American Food in Barcelona

Where to Find American Food in Barcelona

Hi there SuiteLife followers! Todays blog post will be about where to find American food in Barcelona. If you are from the US or abroad, and been in Barcelona for as long as I have, you grow an unsatisfiable hunger for your home comfort food. There are many places around the city that serve American style food, but there are few restaurants that can make it feel authentic. Hope you’re hungry!

Bernie’s Diner

American food in Barcelona
Bernie’s Diner is a retro styled American diner located in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona. Founded with simplicity and genuine quality in mind, Bernie’s Diner aims to provide a down to earth atmosphere where one can socialize with friends at any time of the day. Opening at 9:00 a.m., Bernie’s breakfast menu offers an American Breakfast that includes two grilled or scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and toast, among other great classics.  Though their breakfasts are amazing, their 100% beef burgers and specials are second to none. Everyday Bernie’s uses fresh meat from the Girona region of northern Spain and fresh baked bread made at a local bakery. Whatever meal you pick, it is safe to say you cannot go wrong at Bernie’s Diner.



American food in Barcelona

Founded in 2010, Bacoa has built its reputation for making one of the best hamburgers in Barcelona in just a few short years. Though the hamburger has been a staple of the Spanish menu for many years, Bacoa strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, fresh cooked burgers daily. Offering beef, lamb, and chicken patties, Bacoa uses in its opinion, the best meats in Spain in their burgers. If a teriyaki glazed Japonesa burger or stuffed pork San Jacobo doesn’t do it for you, you can finish your meal off with Bacoa’s artisan ice cream. Bacoa has 5 locations around the city, so you are never far from that burger you so desire!



Napa Restaurant was founded to bring together the unique  flavors of Catalonia, the Mediterranean and California. Known especially for its tapas menu, Napa also offers spectacular full size meals as well as desserts. On the menu you will find items like grilled salmon with potatoes confit, and tapas like calamari with citrus mayonnaise. The service staff is pleasant and helpful, and short wait times are common but it is also possible to make reservations online. Located just 20 minutes from Plaça Catalunya in the Eixample neighborhood, Napa has a friendly and intimate setting perfect for any night of the week.


Can Dende

American food in Barcelona

Can Dende is an American, Brazilian, and Asian fusion brunch and eatery. Located in Poblenou, Can Dende offers a menu full of simple yet delicious brunch and lunch items. Their Eggs Benedict is to die for and pancakes for dessert only make a great meal even better. Wait times are normally short during the week but expect them to be a little longer on the weekends. Make sure to try their pink lemonade and also get aquatinted with Dende, the restaurants resident dog.



American food in Barcelona

Milk Bar & Bistro was opened in 2005 by an Irish couple with years of experience in the food industry. Milk’s menu is diverse, creative, and changes seasonally based on what ingredients are offered in local markets. Milks signature is their noodle buns for their hamburgers. If you are not in the mood for a hamburger, you can also try items like a steak sandwich or buffalo chicken wings and finish with a banana split with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Milk is a perfect place for a birthday dinner, drink afterwork, or a night out on the town.


Nice People BB

American food in Barcelona

Nice People Bread and Burger is a hamburger joint located in Example. Using 100% beef that is prepared daily, Nice People BB is know for its quality and taste. Their special bread buns are baked daily and allow for the perfect fusion between bread and burger. Their ketchup, wasabi mayonnaise, mustard, and garlic aioli are home-made and prepared in the kitchen everyday. Nice People Bread & Burger is relatively new to the burger scene here in Barcelona but is a can’t miss if you’re in the mood for a delicious, high quality meal.


Taste of America

American food in Barcelona

Though not a restaurant, Taste of America cannot be left off the list. If you miss your Hershey’s Chocolate or Campbell’s Soup, this is your place. Taste of America is an American Supermarket located in the heart of Barcelona. Founded almost 20 years ago by a group of Spanish and American friends, Taste of America has grown from a single store in Madrid to 20 stores around Spain. With over 2,000 quality products on its shelves, Taste of American knows that sometimes its the little things that matter in life. Bringing brands like Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Arizona Ice Tea, and Snyder’s Pretzels to it’s stores stores makes it an ideal place to go if you are missing your American snacks. Taste of America is definitely a place worth checking out if you are going to be staying in Barcelona for any extended period of time.

Thanks guys! Are there any other great places for American food in Barcelona that you know about? Let us know in the comments!

Barcelona for students on a budget

Barcelona for students on a budget : all the cheap places you need to know about !

Hello SuiteLifers ! Today we’re gonna talk about what to do in Barcelona for students on a budget. I’m a student. And most of the time, I’m broke like every other student. But by doing some research I found the best tips on where to go, what to do, where to eat in Barcelona for students on a budget. Like for really cheap. Trust me you’ll find that amazing !!!


Barcelona for students on a budget

Where to go out?

Well, there are a few bars in Barcelona that are reaaaaally cheap ! You just need to escape from the touristic places in which a mojito will cost you 8€ !

The absolute two best bars in my opinion are : The Lime House and The Rubi. A normal mojito costs 3.5€, a strawberry or raspberry one costs 5€. But trust me the amount of alcohol is consequent !!! Then you can have the famous Gin Tonic (I hope you’ve noticed that it’s the absolute favorite drink of the locals) ! They have around 70 different kinds of Gin Tonic… and it costs 7€. Enough said.

Barcelona for students on a budget

Rubi bar : Carrer dels Banys Vells, 6

The Lime House : Carrer dels Carders, 31

When it comes to clubs, most of them are free until 2 am, you just have to put yourself on a guest list online. Just register on Shaz Guest List and you’re good to go. All of the beach clubs are free until 2 and some others until 1 or 1.30 like Jamboree or Otto Zutts. When you do it right you’ll never have to pay to enter a club (except if there is a special guest DJ).

Where to eat ?

There actually are a lot of places to eat in Barcelona for students on a budget, first of all, you might be interested in checking our blog Free Tapas in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for random food to eat for lunch you might fall in love with “Nostrum”. There are a lot of them all around the city and they make really good food for 1 or 2€ a meal.

Then if you’re looking for real restaurants you might want to go to Tacos Tacos : they have different kind of promotions depending on the day of the week (1€ beer, 1€ tacos etc). It is located on Calle Tamarit, 85.

Barcelona for students on a budget

And if you want to eat pinchos you should definitely go to Lizarran ! Once again, there are plenty of them in Barcelona, and it’s really cheap !!

If you want to brunch in Barcelona for cheap, you should either go to Sor Rita (Carrer de la Mercè, 27), The Benedict (Carrer Gignàs, 23) or To Be (Carrer del Consell de Cent, 90). Those 3 restaurants offer a FREE buffet if you buy drinks for 5€. Isn’t that amazing!?


The life in Barcelona for students on a budget isn’t all parties and eating out though. You’ll have to think about the everyday life. In terms of groceries you can find cheap supermarkets to do your grocery shopping, or to go to low cost gym clubs.

Actually the cheapest supermarkets of Barcelona are Mercadona and Consum. You’ll find everything you want at the lowest prices possible !

If you’d like to do sport, you can go jogging on the beach or subscribe to one of the lowcost gym clubs in Barcelona (check out our blog to learn more about it).

Barcelona for students on a budget

Don’t forget that if you’re under 25, the metro card for 3 months is only 105€ ! Don’t buy 10 trips cards you’ll spend more money that you need to.

That’s it for today guys, I hope my blog was helpful to all of the broke people in Barcelona like me !! If you have any other tips that you would like us to mention, just let us know in the comment section below!


Barcelona Bakery : Sweet Tooth’s Paradise

Our selection of Barcelona Bakery which includes all your favourite cakes, chocolate and everything else sweet.

You don’t need go to places like Paris to indulge in fine bakery, Barcelona also a sweet heaven with plenty of bakery and cake shops in every street corner. From traditional Spanish to American, Japanese style, we bring you a world full of glorious gateaux, charming chocolates, beautiful baguettes and other tempting treats to die for.


Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Located on La Ramblas, Escriba is a must-have patisserie in our list of Barcelona Bakery because of its reputation from 1906 and the owner, Christian Escribà’s innovation and creation on each cakes and pastries. This bakery is ideal for gifts as everything is packaged well but if you are tourist, it is still worth checking out and tasting their range of tasty pastries, exploding cakesj and jewellery thats made entirely of sweets. If you walk on La Ramblas, it isn’t hard to recognise the re-decorated house by architect Antoni Ros i Güell. This place is such a beautifully-preserved art nouveau and modernist store. Visit their website and its bound to have you interested due to its unique interface !

Info : Les Rambles, 83 Barcelona


2. La Colmena

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Developed by three generations of the Roig family since 1895, this Barcelona Bakery is known as the the oldest sweet-makers in the city, even in Spain with the first caramel fruit candy products. There are many typical Catalan baked goods you can find in this shop such as Coca de lardons (pork rind, sugar, and pine nut bread), and Yema Tostada turrón (egg yolk and caramelized sugar nougat), especially Xuxos de crema. I have been once before, I picked Xuxos de crema and now I am addicted to it. This place has such a fantastic selection of homemade cakes and chocolate.

Info: Plaça de l’Àngel, 12 Barcelona


3. Baluard

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Anna Bellsolà, owner of Baluard shared her passion about bread and baking: “I like bread. The bread my grandfather used to make, which reminds me of humanity, wisdom and work.” And she really inspires her love and enthusiasm for each hand-made bread everyday. Come to Baluard if you’re looking for a wide range of hand made and oven stoned breads using traditional Catalan techniques : they offer about 40 varieties studded with dried fruits, nuts and seeds, whole grains. That is why the breads look rustic but they taste amazing. I can say it is the best bread in the city. You will know it immediately when you walk through the Barceloneta neighbourhood and pass her shop because the smell of this bakery is something really special. You might have to wait because there is always a queue there but meanwhile you can watch how they make the bread so delicately. And then, we all know why it is worth waiting for at this Barcelona Bakery.

Info: Carrer del Baluart, 38, 08003 Barcelona


4. Crusto

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Just its name makes us imagine a Barcelona Bakery but it also serves other wonderful desserts, sandwiches and coffee. (“crustó” means the hard crust at the end of a baguette). It is famous with chocolate bread and my friend said that it is the best chocolate bread she had ever had. You can spend a free afternoon sitting in there cozy atmosphere, taking in the aroma of fresh bread smell and observing as they bake, tasting some of their delicacies. It is my way to relax and enjoy the Barcelona life. How about yours ?

Info : Carrer de València, 246, 08007 Barcelona


5. Turris

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys


Located in Aribau, near our company, it is some kind of bakery sanctuary. However after visiting this Barcelona Bakery for the first time, you gonna come back for sure. Owned by the experienced baker, Xavier Barriga who emphasises in healthy eating, Turris offers you real bread made from 100% natural ingredients as well as nature processes. He wants to make sure that eating bread is a healthy option. That’s why the prices there are a little bit more than others but all of us know that health has no value, right ?

Carrer d’Aribau, 158, 08036 Barcelona


6. Reykjavik

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Currently, there is a new baking revolution by new comers in Barcelona. Bakers don’t use traditional Spanish recipes and old-school techniques but focus on organic recipes and Reykjavik is the original pioneers in 2006 and the best in town until now. Their are 4 bakeries locates in the most vibrant and popular districts in town: Raval, Gràcia and Born who all offer the highest quality breads specialising in organic bread which help you digest it much easier whilst maintaining that great taste. From its name to its atmosphere and the type of wheat used, all this brings you an ancient distinctive feeling, if you want to make healthy bread for yourself, you can have all the advice you need as well being recommended the finest ingredient from their shops. A must go Barcelona Bakery!

Info: Calle Doctor dou, 12, 08001 Barcelona


7. Forn Mistral


Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

This Barcelona Bakery is always my favourite bakery and the first and best Ensaimada I tried in Barcelona is at Mistral Forn. There are many good pastries so that all locals recommend me different ones when I ask them what is the best there. Mistral Forn definitely is a popular local Barcelona Bakery when all baking products are fabulous with very affordable prices. For each weekend I was there, I discovered all of their products: mini- croissants, berlina, variety of filled puff pastry…and honestly, I love them all.

Info: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 96, 08001 Barcelona


8. Pastissera Hofman

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Let’s guess the next Barcelona Bakery?  You can get croissants almost everywhere, supermarket, restaurant, cafe… because it is by far the most popular breakfast item in the city. However, where can you find the best one ? Let’s head to the Born area and find a small, side-street bakery run by the prestigious Hoffman culinary school. There are lots of temptations here, but the butter croissants stuffed with raspberry or marzipan are absolutely unmissable. The croissants at Hoffman are authentic, deliciously flaky, and filled with variety of  sweet or savoury ingredients: chocolate, dulce de leche, raspberry, ham and cheese, sweet cream butter, and more. And it is very nice when have a coffee to accompany your purchase. If you don’t like croissants, wide selection of acclaimed chef Hofmann’s tarts, monas de pascua at Easter, cakes, buns, mini cakes, ice creams, jams, bonbons, macaroons will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Info: Carrer dels Flassaders, 44, 08003 Barcelona

9. Takasi Ochiai

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

Not only do they have sushi, but Japanese cuisine is also famous with their delightful sweets and desserts. Catalans in Barcelona know this because since 1983, Takashi Ochiai, a Japanese experienced pastry cook brought all the most Japanese delicacies to Barcelona and opened Ochiai, a pastry shop specializes in typical Japanese products. It offers a variety of pastries but of course, the ones made with matcha tea is most outstanding. Takasi Ochiai created fanciful pastries from this Japanese ingredient : green tea croissants, green tea cake, green tea bons bons,ice cream, chocolate, truffle… and the one I die for : matcha milkshake. The price is expensive but worth the quality so what are you waiting for !! Check out this Barcelona Bakery
Info : Carrer dels Flassaders, 44, 08003 Barcelona



10. Cup & cake

Bakery Barcelona, Bakery Barcelona, Bcn Bakery, Barcelona Baking, Bakers Barcelona, Barcelona Cakes, Barcelona Pastrys

On my way walking to Suitelife’s office every day, it is hard not to pop into the Cup& Cake shop and satisfy my sweet carving with the best cupcakes in town.” It’s so cute”. That’s first thing that enters into your mind when you look at the Cup& cake interior and even from the outside because of its romantic and lovely decor..” There are a few things in life better than sharing a good meal in a beautiful space.” It’s totally right and sometimes just a chocolate cupcake and a cup of coffee in this shop can make my day. Certainly my most visited Barcelona Bakery!

Info: Tallers, 79, 08001 Barcelona


If you like this elegant place, more information for you here ^^

These sweet temptation cause me to gain weight but I can’t stop visiting them again and again because their bread and cakes are so good and as for the smells just make me drool each time I pass through it.  Lets be honest, as bad as it may be for us, WE LOVE THIS FOOD!! so why would we not eat what we love :)

Hope you enjoyed my blog on Barcelona Bakery, if there are any I have missed or if you just have any comments please share below :)

Linh x

Barcelona food tour: Best choices for you

Eating like a local with these Barcelona food tours !

If you want to experience the best traditional Spanish food in the world???  Then look nowhere else as we will give you the top selection of Barcelona food tours in which you explore all the best food along with all the cultural hot spots across this amazing city.

1. Food Lover Tour

Barcelona Food Tour, Bcn Food Tour, Food Tour, Barcelona Food, Barcelona Tour, Bcn Tour, Barcelona Restaurants, Bcn Restaurants, Bcn Food

Are you looking for authentic places to eat local food ?

This Barcelona food tour, as the name suggests, is definitely the perfect choice for lovers of good food. The slogan of this food tour is ” “Where the locals go, we go!” they promise to bring foodies like myself to top quality locations where you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience.The Food Lover Tour offers both private and small group tours with many categories such as Gourmet lover, Wine lover, Sweets lover, Tapas lover and even football lover. The price of each tour differs and these range accordingly for example the cheaper options are €29 for Sweets lover tour  or if your a sports fan then the more expensive option which is €300 for the Football lover tour. From current reviews, it is most certainly worth the money, not only do they provide excellent meals but also the profound knowledge of tour guides about the history of Spanish food and culture.

Book a tour here


Address: Ausiàs Marc 61- 63 entr. 208010 Barcelona

Phone :+34 607 196 1532.

2. The Barcelona Taste

Barcelona Food Tour, Bcn Food Tour, Food Tour, Barcelona Food, Barcelona Tour, Bcn Tour, Barcelona Restaurants, Bcn Restaurants, Bcn Food

This particular Barcelona food tour is the city’s first tapas tour dedicated completely to Barcelona’s food and drink. It has been the insider guide for many visitors to Barcelona who are passionate on food for the last 5 years. From my own experience, you will have an unforgettable evening with plentiful food and drinks. Moreover, the host is very friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, willing to answer all your question about Barcelona, not only about the food but also about Barcelona life and history. This tour lasts about 2-3 hours in which you stop at 3-4 restaurants from high-quality to home-made ones. You can choose the Gótico Tour which takes you through Barcelona’s famous Gothic quarter or Gràcia Tour discovering one of Barcelona’s most important neighborhoods. The price is only €80 per person.

You can check details and book a tour there.

Phone: 670 37 01 30

3. Taste Barcelona Walking Tours

Barcelona Food Tour, Bcn Food Tour, Food Tour, Barcelona Food, Barcelona Tour, Bcn Tour, Barcelona Restaurants, Bcn Restaurants, Bcn Food

You can find tapas restaurant in every corners of Barcelona but they might be tourist traps that charge you over the odds for just regular tapas. For this reason, Taste Barcelona Walking Tours ensures to help you avoid this from happening. It takes us through different neighborhoods of the city whilst revealing some ” hidden secrets ” in Barcelona. You are gonna love copious types of tapas and wines from Spain and the local regions around Barcelona after enjoying a fantastic evening with an experienced tour guide who provides the most interesting, historic and fascinating parts of Barcelona. Especially that the fact this tour is exclusive which ensures that you will have a personal and enjoyable experience. The price for this all-inclusive tour is €105 per person for this particular Barcelona food tour.

It’s such a great tour for eating and walking!

Book a tour there !


Address: Carrer del Dr. Trueta, 230, 08005 Barcelona

Phone:672 35 36 88
4. Barcelona Slow Travel

Barcelona Food Tour, Bcn Food Tour, Food Tour, Barcelona Food, Barcelona Tour, Bcn Tour, Barcelona Restaurants, Bcn Restaurants, Bcn Food

If your like me you and are not only in love with food but also love to cook, this Barcelona food tour will give you everything you need. It is like no other tour, this is where you can really discover Barcelona in such a real and meaningful way. Besides information about hidden places, local spots and cool things to do in Barcelona, you have chances to learn about organic ingredients and new cooking techniques while making new friends in the process. Actually, this tour attracts more people by its 2 delightful hosts: Cristina and Guillermo. They are the King & Queen of local seasonal cooking in Barcelona, creating an awesome atmosphere for your cooking lessons. The average price for each person is about €50 and it also provides free information about everything in Barcelona in their blogs.

Book a tour here


Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 199

Phone:  635 30 28 175.

5. Aborigens -Local Food Insiders – Day Tours

Barcelona Food Tour, Bcn Food Tour, Food Tour, Barcelona Food, Barcelona Tour, Bcn Tour, Barcelona Restaurants, Bcn Restaurants, Bcn Food

This Barcelona food tour seems to be the most popular and professional one, this tour has been described as “One of the 6 Best Food Tours in the World” (The Sunday Times, UK) . It also offers a private tour to explore the real local gastronomy of Barcelona with native experts who are fully Licensed Tour Operator. Based on its reputation and many great reviews, I would like to recommend this tour for foodies who want to taste the Catalan cuisine in a vibrant manner. It would be a new experience where you can enjoy the best local recipes, in the way Catalans make them as well as discovering non-touristic spots across the city.  Moreover, the timetable for this tour is flexible not only in the evening but also other times with many more categories.  The average price for each person is quite affordable at €120.

Lots of fabulous food and drink experiences are waiting for you, don’t hesitate to book a tour here !


Address: Aragó, 184 Entl.C, 08011 Barcelona

Phone:931 87 37 50

I hope you can choose the most suitable Barcelona food tour for you from the list above and have an amazing culinary journey. Thanks for reading and if you know of any others that we missed let us know! ^^


Halal Restaurants in Barcelona


Hi Guys!!!!!

Todays blog is about Halal Restaurants and where to find them in Barcelona.

As someone who only eats Halal meat, this was a quite a big deal for me as for when I first arrived in Barcelona I didn’t have the faintest clue where to find any sort of halal meat

But now I know, so what are we waiting for lets take a trip down the halal meat lane!! (p.s there is no actual halal meat lane)

Now the ideal place to find all your halal meat is La Raval!!!

Famous today for its huge cultural diversity La Raval is your best choice for trying delicious Halal cuisine. Literally, walking around the area for 5 minutes is totally enough for you to find a nice and cozy Halal restaurant.

Maharaja Restaurante

Halal restaurants in Barcelona

This restaurant opened its doors in 2001. Running for nearly a decade and a half, Maharaja has built its fine reputation as being one of the ‘big’ players in traditional Halal cuisine making it one of the finest Halal restaurants in Barcelona. Maharaja offers typical Indian dishes prepared with typical Indian techniques. Expect nothing less than brilliant food with rich flavors and textures.

What’s famous about this restaurant is their fine selection of Indian spices. Having more than 40 types of spices in the chef’s disposal you can be assured that your meal at Maharaja will be the most aromatic and flavorful thing you have tasted all day. This restaurant just wows its visitors with its brilliant decor. Typically colorful draperies and table cloths, walls full of great Indian art and an atmosphere ‘to die for’ is what this restaurant is all about. A personal favorite of all the Halal restaurants in Barcelona.




If that doesn’t pickle your fancy … get it pickle … okay maybe not

Well Askadinya is another top Halal Restaurant in Barcelona.  This restaurant specialises in both Arabic and Palestinian food!!
Askadinya is all homemade food and provides a Mediterranean diet!! I’m not even sure what a Mediterranean diet consists of but Im having it!!!

Located in the heart of Gracia, Askadinya offers a range of food all Halal!!! They also do special menu deals for both weekdays and weekends which is ideal if you love 3/4 courses like myself!!! This is a perfect restaurant for someone who eats Halal food but also wants to eat healthy. The restaurant itself provides a great atmosphere and friendly service from its staff.  Askadinya is most certainly one of my top Halal Restaurants in Barcelona.


Bombay Spicy

Halal restaurants in Barcelona

One of the Halal restaurants in Barcelona where value for money meets quality. The offered food is simply amazing. What’s better than enjoying an exquisite meal in a friendly restaurant that makes you feel like home for a very reasonable price? Well, nothing! A great bonus that Bombay Spicy has to offer is delivery.

For the times when you are just feeling too comfortable at home enjoying a good movie but craving some delicious Indian food, all you have to do is just dial the number, place your order and soon enough the delivery guy will be outside your door handing you your delicious food. But honestly, why waste the opportunity and not go to the restaurant to have a perfect dining experience? In summery, one of the best choices when it comes to Halal restaurants in Barcelona.


Pita House

Do you love Pita?

Do you love Houses?

Look nowhere else !! Pita House is the place to be! Located on La Ramlas this place is meant to be one of the top Halal restaurants in Barcelona.

Pita House caters all, whether its for lunch, dinner or just a snack. This place aims to satisfy all. Whether its quality food you want for certain fancy occasions or just take away food for a night in. Pita house is a must visit Halal restaurant in Barcelona.

From Falafels to chicken pitas from Hummus to Durums this place oozes in Arab cuisine. So if you are drooling on your keyboard as I am then Pita house is a place you should dine!!!

Pita house is a great Halal restaurant in Barcelona because not only is the food and the prices great but it also has a terrace you could eat on which has a capacity of 48 people!! Perfect for family and friends. It is also really easy to get to as all you need to do is get the L3 at LIceu.


And your list of the best Halal restaurants in Barcelona is complete, folks! Or is it? If you know any other great restaurants offering Halal, please let us know is the comment section. Much of love to you guys and have a great week!

Weekly joke:

Q: What did one plate say to the other plate?

A: Dinner is on me.




Chris and Hasan




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