As you know, Barcelona is preparing for the biggest party of the year – La Merce! People talk about it, tweet, share and instagram. It’s all around the place!

La Merce in Barcelona

After the useful posts of Jack and Marie about the first and second day of La Merce its my turn to give you some tips on what to do and where to go on Sunday the 23rd of September – the last day of the La Merce festival in Barcelona! You can find the full schedule if you click here!



The Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona La merce festivalThere’s a fun activity for all the early birds on Sunday which might be also quite suitable for those of you with little kids! The organizers invite you to “solve” mysteries around and in the aquarium!

All you have to do is pick up a special question and answer sheet at the information desk!




Pg Vall d’Hebron, 171 – right next to metro stop Mundet (L3)

barcelona la merce futsalIf you are fan of futsal and want to see an amazing show – go and cheer for the teams participating at “Mercy 2012″. As explained above, the Catalan municipality is organizing a tournament for people with mental illnesses where various teams will compete for the title! The tournament will be held close to the Psychology Faculty of the University of Barcelona.




Avenida Estadi 65-69 (next to the Olympic stadium)

Barcelona la merceThe Palace Albéniz is a palace built at the beginning of the last century, located in the city of Barcelona, Spain. It’s currently the official residence of the King of Spain on his visits to the city. Usually, the place is not opened to the public, but at the end of the day – THIS IS LA MERCEE! If you want to explore the gorgeous gardens and feel like a royalty – don’t hesitate to visit the mantion.





Cuitat Vella

La merce BarcelonaAnyone who has been in Catalunya must know what a castell is – the traditional for the region; the human tower! Originating from the south of Catalunya this custom can be truly called one of the symbols of Catalunya! Obviously, La Merce will offer you amazing performances of various groups. The meeting point is Cuitat Vella exactly at noon! Curious about the art of building a human tower? That is YOUR event!




la merce barcelonThis is the one event I know I would never miss! As a drummer wanna-be, I am so excited about this year’s show of La Talabada! Trust me, you don’t have to be a musician to enjoy the amazing coordination and composition of these guys! If you went to the Gracia festival you must have seen the groups of people banging the drums around the streets, followed by a huge crowd dancing and having fun!

The route of the group is  av. Portal de l´Àngel, Arcs, pl. Nova, av. Catedral, Pla de la Seu, Comtes, Santa Clara and finally plaza del Rei!


Via Laietana, 33 (Ciutat Vella)

Barcelona la merceDo you love fire? And what about mythical creatures? Dragons, demons and other scary characters will come alive and invade La Merce in Barcelona. Where? Just find the GATE OF HELL! When you hear the distant sound of drums piercing the air that is when the gates will open!


Barceloneta Beach

La Merce BarcelonaA festival without fireworks is like Barcelona without Sagrada Familia! And that is why the organizers along with two pyrotechnic companies have prepared amazing final of the La Merce party! They will be launched nearby Hospital del Mar so it is advicable to find a good spot right on the beach and enjoy the spectacle of light!




Obviously, I covered just a tiny spec of the tons of activities on Sunday for La Merce in Barcelona so I highly recommend checking the official schedule here. Also, don’t forget the useful posts of Jack and Marie about the first and second day of party!

Which events are you guys attending? Let me know by dropping a comment in the section below!






So yesterday I wrote a blog on the Free Walking Tour and now I am going to showcase some of the photographs I took on the tour.



Tour group at Placa del Pi


Carrer de la Boqueria street detail


Esglesio de Santa Maria del Pi


Placa del Rei


Spire of Barcelona Cathedral and Roman Wall



Roman Temple



Santa Eulalia also known as Barcelona Cathedral



Barcelona Cathedral entrance detail


Barcelona Cathedral Gargoyle. Open mouthed cow!



Palau de la Generalitat


Hope you liked the photos and feel inspired to want to go on the free walking tour and take photos!!

Why not send us some of your photos of Barcelona and we will post some to our Facebook page, The Barcelona Bible next week!

All photographs taken by me, Mo Sama!


Marie Obileye


Barcelona Free Walking Tour


Tour meets at Travel Bar on Carrer de la Boqueria, 27 for a 1pm tour.


If you are just arriving in Barcelona, then a great way to learn about the history of Barcelona is by doing a free walking tour. I have been in Barcelona and I have to admit that I don’t know alot about its history. The only reading I have done is a great book called The New Spaniards by John Hooper, which gives a thorough explanation and insight into Spain’s history.

Barcelona TourIf however you are in Barcelona and looking for a  more interactive history lesson, then this is the free walking tour for you!

I was actually a tour guide’s assistant for a year and a half while living in Rome. Our tours covered St. Peters and the Sistine Chapel. So, I feel I know what a good tour should look and feel like.

The guide of the free walking tour in Barcelona was Duncan, an Irish guy who came to Barcelona for a week and now 8 years later, he’s married and living the dream!! He is really knowledgeable and excited about sharing his love of Barcelona with us newbies! It is crucial to engage with the crowd and for them to engage with each other, so it doesn’t feel like a stuffy museum guided tour!! We had a big group of about 20 people and immediately Duncan put everyone at ease and encouraged us to chat amongst ourselves and get to know each other. I think this definitively helped us all to relax and really enjoy the company we were in!

The walking tour was meant to last 2.5 hours however we all must have asked lots ofBarcelona Cathedral questions etc that it was actually 3.5 hours but totally worth it! The free walking tour takes you to some of the highlights of Barcelona including the Gotico barrio, Esglesio de Santa Maria del Pi, Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Santa Eulalia (also known as Barcelona Cathedral).

The company Travel Bound who organises these free walking tours also do other tours and events such as a Gaudi bicycle tour, Flamenco and Tapas, a Spanish cooking class and more. Duncan can give you more information on these too and on local bars etc!

For those of you who haven’t done a free walking tour before, the tour is free to join, however as the guides are not paid it is up to each person to decide how much they want to pay. Obviously if you enjoyed the tour (and I dare you not to enjoy it!) then you should give a fair amount to support the tour guides. A fair price would be €10.

Barcelona Cathedral Free Walking Tour

Thanks to Duncan for a great free walking tour!

Keep an eye out for a photoblog tomorrow from the Barcelona Free Walking Tour.


Marie Obileye




Barcelona’s greatest festival, La Merce continues and the weekend promises to be packed with lots of excitement and events to keep you busy and smiling!

Our blog yesterday gave you some background about La Merce and its origins. Today I am going to showcasing some of the best events to go to on Saturday the 22nd.  With over 125 events to choose from, I’m sure you will find something that you would love to go see! Unfortunately I can’t cover all the events here now, however you can refer back to our blog or have a look at the official schedule of events.

La Merce events start on Saturday as early as 9am and will go on until the early hours of the morning! So be prepared, it could be a long day of partying!!


La Merce beach volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Pg Marítim de Nova Icària, 60, Sant Martí. 9am – 2pm and again on Sunday from 10am – 1pm.

Why not start the day off with a spot of beach volleyball! Sound good? It’s free to go to.  Here you can watch teams from France, Czech Republic, Cuba, Uruguay and Catalunya compete for the International Trophy of beach volleyball.


Beach Rugby

Barceloneta, 32

10am – 1.30pm and 5pm – 6.30pm

Another good sporting event at Le Merce will be held at Barceloneta and it isBarcelona rugby La Merce beach rugby! Again this is free to attend. The afternoon sessions will be the ladies and veterans. If you don’t know much about the sport, this would be great as the focus is on promoting the sport, with the help of the F.C Barcelona rugby team! This may be closest any of us get a F.C Barcelona player!!





La Merce MercèDansa


11am at Av Catedral, 1
6pm at Placa St Jaume

From 11am you can view some dancing from MercèDansa. Grup de Danses Aljama de Bétera are from Valencia and will be showing some traditional dances such as el Ball de forques de Nalec, la Moixiganga de Lleida, el Ball de llancers de Teià o el Ball dels romeus de Prats de Lluçanès. At the end of the morning and the afternoon they will also be performing el Galop de la Mercè, and everyone is invited to join in!


La Merce Sedeta Gospel Singers

Sedeta Gospel Singers

Placa Catalunya, from 11.25am

For something abit different, why not head out to listen to some gospel music from the Sedeta Gospel Singers.




La Merce Museu Europeu d'Art Modern

Museu D’Europeu d’Art Modern

Carrer Barra de Ferro, 5

12pm, tickets cost €9 or €7 (reduced price)


Alternatively you could have a guided tour of the Museu D’Europeu d’Art Modern. The tour lasts one hour and it is recommended that you reserve a space. It would be a great opportunity to learn more about some of the masterpieces within the museum.



Cirque Éloize

Castell de Montjuic, Ctra Montjuïc, 66

1pm and 6.15pm

Another event worth a look would have to be the show by the CanadianLa Merce Cirque Éloize group Cirque Éloize. Multi award winners, Cirque Éloize create moving performances that combine the skills and talents of the group. They are innovators whose performances are filled with magic and emotion and contemporary circus arts! This is a free event so there’s no reason to miss one of the best circus dance troops in the world!

For music lovers, there are loads of free concerts happening in the evenings and here are a couple that you may want to go see:

The Kooks:

Antigua Fabrica Damn from 10.30pm

Merce Musica: Concert “Africants”:

Placa Catalunya from 10.30pm. Featuring African music and dancing from Guinea, Cape Verde and Burkina Faso. Organised in association with l´Espai Àfrica-Catalunya.

So much to see, I can’t wait! Have a great time and let us know what events you too are looking forward to seeing.




Barcelona Festival – La Merce 2012: Tradition, Creativity and Music!


It’s time for Barcelona greatest festival, La Merce 2012 is just around the corner! This year’s fiesta comes with a lot of innovations, more participation from the citizens and much more creativity in the range of events. What is La Merce? Where is it? When is it? Don’t worry my friend, here you’ll find all you need to know! Aaaand we also have prepared a very special MUST DO LIST!

First of all, you have to know at least what the festival is about! Come on, don’t be lazy now!!

La Merce celebrates the day of the ‘Virgen de la Merced’ (24th of september). Our Lady of Mercy has been the patron saint of the city since 1868, when the pope ratified a decision that had been taken years before, when Barcelona overcame the plague of 1687. But it was only in 1902 that it assumed the same format as today. The Festa Major (as it’s said in Catalan) also had an important role after Franco’s dictatorship in Spain, as it was a way for the people to reconquer democracy.

Starting on the 21th and going till the 23rd, this year’s event is much more decentralized, happening all over Barcelona during the day and night, and also expecting much more interaction of the public.

The activities are uncountable, from street art to formal exhibitions, passing by concerts, theatre and spectacles, for all kinds of people and tastes! Checking the program for sure you’ll like so many things that you gonna get a bit sad, because of the impossibility of covering everything. Here, we have full agenda of highlights we want to share!


Interestingly about La Merce 2012 is that there are a few spectacles that happen on all 3 days, which is a relief so you don’t need to miss anything! Two of them that we are recommending are the Multimedia Show at the Sagrada Familia and the many technological interactive activities at Parc de la Ciutadella.

Barcelona Festival - La Merce 2012: Tradition, Creativity and Music!Sagrada Familia Multimedia Show

What is it? Light and color spectacle that will make the church alive. (check a hint of it!)

When? Everyday from 21h to 00h

Where? Sagrada Familia


The Park of the Light and Tecnhology

What is it? Multimedia activities and spectacles that you mix lights, sounds and fun with the public.

When? Everyday from 21h to 1h

Where? Parc de la Ciutadella


21th September – Friday night!

Three music concerts in three different places! Choose your favorite!


Howlin Rain – Part of the BAM (Barcelona Accio Musical)

Whaaaat? Blues and soul at its best!

Where? Plaza Reial

When? Friday, 21th sep – 23h


Merce Musica – Abbey Road

Whaaaat? Celebration of The Beatles 50th birthday!

Where? Plaza Sant Jaume

When? Friday, 21th sep – 23h30


Merce Musica – Gani Mirzo & Orquestra Àrab De Barcelona

Whaaaat? World of sounds in these two concerts! Fusion of Western and Eastern music will blow your mind with rhythm and creativity.

Where? Avinguda de la Catedral

When? Friday, 21th – 22h30 and 00h30


Remember: We always recommend public transport or bikes! =]

Stay tuned! In the next few days we’ll bring more and more stuff about La Merce! Any suggestion you might have, let us know! Also check the event official website!

Visca Barca!