Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell 2014

Tennis lovers rejoice! The Barcelona Open is coming soon!

The 19th of April until the 27th of April: Book these dates to watch some of the top tennis players in the world such as Rafael Nadal or David Ferrer battle to the death in the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell!

Rafael Nadal Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

Barcelona Open: History


Conde de Godo Barcelona Open banc sabadell

The Barcelona Open 2014 is coming! It is the oldest tennis tournament in Spain and one of the most famous clay courts. This year is already the 62th edition, indeed the first Trofeo Conde de Godo, as the spaniards call it, took place in 1953! You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I tell you it is one of the major annual sport events in Barcelona where tennis players such as Nadal love to play in the middle of Spring.

Barcelona Open: Program

Nadal Ferrer Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

On the weekend of 19th and 20th of April, only qualifiers will take place, with the actual tournament starting on Monday with the first round. The first days are obviously the cheapest days as there is no big game yet. If you’re looking for big games and have a little bit more of money to spend on it, the Quarterfinals will take place on friday, Semifinals on Saturday, and the big Final, where of course Nadal is expected, will take place on Sunday. Last year, The final 2 players were Rafael Nadal and Nicolas Almagro. Everybody expected David Ferrer, one of the greatest clay players in the world along with Rafael Nadal, but he was surprisingly eliminated by Dmitri Tursunov. No doubt David Ferrer will seek revenge this year!

Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell has already shared the list of players on their website.
Then, you should be able to check the Barcelona Open results live from the beginning until the end of the tournament.

Barcelona Open: Location

You can find info on the Barcelona Open facilities and a site plan but they don’t share the location map which would have been quite useful, I’d say.

So here is the location map just for you below:


Beyond the court

Magic Fountain Montjuic Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Nadal

If watching the tournament is not enough for you, you can enjoy diverse activities beyond the tournament such as restaurants, events, concerts, parties, seeing spanish celebrities (maybe not world-wide celebrities such as Penelope Cruz). In the picture above, you can see an exhibition match with Nadal and Ferrer right next the magic fountain of Montjuic.

Tickets for Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell 2014


Seats map Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

As I said earlier, the tickets for the early games will be way cheaper than the ones for the final stages. Prices start from 14€ for the First Round and from 52€ for the Final. Moreover it will depend on where you want to sit to view the game, the best spot being behind the players and/or the closest from the court.
If you are still not convinced, check out Barcelona Open 2013 best of :



Devil’s Kitchen: Awesome German Bar in Barcelona

A German Bar in Barcelona

Being a German guy (or girl!) in Barcelona do you ever miss Germany in a moment of weakness? Or you’re just living in Barcelona but you’ve actually been to Germany and you miss the particular atmosphere, the German beer and – ok, this is gonna sound weird – the German food? Or you have no idea what a German atmosphere looks like and you want to discover it without having to spend money and time to actually go the country? Don’t you worry, you’ll find some true Germans in Devil’s Kitchen Bar!

You’ll taste some delicious Currywurst (German sausages with tomato-currysauce), some special grilled sausages from Thüringen, the classic sauerkraut for the bravest of you all! Regarding the beers, it is only natural to get some true Germans beers, Becks for a more commercialised taste or Maisel’s for the real taste of Germany.

german bar barcelona

Ok but that doesn’t sound so special, you tell me. Just a minute, I’m coming to the interesting part.
Here is the thing, not only do we eat German and we drink German, but we also speak German and watch German games in German. German (I had to say one more time “German”). This is why this bar is really just a few more square meters that should be added to the German territory. It is authentic to the max and so you will feel totally at home here, every foreigner can tell their friends the day after: “I’ve been to Germany yesterday, ‘was fun!”

So whenever you Germans are in Barcelona (or anyone who appreciates a good weisbeer) are feeling homesick, or you have a craving for German food/beer/atmosphere/people, then run to Devil’s Kitchen.

Its location :

If one German bar is not enough for you, here is a second: Don Bratwurst

You’re welcome.


Sport Barcelona: Sala Magali is the Place

Sport: Barcelona ! Let’s try something new!

Are you looking for some different sports in Barcelona? Dark room … electro music … and … sweating people … What am I talking about? Razzmatazz or Catwalk? No, not any of those or other clubs in Barcelona. I am talking about La Sala Magali – in other words  a new way to work out in Barcelona! Strict trainer and (just) 30 minutes of INTENSIVE training! If you are tired of running in Citaudella Park, swimming or just a gym and you are open to try new things – you shouldn’t stop reading.

sport barcelona

My co-worker Sarit told me about her addictions, which is besides coffee also La Sala Magali! She has been a member of La Sala Magali for over a year and she loves it! Sarit also told me about the trainers and how even an easy class can still feel like being in army sometimes… It was like a bell going off in my head – I HAVE TO TRY IT!

sport barcelona

We went there! I was pretty nervous, mainly because Sarit told me about the trainers. I could feel an energy from people even before the lesson! Everybody was on time! (Wooow, I was thinking, am I still in Spain? :) ). Everyone was so highly motivated and I felt like I was in the middle of a pack of Jack Russell Terriers! Seriously! :D

sport barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona, the Sala is a space designed with a very New York spirit, inspired by the monasteries inhabited by the Shaolin monks, who live with minimal comfort and train daily.”

We went to the dark room – just mirrors, me and other 15 people and … trainer Catherine! She was very sweet to me because she knew I was a newbie. Anyway, she wasn’t so sweet to others, sometimes I could hear shouting in Spanish or English, so I knew I better n0t stop although I was practically dying from the beginning of the class! Catherine walked between people so she could also show us how to work out properly!

sport barcelona

After 30 minutes (it seemed to me like 10 minutes) I felt like I wouldn’t even make it to metro station :D But I mean, I felt GREAT! I have never had such an intensive workout in such a short time. The concept is just awesome! They have different types of training sessions, so everybody can choose the level and people are very cool and friendly! At least, go to try it, it’s worthy experience! ;) Check their website here! Do you know about other unusual work out/sport to do in Barcelona?? Give us feedback in comments below! Cu there! :)

~ Ivet

Barcelona Circuit Party 2013

Circuit Festival 2013

Circuit Festival 2013There is another huge event taking place in Barcelona, Sitges, and Madrid this August, at least huge for the gay community. It is the Barcelona Circuit Festival 2013, a new international gay & lesbian event supported by famous party promoters Matinée Group Barcelona.

Of course everyone knows about the Barcelona Pride held in June but the Circuit Festival it’s said to be the mother of all gay events. Thousands of buffed up muscled men flee to the city for Matinee’s annual cashcow that offers up eleven days of hard-core parties.

There is a circuit festivals for gay men and one for gay women and both run from the 8th to the 18th of August.

Water Park Day

Circuit Festival 2013On Tuesday August 13th from 10AM – 2PM, thousands of men and women from all over the world come to Barcelona to enjoy the pools and aquatic rides of Europe’s biggest open air gay party. And if the sun becomes unbearable (which is quite likely) you can just sit on a lounge chair and relax while listening to music or watch the performances.

But try not to get so relaxed because from 2PM until 10PM an open air party starts on the main stage with the Matinée All Stars DJs, dancers and performers. The night ends with an incredible fireworks display.

If by this time you haven’t had enough of the party there is no reason why you should stop. From 10PM until 6AM the party moves to the Illa Fantasia’s club venue where the best DJs will spin their records while the sexiest dancers strut their stuff! Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure this is the place to find it!


Circuit Festival 2013The Barcelona Circuit Parties 2013 will be hosting several art exhibitions:

  • From Warhol to East Village (Art of Behaviour) Franco De Toledo Art Project (08/08/2013). A photo exhibiton which contrasts artistic and socio-cultural realities between East and West through performances produced during the late eighties and early nineties and showcases the complete picture collection of China’s most representative artistic action for the first time in Spain.
  • Become a ‘Golden Warrior’: Personalized and Unique Artworks (12/08/2013). This will give you a unique opportunity to meet the artist Frederik Garcia who will make two photo sessions at Artevistas Gallery where he will transform you into a golden warrior. The personalized portraits will be handed to you so you can take them home.
  • Frederik Garcia: SIFR (08/08/2013). This is, once again, an art exhibition of Frederik García but this time he will show his audience naked people with their faces covered with golden ornaments and exposed in all their individual fragility. The aim of this exhibition is to transport us into the other person’s place and help us in recognize our own essence.
  • It’s A Pre’ Sensory Event (15/08/2013 . At Mutuo Centro from 7 – 11 pm, an art exhibition will take place where the audience gets to experience distinct art forms through an elaborate itinerary. From cabaret desire (women in pornography) to glycerine (this is very interactive trust me) and if you don’t know what it is, perhaps a great example from my own experience would explain this better. A couple of months ago I was invited to an art exhibition showcasing glycerine pieces. They were in the shape of male and female genitals and the visitors as they entered the locale had to wet their hands in a basin and give it more form by…er…touching it. This was done to break the taboo we carry around about sex and genitals especially in public.  This exhibition also will be showing a shortfilm from 1998 by Ramon Ruaix and ‘Heroines’ by Ilene Sova (portraits that pay tribute to Spanish women activists that defended the idea of social justice and feminism).



Circuit Festival 2013Throughout the circuit festival, you’ll have the chance to join several sporting classes. It is another great way of meeting people who have the same interest while at the same time staying or getting in shape.

The Calderon Hotel will be hosting a workshop on Yoga. This is for men and women who are interested in philosophy, lifestyle, and discipline. It could be a way to relax and unwind from excessive partying or a simply a great introduction to those who wants to learn more about this ancient practice and its countless benefits.

The instructor Mr. Roger Escola will be holding this workshop on the 18th of August at 4PM on Passeig de Gracia.

If you are more of a hard-core kind of guy or girl, then perhaps you can try one of DIR grueling spinning sessions on the 12th of August on Aribau or one of their Boxing classes on their DIR Campus on the 14th from 12pm-13pm or 13pm -14pm.

These exercises will make you sweat, impoves cardio resistance, tone your muscles and burn hundreds of calories. The boxing classes, because it’s an introduction will contain no contact, just the exercise so there is no need to worry about getting a black eye but you’ll need to register quickly because the class is limited.

On the 15th the circuit festival will hold a volley tournament at Platja De La Marbella at 9am. So, if you came to Barcelona to enjoy the sun and the beaches but you still want to get your workout in without missing all the fun, you can register to participate in this tournament.

It costs 20€ per person to enter the tournament and there must be a minimum number of participants of two and a maximum of three. You also have the option to choose between amateur and advanced level.

On this day there will also be a training fitness session with Magali Dalix & DJ at Maria Cubi at 18:30 hours. This session is suitable for all levels and ages and you will only need training clothes, sneakers and a towel. And the sweat will be worth it because after the training, Magali will invite you for a cocktail.


Circuit Festival 2013Sometimes talking about STDs can be such a turn off especially when all you want to do is have some fun. But in the last couple of years a significant increase of CHV amongst men that have sex with men, especially in men HIV positive.  This is why There will be a talk about Hepatitis C at the Hotel Calderon on Passeig De Gracia the 9th of August at 5pm. It is always a good thing to keep wellness and safety in mind.

There will also be discussion about barriers faced by the seniors of the GLBT and how can one can achieve respectability with mature age (Lack of financial safety, isolation and unequal treatment, etc), about GLBT youngsters and transgender who faces challenges in many areas, about the daily struggles of Gay men and women in Africa and about the difficulty of having a long-lasting relationship in the gay community.

All of this is to eliminate ignorance and stereotypes and to open our eyes about how we can make a difference and how other ‘minorities within a minority’ do matter.


Circuit Cinema

Circuit Festival 2013The title is self-explanatory. The circuit festival will premiere a touching documentary about the delicate situation that the LGBT community faces in Uganda titled ‘Call me kuchu’ on the 14th of August at Boliche Cinemes on Avinguda Diagonal.

Circuit Shopping

Circuit Festival 2013Circuit Shopping is an initiative to show the rich supply of fashion, beauty and lifestyle associated with the LGBT world found in Barcelona. This event will take you to the best LGBT shops of the city and give you the opportunity to choose and try what you want. This all happens on Friday August 10th from 10am until 8pm.


Circuit Festival 2013Of course, the official meeting point for all major events such as the parties, music, dancing, etc. is none other than…El Chiringuito De La Marbella, a bar located at the eastern end of Barceloneta known before as Dulce Deseo de Lorenzo.

It caters for the city’s large gay community and, of course, gay visitors. In August for the Circuit Festival it won’t be any different. There are catwalk shows, movies, music and also masses of information on Barcelona’s lively gay scene.

Here clothing is optional and the music style is more laid-back than the traditional dance music of most beach bars. If easy listening is your thing then this is your place.

Walking Tour

Circuit Festival 2013If you’re here for a couple of days, perhaps a walking tour would be just the thing that you need to meet people and get to visit the city (especially if it’s your first trip to Barcelona). The Circuit Festival offers walking tours to the Gothic Quarters which contains the most charming streets, squares and historical buildings. A Picasso tour which takes you down the streets were the man himself walked for inspiration, which of course includes a trip to the museum.

There is also a Gourmet tour. This is very straight forward. It is a guided flavour-filled journey through the old town while discovering Barcelona’s cuisine. During this walk you will find out about the history of Barcelona’s cuisine as well as some of its flagship restaurants and food outlets. The best part is that you get to enjoy sampling some of their produce. This is the reason you should join one of the sporting classes mentioned earlier!

And lastly, a walking tour of Modernisme. This is a guided tour in the Eixample district focusing on Catalan modern art from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. You’ll get to admire architecture by Antoni Gaudi, Domenech I Montaner and Puig I Cadafalch just to name a few.


In the past, the festival has been criticized for its poor organization with overcrowded venues, overpriced drinks and lack of transportation. But don’t let that stop you because as with wine, the older it gets the better it tastes.

Another thing worth knowing is that if you can’t make it to all of the events offered there is no need to panic. We would then suggest you attend their all-gay, all-day water park party and the La Leche party on the last day because these are the highlights of the whole festival and skip the opening and closing which are tame, big arena events.

Tickets can be bought online and range from 20 to 50 euros. If you’re looking forward to attend every event be ready to pay a whopping amount of 605 euros. Thankfully you can buy an all access pass for 320 euros. Don’t forget to print out your ticket and bring it along.

I know it’s not all about the day programming. Go out to the night parties, dance and have some fun! That’s what the circuit festival was made for.


Swimming  pools in Barcelona – our top choices !

Why not go for a swim ?  It’s summertime and temperatures are getting higher than the average. You can find swimming pools all around Barcelona. Whether you are a tourist or a local, you can come and chill out with your family or your friends and get some fresh air and relax at those amazing Barcelona swimming pools.

Taking your time during these periods of heat and go enjoying a refreshing swim in a swimming pool is a very good way to better enjoy your holiday. Barcelona is a great city to live with very friendly people you will not regret your visit there. You can find many pools at very affordable prices. Ready to go swimming in Barcelona? Here are some places where you will find the top  swimming pools in Barcelona. It’s a swimmers paradise here !


The CNB is  probably the closest pool to the city center. Just 20 minutes on foot or by taking the yellow metro line. The Montjuic pool welcomes many people during July and August. The special thing about the Montjuic pool is that it hosted the 1992 Olympic games. It is located at the Montjuic mountain in Barcelona and has one of the best views of the city. The famous Australian singer Kylie Minogue has used one of the swimming pools at Monjuic  for her video “Slow”. The changing rooms are currently being renovated for the 2013 FINA World Championship. Bring a thick towel to lie on because there are no sunbeds or chairs for sunbathing. However, there is a place which serves refreshments.

You can find  a video of a famous Catalan band presenting the official song of the 15th FINA World Championship Barcelona 2013 at the Montjuic Municipal Pool on June 13

swimming in Barcelona


For cooling off with your kids, you can go to one of the city’s paddling pool. Many of the larger pools around the city run swimming classes for babies and parents and children 3 years and over. One of them is the Complex Esportiu Municipal Banys Sebasti swimming pool which is located at Plaza del Marit’s  sport’s centre that has indoor and outdoor pools as well as a warm indoor children’s pool (not standing depth).


Only open during summer time, the public swimming pool is located in the upper part of the Gracia district (15 minutes from the city centre and accessible by metro or buses). This outdoor swimming pool in Barcelona has a small island with palm trees. Apart from the pool, the jewel of the park is certainly the huge  sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, called “In Praise of the Water.” This is a concrete mass of 50 tonnes, suspended above a water plate and supported by four steel cables and a nice artistic touch this amazing place in Gràcia.
Parc creueta del coll


Barcelona is an amazing place to spend holidays during the summer. You have to come and see them with your own eyes to fully the swimming pools!

Do  you know any cool swimming pools in Barcelona ? Let us know!

Diarra Diatta

Why I Love Wakeboarding in Barcelona

Wakeboarding in Barcelona: Simply Too Much Fun

wakeboarding in barcelona

exhausted after our hour of wakeboarding!

Did you know you could go wakeboarding in Barcelona? Neither did I! OK, full disclosure I have never really done any board sports, and although I used to waterski as a child, I was definitely a beginner with a capital B as I headed down last weekend to the forum to try wake boarding with my fiance and a couple of my boys.

My Experience Wakeboarding in Barcelona

Wakeboarding in Barcelona?” I repeated confusedly back to my friend when he asked if I wanted to come. So yes, you can wakeboard in Barcelona, and I was about to find out just how much fun it was. We arrived to the forum (the place is a bit difficult to find) and luckily there was no one else there as the weather wasn’t so hot. The guy running the place (unfortunately I forget his name but he’s a sponsored professional wakeboarder) was super friendly, spoke English, and was really psyched that it was my first time.

Basically, you pay 50 € and what you get is the equipment (wakeboard, wetsuit, and lifejacket), lessons if you need them, and an hour of wake boarding time, with up to 4 other friends. Split between some friends it’s a really great deal.


wakeboarding in barcelona

Freddy rockin the park

There’s NO boat involved?

Nope. According to our instructor using boats for wake boarding is now a thing of the past. Boats use too much gasoline and are too costly. The future of wake boarding is on cables! Yes, they have cables setup overhead and the line that you hold on to is attached to this cable. The instructor has a control box and he manipulates the controls to pull you back and forth along the water. It’s actually pretty ingenious. Also because the angle of the line is much higher compared to wake boarding behind a boat, there is less drag and it’s much easier to get up on the board (this worked well for me with my beginner status). I got up the first try and didn’t have much trouble.

wakeboarding in barcelona

Look Ma! One hand!


How it Feels

Wakeboarding feels amazing. It’s super strenuous so if you need to get in shape like me it’s a full body workout. Flying along with the wind in your hair is wonderful, and for those of you who might be a  little nervous, falling does not hurt one bit. I wiped out over and over and it hurt a lot less than I had anticipated. If you are already adept at wake boarding or are feeling a little adventurous there are various jumps and ramps (a la skate park) setup for your aerial pleasure.

wakeboarding in barcelona

getting ready to take the plunge

All the info you need can be found at the DoubleWake Website.

Wanted to share this nugget with all you SuiteLifers. Have you been? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!







The new FC Barcelona jersey for the 2013/14 season was unveiled last week, which caused a lot of excitement among the fans of FC Barcelona. While their home shirt is back to a traditional look with the blue and red stripes,  it is their new away jersey with the red and yellow stripes that’s really causing quite the commotion.

There has been lots of speculation regarding the new FC Barcelona jersey, where most people are against the new FC Barcelona jersey, saying that the football club has become too intertwined with the political movement of the Catalan government at a time where Catalan separatism in Spain is headline news.


fc barcelona jersey

The new Barcelona jersey is basically the flag of Catalonia, the region within Spain which the city of Barcelona is located. Catalonia has a fierce independence streak and the Catalan government intends to vote for a independence referendum as they move toward full separation from the Spanish government.  We should mention also that the likelihood of Cataluña ever being able to separate is very low due to several difficult hurdles (like the changing of the country’s consititution) they would have to travers in order to do so. FC Barcelona has always maintained a politically neutral stance over the years while identifying strongly as a Catalan club, so this is actually the first time in history that the club is using the Catalan flag in this way on a shirt.

On the other side,  most people believe that FC Barcelona wants to show the whole meaning of the Catalan flag and identity to the world without mixing politics together with sports. It is said that four red stripes represent the blood of the legendary Catalan hero Wilfred ‘’The Hairy’’, wiped with four fingers on to a golden shield as he lay on his deathbed. This is how the flag has become a strong symbol of the Catalan identity. The club just wants to show its Catalan identity without intervening in the political issues going on in Spain. This is why the club is called ‘’Mes que un club’’ (More than a club) which also appears on the back of the collar of the New FC Barcelona jersey both home and away.

fc barcelona jersey



The new FC Barcelona jersey is much more lighter than earlier versions. The jersey is manufactured by Nike who used their revolutionary technique with recycled polyester reflecting the company’s commitment to creating sporting goods which have as little harmful effect on the environment as possible. For example, a set of new FC Barcelona jersey and short are manufactured using a maximum of 13 recycled plastic bottles. The new FC Barcelona jersey is made from material which means they weigh no more than 150 grams and are more than 20% lighter than the previous FC Barcelona jersey. The new FC Barcelona jersey is also 20% stronger and are more flexible. Also, the Nike Dri.Fit technology is used for the new FC Barcelona jersey which eliminates sweat and allows the football player to stay cool and dry.

Please share your thoughts about the new FC Barcelona jersey with us.

Do you think that the new Barcelona Jersey is political or not?

- Alper





FC Barcelona clinched their fourth Spanish la Liga title in five years and have been crowned Spanish champions for the 22nd time on Saturday night after rivals and defending champions Real Madrid CF were held to a 1-1 draw at RCD Espanyol. FC Barcelona was mathematically already the champion of the Spanish la Liga, but Barça still managed to win on Sunday night against Atletico Madrid in Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid. Even tough, FC Barcelona fell behind to Falcao’s 28th goal of the season, the Catalan club were not to be denied. Alexis Sanchez struck the equalizer on 72 minutes and the comeback was complete eight minutes later when Atletico Madrid player Gabi turned the ball past his own goalkeeper. By winning la Liga, FC Barcelona continue to be the dominant force in the 21st century. Since the year 2000, FC Barcelona have won six league titles, followed by Real Madrid (5), Valencia (2) and Deportivo la Coruna (1).


In the 2008/09 season, with former FC Barcelona coach/player  Pep Guardiola and Tito VIlanova on the bench, FC Barcelona won the league with 87 points (27 victories, 6 draws and 5 defeats). The following year, FC Barcelona won the la Liga with 99 points (31 victories, 6 draws and 1 defeat). In the 2010/11 season, Barça claimed their third consecutive la Liga title with 96 points (30 victories, 6 draws and 2 defeats). With 3 matches left on the schedule this year, FC Barcelona has already collected 91 points (29 victories, 4 draws and 2 defeats) and if they win the rest of their games, they will equal the best ever point haul in La Liga. In addition, they’ve scored 107 goals, a record breaking tally for any team with three games left to play this season. This is also the first time in club history that FC Barcelona have won la Liga after losing the year before, where they won consecutive league title before. On three occasions FC Barcelona had to wait at least two years before they managed to regain la Liga crown (from 1944/45 to 1947/48, from 1948/49 to 1951/52, and from 2005/06 to 2008/09.


Just like in the past seasons, Barça broke records that seemed to be out of reach. The most notable of which was the team’s sensational first half of the season, when they won 55 of 57 possible points. It was the best ever start to a league campaign in Spanish la Liga history, and it saw the Blaugrana 10 points clear at the top in December. Furthermore, Leo Messi has netted 46 goals and he’s the front runner to win the Pichichi award. Last year he scored 50 goals. This is FC Barcelona’s era, an era marked by a unique style of play. Long live the champions!


However, this isn’t just another la Liga title, the Club’s 22nd Liga holds special meaning. The team had to overcome extremely difficult setbacks. The illnesses of Tito Vilanova and Éric Abidal left the team without a head manager and one of the best defenders on the roster for part of the season. The players and coaching staff, led by Roura and Altimira, met the challenge with hard work and an unflinching commitment to the Club. Not to mention the biggest setback of the season is the injury of FC Barcelona Football star Lionel Messi, who could not perform for his team for weeks because of an hamstring injury, from which he is still suffering. Each and every one of them had to step up to secure the league title, a league that was always under FC Barcelona control, from the first to the last week of the competition.


Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, Alex Song and Jordi Alba, who were brought into the Club over the past two seasons, have won their first La Liga title

Marc Bartra, Martin Montoya, Jonathan Dos Santos and Cristian Tello, all of whom played for Barça B last season, also won their first La Liga crown. Here’s a look at each one individually:


fc barcelona

Winning the Spanish la Liga weeks before the competition ending reflects the fact that Barça followers regard success in La Liga as only half-fulfilling their demands. In addition to domestic success, fans also expect their team to win – or at least come close to winning – the Champions League. However, the brutally demolishment of 7-0 against Bayern Munich prompted a debate that will continue well into the summer months. Many people believe the team needs new transfers  for the new season and even called  for coach Vilanova to be sacked. Although that view was held by just the minority of the fans.

fc barcelona

A new central defender  is a priority for the summer as Barça defenders suffered serious injuries this season. Barça came close to signing Thiago Silva before he opted to join Paris St-Germain last year, and the Brazilian could come back into the frame, while Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels and Roma’s impressive teenager Marquinhos are also being touted as potential recruits.

One enforced change could come in the goalkeeping department, where Victor Valdes has rejected a new contract and may therefore be sold this summer while he’s still valuable, rather than being allowed to leave for nothing when his contract expires at the end of next season. Manchester United’s David De Gea, Liverpool’s Pepe Reina and Valencia’s Vicente Guiata are among the candidates to replace him.

fc barcelona

David Villa is another potential departee. Despite speculation to the contrary from the British media, the Catalan club always insisted the striker would not be allowed to join Arsenal – or anyone else – during the January transfer window. They have, however, been notably less eager to state that Villa will be at Barcelona next season. In his place, Brazilian star Neymar is a red-hot tip to arrive in Catalonia.  The flamboyant winger has been a long-term target for FC Barcelona, who have openly admitted they are interested in securing his services from Santos.

The fans are already excited with the upcoming summer arrivals, such as the Brazilian football talent Neymar, a central defender and a goalkeeper. But that could well be it for FC Barcelona.

What do you think of the potential new arrivals of FC Barcelona? Give us your thoughts about who you think Barça should sign this summer.

- Alper

Here is a short cartoon video of our champion players!

Gay Gyms in Barcelona

Barcelona Gay Gyms

Barcelona Gay GymsYes, that’s right.

It’s probably the most anticipated topic in our series ‘From Behind the Rear.’ The title gives away this week’s topic; Gay Gyms in Barcelona and while we all know about the benefits of exercise, we are not discussing these here. Let’s be honest even if it’s just for one second; if you’re gay and living in Barcelona – whether as a short term or long term visitor – you would most likely want to impress the hot Spanish men. One way to do this is to head to the Gym – and not just any Gym but a Gay one.

We all know that one of the most important places for gay men is undoubtedly the gym.  Not only is working out an essential part of an active lifestyle, but it also keeps you looking good, helps alleviate stress, and can keep your libido up. There are a number of gyms that cater to gay men out there, making them great places to pick up guys. So get those short-shorts and tank tops ready and head out to keep those glutes in shape!

Axel Wellness Club 33

Barcelona Gay Gyms

Who wouldn't want to see this guy working out?

A personal refuge and a place where you can experiment with new sensation of pleasure and relaxation is at the Axel Wellness Club 33, this gym is the new facility brought to you by Axel Hotel Barcelona. Here you can leave all the stress and worry behind you and dedicate well-deserved time to yourself. You will have the enjoyment of new and modern equipment that’ll get you into fabulous shape. It will be an experience that you would never forget.

DiR Eixample Gym

Barcelona Gay GymsDiR Fitness Center has ten gyms in total spread throughout Barcelona. Their facilities are very complete and they have all sorts of extra services ranging from medicals, personal trainers, sun beds and more. They also have pools and a very wide range of classes including aerobics, fitness, toning and much more. Definitely the trendiest choice and not the cheapest, but you get a free backpack!

If you want to try any of the ten gyms across Barcelona and Sant Cugat, a Q10 membership is available which allows you to do this. If you decide to join then a monthly fee (depending on the time of day and the gym you chose to go to) ranges from €0 to €3, 15 per visit.

Thermas Gym

Barcelona Gay Gyms

Boxing workout can be sooo fun!

Thermas offers all the amenities of a quality European bathhouse; pool, gym, spa, hot tub, and like-minded men of course. In this gym, you will find nothing less than good-looking, sexy guys from Europe, the Middle East, and South Americans. There are many cabins, large porn cinema, also a small bar with snacks and drinks. This is a must visit only if you don’t mind rent boys and if you don’t, you’ll have your pick of Good looking boys. In general this is a very nice facility.


Barcelona Gay Gyms

Barcelona has a couple of gay saunas located either in the heart of Gaixample or in the gay villages surroundings. Gay saunas in Barcelona are not only for wellness or relaxing but mainly for erotic adventures. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that cruising areas and darkrooms are rather extensive. Visitors range widely in age and preferences.
At few locations there are younger boys with clear financial purposes. The atmosphere is mostly easy-going, horny and willing. On weekends most of the saunas are open nonstop (few are open 24/7 during the week as well) this is the time when they get very crowded – especially after bars and clubs closes.

Notable Mentions

Two gyms that you must not forget about are Holmes Place and Metropolitan. Neither is a strictly ‘gay’ gym, but both are swarming with hot gay guys! Also they are pricey, but they both have multiple locations throughout the city and amazing facilities.



Barcelona Gay Gyms

Lock me up in a gyms' locker room!

The two most popular gay gyms  in Barcelona can be found on Carrer Casanova 57, which many say is the city’s best equipped, and on Carrer Espolsasacs 1- though the line between workout facility and bathhouse is a little thin, with Casanova now a full-on bathhouse with gym facilities.

Barcelona offers those with a hangover every chance to eliminate toxins by flexing other muscles besides the elbow. Options abound from swimming and sailing to marathon running. For those whose feelings of guilt over the excesses of the previous night don’t translate to physical exertions, the city’s football and basketball teams provide class—A excitement when they play at home. Or indulge in a massage, day spa or a sport of floating.

The folks of Barcelona are as health-conscious as those of any other city and the number of places to indulge in a little ‘wellness’ of one sort or another is multiplying.

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New Museum in Barcelona: the Messi Museum

The Leo Messi Museum in Barcelona

We have a new museum in Barcelona! Well actually one cannot call it a real museum, but two weeks ago, the adidas store in the center of Barcelona opened an exposition dedicated to the Argentinian star football player Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona called ‘’Museo adidas & Messi’’. Lionel Messi himself joined the opening of the new museum answering questions at the press conference.

What is the Messi Museum Exactly?

The Messi museum is actually an adidas store which has everything of Messi. You have something for anyone, both for the football boot nerds, the Messi fans and just football fans in general. You can buy the newest collection of Messi shirts, Messi boots and many more items of our beloved football player. You’ll also get the chance to see many of his historical football boots and the awards he has received, such as 4 Golden ball awards for being the best football player in the world 4 times in a row. Furthermore, fans can see  different photos and videos of the best moments of his career.

Golden shoe 4x in a row

Where is it located?

The Messi museum is located in the center of Barcelona on the main shopping street Passeig de Gracia 21, and its doors are still open for the ones who like to see awards of the best football player of the world with your own eyes. The exposition should last for another week, after that the trophies will return to his home in Argentina. This is a once in a life time opportunity, so hurry up and visit the Messi museum while you still can.

- Alper

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