Barcelona Events: What’s Happening in June 2012?

All the Best Events in Barcelona for June 2012


1. Moto Gp Catalunya 1st – 3rd

Moto GP comes to Barcelona in the Circuit de Catalunya race track on the first weekend of June.  This is one of the world’s fastest and most exciting motor sports and always attracts a big crowd.  The stadium has a capacity of 104,000 and there are only a few tickets left and you can get them for around 80 Euros.


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2. Barcelona Bike Week and Bike Show, 11th – 17th

This is a great annual event in Barcelona with loads of free activities for those who love bicycles.  There are over 40 free activities around the city and the week ends with a spectacular bike show held in the Parc del forum in diagonal mar.  Throughout the week you can rent bikes for free at Biciclot Maritim just off Barceloneta beach between 10 ma and 7 pm (see map).

Bike week Website

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Bike Show

The Barcelona Bike show is a huge annual event that lasts 3 day from the Friday 15th till the Sunday 17th.  This is a huge Barcelona event with loads to do for all the family and highly recommended for people who love cycling, skating, mountain boarding, roller blades, scooters and so on. There are loads of great shows from freestyle BMX to live music.  Check out our Barcelona Bike show 2012 blog for more info and photos or try the bike show website.

Bike Show Website

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Bike ride

On the last day of bike week there is a free fun ride for cyclists and roller skaters that takes you through the city and ends up at the bike show in the forum.  Everyone is welcome and you don’t need to register, all you have to do is turn up with a bike or skates.  The fun ride starts at 10 am on Sunday the 17th and starts at the junction of Carrer de Arago and Balmes.


Check out some of our other blogs to find out where to buy or rent bikes/skates.

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Sport shops in Barcelona


3. Sonar music festival, 14th – 16th

One of the best music festivals in Europe, sonar is a Barcelona event that cannot be missed.  Electronic music, Multimedia Art, Hip Hop, Pop, and general hybridization of music is what you’ll find at the famous Barcelona Sonar Festival, which is one of the best European electro festivals since 1994 and attended by over 80 000 people each year. Check out our Sonar 2012 Blog to learn more.

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4. Sant Joan 23rd and 24th

Sant Joan is the festival that celebrates the summer solstice in Barcelona and many would say that it is the biggest party in Barcelona.  Since it is the longest day, and the 24th is always a public holiday, on the 23rd of June there are huge parties all over Barcelona.  Most people go to the beach and stay up partying until the early hours of the morning.  There are fireworks and bonfires and lots of drunk people.  So head down to the Barcelona Beaches and get your party on!  Read our Sant Joan Blog to learn more.

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5. Pride Festival Barcelona and Pride Parade 22nd – 1st of July

Pride Barcelona is one of the most important LGBT festivals in the Mediterranean.  This is a great fun festival with 10 days of culture, sport, debate, entertainment, and parties.  Most of the fun will be on the weekend starting the 29th and on Sunday the 1st of July there will be a pride parade.  There is a pre parade party in Placa Universitat at 4 pm and the parade will leave from there at 6pm.  Check out our blog on Barcelona Gay pride 2011 to get a good idea of what to expect.


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If you know of any more cool events in Barcelona in June then we would love to hear about them.


Matthew Rutter


Sport in Barcelona: Enjoy our Strength Training Workout from Barceloneta Beach to Bogatell Beach

Strenght Training Workout

Circuit Training Workout on the Barcelona Beach

If you’re looking to pay sometimes astronomical gym prices in order to accomplish a little sport in Barcelona and you love working out indoors, then skip this blog because it isn’t for you! If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, the sun, and get some fresh air into your lungs than please keep reading.

From Barceloneta Beach to Bogatell Beach you will follow our plan and run like a beast with just 3 stops in which you’ll be working out! After that you will do the same but going from Bogatell back to Barceloneta. If you’re a little out of shape like us, and don’t wanna pass out in a heap along the way, we suggest you run on the pavement and not in the sand (that’s for the hardcore peeps!).  Work up to running on the sand though because it’s very good for your legs and feet and is much more gentle on your back.

Strenght Training Workout Map

Barcelona sport

The first stop is located between Barceloneta and the 2 towers of Ciutat Villa Olympica. There are often a lot of people at this ‘workout station’, and most of them tend to be juiced up gorillas working out a little but mostly admiring their own muscles. Anyways, just ignore them, they’re not looking at you anyways.

The second stop is just before Bogatell Beach, and for me, this is the best one as there are a lot of great machines you can use and  it is not so crowded.

The last stop is not so far from the second. There is an upright bench press where you can workout your arms easily. But, big muscles boys beware: don’t expect to much of this device, the weight is pretty light, so it is more for muscle toning.

This circuit training workout is one of my favourites and it’s perfect to get in shape no matter where you happen to be. Enjoy workingout in front of the sea with a little bit of salty air!

Body-building devices by stations:

Workout Barcelona

This circuit training is about 5.5 kilometers in length. I swear that if you do this every 2 two days, you will be in perfect shape in one month and you’ll have that sexy summer BCN beach body!

For more information, check our blog about Running in Barcelona or about general sport in Barcelona.

Also checkout our free ebook on Barcelona’s Best Beaches.

What are you doing for a little exercise in Barcelona?  Any good tips?

Cheers !



FCB Says Goodbye to Guardiola

FCB Football Icon Pep Guardiola Says Farewell

fcb pep guardiola barcelona

After 28 years of service to football, Josep “Pep” Guardiola has made the decision to take some personal time away from the sport that he loves. FCB, Barcelona’s football team and world renowned leader in the game will be losing one of the greatest players and coaches they have had in the 113 year history of FCB football. Guardiola has become a household name, and the Barcelona native has become a symbol of the commitment and enthusiasm that Barcelona holds to FCB and to football as a whole.

During a press meeting at Camp Nou on April 27, 2012, Pep gave his decision to the world that he would be stepping down as FCB’s head coach at the end of the season. The 41 year old cited fatigue and exhaustion as his reasons for  leaving the team. “I need to rest and move away”.

Guardiola can be considered one of Barcelona’s most successful coaches, adding 14 trophies to the club’s glass case. Guardiola has led Barcelona to 13 trophies since replacing Frank Rijkaard at the beginning of the 2008-09 season. With Pep at the helm of the football team FCB claimed three straight Spanish League Titles, won two Club World Cups, three Spanish Super Cups, two

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European Super Cups, and one Copa del Rey. His record from 2008-2012 is 116 wins, 11 losses and 24 tied games – Pretty impressive!


His announcement came six days after a loss to Real Madrid that cost the football club a chance at the Spanish League title. Guardiola said he made his decision back in December but he decided to wait until the excitement and fervor of trophy chasing was behind the team. Barca’s playoff for the Copa del Rey against Athletic Bilbao on May 25 will be his final game. As head coach, Guardiola molded such players as Lionel Messi, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, and Pedro Rodriguez. Guardiola’s players were in attendance except for Messi, who later wrote on his Facebook that he was unable to attend “due to the emotion I am feeling”. Easy to understand for the 24 year old who can give much of his success to the Barca coach.


Football Club Barcelona picked Guardiola’s assistant Tito Vilanova to take his place as head coach. Similar to Pep himself, the 42 year old Vilanova has been with the football club since his youth but never played for the senior club. Under the leadership of Vilanova the football club will most likely continue to function similar to how they have under Guardiola.

FCB, Barca, Barcelona Football Club, sports, Barcelona sports, Barcelona events

“I’m drained and I need to fill up. The demand has been very high and a manager must be strong. The new coach will give things I’m not able to anymore”.

Pep Guardiola gave his career and his life to FCB. He has helped make Barcelona a name to be recognized around the world. Children and football fans everywhere proudly wear the red and blue colors associated with FCB. The club and the city will miss Guardiola tremendously.

“I am proud of everyone I work with. This club is a powerful force — it is unstoppable. The one that will replace me (Villanova) is very able to take this on”.

Let us know how you feel about Guardiola’s departure from FCB Barcelona.





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Bruce Springsteen Coming to Barcelona

Bruce Springsteen Concert Barcelona 2012

Barcelona events, Barcelona night life, Barcelona musicYou may have not been “Born in the USA” but people worldwide know the song and the man who has been rocking for decades. As you might know “The Boss” is wildly popular in Spain and on May 17th musical legend Bruce Springsteen will be playing in Barcelona’s Paseo Olimpico. Bruce is traveling around the world playing his “The Wrecking Ball” World Tour. “The Wrecking Ball” will spend two days in Barcelona May 17th and May 18th. If you miss either of these concerts Bruce will also be playing May 13th in Seville, May 15th at Las Palmas, and one more June 17th in Madrid.


Springsteen has been playing his heartland rock since the 1970’s and continues to bring the world his personal style of poetic lyrics and musical stories. Springsteen has been awarded 21 Grammys, two Golden Globe Awards, and even an Oscar. He is  regarded by many as one of the most influential songwriters of the 20th century, and in 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him as the 23rd Greatest Artist of all time.


Barcelona events, Barcelona night life, Barcelona musicThe concert starts at 21h so make sure to get there early. Tickets are on sale now. Check out Barcelona events at for more information on the show. Don’t miss this historical musical icon when he is in one of the world’s most iconic cities.


Let us know if there are any events you are looking forward to this summer in Barcelona. Keep rocking.




Barcelona Events: What’s happening in May 2012

All the Best Events in Barcelona, May 2012

Barcelona Events: What’s happening in June 2012

Barcelona Events: What’s happening in July 2012

Labour Day 1st

The 1st of May is a national holiday known as ‘Labour Day’ in many countries and Spain is one of them.  There will be some demonstrations in and marches led by trade unions in the city centre.  They will usually be around Placa de la universitat and passeig de Gracia.


Barcelona Poetry Week 8th – 17th may

Barcelona’s international poetry week is one of the many Cultural Barcelona events that take place each year.  There are poetry readings in many places around the city and most of the poetry is in Catalan or Spanish.   Check out the website for more details.


Barcelona events

Sports Film Festival FICTS (2012) 10th – 12th

This year is the 3rd edition of the Barcelona international FICTS festival.  It is part of the world FICTS challenge, which is a collection of sport film festivals in countries all over the world.  There will be 70 films, based on a variety of different sports, competing in this year’s festival.  The main venue for the festival is in the heart of park de montjuic at the ‘The Museu Olímpic’ and ‘de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch’.  For more information see the website.


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Spanish Gran Prix 11th – 13th

Formula 1 is coming to Barcelona! The Spanish Gran Prix is held just outside Barcelona each year at the Circuit de Catalunya, Montmelo.  28km North of the City.    There are many covered stands around the track and ticket prices for the weekend go from over €3,500 (paddock club ticket) down to just above €200.  So if you want to watch Alonso, Vettel, and Hamilton race round a track at unbelievable speeds then check the Gran Prix website for more info and tickets.


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Tibidabo Race, 19th

La pujada al Tibidabo is an annual uphill race that goes all the way to the top of mount Tibidabo.  The race is 9km long and is part of the Up hill Series.  The race goes through the beautiful Collserola Park and throughout the route you get amazing views of the city.  So if you like running and a bit of a challenge then this is not to be missed.


Route Map

Barcelona events

Museum Night, 19th

This is a great event each year in Barcelona where more than 50 museums throughout the city remain open during the night until 1 am and they are all free to visit.  Last year over 100,000 people took advantage of this great opportunity.  There will also be activities such as concerts and performances.  This is a night of fun you can’t miss.  For more information check the website.



Spanish Cup Final (Copa del Rey) FC Barcelona Vs Athletic Bilbao, 25th

FC Barcelona will compete in the Spanish Cup final in Madrid.  This means the city streets will be empty and the bars full as all the local football fans watch one of the most important games in Spanish football.  It’s always fun to watch Barcelona play in a local bar because the Barcelona fans get so into it, making the atmosphere electric.  Try watching the game in an Irish pub in Barcelona, which will be full of locals and expats all cheering and shouting.

Barcelona events

Dilluns de Pasqua Granada (Public Holiday in Catalunya) 28th May

It’s another Public Holiday in Barcelona. Why not go to the beach.  Read our free E-book all about Barcelona beaches to help you decide which one.

Barcelona events

Primavera Sound, 30th May – 3rd June

Primavera Sound is one of Europe’s biggest and best Festivals.  With over 100,000 visitors last year and this year will be even bigger.  There is a great mix of genres such as, Rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, jazz, electro and more! There will be more than 150 artists and lots of big names too! For more information read our Primavera Sound 2012 Bolg.

Barcelona events

If you have any questions or know of any other great Barcelona events, we would love to hear about them. Please leave a comment below.


Matthew Rutter