WTF? New Restrictive Abortion Law in Spain

Abortion in Spain?

Spain is generally considered an extremely liberal country in which to live, especially in relation to personal freedoms. Spain was one of the first countries in the world to legalize gay marriage and they have quite a blase attitude when it comes to things like soft drugs and prostitution. So news that a new law outlawing abortions (they will only be allowed in cases of rape or to save the life of the mother if there are complications with the pregnancy) hit a sensitive spot for many people living on the peninsula. The law still must be approved by parliament but the majority of opinion leaders say that it will almost definitely pass into law. Whereas up until now a woman was free to have an abortion during the first trimester no questions asked, they will now have to be evaluated by a doctor to see if their cause for an abortion is legit under the new laws.

Abortion in Spain

Obviously many people in Spain have been outraged by this news and there have been demonstrations all over Spain before Christmas (Photos of demonstration in Barcelona.) Naysayers are worried that not only is the new law taking away a woman’s right to freedom of choice, but that this new law will also force women to look for illegal means and hence create an underground, and unregulated industry with risky consequences for women unfortunate enough to find themselves in the position of needing an abortion.

Most European countries are without any restrictions in terms of abortions as you can check out for yourself using the World’s Abortion Laws Map here.

abortion in spain

What do you think guys about this new law? Why are they making this move now? Is it correct? Moral? Fair? Leave us a comment below thanks!


~ Ivet

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SuiteLife’s 1st Barcelona Instagram Competition: Winner Announced

Annnnnnd… We Have a Winner!

barcelona instagram competition

We kicked off our very first Barcelona Instagram competition at the beginning of October. The theme was “My BCN Home” and over 150 photos were submitted!

After a grueling couple of hours of discussion and quarreling our team of judges has finally narrowed it down to our one winner.  And the winner is….

Drum Rollllllllllllllll…

The winner is @kimdmw !! This SuiteLife fan, Kimberley De Miguel, wins our fabulous prize, a 50 € gift certificate to Barcelona’s coolest home store, Vincon.

Thanks SO much to everyone who participated and keep your eye out for more super fun Barcelona Instagram competitions coming soon!





To all my fellow graduates, if you are looking for a European internship, then the Leonardo da Vinci Programme could be just the thing for you!

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme is open to all European graduates (in any subject) and it provides you with a great opportunity and funding to work and live in another European country!

Leonardo da Vinci Programme

It is open to graduates up to the age of 30! I used this programme to come to Barcelona for 6 months to do an online marketing and social media internship. The experience you gain can be really useful to future employers to show them new skills, language skills and how proactive you are willing to be to succeed in your career.

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, established to promote vocational education and training. It aims to  make vocational education more attractive to young people and, by helping people to gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications, the programme also boosts the overall competitiveness of the European labour market.

Key criteria:

  • To be a European graduate (in any subject)
  • To be under 30 years old

For more information about applying for the  Leonardo da Vinci Programme, you should check the link and follow the instructions. You may need to get into direct contact with the National Agency within your country of origin.

For frequently asked questions: please check this link

Hope you find this useful information! Good luck in your internship search!!


Marie Obileye





Erasmus grant internshipHey there, fellow student!

Many people associate the word ERASMUS with studying abroad, a lot of partying and of course the grant that you get given. That’s correct, but not entirely and this is why I am here to give you a useful tip, one that I was given. Because of that advice I ended up doing my internship at SuiteLife which has been more than just a valuable experience so far!

ERASMUS INTERNSHIP GRANTBesides the ERASMUS study grant there is another branch of the fund called ERASMUS WORK PLACEMENT GRANT and it’s given for students doing internship abroad. It is part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, established to promote university co-operation and in particular student mobility. What does this mean to you? If your university is part of the network, you can apply for a grant (varying around 250 euros / month) in order to do a internship abroad.


Few highlights which might be important to know about the ERASMUS INTERNSHIP GRANT:

  • Eligible to BSc and MSc students from the European Union
  • Time period of the internship 3 to 12 months
  • It is possible to take both the study and working grant
  • 31 countries currently participate in the Erasmus programme and over 4,000 Higher Education
    Institutions hold an Erasmus University Charter

In order to apply for the grant you need to contact the ERASMUS office in your university and submit a few documents which they will provide for you:

  • agreement between you and the erasmus internship grantuniversity, stating that they support your initiative
  • a document signed by the company where you are going to do your internship – perhaps SuiteLife?


You can find more information about the internship grant on the official ERASMUS website! If you have any questions – feel free to contact us and we would gladly help you out!



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