Passeig de Gràcia: A Photographic Tour

Paseo de Gracia Barcelona


Passeig de Gràcia in Catalan or Paseo de Gracia, is one of the most famous and expensive streets in Barcelona. The Spanish “Champs Elysées” is an open-air museum of modern architecture, this is a unavoidable place to have a stroll during you stay in Barcelona! Luxurious shopping or just normal shopping, enjoy a break at a local coffee bar or restaurant, go to the cinema, etc. We can do a lot!








The street starts at Plaza Cataluña and finishes where Carrer Gran de Gracia stars, at Casa Fustler Hotel, over 1.5km.


Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça catalunya



tile passeig de gracia

The first kind of art that we can find in Paseo de Gracia is -lower your eyes- the ground! With this orignal type of tile which was created by Antoni Gaudi.








Let’s discover Paseo de Gracia more and more with the # street number.

At the very beginning of Paseo de Gracia, #1, there is a beautiful Apple store and #4 Catalana Occidente, an insurance company.

Passeig de gracia barcelona


8# Then, on your right, there is Casa Antoni Rocamora designed in 1914 by two brothers, Joaquim and Bonaventura Bassegoda,  this building looks to renaissance gothic with lots of ornamentation.

Casa Antoni Rocamora paseo de gracia


#13 Comedia, a cinema with 5 auditoriums.

comedia paseo de gracia


#16 Zara home, a nice furnishing store where you can smell a pleasant interior fragrance which creates a family atmosphere and provides a feeling of well-being. It helps you transform your ideas into reality to decorate your dream home.


#19 Borsa de Barcelona, The Stock exchange of Barcelona has a privileged location but nowadays the street is more filled with tourists than with businessmen; times are changing.

Borsa de Barcelona paseo de gracia


#35 Casa Lleó Morera created by Lluis Domenech i Montaner.

Casa Lleó Morero paseo de gracia


#41-43 y #35 are  ”Illa de la Discòrdia”  (Block of Discord).
#35 La Casa Lleó Morera,  #41 La casa Amatller  designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch and  #43 Casa Batlló designed by Antoni Gaudi, (part of the “World Heritage Site”) constitute the Block of the Discord. The name “Illa de la Discòrdia” was given because the buildings are very closely constructed, all at the beginning of the 20th Century and designed by three of the most important architects of the Catalan Modernism whose styles were very different.

Passeig de gracia barcelona block of discord


#66 Casa Vídua Marfà.

casa maria paseo de gracia


#68 Hotel Majestic 5 stars.

hotel majestic paseo de gracia


#96 Vinçon opened its doors to the public in 1941, founded by Enrique Leviand Hugo Vinçon. During this period the business’ main activity was the wholesale of porcelain, fine china and glassware. Between 1967 and 1990 they decided to venture and explore the emerging industry of the contemporary design of household objects. From this point onwards innovation happened at all levels and the foundation was laid for what eventually would become one of the most exclusive and representative stores in Barcelona. Today their brand enjoys international prestige.

vinçon paseo de gracia


#102 Hotel Paseo de Gracia 1 star.

Hotel passeig de gracia


Junction between Passeig de Gràcia and Avenida Diagonal.

Junction between Passeig de Gàcia and Avenida Diagonal

Junction between Passeig de Gàcia and Avenida Diagonal


Luxury shops, don’t go too hard on the credit card !

luxury shops paseo de gracia


#115 Cine Casablanca Kaplan with 3 auditoriums. The Cine Casablanca opened on 13th December 1980. The cinema was named Casablanca in homage to the 1942 Michael Curtiz film “Casablanca”. Unfortunately  it was closed in 2011.

Cine Casablanca Kaplan paseo de gracia



#132 Casa Fuster, a luxurious  5 star hotel classified as a monument hotel ends Passeig de Gràcia on a high note ! With 96 rooms and suites, gymnasium, panoramic terrace, etc., Casa Fuster proposes a distinguished service and is an excellent place for visitors or businessmen. It’s also where Woody Allen always stays when in BCN.

casa fuster passeig de gracia





Have you checked out all of these sites yet? What’s your favourite part of Passeig de Gracia? Let us know in the comments!

~ Lucie

A Cheap Secret Bar in Barcelona: The Antic Teatre

The Antic Teatre: A Cheap Secret and Local Bar in Barcelona

We’ve already written about secret bars in Barcelona but today we show you a particularly amazing secret bar in Barcelona in El Born neighborhood. If you’re looking for alternative cultural events/shows, a secret place for locals and cheap drinks, then The Antic Teatre is gonna be your favorite place ever.

Antic Teatre cheap Bar in Barcelona


The Antic Theatre can be found next to the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Urquinaona Metro Station), in a narrow street which doesn’t let you believe that an awesome place might be hidden right there. To access the theater/bar, you have to enter through a small door, then take the stairs. As you go up the stairs, you will hear, little by little, more and more noise, which will lead you to the discovery of a parallel world. Perched upon the terrace, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden below, often crowded with locals, artists, young hipsters…


Antic Teatre Barcelona


You can sit on the terrace or in the garden enjoying your 2€ beer or 3€ glass of wine – that’s right I didn’t lie about cheap drinks – and participate in all kinds of alternative shows: music, dance, poetry readings, exhibitions, etc…


Show Antic Teatre Barcelona


The best time is obviously Spring and the Summer but the shows take place inside during the winter and it’s not as if Barcelona is a cold city, so you’ll still survive in the garden year round.

Don’t wait any longer, run for it! Check out more information about L’Antic Teatre.

Check out the following blog if you have more interest in cheap bars in Barcelona!

Have you been there? Do you have any other suggestions for secret bars in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!



The Top 12 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Barcelona

Top 12 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Barcelona

As Airbnb’ing seems to be taking the world by storm, we decided to curate a list of the top 12 Airbnb rentals in Barcelona. Let’s get started!

#1 Artist Retreat


top 12 airbnb rentals in Barcelona

Looking for something original? Then you’ll love this flat, A chair on the ceiling, old clocks and scale on the wall, and multiple piled up wood crates used as a table. Pretty original, right?

Check out this original artist retreat

Price: 512€/month


#2 Welcome a Board, Sir!


Yacht Rental Barcelona

This time you won’t live in a stable place. But you’ll come out better off, with an awesome view of the sea, fresh air and an awesome experience! To share with up to 10 persons. Ahoy!

More Photos here, Boy!

Price: 7000€/night


#3 Barcelona Voyeur Flat


Great View Flat Barcelona

Barcelona has no more secret in this place. The walls are made of glass so that one enjoys the view on the city and the sea.

Want to see more I guess

Price: 1100€/night


#4 The Penthouse


Penthouse AirBnb Rental in Barcelona

You are the King of Barcelona, overlooking on the city. Your castle might not be the Kingdom’s biggest but what views!

Check out the Penthouse

Price: 70€/night


#5 Scarface Villa


Living room Scarface Villa Barcelona

Starting with the classics but efficient: 550m² Villa + 330m² Outdoor =Swimming pool + Jacuzzi + Billiards + Table Football, etc

Check out the whole description and photos of Scarface Villa

Price: 900€/night


#6 Flat of the Stars


Building Cave Rental Star Flat Barcelona

A 160m² Suite + rooftop private spa on Passeig de Gracia? Check. A basement to organize secret big parties or events with your star friends? Check. Private entrance for celebrities to escape the prying eyes of the paparazzi? Check.

You’re looking at a star flat.

More Photos of the Flat of Stars!

Price: 1300€/night


#7 The Castle of your Dreams


Great View Castle Living Room Barcelona

This is THE castle. Enormous, old school interior, big garden, and the best view ever of Barcelona and the sea.

Check out all the photos of the Castle of your Dreams.

Price: 1500€/night


#8 Luxury/Design Flat


Luxury, Design Airbnb Flat in Barcelona

The professional Designer would approve of this flat: spacious, original designed chairs, the material acts like a mirror and makes the room look even more spacious. Apart from that, the flat is very spacious with some columns and a balcony on Passeig de Gracia!

Check out the Designer Flat.

Price: 330€/night


#9 Princess Hippy Flat


Hippy colorful flat in Barcelona

Beautiful, colorful, hippy flat right in the central Gothic Neighbourhood of Barcelona!

Check out more photos of the Princess Hippy Flat.

Price: 118€/night


#10 Brick n’ Born


Airbnb Brick Flat in Born Barcelona

Inside walls are made of brick, it looks so cosy! Balcony View on Santa Caterina Market as well!

Check out this awesome flat in Born

Price: 99€/night


#11 Unique balcony view on Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia View Flat Barcelona

Even if the flat is not that big and has nothing special really, the view from the balcony is quite unique, you couldn’t be closer from the Sagrada Familia.

Check out the photos of the Sagrada Familia flat

Price: 110€/night


#12 House of the Catalan Architect


The architect Flat in Barcelona

Very big “Art Nouveau” flat with beautiful cornice ceilings in a “Catalan Modernisme” building of 1905. Located just at the foot of the Tibidabo hill.

Check out the architect flat

Price: 160€/night


Now you just have to win the lottery to get one of these beauties. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!



Foradada Waterfall in Catalunya : Welcome to Heaven

Day Trip from Barcelona: Foradada Waterfall in Cataluña

Looking for some new day trips from Barcelona? Want to discover Catalunya? Can you believe that this photo below is not actually taken in some East Asian paradise but right here in our own backyard? Check out our secret spot in Cantonigros, Cataluña, Spain!

Foradada Waterfall in Cantonigos, Catalunya

The Foradada Waterfall is one of these awesome secret places everybody loves to hear about. Just looking at this photo above leaves me speechless. A haven of peace in a secret forest, a small water fall that goes into a grotto surrounded by rocks. Plus, the sun goes through a natural hole made in a rock in certain periods of the day: a postcard moment before your very eyes.

How to get there

It is not that easy to get there, but come on, it wouldn’t be a secret after all if it was too easy to reach the place ;) If you go by car, from Barcelona you have to go north and take the C-153 until Cantonigros, which is the next village after Santa Maria de Corco. When you arrive in Cantonigros, you’ll see almost immediately a football field on your right, you’ll be able to park your car right next to it. Then you’ll have to follow the main track which is yellow-marked and walk for about 20 minutes. You will start hearing the beautiful sound of the water fall (and maybe the locals swimming/refreshing themselves because of the heat during the summer), you’re arrived to heaven! Taking public transportation is a bit of a trek, to say the least, but you can do it like this:


Location Foradada Waterfall Cantonigros in Catalunya

If you don’t want run into other people, you better go during the Spring as you might know this place is kind of awesome during the summer, and you might not be the only one to think that.

SuiteLife tips: You can also go there during the winter, and if it’s cold enough you’ll have the privilege to see the fall frozen: magical!

Foradada Waterfall frozen in Winter

Have you been to the Foradada Waterfall? We’d love to hear any additional tips you might have in the comments. Let us know!



Barcelona Street Profile: Carrer Joaquin Costa

Joaquin Costa: Barcelona Street Profile

El Raval is famous for being kind of an infamous neighborhood and we feel like that is total bullsh*t! This is an amazing, eccentric and eclectic neighborhood with many awesome things to do and today we take a look at one of its emblematic streets, Carrer Joaquin Costa.

Carrer Joaquin Costa Street Barcelona


The street name came from the Catalán politician, lawyer, historian and economist who was known to be the major representative of the “Regenerationism”, which was an intellectual movement that searched for the causes of Spain’s (as a State) decadence. The street is located in the Raval neighborhood, part of the old town. It starts from the metro station “Universitat” and goes down until reaching the center of Raval at equal distance from ”San Antoni” and “Liceu” metro stations.

As many other streets of this neighborhood, Joaquin Costa is a narrow, charming street full of shops, bars or restaurants, but also public buildings such as the Goya Theatre and the Centre Aragonés.

Shops on Joaquin Costa


- Fusta’m


Workshop Barcelona Fusta'm Joaquin Costa

Looking for a unique workshop? Then you’ll love Fusta’m! It all started almost 4 years ago with an idea of a couple, which was to restore old pieces of furniture from the 50′s, 60′s or even 70′s styles. You’ll find only authentic furniture, lighting and different decorative trinkets. Not only is it possible to buy these awesome pieces but you can also rent them for special occasions, events.

P.S : Entering the shop, if you’re curious enough, you’ll see behind the seller an old tapissery which is of origin.
Fore more info, check out Fusta Website

- A la Premsa d’Aquell Dia: The one-of-a-kind shop in Barcelona

A La Premsa d'Aquell Dia Barcelona Joaquin Costa

The story begins 20 years ago when, after a few trips around Europe (more precisely to Belgium, France and England) seeing a few shops selling unique old newspapers and magazines, a couple and their daughter decided to create their own shop back in Barcelona. They first settled in Carrer del Tigre in the Raval Neighborhood before moving to the next and current street Joaquin Costa 4 years ago because the shop was getting too small to stock all the newspapers and magazines they wanted. Even if one can think they also sell French magazines (because of the few “Paris Match” in the window display), they actually only sell Spanish newspapers. But if you’re interested in old newspapers in other languages they might help you find it by contacting some colleagues around Europe. The best example the couple told me was this time where a client wanted an english newspaper talking about the  titanic as it was not famous enough to talk about it in the Spanish newspapers. They finally found one that they bought for 12500 Pesetas (75€)!

A la premsa d'aquel Dia Barcelona Joaquin Costa

According to the couple, the two kinds of articles most wanted are the newspapers first step on the moon and the World Wars.

When going out of the shop, you can stop by the ”Lletraferit” Library Café just accross the street and grab a café con leche while reading a book! This place was actually funded by Diego Gary, son of famous French writer Romain Gary and American Actress of the 60′s Jean Seberg.

Fore more info check out A la Premsa D’aquell Dia Website

- Bubub

Bubub also caught our attention because of its old sign representing a cartoon dog, bringing back its past of Toy shop. Nowadays it is a small Greengrocer with great fresh products for a decent price! Vegetarians are gonna love it.

Bubub Greengrocer Barcelona in Joaquin Costa




Betty Fords Bar is a pretty famous bar located in this street, known for hosting hipsters but also for their good cocktails and burgers! Excellent place to start your parties!

Betty Ford's Bar Barcelona in Joaquin Costa


If you’re interested in a completely different kind of bar, we recommend you to go to Granja de Gava, a unique centenary bar which, as its name suggests, was a farm originally (Granja means Farm). It also saw the birth of a famous Catalán writer Terenci Moix in 1942. When you enter the bar, you can hear a soft jazz music and see an astonishing statue in papier-mâché of a giant fat lady decorated by a huge slice of pizza on her head. There are also art exhibitions, for example there is currently oil paintings of the local Marta Cino which are actually for sale.

Granja de Gava Bar Barcelona Joaquin Costa


Olimpic bar will be for people who don’t want to spend much money or beat about the bush: 1€20 a beer, 3€50 a Mojito, Caipirinha or Spritz, that’s right. And if you don’t believe me, check this out:


Olimpic Bar Barcelona Joaquin Costa


No wonder it is always packed…

Finally for the story, this awesome street once hosted one of the most famous Serial killer of the city, Enriqueta Marti who was called “La Vampira del carrer de Ponent” (Ponent street being the former name of Joaquin Costa street). So that you understand why she earned this name, she used to kidnapp dozens of children, make them prostitute and/or kill them. And with the rests (skin, blood, fat, hair, bones…), she’d make potions, balsams, etc. What a lovely person she was! :)

Enriqueta Marti Barcelona Joaquin Costa





Whats on in Barcelona in March 2014: Our Top 5

What’s on in Barcelona in March 2014: The Top 5 List


Are you seriously bored in Barcelona, or are visiting and want to know what’s on in March 2014? Check out our Top 5 Events in Barcelona in March 2014:


#1 Sitges Festival


Sitges Carnival Barcelona


Impossible to miss this Gay Carnival in the little town of Sitges, a few kilometers away from Barcelona. The festival starts on the 27th of February, the main parades take place on Sunday the 2nd of March and Tuesday the 4th of March. More than 300.000 partygoers will gather and dance the night away in the streets of Sitges. If you think this festival is only reserved for Gays and Lesbians, you couldn’t be more wrong! It is a unique festival gathering Gays, Lesbians, Trans but also any person of any race, age, and culture who just want to have fun and celebrate together.



Sitges Parades Route


#2 Spannabis


Spannabis Fair 2014


If you want to learn everything about Cannabis, its use, products related to the consumption of Cannabis, etc, then you should run to this fair! For a lot of people throughout the world, this might sound weird or unreal to have a public fair in such a big city as Barcelona, nevertheless Spannabis will take place from 14th to 16th March for the Eleventh year in a row in Barcelona.

Learn more about Spannabis and check out the video of Spannabis 2013 :


#3 25th Guitar Festival Barcelona


25th Guitar Festival Barcelona


From February, the 20th until July, the 5th, tons of concerts of different kinds of music are organized everywhere in the city.

Check out the program of the festival and extracts of the miscellaneous bands playing during this period :


#4 Mecal: The Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival

Mecal Short Film Festival 2014


The 16th Edition of the Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival will start on the 6th of March and finish on the 30th of March. So basically, whenever you arrive to Barcelona, you have no excuse not to go there and check out some of the films shown in the different venues!

For more information, check out the Mecal Website!


#5 El Clasico : Real Madrid – FC Barcelona


El Clasico Real Madrid FC Barcelona


For some of you (I guess coming from the American continent), this doesn’t sound quite familiar or you’ve heard of it as being quite a big game in Europe in that sport you might know as “soccer”. Now that you are in Barcelona, you better get used to this sport if you want to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere in Barcelona before, during and after the “Clasico”. The second-one of the year, for the second leg, will unfortunately take place in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid on Sunday, the 23rd of March but you’ll be able to feel the tense in every street of Barcelona.

Game on!


The Top 5 Most Photographed Spots in Barcelona

Drumbrolllllllll Please!

According to a Google’s recent “heatmap” study, Barcelona is the 3rd most photographed city in the whole wide world, following only New-York and Roma. But I won’t let you wait any longer to discover which are the most photographed spots in Barcelona…

#1 Park Güell

Park Guell in BarcelonaAnd the answer is… PARK GÜELL!  A tiny bit surprising to us (We had originally guessed Sagrada Familia) Park Güell is the most photographed place in Barcelona with its amazing view of he city. Tourists, lovers, and locals go to that park to enjoy the sunset or listen to some music or just take a leisurely stroll through the park. Awesome!




#Casa Batlló

The Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Being one of the most famous Gaudi houses in Barcelona, tourists seem to rush rush here after arriving to Barcelona. Passing by everyday, I see that the place is always crowded with swarms of tourists taking pictures of this beautiful Gaudi masterpiece.









#La Pedrera

Gaudi's Casa Mila in Barcelona

Again, it is no surprise that a Gaudi’s chef d’oeuvre is one of the most visited and photographed in Barcelona. Its unique architecture and amazing roof are the main reasons of it being visited by many!





#4 Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria Del Mar Basilic in Barcelona

This amazing Catalan Gothic church located in the beautiful neighborhood of “El Born” has remained in good shape over the centuries and has today a great success for its unique architecture.







#5 La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Finally you say! It is quite a surprise indeed that the Sagrada Familia, this world-famous expiatory church has not come up earlier. Gaudi’s most famous masterpiece is still unfinished and has therefore been been mocked quite a bit. However, whether you like it or not, everybody will agree that the church is one of the most unique in the world.





If you want to know the complete ranking of the most photographed spots in Barcelona or you want to learn about your favourite cities, just look at Google’s Sightsmap! ;)




Barcelona: TOP Events for FREE in November!

What can you do in Barcelona in November for FREE?

November is in full swing and perhaps you want to try to save some money for Christmas presents? What about some events for free in Barcelona?? SuiteLife has chosen the TOP 5 for you!

#1 Jazz Photo Exhibition

The Galerie of the Institut Français presents an exhibition by photojournalist, illustrator of several album covers and jazz muscian enthusiast Sophie Le Roux. Sophie has travelled with her camera to every jazz festival for over 30 years!

The exhibition is on throughout November from Monday to Friday (10 am – 9 pm) and on Saturday (10 am – 1 pm).

More information is here.

barcelona music


#2 Cinema from Cuba

Different movies in different places around Barcelona! Movies are gonna play till the 20th of November, so don’t miss it!

Check a schedule.

barcelona music

#3 Free meditation

The change of weather maybe hasn’t made you feel so great recently so how about a little relaxation? The Art of Living arranges a one hour meditation session every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 pm for free . Don’t hesitate to book your session here – places are limited!

barcelona music


#4 Ska – ska – ska SKASTI BAND!

On Saturday the 9th of November Basque band Skasti are going to be playing live! Get ready – the event starts at 10 pm in Parc de Clot.

barcelona music

#5 Tap Jam

Tap Jam in Parc Ciutadella? Yes! Lets watch this show for free! It’s on every Sunday between 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Awesome, see you there :)

For an example click here.

barcelona music

Did we miss any other cool events for free?? Let us know in the comments below!

Saludos amigos!


~ Ivet



Places to visit in Barcelona : The Bunker

Places to visit in Barcelona : The Bunker


Places to visit in Barcelona


I have been in in this beautiful city for almost a full month now , and I want to tell you guys about the Bunker because it is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Barcelona. My flatmate told me about it having a 360 degree of the city and being at a very high place, it sounded exciting so I got intrigued and asked her for directions. I invited my friend, who has been here from just 3 days and she was just as excited as I was. We knew we had to take the Metro to a stop called Afons X ( L4 Yellow). So we were on our way to one of the best places to visit in Barcelona.

When we got out of the metro we just really liked the neighborhood, it was calm and very green. We saw the hill called Rovira with the Bunker on top and we began walking that direction. Slowly as we began to go up, every time we turned around we saw how high we were going, and we just took breaks for like 2 or 3 minutes to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Places to visit in Barcelona

It might be tiring to reach the top, but it is a part of the whole experience. At one point we reached a bridge and the view from there was fantastic, we could see La Sagrada Familia, Montjuic ,the sea, and now we were about to explore another point which instantly goes to the list of my personal favorite places to visit in Barcelona. When we reached the top we read the informative signs, the Bunker was built in 1937 during the civil war. The Museum of History placed several boards to tell story of this captivating place. We had a wonderful look of the city, it is easier to see how big Barcelona actually is, and we were there during the sunset, the sky absorbed many colors and we felt almost hypnotized by it.

Places to visit in Barcelona


This is an ideal place to take your girlfriend/boyfriend to, also to just relax and watch the beautiful scenery while you read a book, and I am sure photographers will adore this place. If you are visiting the city, the Bunker is a must, one of the best places to visit in Barcelona.

You can also check our old post on Barcelona Sights: The Bunker

Do you know any other unique places to visit in Barcelona? Let us know!

~ Etien

Driving in Barcelona with GoCar

GoCar Barcelona – have you tried it yet?

Driving in Barcelona is probably in all of our minds as a way to get to know the city, at least when your legs start to feel tired after walking everywhere. Well, what could be better than to get a bit of wind in your hair to cool you in this hot weather and drive a convertible? If this car also guided you around Barcelona and even told you some jokes, wouldn’t it just be perfect? Now, you’re probably wondering what this car is about, so please watch this video to get a better picture of GoCar. You should definitely try it!


The storytelling Car

Driving in Barcelona

Here is the first vehicle GoCar Barcelona offers you: a powerful and convenient convertible. Let’s be honest – this car is not like BMW 6 convertible, but the main thing is the attitude. This small vehicle is more than just a normal car: it is also your personal guide telling you the things you must know about Barcelona. Take it easy, sit back and relax. The maximum speed is 40 km an hour so there is no need to rush, and you also avoid the risk of getting speeding fines. Let this car be your personal Barcelona guide and enjoy the views. Additionally (and this is the best bit) if you book through Suitelife you get a 10 euro discount.



Driving in Barcelona

Let’s move on to another option with GoCars: the Renault Twizy. It’s not a convertible, but is quite handy in traffic because of its small size. GoCar offers you a variety of different tours. For instance, if you don’t have that much time to enjoy this amazing city, Gocar’s one hour tour it’s a perfect option for you (it takes you to the popular sights including Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas etc.). Be green, be cool. Try the electric Twizy car.


Have you tried GoCar already? Let us know about your experience with it.

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