World Cup Semi-final – Spain vs Germany

Spain has a big game tonight against Germany and it will be a tough one. It is the first time the current European champions have reached the semi-finals in the World Cup. The winner will face The Netherlands in the final. Despite reaching this stage, Spain’s World Cup performance has not been outstanding so far. Even as one of the favourites to win they lost their opening game to Switzerland and gave a lacklustre performance in the following matches.

They struggled for most of the quarter finals against Paraguay and only came alive during the second half with a goal from David Villa – one of the few players to have performed consistently well. This has taken them into the semi’s to face a very strong and ruthless German side that will be cautiously optimistic to put in 4 goals as it did against both England and Argentina.

A large part of the Spanish squad is made up not just of Barcelona FC’s team, but of Catalans. The mid-field and defence have seen Barcelona players such as Puyol, Pique, Iniesta, and the ever agile and intelligent Xavi, show flashes of brilliance. Together, however, they have had trouble getting the flow of their usually devastating play, and creating opportunities that their quick passing opens up in many of Barcelona’s matches. Torres, like some other ‘stars’ (Ronaldo, Rooney, Kaka) in the World Cup, has been far from his best.

They will have to pull it all together tonight if they stand a chance. For the Germans this is a match to avenge their 1-0 defeat at the hands of Spain in Euro 2008. For the Spanish this is an even more important match, perhaps the most important in their history. Villa is one goal away from equalling Raul’s 44 goal record. He will be hoping he can surpass that and take Spain into their first World Cup Final. The match is on at 8.30 this evening.

What are Spain’s World Cup chances? Let us know your thoughts and predictions.

What’s Going on in Barcelona: A Review of The MACBA and Current Exhibitions

Ultra modern”, “imposing”, or “impressive.” Call it what you will but you can’t really appreciate the vast cultural mix of what Barcelona has to offer until you’ve stepped foot in the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona). Wandering through the chaotic, narrow streets of the Raval, first impressions of this huge white contemporary creation are as mixed as the comments that surround it. Designed by an American, Richard Meier, this huge white mass of modern architecture certainly makes a statement and definitely provokes a reaction. However, what you cannot question is the talent that is housed within the striking, linear sharp lines of this museum and for that reason alone it has to be a “must see”.

Barcelona’s MACBA stands adjacent to the CCCB (Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture) and is a complete contrast to the old, charming character of the buildings that surround it. Yet, inside and out this ultra-modern, vast, plain space is still surprisingly stunning. Following the sloping ramps inside the building, you’ll find yourself stumbling upon the small discreet gaps within the enormous, white, concrete sheets of wall. Behind them, are carefully hidden exhibition rooms waiting to be discovered. Whether day or night, light rips through structure giving it energy and life, capturing your attention from the moment you enter and holding it until the moment you leave.

Since 1995 the MACBA in Barcelona has been home to a permanent collection, carefully put together with help from some of Catalonia’s other highly regarded artistic institutions. However, for the next few months a small collection of temporary exhibitions from three very different artists, have taken up residence.

First and foremost is French artist Gill J Wolman, “I am Immortal and alive.” (Until January 2011). Whether you like his work or not you cannot take away his pioneering contribution to modern art. His passion and involvement with the Letterism movement is clearly reflected throughout the 250 pieces on display. His scotch art is fascinating, created simply by tearing strips of printed paper and taping them to wood or canvas. This is the first monographic exhibition of Wolman’s to be held in Spain.

Next, Benet Rossell, (Until January 2011). His fascination with looking at language without code led him to reject classical ideals and create some contradictive works of art. As a spectator you’re drawn in to a mix of media, optical objects, film, speechless comic strips and drawings, all successful at arousing debate.

Finally, the MACBA presents work from a multitude of artists which together help illustrate the lives of Dorothee and Konrad Fischer, “archives of an attitude” (until Oct 2010). Fisher was an extraordinary curator and promoter, significantly influencing art throughout the sixties and seventies. On display is an exciting concoction of ideas, talent and creativity, all shaped in some way by Fischer himself.  Whilst wandering through this variety of expression you’ll often come across some little treasures, like the early works of Gilbert & George.

The museum and the exhibitions on show can be appreciated at any time of day but if you have the option, try visiting the MACBA during the evening. Despite the many skateboarders that flock there, at night the Museums interior possesses a stillness that seems impossible for a structure of its size, leaving you in peace to revel in the artistic talent held inside. So, when you’re next exploring the bustling, thrilling atmosphere of the Raval be sure to take a detour and explore the MACBA, you won’t regret it!

Kerry Jessop – Contributing SuiteLife Blogger

macba advert Barcelona -

macba ex2 Barcelona -

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Top 10 Free Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most expensive towns in Spain, it is said. Well, it can become a relatively cheap city to live in if you know where to go!

The 10 best free things to do in Barcelona

There are tons of things you can do for free in Barcelona. Check this:

magic fountains barcelona free things

1)     Montjuïc Magic Fountains : the super famous fountains lie in front of the castle next to Plaza Espanya. Montjuïc Magic Fountains are activated at night twice a week (on Fridays and Saturdays) for an amazing and totally free show of colored water splashing around in music. Hours vary according to the time of the year (Summer/Winter). You won’t see anything if you’re right in front of the central fountain, plus you’ll be wet in a second.  The best spots to watch the Montjuïc Magic Fountains are either from the castle above or from the footbridges above the street.

chocolate museum barcelona free things2)      Barcelona free Museums: many Barcelona Museums are free! Some are free every day. Some open their door for free on the 1st Sunday of the month: the Ethnological Museum on Montjuïc, the Museu Picasso in the Borne on Carrer Montcada, the Museum of Textile and Industry in the same street (if you want a good laugh about fashion in the early 20th Century, go for it!) and the Geological Museum in Parc de la Ciutadella (it might sound boring, but check it out with your friends, you’ll have a blast observing the difference of light passing through different crystals!). Others open for free on the 1st Monday of the month, like the Museum of Chocolate on carrer del Commerç displaying a workshop where masters train their skills – watch out girls, danger zone…

3) Barcelona Beaches:  no comment…  See for yourself!

chocolate museum barcelona free things4)      Barcelona Parcs & Gardens: find Barcelona’s Garden near the Borne, Parc de la Ciutadella. Young families, runners, students lying on the grass love this peaceful parc. Parc Güell is more touristy of course and you’ll have to take the Green Metro line to access it but it’s a must. If you want to see all Barcelona, go all the way to Parc Horta (metro stop: Mundet, Green Line) and enjoy the fresh air and a breathtaking view on Barcelona and the sea. Also climb the Montjuïc passing through Poble Espanyol  (charming little village) and discover the Botanical Garden.

5)      Barcelona Churches:  churches and cathedral are a crucial part of the European History and jewels of architecture. The Cathedral Santa Maria del Mar, in the heart of the Borne, is one of the most impressive and beautiful ones. Wandering around the city, you’ll stumble upon several of them without doubt. Do not hesitate to enter!!

San Felip Neri barcelona free things

6)     Barcelona street entertainers: although the majority of Barcelona street entertainers is located on the most touristy spots of the city, Barcelona is still full of them. The most impressive are working on Las Ramblas, scaring people, entertaining them with their creative tricks and characters. If you want to make pictures of the living statues though, you’ll have to pay them. You also can watch dancers and musicians for hours.

7)      Barcelona Festivals: it is true that Spain is a country where everything happens on the street. Walk along, everything is free, and discover all famous festivals in Barcelona, especially the Barcelona Neighbourhoods’ festivals. The most famous one is called la Festa Major de Gracia at the beginning of August. Locals living in Gracia decorate the streets with waterfalls of colourful objects so that you have the impression you’re walking in a surreal tropical forest.

gracia fiesta major barcelona free things

8)     Barcelona Fairs & Markets: you could end up spending money to taste this tomato or this jamón,but you could also just walk around the stands, enjoying colors, smells and noise! La Boqueria on Las Ramblas is not the only market in town, each neighbourhood has one. Barcelona is a market city!

9)      Watch a Barça game in a bar: you might spend a few euros for a beer, but you might also just stay there, squeezed between passionate Catalans cheering and roaring for 90 minutes. It’s fun, especially if Barça wins!!

10)   Barcelona Nightlife: this is seriously a real danger for your wallet. BUT we assure you that you can go out for free in Barcelona! You can for instance put your name on a guestlist on Facebook or other website. Pay attention to the requirements: some clubs let you in for free provided that you buy a drink (like Roxy); some of them don’t. Just drink before going (it’s not totally free, but it’s cheaper than in the disco!). And if you’re a girl, I’m sorry to say that, but you can let people buy you drinks. Or just find the PR, talk with them, they’ll offer you coupons for free drinks. Be creative! You’ll end up enjoy Barcelona nightlife as much as and for less than others.



What’s going on in Barcelona: A Personal Sonar 2010 Experience

I’d heard it noted as the “festival with a difference”, read too many reviews to count, watched closely as cool posters of ghosts started appearing in every corner of the city and scanned the website a thousand times.  Then it came and the 17th, 18th and 19th of June was upon us. For myself along with thousands of others it was the time when the anticipation subsided and the real excitement began. SONAR, Europe’s premier electronic music festival, was back in Barcelona for 2010. I couldn’t wait!

The Sonar experience started early, squeezing every festival lover for all the excitement and energy they could muster. For most of us, the day before the festival was when the party started. Barcelona, known for it’s varied, cool and crazy party scene erupted into life and in every corner of the city pre sonar parties sprung up out of the woodwork. The only dilemma you had was choosing between them!

Based in Barcelona’s stylish Eclipse Bar, the famous club, Studio 80 kicked it off for me by inviting DIYNAMIC for a spectacular pre Sonar Party. With the venue set high on the 26th floor of the W Barcelona this fantastically designed space played host to a cool crowd, offering fresh cocktails, stunning views and a first class setting.  As the sun went down, the music went up and the DJ’s began the festivities by spinning some great tunes.

This set the standard. I now couldn’t wait to see for myself what Sonar had to offer and why it had gained a reputation over the years as one of the most respected electronic music festivals around. Spoilt with two excellent venues and a top line up which included LCD Sound system, Air, Chemical Brothers, Roxy Music, Pete Tong, Dizzee Rascal and Hot Chip my expectations were high.

My first Sonar experience came with a trip downtown. I made my way to the Center of Contemporary Culture (CCCB) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) the backdrop for Sonar by Day. The scene was much more chilled than I’d imagined but was perfect for the mixture of live concerts, DJ’s and multimedia art that were available to the masses.
The moment I was dreading then came, the point where Sonar by day turns into Sonar by night and a sea of people spill out on to the streets and make their way to location number two.  The “party-goers”, hungry for more entertainment, headed to Plaça de las Drassanes where complimentary buses were provided. However, I’m not sure whether it was too many mojitos, the festival feeling or a little bit of luck but the trip for me was surprisingly simple.

Sonar by Night lived up to its name and the atmosphere was electrifying. Held in the large conference centre “Fira Gran Via” it was divided between three main arenas’, each sporting a unique yet equally explosive personality. The entertainment delights that rocked between the rooms were exhilarating. For me The Chemical Brothers did what they do best and put on brilliant show that left the crowd in awe.

The sonar festival was unbelievable. As it came to an end I found myself with many others unwilling to let go of the experience and embracing whatever after-parties Barcelona had to offer. Secret Sundaze stepped up with precision timing and showcased a brilliant open-air party at La Terrazzza. Hat’s off to Dj’s Patrice Scott, and The Mole for a perfect ending to a perfect festival weekend. The verdict, Sonar Barcelona 2010 was a triumph and I’ll definitely be back next year!

- Kerry Jessop

List of most recommended terraces in Barcelona for the summer of 2010

most recommended terraces in Barcelona summer 2010

Summer in Barcelona is best spend on terraces and beaches of course there are so many things you can do in Barcelona in the summer. Like going to the open air cinema on montjuic or plan a day trip but one of the things that almost everybody likes is enjoying a drink and a snack on a terrace. We found a list of most recommended terraces in Barcelona that we would like to share with you.

Terraces with a view

In the street Pau Claris number 150 you will find the terrace of Hotel Claris, it is one of the first and opens at 11:00 am until 02:00 pm and offers you the possibility to have lunch or have dinner. Three times a week they offer live music: Bossanova, Jazz and Blues.

On Pmost recommended terraces Barcelonaaseo de Gracia 68, you will find Hotel Majestic the terrace is called dolce vita with some of the nicest views of Barcelona, this year the opened a Japanese bar, occasionally they have live music. The terrace opens at 20:00 pm. And closes at 01:30.

Hotel Condes de Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia 73, a fine place with a terrace that has spectaculariews of la pedrera and the sagrada familia. Every Wednesday and Sunday the have live music. The bar service cocktails and snacks and have an informal tapasMost recommended terraces Barcelona bar. They are open from 12 until 02:00p.m.

Casa Fuster on Paseo de Gracia number 132 opens its terrace at 21 until 01:00. the terrace is the décor for their thematic music evenings, every Friday they have a Woody Allen theme night playing the music and sound bites of his films, the hotel is a special building that is worth the visit.

Terraces on ground floor

Hotel Mandarin on Paseo de Gracia 38. the garden of hotel mandarin is a terrace in the middle of the building where the design of the building provides intimacy for its visitors. The music is chill out even though sometimes they have a DJ spinning the wheels. They serve lunch and dinner and cocktails. A recent new five star hotel with style.

Hotel W at the beach, the terrace is completely new this year it is open to the public until 22:30 and Sundays they extend the opening hours, they have the copacabarna parties inspired by the Brazilian beaches they serve cocktail in a wide variety as well as the snacks. Definite worth a visit.

Hotel Arts on Marina 19, The Arola nights are the stake of the hotel and for this year the developed a new selection of gin tonics to accompany the music evenings that take place every Thursday evening until the 26th of august from 23:00 o’clock in the evening until 03:00 at night.

Hotel Juan Carlos I on avenida Diagonal 661. The terrace is called the garden and has character like the name implies for the 25.000m2 of gardens that surround it. The ambient music relates perfectly with the surrounding and the dishes served by the chef Daniel Candeal.

Have you been to another recommendable terrace in Barcelona this summer we will be more than happy to know about it, give us a shout.

Cheers Oli.

Cine Montjuic: Enjoy the Open Air Movies in Barcelona

sala montjuic barcelona open air cinema 2

Spend a perfect evening at the Montjuic cinema! Also called Cine Montjuic or Sala Montjuic, the 8th Edition of this outdoor cinema up the hill of Montjuic will seduce you in every way: perfect location, fantastic view over Barcelona, great programme and romantic skies full of stars…

How does Cine Montjuic work?

The Montjuic cinema is located right at the foot of Montjuic Castle and will operate from Monday, July 5th to Monday, August 8th , only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Cine Montjuic’s doors generally open at 8.30am on a concert, followed by a movie.

What is Cine Montjuic‘s movie programme?

This year’s movie selection includes a wide range of nationality and time periods. Indeed, Cine Montjuic will play 1925 movies as well as 2009 films, from all origins : French, British, Peruvian, American, but also…

  • Swedish (2009): Let the right one in is one of our favourites. The main character, a little blond boy, is being bullied by his classmates, until he meets someone very, very strange indeed…


  • Spanish (1965): El Verdugo tells the story of a funeral undertaker who gets married to an old executioner’s daughter and must continue the profession of his father-in-law after his retirement, which is not to please him…


  • Israeli (2009) :Waltz with Bashir took part in the Cannes Festival as a unique documentary relating the horrors of the 1982 Lebanon war under the form of an animé. You’ll be stricken by its beauty and delicacy.


How much is Cine Montjuic‘s ticket?

Tickets cost 5€ and are sold at the castle on the day of the screening (from 8.30pm) or on Caixa’s website, knowing that 2000 tickets are available at the castle and only 500 on the website. Once you’re up there, you can rent chairs for 3€ each.

And what about you? What movie do you prefer?



Sant Joan in Barcelona Catalunya

Dia De Sant Joan Barcelona Catalunya
Bonfire Sant Joan Barcelona Catalunya
One of the Catalan holidays is: el dia de Sant Joan, I will try to give an idea what goes on that day of the year here in Catalonia.

The traditional party in Catalonia is the celebration in honor of Sant Joan (St. John the Baptist) and takes place in the evening of June 23. It is common in many areas of the country. Parties are organized usually at beaches, where bonfires are lit and a set of firework displays usually take place. In Catalonia and Valencia, special meals like Coca de Sant Joan are served on this occasion.

The Coca de Sant Joan is the most famous pastry of all Catalan traditions. There are many variations of Sant Joan pastry for instance before the fruit is topped on the pastry some add a fine  topping of marzipan with a little egg white a topping of creme or crema catlana, which is a local version of creme. Some pastries include yoghurt, almonds or pineapple.

Pastry Coca de Sant Joan holiday Barcelona Catalunya
There is a pastry that has the same name but is made with vegetables and tuna not exactly the same taste but nice as well.
There are only a couple weeks left for el dia de Sant Joan. When the day arrives go out and celebrate with the locals it will be an experience you wont forget.

Sonar in Barcelona

What’s going on in Barcelona ?

Who ever misses Sonar in Barcelona while being in Barcelona commits a ruthless crime…

sonar in barcelona

What is Sonar Music Festival ?

The Sonar Festival in Barcelona has been organized in June in Barcelona since 1994. This year is the 16th edition of Sonar in Barcelona, which will show case great names of electro music, may they be DJs or bands, such as The Chemical Brothers, Air, LCD Soundsystem, Fuck Buttons, DJ Hell or Cluster. Sonar Music Festival hosts more than 100 worldwide artists for your purest delight!

In short, Sonar is THE 3-day-long show to see!

Check the programme of Sonar Music Festival for today and Saturday,  and remember that there’s a difference between Sonar by Day from 12noon to 10pm and Sonar by Night from 9:30pm till 8am (on Friday and Saturday nights). Both take place at different locations and have different style of music (Sonar by Day is of course more relaxed).


What do people say about the Sonar Festival in Barcelona?

“I went about 3 years ago and loved it. I’m going again this year. The night venue isn’t fantastic (three cavernous warehouses quite far from town centre, which I didn’t think did Bjork justice) but they had great bands and DJs on, and the daytime venue (around the modern art museum) is really cool and laidback.” Amaretto, on Festival Freak

“Many people might say that with all the festivals held in the UK this year, what is the point of travelling all the way to Spain to do it?
Well, for a change from the usual globalised commercial music UK dance festivals have become renowned for, coupled with guaranteed weather and some amazing surroundings Sonar really offers something completely different, new and fresh and I am sure even those with truly commercial tastes couldn’t help but get absorbed into the startling atmosphere, and the six euro mojito’s help too!” Alex Bunt & Ian Russell.

Where to get tickets for the Sonar Festival in Barcelona ?

sonar MACBAThere are different tickets for the Sonar Music Festival:

The Sonar Pass costs 155€ – or 165€ if you get it at the festival ticket offices – for all shows! Sonar by Day and by Night concerts and activities except for Barcelona Teatre Grec, l’Auditori and Cosmo Caixa which also organize events related to the Sonar Music Festival.

The Sonar by Day ticket costs 39€ and lasts one day (Saturday’s sold out though!)

The Sonar by Night ticket costs 60€ and lasts one night. Choose it carefully…

Book and print them online with Ticketmaster; it’s the fastest way to get tickets for Sonar.

You can also book them by phone, going to Ticketmaster sale points throughout Spain and also to the Festival Ticket Offices (C/ dels Angels 7 for Sonar by Day, Fira Gran Via (M2) L’Hospitalet Av. Botànica, 62. Polígon Pedrosa  for Sonar by Night from 8pm Friday and Saturday).

How to get to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona?

This is not as tricky as it seems.

Sonar by Day takes place in MACBA and CCCB. Take the metro to Plaza Catalunya(red and green line) or Universitat (red line) then dive into Raval.

Sonar by Night is a bit further away, at Fira Gran Via (M2) l’Hospitalet in the South West of Barcelona, behind Montjuic. You can access it by bus, train or car/taxi. The bus is the best way to go there according to us as it drops you right in front of the buildings.

sonar in barcelona

Sonar music festival’s buses are running non-stop from 8.30pm till 8am from Plaça de les Drassanes. To get to the Plaça, just jump off the metro at Drassanes, on the Green Line.

Couldn’t get a ticket? No worry…

Off-Sonar parties are almost as famous as Sonar itself. You’ll find them on the beach, on the street, in clubs… everywhere, basically!! Everyone celebrates  Sonar in Barcelona!

Don’t have the luck to be there?

Then follow the Sonar festival in Barcelona on Sonar Music Festival’s radio!




SuiteLife Attends the SIME Fair for Barcelona’s Entrepreneur Week!

Barcelona Entrepreneur Week 2010 & The SIME fair

Yesterday morning part of the SuiteLife team joined thousands of other local and international entrepreneurs, startups and Investors for a morning of very special presentations and talks for the “Día del Emprendedor” Fair, held at the Fira at Placa España. The event was run by SIME, which is northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities and was part of The Barcelona Entrepreneur Week.

When we arrived yesterday morning, the beautiful Barelona sun was beaming down on us and the atmosphere at Placa España was full of excitement. We went to an outside pavilion and waited in anticipation for the SIME Conference Barcelona to begin. Ola Ahlvarsson, Chairman of SIME and a former world champion in Kickboxing, invited a very well-chosen selection of different industry leaders spreading across multiple industries.

We listened to some very interesting Keynotes about the digital future, mega trends, how to fail fast and restart entrepreneurial businesses. Interesting and quite amusing was the speech by Pablos Holman, A futurist, IT security expert, and world-class hacker.  In his speech “Inside the brain of a hacker”, he showed us how he is able to copy any key or how he easily he can lift all your credit card info in a split second using an 8 Dollar card reader he bought on Ebay.  But the really interesting part was the “malaria carrying mosquito laser killing machine” he and his team are developing in the US, which could solve one of biggest problems of Africa.

Also we listened to Ace of Base member Ulf Ekberg. Ace of Base sold over 24 million copies of their debut album with immortal pop songs like “The Sign” and “All that she wants”. We were really impressed with Ulf.  He’s very into new technologies and he gave us a great insight on the evolution of both the “music” industry (which he says is thriving like never before) and the “record” industry (which is about to go into extinction).  After he spoke we ran up to him and asked for a photo for the blog and he was super friendly.  Really great guy and we wish him the best on his new album coming out in October.

We think SIME and the Día Del Emprendedor Fair is a great opportunity for small business and startups like Suitelife to connect and exchange valuable entrepreneurial experience. If you have registered through the internet, most parts of all speeches and conference are free to join. The evening the fair ends, there is a huge open-air Party next to the Montjuic Fountains where you can meet the rest of the people involved in the Day of the Entrepreneur. You can get your ticket at the Day of the Entrepreneur Information Point located in Pavillion 8 at the Fira in Placa España.

Even our soon-to-be Director of Operations, Ranald, made it out!

Watching the World Cup in Barcelona – Netherlands vs. Denmark 2-0

Here in Barcelona the World Cup evening matches are broadcasted on public television and the daytime matches are shown in bars around the city.

watching world cup in Barcelona elia passing danish defenseThe Netherlands started their World Cup campaign on fine form beating Denmark 2-0. The first half was a rough start for the Netherlands as both teams were equally strong. Just into the second half the Netherlands took the lead with an unlucky header from the Danish player Simon Poulson. The ball bounced in the wrong direction and accidentally went in to their own goal. In the Barcelona bar the Danes were quietly watching the match.

The Dutch forward Van Persie made a pass into the box and Simon Poulson tried to head it out of but unfortunately for Denmark the ball bounced in the direction of the Dane Daniel Agger and, touching his back, made the ball go into their own goal. The Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt decided the match after the attack initiated by Eljero Elia.

The Dutch team had difficulty passing the Danish defense until Eljero Elia came into the match: the promising young player showing his creative moves and beating the defense.

The Danish had a few chances such as Brendtner’s header that barely missed the goal. The Dutch Rafael van der Vaart, Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie had a lot of opportunities but failed every time. Right after half time Holland took the lead because of Poulson’s header. It was only until Elia came into the match half way through the second half did the Dutch manage to get through the defense and create an opportunity scoring the second goal that decided the match.watching world cup in barcelona netherlands vs denmark

The left wing attacker expressed his perfect form and creativity passing the defense on various occasions, and thanks to his adroit play The Netherlands took the lead. Shortly after another substitute Ibrahim Afellay almost scored a third goal but it was kicked out of goal by Poulsen.

The Dutch bars in Barcelona were packed and someone fainted in the crowded steamy bar. The next Dutch match is this Saturday on the 19th of June at 13:30 against Japan.

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