Bus Transportation Guide for IESE Students in Barcelona

Bus Transportation
Guide for IESE Students in Barcelona


IESE Students in Barcelona

We want to say Welcome to all IESE students in Barcelona, and answer that very common question of how do I get to IESE anyways?We made this article for you, so you will be able to navigate through the city more easily. We know that your campus isn’t very near to the center of the city, but we did a research and wanted show you that regardless of its location, the buses can be very helpful and you can really live in quite a wide array of Barcelona neighborhoods and still get to school in no time. Be aware IESE students in Barcelona, this is for you.

Lets begin with Line 68 , the bus stop is near the IESE Campus and it goes all the way to Pl de Catalunya, which is just above La Rambla, the whole route takes 33 minutes, and you will find yourself in one of the liveliest places in the city. What’s interesting to note is how many neighborhoods the bus line passes through. As you’ll see with the other routes, taking the bus to IESE allows you to greatly enhance the scope of your apartment search to include neighborhoods such as Borne, Gótico, Eixample, Gracia, Sant Gervasi, and Sarria!

IESE Students in Barcelona

View Route on Google Maps


Another good options for all of the IESE Students in Barcelona is bus Line 22 , For 40 minutes you can get to the center of the city. Very near to El Barri Gotic, and also during this route, there are many stops near metro stations and the bus passes through in many people’s opinion the best district of the city Gracia, so it is very useful. An easy way to reach Parc Guell as well.

IESE Students in Barcelona

View Route on Google Maps by Clicking Here

A bus that can take you to the heart of the city is 63. Which stops at Placa Universitat, which is very central and near Macba, Placa Catalunya and many other places . IESE Students in Barcelona using this route can go from the campus to the Placa for 37 minutes.

IESE Students in Barcelona

Clich Here to See the Route on Google Maps

And finally a map where we mixed these 3 very mobile routes, so you can know exactly which one will help you the most in reaching your destination.

IESE Students in Barcelona


We hope IESE Students in Barcelona will find this article helpful. Enjoy your stay in one of the best cities in Europe guys!!

If you are new in the city you might also want to check out our article on The Top Experiences That You Need to Have Whilst in the City



Business in Barcelona – Le Regioni d’Italia Gourmet

Great Business ideas by Expats in Barcelona

business in barcelona

Le Regioni d’Italia is a great ethnic food shop in Barcelona, located in Gracia. Specialized in Italian products, it was created with the intention to deliver the surprising variety of regional food and wines from the “Bel Paese”. The shelves are divided per region, so if you still remember that great bottle of Cannonau you had on holiday in Sardegna, probably you’ll be able to find it here. Of course there’s not only wines, but many different kinds of pasta, olive oil, cookies, cheese, coffee…the best from each Italian region!

The shop has also cozy lounge area where you can relax and enjoy your food, if you can’t wait to eat it at home! Plus, every month the owners organize themed tastings, so it’s a very interesting place to visit.

business in barcelona

I was curious to know the stories of expats running their own business in Barcelona, so I met the awesome Giulio and Luca and asked them 3 questions!

1. How did you start your business in Barcelona?

We were already living in Barcelona when we opened, in 2005. We were looking for a change, in our professional career, we had a passion for food and wines and we realized that there was a lack of Italian food shops in Barcelona so we decided to give it a try. We chose Gracia because it was quite strategic  at the time, there were just a few Italian restaurants and no shops.

In the beginning it was hard, of course. It took a long time to choose the best suppliers. And the products: we started with less references than we have now, but we tried to understand what people really want, which products  are the most requested. Little by little, listening to our customers, we found a way to order their favourite products…and stuffed our shelves!

business in barcelona

2. How is it going now?

Considering the crisis and the fact we are into a niche market, it’s going well! Our clientele is really eclectic, we have local people shopping here quite often, Italians, Americans, Australians… Anyway it’s better to be proactive, and evolve as the demand grows. So we are expanding our business in Barcelona, soon we’ll open a second location in the Eixample.

In general we are quite active: every month we organize events, like tastings, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute of Barcelona. Join us anytime, you are very welcome!

business in barcelona

3. Leave an entrepreneur’s tip!

To the expats in Barcelona that would like to start a business , we can just say this: have a clear project in mind and run it with determination. Keep strong until you accomplish it. Good luck!

business in barcelona


There are many interesting stories – like this one – about expats in Barcelona who bet on their passions, on their talent, people who literally invented a business in Barcelona because of the desire to live in this beautiful city. We are now collecting entrepreneurs’ cases to share with you every week. So guys we need your help!  Do you know any expat who made it in Barcelona?  Let us know!

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” (J.F.Kennedy)


- Elio



Featured Barcelona Flat of the Week: Hidden Paseo Palace

SuiteLife’s Featured Barcelona Flat of the week: Just imagine living here.

Barcelona Flat

Hidden Paseo Palace is one or our most luxurious, comfortable and modern flats in Barcelona.  It has a beautiful interior and has been fitted with comfortable and elegant furniture.  It is clear that the owner has taken great pride in fitting out this flat.

Barcelona Flat

This 2 bedroom flat is in a brilliant location.  In the Eixample area, and right next to Rambla Catalunya, you are right in the centre of the city.  You can also find one of Barcelona’s best shopping streets, Passege de Gracia, only 2 minutes walk away.

Barcelona Flat

The flat is 90m2 with a tranquil little balcony and two bedrooms.  There is a large open plan living/dining room, with a huge flat screen TV and a very comfortable couch.  The Kitchen has a very sleek and modern design and is fully equipped with everything you would need.  The flat has hardwood flooring, heating and air-conditioning throughout, just to make sure you are extra comfortable.

Barcelona Flat

This Beautiful flat is Available now for rent at €1700 per month. Click here to see the full listing.

For more information, or if you just feel like telling us how much you love this flat, leave a comment below or contact us anytime.

Cheers, Matt


Featured Barcelona Flat of the Week: Victoria’s Dreamy Attic

SuiteLife’s Featured Flat of the Week – You could live in this large luxury apartment

Victoria’s dreamy attic is a large gorgeous attic apartment in the Gracia neighbourhood in Barcelona.  This apartment is not only big on the inside; it also has a huge and very beautiful terrace.  The owners have taken very good care of the terrace and planted lots of greenery to make it look and feel more like a garden.  The terrace is 45m2 and has high walls for extra privacy.  It even has some self-watering plants.

The Interior of the flat is 141 m2 making it one of the largest flats we have.  It has a stunning living room, with lots of light and sliding doors that lead to the terrace.  The kitchen is very modern and fully equipped with all the appliances that you would need.  There are two double bedrooms one of which has an en-suite and a balcony which also happens to be huge.  As an added bonus there is Tarima hardwood flooring and heating/air conditioning throughout the flat.

This Attic is in a great location in Gracia and is very close to diagonal and Passeig de Gracia, one of the best streets in Barcelona for designer shopping. The flat is available from the 1st of April 2012 for €2000 / month.  You can see the full listing by clicking here. How much do you want to live in this flat?  Send us a mail or give us a ring anytime to set up a visit. Cheers Matt

Featured Barcelona Flat of the Week: Gracia Luxury Terrace

SuiteLife’s Featured Barcelna Flat of the Week: You Could Live Here!

Barcelona flats

Gracia Luxury Terrace is a stunningly well-lit attic in the heart of Gracia and one of my personal favorite Barcelona Apartments we have in our inventory.  This Luxury attic has been beautifully renovated and has a great American style kitchen in a large open plan living room.

Barcelona flat

One of the best things about this flat is that it has two sunny private terraces.  The larger of the two (20m2) has great views of the city with Mount Tibidabo as a backdrop.  The smaller of the two (10m2), which is connected to the bedroom, overlooks the spectacular Sagrada Familia.  Just imagine rolling out of bed on a sunny Barcelona day and standing on your private terrace gazing at Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Barcelona flat

The interior of the flat is 68m2 with a large living room/ kitchen / dining room.  If you like open spaces and lots of light then this is perfect for you.  There is also a great office space that can be separated from the main living space.

Barcelona flat

The Location of the flat couldn’t be better, in the heart of the most popular Barcelona neighborhood.  There are loads of great bars and restaurants near by, and Line 4 of the metro is only a short walk away.

The flat is available for 11 month renewable contracts at €1500/month.  You can see the full listing by clicking here.

Do you love this flat as much as we do?  Let us know or let your friends know, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind going to your friends flat warming party in a cool attic like this.

Cheers, matt

How to Meet People in Barcelona Using Social Media

How to meet people in Barcelona?

This question can be a challenging one for newcomers who aren’t familiar with using social networking, and here at SuiteLife we understand what it’s like to arrive in the city and only know a few people, which is why we are constantly suggesting using social media to meet people in Barcelona. If you read our blog “7 Tips for Effective Social Networking in Barcelona, Spain” then you already know the importance of “liking” things on Facebook, and “following” people on Twitter, to get your name and face out there and begin connecting with others. Here in the digital age, using social media has become increasingly important as people are less likely to go out and strike up conversations with strangers. It’s intimidating, especially when a language barrier exists (all of you gifted socialites can just ignore this generalization. By the way, I hate you). I’ve personally used CouchSurfing, Meetup, and LoQuo Intercambios successfully to meet people in Barcelona and you can too! I recommend joining a few clubs or activities and attending them regularly. Make yourself a familiar face and you’re guaranteed to stay busy and avoid the newly relocated, loneliness bug.

How to Meet People in Barcelona Using Social Media

Sad Clown, Has No Friends

Couchsurfing Events

One organization I have found particularly useful in my travels is Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing’s mission “to create inspiring experiences” is achieved by connecting people in over 230 different countries using profiles, and providing various levels of affiliation with the site so that members can be verified and vouched for. Unlike LoQuo.com where you meet absolute strangers, you can really get a sense of who someone is by reading their CouchSurfing profile, and unlike Facebook, the point is to connect with people you DON’T already know!

Barcelona has one of the largest and most active CouchSurfing communities and there are events nearly every day of the week in different parts of the city. The latest event I attended was a language exchange at a coffee shop near Parc de la Ciutadella. There were about twenty people there from all over the world; and I spoke to people from France, Germany, Italy, and the United States. It’s likely that if you go to a CS meeting you won’t be the only person who hasn’t learned their way around Barcelona just yet, so they’re an exciting place to meet other explorers and tourists. So how do you get started? Simply login to the website, set your location, search for events whatever area, and you’ll start to meet people in Barcelona! Insider tip: When you start building a profile for yourself, try to be as detailed as you can. Other CouchSurfers will read it and with prompts like “Personal Philosophy,” and “Types of People I Enjoy,” it pays to be true to yourself. After all, there is no point in meeting up with people whom you have nothing in common.

How to Meet People in Barcelona Using Social Media

Map of Worldwide CouchSurfers

Meetup Activites

If you’re the activities type, Meetup is one website that will undoubtedly inspire you to get up and go meet people in Barcelona! After you sign up, Meetup asks you about your interests and matches you to groups and activities in your area that cater to things that you like, everything from Salsa Dancing to Photography, to Nightlife, to Day Trips from Barcelona.  They will send out invites and newsletters to let you know what’s happening so you don’t have to do the work of searching and reading through tons of pages. I signed up for Yoga Challenge in Barcelona and Vinyasa Flow in English and the instructors of each contacted me with a welcome and some inside info about upcoming classes. The best thing about Meetup, in my opinion, is the minimal role that the site’s administrators actually play in organizing activities and contacting members. It is more of a forum for people to stumble through events that are already happening with or without the extra online advertising. Read: You didn’t necessarily have to find out about these through the internet! Hehe, if you’re like me you tend to downplay the importance of the net in finding stuff to do. Another great thing about Meetup is the multitude of outdoor/physical excursions. It’s even easier to converse with people with an activity at hand, as you can get past the obvious “What do you do in Barcelona?” and “How long have you been here?” questions and get right down to the nitty-gritty.

The only downside to Meetup is that there are a lot of events that cost money but this is to be expected if you want to go out and do things. If you’re looking to only spend a few Euros on an excursion I’d recommend grabbing a coffee or tea and linking up with this next suggestion.

How to Meet People in Barcelona Using Social Media

Bicycling Group

Intercambios on LoQuo

Is your Spanish challenged? Yes, read on. No…Well, what about other languages? Have you ever thought about learning French or Italian? Many people in Spain are multilingual and it’s good to keep an open mind when it comes to enhancing your linguistic abilities. LoQuo.com is a vital source, not unlike the United States’ Craiglist, which can hook you up with jobs, apartments, free stuff, and much, much more. I recently discovered the Intercambios section of the website and have been using it to meet with people one-on-one to practice my Spanish. I placed an ad several weeks ago and in a short time had dozens of responses from people who wanted to trade their knowledge of Spanish with my knowledge of English. What a great way to meet people in Barcelona! I met several of them with mixed results and friended a few people on Facebook who I’ve been chatting with as well. The great thing about LoQuo is that the responses are immediate and you can be specific in your ad about what you want to learn or get out of the exchange. The downside is that people e-mail you individually and your inbox might actually get flooded with people looking to meet you! Crazy I know. The other negative is that before meeting a person off LoQuo you only have an e-mail exchange to go from. I usually ask for a Facebook or Skype account to chat with the person first and make sure they are who they say they are. It sounds paranoid, and perhaps it is my Western upbringing, but before meeting someone offline you should always tell a friend where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Just in case.


How to Meet People in Barcelona

"Really? You like drinking coffee?! Me too!!!"

I hope these three networks can be of assistance to those of you who are looking to meet people in Barcelona.  Useful as they may be, remember not to get caught in the online loop, pull yourself away from Google, get out in the world, practice your Spanish, and SMILE!  You’ll be glad that you did.






SuiteLife Officially a Member of AICAT (the Registry for Real Estate Agents of Catalunya)!

SuiteLife Barcelona now an Official Member of AICAT Real Estate Registry

But… What is this AICAT thing you’re talking about?

AICAT is the official registry of real estate agents in Catalunya.  Any professional or company that wants to act as a real estate agent in Catalunya must be part of the registry.  And now, as of September SuiteLife is very proud to be the registry’s newest addition! Most importantly we want to explain to you what the registry is and how it benefits the house hunter here in Barcelona.

How the AICAT Registry Helps You

The registry acts to protect the consumer. It requires agencies to have either over 4 years experience in the market or to have completed an exhaustive real estate class (SuiteLife has both).  It also requires that the agency hold civil responsibility and liability insurance and bank guarantees to demonstrate the company’s solvency (SuiteLife also has this).  The registry also serves to regulate and provide guidelines, a professional code and procedures that agencies must follow.

Before the Registry

In 2001, the real estate industry in Catalunya was de-regulated.  The barriers of entry dropped to almost nothing, and basically anyone with a mobile phone and a laptop to call themselves an ‘agent’.  In the last 10 years the industry became somewhat of a Wild West.  There were very little rules, and cowboy agents could run around the city wheeling and dealing with little regard to their responsibilities to their clients. Those days, thankfully, are quickly coming to a close.

Why you should only use an agency that is part of the AICAT registry

We can’t stress enough the importance of only using an agency that is part of the new AICAT registry.  If you are involved in a costly real estate transaction you will certainly sleep better at night knowing that the agency you’re dealing with is not only officially recognized by the Catalán government, but also that they are adhering to the policies and guidelines setup by the government in order to protect property renters/buyers.  When you use an agency that is not registered, you are really leaving yourself open to a plethora of possible problems, and with an investment so large, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks to all our cherished SuiteLife clients and fans.  We are very excited to be in the AICAT registry!




Is Barcelona Safe?

Or how to avoid getting robbed in the historical city of Barcelona?

A question, which all tourists and people who plan their future asks from google, or other search engines. Because they know everything, right? Amen. Well, im no Google, but I do know some stuff which I would like to share with you guys.

Safety in BarAvoid pickpocketscelona is unfortunately not as bright as the Sagrada Familia by night. Let me give you a piece of advice folks: always have eagle eyes around you! It’s hard to decide who is the bad guy and who isn’t, but as a starter, keep an eye on your stuff and don’t act like a tourist, come on. I mean of course, take pictures and stuff, but tourists tend to not to care about their belongings, while seeing breathtaking sights of the city. Pickpockets in Barcelona have never had an easier job than nowadays: since there are so many easy “targets”, Barcelona is heaven for them. Starting on the Ramblas, then Casa Battlo also is an ideal place for pickpockets all the way to the Gothic neighborhood, then the La Sagrada Familia area, then the famous beach, Barceloneta … I could just go on and on and on… And what can Barcelona police do about this? Their hand is pretty much tied, since there are so many people, it’s just impossible to catch them all … and if the thief ran away, there’s really nothing you or they can do..Hotspot for pickpockets

Check out my list with all the important things you have to or should know about safety in Barcelona, and please, feel free to add more if I forgot something.





  1. Pickpockets in Barcelona are everywhere – and they don’t make an exception with you, they just haven’t found you yet.
  2. You can’t judge a book by its cover, as you can’t judge a pickpocket by color – it can be a group of young girls, guys, man wearing suit, white, brown or green, whatever… the sky is the limit.
  3. If you see someone getting robbed, please, please don’t just stare; give a hand to the poor person! There’s nothing more annoying, when someone gets robbed, and other people, instead of helping, start staring. I have personally experienced this the past Sunday on Barceloneta beach. I’m telling you people – not funny!
  4. Don’t expose your belongings to everyone’s sight! A nice Canon can be very tempting for pickpockets, right?
  5. Only take the amount of money with you what you actually need! Having more money in your pocket can be unpleasant when losing it, and, why carry so much stuff – kills your pocket! J
  6. If you are not sure of your physical well being, better take a taxi than trying to fight the circulation of the earth!
  7. When in a restaurant, keep your stuff in your bag, and attached to you! It’s well known that pickpockets in Barcelona are not ashamed to rob you while consuming your meal or coffee!
  8. Taking the metro can be very dangerous sometimes – it’s one of the hotspots of the pickpockets – so keep your bag to the front of your body, and please, put your stuff somewhere deep, where it is hard to reach!
  9. Nothing is more obvious to the pickpockets than someone who is staring at a map of Barcelona. If you really need to do so, find a spot (a restaurant or café) where you can find your destination without being worried about being robbed!



Hostels in Barcelona! How to Rent an Apartment in Barcelona!

Do you want to move to Barcelona? We’ll show you how to rent an apartment in Barcelona

Accommodation in Barcelona – One of the few issues you have in this rather relaxed city.

When it comes to apartments in Barcelona, we recommend that you see the place before putting down a reservation payment. One option to give you time to look at flats, is to stay at one of the hostels in Barcelona. If I say a hostel in Barcelona, one specific one comes to mind.

The best hostel in Barcelona is definitely the one on Passeig de Gràcia. It is called “Hostal Casa Gracia” (website) and, apart from the amazing location, is a really modern, clean and cheap opportunity to stay for a couple of days, while searching for the apartment of your dreams.

I did exactly the same thing and it was totally worth it. The website is in English, which is really helpful as my Spanish isn’t too good. Also, I was really suprised by the quality of the rooms and the really friendly staff. Sidenote: you should call us before starting that never-ending-apartment research as we will have some awesome visits scheduled for you the second you get off your plane at one of the airports in Barcelona.

how to rent a flat in barcelona

Things you should know/specialities about “Hostal Casa Gracia”!

- They only offer 20 guestrooms, which means that you should reserve a room in advance
– Hostal Casa Gracia is the place to find cool people. There are several modern community rooms, where you can watch a movie or play games with other hostal guests or friends
– There is a cool terrace for relaxing in the sun and having a cold beer
– They offer art shows and live music during the evenings
– Hostal Casa Gracia offers mostly private rooms
– Average cost is 28€/night

As you can see, Hostal Casa Gràcia offers everything one could expect from a nice hostel. Even if you are staying over the weekend Hostal Casa Gràcia is the place to stay.

- Blog for further info:

how to rent a flat in barcelona


Get in touch with us:

By the time you arrive in Barcelona, you should have already contacted us in order to arrange some visits. Beside our prompt and friendly service, we offer tons of cool flats in Barcelona. Don’t be afraid to contact us. We speak Spanish, English and German. Just have a look at all the flats we offer and setup a visit right after you have landed in Barcelona. We are keen to make your stay in Barcelona as comfy as possible. This is how it works:

If you follow these few steps, the hunt for the perfect flat is can be enjoyable rather than stressful.

Just get in touch with us, book the hostel and we’ll help you find the apartment of you dreams as quickly as possible – without any bad surprises!

Do you know of other ways to find an apartment in Barcelona? Have you had any bad experiences you want to report about?

Please let us know!


Alexander Kolb











SuiteLife proudly presents “The Gracia Bliss Flat” – an amazing designer apartment to rent in Barcelona. This gorgeous flat maintains original features like traditional wooden-beamed Catalan ceilings and exposed stone and brick walls. It is highly modern, however, and renovated to a very high standard.

Rental flat Barcelona


This stylish apartment is 80m2 with a sunny 15m2 private terrace. It’s located in the heart of one of Barcelona’s best neighbourhoods: Gracia. It is very close to the Fontana metro and FGC ferrocarril train services, the Verdi Cinemas, and of course, many of Gracia´s wonderful bars and restaurants.

flat in Gracia

The flat feels very open with a fully equipped American style kitchen and large living area which leads onto the terrace. The double bedroom is raised on a mezzanine level and the twin headed shower is one that you will want to get up earlier for just so you can have longer showers!


The apartment’s living room has a flat screen TV and internet adsl and is the perfect place to relax. There is beautiful hardwood flooring throughout this apartment and both air conditioning and heating.

This unique designer apartment is available now.

What do you think of it? Is this an apartment you would want to live in?

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@suitelife.com


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