Halal Restaurants in Barcelona


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Todays blog is about Halal Restaurants and where to find them in Barcelona.

As someone who only eats Halal meat, this was a quite a big deal for me as for when I first arrived in Barcelona I didn’t have the faintest clue where to find any sort of halal meat

But now I know, so what are we waiting for lets take a trip down the halal meat lane!! (p.s there is no actual halal meat lane)

Now the ideal place to find all your halal meat is La Raval!!!

Famous today for its huge cultural diversity La Raval is your best choice for trying delicious Halal cuisine. Literally, walking around the area for 5 minutes is totally enough for you to find a nice and cozy Halal restaurant.

Maharaja Restaurante

Halal restaurants in Barcelona

This restaurant opened its doors in 2001. Running for nearly a decade and a half, Maharaja has built its fine reputation as being one of the ‘big’ players in traditional Halal cuisine making it one of the finest Halal restaurants in Barcelona. Maharaja offers typical Indian dishes prepared with typical Indian techniques. Expect nothing less than brilliant food with rich flavors and textures.

What’s famous about this restaurant is their fine selection of Indian spices. Having more than 40 types of spices in the chef’s disposal you can be assured that your meal at Maharaja will be the most aromatic and flavorful thing you have tasted all day. This restaurant just wows its visitors with its brilliant decor. Typically colorful draperies and table cloths, walls full of great Indian art and an atmosphere ‘to die for’ is what this restaurant is all about. A personal favorite of all the Halal restaurants in Barcelona.




If that doesn’t pickle your fancy … get it pickle … okay maybe not

Well Askadinya is another top Halal Restaurant in Barcelona.  This restaurant specialises in both Arabic and Palestinian food!!
Askadinya is all homemade food and provides a Mediterranean diet!! I’m not even sure what a Mediterranean diet consists of but Im having it!!!

Located in the heart of Gracia, Askadinya offers a range of food all Halal!!! They also do special menu deals for both weekdays and weekends which is ideal if you love 3/4 courses like myself!!! This is a perfect restaurant for someone who eats Halal food but also wants to eat healthy. The restaurant itself provides a great atmosphere and friendly service from its staff.  Askadinya is most certainly one of my top Halal Restaurants in Barcelona.


Bombay Spicy

Halal restaurants in Barcelona

One of the Halal restaurants in Barcelona where value for money meets quality. The offered food is simply amazing. What’s better than enjoying an exquisite meal in a friendly restaurant that makes you feel like home for a very reasonable price? Well, nothing! A great bonus that Bombay Spicy has to offer is delivery.

For the times when you are just feeling too comfortable at home enjoying a good movie but craving some delicious Indian food, all you have to do is just dial the number, place your order and soon enough the delivery guy will be outside your door handing you your delicious food. But honestly, why waste the opportunity and not go to the restaurant to have a perfect dining experience? In summery, one of the best choices when it comes to Halal restaurants in Barcelona.


Pita House

Do you love Pita?

Do you love Houses?

Look nowhere else !! Pita House is the place to be! Located on La Ramlas this place is meant to be one of the top Halal restaurants in Barcelona.

Pita House caters all, whether its for lunch, dinner or just a snack. This place aims to satisfy all. Whether its quality food you want for certain fancy occasions or just take away food for a night in. Pita house is a must visit Halal restaurant in Barcelona.

From Falafels to chicken pitas from Hummus to Durums this place oozes in Arab cuisine. So if you are drooling on your keyboard as I am then Pita house is a place you should dine!!!

Pita house is a great Halal restaurant in Barcelona because not only is the food and the prices great but it also has a terrace you could eat on which has a capacity of 48 people!! Perfect for family and friends. It is also really easy to get to as all you need to do is get the L3 at LIceu.


And your list of the best Halal restaurants in Barcelona is complete, folks! Or is it? If you know any other great restaurants offering Halal, please let us know is the comment section. Much of love to you guys and have a great week!

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Q: What did one plate say to the other plate?

A: Dinner is on me.




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French Bars in Barcelona !!

French bars in Barcelona : French Style is Everywhere !

french bars in barcelona

Yes, there are French bars in Barcelona after all! Being french myself, and having read every blog that SuiteLife has posted , I figured out that none of them mention french stuff anywhere ! I came to the conclusion that this is not acceptable anymore (especially considering how many French clients we have) and I decided to write a blog about french bars in Barcelona. Because yes, we all need some french ‘ambience’ once in a while and a classy touch ! Us French may have a lot of faults (yes we’re arrogant, rude and so on) but we also know how to party, and by party I mean party hard ! So are you ready for a crazy French night ?!

French Bars in Barcelona

Bar Pastis

One of the cutest french bars in Barcelona, Bar Pastis, opened in 1947 by a french woman, in the Raval. The decoration hasn’t changed since then, you’ll feel like being in the post-war Marseille and might meet prostitutes, artists, absinthe lovers and so on. The atmosphere is very particular but also very typical of the old French style. You’ll listen to some Edith Piaf music or to live musicians, it’s the best place to go for some intimacy and privacy ! Location ? Carrer Santa Monica, 4. Check Bar Pastis website for more info.

French bars in barcelona


One of my favourite french bars in Barcelona, even if it’s more like a restaurant. Panam is a french slang word for “Paris” and 75 is the postal code of Paris, makes sense right ? They make amazing burgers and salads, in a jazzy atmosphere. The owner of the bar is really nice (and really French). If you like football like me and want to watch the games when France is playing you might be interested in going there because they broadcast all of them ! They are located on Carrer Consell de Cent, 281 !

French Bars in Barcelona

Paris Taxi

This one is for sport lovers ! It is located in Gracia, next to Avinguida Diagonal and they broadcast all of the football and rugby games of France ! The owner is named Patrice and is really nice. The atmosphere is 100% french, it is THE place to be to watch sports, especially Paris Saint Germain games ! Check Paris Taxi website for more info.

French Bars in Barcelona


Definitely one of the best french bars in Barcelona ! You can enjoy a nice glass of french wine or a cocktail in a festive atmosphere, the bar is elegant and classy, and big !!! If you’re looking for a good atmosphere and a good place to start the night before going to the clubs it’s perfect ! Don’t expect to meet only french people because this is a place really famous for local people too ! More info on Premier website !

French Bars in Barcelona

Les gens que j’aime

And we conclude our selection of french bars in Barcelona with the most romantic one ! Les gens que j’aime means literaly “The people I love” in English. You can’t bring anybody there though… You have to bring your partner to enjoy some jazz and soft soul in a candlelit 1920s bordello atmosphere. You can also learn about your future with the fortune teller and tarot card reader ! Isn’t that awesome ? Location ? Valencia, 286, Bajos. Check more info on Les gens que j’aime website.

French bars in Barcelona

Alright guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and want to go to one of those bars now !! If you know any other french bars that worth to be mentioned, please tell us we would be happy to add it in this blog !


Mathilde !

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Oy Vey! Where are the Kosher Restaurants in Barcelona?!

kosher restaurants in barcelona

Welcome back, SuiteLife gang, to my newest blog in which I’ll be talking about Kosher Restaurants in Barcelona and where to grab a bite either out and about the city. As a bonus we’ll also tell you where you can buy Kosher meat to cook in the comfort of your own home.

A bit of a WARNING: Kosher restaurants in Barcelona are very few and far between and tend to be a bit (read: quite) overpriced due to a marked lack of competition. Another reason for this is the very small Jewish population in Barcelona. Hence, Kosher restaurants in Barcelona do not have a big target market. They Cater to the tiny Jewish population that actually eats Kosher, tourists, and religious expats. So yeah, get ready to get our your wallet, but hey, we gotta eat, right?

Maccabi Restaurant

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Maccabi is probably the most famous Kosher restaurant in Barcelona. With a great location right on La Ramblas, cozy decor and atmosphere and a delicious menu, Maccabi is considered the best Kosher restaurant in Barcelona by locals and tourists alike. The restaurant occupies a former bakery from the seventeenth century called Montserrat. This restaurant just screams vintage and culture.

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Apart from their extensive menu of delicious dishes, Maccabi also offers tapas for when you just want something quick and delicious to enjoy over a cup of coffee or a nice and cold pint of beer. Unlike other Kosher restaurants Maccabi is a full service dining joint with fast and friendly service. The menu is a mixture of traditional Israeli dishes and Catalan cuisine and it successfully combines the best of both worlds. The staff knows a little Hebrew and English so language barrier in Maccabi is not an issue. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for an excellent dining experience, Maccabi is one of the best Kosher restaurants in Bacelona that will meet your every requirement. Address: Las Ramblas 79 / Web

Delicias Kosher

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona


Delicias Kosher is a great dinning experience.  Its located in one of the ‘posh’ areas in Barcelona – Sant Gervasi – Galvany, and the food is really delicious and they have above average service for Spain as well, which is always appreciated.  As a common theme with foreign cuisine restaurants in Barcelona, Delicias Kosher incorporates a lot of Catalan dishes and cooking techniques in its Israeli menu. Nevertheless, a pinch of Catalan is all that takes to make their Kosher dishes exquisite.

Kosher restaurants in BarcelonaThe service in Delicias Kosher is what really closes the deal. The staff is very open and motivated to do everything it takes to make you feel like home. No matter if you’re dining alone or with company you will always feel like you are in the comfort of your own dining room. Address: c/ Santalo 125 / Web

Well folks, that’s kinda it for Kosher restaurants in Barcelona. New ones haven sprung up but tend to die quickly because of a lack of customers. Now for our Bonus, where to find a Kosher butcher in Barcelona and where to buy a Challah in Barcelona!

Isamar Kosher

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

If you’re looking for Kosher food in Barcelona, it is one on the few places you can buy Israeli foods and kosher meat. Isamar Kosher is not just a Kosher supermarket. From noon until 5 pm every Monday through Thursday you can enjoy some of their delicious food in their deli. What you can also find in Isamar Kosher is a bakery with freshly baked pastries offered throughout the whole day, a butcher with all sorts of meats to ‘meet’ all of your cravings, prepared dishes and take away.

Kosher restaurants in Barcelona

Whether it is for Shabat, Hanukah, Passover or any Jewish holiday or even on a regular day, Isamar Kosher is your best choice for stocking up on some delicious Kosher meals and stocking your fridge at home. It is actually the only Kosher butcher in Barcelona, and by having a virtual monopoly, it also has some scary prices. A bag of chicken schnitzels with about 8 or 9 pieces, at the time of this blog, is about 17 €. Address: c/ Avenir 29 / Web

The only other location we know where you can buy Kosher meat in Barcelona is at the Cortes Inglés  department store located on Avenida Diagonal 617. Enter the department store and go down one flight to the basement where the supermarket is, and on aisle 13 you’ll find a small freezer with a small assortment of Kosher food. Don’t get too excited though, it’s a bit underwhelming to say the least.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, folks, if you know of any other Kosher restaurants in the city or hear of one that has sprung up, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the blog!


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Waiter:  Yes Sir, it’s the fly’s day off.





Housewarming: Find the Best of What Barcelona Can Offer for Your Party

Housewarming Parties: the Perfect Spanish Night

house warming parties barcelona

Now that you’ve found your apartment in Barcelona and settled in and decorated it with your amazing tast, it is time to throw a similarly amazing housewarming party! If not, what are you waiting for? Check out our article on home stores in Barcelona and find everything you like to embellish your place.

A housewarming party is a must to inaugurate your new place. It is definitely essential to show off your brand new designer couch and impress your guests with great activities. Find out below some tips to give your friends the best house warming party ever and set yourself as THE party planner of your group.

As you are enjoying your new life in Barcelona, what you might be interested in is to find out what the fantastic region of Catalonia has to offer to you and your guests in terms of leisure, food, music and so on. Why not combine all those Spanish wonders that are yet to be discovered in one big house warming?


Housewarming tip #1: get yourself a Catalan caterer


ambrosia catering seafood dish


Impress your guests – locals or foreigners – with the best Catalan caterers in the city. You will enjoy the most exquisite food from the classic tapas such as pa amb tomàquet or queso or even jamón ibérico to the traditional dishes such as escudella and ollada or mar i muntanya (“sea and mountain”) dishes. Finish the dinner with the excellent traditional Catalan desert: la crema catalana. Most caterers in Barcelona have found a way of mixing tradition and innovation by introducing in their cuisine international tastes. Find below a list of caterers who might interest you and your friends, fellow gourmet!


Housewarming tip #2: entertain your guests

Living in Barcelona gives you access to plenty of activities. Between clubs, bars, sports and so on available in the city you might ask yourself, what can I bring to my own party to entertain my friends in an original way? Well here’s one piece of advice for you: get stereotypical. That might sound strange but I assure you, nothing is as great as a night listening and dancing to the traditional Spanish music: Flamenco! And there are plenty of other stuff that Barcelona can bring to your party.


house warming parties barcelona


Just so you know, you can hire flamenco dancers, singers and guitar players right here. How cool? You get to have your own flamenco show in your home, enjoy the very rhythmic music and maybe learn how to dance it yourself! Your guests are going to be astounded by the perfect Iberian night. Otherwise, if you prefer to hire a DJ, Barcelona is the perfect place to find one and enjoy a house warming party with the last Spanish and international hits.

But this is not all! If you are a smoker or a cigar aficionado you should consider hiring your own cigar roller who would come to your party and roll cigar right in front of you – can’t be more fresh. And the bright side of it is that you get to choose the tobacco you prefer while the cigar roller entertain your guests by telling it all about the cigar-making process. All you have to do to get your own professional cigar roller is click right here. This is the perfect mix of class and cool.



Housewarming tip#3: hire staff and relax

Just like superpowers, planning an event such as a fancy housewarming party comes with great responsibilities. If you really want to enjoy your night just like your guests, you will need help. First because you planned so much fun stuff and it’s not fair if you miss them just because someone broke your favorite vase and you have to clean up. Someone should do it for you so you can relax and just be your fabulous self. That includes of course a waiting staff that your caterer will usually provide but not only, you need to keep in mind that your place need to be cleaned up in the morning. I know, no one wants to hear about what happens in the aftermath of a party but I am telling you, a cleaning service is the best idea for you not to worry about the mess, they’ll deal with it for you.


waiters and champagne


Alright readers, we gave you the keys to organise the best housewarming party ever and we hope that you will enjoy your special night or any other one in the wonderful city of Barcelona. You can also read more about the nightlife in Barcelona on our blogs.

See you!



Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona: The Funny Side of Barcelona

Stand-up comedy in Barcelona: The Funny Side of Barcelona

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Hello SuiteLife gang and welcome to my first blog entry about stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Stand-up comedy is something we all like and most likely relate to. As International people in Barcelona are a huge comedy audience in my first post I decided to let you know where you guys can enjoy this excellent style of comedy in English within the marvelous and apparently funny city of Barcelona. As a comedy enthusiast myself, I took the liberty of tracking down the best clubs, pubs and venues where we can put our funny hats on and let the giggles run free.

Barcelona Comedy Club

First off we have Barcelona Comedy Club. Stand-up is what this venue is all about. BCC is known to be more UK orientated than anything else, having mainly English and Irish guest comedians. Nevertheless Spanish and other foreign comedians are always welcome to try out their material in English. The shows are held in a cozy little pub called Gaelic BCN. Really old-ish and warm atmosphere providing a perfect setting to the hilarious stand-up you can enjoy for only 5€ (including a free drink! Woo!). Once you step inside and the comedians take you away with their tasteful humor, the feeling you experience is nothing short from the one you would have as if you were in old-time London.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona














As it turns out to be a trend in the field of stand-up comedy in Barcelona, this comedy venue organizes shows only once every month. Not the most exhaustive schedule, I know, but I suppose this just throws emphasis on how special the shows actually are (wink). Although their website is updated regularly, BCC has a big online presence on Facebook. If you ever need to find out when their next show is going to be or who will be performing, it would be a safe bet to hop on Barcelona Comedy Club’s Facebook page and read away.


Ample Comedy

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Next, we have a stand-up venue which allows us to showcase our own funny side. Ample Comedy throws an “Open MIC Night” every Thursday providing us with our so much needed weekly dose of ‘funny’ to get us through the busy and tiring work week. What we find at the shows is mainly an amateur based panel of performers, as well as audience members, that try their best to suck up their stage fright, grab the mic for a period of five minutes and try to make us laugh. Now guys, don’t judge. We get one or two bad jokes occasionally but hey, it’s not easy being funny in front of a crowd… It is?! Alright then, prove it! All you need to do is arrive at The Quiet Man bar at 20:30 and write  your name down in order to book yourself a five minute time-slot. Knock ‘em dead, guys.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona









If you hate being in the spotlight, however, just watching is perfectly fine too. Although never underestimate the power of a drink. You can quickly gobble up some inspiration with the cheap drinks they serve at the bar.

Now the best part of this venue is that all the jokes you can take in and all the laughs you can have are for the price of… (Suspense drums)… Nothing! That’s right, guys, you can enjoy a hilarious night out all for free. Kudos to Ample Comedy.


Stand-up Comedy Kills (SUCK)

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

All kinds of funny is what SUCK is all about. Don’t be thrown off by the name, consider it more as evidence of their spicy humor. At least you know what to expect now. This comedy group is the rebellious independent ‘child’ of Ample Comedy gone wild.  With shows twice a month SUCK offers us some of the best comedians to be found in the city putting stand-up comedy in Barcelona on a top level . Often they have guest comedians from abroad like Igor Orlovsky – performing in their last show this month.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona















Diversity is what these guys rely on and so far it has been working great. We get to experience all types of humor – from observational humor about everyday life which we all love to sometimes grim and dark humor which we all often don’t admit that we love and everything else in between.

We can enjoy SUCK twice a month in Las Cuevas del Sorte – a great friendly little spot worth visiting even on a regular night. Oh and guys, make sure you try their Mojitos at least one. It is literally a taste explosion in your mouth and you won’t even want to look another Mojito… ever!

You can follow SUCK on their Fcaebook page as social media is their ultimate outlet to promote their shows and connect with us comedy lovers.

Barcelona Improv Group (B.I.G.)

Another great form of comedy is Improv. Let me tell you all about it.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

B.I.G. or Barcelona Improv Group organize some of the biggest Improv comedy venues in the city. They have been performing in English since 2011 and have quickly built up a solid reputation for being brilliant comedians. Their performances are always powered by their beloved audience’s suggestions and energy, which fuel up the shows to the MAX. Once you step inside the theater leave your expectations outside and when the show starts, brace yourselves because the ‘funny’ is coming.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona








Here’s the sad part of this venue. B.I.G. organize shows at Teatre de l’Enjólit only once a month (every second Friday of the month to be exact). And while we cannot have enough of them and wish they did a show every day we seek consolation and comfort in their monthly ‘Jams’ and weekly workshops they set up.

The Improv group values us as their audience and always love to get us involved in their activities and share the comedy experience first-hand. And that my dear friends is what Jams are for. Very casual and very fun, no instructions and no need for taking notes, their Jams are just like a night out with the lads. The only thing you have to do is hop on the stage and Improv away. If you’re one of the shy ones that’s fine, just sit back and observe what your fellow amateurs are doing and build up some inspiration for next time. If you feel like you need a break from partying hard after a hard week of work (I actually can’t believe I said that too), gather your friends and head to B.I.G’s monthly Improv Jams on Fridays. Or better yet, don’t call anyone and head out to make some funny new friends (common practice at Jam sessions).

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona







For the more “eager to learn” comedy fans, B.I.G. offers weekly workshops in which you will be tutored and slowly mended into a professional Improv artist. However, guys, you might need to bring a pen and some paper for this one.

So there you have it guys. Take your pick, put on your good mood and head out to the hottest places you can enjoy stomach-paining, hilarious stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget – always look at the funny side of things ;)

Now here’s a joke for you guys:  So a guy walks into a bar, looking really moody and orders immediately a double-whiskey. Then he starts rambling on about how lousy a wife he’s got, until the bartender finally says: “You know, I don’t understand what you’re complaining about. All the other guys in here only have compliments about your wife.”

Yeah, I’ll try again next time.




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