What to do in Barcelona

… during your holidays !

Hello SuiteLifers ! Today I’m gonna tell you what to do in Barcelona, what absolutely not to miss to enjoy your holidays in our beautiful city !! These are insider tips, I’m not gonna talk to you about Sagrada Familia (speaking about this, check out our blog : how to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia), Park Guell, La Pedrera and so on.. You’ll find everything you need to know about that on touristic guide and on our many blogs ! No no I’m gonna give you some tips that will make your experience here even better !

What to do in Barcelona

Chill at Carpe Diem Lounge Club

If you don’t know what to do in Barcelona after a day at the beach La Barceloneta don’t hesitate ! This amazing lounge on the beach (metro Ciutadella Vila Olimpica) is the best ones to have a drink and chill on a huge sofa while enjoying the sun ! After a great day of beach and sun I promise that this is the best place to relax ! It’s also a (good) restaurant and a club at night.  The decoration is inspired by India and it’s really cool. You can ask for a massage while enjoying your drink (take a gin tonic, they are gorgeous !). It’s actually one of my favorite places here in Barcelona ! Check their website if you need more info !

What to do in Barcelona

The Magic Fountains of Montjuic !

Of course you’re going to Montjuic ! You HAVE to go to Montjuic, it’s beautiful. But listen to me : you should go at the end of the afternoon : around 6 p.m, visit a bit and then, check out the magic fountain show ! Every friday, saturday and sunday (from the 31st of march until the 30th of october) from 9 p.m to 11:30 p.m there is a big show and this is really beautiful (and free…) ! You’re not forced to stay 2 hours of course but you should stay at least half an hour to enjoy the lights and everything ! You won’t regret it, it’s… magic as said in the name. Where is it ? Metro plaza Espana ! Check more infos on the official website of the city.

What to do in Barcelona

Eating the best tapas of Barcelona : Xampaniet

Where to go and what to do in Barcelona for lunch ? Haha what a question ! El Xampanyet !!! This restaurant makes the absolute best tapas I’ve ever eaten in my entire (and short) life. It’s located next to the Picasso museum (so you can go right after your visit to this beautiful museum). It’s really typical, most of the people eat at the bar but you can ask for a table, they will find you one in les than five minutes ! It looks crowded all the time but don’t be intimidated you can eat without any problem. Don’t forget to order aspargus and tortilla they taste like heaven, seriously. Adress ? Carrer montcada, 22. Please, go ! Need more places where to eat tapas ? Check out our blog about The top Tapas restaurants of Barcelona.

What to do in Barcelona

Play a beach volleyball game with locals on the beach !

You’ll see once arrived in Barcelona that the beach is surrounded by beach volleyball fields. It’s a really popular game here in Barcelona, (like in Copacabana). You can ask the players to play with them they would be really pleased to welcome you into their game! It’s a fun and sporty way to meet local people. They are really welcoming and can give you a lot of tips about the city ! It’s really nice and will make burn the tapas you’ve eaten at lunch !! And if you need more info about Barcelona beaches, just check out our free e-book about beaches in Barcelona.

What to do in Barcelona

Have an after-dinner drink at The Eclipse

What to do in Barcelona after dinner ? Searching for a unique place to have a drink ? The eclise is the club of the luxury W hotel. Located on the 26th floor of the hotel you’ll enjoy an amazing view of Barcelona ! The bar is a cocktail one and I can tell you they are delicious !! (By the way, if you’re a cocktail lover check out our free e-book : top 10 cocktail bars of Barcelona). Be careful, minors under 21 cannot enter the club, and as it’s a fancy hotel the dress code is… well, fancy! But the view worth the stilettos ! Check out more info on the Eclipse website.

What to do in Barcelona

Enjoy the breath taking view from Barcelo Raval

The most amazing view of Barcelona I’ve ever seen is from the Barcelo Raval hotel, in Raval neighborood. You have to go to the 11th floor, on the terrace and there… you’ll enjoy a 360 degrees view of Barcelona. It’s really amazing and you absolutely can’t miss it. I bring all my friends there so they can have an idea of the structure of Barcelona and how big it is ! You can see pretty much everything from this rooftop. Place not to miss ! More info on Barcelo Raval Barcelona website.

What to do in Barcelona

To roller skate down Barceloneta

Having fun and taking the sun by the same time on the beach ! You’ll see that Barceloneta is just what you need to roller skate a bit. It’s really cool and don’t forget that roller skates is the sport that burns fat the most easily and quickly ! There are a lot of shops who rent rollers all along the beach ! Don’t hesitate. Plus : kids love that !!

What to do in Barcelona

Brunch at Federal Café

Lazy sunday morning and you don’t know what to do in Barcelona ? Federal is a little and hidden café next to the metro station “Paralel”. It’s one of the best brunch in Barcelona. This is not a buffet, you”ll have to orden on a menu but everything is amazing ! The service is really good and you won’t have to wait ten hours to be served. There is everything you need to have energy for a whole day of visit, and it’s not expensive. Where to find it ? Carrer del Parlament, 39. If you’re fond of brunches check out our blog about the best brunches in Barcelona.

What to do in Barcelona

Enjoy the pool at the Ohla Hotel

Well, beaches in Barcelona are crowded. If you’re looking for something else, a fancy pool for a fancy afternoon, you might fall in love with the Ohla Hotel. Located on Via Laetana, this 5 stars hotel opens his pool to the public during the summer. You’ll have to take drinks or something to eat of course, it’s not free but the place is amazing, a peaceful and quiet location in the very heart of Barcelona. Gorgeous ! Location ? Via Laetana, 49.

What to do in Barcelona

If you love rooftops bars and pools just as me read our two blogs about it : Top 10 rooftop bars in Barcelona and Top 7 rooftop pools in Barcelona.

Alright guys, that’s it for today ! I hope my blog was helpful and if you have any other idea of what to do in Barcelona, please leave us a comment we’ll be glad to hear from you !!


Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona : absolutely everything you need to know

Hello SuiteLifers ! Today I come to you with the 10 most frequently asked questions about Barcelona (and their answers of course…) to help you have the most pleasant experience in this magnificent city !!

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 1 : What are Barcelona international telephone codes ?

The first most frequently asked questions about Barcelona is about the international telephone codes. What you must know is that the telephone dialling country code is +34 and the city code for Barcelona is 93. In general numbers that begin with 9 are fixed lines and numbers that begin with 6 are mobile phones.

Question 2 : What is Barcelona time’s zone ?

This is the second most frequently asked questions about Barcelona ! Well, we are located in the GMT+1 time zone !

Question 3 : How to get tourists visas for Spain?

Of course the citizens of European Union + Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein do not require a visa, just their ID or passport. For minors the ID must come with a written parental permission. They can visit for up to 90 days. Visitors from Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, the Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino, the Vatican, Singapore, Uruguay and Venezuela don’t need a tourist visa either, just a valid passport.  Finally any visitors from any other countries must apply for a tourist visa from the Spanish Consulate website in their home country.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 4 : What is electrical current in Spain ?

Our fourth most frequently asked questions about Barcelona ! Spain uses 220-volt AC, 50Hz electrical current with a two-pin electrical plugs.  Visitors from the UK need adaptors and visitors from USA also need adaptors as well as 110/125V transformers.

Question 5 : What is the weather like in Barcelona ?

Mediterranean climate !!! Warm springs, hot summers, mild winters. And up to 12hours of sunshine a day during the summers.

Frequently asked question about Barcelona

Question 6 : Where is Barcelona airport ?

The international airport is located outside the city, about 20 kms away and is called El Prat. The easiest way to come to Barcelona from the airport is the “Aerobus”. Check out El Prat website and the Aerobus website for more information.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 7 : How is public transport in Barcelona ?

Very modern and well maintained !!! We have buses, metro, trams, trains, city bikes. And the metro service is uninterrupted from 5am on Saturday to 12 am on Sunday ! Check out the public transport website for more info.

Question 8 : Where is the Tourist office ?

There are plenty of them all around the city but you’ll find the main one on Plaza Catalunya, underground. You can check the tourist office of Barcelona website for more information.

Question 9 : What about medical care and health care

One really important and most frequently asked questions about Barcelona. Visitors from the European Union must bring the blue EHIC card – European Health Insurance Card, which entitles them to free medical assistance in emergencies. The main emergency number is 112.  The number for medical emergencies is 061. Don’t forget to check CatSalut website.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 10 : Pharmacies and chemists

They are called “Farmacias” here in Spain. They generally have the big green cross outside. You can buy prescription and non-prescription medicine  from pharmacies during normal shopping hours on weekdays between 9.00 and 20.00. There are also 24h chemist shops opened in Barcelona but an extra charge is added to medicine purchased outside normal opening hours.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

That was the top 10 most frequently asked questions about Barcelona ! I hope you guys have found this helpful and if you have another question about anything else please leave a comment we’ll be happy to help !



Hello Hola Bonjour Howdy Suitelifers,

Lets be honest with ourselves, our day to day routines are dominated by our phones.. Your probably reading this off your phone as we speak!!

Everything we do and everything we say in the present day revolves around our smartphones. Now I ain’t saying it’s a bad thing, in fact I believe our phones can enhance and improve our experiences. That is why I am creating this blog to tell you the must need BARCELONA APPS!! because i’m nice like that and I care for my readers. Well enough about how considerate and great guy I am, lets get started!! Lets count down the best apps you can download for FREE… Yes you heard right FREEEEEEE!!!!!


7) HostelWorld

Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCN

HostelWorld is brilliant for all you backpackers out there, I personally used this app throughout Europe not only Barcelona but when I first arrived here it was certainly a one of my must need BARCELONA APPS!! If your anything like me which is spontaneous (or as others would say ‘Lazy’) and you don’t really plan where your going to stay and just go with the flow then HostelWorld is the ideal app for you. This app helps filter through hundreds of hostels in the local area and will help you find the perfect hostel for you. Before I downloaded this app I went to a complete unknown hostel and my first night consisted of a guy vomiting next to my bed …… Wasn’t the greatest night il be honest but this can be avoided. So stop being ‘Lazy’ just download the app and let Hostelworld do all the research for you. Then again if your not like me and plan well ahead and book your hostels well in advance then erm….. yeh this app is pretty useless to you. But hey it’s still worth having on your phone if you want to post some feedback on how the guy next to you vomited all night …….. if you ever read that comment anywhere it is most likely my comment. Stay away from that hostel!!!!


6) Tripadvisor

Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCN

Tripadvisor is one of those apps where everybody has done all the hard work for you and one that has come in handy over and over, which is why this is one of my must need BARCELONA APPS!! I know the saying you should try something new but my saying is ‘Why risk wasting money and time??’ theres only so many times you can try new things out and well if they don’t turn out great then it can sour your experience. Sometimes we just need to be told where to go right, let the people before us trial and test out all the bad restaurants and attractions etc and let us enjoy and basque in their positive experiences. On one particular occasion it proved vital as a restaurant which looked really good from the outside, however many people wrote really awful things about this restaurant about its service and food … so bullet was dodged thanks to Tripadvisor!!!

5) Couchsurfing

Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCN


And at number 5 … Couchsurfing. Whenever I recommend this app to anybody they give me this weird look, but let me ensure you this app isn’t just about sharing your flat to a stranger. Yes okay essentially the app was created so that people passing by a certain country or city could sleep for a night at someones house. However don’t be creeped out, the feature i want to highlight is the events section. This is a really cool column that shows upcoming events and activities around your area. What makes this special is that these events tend to be organised by regular people and not organisations therefore you cant really find these cool secretive events elsewhere. I admit I check this like every week as there is always something that appeals to me. Whether its weekly meet ups, sports events, gigs or just random night outs this is one of my must need  BARCELONA APPS!!

4) Pindrop

Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCN

Pindesk is not a common app that everyone would have but it is certainly one that should be, did you ask why? well thats a great question let me explain why. If your anything like me and get lost on numerous occasions, even getting to the simplest of places in Barcelona can be a struggle for me. However you tend to find the best places to go and visit when you get lost, whether its a nice little cafe or some shop you have been desperately searching for but don’t have your wallet on you. This app enables you to pinpoint these certain locations so you can visit them after. This type social bookmarking is a great way to find really cool places that just isn’t mainstream, these places for sure will be something not many people would know about, don’t you just love exclusive discrete places like this? well if thats the case this is a one of the must need BARCELONA APPS!! Don’t worry if your not the type that goes out exploring because Pindrop has kindly integrated with social media so if you know anybody else in Barcelona most likely they’ll help you stumble across a cool spot! I personally Pindropped my own flat ….. because i’m cool like that you see!

Okay guys we are into my top 3 apps!!!! This is worth waiting for !!!!

3) Google Maps

Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCN

I am pretty sure you guys already have this … Do I really need to explain this app ????

Oh what the hell, for the 1% who hasn’t downloaded this app THIS IS FOR YOU!!! . Google Maps is certainly one of the most popular BARCELONA APPS!! Well what else can I say except DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! It just makes life 10x easier. Everything is so simple and easy to use. Perfect for Barcelona, since I have downloaded this app I haven’t been worried about getting lost …. unless my battery runs out then i’l be crying. Otherwise this app is ideal for anybody who is new to Barcelona as it makes traveling just so soooo much easier. I’m not sure if I could sell this anymore in all honesty. If you got it great if you don’t … most likely your probably lost somewhere as we speak.

We are down to the last two !!!! Can you guess the next app ???

2) City Mapper

Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCN

Did you guess right?? If you did give yourself a pat on the back!!

Number 2 is City Mapper, similar to Google Maps but does things Google Maps cant. This app is fantastic for those who are traveling from A – B if it requires transport. This app is designed to help you find the quickest and easiest way to get from one destination to another. Finding you every possible route from walking,metro,bus,train even SUBMARINE!!! ….okay maybe not the last one but the rest are true. This came in so handy when I first came to Barcelona as it showed me exactly what transport I needed, when I have to get off and all the information in between. A real life saver in some situations especially if your running late for work ….. which never happens to me. Anyways this is a deserved number 2 App and one I can not stress enough that this is one of the must need BARCELONA APPS!!

Okay guys you made it to the end, now its the moment you have all been waiting for … I wont keep you in any more suspense the number 1 app … will be revealed after these adverts

Only kidding.

Right its the Big one !!! My Top app!!! The one app everybody in Barcelona needs !!!!



Barcelona Apps, Barcelona Apple Apps, Barcelona Android Apps, Barcelona Smartphone Apps, Apps in Barcelona Smartphone Apps in Barcelona, BCN apps in Barcelona, Apps in BCNNow if you already know Spanish then this app is just completely unnecessary and perhaps your not as satisfied with my number one app of must need BARCELONA APPS!!, if that is the case I apologies! But to the rest who cant speak Spanish that great like myself then this app belongs on your home screen. This is just a simple app that is free and just so simple to use but perfect for when your out and about. I can not tell you how many times I have been in a store or on the transport and this great little app has saved my ass on so many occasions. There is also a feature that allows you to save words or phrases you have translated as well as being able to hear it out loud so you can pronounce it properly. This app is fantastic for anybody new to Barcelona and you would be amazed what you could learn from this app. There’s not much else I can say the name itself is self explanatory but guys if your like me and new to Barcelona and really struggle to speak Spanish PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE download this app .. You will thank me one day!

So guys that was my Top 7 apps that I use on a regular occasion and apps that I feel are really useful for when you are in Barcelona. I’m sure you guys have most of these but if you dont have these then just download them, they are all free on both Apple and Android. If your looking for top Android Barcelona apps then click here ( btw you suck if you are on Android!!! ) and if you on Apple like me then click here

Hope you guys benefit from these as much as I have and if you have any apps that you think are just as important in Barcelona please do comment below and let me know what else is out there.

I must depart now as writing these blogs are just soo exhausti …… zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Stay Tuned

Hasan   (PHD in Blogging also an MBE in Lying)

Trips around Barcelona

Trips around Barcelona, where to go for a weekend ?

Suite Lifers if you’re looking for trips around Barcelona, escape a weekend from the city, breath in some fresh air, and so on  you’re on the page you need to be, don’t move. I’ve searched for you the best places to go around Barcelona for a day or two…

Trips around Barcelona

Port Aventura

Going on a family weekend ? Then, of course Port Aventura is one of the best trips around Barcelona to take. Just imagine how happy your children will be ! This huge park is one hour by train from Barcelona, near Salou. You’ll find a theme park with 6 different worlds : Mediterrània, Far West, Polynesia, China, México and Sésamo Adventura, one of the largest water parks of Spain with 50,000 squares metres of attractions and relaxation areas and 4 hotels. You’ll enjoy Europe’s highest roller coaster, Europe’s fastest roller coaster but also some of the coolest attractions for the youngsters. What’s better than a measure made park for families to share memories and have fun ?

Trips around Barcelona

Furthermore the park gives discounts and promotions for families and children ! It re-opens after the winter break on Saturday the 21st of March from 10:00. See the PortAventura Website for more informations.


If you’re looking for parties, beaches and a cute little town to go with friends or your partner, then the trips around Barcelona made for you are called : Sitges !! This Mediterranean coastal town is one of the most famous of Catalonia due to it micro-climate, that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities all year long as well as its gorgeous beaches. If you also wanna spend a cultural weekend you can enjoy a lot of museums and art galleries as well as many cultural events organized by the city (like the Sitges Carnival, check out or blog about it), before going to one of its astonished beaches and having a drink on the “Dos de mayo” street.

Trips around Barcelona

The town is located 45 minutes from Barcelona by car but is also accessible by train (go to Renfe website). For more informations about the city, check out Sitges website or our blog about Day trips in Sitges.


For nature and cultural lovers the best trips around Barcelona for you are trips to Montserrat ! One of the most famous site in Spain, you’ll discover the history of the monastery, the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Montserrat, the famous open-air museum with a lot of guided tours organized by the city of Montserrat. You’ll also enjoy the fantastic view. As a matter of fact Montserrat is located on the mountains, which brings even more magic to this unique place.

trips around Barcelona

You can access the town by car, it’s not even one hour from Barcelona. Check the agenda and further information on Montserrat website. We also wrote a complete blog about Montserrat, check it here.


How can we not speak about Girona in a blog about trips around Barcelona ? The historic city is really famous and you won’t have time to be bored at all, there are so many places to see, so many things to learn about Girona’s history, so many museums to visit and so many events planned. Nonetheless you can visit cultural things during the day,  Girona is not all about cultural visits, there are also a lot of shops to do some shopping and a wide range of clubs and night bars ! If you’re a gastronomic fan you won’t be disappointed either, there are a lot of specialties and you’ll find a few Michelin Restaurants too.  It is the most complete trip you can find : museums, historic city, shopping and nightlife.

Trips around Barcelona

Girona is located 100 kms from Barcelona and is accessible by car. See the Girona website for more information.

Tossa de mar

Finally my last suggestion for your trips around Barcelona is Tossa de Mar. This ancient fishermen’ village is located on the coast, at half way between Barcelona and the french border. It has been transformed into a tourist station, it is like a big open-air museum where you can discover the history of Tossa de Mar from prehistory to the 20th century. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes, nature and beaches that make Tossa de Mar unique. You’ll find another aspect of the city in the night : concerts, parties, balls and so on ! If you’re going with your children, they can participate to a lot of entertainment activities for kids that Tossa has to offer.

Trips around Barcelona

At only 95 kms from Barcelona, you can go to Tossa de Mar by car in not even an hour. If you’re looking for some more information, check Tossa de Mar website.

If you’d like to stay for only one day, check our blog about Daytrips from Barcelona, you’ll find some ideas, here and here !

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend and that my blog was helpful ! Share with us your experience we would be very pleased to hear from you!

See you soon!



Sitges Carnival!!!



Its that time of year again, yes thats right Sitges Carnival!!. The only time of the year where a man can get away with wearing a nurse outfit in public and not be judged…. not that I have tried to. 2015 was a year a to remember as the people of Sitges did not disappoint as always, this year carnival goers went THEE extra mile. Never had I seen such original costumers from the very creative to the absolute ridiculous this carnival had it all. It was my first time experiencing a carnival outside of the UK so I was well excited to see what I was in for. Fortunately an erasmus group helped organise the trip and for only 10€ and was also a great way of meeting new people. I made the mistake of going to buy the costumer the day before. Turned out the whole of Barcelona also had the same idea. It was mental I had never seen a costume store so busy before! I was left with the very unoriginal idea of going as a cowboy… well it beats going as someone with drawn on kitten whiskers right?? Well at least my friends had as little imagination as myself, a guy with a vendetta mask, a dutch girl trying to be french and a girl who I think was trying to be a character from Great Gatsby.

Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges

When someone first mentioned Sitges Carnival!! to me I was like a dog salivating and asking a 100 questions WHEN?? WHERE??? HOW MUCH??? I saw a quick glimpse of last years carnival on Youtube and knew I had to go even if I did have work the next morning. In retrospect it was worth the hangover! The carnival lasted a week starting on the Monday and finishing on the Sunday however the last day was when the parade took place. So that Sunday morning I woke late as always and rushed everything including sticking my moustache on the wrong way, as if I didn’t look silly enough. All anyone saw that morning in my area was a cowboy running for his life with a plastic gun tucked in his pants, quite the site for people awake that time. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough I got on to the metro to Catalunya expecting loads of people to be in costumes…. I couldn’t have been more mistaken, I was the only one dressed up! So there was only one thing I could do and that was to pretend to be a cowboy by saying ‘Howdy Partner!’ to people passing by. Hey it was carnival who cares right!!



I had never been so happy to see a clown in my life! It was a sign, I was close to the meeting point. One clown became two, then out of nowhere a group of 90s styled characters followed by a group of native americans. Finally a place where it was socially acceptable to dress as a cowboy with an upside down moustache. I remember a child walking pass shouting ‘hey look its a cowboy’… I felt vindicated!!! Few people even asked if they could take pictures with us which was just awesome… I felt like a celeb!! We finally got on the coach that took us to the Sitges Carnival!! which took us just over half an hour, it was also a good time to meet other people who were either studying, working, traveling or just felt like dressing like an idiot for one day.


Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges



We got there just in time for the kids parade. It was surprisingly good! Only problem was that we didn’t have the greatest view so I was more or less tip toeing the whole parade…Not happy! Despite that the kids didn’t disappoint they came out in the most adorable costumes you just felt like snatching one of them they were that cute… not that I would of course. There were although some awkward moments which I found well lets just say inappropriate for example when a float consists of girls dancing rather provocatively next to poles…. weird huh? Luckily the rest of the floats and kids acted like kids!! it was a great taster for what we were to expect from the adult parade later that day. I was worried about one thing, something I only ever worried about back in England… Im sure you guessed it.. the WEATHER!!! It looked very bleak and wasn’t the warmest day either. But it was still early so I was optimistic things would pick up, it had to right?? I mean it was Sitges Carnival!

Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges



In between the children parade and the adults we had about 8 hours to kill!! 2 hours of which were burned at a restaurant with ridiculous service. It literally took us 2 hours to order our food!!! 2 fricking hours!!!!! If your ever in Sitges stay away from ‘The American’ I think I need to remember I am a blogger and not a critic otherwise I will rant for hours about this god forsaken restaurant!!! Okay I shall calm down, where was I.. oh right the Sitges Carnival!!. So we now had 6 hours to kill which was perfect because we were next to beach which was a great way to just sit back, relax and watch the whacky costumes that walked by. There were chickens, cops & robbers, divas, the guy from Saw, Scooby Doo, Slutty Nurses, Cats, People with tights on their heads and even Mr T!!! The list goes on and on!!! The city itself was actually really nice, I mean except for all the diversions the parade caused it seemed like a really nice place to live with loads of shops and open spaces. Shame I didn’t get to explore Sitges as much as I would have liked.


Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges



It was finally what everyone was waiting for the adults parade!!! …. and once again we didn’t get a good spot. The floats came down after some delay so expectations were high. They were awesome as expected!!!! The first float was just a group of devils dancing followed by a group a team of american footballers. Then the one all men were waiting for.. well the main reason I went, a float filled with hot latino, tinsel wearing, barely clothed women erotically dancing! This for me is what the Sitges Carnival is about… yes I am that shallow, can you blame me??? Have you seen the women??? I was actually really impressed at the different themes they incorporated in the parade, we had scary floats such as Freddy Kruger to cultured floats such as Romans and Iconic British people, although the British float was a huge disappointment! So there I was seeing the United Kingdom flag in the far distance getting all excited.. only to witness an awful costumer of Prince Charles and Mr Bean and a guy playing rugby. I guess the Brits doesn’t have as much imagination as I thought but oh well maybe it was just my perspective, I’m sure the spanish loved seeing Prince Charles.


Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges


To sum up I had such a great time and a fantastic night!! I heard so much about carnivals in the rest of Europe and now I know what the big deal is. If i was to nit pick I’d say the music could have been a bit more well different, The songs were good but just so repetitive and also the weather but thats just down to luck. Other than that there really is just something special about Sitges Carnival and glad I had the opportunity to experience it. To those visiting Barcelona in the coming years remember to make your self available for this Carnival, it is not to be missed!!! Put it in your Calendars… Now!!! …. Do it!!!! …..Oh wait I didn’t give you the date did I. Well I dont know the exact date but its going to be around February time so GOOGLE IT!!!!

Anyway guys I must dash. Hope you guys enjoyed the blog and if you already been just share your comments below, what did you wear?? what did i miss?? Absolutely anything !!!!

Stay tuned :)

Hasan – (Senior Blogging Executive Assistant Intern Specialist)



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