Barcelona Street Profile: Carrer Joaquin Costa

Joaquin Costa: Barcelona Street Profile

El Raval is famous for being kind of an infamous neighborhood and we feel like that is total bullsh*t! This is an amazing, eccentric and eclectic neighborhood with many awesome things to do and today we take a look at one of its emblematic streets, Carrer Joaquin Costa.

Carrer Joaquin Costa Street Barcelona


The street name came from the Catalán politician, lawyer, historian and economist who was known to be the major representative of the “Regenerationism”, which was an intellectual movement that searched for the causes of Spain’s (as a State) decadence. The street is located in the Raval neighborhood, part of the old town. It starts from the metro station “Universitat” and goes down until reaching the center of Raval at equal distance from ”San Antoni” and “Liceu” metro stations.

As many other streets of this neighborhood, Joaquin Costa is a narrow, charming street full of shops, bars or restaurants, but also public buildings such as the Goya Theatre and the Centre Aragonés.

Shops on Joaquin Costa


- Fusta’m


Workshop Barcelona Fusta'm Joaquin Costa

Looking for a unique workshop? Then you’ll love Fusta’m! It all started almost 4 years ago with an idea of a couple, which was to restore old pieces of furniture from the 50′s, 60′s or even 70′s styles. You’ll find only authentic furniture, lighting and different decorative trinkets. Not only is it possible to buy these awesome pieces but you can also rent them for special occasions, events.

P.S : Entering the shop, if you’re curious enough, you’ll see behind the seller an old tapissery which is of origin.
Fore more info, check out Fusta Website

- A la Premsa d’Aquell Dia: The one-of-a-kind shop in Barcelona

A La Premsa d'Aquell Dia Barcelona Joaquin Costa

The story begins 20 years ago when, after a few trips around Europe (more precisely to Belgium, France and England) seeing a few shops selling unique old newspapers and magazines, a couple and their daughter decided to create their own shop back in Barcelona. They first settled in Carrer del Tigre in the Raval Neighborhood before moving to the next and current street Joaquin Costa 4 years ago because the shop was getting too small to stock all the newspapers and magazines they wanted. Even if one can think they also sell French magazines (because of the few “Paris Match” in the window display), they actually only sell Spanish newspapers. But if you’re interested in old newspapers in other languages they might help you find it by contacting some colleagues around Europe. The best example the couple told me was this time where a client wanted an english newspaper talking about the  titanic as it was not famous enough to talk about it in the Spanish newspapers. They finally found one that they bought for 12500 Pesetas (75€)!

A la premsa d'aquel Dia Barcelona Joaquin Costa

According to the couple, the two kinds of articles most wanted are the newspapers first step on the moon and the World Wars.

When going out of the shop, you can stop by the ”Lletraferit” Library Café just accross the street and grab a café con leche while reading a book! This place was actually funded by Diego Gary, son of famous French writer Romain Gary and American Actress of the 60′s Jean Seberg.

Fore more info check out A la Premsa D’aquell Dia Website

- Bubub

Bubub also caught our attention because of its old sign representing a cartoon dog, bringing back its past of Toy shop. Nowadays it is a small Greengrocer with great fresh products for a decent price! Vegetarians are gonna love it.

Bubub Greengrocer Barcelona in Joaquin Costa




Betty Fords Bar is a pretty famous bar located in this street, known for hosting hipsters but also for their good cocktails and burgers! Excellent place to start your parties!

Betty Ford's Bar Barcelona in Joaquin Costa


If you’re interested in a completely different kind of bar, we recommend you to go to Granja de Gava, a unique centenary bar which, as its name suggests, was a farm originally (Granja means Farm). It also saw the birth of a famous Catalán writer Terenci Moix in 1942. When you enter the bar, you can hear a soft jazz music and see an astonishing statue in papier-mâché of a giant fat lady decorated by a huge slice of pizza on her head. There are also art exhibitions, for example there is currently oil paintings of the local Marta Cino which are actually for sale.

Granja de Gava Bar Barcelona Joaquin Costa


Olimpic bar will be for people who don’t want to spend much money or beat about the bush: 1€20 a beer, 3€50 a Mojito, Caipirinha or Spritz, that’s right. And if you don’t believe me, check this out:


Olimpic Bar Barcelona Joaquin Costa


No wonder it is always packed…

Finally for the story, this awesome street once hosted one of the most famous Serial killer of the city, Enriqueta Marti who was called “La Vampira del carrer de Ponent” (Ponent street being the former name of Joaquin Costa street). So that you understand why she earned this name, she used to kidnapp dozens of children, make them prostitute and/or kill them. And with the rests (skin, blood, fat, hair, bones…), she’d make potions, balsams, etc. What a lovely person she was! :)

Enriqueta Marti Barcelona Joaquin Costa





Barcelona Tips: Moving to Barcelona!


TOP 10 Tips Before a Moving to Barcelona !


Barcelona, a beautiful city with palmtrees everywhere, fresh sea air, a music on the streets, the smell of paella, incredible clubs… hmmm…. But it has something more. If you don’t know Spanish and you don’t know much about the city, Barcelona will slap you a couple times, before you settle down. I have selected the TOP 10 things you should be aware of before getting off the plane.

# 1 Cheap Train from the Airport

If you fly to Barcelona El Prat Airport, the cheapest way to get to the centre of the city is to use the train for € 2.

barcelona tips


# 2 See the Flat Before Renting It

It’s a cliche, isn’t it? :) But it’s a must. If you have never been in Barcelona/Spain, you will be VERY surprised. No, seriously. It’s incredible how people can live in the 21st century in the EU. Don’t rent anything before you see the flat.


barcelona tips


# 3 Flatmates

If there are any, see them all too!


# 4 Go to See Flats During the Day

A lot of flats in Barcelona are spacey, sunny, and have beautiful views. But some of them can be very small and dark. If you are sun lover like I am, you should definitely see the flat during the day. I used to live in such a dark room in Barceloneta that even though I had exterior window, it wasn’t possible to see almost anything with daylight and I had to use a light and a lamp.

tips barcelona

# 5 The Utilities (water, gas, electricity, community, internet)

Make sure that the price is final. In Barcelona, it can easily be the case that you will have to pay for a second month for your room, for example, $ 400 instead of $ 350, because the owner “thought” that you were aware about an increase in price, because of utilities, “Gastos” en castellano. You can check our blog How much are utilities in Barcelona.


# 6 The Contract

Alright, this is my favorite part. If you come to Barcelona to rent a flat you sign a contract with owner of the flat. If you come here to rent a room you will soon discover that often there are no official contracts to sign with owner or the person who re-rents you the room. It’s simply illegal to re-rent a room here, but nevertheless many people do anyway. How to make it here then?? You just have to trust the person who rents you the room. :) Awesome, isn’t it? Usually, you have to pay one month deposit (or two). So I wish you GOOD LUCK, because you will need it! And that is why so many foreigners end up with bad experiences here. Like I did. People try so many times to persuade me “We don’t do any contracts here in Spain, no no” “Oh, I will give you the deposit back, sure!” or “I live just 2 minutes from here with my kids, I would never take your money” etc. People are can be tricky here, so what to do then? Sign a contract, but written on a computer and signed by hand. Don’t sign a contract written by hand, because in case of problems, the local police will not consider it as a relevant agreement. Don’t forget to include all detailed information including number of ID, passport or NIE in the contract.

tips barcelona

# 7 Don’t Shop in Small Stores in Centre

Try to avoid the small shops in central districts such as the Gotico or el Born.  The prices of products are two or three times higher than usual. As an example, a bottle of water (1,5 l) can cost 0,40€ in the supermarket , but in those shops it can be priced around 1,30€ ! So wherever you are in Barcelona, ask somebody, where a “normal” supermarket is check our blog How to find a cheap Barcelona supermarket and the best Spanish food.

tips barcelona

# 8 Ask the Price before a Purchase

If you buy anything, anywhere in Barcelona, and the price is unclear, ask! It’s very strange for me too, because I feel stupid asking for each item “Cuanto cuesta?”, but it’s crucial. It happened to me in a bar a week ago. I have been there a couple times ago and I knew, that a glass of wine costs 2,50€. However, the bartender tried to persuade me that it cost 5€. It’s not just in bars, but it can happen in a lot of places.  So, pay attention, Mr(s). Foreigner!


# 9 Buy a Metro Ticket for 10 Fares

When I came here and was desperately looking for a flat so I didn’t pay attention just how much money I wasted using the metro. I didn’t know the city, thus I used the metro all the time. 1 individual fare costs 2€, but 10 fares are for 9,80€! That’s a difference! ;)

# 10 Don’t UseTransportation

If you don’t really have to, don’t use any transportation, because just walking through this city is great -it’s incredibly beautiful!

barcelona tips


So, follow these tips and your beginnings in Barcelona will be much smoother :)

Enjoy it here!


~ Ivet




Evening Spanish Courses in Barcelona

Learn Spanish in the evening in Barcelona!

Are you looking for some Spanish courses during the evenings in Barcelona?  Are you working (or studying so hard) or just have a too much to do in Barcelona that you can’t study Spanish during the day? What about evening classes? SuiteLife has done some research for you! If you want to study during the evenings there are plenty of options for Spanish course in Barcelona!

#1 Language School

There are a lot of language schools to choose from in Barcelona, but be prepared with your wallet.

  • The price is usually something around € 110/month for 4 hours a week. So, let’s say, it can be something around 6€ per 1 hour of course.
  • Please be aware of so called “sign-up” fees. They can be around € 30 – 60. Nevertheless, some schools don’t charge for this fee, it depends – you’ll have to check.
  • You should also count on some costs for books to study with. Other options are to simply copy materials or some schools offer to lend you the books from their library.
  • The schools also vary in their time schedule. The classes are between 18:00 to 22:00.
  • Maximum students in classes are usually around 10. Thus, you will not have attention just for you, but it can be fun and you can meet other cool people ;) .

    Spanish Courses in Barcelona

    Some schools with evening courses in BCN:

    # 2 Private Teacher

    To have a private teacher is probably the most expensive option. The price is usually around 20€ –  50€ + per hour. You can use one of the language schools listed above or any other in Barcelona.

    Language Courses in Barcelona

    Check the Couchsurfing website – Couchsurfing is not just about providing free accommodation to travellers, but also about getting to know what’s going on in the city and for sure you can find a teacher there! Just ask for it ;) I am pretty sure, you can find even cheaper lessons than € 20/hour.

    You can also use other portals to find a teacher, e.g. at Loquo which is like a Spanish Craiglist (you can probably find anything there).

    # 3 Language exchanges

    The third option is to exchange languages! There is no doubt that nowadays a lot of Spanish people want to (better to say “have to”) learn English or even other languages!

    Do you know Meet Up connects people with same interests in doing or sharing something. I am going to definitely try a group called Barcelona Languages and Friends. There is a language exchange meeting next Monday! So let’s go for a cerveza and talk! :) If you don´t like to sit in a bar, you can find other groups on Meet Up, e. g. If you prefer  sport, you can find your language-sport buddies. Awesome idea, isn´t it? :)

    Spanish Courses in Barcelona

    Again – Couchsurfing. There is a bunch of information on language exchanges and meetings for this purpose! You can improve your Spanish by talking face to face or on skype or if you want to improve your writing skills you can choose chatting online. Find your buddy for example at Conversation exchange.

    # 4 ONLINE

    Do you want to learn more by yourself? Oh, yes! You can study online at home and for free. Check our blog Have fun and learn Spanish for free! There is plenty of advice on which portals to use!

    Online on the phone? Why not play a game while you wait for your Spanish friends at Plaza Catalunya? Mind Snacks created an app to learn languages. A Perfect opportunity for beginners! Or try the popular Babbel. SuiteLife tried it and we love it!

    Spanish Courses in Barcelona

    Sure, you can find tons of other apps to learn Spanish. Which is your favourite one? Let us know in the comments below, we will be happy to try a new app! ;)

    If you prefer all the attention just for you, the good choice can be a private teacher on skype. You can use some websites like Nu Lengua – the price is around € 7+ per hour.


    # 5 The best SuiteLife Choice

    Find a Spanish boyfriend or girlfriend!   :)

    Spanish Courses in Barcelona

    My personal experience?

    I knew I would be very busy in Barcelona and the option to learn online wasn’t the best one for me (I need somebody who forces me to study :-) ). I chose International House Barcelona, because of my schedule and location. They didn’t ask me for a sign-up fee, so I went there to do level test and to see how it was there. I was surprised! If you’ve already been to Barcelona you know the service is not always very good. But after my test at IHES I knew this was where I wanted to study Spanish. It’s close to work and the people and professors I spoke with were very nice and helpful. I have been studying there 2 weeks and I am satisfied so far! The price was actually pretty high (probably the sign up fee :D ), it´s € 310 for 4 hours/week and 10 weeks in row. But I like it :)

    Spanish Courses in Barcelona

    Give us some feedback guys! What´s your experience with schools in Barcelona? Have you tried a language exchange? How do you study Spanish during the evenings in Barcelona?

    Good Luck! / ¡Que sea enhorabuena!


    Bus Transportation Guide for IESE Students in Barcelona

    Bus Transportation
    Guide for IESE Students in Barcelona


    IESE Students in Barcelona

    We want to say Welcome to all IESE students in Barcelona, and answer that very common question of how do I get to IESE anyways?We made this article for you, so you will be able to navigate through the city more easily. We know that your campus isn’t very near to the center of the city, but we did a research and wanted show you that regardless of its location, the buses can be very helpful and you can really live in quite a wide array of Barcelona neighborhoods and still get to school in no time. Be aware IESE students in Barcelona, this is for you.

    Lets begin with Line 68 , the bus stop is near the IESE Campus and it goes all the way to Pl de Catalunya, which is just above La Rambla, the whole route takes 33 minutes, and you will find yourself in one of the liveliest places in the city. What’s interesting to note is how many neighborhoods the bus line passes through. As you’ll see with the other routes, taking the bus to IESE allows you to greatly enhance the scope of your apartment search to include neighborhoods such as Borne, Gótico, Eixample, Gracia, Sant Gervasi, and Sarria!

    IESE Students in Barcelona

    View Route on Google Maps


    Another good options for all of the IESE Students in Barcelona is bus Line 22 , For 40 minutes you can get to the center of the city. Very near to El Barri Gotic, and also during this route, there are many stops near metro stations and the bus passes through in many people’s opinion the best district of the city Gracia, so it is very useful. An easy way to reach Parc Guell as well.

    IESE Students in Barcelona

    View Route on Google Maps by Clicking Here

    A bus that can take you to the heart of the city is 63. Which stops at Placa Universitat, which is very central and near Macba, Placa Catalunya and many other places . IESE Students in Barcelona using this route can go from the campus to the Placa for 37 minutes.

    IESE Students in Barcelona

    Clich Here to See the Route on Google Maps

    And finally a map where we mixed these 3 very mobile routes, so you can know exactly which one will help you the most in reaching your destination.

    IESE Students in Barcelona


    We hope IESE Students in Barcelona will find this article helpful. Enjoy your stay in one of the best cities in Europe guys!!

    If you are new in the city you might also want to check out our article on The Top Experiences That You Need to Have Whilst in the City



    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    Walk through four beautiful areas in Barcelona following this free walking tour

    What do you like about free walking tours in Barcelona? We all know that Barcelona is the place where you can walk around for days to see even some of the places this city offers. Barcelona offers a variety of free walking tours. I wanted to try them in the first days I was here. However, they were either too early, or they didn’t fit with my schedule. Luckily I had a Barcelona map marked with all the tourist attractions and lots of energy to make my own walking tour. People tried to convince me of choosing metro, because it is faster. But hey, I was not in rush. I wanted to actually see the city, not be stuck in the underground or seeing only tourist attractions. I mean there is so much to see between the points that have been marked in our map below. Barcelona offers you a variety of different areas to explore. When you move from one area to another, only the language stays the same. If you’d like to see some of the other tours we’ve created you can check out the One Day Gaudi Walking Tour, and our Barcelona Panoramic Views Tour. Tired of walking? No worries, rent a bike in Barcelona and visit the city.

    free walking tour in Barcelona

    This free walking tour in Barcelona leads you from the busy centre area to one of the most popular beach in Barcelona. It takes an hour to walk this tour, or maybe even more if you want to enjoy tapas on a way to the beach. It’s not only nice to walk in Barcelona; it is also a great way to get fit for this summer at the beach. The best thing about arranging your own walking tours is that you don’t need to follow anyone’s timetable and you can stop in any of the nice bars and cafés on a way to the beach.


    Free walking tour in Barcelona


    Plaça Catalunya

    So here we start. During the years, Plaça Catalunya has become the center of city of Barcelona. It’s usually crowded from mornings till evenings, and to my mind it’s also the center of pigeons in Barcelona. You can find lots of great stores stores in the surrounding area to buy the latest fashion; also there are stops for airport and tourist busses. Plaça Catalunya is the area where many local events and also demonstrations are arranged. It is just above the old town, Las Ramblas, which is one of the most exciting areas in Barcelona. Ready for the next stop? Let’s go!


    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    Free walking tour in Barcelona




    Arc de Triomf

    When I first saw this amazing arc it surprised me with its mightiness. This arc was built in 1888 following the Neo-Mudéjar style. It is very old but the years have not changed the feeling it gives; it keeps you looking at it longer and longer each time you see it. Arc de Triomf welcomes you inside the Parc de la Ciutadella so that’s the next stop of this free walking tour in Barcelona.


    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    Free walking tour in Barcelona


    Parc de la ciutedella

    This park is absolutely beautiful. You see people relaxing, having a picnic, sunbathing, slack lining etc. You can spend quite a while taking pictures. The park looks amazing and it has delighted people since 1877. Parc de la ciutedella is usually rather crowded with tourists and also locals, but don’t worry, you can still find a relaxed little corner. If you want to, there is a zoo just next to this park. Si no, vamos a la playa.


    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    Free walking tour in Barcelona


    Platja de la Nova Icària

    This is the end of this free walking tour in Barcelona. Finally you’re on the beach. Platja de la Nova Icària is one of the most popular beach in Barcelona and therefore quite crowded, but if you walk further you can find more peaceful areas. You can read more info of the best beaches in and around Barcelona from our free ebook. In any case relax, have an ice cream or some drinks, and enjoy the sun and nice views. If you still have energy, take your friends and play volleyball against some locals. See you there!


    Free walking tour in Barcelona

    How did you like this walking tour? Let us know your opinions.
    Why wouldn’t you also make your own walking tour and let us know your favourite places in Barcelona.

    Business in Barcelona – Health Coaching

    Cool business ideas by Expats in Barcelona


    business in barcelona

    Today I would like to introduce you the awesome Janine from California, a young expat who is running her own business in Barcelona. She is a Health Coach. What does that mean?

    Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow? Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable? Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone?

    A Health Coach is a knowledgeable advisor who provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. Plus, help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you.

    As you know I am so curious to know about  expats in Barcelona who started a new page in their lives here, giving birth to cool ideas, so let’s ask Janine a few questions about her business in Barcelona!

    1. Tell us about you, Janine!

    I am a Certified Health Coach and love every moment of it! I got my Certification while in Barcelona from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am excited about nutrition and helping people reach their health goals and it just so happens that there is a large demand for Health Coaching in Barcelona. The relaxed lifestyle is leaving people a bit off track from their health goals whether it be losing weight, finding a successful career, being in a healthy relationship or getting fit. It is easy to get sidetracked here and dive into the indulgence of Beautiful Barcelona. I help people reconnect with themselves in order to find the balance that they are looking for to be happy and healthy.

    business in barcelona

    2. How was your start?

    I started about 6 months ago and it was a slow process of learning and building my practice. Issues are normal but I wouldn´t consider them issues as much as challenges on how to problem solve. There is always a way if you are determined enough. Since I do not rely on my personal coaching as my only source of income right now I am free to coach 1-on-1 or give group talks without the stress of paying the bills. I am lucky enough to also be a health coach for This opens me up to be more focused on my clients and less so about finances.

    3. How is it going now?

    My personal and professional business is growing just at the right pace for me. I am juggling many things in my life so I don´t mind building my practice slowly as it is fun and I just want to enjoy the ride. The 10 year goal is to be able to coach from home via internet so that I can start a longer term permaculture project. As a Health Coach I love to practice what I preach so I want to get back to the earth and grow my own food.

    business in barcelona

    4. Give our expats in Barcelona an entrepreneur’s tip!

    Find your passion and BREATHE it. Life is too short to stay in dead-end-jobs that drain your happiness and purpose. If you are starting or ending your day unhappy, something is terribly wrong. But even living your passion is hard work. You have to decide if you prefer to continue with what you are doing now or if you really truly want something enough that you are willing to sacrifice for it and work for it long term.

    business in barcelonaContacts:





    Thank you Janine! And thank you guys, for staying in touch with us! Feel free to leave a comment if you like this story and help us to find interesting expats in Barcelona to write about!

    - Elio

    Business in Barcelona – Le Regioni d’Italia Gourmet

    Great Business ideas by Expats in Barcelona

    business in barcelona

    Le Regioni d’Italia is a great ethnic food shop in Barcelona, located in Gracia. Specialized in Italian products, it was created with the intention to deliver the surprising variety of regional food and wines from the “Bel Paese”. The shelves are divided per region, so if you still remember that great bottle of Cannonau you had on holiday in Sardegna, probably you’ll be able to find it here. Of course there’s not only wines, but many different kinds of pasta, olive oil, cookies, cheese, coffee…the best from each Italian region!

    The shop has also cozy lounge area where you can relax and enjoy your food, if you can’t wait to eat it at home! Plus, every month the owners organize themed tastings, so it’s a very interesting place to visit.

    business in barcelona

    I was curious to know the stories of expats running their own business in Barcelona, so I met the awesome Giulio and Luca and asked them 3 questions!

    1. How did you start your business in Barcelona?

    We were already living in Barcelona when we opened, in 2005. We were looking for a change, in our professional career, we had a passion for food and wines and we realized that there was a lack of Italian food shops in Barcelona so we decided to give it a try. We chose Gracia because it was quite strategic  at the time, there were just a few Italian restaurants and no shops.

    In the beginning it was hard, of course. It took a long time to choose the best suppliers. And the products: we started with less references than we have now, but we tried to understand what people really want, which products  are the most requested. Little by little, listening to our customers, we found a way to order their favourite products…and stuffed our shelves!

    business in barcelona

    2. How is it going now?

    Considering the crisis and the fact we are into a niche market, it’s going well! Our clientele is really eclectic, we have local people shopping here quite often, Italians, Americans, Australians… Anyway it’s better to be proactive, and evolve as the demand grows. So we are expanding our business in Barcelona, soon we’ll open a second location in the Eixample.

    In general we are quite active: every month we organize events, like tastings, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute of Barcelona. Join us anytime, you are very welcome!

    business in barcelona

    3. Leave an entrepreneur’s tip!

    To the expats in Barcelona that would like to start a business , we can just say this: have a clear project in mind and run it with determination. Keep strong until you accomplish it. Good luck!

    business in barcelona


    There are many interesting stories – like this one – about expats in Barcelona who bet on their passions, on their talent, people who literally invented a business in Barcelona because of the desire to live in this beautiful city. We are now collecting entrepreneurs’ cases to share with you every week. So guys we need your help!  Do you know any expat who made it in Barcelona?  Let us know!

    “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” (J.F.Kennedy)


    - Elio



    Piel Bronceada: las Técnicas para estar Bronceada Todo el Año en Barcelona

    Piel Bronceada en Barcelona: Todo lo que Necesitas Saber

    piel bronceada en barcelona

    ¡Date un bronceado rápido y natural!

    Una piel bronceada como uno sabe, contribuye en favorecer el aspecto físico y en definitiva, te hace sentir mejor. En Barcelona, ciudad famosa para sus playas, hay varios centros de estético que te permitirán adquirir un bronceado natural antes de que llegue el verano y hacer que te sientas bien al momento de ponerte el traje de baño!

    Después de unas investigaciones sobre los diferentes precios y servicios que cada uno propone, he decidido centrarme en el que según yo, ofrece la mejor relación cualidad-precio: Solmanía

    Solmanía es una franquicia para la imagen personal surgida recientemente en España, Reino Unido y Portugal. Es un centro de bronceado “low cost”, que podrás encontrar en los principales barrios de Barcelona: Eixample, Gracia, Nou Barris, Las Cortes y Sant Martí. (haz clic aqui para las direcciones). Ofrece la mejor tecnología con un compromiso de total seguridad, ya que todas sus maquinas cumplen tanto con la Normativa Europea como con la Normativa Española.

    piel bronceada en barcelona

    Existen dos maneras de obtener una piel bronceada en Solmanía, Barcelona :

    1) En máquinas de rayos UVA

    El tiempo pasado en máquinas depende de lo que quiere cada persona. Al principio, suelen aconsejarte unos 8 minutos en la maquina más débil llamada “Rápida” para que tu piel se acostumbre a los rayos UVA. Es mejor empezar poco a poco de manera gradual y no exponerse a dosis de sol mayores de las recomendadas (nota que es posible broncear solo de la cara si lo único que quieres es tener un tono más bonito). Después de unas sesiones, ya podrás pedir la “intensiva” que es una máquina con rayos más potente en la cual el tiempo mínimo es 10 minutos y luego la “Diturbo”, la más potente del centro que te asegurará resultados espectaculares y una piel bronceada natural.

    Observación: Si nunca has hecho sesiones de UVA y que tienes en mente la escena traumatizante de la película “Final Destination” (¡como yo!), en la que una chica queda bloqueada en la máquina, ¡relax! , en la vida real no puede pasar. Ninguna máquina puede cerrase completamente, siempre hay una parte que permanece abierta durante la sesión.

    piel bronceada en barcelona

    piel bronceada en barcelona


    En cuanto a la comodidad, cada cabina está equipada con aire condicionado, ventilación facial y corporal regulable para asegurarte una comodidad máxima. En más, Solmanía propone opciones adicionales según la cabina que escoges: aroma terapia, agua fresca, salida Mp3, bronceador de cuello y hombros y sistema de refuerzo en cara y en escote.

    Punto positivoLa asistenta en la tienda que puede ayudarte y aconsejarte en caso de problemas, o si fuera grave llamar a su médico personal. Cuidado: los rayos UVA pueden acarrear problemas para algunas personas con piel sensible, o fotosensibles.


    Hay diferentes precios, bonos y tarjetas. Los bonos se pueden usar como quieres, pero las tarjetas debes de gastarlas en la misma semana.

    • Sesión normal (6 minutos): 4€
    • Bono clássico: 40€
    • Bono plata: 80€
    • Bono oro: 160€
    • Bono Jumbo: 240€
    • Tarjeta membership: 2 veces a la semana por 19.95€/mes durante 1 año
    • Tarjeta membership VIP -3 veces a la semana-: 24,95€/mes durante 1 año
    • Minutos adicionales: 0,50€
    • Uso de gafas (obligatorio en máquinas) : 0.30€.


    2) Con el spray bronceado Golden Bronze

    piel bronceada en barcelona

    Es la tecnología que está de moda y que te pone morena en unos cuantos segundos

    (¡ útil para una fiesta, una boda o cualquier otro día especial !)

    Con este spray obtendrás una piel bronceada natural desde tu primera sesión y podrás controlar la intensidad de bronceado que prefieras. Sin embargo, la duración es limitada ya que permanece una semana. Para unos óptimos resultados es importante exfoliar la piel antes de cada sesión.
    El precio de una sesión es de aproximadamente 20 euros.
    Sin embargo, para no gastar 20 euros cada siete días, existen otras opciones para mantener una piel bronceada todo el año: los últimos tratamientos autobronceadores lanzados al mercado ofrecen la mejor alternativa. Los laboratorios encuentran fórmulas cada vez más efectivas y naturales para responder a estas necesidades y proteger la piel de las agresiones externas.

    piel bronceada en barcelona

    Composiciones de los autobronceadores

    Todos los autobronceadores tienen en su composición Dihidroxiacetona, más conocida por DHA, que se utiliza en cosmética desde hace más de un cuarto de siglo. La DHA es una molécula muy grande, a la que  le es imposible penetrar en las capas profundas de la piel, lo que garantiza su inocuidad porque actúa únicamente en la superficie. Colorea las capas más superficiales de la piel y reacciona con la propia proteína de la piel, la queratina. Como la piel está continuamente renovándose, por el proceso de exfoliación natural, el color va desapareciendo.

    Consejos para Tener una Piel Radiante!

    • Aplicarse cosmética durante la noche
    • Beber un mínimo de 2 litros de agua al día
    • Tener una diete rica en fruta y verdura
    • Una dieta adecuada te permite lograr y mantener un bronceado bonito: hay alimentos ricos en betacaroteno que potencian la creación de melanina (el perejil, la zanahoria, tomate, melocotón, melón…). La vitamina C mejora la formación de colágeno para mantener una piel tersa y joven (naranja, kivi, melón, fresas, etc). Los alimentos ricos en selenio y vitamina E (aceite de oliva o de soja, frutos secos) tienen capacidad antioxidante. Y si te has pasado con el sol, come salmón, caballa, sardinas o atún, ricos en ácidos grasos. Recuerda que una dieta adecuada permite intensificar el bronceado.
    • Hacer deporte
    • Elegir jabones con el Ph neutro, así como colonias y desodorantes con un menor grado de alcohol.
    • Procurar que el agua de la ducha no esté demasiado caliente
    • Intentar dormir 8 horas (al menos) cada noche

    Vosotros soleis ir a broncear? Teneis consejos buenos que no hemos puesto aquí? Nos encantaria escuchar de vosotros en los comentarios!

    Un saludo!


    Hospital Barcelona: que hacer cuando estás enfermo en Barcelona?

    Hospital Barcelona: Que Vas a Hacer?!

    hospital barcelona

    Hospital Barcelona: Barcelona es una ciudad fantástica con un clima perfecto, lo menos que esperas es estar enfermo! Sin embargo, eso pasa cuando menos lo esperas. Cuáles son los números útiles en Barcelona?  los hospitales públicos y privados? Cuál procedimiento hay que seguir si eres extranjero y que papeles llevar? Muchas preguntas que puedes hacerte  y a las cuales vamos a intentar de contestar.

    Antes que todo, antes de planificar un viaje al extranjero (si eres europeo) es importante  :


    Solicitar la Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea


    tarjeta sanitaria europea

    Tiene que ser solicitada como mínimo 2 semanas antes de marcharse. Pídela a tu organismo de Seguridad Social  en tu país de origen. Si no recibes la tarjeta antes de irte (porque la solicitaste muy tarde) puedes pedir una atestación provisional de substitución válida durante 3 meses. Si estás al extranjero y que la olvidaste o que la perdiste, digigete al organismo de Seguridad Social español, el llamado CATSALUT en Barcelone que también podrá darte una atestación provisional válida de 3 meses. Contáctalo aqui

    La TSE es individual, nominativa y gratuita. Permite un acceso de forma gratuita a los suministradores de curados en el extranjero, en las mismas condiciones que los residentes. Estas disposiciones pueden aplicarse si eres residente en:

    • un Pais de la ‘Unión Europa
    • o en Noruega, Islandia, Liechtenstein y Suiza

    Advertencia: Para  aprovechar las ventajas de la TSE, consulta médicos liberales públicos o ve a hospitales públicos en Barcelona.


    hospitales publicos barcelona


    farmacia barcelona



    En los hospitales públicos Barcelona, es probable que esperes un tiempo antes de que un médico o una enfermera se ocupe de ti. Al llegar es necesario presentar  tus documentos (carnet de identidad + TSE)  a una secretaria que te dará en cambio una “pulsera” con todas tus informaciones (nombre, fecha de nacimiento) así como una hoja donde todo estará resumido. Esta hoja la tendrás que llevar a una segunda secretaria y finalmente, tendrás que explicar cuales son tus síntomas en frente de una tercera secretaria!  Después de estos tramites, finalmente una enfermera o un medico cuidara de ti.  Sé Paciente !



    farmacia barcelona



    En Barcelona, hay farmacias en cada esquina de las calles. Los  farmacéuticos pueden dar los primeros auxilios, examinarte, hacer vendajes y dar medicamentos entonces no vaciles en ir a verlos si lo necesitas, es más rápido. Si necesitas consultar un medico, te indicaran cuales son los hospitales públicos en barcelona más cerca.
    Consejo: Si vas a la farmacia con prescripción del medico, pide una factura para mandar a tu organismo de Seguridad Social y aprovechar de un reembolso.




    Unos Consejos Alimentarios

    La mejor es evitar arriesgarte de comer lo que no te apetece. En cuanto a España, no hay muchas recomendaciones, el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Europa Asistencia solo han desaconsejado comer  los platos con mayonesa porque casos de salmonelosis han sido detectados. Evita también las tapas muy aceitosas que pueden ser peligrosas y come en lugares locales donde hay bastante gente, te arriesgaras menos con la frescura de los productos!

    El agua en Barcelona tiene un regusto, pero es potable en todo el país.

    Numerós Utiles

    Urgencias generales (n° europeo): 112
    Ambulancia: 061
    Bomberos: 080
    Guardia urbana: 092
    Policia nacional: 091
    Accidentes de tráfico: 088



  • A doctor : un médico
  • I need a doctor: Necesito un médico
  • Where is the hospital? : Donde está el hospital?
  • Medicine : medicamento
  • I am sick : estoy enfermo
  • My child is sick : mi niño esta enfermo
  • Symptôm : síntoma
  • I have headache : tengo dolor de cabeza
  • I got cold: me enfrié
  • Weariness : mareo
  • Throw up : vomitar
  • I had an accident : tuve un accidente

    Para terminar, disfruta Barcelona pero sé prudente para que este fantástico viaje no se convierta en una mala experience!


    Cool Spanish Slang – Speak Like a Local!

    Cool Spanish Slang Expressions – Learn in 1 Minute!

    cool spanish slang

    Why should you learn Spanish slang?

    Think when you are sitting at a cafè in Spain, with local people, or walking down the streets, Very often you hear expressions and you have no clue what they mean and can’t find them in a dictionary.

    Spanish slang is the real way people speak, so it would help to improve your overall comprehension and your understanding of Spanish culture. Last but not least, we believe that If you start to use some cool spanish expression, locals would really appreciate it! But mostly, it’s just super fun!

    Ready to become a cool spanish slang speaker? Vamos!

    • Guay


    • ¿Que tal, tío?

      What’s up, mate? (Tío/tía means uncle/aunt, but you use it colloquially with friends)

    • ¡Estoy machacado!

      I’m exhausted!

    • Me estás toreando

      You are messing around with me

    • ¿Vamos a zampar?

      Shall we eat something?

    • ¿Tengo monos en la cara?

      Why you’re looking at me? (Lit. Do i have monkeys on my face?)

    • Es una gozada

      It’s really great

    • Beber como una esponja

      To drink a lot (lit. like a sponge)

    • Pasarlo bomba

      To have a great time

    • La marcha

      The nightlife

    • La Dolorosa

      The bill (in a sarcastic way, lit. means “the painful”)

    • Ser un muermo

      Being boring (La discoteca fue un muermo total)

    • Cambiarle el agua al pajarito

      To pee

    • Dar la lata

      To bug, annoy, bother

    • Acostarse con las galinas

      To go to bed very early (lit. to go to bed with the chickens)

    • Esa chica es muy potable

      That girl is really good looking (lit. drinkable)

    • Un Hincha

      Fan of a soccer team

    • Gente maja

      Good people, very nice and pleasant

    • Un/una guiri

      Foreigner (if you’re reading, you probably are one!)

    That should be enough for today…Now all you have to do is “salir de marcha” and show off your cool vocabulary! If this introduction to cool Spanish slang was useful, we would be pleased to write more! We’re still discovering the Spanish slang world, so please help us collecting new words and expressions! Vale?


    cool spanish slang


    - Elio

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