Swimming pools in Barcelona

The Best Swimming Pools in Barcelona

Swimming pools in Barcelona

Brace yourselves… Summer is coming! That means a lot of sun, parties and beach sessions! Hold on… let’s rewind.

Beaches are a must during summertime and Barcelona has some really nice ones. But summer in Barcelona means lots and lots of tourists and sometimes we just don’t want to deal with loud and crammed spaces when all we want is to just lay back and relax while making tan.

So today I am giving you, my SuiteLife gang, an alternative. Public swimming pools in Barcelona!


Parc de la Creueta del Coll

Not your everyday boring community pool.

Swimming pools in Barcelona












Parc de la Creueta del Coll is not just one of the regular swimming pools in Barcelona. The whole area was initially decided to be used to build flats, however later on it was decided that it would be better to turn it into a recreational space for the neighbors in Gracia. The park consists of ping-pong tables, picnic and children’s play areas and most importantly a big bathing pool. What makes this swimming pool different than others is it’s decor and the nature surrounding it, which makes you feel as if you are on an exotic holiday somewhere in the Caribbean. The water in the pools is relatively shallow which makes it perfect young and old alike to enjoy a refreshing day at Parc de la Creueta del Coll. Admission fees are from 3€ to 6€. Children under 3 years old are let in for free. I know, right?!


Piscines Bernat Picornell

This one is for the sport-oriented swimmers.

Swimming pools in Barcelona
















Piscines Bernat Picornell located on Montjuic hill are three swimming pools created almost solely for competitions and sport’s events. The sport center opened doors in 1970 but it was almost entirely renovated in 1992 for the Olympic games in Barcelona. The Bernat Picornell pools are at the top in the list of swimming pools in Barcelona. The swimming center has three swimming pools in total – one heated indoor pool, one competition pool and one diving pool which is temporarily closed. During summertime, the outdoor competition pool is open for the public, however, occasionally there are movies played as part of the Grec festival by the pool. So you’ll need to call the center beforehand and establish which days the pool will be open. After all, you don’t want to go all the way up to Montjuic and be disappointed at the end, unless you enjoy walking uphill just for the sake of it. Yeah.. me neither.


Llac de Can Dragó

‘The lake’

Swimming pools in Barcelona















Llac de Can Dragó is of the best swimming pools in Barcelona. People refer to it as ‘the lake’ because of its enormous surface area - 2.960 m². It is the biggest swimming pool in Barcelona and is part of a sports complex that stretches over 15, 000 m². The water is shallow and the pool’s maximum depth is 1.30m which is perfect you have children or if you just don’t know how  swim :( . The pool has a grassy area surrounding it so pack those sandwiches in the picnic basket and have a great day at Llac de Can Dragó. Oh.. you forgot to pack lunch? No worries, there is a cafe with tables and chair waiting to cater to you.


That concludes my blog for this week. I hope you found it helpful if you were wondering where to have a relaxing day to sunbathe away from the noisy beach. If you liked this post feel free to share it with your friends or leave as a sweet comment below. Or both!


Weekly joke:

Q: Why do squirrels swim on there back?

A: To keep their nuts dry!






Barcelona for students on a budget

Barcelona for students on a budget : all the cheap places you need to know about !

Hello SuiteLifers ! Today we’re gonna talk about what to do in Barcelona for students on a budget. I’m a student. And most of the time, I’m broke like every other student. But by doing some research I found the best tips on where to go, what to do, where to eat in Barcelona for students on a budget. Like for really cheap. Trust me you’ll find that amazing !!!


Barcelona for students on a budget

Where to go out?

Well, there are a few bars in Barcelona that are reaaaaally cheap ! You just need to escape from the touristic places in which a mojito will cost you 8€ !

The absolute two best bars in my opinion are : The Lime House and The Rubi. A normal mojito costs 3.5€, a strawberry or raspberry one costs 5€. But trust me the amount of alcohol is consequent !!! Then you can have the famous Gin Tonic (I hope you’ve noticed that it’s the absolute favorite drink of the locals) ! They have around 70 different kinds of Gin Tonic… and it costs 7€. Enough said.

Barcelona for students on a budget

Rubi bar : Carrer dels Banys Vells, 6

The Lime House : Carrer dels Carders, 31

When it comes to clubs, most of them are free until 2 am, you just have to put yourself on a guest list online. Just register on Shaz Guest List and you’re good to go. All of the beach clubs are free until 2 and some others until 1 or 1.30 like Jamboree or Otto Zutts. When you do it right you’ll never have to pay to enter a club (except if there is a special guest DJ).

Where to eat ?

There actually are a lot of places to eat in Barcelona for students on a budget, first of all, you might be interested in checking our blog Free Tapas in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for random food to eat for lunch you might fall in love with “Nostrum”. There are a lot of them all around the city and they make really good food for 1 or 2€ a meal.

Then if you’re looking for real restaurants you might want to go to Tacos Tacos : they have different kind of promotions depending on the day of the week (1€ beer, 1€ tacos etc). It is located on Calle Tamarit, 85.

Barcelona for students on a budget

And if you want to eat pinchos you should definitely go to Lizarran ! Once again, there are plenty of them in Barcelona, and it’s really cheap !!

If you want to brunch in Barcelona for cheap, you should either go to Sor Rita (Carrer de la Mercè, 27), The Benedict (Carrer Gignàs, 23) or To Be (Carrer del Consell de Cent, 90). Those 3 restaurants offer a FREE buffet if you buy drinks for 5€. Isn’t that amazing!?


The life in Barcelona for students on a budget isn’t all parties and eating out though. You’ll have to think about the everyday life. In terms of groceries you can find cheap supermarkets to do your grocery shopping, or to go to low cost gym clubs.

Actually the cheapest supermarkets of Barcelona are Mercadona and Consum. You’ll find everything you want at the lowest prices possible !

If you’d like to do sport, you can go jogging on the beach or subscribe to one of the lowcost gym clubs in Barcelona (check out our blog to learn more about it).

Barcelona for students on a budget

Don’t forget that if you’re under 25, the metro card for 3 months is only 105€ ! Don’t buy 10 trips cards you’ll spend more money that you need to.

That’s it for today guys, I hope my blog was helpful to all of the broke people in Barcelona like me !! If you have any other tips that you would like us to mention, just let us know in the comment section below!


Questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona

Questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona – don’t get deceived!

What is good señoras and señores? Are you looking for a flat to rent in Barcelona? We strongly suggest you to do your homework first and take a look at this blog about questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona, because, you know, real estate agents are sales people after all, and if you ask the wrong questions you might not get a straight answer. Accordingly, we’ve put together a list below with those questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona, so take a look and see what you should (or in this case shouldn’t) ask while searching for that perfect flat! :P



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Some of the most seemingly benign and logistical questions can be the worst to ask. “How long has this property been on the market” might seem like a perfectly good question but in reality you’re probably never going to get a straight answer. If an agent were to admit that a flat has been on the market for months and months, you would probably start to wonder, “Gee, how come?”, and the flat wouldn’t be as attractive to you. So normally agents will say it’s been on the market a lot less time than in reality. They’re trying to sell you on the place, so saying that it’s been around forever and no one will rent it is quite counter productive for them. Remember, whether you like a flat or not should not be based on the popularity of it but rather whether you actually like it or not.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Don’t you even think about asking this one! Just like question #1, the agent will probably never be honest with you by revealing the actual demand in the flat or how many people are interested in it. Think about it,  you see a flat, ask this question and the agent says “no, nobody is interested in taking this flat, I can’t seem to rent it for the life of me”. You would probably be instantly dissuaded. Now if the agent says “OMG, we’ve had 3 other visits today, one couple sending me documentation this evening, so you better be really quick if you don’t want to lose it” that would instill a sense of urgency in you. If you actually liked the flat, you might take the leap and reserve it more quickly if you know it ‘might’ disappear at any time. As you can see there is a lot of incentive in the agent misrepresenting the interest in a flat, so just don’t ask, you’ll never know if you’re getting a straight answer.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Mentioning you have a pet is often a deal killer for many property owners. Knowing that your little fur ball will be running around the apartment, possibly defecating all over it, and likely barking or making noises that disturb the neighbours (not to mention the extra wear and tear on the apartment itself) is not something that makes it easy to get accepted as a tenant. So, we suggest you don’t mention your pet at all! If you find a place you like, before making any type of reserve payment, ask to see a copy of the contract, and if it doesn’t mention pets, then sign and move in with your pet! If you constantly mention your pet you’ll see doors closing very quickly. If you’re one of those people that just HAS to know that the owner is ok with your pup, then ask on the phone before making appointments if each flat will allow pets or not so you don’t waste your (and the agent’s) time.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

You might think that an agent knows everything there is to know about the flat you’re seeing but that’s not usually the case. They have knowledge of the product but more in terms of it’s features and selling points. They usually have no idea who, or how well behaved, the neighbours are. After all, the agent maybe runs in and out a few times a day doing visits, but as they don’t live there, they usually have no idea who the neighbours are. This, then, is another question not to ask because either they will say “the neighbours are great!”, or they will tell you they have no idea.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

OK folks, there tend to be two types of rental flats; furnished and unfurnished. There is a huge difference! You wouldn’t believe how many people come to a visit for a fully furnished flat and then ask “can the owner take out all the furniture?” Usually, the answer is no. Not every person has the space to empty their whole apartment and store all their furniture. So, if you’re looking for a furnished flat only look at those options and vice versa. If you love a flat you see online and want to know if it’s possible to rent without furniture just call the agent and ask before setting up the visit. That way you avoid wasting your time.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Keep in mind that most owners will not wait more than about 2-3 weeks for you to move in to the flat (read: starting paying rent) from the time you make a reserve payment. What that means is you shouldn’t start your search much more than 4 weeks before the date of entry. If you do so you will be utterly wasting your time. “But I like to get a good jump on all my plans” you might tell me. Yes, we understand. People like to plan ahead and be prepared. However, that does not work in BCN. The flats you see AVAILABLE NOW are just that, available to move into now. So if you start to early you’ll waste time on flats where they won’t accept you. With that said, the worst you can do is see a flat and on the visit ask “can I move in in 2,3,4,5, etc… months?” The agent will tell you no, and probably want to kill you for wasting his or her time.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Most rental flats you see on portals and websites are for long term contracts. Long term in Barcelona is generally 1 year plus. If you are looking for less time than that, especially if it’s a stay of 1-4 months, we highly suggest you mention this on the phone before the visit. Every day we have people responding to ads asking if it’s available for a few months when the owner wants only 1 year plus contracts. So the worst thing you can do, is setup a visit and ask “can I rent it for 2 months?”, because most likely they are looking for long term tenants and most likely you will end up wasting everyone’s time. So, with that said, if you’re looking to stay somewhere for less than a year, make it clear to the agent while on the phone and before doing the actual visit.



In conclusion, our advice is that you should read the ad carefully and thoroughly before scheduling your visit. Naturally, if you have any inquiries, it’s the best to ask all the questions and things that you are confused about on the phone or by email. If you have any comments or suggestion on other questions not to ask on a flat visit let us know!  :D

Till next time, PEACE OUT, SuiteLifers!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


Moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona : Let’s Go Over What you Need to Do

When it comes to moving to Barcelona, it can be complicated and you might not know where to start. But no worries I can help you, let’s take it step by step and you’ll see that relocating here is not that hard! You’ve actually made the right choice coming into our beautiful city, so congrats on that and let’s get started!

Moving to Barcelona

Find a flat

First of all when moving to Barcelona… of course you have to find a flat and that’s not always an easy task! You can for sure check our flats on our site or get in touch with us any time at all! Or take a peruse through our free ebook on flat hunting tips in BCN. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, just drop us a line at info@suitelife.com.

Moving to Barcelona

Spanish NIE

The most annoying step when you are moving to Barcelona ! The NIE means Número de Identificación de Extranjero, it’s a foreigner identification number that you need to have if you’re staying more than 3 months in Spain and which is mandatory for certain transactions. It’s actually a little bit complicated so we have already made a detailed guide of how to get the NIE, check it out on our blog.


Of course when moving to Barcelona you’ll need to find a means of transport. If you’re bringing your car with you, then you’ll need to register it on this website, and to find parkings ! Check also our blog to find free parking in Barcelona. The easiest way to move through the city is not car, but metro or train ! Check out this website to find out more about transports in Barcelona, they explain really well how it all works. You can also check the official website of TMB (transports metropolitans de Barcelona) if you are searching for specific info about the metro. You can also use bikes with bicing, you have to sign up on the website, they’re gonna send you your card in the following 10 days, and then you just have to use your card to have a bike. It’s really cheap and really cool on sunny days !

Moving to Barcelona

Find a job, a school, and healthcare

Next step when moving to Barcelona, is of course to find a job and a school ! To find a job (and some other various things such as flats or services) you can check loquo website ! It can be really helpful ! As for schools, you might want to check this website or our blog who list the best international schools in Barcelona ! And of course if you wanna take a few spanish classes to fit into the spanish life, check out this website !

Moving to Barcelona

And finally, last but not least ! What’s about healthcare ? Well you have to check the official website of Catalonia to find out everything you need to know about it !


Well guys, I hope my blog was helpful. If you feel like we’ve forgotten some info about moving to Barcelona, tell us ! We will be glad to help you !


English Speaking Locksmiths in Barcelona

English speaking locksmiths in Barcelona – quick, reliable, emergency 24h service

Good day Señoras & Señores! Let me tell you a story. A very unpleasant story that happened to our beloved boss Benny alomost 10 years ago. In a nuthsell, he got locked out his flat at 3am in the morning and the next day he had to fly to Canada. Wanna know what he did? He called an English speaking locksmith in Barcelona who charged him 300 bucks, as he called him for an emergency. Now everyone would like to avoid that situation, right? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the English speaking locksmiths in Barcelona that could help you out of a bind. So save these contacts in the memory of your phone NOW!



English speaking locksmiths Barcelona

  • CONTACT NUMBERS: + 34 93 752 54 10 / + 34 659 536 536
  • WEBSITE: http://www.cerrajeriabcn.es/en/
  • EMAIL: info@cerrajeriabcn.es
  • DESCRIPTION: With a call centre open 24/7 that can assist you in English, Cerrajeria BCN operates throughout all Barcelona and also in the cities located in close proximity (Terrassa, Badalona, Barbera, Sitges, Castelldefells, Cornellá, etc.). With proficiency in emergencies, residential or commercial locksmith services and also high security systems, they will make sure you get in asap.



English speaking Locksmiths Barcelona

  • CONTACT NUMBER: +34 658 668 478
  • WEBSITE: http://www.opendoors24h.com/english/
  • EMAIL: mail.opendoorv@gmail.com
  • DESCRIPTION: Targeted specifically at tourists, Opendoor Locksmith provide a reliable and fast service, not charging a preferential fee for foreigners (like other locksmiths in the city). They can be employed both from inside Barcelona and from the cities around, such as El Baix Llobregat, Garraf, Maresme, etc. In addition to opening closed doors, Opendoor Locksmith sells locks, safes, domestic rolling shutters, bars, security blinds, and anti-shatter glass for businesses.



English speaking locksmiths Barcelona

  • CONTACT DETAILS: +34 670 774 733
  • DESCRIPTION: Cerrajeros Barcelona EAC is another locksmith company operating 24/7 as well as during holidays (and for the love of God, Spaniards do have loads!), with professional English speaking workers that open people’s door locks in the city centre and nearby. Besides from opening property doors and changing locks, they also do lock repairs and even car doors. They offer people discounts on each operation, so make sure you don’t forget to ask for yours!


We wouldn’t be anywhere without our dear SuiteLifers and we’d like you to always keep safe, so that’s why our friends from Cerrajeria BCN have provided us with a guide on how to make burglars’ attempts harder. Here are their pieces of advice:

  1. Do not let anyone into your house that you don’t know. If they claim to be a service worker of some sort, make sure to ask for the proper identification prior to you letting them in!
  2. Make sure to always lock all your doors and windows!
  3. Install dead bolt locks on all of the external doors!
  4. Always change all the locks when you first move in!
  5. Never give your keys to any service workers, gardeners, cleaning crews or anyone else not you do not know well!
  6. Never have an ID tag with personal information and home address attached to your keys!
  7. Install keyed window locks and locks on your garage!
  8. Make sure to have the outside of your home well lighted as a deterrent!
  9. What should you do when you are away!
  10. Always leave your outside lights on, so that it appears as though someone is at home!
  11. Ask some you know and trust to check up on your home periodically!
  12. Have your mail held at the post office while you are away or have you know and trust pick up your mail every day or every other day!
  13. Make sure all windows and doors are shut and locked. Don’t forget about your garage door and shed!
  14. Tell neighbors and the security patrol in your neighborhood (if you have one) that you will be out of town and for them to keep a look out for any unusual behavior!

Till next time, stay safe SuiteLifers!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


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