Devil’s Kitchen: Awesome German Bar in Barcelona

A German Bar in Barcelona

Being a German guy (or girl!) in Barcelona do you ever miss Germany in a moment of weakness? Or you’re just living in Barcelona but you’ve actually been to Germany and you miss the particular atmosphere, the German beer and – ok, this is gonna sound weird – the German food? Or you have no idea what a German atmosphere looks like and you want to discover it without having to spend money and time to actually go the country? Don’t you worry, you’ll find some true Germans in Devil’s Kitchen Bar!

You’ll taste some delicious Currywurst (German sausages with tomato-currysauce), some special grilled sausages from Thüringen, the classic sauerkraut for the bravest of you all! Regarding the beers, it is only natural to get some true Germans beers, Becks for a more commercialised taste or Maisel’s for the real taste of Germany.

german bar barcelona

Ok but that doesn’t sound so special, you tell me. Just a minute, I’m coming to the interesting part.
Here is the thing, not only do we eat German and we drink German, but we also speak German and watch German games in German. German (I had to say one more time “German”). This is why this bar is really just a few more square meters that should be added to the German territory. It is authentic to the max and so you will feel totally at home here, every foreigner can tell their friends the day after: “I’ve been to Germany yesterday, ‘was fun!”

So whenever you Germans are in Barcelona (or anyone who appreciates a good weisbeer) are feeling homesick, or you have a craving for German food/beer/atmosphere/people, then run to Devil’s Kitchen.

Its location :

If one German bar is not enough for you, here is a second: Don Bratwurst

You’re welcome.




Summer is here and it is very hot in Barcelona and thre is a constant influx of tourists. Why do tourists choose Barcelona for their holidays?

Firstly, it has some of the best beaches in Europe where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. There are also tourist areas such as Barceloneta, Gracia, Las Ramblas etc, and especially the impressive buildings designed by Gaudi – one of his most famous being the Sagrada Familia.  As in any other Spanish city there are tapas bars not to be missed in Barcelona . Even if you only have one chance to go during your stay you must eat at one of them. What I like most in the city during this hot period, however, is its homemade ice cream. Here we share with you some of the best  homemade ice cream shops and parlours  to try in Barcelona:

Gelateria Italiana (Placa de la Revolució 1)
This place is always easy to find because there is always a queue in front of the store. There is also a terrace in a nice square where you can relax with an ice cream. They offer different flavours of ice cream that shouldn’t be missed.

ARCOBALENO (Calle Ferlandina 35)

This place is run by Italians and all the ice cream is made according to a traditional recipe. Many say it is the best place for ice cream in Barcelona not only because of the ice cream, but also due to the friendly choices of homemade ice cream shops

LA JIJONENCA (Av. Gaudí, 32)

It is located near the Sagrada Familia and they offer delicious ice cream. You will also find queues here, but it’s worth the wait.


AMORINO (Calle Gran de Gracia 53)

It was first opened in Paris and due to its popularity Amorino’s ice cream has expanded to several European countries. You can find Amorino branches everywhere in Barcelona and if you pass by one of them, make sure you check it out. It’s cheap and good value for money.

GIANGROSSI (Av. Diagonal 545 to 565)

Giangrossi homemade ice cream offers a wide variety of flavours – over 40 flavours are prepared daily with fresh milk and natural fruit. Don’t miss it!

Between visiting the Sagrada Familia and the Ramblas, nothing beats a good homemade ice cream. Each shop is unique and offer delicious varieties of homemade ice cream.

Have you been to any good Ice cream shops in Barcelona? Let us know.




bbq in barcelona


With such beautiful weather, what is better than a BBQ in Barcelona, with some cervezas and loads of meat? Yes, I am a grill phanatic, so in the last weeks I started looking for information on the internet, typing “barbacoa barcelona” “barcelona barbacoa” “grill barcelona”.

It took me a lot of time to find a good place, but at the end I did it! So, I’m telling you everything, guys!


First of all, I’d like to tell you about the Spanish law, what we are allowed to do and what we’re not. Well, what I found is pretty damn confusing, it seems to be illegal to have a BBQ in Barcelona within the city limits. In other words, you cannot set up a fire in the middle of Ciutadella Park, as an example.

Concerning grills on your private balcony or terrace, there is no restrictive law in this sense. But you have to deal with your neighbors, that’s for sure!

I have no terrace, so I decided to take my friends to to a place which sounded really interesting: just out of the city, totally equipped, one of those Barcelona Barbacoa places where you just need to bring your food.


Well, we loved it here! Font Les Planes Restaurante y Merendero is a bar-restaurant, yes, but it’s also a merendero. They rent seats and grills (and wood and all the equipment, course) for a few euros per hour.It’s always open 9am to 7pm.

bbq in barcelona

The location is amazing, it’s in Collserola Park, really well served by FGC trains from Catalunya and Gracia. It takes just 15-20 minutes to get there, at Les Planes stop, but you feel like you’re so far from the city! Collserola Park is beautiful and quiet, you get out of the train and find yourself surrounded by nature!

bbq in barcelona


I haven’t tried this place yet, but it’s also easily reachable. It’s called Parc de la Trinidad and it’s a center for recreation with a BBQ and picnic zone. You can get there by Metro L1 “Trinitat Vella”.

bbq in barcelona

It works exactly the same, you just need to bring your own food and drinks!

If you guys try out a different place not listed here, please leave me a feeback so we can add it to this blog!

bbq in barcelona

Do you know of any other places where to have a BBQ in Barcelona? Please let us know, we’ll make this page bigger and more complete!

bbq in barcelona





Have a nice, tasty weekend!

- – Elio – -




Discovering seafood restaurants in Barcelona is a must.  Barcelona is rather famous for its beaches, bars and restaurants and even more so for its seafood restaurants that you will find nestled along the narrow streets of the Barceloneta neighbourhood. In the center of Barcelona, the Barrio Gothic has tons of great options too.

A little clarification, it’s important to note that in Spain we eat very late! Generally lunch is between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon and for dinner the earliest we’d ever start eating is around 9 p.m. But since the city is very touristic and many tourists can’t wait so long to eat, most restaurants start the service before 2:00 p.m

In the downtown there are many Barcelona seafood restaurants with friendly staff, quick and service, and delicious and hot food. The assortment of seafood that restaurants offer is great. Some of them are in a family setting  and above all there’s always a lot of choice on the menu. Here are some cool places you shouldn’t miss:

barcelona seafood restaurants


Great concept for seafood in Barcelona. No need to wait for your table or for a waiter to come to take your order. You just have to pick up your own seafood  from the ice display and take it to the kitchen and choose the cooking method you want. So, you can better enjoy and share a meal with your family or friends. In la Paradeta the food just tastes so good. To better please their customers, La Paradeta  is now a chain of restaurants. Here are the following addresses where you can find a Paradeta.

C/ Riego, 27 / Metro: L1 Plaça de Sants-

C/ Comercial, 7 / Metro: L1 Arc de Triomf-

Passatge Simó,18 / Metro L2-L5 Sagrada Família


seafood in barcelona


In the district of Barceloneta, you can count on a decent meal in a relaxed setting, near the port. If you really like seafood it is a must visit location.


Located on the street Almirall Aixada, this second  Barcelona seafood restaurant boasts a wide variety of fare. After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than eating with a view of the port and sea.


seafood in barcelona



This restaurant specializes in fish dishes. The “Suquet” has continued the tradition in Barcelona for more than three generations. The interior of the restaurant is very sumptuous and the variety of the menu is great.


seafood in barcelona



Another great Barcelona seafood restaurant is also in Barceloneta and is called el Rey de la Gamba, a highly recommended place where you can make yourself comfortable at a table, enjoy the sea breeze and await the friendly “hola ” of the server that comes to take your order. Don’t worry, you’ve made the right choice !


seafood in barcelona


This list is not exhaustive you can also help us by posting a comment to share nformation about Barcelona’s best seafood restaurant that you know of!


The Best Pizza in Barcelona | Pizzeria NAP

Mamma mia, this is the best pizzeria in Barcelona!

pizza in barcelona

Yesterday I went with some friend to eat pizza in Barcelona, after an amazing  day in Montserrat. We were sitting on the bus, on the way back, tired and sleepy, and started to dream about pizza, like Homer Simpson. Mmmm pizza…

I’m Italian and rarely go to a pizzeria in Barcelona because most restaurants serve just an imitation of the authentic Italian pizza. I remembered many friends recommending this place, I was still skepical (cause they’re not Italians!)  but decided to go anyway.

Wanna know how it was?

The best. Simply the best pizza in Barcelona I have ever had!

pizza in barcelona

The staff is Italian, the menu is really Italian, prices are Italian too.

The ingredients are premium quality, especially (Her Majesty) Mozzarella di Bufala, the original and only one. And the attention to detail is “tipica napoletana”. Go and see with your own eyes: look at them cooking with the concentration and the engagement of a painter, or a pianist. It’s amazing!

Everything on the menu is really typical Italian food, from the starters to Limoncello. Take a look below:

pizza in barcelona


Pizza Margherita for 4€, Melanzane alla Parmigiana (you must try!), Tiramisu for 3€, Limoncello & Caffè Espresso for 1€…

Close your eyes and you are on the Amalfi Coast…

pizza in barcelona

….and then you wake up and you are eating pizza in Barcelona!

pizza in barcelona

NAP Neapolitan Authentic Pizzeria, Carrer Gombau 5, 08003 Barcelona

Metro L4 Urquinaona or Jaume I).

Open every day 1,30-4.30pm, 8pm-12am.


Suggestion: If you are a big group, try to be there before 10pm!


La vita è bella!   :-)




Gay Cafes in Barcelona

Barcelona Gay Cafes

gay cafes in barcelona

In continuation of our gay series ‘Barcelona: Behind the Rear,’ this week’s topic will be about Gay Cafes in Barcelona and how to find one. If you read our earlier post in the series, the next statement won’t come as a surprise by now: there aren’t any particular ‘gay’ cafes per se – we know, we know – by now you are probably wondering how the hell Barcelona has managed to snatch the prestigious title of ‘most gay-friendly city.’

Just hear us out for a second and you’ll understand where the Spaniards are coming from – at least the gay ones.

The Barcelona gay scene target market segment are tourists and locals who prefers a wilder night out, here is where they make most of their profits and that’s why most of the places found in the city are discotheques, bars, etc.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t any places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in a tranquil gay atmosphere because most of these bars are transformed during the day into coffeeshops – not many but some – so everything is not lost. So we’ll discuss the best places you can find a nice, warm cup of coffee to sooth that hangover from the previous night.

1. Cafe San Telmo

Barcelona Gay Cafes

We start off our list with Cafe San Telmo, a cafe/restaurant located along Carrer de Casanova near the Avinguda Diagonal. It is not particularly a Gay Cafe but a large number of the clientele are gay. You can go there in the morning and enjoy your coffee out on their open air terrace or in the early evening where you can ponder the evening ahead in a low-key place – after all, the key bars and clubs are just on the other side of the Avinguda Diagonal.

Cafe San Telmo is one of those places that (because of their narrow bar) has an appealingly busy feel, with big windows that reveals the crowds and traffic of nearby Avinguda Diagonal.

We would definitely recommend this locale for a coffee or a beer because its atmosphere is  friendly and familiar. These traits are the reasons why Cafe San Telmo made it on our list of gay cafes in Barcelona.

2. Libreria Antinous

Barcelona Gay Cafes

Antinous makes our list once again but this time as a Gay Cafes in Barcelona rather than a gay bookstore (which is better known for). This, to our opinion, is the closest to a gay coffeeshop than any of the other.

Like we mentioned in our ‘Gay Bookstores in Barcelona’ article earlier this month, Antinous is both a bookshop and a coffeeshop for gay men and women, it is a perfect spot for browsing the latest in gay leterature, enjoying a great cup of coffee and learning more about community events and organized gatherings. Even if you don’t buy any of their books, you can still go and get a hit of that needed caffeine.

As you can see from our article, there are very few Gay Cafes in Barcelona one can go to during the morning or afternoon but of course, one shouldn’t limit themselves to these bars. Barcelona has an array of coffeeshops that are worth the visits. So what do you prefer? Your coffee in the mornings or evenings? Let us know.

The Best Cafe in Barcelona: Undiscovered Glory

Where to Find The Best Cafe in Barcelona that Nobody Knows About!


cafe in barcelona

It’s possible to find a cafe in Barcelona on almost every corner of every street, but for the most part you’ll find a lot of stale and unimpressive blends. So, dear SuiteLifers, we want to tell you about the best coffee shop in the city that we can guarantee none of your friends will know about. On the outskirts of the farrrrrrrr right of the Eixample there is this cafe in Barcelona called ‘’La Queixalada d’en Marcelino’’, which is located in the neighborhood of ‘’El Camp de L’arpa del Clot’’ (Metro L5 “Camp de Arpa”) where you can get the most eccentric, beautiful, and most importantly delicious Spanish coffee in BarcelonaFor coffee fans/snobs/connoisseurs, you MUST visit this diamond in the rough to have a Spanish coffee like you have never tasted in your life.

coffee in Barcelona

What Makes This Particular Cafe in Barcelona so Special?

I can promise you this, you’ll have your answer once you have visited the place and had a little chat with Pere who is the owner of this cafe in Barcelona.

Spanish coffee
When I first met him, I was amazed how quickly and passionately he was preparing a wide array of Spanish coffee drinks. I mean, he literally has coffee in his veins. I think it’s all he thinks about from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed. Coffee bleeds out of this man’s pours and upon entering the cafe it’s immediately apparent how passionate he and his staff are. Pere believes that everyone deserves a truly great coffee experience. He is also an ardent educator, running weekend classes for people who want to make great coffee in the comfort of their own homes. I tried this coffee called ‘’café Barcelona’’, an invention so tasty it helped him become the Baristas Champion of Cataluña in 2006. He also has a record for making 50 cups of coffee in just 5 minutes and I’m talking about good coffee here.

Why is the Cafe Located Outside the Center of Barcelona?

Cafe Barcelona

When asked if he had ever considered relocating his cafe to a more posh area of the city, such as Paseo de Gracia or Sarria, where he could almost certainly charge three times his prices, he told me that it’s all about tradition.  His grandparents started making coffee in 1929 with obsession for detail and demand for the best coffee beans from Colombia and Africa at the very same location. This is why he wants to keep the family tradition alive by focusing on the family passion for perfection to offer the best coffee in Barcelona. We still think he’d rake it in if her were more centrally located, but the snob in us likes knowing about the off-the-beaten-track cafe in Barcelona that only those ‘in the know’ know about.

Cafe in Barcelona

Get Your Coffee Now!

For people who want more than just coffee made by a waiter putting a capsule into a machine and pushing a button, this cafe in Barcelona is an ideal place to sit down and enjoy a Spanish coffee that is truly a work of art both asthetically and in your mouth.

Don’t forget, the staff is very friendly, welcoming and always open for a nice conversation which makes you feel right at home.

Check the place out! We promise you’ll thank us later! Do you know of any truly special coffee experiences in Barcelona? If so, we’d love to here about them in the comments!

- Alper





That Barcelona is full of delicious Sushi Restaurants you already know (our last update), but do you know that the fast-food version of Japanese restaurants has also landed in our city? Quick, and something you can eat with your hands, healthy and tasty-as-hell, the Temakis, as this half-japanese half-brazilian treasure is called, have came to stay!

SUSHI BARCELONA: THE MOST RECOMMENDED RESTAURANTS #7 TEMAKI-YATEMAKI?!? What is it? What the f*** has Brazil got to do with that? Ok, I’ll try to tell it quickly: A Temaki is a cone-shaped hand-rolled sushi filled with rice, salmon, tuna, vegetables, cream-cheese, avocado, or whatever else the cook might want to use to surprise you! Still can’t figure it out? Don’t lie! You already saw the pictures! But you see, it’s irresistible, isn’t it?!




Delicious fast-food became popular in Brazil a few years ago – after the boom of japanese restaurants – and has been growing more and more every year, gaining market ground on traditional fast-food like hamburgers and pizzas. So, after vacations in Brazil, Carmen Pereira and Gabriel Miranda , two Brazilian that has lived in Barcelona for 20 years now, saw the opportunity of bringing the concept of the Temakerias to Europe: Healthy, quick, tasty and cheap!

In the heart of Barcelona, Temaki-ya (Temaki Now) has a classic temakeria style: simple and clean, no tables – just high seats – ingredients on display, and a cozy atmosphere. For a Brazilian like me, it was like being back in Sao Paulo! I was also surprised with the variety of the menu , there are around 50 options of Temaki, and also includes others japanese specialities – don’t miss the Hot-rolls. Creativity at its best! It’s impossible not to find one you like (I bet you would eat at least 80% though).


So, if you’re tired of the tons of mainstream sushi restaurants Barcelona has to offer, you have to try Temaki-ya. Actually, it should be in your MUST-DO list! It’s delicious, healthy, cheap and innovative! What more could you want?

Go check it and give us your feedback! Where is it? At Calle Gignas, 28 (El Gotico), close to Plaza Sant Jaume! For more info check their website! There you find opening hours and extras!


Almost forgot! If you like their Facebook page, you’ll be updated with discounts and promotions! The most famous, for example, is that every Thursday, every temaki you buy,  you get the second one for only 1 euro (as you can see at the image below)! Irresistible!






Barcelona Fish and Seafood (Marisco) Restaurant La Paradeta


Looking for a fish and marisco (seafood) restaurant in Barcelona?

Barcelona Fish Restaurant: Cheaper, Fresher, FinerWe found a delicious and cheap seafood restaurant in Barcelona made for you: La Paradeta is the most unique Barcelona fish restaurant due to its reasonable prices, its seafood‘s freshness and its informal “fish market” atmosphere.

Barcelona fish restaurant La Paradeta has been operating for 15 years. The first one of these alternative fish and marisco restaurant chains opened on Carrer Riego, 27 in Barcelona. It was not long before the owner, coming from South of Spain, opened 4 other marisco (seafood) restaurants in different locations in Barcelona, having established the popularity of his original concept.

Ideed, La Paradeta is based on a very simple idea: people like fresh food and a fish market atmosphere. So the first thing La Paradeta‘s clients do is choose their fish and seafood directly from the market stall. I like to walk by just to see its explosion of colours enhanced by the pure white of the ice that surrounds all kinds of fish, lobsters, crabs, squids, shrimps, prawns and seashells.

As La Paradeta‘s smiling manager on Carrer Comercial explained, the owner was very much inspired by Thaïland’s fish markets where fish and seafood are caught, sold, cooked and eaten on the spot. Barcelona being a market‘s town, the mysterious Southerner decided to take advantage of this characteristic. All products are brought to the restaurants each day by La Paradeta‘s very own careful selection of general seafood and fish markets in Barcelona‘s famous port.

Barcelona Fish Restaurant: Cheaper, Fresher, Finer

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to eat (it’s not easy with so much choice!), you pay per kilo for the fish and seafood you want to eat (first reason for its cheap prices). Then you collect your cutlery, plates and drinks and chose a table while your delicacies are being cooked (you have a choice as well between several differnet and natural ways to have your food cooked). No waiter will come and harass you (in fact there are no waiters, which is the second reason for its cheap prices): you will be given a ticket with a number on it (similar to the system at In-N-Out Burgers, a famous hamburger chain that is well known in California) like at most European cheese, meat or fish markets. When you hear your number, just get up and fetch your food at the bar!

Some serious recommendations and useful tips about La Paradeta:

1) Make sure you understand numbers in Catalan or Castellano.

2) Order a few dishes at the same time in order not to wait too long between each of them. The cooking usually goes fast though.

3) Order the bread. I’m French and I know about bread. I ate, eat and will eat tons of it in my life, and believe me, La Paradeta‘s bread was a gift from heaven!

4) Order the white wine they serve there: el Vino Turbio: cheap, fresh, up-lifting, perfect after a hard day of work and with a lovely plate of marinated gambas (shrimp)!

5) La Paradeta doesn’t accept credit cards. Please come with enough cash! My friend and I paid around 20 € each for a big salad, three huge plates of marisco, a big piece of fish and a bottle of wine. I loved this dinner.

6) Come early, before the opening if you can, especially on weekends, as the place is so packed you could not fit a pin in! However, you can sometimes be lucky: when I went to La Paradeta (the one located in Pasatge Simó) for the first time, on Wednesday, the 27th January at 10pm, I did not have to wait and could find a table very easily. However, don’t court disaster!

7) La Paradeta doesn’t sell drinks alone. If you want to drink you’ll have to order a bite to eat as well.Barcelona Fish Restaurant: Cheaper, Fresher, Finer

8 ) La Paradeta is a NON-SMOKING area (rare in Barcelona, so enjoy it!).

9) Do not bring dates there, it is not a romantic restaurant but more for friends or already set-up couples. Unless your date is not a big fan of fancy crysta

l glasses and red roses in candle light and likes beer, loud noises and shouts from the kitchen and sudden bursts of laughter. Cheers!

For more info on opening hours, locations and anything else you’d like do know, check their website.

La Paradeta is simple and all about food (exactly how we like it here at SuiteLife). Do check it out: you will experience the best fish and seafood meal ever





Sushi Art Barcelona

As you may know sushi is the most appreciated food among our team here at Suitelfe. That is why we are always on a lookout for new sushi places in Barcelona which we can include in our free e-book! Surprisingly, the latest hot spot where I can satisfy my sushi hunger is right around the corner from my place in Raval. Sushi Art takes the takeaway experience to a whole new level!

I haven’t seen much sushi places in that part of Barcelona. Especially places worth checking out, such as Sushi Art. Until lasushi art barcelonast week the place was somehow under my radar until last Wednesday when finally I laid my eyes on the interesting and glowing sign of Sushi art. My sushi experience started with the opening of the automatic door which revealed the interesting interior design of the place. I was greeted kindly by the owner Vincent (if I can recall correctly) who seemed was the only employee of the place and he was doing hell of a job!




As I mentioned before the interior design of Sushi Art Barcelona, in my opinion, is top-notch and it creates a very warm and welcoming environment! sushi art barcelonaVincent displays most of the sushies behind a glass where you can selec your choice or ask for fresh-made. What is more is that you can observe the process of making the sushi because there is a small glass in between the kitchen and the waiting hall. What makes the place different? Sushi art also offers various DO-IT-YOURSELF sushi kits which can be the perfect gift for your friends. The biggest sushi lovers have the opportunity to make their own sushi on the spot supervised the by chef!



Are you already craving for some delicious fresh sushi here in Barcelona? Go down to Raval and check out Sushi Art! The address is Carrer d’En Giralt El Pellisser, 24! For more information and their menu – visit their webpage!

sushi art barcelona

Any other suggestions for places I should check out? Drop me a line in the comment section below!




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