Driving in Barcelona: What You Need to Know

Driving in Spain

Driving in Barcelona

Just because you aren’t a resident of Spain doesn’t mean you can’t drive in Barcelona or another city in the region! Here are a quick few things you should know about requirements for driving in Barcelona:


License ID-


US citizens:

  • A valid driver’s license from any state may be used
  • You must also obtain and International Driving Permit (IDP). IDP’s are basically a copy of your native license copied into various languages, and they can be purchased through entities such as AAA for around $10.
  • Both ID cards must be carried with you at all times! Fines have been known to range from 250- 500 €!
  • After a period of six months, you are required to apply for a Spanish driver’s license and go through the same exams and classes as locals.


EU and EAE visitors:

Driving in Spain

  • Driving in Barcelona is easy! Your country license may be used in Spain until it is expired.
  • Carrying a passport is recommended.
  • You must register with travel authorities within six months becoming a resident of Spain and obtain a Spanish driver’s license as well.



Third party insurance is required for all driving in Barcelona and other cities in Spain!

Items required on/in vehicle-


  • 2 EU-approved red traffic triangles
  • 2 reflective vests to be worn in incidents
  • spare headlight bulbs and tools to replace
  • spare tire and necessary tools
  • EU license plates with country of origin or sticker


Driving in Barcelona

Few traffic rules of thumb-


  • Cars overtake and pass others from the left
  • Cars approaching from the right have the right of way
  • Cars in traffic circle have the right of way
  • Cell phone use is not permitted while driving
  • All passengers must wear a seatbelt


For more information visit Spain’s Traffic Agency (Spanish). Safe driving in Barcelona!


Most Romantic Hotels in Barcelona

Whether you live in Barcelona and want to take your ‘media naranja’ (Spanish for soulmate) for a romantic escape or you live somewhere else in the world and are drooling over the city, this blog is for you! Romance is always in the air here. Without further ado, here is our list of the most romantic hotels in Barcelona. Also, you can’t miss our Free Ebook on the Top 25 Places to Take a 1st Date in Barcelona.

#12 Grand Hotel Central

grand hotel central barcelona

Luxurious and convivial hotel at the same time!
Via Laietana, 30, 08003 Barcelona


#11 Hotel Palace

Hotel palace barcelona

As its name suggests, it’s a luxurious hotel where you can live like a royal couple.
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 668, Barcelona

#10 Casa Fuster

casa fuster barcelona

New royal atmosphere in a famous place. This is where Woody Allen stays when he’s in town.
Paseo de Gracia, 132, 08008 Barcelona


#9  Ohla Hotel

Ohla hotel barcelona

Very Romantic place with simple decoration revealing a real charm!
Via Laietana, 49, 08003 Barcelona


#8 Hotel Villa Emilia

hotel villa emilia

Very traditional and classy place with a city view!
Carrer de Calàbria, 115, 08015 Barcelona

#7 Neri

neri hotel barcelona

Peaceful and natural atmosphere, like in a cottage!
Carrer de Sant Sever, 5, 08002 Barcelona


#6 Hotel Alma

hotel alma

Stylish and comfortable hotel with an amazing view of the city.
Carrer de Mallorca, 271, 08008 Barcelona


#5 Arts Hotel

Art hotel barcelona

Huge and amazing hotel next to the sea with a panoramic view of the all city!
Calle Marina, 19-21, 08005 Barcelona


#4 Abac

Very quiet place surrounded by nature, perfect romantic hotel!
Avinguda del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona


#3 Hotel W

hotel w

All rooms have a sea view, it is so Romantic!
Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, 1, 08039 Barcelona


#2 Gran Hotel La Florida

hotel florida barcelona tibidabo

Hotel on the top of Barcelona, very quiet, romantic and perfect place for couples!
Carretera de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo, 83-93, 08035 Barcelona


#1 Hotel 1898

hotel 1898 barcelona

Chic hotel in the center of Barcelona with a nice view of the city and a spa to enjoy relaxing moments together!
La Rambla, 109, 08002 Barcelona


Where are you planning to go then? Have any other suggestions?




Top 10 Barcelona Mobile Apps for your iOS/Android Phone

SuiteLife’s Top 10 Barcelona Mobile Apps


best barcelona apps 

Coming to Barcelona with a smart phone in hand, your thinking, is there any Barcelona apps I need to make my life easier in this dynamic city? If you ever questioned that yourself, Suite Life has the answer you’re looking for.

These 10 necessary BCN apps will be categorized by transportation, city guides, sports and shops. All of them are available for both iOS and Android operated phones.  To download the app, simply scan or click on the relevant QR code.

Transportation apps Barcelona

Whether you arrive to Barcelona by train, ship or airplane: the first question will always be: how to get to places? Grab your internet- connected smartphone and let the transportation mobile apps Barcelona do the rest for you.

TMB – Barcelona apps for Metro and other public transports

This is the official mobile app from TMB, the main public transport management company in the Barcelona metropolitan area. It provides information about metro, bus lines and stops around the city’s urban area. You can track any bus or metro stations around you with GPS. The most important feature is real-time search for travel directions from place to place by metro and bus. Each route will have estimated time of arrival, means of transport and designated station so you can plan the journey easily.

TMB public transport apps Barcelona


Small tip: check for service alert to see any change or cancellation of the lines. TMB apps Barcelona is available in English, Spanish and Catalan

For Andoid

For iOS










Renfe ticket

This is also official app created by Renfe, a middle and long distance train operator in Spain. The app also provides users with route planning, time table, and schedule change, however for middle and long distance trains, which is useful when you want to travel to Barcelona’s suburbs or other cities in Spain. Moreover you can conveniently buy your train ticket directly through your phone and show it to train conductor without having to print it out. The option of change or cancelation is also available within this app

Renfe ticket app Barcelona


Available languages at the moment are English and Spanish

Renfe ticket app iOS

For iOS

Renfe ticket app Android

For Android











Bicing is the bicycle sharing system in Barcelona introduced to help daily users cover the small and medium distance commutes within the city in a greener way. The main purpose of bicing app Barcelona is to give bicing users real-time information about station maps, which station is close to your location and number of available bikes at that time.

Bicing app Barcelona


Although the available language is only Spanish and Catalan it is still easy to use for non-Spanish speaking users, with friendly interface and mostly graphic icons. My personal tips for you when using this app is to hit the refresh button frequently, as the number of bike in each station can change very fast, especially during rush hours. Once I was coming to get a bike, the mobile app showed only 2 bikes left at that station. When I arrived, I desperately watched a guy who arrived just a few seconds earlier than me took the last one.

Bicing app Android

For Android

Bicing app iOS

For iOS










Local guide

Tripadvisor BCN

Fans of traveling probably know about Tripadvisor already. But do you know about their city guide app? Basically its purpose is to provide users with vast information about attractions, hotels, bars restaurants etc. of the specific city, just like its website, but in offline mode and there are only specific numbers of cities available. Luckily Barcelona is included. Tripadvisor’s city guide Barcelona app is one of the best city guide app in Barcelona. In my opinion it is the best.


Tripadvisor mobile app Barcelona

The app is totally in English and very easy to use. You can either find the place by categories like Food & drink, Hotels, Attractions, and Shopping etc. or use the interactive map to locate yourself and find points of interest around you. Moreover you can find and book a tour around the city in Tickets/tours section. However the feature I find most useful is the offline self-guided tour, where you will find the direction to and read the general info of the most famous places in Barcelona, on your own and it’s totally free!

As I mentioned above, this app is awesome and there are many other useful functions like check-in, review and so on, but I will leave it for you to explore on your own!

Tripadvisor BCN guide Android

For Android

Tripadvisor BCN guide iOS

For iOS










BCN visual

You might wonder how Barcelona looked centuries ago. Check out this cool app. BCN Visual contains many photos of buildings and street in Barcelona decades or centuries ago. Each photo has its own description and is marked on the app’s interactive map.

BCN Visual app Barcelona

The coolest feature IMO is Augmented Reality mode. Once arrived at the photo’s destination you can use Augmented Reality mode to “scan” the area and check for example how a building or a street has changed over time.



Here are some of my results, the quality’s not so good as it was taken by phone camera and i’m not a professional photographer, but it’s fun to try out :)

BCN Visual


BCN visual 2


BCN visual


BCN visual 3


BCN Visual app Andoid

For Andoid

BCN Visual app iOS

For iOS











This app will let you enjoy the beautiful beaches in Barcelona even more. Ibeach offers list of beaches in Barcelona and allover Spain. After you choose one particular beach, iBeach will display information about temperature, waves, wind and other weather indicators. One thing I find very useful is the jellyfish alert function. When you come to the beach and see jellyfish you can put an alert to warn people, and other users would do the same so you can know. You wouldn’t want to go to the beach full of those squishy venomous animals, would you?

iBeach app Barcelona

Besides that, in each beach you can find nearby restaurants/bars/supermarkets in case you need some refreshment during hot days, or some activities to do, or nearby public toilets and medical services. At the moment the restaurant lists isn’t complete, but developers are cooperating with local business and hopefully it will be filled up soon.

iBeach app Android

For Android

iBeach app iOS

For iOS










Also like swimming pool? Here you go



FCB World

If you are football fan or FC Barcelona in particular then you won’t want to miss this app. With this app you can get the latest results and league tables, view the player profiles and stats or the club’s history etc. Furthermore you can follow the match live with the photos and videos, when you cannot go to the stadium or watch it on TV.

FCB World

This official app of Fútbol Club Barcelona is your direct communication channel with the club and the place to find all the latest information, photos, videos, news, live match commentaries, tweets, interactive games and other innovative services, all related to your favourite players.

~Description on Google Play~

FCB World Android

For Android

FCB World iOS

For iOS










Barcelona Corre

One of the best sport activities you can do in this magnificent city is running. Barcelona Corre offers you 23 exciting routes around Barcelona. Each route has its own information about length, terrain differences, difficulty and so on.

Barcelona Corre


When you first logged in the app will ask your age, height and weight for the profile. It is said that everyone who finishes all 23 route will be rewarded with a digital medals. I really doubt my possibility to do that, but if you want to try and find out, I would love to see those “medals” in comments section!

Barcelona Corre app iOS

For iOS

Barcelona Corre app Android

For Android










In case you need sport apparels and equipment, check out these stores.

Grocery shopping

In this section I will mention only the Barcelona mobile apps of grocery stores as they are pretty darn important. Beside Spanish fashion and apparel brands like ZARA or Bershka and their apps are already well known, it would be insignificant to bring up here.

In case you are totally new here and don’t know yet about grocery stores in Barcelona, my advice is to check out these tips first

Folletos Carrefour

Folletos Carrefour provides its users current offers and brochures of all Carrefour supermarkets. Within those interactive brochures, you will be able to see each item’ details, image, price; share to friends or add to your shopping list. It is especially useful when your Spanish is not good enough to ask the staff where each items is located. Instead show them your shopping list and save time for both sides.

Folletos Carrefour app Barcelona

This app also offer interactive map to help you find nearest store by distance and by type of stores. The app is only available in Spanish, but with comprehensive pictures and symbols, good chance to learn Spanish then.

Folletos Carrefour app Android

For Android

Folletos Carrefour app iOS

For iOS











Another big grocery chain in Barcelona is Dia. Their app’s feature is pretty similar to the above Folletos Carrefour, but it requires you to login. In return it offers management of your discount coupons.

Dia app Barcelona


Dia app Android

For Android

Dia app iOS

For iOS










More  Barcelona mobile apps by the City Council can be found here. If you have other interesting Barcelona apps feel free to introduce it to us in comment



23 Alternative Means of Transport in Barcelona. #17 is the Most Romantic for Sure!

23 coolest alternative transport means in Barcelona


Barcelona street

In major big cities such as Barcelona, we have to move a lot around the city to visit the most famous places! If you get tired of basic (and boring) means of transport like metro, bus, cars, taxi or even by foot, here are 23 alternative means of transport you can find in BCN!

Here are the 23 coolest alternative transport means in Barcelona:


#1 Helicopters:

If you don’t get dizzy easily and have the “sense of adventure” then try the helicopter tour of Barcelona to have an out of the ordinary visit !

*Tourist Routes: To enjoy a dream trip of Barcelona which give visitors alike excellent sight lines ! 


Round-trip or one-way trip, practical and quick, passengers can go to aiports, hotels, cultural places, etc. with  an amazing view of Barcelona !

Cable car:



You want to enjoy the Barcelona’s paronamic view ?

Cable car Barcelona

#2 *The port cable Car: The Transbordador Aeri del Port: crosses Barcelona port with two small red and white cabins from the Montjuic hill station to the San Sebastian beach near Barceloneta with, on the mid-way, a central tower: the Torre de Jaume (20 persons and about 7 minutes)
#3 *The Teleferico de Montjuic: You can move back and forth between Estacio Funicular on Avenida Miramar and Montjuic’s castle with the intermediate point, the mirador, thanks to the Barcelona’s cable car ! (4 persons)


#4 Boat:

Barcelona Gonlodrinas

“Las Golondrinas de Barcelona” a Harbour tour and boat trip along the beaches of Barcelona from a different perspective.You can chose your ride, short (35min) or long (90min)

All the coolest water activities:

#5 Flyboard, #6 Parasailing, #7 Kayak, #8 Banana, #9Water Ski, #10 Windsurfing, #11 Jet Ski, #12 Yachting, #13 Catamaran experience


#14 Bicycles:

Ecological, cheap and fun means of transport !

Bicing Barcelona

*Bicing: this famous red self-service bicycles in Bcn are really practical because we can find them everywhere. But the rub is that it’s only available for residents of Barcelona…If you’re not, read the on !
*Bicycles rental: if you really want to enjoy Bcn cycling (and you’re right), there are plenty of companies dedicated to both hourly bike rentals as well as organised bicycle tours to help you get to know the city.

#15 *Pedicabs: a fun, friendly and original taxi for a relaxing tour of Baracelona. They are driven by knowledgeable tour guides offering insight into the city and most of them speak several languages, from English to German.

Pedicab Barcelona

#16 Inline skating:

For a sportive visit you also have the opportunity to rent Rollerblades on your feet and feel free to slide on old cobblestone. Check out this event.

#17 Horses:

You can see the sights in style from your very own horse and carriage, they can usually be found at the bottom of Las Ramblas. Why do not enjoy a traditional ballad ?

Carriage Barcelona

#18  Segway:

You will love this new and futuristic mean of transport !

#19 Scooter and #20 Motorcycles:

A little ordinary but useful and handy to get around the city !

#21 Gocar:

This is a mix between a car and a scooter, it includes a GPS system that guides you around the streets like a local and the integrated audio guide tells you all about this fabulous city and its sights as it would your personal tour guide.

Barcelona Gocar

#22 Electric car:

An environmentally friendly way to drive in BCN for example you can rent this Twizy:


#23 Limousine:

We finish with a touch of luxury with limousine rentals if you wish to treat yourself to the rock star life!

Barcelona limousine


Any other alternative means of transportation you can recommend in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!

Foradada Waterfall in Catalunya : Welcome to Heaven

Day Trip from Barcelona: Foradada Waterfall in Cataluña

Looking for some new day trips from Barcelona? Want to discover Catalunya? Can you believe that this photo below is not actually taken in some East Asian paradise but right here in our own backyard? Check out our secret spot in Cantonigros, Cataluña, Spain!

Foradada Waterfall in Cantonigos, Catalunya

The Foradada Waterfall is one of these awesome secret places everybody loves to hear about. Just looking at this photo above leaves me speechless. A haven of peace in a secret forest, a small water fall that goes into a grotto surrounded by rocks. Plus, the sun goes through a natural hole made in a rock in certain periods of the day: a postcard moment before your very eyes.

How to get there

It is not that easy to get there, but come on, it wouldn’t be a secret after all if it was too easy to reach the place ;) If you go by car, from Barcelona you have to go north and take the C-153 until Cantonigros, which is the next village after Santa Maria de Corco. When you arrive in Cantonigros, you’ll see almost immediately a football field on your right, you’ll be able to park your car right next to it. Then you’ll have to follow the main track which is yellow-marked and walk for about 20 minutes. You will start hearing the beautiful sound of the water fall (and maybe the locals swimming/refreshing themselves because of the heat during the summer), you’re arrived to heaven! Taking public transportation is a bit of a trek, to say the least, but you can do it like this:


Location Foradada Waterfall Cantonigros in Catalunya

If you don’t want run into other people, you better go during the Spring as you might know this place is kind of awesome during the summer, and you might not be the only one to think that.

SuiteLife tips: You can also go there during the winter, and if it’s cold enough you’ll have the privilege to see the fall frozen: magical!

Foradada Waterfall frozen in Winter

Have you been to the Foradada Waterfall? We’d love to hear any additional tips you might have in the comments. Let us know!



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