50 Songs About Barcelona

Songs about Barcelona

City of Barcelona

You wouldn’t think there’d be so many songs about Barcelona but the city is a major source of inspiration for artists all around the world. With all its secrets and lovely places, how could it not be? After famous artists such as architects like Antoni Gaudi with Parc Guell, directors like Woody Allen with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, painters like Pablo Picasso with Barceloneta Beach and others, what about those who have a musical ear ? Barcelona inspired and still inspires singers and musicians. Here is a list of songs about Barcelona ! Some Bands have even taken Barcelona’s name, what a tribute !

1- Barcelona

Seattle-based trio, “Barcelona” is an Indie Rock Band formed in 2005. Their Albums: Safety Songs (2005) Absolutes (2007) Absolutes (2009) Not Quite Yours (2012)

songs about barcelona

2- I’m From Barcelona

It is a pop group band from Sweden created in 2005, best known for its 29 members and eclectic mix of classical instruments. Their name is an homage to the Spanish waiter Manuel, a character on BBC Television’s Fawlty Towers (“He’s from Barcelona”). Their BCN inspired songs: “We’re From Barcelona” “Barcelona Loves you

Songs about barcelona - I'm from Barcelona

Songs about Barcelona:

The Most Famous One:

*Rumba de Barcelona – Manu Chao

Rumba de Barcelona Manu Chao Barcelona song

Manu Chao, born June, 21th 1961 is a famous Spanish and French singer with his multilingual songs, cites much of his difficult childhood in Spain. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find him either in his own bar Sincopa or in the bar where he loves to hang out and play music : El Mariachi bar. They are both in the Gotico Neighborhood.

*Barcelona – Freddie Mercury

Barcelona Song Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, singer and member of Queen and Montserrat Cabellé an operatic soprano recorded their “Barcelona” album between 1987 and 1988. The Barcelona song was chosen to be featured at  the 1992 Summer  Olympics after Freddie Mercury’s premature death in 1991. This  song was one of his  biggest hits. Due to its popularity when we searched we found over 400 songs inspired by Barcelona. Songs entitled “Barcelona” have several musical genres, elctro, salsa, country… each artist interpreting their feelings and connection with the city.

Here’s our top 50 if you wish to immerse yourself in Barcelona’s environment !

1- Que Bonita Es Barcelona – Los 5 Musicales
2- 1992 Barcelona – Red Banner
3- A Barcelona – Quimi Portet
4- A Barcelona La Nit Es Clara – Grec
5- A Barcelona Llegan los Oles – Rafael Farina
6- A Song for Barcelona – Frank Charles
7- A Time in Barcelona – Tomeu Alcover
8- A una Rambla en Barcelona – Luis Les
9- Adios Barcelona – Alyson
10- Al entrar en Baracelona – Joaquin Diaz
11- Amantes En Barcelona – Pol 3.14
12- Barcelona Adiccion – Salvaje Montoya
13- Barcelona Amor Final – Jorcx
14- Barcelona Bella – Los Cabales
15- Barcelona Blues – Anna Bergendahl
16- Barcelona Boogie – Bobby Rodriguez, Kenny Burrell
17- Barcelona Cathedral – Martha Bennet
18- Barcelona Center – Max Oro
19- Barcelona City – Lexmir
20- Barcelona Ciudad – Miqui Puig
21- Barcelona Ciutat Grisa – Joan Isaac
22- Barcelona Claim – Paul Cerda
23- Barcelona Dreams – Behzad
24- Barcelona en Colors – Gerard Quintana
25- Barcelona Es Bona – Rudy Ventura
26- Barcelona Es Festa – Cobl Montgrins, Santi Arisa
27- Barcelona Feelings – Lounge Café
28- Barcelona Girls – Tomeu Penya
29- Barcelona Gran Ciutat – Jaume Oro
30- Barcelona Guapa – El Biles
31- Barcelona I Jo – Los Manolos
32- Barcelona In Our Minds – The Propers
33- Rumba de Barcelona – Gato Perez
34- Barcelona Me – Ibiza Chill Out
35- Barcelona Mi Amor – Damien de Medeiros
36- Barcelona Nights – Ottmar Liebert
37- Barcelona Tu siempre Mi Amor – La Banda Del Pop
38- Barcelona Yo Me Voy – Ricao
39- Buenas Noches Barcelona – Noel Soto
40- Calle Barcelona – La Vida Boheme
41- Desde Barcelona Hasta La Havana – Henry Mendez, OPB
42- Drinking In Barcelona – Ngobo Ngobo
43- El Mar Sobre Barcelona – Alessio Arena
44- Entre Cuba Y Barcelona – Lucrecia
45- Hola Barcelona – René Riva
46- Indios de Barcelona – Mano Negra
47- Jazz in Barcelona – Frank Boeijen
48- La Rama De Barcelona – Kiko Veneno
49- Madrid-Barcelona – Tontxu
50- Mas Grande Que Barcelona – Sr. Chinarro

Do you have any favourite BCN inspired songs that you haven’t seen on our list? Let us know in the comments!



Top 10 Barcelona Mobile Apps for your iOS/Android Phone

SuiteLife’s Top 10 Barcelona Mobile Apps

best barcelona apps

Coming to Barcelona with a smart phone in hand, your thinking, is there any Barcelona apps I need to make my life easier in this dynamic city? If you ever questioned that yourself, Suite Life has the answer you’re looking for.

These 10 necessary BCN apps will be categorized by transportation, city guides, sports and shops. All of them are available for both iOS and Android operated phones.  To download the app, simply scan or click on the relevant QR code.

Transportation apps Barcelona

Whether you arrive to Barcelona by train, ship or airplane: the first question will always be: how to get to places? Grab your internet- connected smartphone and let the transportation mobile apps Barcelona do the rest for you.

TMB – Barcelona apps for Metro and other public transports

This is the official mobile app from TMB, the main public transport management company in the Barcelona metropolitan area. It provides information about metro, bus lines and stops around the city’s urban area. You can track any bus or metro stations around you with GPS. The most important feature is real-time search for travel directions from place to place by metro and bus. Each route will have estimated time of arrival, means of transport and designated station so you can plan the journey easily.

TMB public transport apps Barcelona


Small tip: check for service alert to see any change or cancellation of the lines. TMB apps Barcelona is available in English, Spanish and Catalan

For Andoid

For iOS










Renfe ticket

This is also official app created by Renfe, a middle and long distance train operator in Spain. The app also provides users with route planning, time table, and schedule change, however for middle and long distance trains, which is useful when you want to travel to Barcelona’s suburbs or other cities in Spain. Moreover you can conveniently buy your train ticket directly through your phone and show it to train conductor without having to print it out. The option of change or cancelation is also available within this app

Renfe ticket app Barcelona


Available languages at the moment are English and Spanish

Renfe ticket app iOS

For iOS

Renfe ticket app Android

For Android











Bicing is the bicycle sharing system in Barcelona introduced to help daily users cover the small and medium distance commutes within the city in a greener way. The main purpose of bicing app Barcelona is to give bicing users real-time information about station maps, which station is close to your location and number of available bikes at that time.

Bicing app Barcelona


Although the available language is only Spanish and Catalan it is still easy to use for non-Spanish speaking users, with friendly interface and mostly graphic icons. My personal tips for you when using this app is to hit the refresh button frequently, as the number of bike in each station can change very fast, especially during rush hours. Once I was coming to get a bike, the mobile app showed only 2 bikes left at that station. When I arrived, I desperately watched a guy who arrived just a few seconds earlier than me took the last one.

Bicing app Android

For Android

Bicing app iOS

For iOS










Local guide

Tripadvisor BCN

Fans of traveling probably know about Tripadvisor already. But do you know about their city guide app? Basically its purpose is to provide users with vast information about attractions, hotels, bars restaurants etc. of the specific city, just like its website, but in offline mode and there are only specific numbers of cities available. Luckily Barcelona is included. Tripadvisor’s city guide Barcelona app is one of the best city guide app in Barcelona. In my opinion it is the best.

Tripadvisor mobile app Barcelona


The app is totally in English and very easy to use. You can either find the place by categories like Food & drink, Hotels, Attractions, and Shopping etc. or use the interactive map to locate yourself and find points of interest around you. Moreover you can find and book a tour around the city in Tickets/tours section. However the feature I find most useful is the offline self-guided tour, where you will find the direction to and read the general info of the most famous places in Barcelona, on your own and it’s totally free!

As I mentioned above, this app is awesome and there are many other useful functions like check-in, review and so on, but I will leave it for you to explore on your own!

Tripadvisor BCN guide Android

For Android

Tripadvisor BCN guide iOS

For iOS










BCN visual

You might wonder how Barcelona looked centuries ago. Check out this cool app. BCN Visual contains many photos of buildings and street in Barcelona decades or centuries ago. Each photo has its own description and is marked on the app’s interactive map.

BCN Visual app Barcelona

The coolest feature IMO is Augmented Reality mode. Once arrived at the photo’s destination you can use Augmented Reality mode to “scan” the area and check for example how a building or a street has changed over time.

Here are some of my results, the quality’s not so good as it was taken by phone camera and i’m not a professional photographer, but it’s fun to try out :)

BCN Visual


BCN visual 2


BCN visual


BCN visual 3


BCN Visual app Andoid

For Andoid

BCN Visual app iOS

For iOS











This app will let you enjoy the beautiful beaches in Barcelona even more. Ibeach offers list of beaches in Barcelona and allover Spain. After you choose one particular beach, iBeach will display information about temperature, waves, wind and other weather indicators. One thing I find very useful is the jellyfish alert function. When you come to the beach and see jellyfish you can put an alert to warn people, and other users would do the same so you can know. You wouldn’t want to go to the beach full of those squishy venomous animals, would you?

iBeach app Barcelona

Besides that, in each beach you can find nearby restaurants/bars/supermarkets in case you need some refreshment during hot days, or some activities to do, or nearby public toilets and medical services. At the moment the restaurant lists isn’t complete, but developers are cooperating with local business and hopefully it will be filled up soon.

iBeach app Android

For Android

iBeach app iOS

For iOS










Also like swimming pool? Here you go



FCB World

If you are football fan or FC Barcelona in particular then you won’t want to miss this app. With this app you can get the latest results and league tables, view the player profiles and stats or the club’s history etc. Furthermore you can follow the match live with the photos and videos, when you cannot go to the stadium or watch it on TV.

FCB World

This official app of Fútbol Club Barcelona is your direct communication channel with the club and the place to find all the latest information, photos, videos, news, live match commentaries, tweets, interactive games and other innovative services, all related to your favourite players.

~Description on Google Play~

FCB World Android

For Android

FCB World iOS

For iOS










Barcelona Corre

One of the best sport activities you can do in this magnificent city is running. Barcelona Corre offers you 23 exciting routes around Barcelona. Each route has its own information about length, terrain differences, difficulty and so on.

Barcelona Corre


When you first logged in the app will ask your age, height and weight for the profile. It is said that everyone who finishes all 23 route will be rewarded with a digital medals. I really doubt my possibility to do that, but if you want to try and find out, I would love to see those “medals” in comments section!

Barcelona Corre app iOS

For iOS

Barcelona Corre app Android

For Android










In case you need sport apparels and equipment, check out these stores.

Grocery shopping

In this section I will mention only the Barcelona mobile apps of grocery stores as they are pretty darn important. Beside Spanish fashion and apparel brands like ZARA or Bershka and their apps are already well known, it would be insignificant to bring up here.

In case you are totally new here and don’t know yet about grocery stores in Barcelona, my advice is to check out these tips first

Folletos Carrefour

Folletos Carrefour provides its users current offers and brochures of all Carrefour supermarkets. Within those interactive brochures, you will be able to see each item’ details, image, price; share to friends or add to your shopping list. It is especially useful when your Spanish is not good enough to ask the staff where each items is located. Instead show them your shopping list and save time for both sides.

Folletos Carrefour app Barcelona

This app also offer interactive map to help you find nearest store by distance and by type of stores. The app is only available in Spanish, but with comprehensive pictures and symbols, good chance to learn Spanish then.

Folletos Carrefour app Android

For Android

Folletos Carrefour app iOS

For iOS











Another big grocery chain in Barcelona is Dia. Their app’s feature is pretty similar to the above Folletos Carrefour, but it requires you to login. In return it offers management of your discount coupons.

Dia app Barcelona


Dia app Android

For Android

Dia app iOS

For iOS










More  Barcelona mobile apps by the City Council can be found here. If you have other interesting Barcelona apps feel free to introduce it to us in comment



23 Alternative Means of Transport in Barcelona. #17 is the Most Romantic for Sure!

23 coolest alternative transport means in Barcelona


Barcelona street

In major big cities such as Barcelona, we have to move a lot around the city to visit the most famous places! If you get tired of basic (and boring) means of transport like metro, bus, cars, taxi or even by foot, here are 23 alternative means of transport you can find in BCN!

Here are the 23 coolest alternative transport means in Barcelona:


#1 Helicopters:

If you don’t get dizzy easily and have the “sense of adventure” then try the helicopter tour of Barcelona to have an out of the ordinary visit !

*Tourist Routes: To enjoy a dream trip of Barcelona which give visitors alike excellent sight lines ! 


Round-trip or one-way trip, practical and quick, passengers can go to aiports, hotels, cultural places, etc. with  an amazing view of Barcelona !

Cable car:


You want to enjoy the Barcelona’s paronamic view ?

Cable car Barcelona

#2 *The port cable Car: The Transbordador Aeri del Port: crosses Barcelona port with two small red and white cabins from the Montjuic hill station to the San Sebastian beach near Barceloneta with, on the mid-way, a central tower: the Torre de Jaume (20 persons and about 7 minutes)
#3 *The Teleferico de Montjuic: You can move back and forth between Estacio Funicular on Avenida Miramar and Montjuic’s castle with the intermediate point, the mirador, thanks to the Barcelona’s cable car ! (4 persons)


#4 Boat:

Barcelona Gonlodrinas

“Las Golondrinas de Barcelona” a Harbour tour and boat trip along the beaches of Barcelona from a different perspective.You can chose your ride, short (35min) or long (90min)

All the coolest water activities:

#5 Flyboard, #6 Parasailing, #7 Kayak, #8 Banana, #9Water Ski, #10 Windsurfing, #11 Jet Ski, #12 Yachting, #13 Catamaran experience


#14 Bicycles:

Ecological, cheap and fun means of transport !

Bicing Barcelona

*Bicing: this famous red self-service bicycles in Bcn are really practical because we can find them everywhere. But the rub is that it’s only available for residents of Barcelona…If you’re not, read the on !
*Bicycles rental: if you really want to enjoy Bcn cycling (and you’re right), there are plenty of companies dedicated to both hourly bike rentals as well as organised bicycle tours to help you get to know the city.

#15 *Pedicabs: a fun, friendly and original taxi for a relaxing tour of Baracelona. They are driven by knowledgeable tour guides offering insight into the city and most of them speak several languages, from English to German.

Pedicab Barcelona

#16 Inline skating:

For a sportive visit you also have the opportunity to rent Rollerblades on your feet and feel free to slide on old cobblestone. Check out this event.

#17 Horses:

You can see the sights in style from your very own horse and carriage, they can usually be found at the bottom of Las Ramblas. Why do not enjoy a traditional ballad ?

Carriage Barcelona

#18  Segway:

You will love this new and futuristic mean of transport !

#19 Scooter and #20 Motorcycles:

A little ordinary but useful and handy to get around the city !

#21 Gocar:

This is a mix between a car and a scooter, it includes a GPS system that guides you around the streets like a local and the integrated audio guide tells you all about this fabulous city and its sights as it would your personal tour guide.

Barcelona Gocar

#22 Electric car:

An environmentally friendly way to drive in BCN for example you can rent this Twizy:


#23 Limousine:

We finish with a touch of luxury with limousine rentals if you wish to treat yourself to the rock star life!

Barcelona limousine


Any other alternative means of transportation you can recommend in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!

Free Secret Gigs in Barcelona: Check out Sofar Sounds!

Secret Concerts in Barcelona by Sofar Sounds

sofar sounds barcelona secret concerts free

You know all of the best live music venues in Barcelona but you fancy some secret free gigs in Barcelona? Sofar Sounds is a company that is doing something so cool, you simply cannot miss it!

Gigs in Barcelona Sofar Sounds

With Sofar Sounds you can enjoy live music in Barcelona on every last Friday of the month as well as in 50 other towns around the world such as London, New-York…

The principle is pretty easy: You have to subscribe on sofarsounds.com in order to get tickets. If you have a pretty big house or flat in Barcelona, you can even offer your house to host the gig! Finally if you’re a musician in need of some exposure, you can also subscribe on their website! Then through a random draw, you might be one of the lucky ones to attend to the live music concert in some great house!
It’s a win-win situation, the tickets are free, musicians get exposure, and if you have a big house but no friends, you’ll get tons thanks to this event ;)

If you want to know when is the next gig, check out their Facebook page, they post a link at the beginning of each month for every city it’s hosted!

Last week-end, the gig was hosted in a huge mansion in the posh neighbourhood of Bonanova in Barcelona. About 80 people were invited for an amazing night of music. Some of them brought food and beverages but everyone could buy some drinks in the mansion.

Live music Barcelona Sofar Sounds

Interested in these awesome secret free gigs in Barcelona? Then start subscribing now for the next event!

If you’d rather see something more official in some famous live music venues, check out our top 5 best live music venues in barcelona!



How to Flirt with a Spanish Girl (in Spanish)

Want some vocab to flirt with a Spanish girl !?

heart spain


You’re coming to Spain for visit or just moved here,  and then… all of a sudden this beautiful Spanish   girl (or guy!) comes out of nowhere and takes your breath away. You want to flirt with this Spanish girl ?
Don’t be discouraged by your language barrier and try your luck with our great flirting tips below!


how to flirt in spanish

Start your conversation with something like:

-¿ Hola, cómo te llamas?      this means   Hi, what’s your name?
-Soy Peter.                                 this means   I’m Peter.
-¿Te puedo invitar a una copa?  this means   Can I buy you a drink?

Then go on with a real compliment that makes girls smile.

Pleasant compliments for beginners:

-Eres guay             means “You’re cool”
-Eres simpática   means “You’re nice or friendly”
-Eres mona           means “You’re cute”
-Eres guapa          means “You’re pretty”
-Eres atractiva    means “You’re good looking” a nice compliment !
-Eres preciosa     means “You’re beautiful”
-Eres hermosa     means “You’re very beautiful”
-Eres deslumbrante  means “You’re stunningly beautiful”

how to pick up girls in spanish

If you’re pretty well-versed with Spanish, or getting the hang of this quickly, let’s try some more complicated pickup lines with full sentences (but take care to not portray yourself as a womanizer!)

-Tienes una sonrisa muy bonita.
Means: You have a beautiful smile

-¿Cómo se siente al ser la más bella chica en esta sala?
Means: What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in this room?

-Hola Acabo de darme cuenta, pero pareces mucho a mi próxima novia.
Means: Hi, I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

-Si la belleza fuera delito, yo te hubiera dado cadena perpetua.
Means: If beauty was a crime, I would give you a sentence of life in prison.

-Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?
Means: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you again?

-No hay emociones que puedan describir como me siento cuando estoy contigo.
Means: There aren’t emotions that can describe how I feel when I’m in your presence.

and even more slang ones:

- Estas muy bueno/buena!
Means: You’re hot!

- Estas para mojar pan.
Means: You are ready to wet bread (non literal meaning: You’re hot!)

- “Cuántas curvas, y Yo sin frenos!”
Means: So many curves and me without breaks!


Good luck with your future love ! Tell us your best Spanish pickup lines and let us know in the comments if you have any other great ones!



Passeig de Gràcia: A Photographic Tour

Paseo de Gracia Barcelona


Passeig de Gràcia in Catalan or Paseo de Gracia, is one of the most famous and expensive streets in Barcelona. The Spanish “Champs Elysées” is an open-air museum of modern architecture, this is a unavoidable place to have a stroll during you stay in Barcelona! Luxurious shopping or just normal shopping, enjoy a break at a local coffee bar or restaurant, go to the cinema, etc. We can do a lot!








The street starts at Plaza Cataluña and finishes where Carrer Gran de Gracia stars, at Casa Fustler Hotel, over 1.5km.


Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça catalunya



tile passeig de gracia

The first kind of art that we can find in Paseo de Gracia is -lower your eyes- the ground! With this orignal type of tile which was created by Antoni Gaudi.








Let’s discover Paseo de Gracia more and more with the # street number.

At the very beginning of Paseo de Gracia, #1, there is a beautiful Apple store and #4 Catalana Occidente, an insurance company.

Passeig de gracia barcelona


8# Then, on your right, there is Casa Antoni Rocamora designed in 1914 by two brothers, Joaquim and Bonaventura Bassegoda,  this building looks to renaissance gothic with lots of ornamentation.

Casa Antoni Rocamora paseo de gracia


#13 Comedia, a cinema with 5 auditoriums.

comedia paseo de gracia


#16 Zara home, a nice furnishing store where you can smell a pleasant interior fragrance which creates a family atmosphere and provides a feeling of well-being. It helps you transform your ideas into reality to decorate your dream home.


#19 Borsa de Barcelona, The Stock exchange of Barcelona has a privileged location but nowadays the street is more filled with tourists than with businessmen; times are changing.

Borsa de Barcelona paseo de gracia


#35 Casa Lleó Morera created by Lluis Domenech i Montaner.

Casa Lleó Morero paseo de gracia


#41-43 y #35 are  ”Illa de la Discòrdia”  (Block of Discord).
#35 La Casa Lleó Morera,  #41 La casa Amatller  designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch and  #43 Casa Batlló designed by Antoni Gaudi, (part of the “World Heritage Site”) constitute the Block of the Discord. The name “Illa de la Discòrdia” was given because the buildings are very closely constructed, all at the beginning of the 20th Century and designed by three of the most important architects of the Catalan Modernism whose styles were very different.

Passeig de gracia barcelona block of discord


#66 Casa Vídua Marfà.

casa maria paseo de gracia


#68 Hotel Majestic 5 stars.

hotel majestic paseo de gracia


#96 Vinçon opened its doors to the public in 1941, founded by Enrique Leviand Hugo Vinçon. During this period the business’ main activity was the wholesale of porcelain, fine china and glassware. Between 1967 and 1990 they decided to venture and explore the emerging industry of the contemporary design of household objects. From this point onwards innovation happened at all levels and the foundation was laid for what eventually would become one of the most exclusive and representative stores in Barcelona. Today their brand enjoys international prestige.

vinçon paseo de gracia


#102 Hotel Paseo de Gracia 1 star.

Hotel passeig de gracia


Junction between Passeig de Gràcia and Avenida Diagonal.

Junction between Passeig de Gàcia and Avenida Diagonal

Junction between Passeig de Gàcia and Avenida Diagonal


Luxury shops, don’t go too hard on the credit card !

luxury shops paseo de gracia


#115 Cine Casablanca Kaplan with 3 auditoriums. The Cine Casablanca opened on 13th December 1980. The cinema was named Casablanca in homage to the 1942 Michael Curtiz film “Casablanca”. Unfortunately  it was closed in 2011.

Cine Casablanca Kaplan paseo de gracia



#132 Casa Fuster, a luxurious  5 star hotel classified as a monument hotel ends Passeig de Gràcia on a high note ! With 96 rooms and suites, gymnasium, panoramic terrace, etc., Casa Fuster proposes a distinguished service and is an excellent place for visitors or businessmen. It’s also where Woody Allen always stays when in BCN.

casa fuster passeig de gracia





Have you checked out all of these sites yet? What’s your favourite part of Passeig de Gracia? Let us know in the comments!

~ Lucie

A Cheap Secret Bar in Barcelona: The Antic Teatre

The Antic Teatre: A Cheap Secret and Local Bar in Barcelona

We’ve already written about secret bars in Barcelona but today we show you a particularly amazing secret bar in Barcelona in El Born neighborhood. If you’re looking for alternative cultural events/shows, a secret place for locals and cheap drinks, then The Antic Teatre is gonna be your favorite place ever.

Antic Teatre cheap Bar in Barcelona


The Antic Theatre can be found next to the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Urquinaona Metro Station), in a narrow street which doesn’t let you believe that an awesome place might be hidden right there. To access the theater/bar, you have to enter through a small door, then take the stairs. As you go up the stairs, you will hear, little by little, more and more noise, which will lead you to the discovery of a parallel world. Perched upon the terrace, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden below, often crowded with locals, artists, young hipsters…


Antic Teatre Barcelona


You can sit on the terrace or in the garden enjoying your 2€ beer or 3€ glass of wine – that’s right I didn’t lie about cheap drinks – and participate in all kinds of alternative shows: music, dance, poetry readings, exhibitions, etc…


Show Antic Teatre Barcelona


The best time is obviously Spring and the Summer but the shows take place inside during the winter and it’s not as if Barcelona is a cold city, so you’ll still survive in the garden year round.

Don’t wait any longer, run for it! Check out more information about L’Antic Teatre.

Check out the following blog if you have more interest in cheap bars in Barcelona!

Have you been there? Do you have any other suggestions for secret bars in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!



Foradada Waterfall in Catalunya : Welcome to Heaven

Day Trip from Barcelona: Foradada Waterfall in Cataluña

Looking for some new day trips from Barcelona? Want to discover Catalunya? Can you believe that this photo below is not actually taken in some East Asian paradise but right here in our own backyard? Check out our secret spot in Cantonigros, Cataluña, Spain!

Foradada Waterfall in Cantonigos, Catalunya

The Foradada Waterfall is one of these awesome secret places everybody loves to hear about. Just looking at this photo above leaves me speechless. A haven of peace in a secret forest, a small water fall that goes into a grotto surrounded by rocks. Plus, the sun goes through a natural hole made in a rock in certain periods of the day: a postcard moment before your very eyes.

How to get there

It is not that easy to get there, but come on, it wouldn’t be a secret after all if it was too easy to reach the place ;) If you go by car, from Barcelona you have to go north and take the C-153 until Cantonigros, which is the next village after Santa Maria de Corco. When you arrive in Cantonigros, you’ll see almost immediately a football field on your right, you’ll be able to park your car right next to it. Then you’ll have to follow the main track which is yellow-marked and walk for about 20 minutes. You will start hearing the beautiful sound of the water fall (and maybe the locals swimming/refreshing themselves because of the heat during the summer), you’re arrived to heaven! Taking public transportation is a bit of a trek, to say the least, but you can do it like this:


Location Foradada Waterfall Cantonigros in Catalunya

If you don’t want run into other people, you better go during the Spring as you might know this place is kind of awesome during the summer, and you might not be the only one to think that.

SuiteLife tips: You can also go there during the winter, and if it’s cold enough you’ll have the privilege to see the fall frozen: magical!

Foradada Waterfall frozen in Winter

Have you been to the Foradada Waterfall? We’d love to hear any additional tips you might have in the comments. Let us know!



Barcelona Street Profile: Carrer Joaquin Costa

Joaquin Costa: Barcelona Street Profile

El Raval is famous for being kind of an infamous neighborhood and we feel like that is total bullsh*t! This is an amazing, eccentric and eclectic neighborhood with many awesome things to do and today we take a look at one of its emblematic streets, Carrer Joaquin Costa.

Carrer Joaquin Costa Street Barcelona


The street name came from the Catalán politician, lawyer, historian and economist who was known to be the major representative of the “Regenerationism”, which was an intellectual movement that searched for the causes of Spain’s (as a State) decadence. The street is located in the Raval neighborhood, part of the old town. It starts from the metro station “Universitat” and goes down until reaching the center of Raval at equal distance from ”San Antoni” and “Liceu” metro stations.

As many other streets of this neighborhood, Joaquin Costa is a narrow, charming street full of shops, bars or restaurants, but also public buildings such as the Goya Theatre and the Centre Aragonés.

Shops on Joaquin Costa


- Fusta’m


Workshop Barcelona Fusta'm Joaquin Costa

Looking for a unique workshop? Then you’ll love Fusta’m! It all started almost 4 years ago with an idea of a couple, which was to restore old pieces of furniture from the 50′s, 60′s or even 70′s styles. You’ll find only authentic furniture, lighting and different decorative trinkets. Not only is it possible to buy these awesome pieces but you can also rent them for special occasions, events.

P.S : Entering the shop, if you’re curious enough, you’ll see behind the seller an old tapissery which is of origin.
Fore more info, check out Fusta Website

- A la Premsa d’Aquell Dia: The one-of-a-kind shop in Barcelona

A La Premsa d'Aquell Dia Barcelona Joaquin Costa

The story begins 20 years ago when, after a few trips around Europe (more precisely to Belgium, France and England) seeing a few shops selling unique old newspapers and magazines, a couple and their daughter decided to create their own shop back in Barcelona. They first settled in Carrer del Tigre in the Raval Neighborhood before moving to the next and current street Joaquin Costa 4 years ago because the shop was getting too small to stock all the newspapers and magazines they wanted. Even if one can think they also sell French magazines (because of the few “Paris Match” in the window display), they actually only sell Spanish newspapers. But if you’re interested in old newspapers in other languages they might help you find it by contacting some colleagues around Europe. The best example the couple told me was this time where a client wanted an english newspaper talking about the  titanic as it was not famous enough to talk about it in the Spanish newspapers. They finally found one that they bought for 12500 Pesetas (75€)!

A la premsa d'aquel Dia Barcelona Joaquin Costa

According to the couple, the two kinds of articles most wanted are the newspapers first step on the moon and the World Wars.

When going out of the shop, you can stop by the ”Lletraferit” Library Café just accross the street and grab a café con leche while reading a book! This place was actually funded by Diego Gary, son of famous French writer Romain Gary and American Actress of the 60′s Jean Seberg.

Fore more info check out A la Premsa D’aquell Dia Website

- Bubub

Bubub also caught our attention because of its old sign representing a cartoon dog, bringing back its past of Toy shop. Nowadays it is a small Greengrocer with great fresh products for a decent price! Vegetarians are gonna love it.

Bubub Greengrocer Barcelona in Joaquin Costa




Betty Fords Bar is a pretty famous bar located in this street, known for hosting hipsters but also for their good cocktails and burgers! Excellent place to start your parties!

Betty Ford's Bar Barcelona in Joaquin Costa


If you’re interested in a completely different kind of bar, we recommend you to go to Granja de Gava, a unique centenary bar which, as its name suggests, was a farm originally (Granja means Farm). It also saw the birth of a famous Catalán writer Terenci Moix in 1942. When you enter the bar, you can hear a soft jazz music and see an astonishing statue in papier-mâché of a giant fat lady decorated by a huge slice of pizza on her head. There are also art exhibitions, for example there is currently oil paintings of the local Marta Cino which are actually for sale.

Granja de Gava Bar Barcelona Joaquin Costa


Olimpic bar will be for people who don’t want to spend much money or beat about the bush: 1€20 a beer, 3€50 a Mojito, Caipirinha or Spritz, that’s right. And if you don’t believe me, check this out:


Olimpic Bar Barcelona Joaquin Costa


No wonder it is always packed…

Finally for the story, this awesome street once hosted one of the most famous Serial killer of the city, Enriqueta Marti who was called “La Vampira del carrer de Ponent” (Ponent street being the former name of Joaquin Costa street). So that you understand why she earned this name, she used to kidnapp dozens of children, make them prostitute and/or kill them. And with the rests (skin, blood, fat, hair, bones…), she’d make potions, balsams, etc. What a lovely person she was! :)

Enriqueta Marti Barcelona Joaquin Costa






The world of flamenco deeply affected by Paco de Lucia’s death

Paco de Lucia playing the guitar


Paco de Lucia is a world-reknown Spanish flamenco guitarist who recently passed away at the age of 66 of a heart attack.
Francisco Sanchez Gomez, his given name, was born on December 21st, 1947 in Algeciras, Andalusia, Spain.

His early stages

Thanks to his family, music was part of his everyday life and it was said that he began playing the guitar at the age of 5, which suggested that we were dealing with a future artist !He said: “I learned the guitar like a child learns to speak” and “I knew the feeling and the meaning of music”. What a gift! Paco de Lucia is famous for his fast fingerstyle runs.He did his first performance on radio Algeciras when he was only 11and was awarded one year later a special prize in the Jerez flamenco competition. When he was 18, he recorded his first album.Afterwards, he succeeded in everything he accomplished and played with the greatest artists.

The highlights of his career

Flamenco Paco de Lucia

  • He toured with the Flamenco troupe of dancer Jose Greco.
  • He composed music for some films like a different version of “Carmen”, “The Hit”, etc.
  • He went into partnership with Camaron de la Isla and made 10 records.
  • His rumba “Entre dos aguas” became one of the most popular recording in Spain
  • He was awarded the Spanish Culture Ministry’s Fine Arts Gold Medal in 1992.
  • He was awarded the prestigious Prince of Asturias prize for the Arts in 2004.
  • He was granted a Doctor Honoris Causa degree by Berklee College of Music in 2010
  • Discography: 27 albums


He knew how to modernise Flamenco particularly by associating it with Jazz and by being inspired by many musical styles. Paco de Lucia influenced and will continue to have a powerful impact on guitarists.



Dennis Koster: “One of history’s greatest guitarists”

George Benson:”The greatest guitar player in the world today for me is Paco de Lucia, who is actually Spanish.”

Your Favorite Paco de Lucia Song?

Pco de Lucia played in Barcelona, almost one year ago exactly as the final act of the annual Festival de Guitarra festival in 2013. Here’s a wonderful 22 minutes of the legendary master in Barcelona in La Casa de Almeria in 1974. R.I.P


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