The Most Unique Barcelona Bars

Looking for a Barcelona Bar? Here are the Most Unique Bars in Barcelona


The city of Barcelona is full of enough exciting nightlife that can keep all of you bar crawlers satisfied. Many of the establishments throughout the streets have unique personas that differentiate one from another. We have accumulated a list of local taverns that we believe could all claim the title of most unique Barcelona bar.


unique bars in Barcelona - Ice Bar

Too hot for comfort this summer? Icebarcelona is the perfect place to grab a drink with your buddies to escape Barcelona’s humidity and also snap that all-so-important Instagram shot. The location claims to be the first ice bar on a beach, and their views do not disappoint from inside the -5C (20F) bar. 15€ nets you entrance, a cocktail, a jacket, and gloves to keep you comfortable in the arctic climate. It’s best to make a reservation if you are going with a group or at peak hours.

Espit Chupitos

unique bars in Barcelona

Do you like shots? Of course you do! Until the morning after at least… Chupitos (Spanish for shots) offers over 600 different delicious and creative shots and cocktails in two different locations in Barcelona- Aribau and El gato negro. Make sure to arrive early before the club-hopping patrons come in on the weekends or you should visit on a weekday as the relatively small bar can become very packed! Some of our favorite shots include:

  • The boy scout- roast a marshmallow over your shot
  • Willy Wonka- a chocolate liquor combination with an actual chocolate bar in the shot
  • Inhaled shot- the bartender vaporizes the shot and you inhale the captured shot through a straw and chase with the remainder of the liquor. Cuidado!
  • Monica Lowenski- For the sake of your staying family-friendly, we will allow you to discover this one on your own and order it for an unsuspecting friend!


unique bars in Barcelona

Marsella is perhaps the oldest Barcelona bar. It has been open for nearly 200 years! The house drink, absinthe, consistently draws crowds to this unique bar in Barcelona. We recently gave Marsella a shout-out for being amongst the best absinthe bars in the city! The décor is antique and gives a glimpse into the past of Barcelona’s famous nightlife. Hemmingway himself is rumored to have been a regular at this bar and this is a must see bar on a passive night!

Barcelona Pipa Club

Unqieu Barcelona Bars - Barcelona Pipa Club

This bar is all about mystique and exclusivity. The entrance to the Pipa Club is somewhat hidden in the Gothic corridor. The correct button must be pressed before entering and ascending the staircase to find the bar! The aura of mystery theme continues as the tavern is very Sherlock Holmes-esque. The club showcases a variety of pipes and includes a smoking and jazz room. As one of the few remaining bars in Barcelona with a license to serve until 6:00 AM, you and your friends can enjoy drinks and music till the early morning.



L’Ovella Negra

unique bars in Barcelona - L'ovella Negra

L’Ovella Negra  (Spanish for Black Sheep) has two locations in Barcelona- one off of the famous Las Ramblas near Placa Catalyuna and the other near Razzmatazz in Poblenou. Both locations offer cheap drinks and have 5 liter towers of beer or sangria that can be ordered to your table! The location in Las Ramblas is a cozier atmosphere that gives off an authentic old-time tavern feel. The newer sibling bar in Poblenou is more akin to a gaint German beer hall offering free range to roam and chat with other tables. The Poblenou location is a great bar to watch sporting events along with our other top locations!


unique bars in Barcelona

Drink like a fish? Then Pippermint is your Barcelona bar of choice. Cocktails are made strong and BIG! Not kidding either… Drinks are served in glasses ranging from 1 to 13 liter “fishbowls.” Feel free to order beer, mixed drinks, or sangria in these memory-wiping cups. If you typically travel in a large group, Pippermint will quickly become a favorite!


Tinta Roja

unique bars in Barcelona

Tinta Roja is an Argentinian themed tango house. The rooms are intricately decorated and tango dancing and trapeze performances are the regular here. The bar is stocked with specialty cocktails and wines from Argentina. This is venue easily has the most Latin flair that you can find in a Barcelona bar and is far from an ordinary street corner watering hole!


Dow Jones

unique bars in Barcelona

Feeling lucky? The Dow Jones is inspired by the stock market and uses a system that measures the popularity of specific beverage purchases and fluctuates the prices of beers, cocktails, and shots accordingly! This is a great place to pregame and have a few laughs with friends before moving the party to one of Barcelona’s famous nightclubs. Just make sure to invest wisely!


Eclipse at the W

unique bars in Barcelona

This exclusive Barcelona bar offers a better view than any other in the city. Located on the 26th floor of the W hotel on Barcelona’s coast, this unique bar gives you views of the Mediterranean, marina, and downtown Barcelona. While on the pricey side, the Eclipse will leave you feeling like a high-roller.


El Bosc de les Fades

unique bars in Barcelona

Catalan for “The Forest of Fairies,” you should know immediately what you are getting into. Entering the bar, you traverse through trees and fountains with mythical creatures hiding in the environment. The forest even comes alive with thunderstorms and rain! This is a great bar to check out for a quick drink after walking Las Ramblas or a day on the beach.

That wraps it up! These unique bars in Barcelona should help keep any night far from ordinary. If you still haven’t had enough make sure to check out our Top Cocktail Bar e-book guide!

Did we miss any? Drop us a line below



Barcelona Beach Festival 2014

BBF 2014: The Event of Summer 2014 in Barcelona

The time for the first Barcelona Beach Festival has arrived! One more crazy party is going to take place in this wonderful city. A huge event with great artists, plus it’s going to be on the beach! Is there any doubt it is going to be unique and lots of fun?! I don’t think so.


The 26th of July, at 6pm


Platja de la Pau – Parc de la Pau by Forum in Sant Adrià de Besòs

How to get there?

  • By tram: with the tram T4 or T6, stop Sant Adrià
  • By train (Renfe): Estació Sant Adrià
  • By car: Ronda Litoral exit 26, direction Llobregat / exit 25 direction Besos

Who is going to perform?

The best of the best- Avicii, David Guetta, and Steve Angello (an ex-member of the Swedish House Mafia). Joining this all-star lineup will be The Zombie Kids, Joan Reyes, JP Candela, Oilver Schmitz, Marcel Ventura and Alex de Guirior! You can’t miss them, can you?

BBF 2014



Sales Points:


There are different kinds of tickets, a great deal of which are already sold out. What does that mean? Hurry up and get your ticket now! The various types of tickets are listed below. The Premium ticket includes exclusive entry to the venue, exclusive area in front of the stage, access to an exclusive area of catering and bars, 3 drinks, exclusive bathroom availability, a commemorative present and more!

  1. 3rd Promotional Round Ticket: 56 euro + charging fees of website where you buy the ticket
  2. Final Price Ticket: 71 euro + charging fees of website where you buy the ticket
  3. Premium Ticket, 2nd Promotional Round: 146 euro + charging fees of website where you buy the ticket
  4. Premium Ticket, 3rd Promotional Round: 166 euro + charging fees of website where you buy the ticket
  5. Premium Ticket, Final Price: 181 euro + charging fees of website where you buy the ticket

Take into account that the tickets are not refundable and children under 16 must be accompanied by their parents, guardian or an authorized third person. For more info check out the homepage of the BBF 2014.



Get ready to party hard and enjoy this awesome event!



Absinthe Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona: Absinthe Bars


Barcelona is forever intertwined with Absinthe- the green spirit that supposedly carries hallucinogenic properties. Made of wormwood, absinthe is a unique centuries-old drink that has experienced a revival since many of the bans on the cocktail in Europe have been raised. In Catalonia, the drink has continued as a low-key part of its culture. In Barcelona, absinthe bars have been open since the 19th century. Given absinthe’s storied past, absinthe bars draw crowds as tourist attractions. But don’t get us wrong, many of the bars are authentic and serve the real deal. Here are a couple of the most famous absinthe bars in Barcelona we think you should checkout:


Marsella is probably the most famous absinthe bar in Barcelona! Amoung the oldest bars in the city, Marsella has been serving Absinthe for almost 200 years. The decor gives away the bars true age- antique chandeliers hang from the ceiling and detailed wood trimmings cover the bar area and walls. A glass of absinthe, a sugar cube, and a bottle of water should net you 5€. Have too many of those puppies, and you may start to see Marsella’s famous past regular- Ernest Hemingway.


This cozy bar is packed with old trinkets, and you will immediately notice the gaint ferry mannequin on the ceiling! The low-lighting gives the bar a unique feel.  Absenta Bar serves 20 different variations of absinthe, just don’t try them all at once! The absinthe bar is in Barceloneta and is an easy walk from the marina or beach.

Bar Patís

Located at the end of Las Ramblas toward the Christopher Columbus monument, Bar Patís is a tiny bar with charm. With odd assortments of decoration everywhere, the place is never dull. They have had a candle burning on the bar for five years that has grown into a colorful heaping tower of wax. And of course, they serve absinthe. Enjoy a drink while being entertained by scheduled performances on the small corner stage.

Bar Absenta

Not to be confused with the other Absenta bar (Absenta is Absinthe in Catalan), Bar Absenta is also located in El Raval. If you haven’t passed by in awhile, this absinthe bar is for you! The drinks are among the cheapest in the city. Beer can be had for a single euro and absinthe will set you back 4€.


Any other absinthe bars in Barcelona you recommend? Let us know below.


Barcelona Music Festival : Primavera Sound 2014

Primavera Sound 2014: Your Barcelona Music Festival Guide

Looking for a badass summer music festival in Barcelona and you have never heard of Primavera Sound?! Let’s rectify that now!

Primavera Sound Barcelona music festival

Primavera Sound Festival : What is it?


Parc del Forum Primavera Sound Barcelona

Primavera Sound Festival is one of the best Barcelona music festivals along with Sonar, and will take place this year from the 28th to the 31st of May 2014. For over a decade, since 2001 to be more precise, the festival is held in the Parc del Forum located in Diagonal Mar neighborhood which is pretty close from the Barcelona city center. What is awesome about this festival is that it is right on the seaside and enables you to live an amazing music experience with a beautiful view on Barcelona Seaside. The Primavera Sound Festival attracts a lot of the most well-known bands in the world, and if you love Rock and/or Electro music, this music festival is made for you! If you fear going it alone, well you’ll be one of the 100.000 lucky ones enjoying the open air concerts!

Primavera Sound Programme


Line Up 2014 Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona

You can from now on check out the Primavera Sound Festival programme per day. Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine inch Nails, and many more! And if you are fan of Stromae, he will actually play for free on Wednesday afternoon! If you don’t know him yet, here is one of his most famous songs!



And below is a video of Primavera Sound 2014 Line-Up!



Tickets for the Primavera sound Festival 2014


Ticket Primavera Sound 2014 Barcelona


There are different tickets available for the next Festival :

Primavera Sound Day ticket

As its name suggests it, you will get access to all the concerts taking place on a same day. That is the least expensive ticket and can be sufficient according to your needs.

Primavera Sound Weekend Ticket

Again, don’t need to be clever to guess what you get: access to all the concerts of the whole weekend, yeah that’s just a little bit more expensive…

Primavera Sound VIP Weekend Ticket

The golden ticket, the KING ticket. You’ll be able to wink at the bodyguards, like “Yeah, that’s right, I’m a VIP, bitches!” (well, maybe it’s better to keep this sentence in your head so that you won’t get beaten up before the concerts have even started).

Accomodation on Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival 2014

Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival accomodation

You can check out the different possibilities of accomodation on Primavera Sound website.

Well, I guess this is it. You’ve got everything you need to enjoy this incredible music festival in Barcelona. Bring your hat, your suncream, your smile and you’re ready to go !

Don’t hesitate to share your personal experience on this festival! This year, Queens of The Stone Age is my favorite band, and you?



Free Secret Gigs in Barcelona: Check out Sofar Sounds!

Secret Concerts in Barcelona by Sofar Sounds

sofar sounds barcelona secret concerts free

You know all of the best live music venues in Barcelona but you fancy some secret free gigs in Barcelona? Sofar Sounds is a company that is doing something so cool, you simply cannot miss it!

Gigs in Barcelona Sofar Sounds

With Sofar Sounds you can enjoy live music in Barcelona on every last Friday of the month as well as in 50 other towns around the world such as London, New-York…

The principle is pretty easy: You have to subscribe on in order to get tickets. If you have a pretty big house or flat in Barcelona, you can even offer your house to host the gig! Finally if you’re a musician in need of some exposure, you can also subscribe on their website! Then through a random draw, you might be one of the lucky ones to attend to the live music concert in some great house!
It’s a win-win situation, the tickets are free, musicians get exposure, and if you have a big house but no friends, you’ll get tons thanks to this event ;)

If you want to know when is the next gig, check out their Facebook page, they post a link at the beginning of each month for every city it’s hosted!

Last week-end, the gig was hosted in a huge mansion in the posh neighbourhood of Bonanova in Barcelona. About 80 people were invited for an amazing night of music. Some of them brought food and beverages but everyone could buy some drinks in the mansion.

Live music Barcelona Sofar Sounds

Interested in these awesome secret free gigs in Barcelona? Then start subscribing now for the next event!

If you’d rather see something more official in some famous live music venues, check out our top 5 best live music venues in barcelona!



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