rid of, and I’m going to talk about the most dangerous one, of which you can’t get rid of (at least not yet); HIV.

HIV, gay, gay barcelona, gay STD, STD, STD Barcelona, ETS


How does one get HIV? It’s simple, you can either be born with it (if your parents have HIV), you can get it by sharing needles with random people who are infected with HIV, or you can get it by having sex. Unprotected sex. Sex where body fluids are being shared. Whenever two bodies get in touch with each other’s body fluids, you have a chance of getting HIV, but of course, the other person needs to have HIV. And I know it’s really easy to just ask the person before you have sex; ‘Hey, do you have HIV? No? OH LET’S GO!’ But no, that’s not gonna give you the gaurantee that it is going to be safe. The person doesn’t even have to know that he has HIV, or he can be lying to you. The incubation period (The time it takes to actually show symptons) of HIV is rather long, it can take up to a few months, years even, depending on the person.  And if you end up getting HIV, you’ll be living a life with pills, and not the party pills you might be thinking of. So please be safe and use a condom anytime you have sex. Be safe. Please.


So what do we do when we do get an STD? We go to health clinics, and I’ll give you the two (in my opinion) best ones.

HIV, test, Gay Barcelona, STD, STD Barcelona

The first one is Open House (located Carrer Sicília 253, nearest Metro Sagrada Familia), a private clinic, and I do prefer this one over the other, especially for foreigners who don’t speak spanish, or people who are just visiting the city. It’s an english-speaking clinic, and you can have your results within 20 minutes and you get the cure right after in case you have an STD, so there’s no need to go to the pharmacy! However, it does come with a price, as you have to pay right away, and isn’t that cheap. But if that speed isn’t high-quality service, I don’t know what is. Check out their website and get ready for your check-up!

The second one is Clínica Ginecológica Sants (located Roger 23 Street, nearest Metro Badal), a spanish clinic, of course this clinic is just as good as the previous one, except this one has a longer waiting time. For making an appointment and for getting back the results. It isn’t as expensive as Open House, but it isn’t as fast either. Check out their website to make an appointment!

Now don’t let this blog discourage you from having sex, because that’s not the idea. I just want to make sure that you know there are risks that come with having sex. So please, have fun out there! Get your game on! Bring out the condoms!

Be safe my princesses, because  you guys have to live on to read my next few blogs!

Have a fabulous gayday!

So long, gay boys!


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