Events in July-August 2015: What to Do in Barcelona This Summer

Barcelona Events: Make Plans for July-August 2015

what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015

Hey SuiteLifers! Are you excited for this summer? July and August 2015 in Barcelona are booked with events for you to enjoy your stay in the city and never forget your holidays in Catalonia. Find out below all the stuff we selected for you and we definitely recommend these events. Check it out and don’t miss a thing for July and August 2015 in Barcelona. Plenty of fun to come dear readers!


1. The Barefoot Party Boat


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


The Barefoot Party Boat is a huge party happening on a boat where you can drink and chill while listening to music and enjoying the sun. It includes 28 different parties dispatched all through the summer and it already started! It is a bit expensive but let’s face it, partying on a boat in the beautiful city of Barcelona doesn’t happen everyday. Don’t mis your chance!

Location: Coconut Club – Calle Marina, 19-21, Local 14-15, 08005 Barcelona

Frequency: Weekly from Thursday to Sunday

Price: €40

More information:


2. Vida Festival 2015


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


The Vida Festival is for the music fans who likes great live concerts. With headliners such as the bands Primal Scream, The war on Drugs, Andrew Birds or Father John Misty, this festival have plenty to offer for your hears. Don’t miss it and enjoy a perfect evening outside of Barcelona for once.

Location: Vilanova i la Geltrú (near Barcelona)

Dates: From 07.02.2015 to 07.05.2015

Price: €65 for a 4 day ticket including camping

More information:


3. Jardins de Pedralbes Festival


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


If you want to enjoy a concert in an amazing environment, you should definitely go to the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival. Starting in June and ending in July 2015 in Barcelona, this festival gathers huge music stars such as Jessie J or the Pet Shop Boys (both programmed for June). Located in an auditorium surrounded by beautiful gardens, the concerts are taking place near the Palau Reial (Royal Palace) which is beautiful to see. Check out below the program for the July concerts and book your tickets now!

Location: Jardins Palau Reial Pedralbes – Av. Diagonal, 686 – 08034, Barcelona


  • 07.02 Paul Weller (rock and soul)
  • 07.03 Chic feat. Nile Rodgers (from Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” song)
  • 07.04 Bob Dylan (OMG!)
  • 07.06 Anastasia (diva with an amazing voice)
  • 07.07 Angus and Julia Stone (folk)
  • 07.09 Miguel Proveda (Catalan singer who likes poetry)
  • 07.10 Mika (high-pitched pop singer)

More information:


4. Matinée Summer Festival


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


The pool party is on! Join this amazing event where you will drink, swim and dance on electronic music all day. With a list of talented DJs programmed, this 12-hour long pool party is for the clubbers who are not afraid to keep on dancing until it hurts. Starting at 10pm, get ready for an amazing day!

Location: Vilassar de Dalt – Illa Fantasia water park

Date: 07.05

More information:


5. Montjuïc Outdoor Cinema


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


The cinema Sala Montjuïc provides cinema fans every year with an outdoor session of the best movies in the history of cinema. They are all in subtitled original version, depending on where the film comes from. Go enjoy a nice evening on a summer night watching great movies with friends and family. The positive side? You can bring your own food and drinks! Bless outdoor cinemas.

Location: Castell de Montjuïc, more specifically in Fossat de Santa Eulàlia.

Dates: from 07.07 to 08.08

Frequency: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (sometimes on Sundays)

More information: (website available only in Catalan)


6. Slash concert


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


I know, the legend of rock is coming to Barcelona this July 2015 and it’s just heaven! If you love rock music and are a fan of Guns N’ Roses, you can’t miss this concert. As one of the best guitarist ever, he sure knows how to deliver to his audience and this night sounds very promising! Plus, he is coming with Ciclonautas and Mean Machine. Get ready to Rock’n'roll readers!

Location: Palau Sant Jordi, Passeig Olimpic 5 – 7, Barcelona

Date: 07.08 at 9pm

More information and ticket booking:


7. Gracià Street Festival


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015

The neighbourhoods festival in Barcelona is one of the most expected festival of all. The whole streets in Gracià district are closed and massive decorations are installed. The Gracià festival is all about competition between the districts that want to win the prize of being the best decorated, and believe us, they are all about impressing you. It is extremely beautiful and you sure want to go there guys!

Location: all around Gracie district (North part of Barcelona – up Av. Diagonal)

Date: to be set but definitely in August

More information:


8. Circuit Festival 2015 – Gay festival


what to do in Barcelona in July August 2015


Yes readers, get ready for a week long gay extravaganza in Barcelona this August 2015. Featuring a lot of pre-parties and club parties as well as activities gravitating towards music, arts and sports (basically all the leisure you want), the Circuit Festival is one of the biggest gay festival in Europe. To prove that, the biggest event during this week is the Water Park Day at Illa Fantasia water park where gathers around 8000 participants each year. Don’t miss the beach tournament volleyball either at Mar Bella and the many exhibitions and debates because, yes readers, it is not all about partying, you can also educate yourselves. Can’t wait!

Location: various parts of the Barcelona

Dates: from 08.05 to 08.16

More information:


Alright readers, make your choice and have an amazing summer in Barcelona. We hope to see you at these exciting events, we’ll sure be there!

If you want to have a look to what is going on in Barcelona in May and June 2015, check out our other blogs, it’s still time!

Events in May 2015

Events in June 2015

See you

- Aurélien


Events in June 2015: What to Do in Barcelona This Month

Barcelona events: Make Plans for June 2015



Hi everyone! There is a ton of stuff going on in Barcelona in June 2015 and maybe you did not make plans yet but we are here to help you with that. We curated a bunch of cool activities occurring very soon so let’s just hope you will be as shaking as we are for the month to come. Plenty of worldwide superstars are on their way to Barcelona and music fans should be delighted, we know we are! Among those musical events we also listed cultural, sporting and simply fun activities in Barcelona in June to please every reader who just wants to get out in the sun and enjoy life, as simple as that.


1. Champions League Final 2015: FC Barcelona vs. Juventus Turin


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015

We know the game will be played in the Olympiastadion of Berlin and you may have planned a trip to go there and watch the game live but if you did not, we thought it would be nice to give you some tips on the best place to watch the game in Barcelona. This is a thing here, if there is ever a football game, you have to go to a bar and watch and cheer for your team while drinking with friends.

  • When: 06.06.2015 at 8:45pm

Here are some bars we like and are probably the best places to watch a game in Barcelona:

Sports bar Rambles

The George Payne

Sonora Sports Tavern

For more great places to watch the Champions League final and enjoy a drink amongst friends please feel free to check out the blogs we made during the Fifa World Cup 2014 if you want further details on the bars listed before and more information on others.


2. The ColorRun by Desigual?


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


If you don’t know the fashion brand Desigual? well… just know that they are ALL about colours. So they basically used a concept that was born in the US and brought it to Barcelona and these kinds of races have now spread all around the globe. This is a free event sponsored by the brand where all participants have to run 5km covered in colours. All you need to do is to register yourself and your friends on Desigual?’s ColorRun website and wear your shiniest white clothes. Everyone is expected to throw colours around at the very beginning of the race and then the fun keeps going: you run for 5km and every kilometre, people throw more colours at you! I mean what a better way to work out than do it looking simply rainbow-like fabulous?

  • Location: start and finish in Avingueda de la Reina Maria Cristina near the Magic Fountain
  • When: Sunday 06.07.2015 at 9am
  • Metro: L3/L1 Espanya


3. Gran Gala de Flamenco


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


The Barcelona Gran Gale de Flamenco is not to be missed when you are a fan of this traditional Spanish dance. It’s all about rhythm and grace with a deep feeling of strength when the dancers move around on the musicians’ guitars and singing. When you see that all you want to do is join them on stage and dance too! If you want to experience the real Spanish life and have never seen a Flamenco show, well here’s your chance readers. Promise, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Location: Palau de la Música Catalana (Carrer Palau de la Música 4-6)
  • When: on stage until August, you can book your tickets for June 7-9-17-25-28 or later if you wish
  • Metro: L1/L4 Urquinaona
  • More informations and ticket bookings:


4. MotoGP Catalunya 2015



Located less than 30 minutes away from Barcelona, the Catalunya circuit is one of the most enjoyable circuits for the fans that allows them to have a enlarged sight of the action and not miss anything from the race. Motorcycle racing is a big thing here and you will have to face a big crowd of Spanish supporters but the huge grass fields are here for you to relax and enjoy the race anyway.


5. Maroon 5 Concert



The worldwide famous band is coming to Barcelona! Are you excited yet? We are! On tour for their last album “V”, the band is currently performing all around Europe and is soon to be in the city. If you did not get the chance to buy a ticket for Barcelona’s concert, don’t worry you can always try to get one for the upcoming concerts in Madrid and Lisbon. Otherwise, you’ll have to travel all the way to Japan to get the chance to see them and well let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely to happen.


6. Ariana Grande Concert


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


Big Sean’s girlfriend will be in town soon! She’s a great singer and her songs make us move like crazy on the dance floor so why not just go to her concert and enjoy her big party? She’s travelling the world with her Honeymoon Tour and I know fans are already dying from excitement. A little warning though, Barcelona is her last European destination before she goes back to the US for a national tour there so be quick and get your tickets as soon as possible!


7. Sonar Festival 2015


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


The Catalonian festival was created in 1994 and is now worldwide renowned on the electronic scene because it gathers both trending artists but also artists who are soon to become famous. It is a very big event in Barcelona and it attracts a huge crowd from all over Europe and gathers many big artists such as My Chemical Romance or Skrillex for instance. So if you’re a fan of electronic music and love festivals don’t hesitate to book your ticket as soon as possible.

  • Location: the Sonar Festival is composed of many events at once so to be the clearest, just check out their own website to find out where everything happens
  • When: Friday 06.18.2015 to Sunday 06.20.2015
  • More information and ticket bookings:


8. Kiss Concert


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


The legendary rock band is travelling around the world for their 40th anniversary tour and rock fans should definitely not miss it! Their last album “Monster” was released in 2012 and it has been a while already so aren’t you excited that they are coming to Barcelona to sing their hit songs just for you guys? Book your tickets as fast as possible!


9. Nit de Sant Joan 2015 (Saint John’s Night Festival)


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


So readers, if there is one and only one night not to miss in Barcelona it is definitely the Saint John Night. I mean, all of Barcelona is going to be outside on this night to gather around huge bonfires and just drink and enjoy the nice summer night. Bonfires are lit all around the city but the biggest event happens by the sea where almost 70,000 people gather on the beach and have fiesta! Watch out for the fireworks thrown around though and don’t forget to watch where you are walking too! People usually burry their bonfires in the sand to stop it but the embers are still really hot and could burn your feet. Other than this, get ready for an amazing night of festivities!

  • Location: various locations in the city
  • When: 06.23.2015


10. Barcelona Gay Pride 2015


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


Barcelona is one of the most gay-friendly city in Europe and the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Questioning) community is very active in here. Having fought for their rights for decades now, the gay pride is about keeping up the fight for total equality but also celebrate the unique gay culture and the past victories for the LGBTQ community’s rights. If your gay, you’re gonna love the partying atmosphere and walk amongst all those fabulous people! If you’re straight, well…it’s gonna be the exact same thing! A great day for everyone and a great occasion to fight for equality everywhere. The theme of this year’s pride is “Stop Bullying LGBT!”, get out on the street and protest with everyone to ensure LGBT people’s safety and all this while dancing and drinking of course!

  • Location: Pre-Parade Party in Parc de les Tres Xemeneies, Avenue Paral.lel 49
  • When: 06.18.2015 at 4pm for the Pre-Parade Party / beginning of the march at 6pm / festivities last until 06.26.2015 (1 week!)
  • More information:


Make your choice and I wish you a delightful month of June 2015 everyone!

See ya!

- Aurélien

Events in May 2015: What to Do in Barcelona This Month

Barcelona Events: Make Plans for May 2015


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


Hello dear readers, do you want to know what to do in Barcelona this month? We gathered the most important events that will occur in Barcelona in May 2015 for you below. Just check it out and plan your whole month for exciting new experiences! Or just so you do not stay home too often this month. Barcelona has plenty to offer and you should definitely enjoy it. This month is especially interesting for sports fan, many tournaments are to be set in Barcelona in May and I have the feeling that sports freaks are already shaking from excitement! But do not worry, Barcelona is synonym for diversity and for those of you who hate sports, there are a lot of other activities to do.


1. Night of the Museum


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


This year again, Barcelona is hosting “La Nit dels Museus” and allows everyone for one night only to enjoy any museum in the city until 1 o’clock. Organised in all of Europe, this event is a great opportunity to go to the museum for those of you who don’t have time to go there usually. Visiting a museum at night is one of the best experience ever and if you’re not convinced yet, it is completely free! Yay, go culture!


2. Plobe Espanyol’s Playmobil Fair


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


The legendary Playmobil dolls are having a party in Barcelona and shouldn’t miss it. Including exhibitions of about 4,000 dolls divided into thirteen dioramas, sales and a contest for the best diorama, Poble Espanyol’s Playmobil Fair is an exceptional event where any of you readers who feel like going back to childhood again will sure appreciate, and your kids too!


3. Football, football and football again!


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


There are a lot of games scheduled this month for the FC Barcelona (Barcelona’s football team if you didn’t know). The team is going to be very busy in May 2015 with three games to play for the European tournament and the Spanish one at home in the famous stadium of Camp Nou. If you’re a fan, get your ticket as soon as possible! And if you’re even a bigger fan, do not hesitate to have a look at FC Barcelona’s calendar for the games to come and plan your travels across Spain and Europe to follow your favorite team.

Spanish League

FC Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad

  • Date: Saturday 05/09
  • Location: Camp Nou stadium

FC Barcelona vs. Deportivo de La Coruña

  • Date: Sunday 05/24
  • Location: Camp Nou stadium


4. Formula One Spain Grand Prix


what to do in Barcelona is May 2015


Created in 1991, the Grand Prix of Spain takes place every year and allows the participants to make 66 laps which means 307.104km to do on a 4.655km circuit. The speed record on this race was made by Kimi Räikkönen in 1998 and is still to be beaten. Is the record going to be beaten this year? Find out by yourself!


5. Opera in the Barcelona’s Gran Teatro de Liceu


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


Barcelona is a perfect place to see amazing representations of the most famous opera shows in the world. With its Gran Teatro located right next to the subway station Liceu (Line 3 – Green), it is very easy to go there and enjoy a sophisticated night when you are a fan of classical music. Two different operas are playing in Barcelona in May 2015, don’t miss it!


Così fan tutte by Mozart


5. Primera Sound Festival


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


Gathering plenty of artists from around the world, the Primavera Sound festival is one of the biggest live festival in Europe and received famous bands such as the Cure or the Moldy Peaches. This year – among many others – you’ll be able to see the Strokes, the Black Keys, Julian Casablanca and Patti Smith! So get your tickets now and get ready for the festival season!


6. AC/DC concert


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


After hitting the Coachella Valley music and arts festival in California, the worldwide known group is coming to Barcelona to celebrate their 40th anniversary tour for their album Rock or Bust! That is something not to miss if you’re a fan. Get ready to be rocked readers!


Have you decided what you are going to do this month yet? Take your time readers but not too much, a lot is going on in Barcelona this very weekend!

We are very interested in hearing from you guys so do not hesitate to leave a comment on what you are planning for this exciting new month to come in Barcelona.

See you!

- Aurélien

Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia


Beat the Queue at Gaudis Sagrada Familia


Suppppp Suitelifers!!!

Todays blog will be about how to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia, if your reading this then your just one of thousands trying to work out when is the best time to go and how on earth you can avoid that god forsaken queue!!! Well your in luck, I have found a solution toooo all lives problems … well thats a slight exaggeration I’m just going to help you with the queue nothing else.

Gaudis Church is truly remarkable and the on going project is extremely ambitious and one that should really be admired and cherished. However the last thing you want to do is have a bad experience at Sagrada. Gaudi was artistically a genius!!! However service wasn’t really a thing back in the 1920s I mean not even the great Gaudi could orchestrate or anticipate the popularity his church would generate. Therefore do not let a long queue associate your experience with this magnificent building. So what are we waiting for … lets find out how to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia.



Sagrada Familia, Sagrada, Gaudi, Sagrada Gaudi, Cathedral, Barcelona Gaudi, Barcelona Sagrada, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, BCN Sagrada, BCN Gaudi

Right okay step one to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia …. its the most obvious one which is to book in advance! I know it sounds silly but we are lazy creatures lets be honest. We expect to come to this city and just walk into places, well let me tell you now that is not the case and NEVER will be!!!! So this is a must !!!!!! Whether your planning to visit this city or already in Barcelona you need to book this ticket well in advance online. This comes included with a tour guide and you’d be jumping the queues shouting ‘SUCKERS!!!’ as you pass by to the helpless individuals in the ever-growing queue. Remember you cant just go straight to the gates and expect to walk straight through… you just have the advanced tickets you don’t own the place! With your advanced ticket you can then jump the queue to the meeting point where other clever people have also purchased tickets and then you shall all be escorted in from there…. Make sense??



Sagrada Familia, Sagrada, Gaudi, Sagrada Gaudi, Cathedral, Barcelona Gaudi, Barcelona Sagrada, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, BCN Sagrada, BCN Gaudi



Now for those who refuse to book in advance online ( why on earth you wouldn’t, I shall never know ) so if you are that 1% this is what you need to do to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia . Come close … Are you listening ??? Okay you need to set that alarm of yours and make sure you get there early in the morning! Trying to buy a ticket during the day or towards the evening is next to impossible and a waste of time. Sagrada Familia isn’t selling a new IPhone so theres no need for you to be waiting a ridiculous time. So seeing as though Sagrada opens at 9:00am and that tourists usually start quite early too, you will have to anticipate and plan properly. There is no guarantee that even if you wake up at 6am that you will be at the front of the queue as its all about the luck of the day!! But what I can be sure of is that if you time it right in the morning you can certainly reduce your waiting time!!! SIGNIFICANTLY!!!


Sagrada Familia, Sagrada, Gaudi, Sagrada Gaudi, Cathedral, Barcelona Gaudi, Barcelona Sagrada, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, BCN Sagrada, BCN Gaudi



Okay maybe that wasn’t the greatest title but hey we’ve all said it right. Now if you haven’t even booked your flight yet and your sole purpose for coming to Barcelona is to see the Sagrada Familia then you would be wise to choose your dates accordingly. This is the perfect way to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia as this enables you to avoid all the touristy periods which tend to be near the spring and summer season. So an ideal period would be during winter around November to late February. However there is a reason why this isn’t a touristy period because the weather isn’t the greatest but hey its just an idea i’m not pointing a gun at your head!!! Personally Gaudis Church looks far more spectacular in the sunlight but I guess it could look in the snow too …… if it ever snowed here!

So there you guys, your very own makeup tutorial on how to look like Elsa from Frozen ..

Oh wait sorry thats another blog … Ignore that

Its a hobby don’t judge me!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog guys and if you have any comments please do share them below ….

Maybe theres another way to Beat The Queue At Sagrada Familia .

For more information on Sagrada Familia Click here

If you paid attention to my post then you should get your tickets from here

Right thats all for today guys …

Byeeee Byeeee See Yaaaa Byeeeeee Seee Yaaaa …. (no you hang up … no you hang up…….)


(No1 Frozen Fan)

Events in Barcelona March 2015 – What’s Good this Month in Barcelona!

Events in Barcelona in March 2015

Events in Barcelona in March 2015 – no way you’ll be staying inside this month

What is up, gorgeous SuiteLifers? Ready for your monthly portion of news about the events in Barcelona in March 2015? Well, you’re at the right spot, as we’re gonna summarise everything there is to know.  Since we know how much you like your info to be presented schematically, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do – only providing you with the most essential events! So, vamos!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Fira Barcelona (on Gran Via, next to Plaza Espana)
  • PERIOD/DATE: 2nd March – 5th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: All the technology giants around the world will gather together under the same roof to launch their new products, provide tech predictions for the upcoming years and to give speeches on current trends! More details here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: All over the Gracia neighbourhood
  • PERIOD/DATE: 3rd March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Also called ‘The Sweetest Festival in Barcelona’, 60 tons of sweets will be thrown on the streets of Gracia celebrating the curing of a baker that lived in the 1830′s that vowed to do a pilgrimage to the Sant Medir Chapel in Sant Cugat by playing a drum and handing bakery products on his way! Need more info? Click here!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Different clubs around the city
  • DURATION/DATE: 6th March – 8th March
  • DESCRIPTION: Perfect opportunity for the young people from abroad (students, interns, young professionals, etc.) to go wild at the best parties for internationals in town! More on this event here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Fira Cornella, Cornella de Llobregat (outside Barcelona)
  • PERIOD/DATE: 6th March – 8th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Every scuba-diving afficionado’s dream, a fair featuring all that ‘s new in the field of scuba-diving, such as gear, destination and so much more! Here‘s more info about the event.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Montjuic Hill
  • PERIOD/DATE: 8th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: If you wanna get some mud on your face, then head to this extreme sports event in Montjuic to see live motorcycle stunts and crazy bikers! More info required? Go here!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Plaza Blanquerna
  • DURATION/DATE: 8th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: With a very cool slogan ‘We can do it!’, the flea market organised this year also marks the International Women’s Day, all the money obtained from sales being redirected to the catalan charity L’Asssociacio de Dones Ca l’Aurelia, helping women from Catalunya fight against domestic abuse. You can find more details about the event right here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Sala Marques Comillas, Museu Maritim Drassanes
  • DURATION/DATE: 13th March – 15th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Freenlance beer brewers all across the Globe presenting their masterpieces in a grand 3-day event near the Barcelona harbour! This year food will also be available, so prep yo taste buds y’all! Much more info here.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina, Plaza Espanya
  • DURATION/DATE: 15th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Runners from all around the world will try to complete the 42km track in less than 6 hours in one of the most famous Marathons ever created! Here is a link with more details.



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Camp Nou Stadium
  • DURATION/DATE: 18th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: 2nd leg of the Last 16 team in Uefa Champions League, Barca will be facing Manchester City after a 2-1 victory in Manchester!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Camp Nou Stadium (also)
  • DURATION/DATE: 22nd March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: El Clasico, ladies & gents, clash of the titans, most expected event of the year in the football world! Barca has to win this one, as they must make it up to their fans after the 1-3 away defeat against Real Madrid in October! Don’t want to pay the very expensive ticket? Here are the best bars you can watch football in Barcelona!



Events Barcelona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Montjuic Hill
  • DURATION/DATE: 27th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Who Robie Williams is goes without saying, this time the artist being on his ‘Let Me Entertain You’ Tour, in a marvellous atmoshpere on Barcelona’s rooftop – the Montjuic Hill! Wanna find out some more? Then why don’t you click here?



Events Barcleona March 2015

  • LOCATION: Sant Jordi Club, Montjuic Hill
  • DURATION/DATE: 30th March 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Celtic funk beats will be rockin’ from the Montjuic Hill on the night of the 30th March, when the irish band will be having their concert as part of their ‘No Sound Without Silence’ tour! For tickets and details, follow this link.


Fine selection of events in Barcelona in March 2015, SuiteLifers, don’t you think? We surely think so! Let us know how any of these went  after you’ve seen them! We’d like to know about that in the comments section below!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

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