23 Alternative Means of Transport in Barcelona. #17 is the Most Romantic for Sure!

23 coolest alternative transport means in Barcelona


Barcelona street

In major big cities such as Barcelona, we have to move a lot around the city to visit the most famous places! If you get tired of basic (and boring) means of transport like metro, bus, cars, taxi or even by foot, here are 23 alternative means of transport you can find in BCN!

Here are the 23 coolest alternative transport means in Barcelona:


#1 Helicopters:

If you don’t get dizzy easily and have the “sense of adventure” then try the helicopter tour of Barcelona to have an out of the ordinary visit !

*Tourist Routes: To enjoy a dream trip of Barcelona which give visitors alike excellent sight lines ! 


Round-trip or one-way trip, practical and quick, passengers can go to aiports, hotels, cultural places, etc. with  an amazing view of Barcelona !

Cable car:


You want to enjoy the Barcelona’s paronamic view ?

Cable car Barcelona

#2 *The port cable Car: The Transbordador Aeri del Port: crosses Barcelona port with two small red and white cabins from the Montjuic hill station to the San Sebastian beach near Barceloneta with, on the mid-way, a central tower: the Torre de Jaume (20 persons and about 7 minutes)
#3 *The Teleferico de Montjuic: You can move back and forth between Estacio Funicular on Avenida Miramar and Montjuic’s castle with the intermediate point, the mirador, thanks to the Barcelona’s cable car ! (4 persons)


#4 Boat:

Barcelona Gonlodrinas

“Las Golondrinas de Barcelona” a Harbour tour and boat trip along the beaches of Barcelona from a different perspective.You can chose your ride, short (35min) or long (90min)

All the coolest water activities:

#5 Flyboard, #6 Parasailing, #7 Kayak, #8 Banana, #9Water Ski, #10 Windsurfing, #11 Jet Ski, #12 Yachting, #13 Catamaran experience


#14 Bicycles:

Ecological, cheap and fun means of transport !

Bicing Barcelona

*Bicing: this famous red self-service bicycles in Bcn are really practical because we can find them everywhere. But the rub is that it’s only available for residents of Barcelona…If you’re not, read the on !
*Bicycles rental: if you really want to enjoy Bcn cycling (and you’re right), there are plenty of companies dedicated to both hourly bike rentals as well as organised bicycle tours to help you get to know the city.

#15 *Pedicabs: a fun, friendly and original taxi for a relaxing tour of Baracelona. They are driven by knowledgeable tour guides offering insight into the city and most of them speak several languages, from English to German.

Pedicab Barcelona

#16 Inline skating:

For a sportive visit you also have the opportunity to rent Rollerblades on your feet and feel free to slide on old cobblestone. Check out this event.

#17 Horses:

You can see the sights in style from your very own horse and carriage, they can usually be found at the bottom of Las Ramblas. Why do not enjoy a traditional ballad ?

Carriage Barcelona

#18  Segway:

You will love this new and futuristic mean of transport !

#19 Scooter and #20 Motorcycles:

A little ordinary but useful and handy to get around the city !

#21 Gocar:

This is a mix between a car and a scooter, it includes a GPS system that guides you around the streets like a local and the integrated audio guide tells you all about this fabulous city and its sights as it would your personal tour guide.

Barcelona Gocar

#22 Electric car:

An environmentally friendly way to drive in BCN for example you can rent this Twizy:


#23 Limousine:

We finish with a touch of luxury with limousine rentals if you wish to treat yourself to the rock star life!

Barcelona limousine


Any other alternative means of transportation you can recommend in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!

Foradada Waterfall in Catalunya : Welcome to Heaven

Day Trip from Barcelona: Foradada Waterfall in Cataluña

Looking for some new day trips from Barcelona? Want to discover Catalunya? Can you believe that this photo below is not actually taken in some East Asian paradise but right here in our own backyard? Check out our secret spot in Cantonigros, Cataluña, Spain!

Foradada Waterfall in Cantonigos, Catalunya

The Foradada Waterfall is one of these awesome secret places everybody loves to hear about. Just looking at this photo above leaves me speechless. A haven of peace in a secret forest, a small water fall that goes into a grotto surrounded by rocks. Plus, the sun goes through a natural hole made in a rock in certain periods of the day: a postcard moment before your very eyes.

How to get there

It is not that easy to get there, but come on, it wouldn’t be a secret after all if it was too easy to reach the place ;) If you go by car, from Barcelona you have to go north and take the C-153 until Cantonigros, which is the next village after Santa Maria de Corco. When you arrive in Cantonigros, you’ll see almost immediately a football field on your right, you’ll be able to park your car right next to it. Then you’ll have to follow the main track which is yellow-marked and walk for about 20 minutes. You will start hearing the beautiful sound of the water fall (and maybe the locals swimming/refreshing themselves because of the heat during the summer), you’re arrived to heaven! Taking public transportation is a bit of a trek, to say the least, but you can do it like this:


Location Foradada Waterfall Cantonigros in Catalunya

If you don’t want run into other people, you better go during the Spring as you might know this place is kind of awesome during the summer, and you might not be the only one to think that.

SuiteLife tips: You can also go there during the winter, and if it’s cold enough you’ll have the privilege to see the fall frozen: magical!

Foradada Waterfall frozen in Winter

Have you been to the Foradada Waterfall? We’d love to hear any additional tips you might have in the comments. Let us know!



Luxury Hotels in Barcelona

Luxury hotels in Barcelona – Which one is your favourite?


We all like a bit luxury in our lives, right? Outdoor swimming pool, relaxing spa, perfect suite with a breathtaking view, fancy bars and excellent customer service are only a few things that make a visitor feel really special. This blog introduces you to some amazing five star luxury hotels in Barcelona. Of course, a great alternative to this are some amazing Suitelife’s Holiday apartments in Barcelona.


Hotel W Barcelona

Luxury hotels in Barcelona

This fabulous hotel has become one of the best known trademarks of Barcelona and no wonder. Located by the oh-so beautiful Barceloneta beach you will be left speechless by the astonishing views it provides over the Mediterranean Sea. Hotel W Barcelona provides everything you need for your perfect holiday. You can dine in the hotel at  Michelin-star rated chef Carlos Abellán’s restaurant; enjoy some glamorous drinks at the rooftop bar on 26th floor; relax in Spain’s first ever Bliss Spa; cool down by swimming in the pool, or check out Barceloneta from the beachfront access. Try W Barcelona virtual planner tour to see what is waiting for you. For real luxury lovers W Barcelona welcomes you to WOW suite with spectacular views over the sea and the city.


Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Luxury hotels in Barcelona

At the beginning of this summer Mandarin Oriental Barcelona was inundated with huge crowds. It was because Rihanna was staying in this hotel during her summer concert in Barcelona. She made an excellent decision, because Mandarin Oriental Barcelona is for real stars. It is in a prime location on Passeig de Gracia next to Tiffany & Co. with the finest Penthouse Suite. This suite has fastastic views over Passeig de Gracia, it is perfect even for diamond lovers!



Hotel Arts Barcelona

Luxury hotels in Barcelona

This is another gorgeous hotel by Barceloneta which is popular with the rich and famous. It’s terraced gardens and outdoor swimming pool, five restaurants, Six Senses Spa and gym located on the 42nd floor, and fine collection of Spanish contemporary art are only some of the reasons to choose the premium luxury Hotel Arts Barcelona. The outstanding service tops off what would most probably be an unforgettable experience here. The Arts Suite is one of the highest end choices Hotel Arts offers with panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and the marina.


Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel

Luxury hotels in Barcelona

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel has been compared to a leisure paradise and is very well located  by the harbour.  It provides among other things an outdoor swimming pool with prominent city and port views, relaxing sauna and jacuzzi, well known buffet breakfast and fantastic piano bar. Depending on your preferences there are variety of suites and rooms to choose from. However, the Presidential Suite is the jewel of Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel. You can be assured of a good nights sleep at the Eurostar Grand Marina Hotel by choosing the best model from the unique pillow menu.


Hilton Barcelona Hotel

Luxury hotels in Barcelona

The Hilton Barcelona Hotel is built for business travellers needs but it also provides luxury to regular visitors. Located in Barcelona’s financial district, rooms that have been designed for working with ergonomic chairs, 24-hours fitness centre and refreshing outdoor pool with a bar. This is a complete package that makes this hotel luxurious especially for business travellers. Executive rooms are the best choice providing the perfect environment for both working and relaxing.


El Palace Hotel

Luxury hotels in Barcelona
El Palace Hotel is a trademark of Barcelona’s hotels. It was built almost 100 years ago in 1919 but was totally refurbished in 2009. El Palace Hotel is luxurious from the first moment you step through the door and offers welcome snacks and drinks. Total comfort is assured and you can enjoy lunch inside the hotel at the Caelis Restaurant which has been awarded a Michelin Star. Classic Deluxe is the finest room complete with a romantic fireplace. You can relax even though the hotel is located in the middle of the busy centre because the room is completely soundproofed. El Palace Hotel brings the Caribbean Sea to Barcelona with the Mayan Luxury Spa. Relax and enjoy the luxurious surroundings that El Palace Hotel affords.


Have you tried one of these spectacular hotels? We would like to hear about your experience. Have a relaxing holiday in Barcelona!




Manresa is one of the cities in the province of Barcelona; it is located in the centre of Catalonia where the river Cardener flows through it.

Manresa is the capital of the region Blages, and it is believed that the name “Blages” comes from a corruption of the Latin “Bacchus” due to the extensive production of wine in the area. The wine was grown mainly in terraced vineyards, and many of these old terraces can be seen today.

So are you ready for a day trip from Barcelona to Manresa! Go down to the Arc de Triomf station, where you have the metro line 1 (the red one). The ticket will cost you 5.40 euros and the train (R4) takes almost 1h 20 minutes.

The houses of Manresa are arranged around the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Seo. The town is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics.

Guide to Manresa


It has Romanesque and Renaissance elements, but the predominant style is Gothic. In addition, it houses medieval altarpieces which are fine examples of Catalan Gothic painting. At the heart of the old town, the Town Hall, the Palace of Justice and the Pont Vell form part of the properties of Manresa city. The Pont Vell bridge belongs to the time of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Manresa has beautiful buildings, designed by the local architect Ignasi Oms i Ponsa which include, among others, the Casa Torrents Lluvià the Tower and the flour factory La Florinda.

At the moment we can say that Manresa is going through an interesting period in cultural terms, because it has a wide range of interesting cultural activities, in some cases promoted by the private sector and others by the public administration.

In November every year Manresa hosts the Black International Film Festival of Manresa (FECINEMA) where good actors as Sergi López, Pilar López de Ayala and directors like Vicente Aranda have participated.

Some places to visit – our recommendations:

The Manresa City Hall

Opened in the year 1896 the first municipal museum has been known as the “Museu Regional de Manresa” since 1977. Through multidisciplinary themes, the collections are based on the art and history of Manresa, Bages region and Catalonia. It is a square building and is organized in a neo-classic style, built by the Jesuit Order, in the middle of the seventeenth century, and was designated as a place for teaching and learning.


The Museu de la Tècnica de Manresa

It is located in the former monumental water tanks, the Canal de la Sèquia. They were built between 1861 and 1865 and they were used to provide the first water distribution network in the city. The museum houses two permanent exhibitions: “the ribbon industry” and “the Sèquia canal and the water”.



Wine tourism activities:

Visit the cellars, museum of wine, old country house from the 12th Century, with vineyards, “barraques” and wine tasting. Personalized tours for groups and individuals are available under request.

The Medieval Castle of Mas Oller

The castle has opened its doors to visitors and is surrounded by an estate of 400 hectares of crops. The wine which is produced there will not leave you indifferent. Tours to the castle, vineyards,  the processing plant and the barrel room are offered all accompanied with wine tasting.

Montserrat Museum at the Montserrat Mountain Natural Park

This museum is one of the most incredible in Manresa. Their collection of modern paintings and sculpture is one of the best in the country. You can find works by artists like Picasso, Sisley, Dali and others. There are also items representing Egypt and the Holy Land.

Here are just few places to visit in Manresa. For more information just visit the tourism office located at the Manresa City Hall.

Have you been on any interesting day trips to places outside Barcelona? If so, let us know.








business in barcelona


On this week’s menu we’ve got a really, really interesting business in Barcelona. The company is Stoke Travel, the coolest fun factory you can find on the market! Surf camps, trips to France, Italy, Greece, festivals… Just imagine an event where you would like to go to, and they have it! I cannot count all the travel products that Stoke offers now, I guess it’s around 30.

Personally, I didn’t know them but I’ve been collecting a lot of recommendations, so finally I went to check out their website and… It was love at first sight!

business in barcelona

What follows is the most informal interview ever with the most informal of the businessmen – expats in Barcelona, the awesome Toby Paramor.

He is such a hilarious, positive person, definitely a great communicator. If not running a business in Barcelona, I think he could be a famous actor, and if Coen brothers decided to shoot another “Big Lebowski”, he would definitely get the main role!

So guys, come with me to ask him what’s behind Stoke Travel as a business idea!

Elio: Hey Toby! Que tal? Thank you so much for coming!

Toby: Hi Elio! Thanks for calling me, buddy, I am honoured!

E: So, tell me about the genesis of Stoke Travel. How did you start?

T: Well, Stoke travel was started by pinning a peacock to a labrador. We got a van in San Sebastian, made a flyer, chucked some surf boards on the roof and took drunks up and down the coast surfing. People enjoyed themselves quite a bit and i guess they started telling their friends, because more and more people started turning up… So we got some more vans. then winter would come along and instead of sticking it out we went south to Morocco, rented a house and did much the same stuff,  just less beer and more hash.
Then the choice became obvious… We need a home base and San Sebastian has too short a season and not enough tourists… So it was London or Barcelona… And the choice was a piece of piss, really. London doesn’t really like us very much!

E: Barcelona was in your destiny! And how is it going now?

T: Really well, last year a bit over 20,000 punters turned up at one of our destinations, mainly surf camps and festivals. Every year we are adding destinations and activities.. and sticking to our principles. (paradoxically that sorta means having no principles at all). and we are enjoying growth of about 50% annually. but no one is getting rich because our staff, as much as i love them.. are bloody expensive and the pricks just keep multiplying. if you want a job, give me a couple of beers and you are hired!

E: Ahah! Well, one day I will come to knock on your door with a couple of cervezas… What’s your favourite brand?? (Benny, unread this, please!) Back to the interview, I saw on your page that Stoke is not only in Barcelona, right?

T: We are opening an office in London in a few weeks. We started trips to brazil this year for carnival in Salvador and Rio. They have a pretty good time in Brazil and we fit in. And there is a lot of room to grow. I am not sure where the growth ceiling lies but from the looks of things at the moment there is so much work to do it feels like we could never get it done in a lifetime. We are very conscious of sticking to our general attitude and brand. No one wants to become those big corporate bastards. We have to keep stuff self-deprecating, simple and fair, we’ve to make sure we keep stuff cheaper than travelers can do themselves.. and better.Group travel is a bit shit in my opinion…People all too frequently being horded around on busses like school kids. it is patronizing and ugly.. But when done right.. Well it just makes for a bigger party.. and how can you argue with that.

E: You know what? I’ll give it a try and let you know if I felt like on a school trip or not! Last question, you’re free! Do you have an entrepreneur’s tip to leave for all the expats in Barcelona reading this page?

T: Well, it is all about getting lucky now, isn’t it? So, uhm, go and get lucky and… Aah yes.. And our company motto, which is “dont fuck it up”. There you go.

business in barcelona

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did writing it, it’s always a pleasure to tell you about inspiring people who are doing something great. If you haven’t read them yet, check out the Italian Gourmet “Le regioni d’Italia” and Janine the Health Coach. Always feel free to leave your comment and/or recommend another interesting business in Barcelona!

See you soon!
- Elio



Car Sharing: Barcelona Green Revolution

car sharing barcelona

Car Sharing and Car Pooling

People’s interest in alternative ways to travel is growing, because it’s cheaper and eco-friendly, so let’s talk about Car Sharing Barcelona!

First of all, we have to distinguish Car Sharing from Car Pooling, which is also very popular now.

Car Pooling is when an individual, as member of a car pooling community, shares his own car with other members, generally for short distances.

Car Sharing is similar to car rentals, but community based. In fact, in UK it also known as “Car Club”. Members get easy access to a car when they need it, but without all the expense and hassles of owning a car of their own.  Users pay a small annual membership, and after that it’s pay-as-you-go.

Vehicles are owned by the Car Sharing company, and can be rented by the hour, or for days at a time.  And fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and insurance are all included in the price.

Car Sharing Barcelona: how it works

Barcelona Green revolution, successfully started with the Bicing experiment, and now also Car Sharing. Barcelona’s  most popular Car Sharing network is Avancar, owned by the American Zipcar.

You can find many other Car Sharing companies, that work basically in the same way:

1 – Become a member and get your Smart Card.

You only have to register online, create an account and pay a monthly fee. There are different tariffs depending on how much you’re planning on using the service.

The Smart Card will allow you to unlock/lock the car you are going to use.

2 – Search on the Car Sharing Barcelona map to find the nearest cars.


carsharing barcelona

3 – Choose your car

Each car has a detailed page, with  features and costs, and location in real time.

4 – Book the car by telephone or via internet, as little as a few minutes in advance.


carsharing barcelona

5 – Get access to the car with your Smart Card.

6 – Return the car where you picked it up.

carsharing barcelona

Easy, sustainable, cheaper: Carsharing contributes to sustainable transport because it is a less car intensive means of urban transport, and according to The Economist, can reduce car ownership at an estimated rate of one rental car replacing 15 owned vehicles.

Barcelona Green Revolution!

Today 50% of all trips are made on foot or on bicycle, and only 20% of journeys in the town centre are made using motorised transport (car or motorbike).  Not only Car Sharing: Barcelona aspires to become the European Green Capital, and offers a variety of eco-friendly product/services: sustainable hotels, electric scooters rentals, slow food markets and restaurants… We’ll tell you more later!

Have you ever tried Car Sharing? We would like to know about your experience! Leave us a comment!

- Elio


Barcelona for Kids – SuiteLife guide to family travel in Barcelona

Barcelona for Kids

Barcelona is touted as one of the best places in Europe (and in some instances the world) for architecture, nightlife, food and largely has appeal with adult audiences. But Barcelona for kids? Yes Barcelona is equally as amazing for children and there’s so much here that will appeal to families looking to come on holiday here. Children will probably be bored of just wondering about museums, but there are key sights of Barcelona, that they will love! Want to find out what’s cool in Barcelona for kids? Read on for our recommendations!

Things to do in Barcelona for children

La Font Magica (The Magic Fountain)

Located Plaça Espanya/Montjuic (Metro L1, L3 and L5: Espanya), the Magic Fountain is an incredible sight. It’s a fountain that changes colours in time with music which varies from classical to more modern music. Each show lasts for 30 minutes and plays from Thursday – Sunday (9pm – 11.30pm) during the summer and on a Friday and Saturday (7pm – 9pm) during the Winter. Although it’s on reasonably late for children (by our standards, but not for Spain!), there’s usually a lot of families who come to watch it and kids of all ages seem to have a blast watching it! Even better is that it’s completely free.

Magic Fountain

El Rey de la Magia (The King of Magic)

El Rey de la Magia is a magic shop, museum, magic school and theatre located right in the centre of Barcelona on Calle de la Princesa, 11 (Metro L4: Jaume I). Magic tricks are universally popular with children and this place is the place to see it all. Children can watch magic shows and even learn how to perform their own tricks too! The fun isn’t limited to just kids, but to adults too with shows and classes offered for the grown ups who have yet to realise their career of being a magician. Very charming and looks like a great day out! It almost makes me want to be a child again.

Magic in Barcelona


Tibidabo – theme park

Tibidabo is the mountain located right in the north of Barcelona. As well as a famous church, it has one of the most unlikely things that you’d expect to find on top of a mountain – a theme park! One of the most famous theme parks in Spain, the park has everything you’d expect to find from the smaller rides for younger children to the big rollercoasters for older children and adults. Admission is about 26 Euros for admission but there are family tickets too Summer is without a doubt the best time to go as they host a whole array of shows as well as the correfoc a famous Catalan style firework show.





Cosmo Caixa

The CosmoCaixa on the other hand is Barcelona’s Science Museum and a super cool one at that! Key attractions include the Mur Geologic (Geologic Wall) and the Amazon Rainforest complete with animals! For kids, they do a variety of science based activities for all ages from 3 upwards. For 2/3 Euros (under 7′s are free and childrens activities are another 2 Euros), you really won’t get a better family day out without spending a fortune. The Cosmo Caixa is also included as one of the free museums on the first Sunday of the month too!



Barcelona Science Museum

The Parc Zoologic – the Barcelona Zoo

Animals like magic are always a hit with kids and Barcelona for sure offers these too. At the Barcelona Zoo (located in the Parc de la Ciutadella) there are thousands of different species of animals and as such is always full of families and children astounded by the huge variety of wildlife here. Activities are in abundance here for children with all the usual things you would expect to find in a zoo – petting zoo, animal shows, pony rides etc. The Dolphin show in particular is extremely popular with children!


But that’s not all……..

I’m not one for stereotypes, but in Spain children are the centre of everything. Barcelona is certainly no different and all over the city, you’ll find FREE child friendly things everywhere from the street entertainers along the Ramblas, the cat statue in the Raval, the Parc de la Ciutadella, not to mention the abundance of beaches in Barceloneta. You’ll leave thinking that Barcelona for kids is simply one of the best family holiday destionations.


Raval Cat in Barcelona

Inspired to have a family holiday here? A lot of families opt to rent an apartment here in Barcelona instead of a hotel mainly for the convenience that they provide. Vacation apartments are priced reasonably and are on par with the price of a mid-range hotel except with the luxury of some privacy and a great insight into Barcelona life!

Are you considering a family holiday here in Barcelona or have already brought your children to Barcelona? Let us know about your experiences!



Barcelona Cruising: Full Guide to Cruises From Barcelona

Are You Looking For Cruises From Barcelona aka Barcelona Cruising?:

Barcelona cruising cruises from barcelona

If the answer is yes, and you’re considering one of the many cruises from Barcelona , we can assure you that this is the ideal place to get on a cruise ship for your Mediterranean adventure. The city has amazing sightseeing to offer and with more than 2 million passengers every year, Barcelona has the 5th biggest cruise haven of the world. The first four biggest ports are in the Caribbean sea, such as Miami and Nassau (Bahamas), leaving Barcelona as the reigning king of the ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Cruise ships such as, The Oasis of the Seas, which is the biggest and most innovative cruise ship in the world have chosen Barcelona as their home base and will have cruises from Barcelona now on. The ship is currently in Florida and will arrive in Barcelona on September 13th. The ship will make cruises through the Mediterranean Sea and will leave to the Caribbean Sea as well.

Barcelona cruising cruises from barcelona

Your journey will probably start at Barcelona’s Port Vell, where the majority of these floating hotels are docked. Speaking of which, did you know that Port Vell is a tourist attraction of its own with a big shopping mall, an IMAX theater and Europe’s largest aquarium. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, back to the subject. So we are saying that whatever you are looking for, you will find the right cruises from Barcelona that suit your desires, because every cruise line offers a different experience for the passengers. Cruises from Barcelona usually takes between 5 to 14 days depending on your budget.

Barcelona is usually a starting point to cities and islands such as, Mallorca, Cannes, Nice, Marseille,  Civitavecchia, Venice, Naples, Palermo, Rome in the western region of the Mediterranean and for those who wants to go further to east, you can go to places such as Dubrovnik, Athens, Istanbul, Alexandria and to many Greek Islands such as Rhodes.

Barcelona cruising cruises from barcelona

How to Get to Port Vell

Barcelona cruising cruises from barcelona

The Cruise terminal in Barcelona is located south of the city, just at the bottom of the Las Ramblas, which is the most famous and touristic street of Barcelona, that crosses right through the heart of the city. You can reach Port Vell by just walking to the south of Las Ramblas. If you don’t like walking, there are more options to get there.


The most simple way to reach the haven is probably via metro to the metro station Drassanes (green line, L3), which is the closest metro station to the port. From here, you have to walk to the Columbus monument, which takes about 5 minutes from the metro station. Once you got at the monument, you can take a blue bus every 20 minutes that goes to all the cruise terminals of the haven.


If you really don’t have the time to deal with the metro or the bus, the most handy and comfortable way to get there is by taking a cab. However, this option is certainly the most expensive one. It will cost you around €8 from the city center to go the Port Vell and the ride takes around 10 minutes.


There are parking facilities in the haven for a short time, if you decide to go there with your own car. If you want to park your car for a long time, we advise you to park at the World Trade Center. This is the closest parking space near the port.

Experience Barcelona Cruising Now:

Are you up for an unforgettable adventure through the Mediterranean Sea? Checkout all the cruises from Barcelona provided by different cruise line companies. They all have different routes so choose the right cruise ship from Barcelona that fits your desires.

Cruise line companies operating from Barcelona:

barcelona cruising

Enjoy and have a safe trip!

- Alper


Backpacking in Barcelona – it is possible!

Backpacking in Barcelona

Backpacking in Barcelona may at first sight not seem to be something that can work well together mainly because Barcelona is perceived as being a very expensive city. While this has some truth, it is far from being a city where only those with lots of money can afford it. In fact, Barcelona is full of backpackers on Interail/Eurail tours or other backpacking trips from all over the world. Being up there on the list of obligatory places to tick off on the list, Barcelona most certainly has the infrastructure to make a stop here one of the most memorable. Backpacking in Barcelona is a really cool experience!

Backpackers in Barcelona

Check out some of our recommendations and advice on how to be a backpacker in Barcelona and make your money go further! Also check out our blog on the top 10 things to do for free in Barcelona.


As a backpacker, I am aware of the balance between seeing as much as possible within an often short timeframe. Barcelona is full of hostels and organisations offering tours and excursions. However, the majority charge around 20 Euros plus for these regardless of the type of tour and duration. But you can still have a really good guided tour of Barcelona and pay whatever you like!

This is where Travel Bound Barcelona comes in……

Barcelona Free Walking Tour

A local travel company called Travel Bound offer free walking tour covering the history and sights of Barcelona. The tour lasts for about 2 1/2 hours and they meet up to take people on the tour every day at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

You may have noticed that I wrote FREE walking tour. This isn’t a typo – it’s free! Gratis! Well sort of. The tour is basically run on a tipping style philosophy. The tour sucked? You don’t pay. Simple! In fact you pay whatever you felt the tour was worth. This ensures you get a good tour and you even get a free beer at the end of it at their bar – Travel Bar. You’ll for sure meet some new friends and maybe even some new companions for your next destination (I did!).


Other than seeing new places and having new experiences, a really special part of the backpacking experience is meeting new people from all over the world. As with most big cities in Europe, that’s on the backpacker to do list, Barcelona has an incredible expat scene where you can easily meet likeminded travellers, expats and locals. Unfortunately some bars take advantage of this and charge higher prices, but there are some which offer a really great opportunity to meet others and don’t charge a lot!

I’ve included a list of some cost effective, yet socially rewarding recommendations of meeting fellow backpackers in Barcelona and not pay a huge price for the privelege. Let the good times roll!

1. Stoke Bar (C/Banys Nous, Barri Gotic)
A personal favourite and also frequented by locals, it’s reasonably cheap and always full of travellers. The owners Wendy and Omar are really cool people, who moved to Barcelona from France and decided to buy this bar. Their enthusiasm is perfectly shown in Stoke Bar and they’ll not hesitate to engage you in conversation. Before you know it, you’ll be chatting away to them and other people like you’ve known them for ages!

Stoke Bar Barcelona


2. Ryan’s Irish pubs
Ryan’s are a chain of Irish pubs all over Barcelona who are incredibly popular with foreigners and locals alike mainly because of the 1 Euro beer (get a card or ‘like’ them on Facebook to get this). Ryans pubs are always full and usually have something happening thanks to the huge amount of promoters and Erasmus organisations who organise get togethers for students living in the city.


Ryan's Barcelona

There are 4 Ryan’s around Barcelona at the following locations:

  • Ryans Escudellers, C/Escudellers (just off Plaza Real), MetroL3: Liceu
  • Ryans Paradis, C/Paradis (just off Plaza Jaume), Metro L3: Liceu or Metro L4: Jaume I
  • Ryans Ample, C/Ample (near Passeig de Colom in the Barri Gotic), Metro L3: Drassanes
  • Ryans Gracia, C/Torrent de l’Olla, Metro L3: Diagonal

3. Couchsurfing

For those unfamiliar with this revolution in the backpacking world, Couchsurfing is a community based site in which locals let travellers sleep on their couches for free. The philosophy is to create inspiring experiences by connecting travellers and locals who meet to share their culture, hospitality and adventures on the road or in their hometowns. But Couchsurfing is much more than just sleeping on couches. Almost every town and city in the world has a Couchsurfing community of locals who meet up and organise events for local Couchsurfers and travellers alike.

For those wanting to get closer to the culture here in Barcelona, this is an incredible way of doing so and finding the best of Barcelona.

For more suggestions on meeting people in Barcelona, feel free to check our blog!


Moving on…..(or arriving)

We know that you could stay in Barcelona for evermore. Most backpackers in Barcelona do. In fact, that’s the reason why most of us are still here to this day! But inevitably, backpacking in Barcelona means moving on to explore the rest of our beloved Spain or further afield in Europe. Many backpackers travel about using Interail and Eurail passes or use that thing we love to hate Ryanair.

However, there are some other really cool ways to get about too!

1. Carpooling

The Couchsurfing of car travel, Carpooling is a concept in which people can save money on car fuel by offering spare seats in their car to travellers to a particular destination. It’s success has spawned a whole host of similar sites, but Carpooling is by far the most popular in Europe.

By simply signing up on the site, you will see a list of advertised journeys which range from city to city within Spain and from Spain to other countries! You then simply select the trip that best matches your plans and you’re away!

Carpooling in Spain

Naturally, this isn’t for anyone but it has proved a hit with many travellers and it saves a load of money as well as having environmental benefits (less cars on the road). It’s also a way of meeting people and dispelling myths of foreign drivers!

From looking at the site, Carpooling is massively popular in Barcelona with pages upon pages of listings making this a viable option for moving on or arriving to Barcelona!

2. Eurolines

The Interail of buses if you like and is popular with those wanting to save a bit of money. As with Interail, there are options to get a selection of passes if you’re touring about. A great alternative to Interail, although it lacks the romance associated with train travel and it can take a while to reach places.

In Barcelona, Eurolines buses usually depart from the Arc De Triomf station or at Sants.

Eurolines bus travel

Hopefully now, you’re now a bit more in the know on how easy exciting backpacking in Barcelona is. Are you planning on coming here on an Interail tour? Been a backpacker in Barcelona already? We’d love to hear your experiences!

- Chris


Barcelona in Two Days: A Weekend in BCN

What to do in Barcelona in Two Days

Barcelona in Two Days weekend getaways

Barcelona in two days? Is it possible? What can you see in two days? Coming to Barcelona for the weekend is fun and easy on the pockets if you’re on a tight budget and can be just the thing your doctor ordered when you walked into his office with a hunchback created by a pinched nerve, probably caused by the five meetings you had in the last week. Sometimes, when we’re  feeling burnt out, it is just an indication that we’re in need of a well deserved holiday – a short break from all the stress in our worlds. Two days in Barcelona is the Goldielocks zone, not too long, not too short, but just right for getting yourself refreshed. You should also consider renting a Barcelona holiday apartment while you’re here, it’s simply the best way to go for various reasons.


Saturday – Hardcore Day

Because you’re trying to discover Barcelona in two days, which is in itself a monumental task considering all the activities the city has to offer, we have broken down your itinerary into two parts: Saturday (the hardcore cardiovascular challenge. See it as killing two birds with one stone – you burn calories while having fun) and Sunday (the recovery day when you get to take in the sights and a slower pace, especially because you might be hungover!).

So lets begin!

1. Walk Stress Away – Ramblas Styles

The first stop we suggest any visitor who wants to see Barcelona in two days is the world famous Las Ramblas; a tree-lined pedestrian that starts at Plaza Catalunya and winds down through the old city to the port. To call it eclectic is an understatement (people watching here is amongst the best in the city). This 1.2 km stretch will immediately expose you to all walks of life found in Barcelona. Here are some great videos we’ve done on Las Ramblas to give you an idea of what to expect!

Impressions of Las Ramblas:

People who work on Las Ramblas:

The Famous Boqueria Market:

Las Ramblas Architecture:

Las Ramblas isn’t the horror story you may have heard or read. Yes, pickpocketing is rampant, so you have to be very vigilant and use your common sense, but it’s not enough of a reason to miss this one of a kind street. This street is a top priority – or at least it should be – if you’re only exploring Barcelona in two days.

2. Go Back in Time

Barcelona in Two Days Weekend Getaway

Two days in Barcelona would not be complete if you didn’t check out the Gothic Quarter. The area starts as soon as you take a left off Las Ramblas and you will be transported back through time to an era long long ago. The city was taken over by the Romans in an invasion during the 2nd century, which allowed them to take over the entire Iberian coastline. Barcelona became the Roman village and until this day, you can still visit the remnants of this old civilization that retains it’s coble-stone streets and ancient walls and buildings.


The Gothic Quarter is hence a small city within a city with lots of restaurants, bars, and shops. Here you’ll get the opportunity to try some of the more traditional restaurants and menus and buy unique souvenirs. Also suggested would be a quick stop at the church Santa Maria del Mar, a very iconic church, not very far from the quarters. Definitely checkout Plaza Reial, a very special plaza in the Gotico. Here’s a video of it!

Because of the vast amount of things to see and do in this area, you may want to read about the Gothic quarters before visiting. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss a thing – remember you are touring Barcelona in two days and we still have much to do…


3. Party ‘Till You Drop

Barcelona in Two Days Weekend Getaways

There’s definitely no shortage of parties in Barcelona. You can pretty much party every day of the week and in every neighbourhood (by the way, here is a Barcelona neighborhood guide that might be pretty useful to you). Sunday you have no obligations (kind of), so why not party until you drop?

Your tour of Barcelona in two days would not be complete unless you go out for a couple of drinks and enjoy some dancing. The Spaniards are know for their long and wild nights of partying (nightclubs don’t get crowded until after 3 a.m. and the party usually ends after the break of day).

Here are some great ideas depending on what type of scene you are looking for:

  • Musica en vivo: If you like your music live, checkout our blog on the best places to see live music in Barcelona.
  • Hardcore: For those of you love electronic music checkout the city’s biggest wildest club Razzmatazz.
  • Swanky: If you’re looking for something more upscale checkout Sutton Club or any of the establishments in what’s called the “Maria Cubi” area (take a taxi to c/ Aribau with Travesera de Gracia, get out and ask around, there’s great places all over a 6 block radius).
  • On the down and low: If you like to have unique experiences when you travel and venture off the beaten path, take a look at our blog on Barcelona’s secret bars. They’re sometimes hard to find but well worth it, at least for the story you’ll be able to bring home with you.
  • On the cheap: If you want to get the most drunk for your Euro checkout our blog on cheap bars in Barcelona. But go easy, you need some energy for the second part of your two days in Barcelona adventure!
  • Glam Glam Glam: If you want a rooftop party with a view check out the amazing parties at the Hotel W.

OK, if you’ve made it back to your apartment and haven’t ended up in an alcohol induced coma on the side of the road, it’s time to start your second day Itinerary!


First thing’s first, you should not start your Sunday without some brunch! Some great recommendations on where to find an amazing brunch are Milk Bar, Hotel Barcelo, or checkout our definitive guide to brunch in Barcelona.

Now let’s move on. We leave the less hardcore activities for Sunday for obvious reasons like; you don’t want to be a wreck on Monday morning or have a hang over that would make you regret having taken this weekend getaway. Instead you want to return home feeling refreshed and alive and happy you decided to explore Barcelona in two days.

4. Become One with Nature

Barcelona in Two Days Weekend GetawaysThere’s something about getting in touch with nature that just aligns you to a higherself, creating a more peaceful mind and therefore preparing the rest of your days, giving you a more enjoyable and pleasant day.

Park Güell has the power to do just that with its impressive mixture of garden and complex architectural elements by Antoni Gaudi. It is situated on the hill of El Carmel, in the Gracia distric of Barcelona.

5. Get High

Barcelona in Two Days Weekend Getaways

Not on Drugs! We mean get as elevated as possible to enjoy the picturesque views of this enchanting city.

Besides Parc Guell, you must see Montjuic. Plaza Espanya is at the foot of this hill, so  make sure that on your way to the hill you can make a quick stop to take some pictures since the statue that decorates the roundabout is the 1992 Olympic torch, and from the top of the stadium you can get a glimpse of the square (a preview of what’s to come). Montjuïc also houses the Spanish village, an amazing walled off area where you can experience architecture from all of Spain’s regions.  Visit what what once a fortress, and get even a larger view of Barcelona. If you’re not afraid of heights, take the cable car down. Maybe set a time limit for yourself. You could spend your whole two days on Montjuic so check out a few highlights and move on.

6. Get Higher

Barcelona in Two Days Weekend Getaways

Still not the kind of high you may have been thinking about but this time we refer to the spiritual high any person could ever experience by visiting churches like La Sagrada Familia. There’s something about these churches, even if you’re not spiritual, that humble you even for just a second as it reminds you that you’re just a drop in this vast ocean we call life.

You can end your weekend getaway by visiting this majestic structure either during day time or night time. Both times are great but at night you’ll get to see the building lit up. It will surely bring you the peace of mind that has been evading you and definitely closer to something bigger than yourself, allowing you to realize that if a man has the capacity to create such a master piece out of his imagination – anything is possible.

Like a lot of churches, there are especial times and days of the year in which visiting is a must, so these time tables are always good to know before hand for a more enlightening experience.

Wohooo! You did it!

As you can see, touring Barcelona in two days is more than doable as long as you have the right guidance.

Did we miss an attraction that is worth writing about? Let us know.



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