New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 – best venues in the city!

What to do for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2014-2015

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015


Hello everyone! As promised before in the blog about Events in Barcelona in December 2014, the blog about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 has finally come out with the ultimate purpose of providing you with some hints & tips on where you should go and what you should do to have an unforgettable experience during the night between the years! New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015 should be something memorable for all of you, accordingly take an extensive look at what’s written below – it’s gonna make your New Years a blast!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Best spot for an outdoor  celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! Be prepared for concerts, visual shows, flashing lights and human towers. Highlight of the evening – a 15 m high iron figure called ‘L’home del millenni’ (The Man of the Millenium), put on stage by the Catalan theatre group Fura del Baus.

New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

The centre of the middle of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya will be the meeting point of all the tourists that usually spend New Year’s Eve outside, in the central points of their cities. After cheering ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’, the vast majority will most likely hit the pubs and bars on Las Ramblas – the most famous street in Barcelona, which is literally adjacent with the Plaza.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Considered to be one of the most atmospheric venues in the whole Barcelona due to its narrow size, Poble Espanyol is thus a more intimate approach towards spending the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015. With retro music concerts featuring ’70s/’80s/’90s styles, the tickets cost 35€ and include five drinks, hot chocolate and a party bag! VIP tickets are 45€.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

What can be better than a beach celebration of New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? We’re telling you – NADA!! Grab your friends and your booze and be prepared to raid those beaches accompanied by other crazy people, all waiting for the marvellous fireworks from midnight! If you feel ‘adventurous’, you can try the parties from the W Hotel – 50€ to enter to the W lounge; 100€ for the Eclipse bar.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Oh, Good ol’ Razzmatazz! Of course it couldn’t be missed from the list of venues for the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015! With a unique ambience, Sala Razzmatazz can be the best choice for a techno clubbing, especially for those of you that are into electronica ‘warehouse’ parties. Tickets are 50€ (till midnight) and 40€ afterwards.



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Alongside with Razzmatazz, Opium is also one of the most touristic clubs in Barcelona. Situated by the beach, it will also give you the opportunity to admire the midnight fireworks from shore, while enjoying excellent loud electronica! Ticket prices are 50€ (including one drink).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Flamenco in its purest form! If you’re looking for the real thing for New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, then Tablao de Carmen is definitely the place you will have to hit! All Spanish New Year’s Eve traditions gathered in one place to delight your senses with music, dances and amazing food, drinks and service!



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

Wanna hear some latino vibes  during the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015? Then off you go – Harlem Jazz Club! Do your warm up before going there, you are going to need all the muscles in your body, as the salsa, afrobeats or bossa nova style music will make you shake yo’ ass so hard that the next day not only you will feel the hangover, but also a very acute muscle soreness! Tickets are extremely cheap (considering other venues) – 16€ (live music and dj session after 2am).



New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015

For those of you who just wanna take it easy and chillax after a long 2014 year while enjoying a great 3-course Spanish dinner plus dessert, we recommend you the Hard Rock Cafe. Dinner, dessert, party bag and drinks will be 100€, whereas if you only wanna drink, it will cost you half.


Having mentioned all this stuff, have a crazy New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015, a Happy New 2015 Year and may all your wishes come true in 2015!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


New Year's Eve in Barcelona 2015



Events in Barcelona December 2014!

Events Barcelona December 2014

This is it, ladies and gents – SuiteLife’s blog on events in Barcelona in December 2014! Feeling the holidays atmosphere already? That’s good, because we’d like to serve you a glimpse of the Barcelona December atmosphere, so have a close look at what happens here during this awesome month! To help you plan your visit to the heart of Catalunya, we’ve put together a list of the most important events in Barcelona in December 2014, so clap along and sing with us: *FELIZ NAVIDAD, FELIZ NAVIDAD / FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROSPERO ANO Y FELICIDAAAAD!*



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Plaza Catalunya
  • PERIOD/DATE: 20th November 2014 – 6th January 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: just the typical artificial ice rink. Did I say typical? It’s not at all typical – it’s in the most central point of Barcelona!
  • ENTERTAINMENT TYPE: Sports / Leisure



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: different venues throughout the city
  • PERIOD/DATE: December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: the biggest gospel singers around the world gather together for one of the most famous gospel music shows, delighting the crowds during a three week period in December 2014!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Avenida de la Catedral (front of Barcelona Cathedral)
  • PERIOD/DATE: 30th November – 23rd December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: an almost 250 year old Christmas market, this event features traditional Catalan and Spanish Christmas gifts and sweets in a festive atmosphere within the oldest part of the city – Gotico!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Argenteria Street, El Born district
  • PERIOD/DATE: 1st December – 24th December
  • DESCRIPTION: Similar to Fira de Santa Llucia mentioned above, this Christmas market features almost the same products, but in a more intimate ambience; in addition to that, performances happen take place there every day in the interval 6pm – 8pm!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Palau Sant Jordi
  • PERIOD/DATE: 6th December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: Sir Elton John in a one of a kind concert in Barcelona!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Camp Nou
  • PERIOD/DATE: 7th December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: The most heated local derby starring Barca and Espanyol!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Camp Nou
  • PERIOD/DATE: 10th December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: Barca and PSG in a titan clash on Camp Nou to establish the leader of group F of the Uefa Champions League 2014/2015!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Casa Batllo
  • PERIOD/DATE: 12-13th December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: The International Festival of Contemporary Art, a follow up event of the Global Art Agency!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Museu de Ciencies Naturals
  • PERIOD/DATE: 19th December 2014 – 1st January 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: More than 50 live poisonous and venomous animal specimens gathered together into a convention of dangerous animal species held at the Barcelona Museum of Natural Sciences!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: all over Barcelona
  • PERIOD/DATE: 25-26th December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: Public holidays in Barcelona, families enjoy escudella y carn d’olla (meat stew), seafood and truffled turkey, finishing off with great ingots of turrón (traditional Spanish sweets). Surprisingly, there is no Santa Claus in Catalunya, his role being replaced by ‘Caga Tio’ and ‘Caganer’ (‘The Pooping Dude’ and ‘Crapper’), who are supposed to ‘poop out’ the presents for the kids. More about this strange Christmas stuff right here!



Barcelona Events December 2014

  • LOCATION: Fira Montjuic
  • PERIOD/DATE: 27th December 2014 – 4th January 2015
  • DESCRIPTION: Children’s Festival, where the little ones can have some fun, participating in activities, workshops, challenges and lots of games! Oh and also concerts!



Events Barcelona December 2014

  • LOCATION: Barcelona port
  • PERIOD/DATE: 31st December 2014
  • DESCRIPTION: A boats and yachts race around the world starting from Barcelona on the New Year’s Eve, expected to finish after approximately 3 months (March 2015)!



Events Barcelona December 2014


All these being said, have an awesome stay in Barcelona! We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may all your wishes and resolutions come true next year!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

Top 10 Things To Do In El Born

Surrounded with pedestrian streets, cool boutiques, great restaurants and cocktail lounges, El Born is surely the trendiest neighborhood in Barcelona. Unlike La Rambla and Gothic  Quarter always being full of tourists, I find El Born more funky, charming and intimate while wandering and being lost here. That’s why I want to introduce you top 10 things to do in El Born, which is an exciting discovery about local art, culture and vibrant nightlife.


1. Palau de la Música – Music Palace:Top 10 things to do in El Born

“It’s like a crown which surrounds and embraces you” is how the famous Opera singer Montserrat Caballé has described the Palau de la Música. Indeed, Palau de la Música is a masterpiece of Domenech i Montaner, a contemporary of Gaudi. From outside, the Palau is made of red bricks and decorated with colorful mosaics and busts. Inside, its sculpture represents on one side the “Ride of Walkiries” and on the other side, the figure of Beethoven. The hall’s splendid glass cupola roof can probably take your breath away. Palau de la Música has over 350 concerts per year, making it a symbol of Catalan music and culture as well as the first destination to visit in El Born.



2. Santa Maria del Mar:Best things to do in El Born

I randomly caught Santa Maria del Mar while I was walking to the very end of the authentic Carrer de l’Argenteria. Located in the heart of El Born, Santa Maria del Mar is a beautiful example of Catalan Gothic churches  as well as links close to Catalan history and traditions. The church is called  ”Saint Mary of the Sea” because the sea once lapped at the foot of this church, which is hard to believe. Santa Maria del Mar does not give a very big impression from outside as it is hemmed in by many nearby small streets. But the spacious and light interior can win any one’s heart. The lauded light streams in through tall clerestory windows, while the central nave and two flanking aisles separated by slender octagonal pillars give an enormous sense of lateral space.



3. Carrer Montcada – Picasso Museum Top things to do in El Born

As a connection between the busiest streets of El Born, Carrer Princesa and Passeig del Born, Carrer Montcada is the home of 4 museums and various art galleries. That’s why it is considered as the art street of Barcelona. If you are an art lover and want to know more about one of the most influential artists – Pablo Picasso, then Picasso Museum is definitely worth visiting ! You can find more about the best things to do in Carrer Montcada here

Address: Carrer Montcada, 15-23


4. The Passeig del Born

Being packed with modern tapas bars, boutique stores and cafes, Passeig del Born is one of the most fashionable streets and nightlife hot spots in Barcelona. This charming avenue stretches from the old Born market to the beautiful Gothic church Santa Maria del Mar. With its medieval flavor, it is very relaxing and nice to have a stroll here or just simply sit on one of the benches under the shade of trees and feel the world go by.

El Borne


5. Parc de la Ciutadella: Top 10 things to do in El Born, El Borne

Parc de la Ciutadella is located in the east of El Born. Being the biggest park in Barcelona, it is the urban “green lung” of the city and very famous among local people. For me, this is the perfect place to chill out with your friends or families. I really love spending a few hours here at the weekend to relax on the grass, enjoy the sunshine or to have a stroll around the English-style garden. You can find many things to see here such as beautiful Castell dels Tres Dragons, Parliament of Catalonia, the Cascada fountain, lovely Umbracle, glass house, the waterfall and lake. Also, on the other side of the park, there is the Barcelona Zoo which makes a perfect family day out.


6. Tapas tour:

El Born is a cultural hub of Barcelona, where you can find plenty of cozy tapas bars of outstanding quality. During the night, El Born turns into a very funky area with a lot of options for a buzzy dinner. Why not get together with your friends and take a tapas tour with our Tapas Tour Guide in El Born here

Tapas in El Born


7. Cocktail barsTop 10 things to do in El Born, El Borne

El Born is amazing for late night hang out. The area still maintains a high degree of local life and has a laid back street party vibe. Whether you like classy or quirky, El Born’s alleys offer you a wide selection of fantastic cocktail bars. The Passeig del Born itself has around 20 bars. Some highlights cocktail bars and lounges are: Coppelia (a luxury bar with magnificent interior design and very good life-long cocktails), La Vinya del Senyor (nice view to Santa Maria del Mar), Mamaine Bar (this one has great Mojito and true Catalan style) and La Luna  (it has a beautiful restored 17th century arches and soft lightining with delicious mojito)

8. BcnKitchen cooking class

Fun, enjoyable and being close to Catalan history and traditions than ever,  BcnKitchen cooking class will bring you an unforgettable experience by learning about Catalan ingredients, techniques and recipes with local chefs. From going to markets, cooking around the kitchen, then to siting down at the table with new friends,  you will get directly into Barcelona, Catalunya and then Spain bite by bite, sip by sip. It is definitely one of the funnest activities in Barcelona ! Check out BcnKitchen’s website here

Address: Carrer de la Fusina, 15

Best things to do in El Born

9. Seafood at La Paradeta

La Paradeta is very famous among seafood lovers. This restaurant has the most appetizing and freshest sea food you can get. As soon as you walk in, you will see a huge display of all kinds of seafood. After selecting the seafood you want, they will immediately cooked. When the dished are ready, the chef will call you and you need to get them by yourself. With great prices and a friendly casual atmosphere, La Paradeta is worth having dinner here ! Small tip: La Paradeta gets very busy. You should be there at least 15 minutes before it opens if you don’t want to queue!

Address: Passatge Simo 18

Top 10 things to do in El Born, Eating in El Born, El Borne

10. Santa Caterina marketTop things to do in El Born, El Borne

Being hidden in a brightly colorful roof, Santa Caterina is one of the liveliest markets in Barcelona. If you go inside, you will be amazed by sights and odors from astonishing array of fruit, cured meats, cheeses and fresh fish from the Mediterranean. There are also many stalls and restaurants that serve tapas and other Catalan specialties in outstanding quality.

Address: Av Francesc Camo, 16





If you think there are many other things to do in El Born, then we would love to hear from you, leave us a comment below.



The Full Moon Festival in Barcelona

Full Moon Festival (Fiesta de la Luna Llena) in Barcelona – a venue of music, dance and fire

full moon party barcelona

The Full Moon Festival in Barcelona or Fiesta de la Luna Llena – do these two entertainment concepts ring any bells? If the answer is NO, please continue reading this blog article. If the answer is YES, well a little bit of extra info never hurt anyone, right?

OK, so this article will answer the 5 W’s and the H – WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, WHO and HOW that every tourist coming to Barcelona should consider when deciding whether they should go to the Full Moon Festival or not. From our experience, it’s definitely a MUST-GO!


WHAT is the Full Moon Festival?                                  

The Full Moon Festival is a group of parties basically celebrating the occurring of a full moon. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been fascinated about viewing the full moon as an extremely occult phenomenon, which is why they have been assigning different powers or supernatural characteristics to it. For example, the early Babylonians thought the full moon made women more fertile, whereas the Amerindians used to give their children names containing the word ‘moon’ because they thought the Moon Goddess would protect the little humans from danger. Nowadays, the Full Moon celebration is a little less religious (we would argue pretty much profane), people gathering on the beach just to enjoy the moment by drinking, dancing and having fun.


WHEN does the Full Moon Party happen in Barcelona?

The Full Moon festival takes place during a 14-month period, starting in July (current year) and ending in October next year, with events happening once every month – as the Full Moon appears. The next event will be held on 8th October 2014 at 11 PM in the evening, so if you will be in Barcelona at that date, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!


WHERE can you find the Full Moon Party in Barcelona?

The answer for this question is the Mar Bella beach (Playa de la Mar Bella), one of the most famous beaches in Barcelona.


WHY should you go to the the Full Moon Party in Barcelona?

Because FUN, that’s why!!! You will be witnessing a spectacular show done by acrobats juggling with fire, acro-yoga and so on. In the background, you will be hearing rhythmic beats of drums, accompanied by other instruments such as trumpets or the traditional Spanish castanets. Because the music is so good, you will see people dancing  and feeling the good vibe of the whole atmosphere, so don’t be shy and join them! They will be glad to have a new member in the dance crew!

WHO goes to the Full Moon Party in Barcelona?

In short, all the people with latin ‘caliente’ blood, eager to experience an adventurous and energetic night under the moonlight, as well as tourists with a different concept of entertainment than the cliche-ed night out in a crowded club . If you are one of them, don’t miss out this event, as it represents the pure essence of open-air fun!


HOW can you get to the event?

There are several ways to get to the Mar Bella Beach. The best one is to use the metro (closest stop would be Llacuna on the yellow L4), combined with a little bit of walking (15 mins). Another way is to take the bus N8 which will leave you 10 minutes away from the beach.


Finally, if you want some more info about the Full Moon Festival in Barcelona (as if what we have provided so far is not enough), you can always click here.








Aquarium in Barcelona

While having a holiday in Barcelona, visiting an aquarium is not the first choice for most people. However, L’Aquarium is definitely worth seeing, especially if you come with your kids. Located in Port Vell, L’Aquarium features a fantastic harbor and sea view, which gives you a chance to explore the port area, the Maremagnum Mall and the L’Aquarium. All in all, they offer a great family day out and a break from the heat of the day as well as letting your children have fun and explore the undersea world. So, let’s discover the largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world: L’Aquarium Barcelona.

L’Aquarium has a total of 35 aquariums representing the sea life of the Mediterranean Sea, tropical waters and other unique species, which makes you feel as if you are having a journey around the world! Although there are a lot of big tanks, it is easy to follow the instructions. You just need to follow the sign-posted path and you will not miss anything.


The one that everyone looks forward to while visiting any aquarium are the walk-through tunnels. The spectacular Oceanarium is a transparent 80-metre-long walk-through tunnel letting you experience the most amazing Mediterranean species from all angles. Through a underwater walkway in the Oceanarium, I had an exhilarating feeling and the closest look at beautiful and unique species than ever before. The real stars of L’Aquarium are two types of sharks: the sand tiger shark (Carcharias Taurus) and the sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus). The Oceanarium is a microcosm and a house of many of the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea such as: ocean sunfish, rays, guitar fish, etc.


Let the avalanche of colors begin by enjoying fascinating tropical fish and corals from the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea,… These tropical aquariums will bring endless fascination for your children, as they can easily recognize Nemo, Dory and Sebastian from Finding Nemo in real life.

Tropical fish


In Planeta Aqua, I am sure you will have a lot of fun by discovering many creatures which can adapt quickly to diverse conditions. Piranhas, tropical turtles, jelly fish and especially penguins will amaze you! If you are penguin lovers, you cannot miss this place as Planeta Aqua contains a tank full of penguins that are ready to play with you.

Penguins tank


Explora Zones are designed especially for children to learn about underwater life by joining many interactive activities. The space has 50 interactivities covering all senses: seeing, hearing, touching and smelling. Besides, the pre-booked activity “Sleeping with sharks” offers the chance for children (aged 8-12) to spend a night with sharks.

There are several restaurants, cafes inside and outside L’Aquarium. After you discover all the corners of L’Aquarium, I recommend that you to have a drink or a meal here and enjoy the stunning view of the harbor, the sea and the sun.

Children's area


L’Aquarium is quite near the center and can be easily reached by different modes of transport.

  • By car: B-10 motorway (Ronda Litoral), junctions 21,22 or 23
  • By metro: you can use the L3 metro and stop at Drassanes station or L4 to Barceloneta station. If you stop at Drassanes station, you will be at the bottom of the Ramblas. At this point, there is a wooden bridge, just cross the bridge; then you can see Maremagnum mall. From here, you need to turn left and you will get to L’Aquarium.
  • By bike: At the entrance of L’aquarium, there is a bicing bike station.


Harbour in Barcelona

Port Vell



  • Opening time: 9:30AM
  • Closing time:

- Monday-Friday: 9:00PM
- Weekends and bank holidays: 9:30PM
- June and September: 9:30PM
- July and August: 11:00PM


  • Less than 0.90m: Free admission
  • 0.90m to 1.10m: 5 € (“Mini”)
  • 1.10m to 1.40m: 15 € (Child)
  • Taller than 1.40m: 20 € (Adult ticket)


So, let’s prepare and have an amazing underwater adventure in L’ Aquarium !


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