What to do in Barcelona in May 2014? SuiteLife’s Top 5 Recommendations

SuiteLife’s Top 5: What to do in Barcelona in May 2014

If you don’t know what to do in Barcelona in May 2014 than our top 5 list will have all the answers you are looking for. Scan through this guide and you will find yourself  cool activities in Barcelona this May 2014, I guarantee it.

Our top 5 things to do in May 2014 in Barcelona in order of starting date:

  • Tapantoni
  • Spanish Grand Prix
  • Girona Flower Festival
  • Snail Festival
  • Primavera Sound 2014

#1 Tapantoni what to do in barcelona in may 2014

Are you a foodie? Want to try different types of Spanish food and at low prices? Welcome to Tapantoni – the Tapas route. The event will take place from 5th to 30th May 2014 in Sant Antoni neighbourhood. You will be served with many special tapas and a drink at special prices from 2 to 2,90 euros.


The event is initiated by the local neighborhood restaurants, which include over 30 Bars, Café and Restaurants in the area. The main aim was to attract people to take a walk around the area and of course stimulate the economy a little. The response to this event in May & November last year was so positive that they decided to make it available every Wednesday starting from April 2nd 2014.


But don’t worry if you don’t have time on Wednesday because those special offers will be available at any opening time and days from 5th to 30th May 2014. Here we provide you with the map of every bar offering this special menu.

what's on in barcelona in may 2014

For more information in Spanish and Catalan, click here


#2 Spanish Grand Prix

Sport fans, especially Formula 1 racing fans, will be most interested in SPANISH FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX 2014, placed in Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. The ticket price varies from 27,50€ for standard single day to over 3500€ for all days VIP package.

events in barcelona may 2014 - Spanish Grand Prix Barcelona


Day Event Time
Fri 09 May 2014 Practice 1 10:00 – 11:30
Practice 2 14:00 – 15:30
Sat 10 May 2014 Practice 3 11:00 – 12:00
Qualifying 14:00
Sun 11 May 2014 Race 14:00

How to get there

Travelling by car, follow the C-17 road (exit Montmeló), or the AP-7 highway. If you choose the AP-7 toll highway, you have several exits to reach the Circuit: 13, 14 and 15.

By train from Barcelona: Cercanías (commuter trains): Line R2 Castelldefels – Granollers Centre and R2 Nord – Maçanet Massanes

By train from Girona: Cercanías (commuter trains): Line R11 Barcelona Sants – Girona – Portbou

AVE (high-speed train): Figueres Vilafant – Girona – Barcelona Sants

Walking from the train station: 45-minute walking from the RENFE train station in Montmeló to the Circuit.

Spanish Gran Prix BCN Map

Additional Benefits

There are some additional benefits if you have a ticket:

  • 20% discount on the Camp Nou Experience
  • 10% discount on La Roca Village Chic Outlet Shopping
  • A free audio-guide at the Basilica of La Sagrada Familia
  • 2-for1 on tickets for Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
  • Reduced rate on Barcelona Tapas Tour F1 Special Edition


#3 Girona Flower Festival

If you loves plants and flowers then welcome to Girona Barcelona this May 2014. The 59th Girona Temps de Flors occurs from 10th – 18th May 2014 in the city of Girona, 100km northeast of Barcelona. During this time the city will be covering itself with gaudy, vivid, numerous flowers.

Temps-de-Flors Girona Barcelona May 2014

Visitors will not only see the best displays of flowers on squares, monuments and parks, but also enjoy the decorations of the ancient stones and historic buildings in Girona. The festival also offers special, creative gastronomy menus with edible flowers as an ingredient. Yummy!

Temps-de-Flors Girona Barcelona 2014 dishes

How to get there from Barcelona

By Train: High-speed AVE train from Barcelona to Adif Girona-Costa Brava railway station, located in the center of Girona city. Duration: about37 minutes.

By bus: Sagalés operates bus lines from Barcelona to Girona airport and city center.

By car: take road AP-7 toll motorway.

#4 Snail Festival

Want to get some refreshment by going outside Barcelona? I have introduced you to Girona, now let’s go the other direction, to Lleida 160km West of Barcelona. This May 2014 from 23rd – 25th the city will be submerged with the snail invasion! Yes, I mean it, literally. The “Aplec del Caragol” (Snail Festival) will bring about 12 tons of snail from the rest of Spain to Lleida to be consumed in just 3 days.

<Snail Festival Barcelona May 2014

I personally like snails as food, so this will be in my to-go list for sure. However if you want to try something new and unique,  give it a shot!

How to get there from Barcelona

Buses depart from Barcelona Nord station to Lleida cost about 20 euros and take about two hours.

The train from Lleida to Barcelona takes about an hour and cost 20-40 euros

By car: take the toll roads AP-7 and AP-2. It takes about 2 hours

#5 Primavera Sound 2014

Save the best for last. At the end of this May in Barcelona you will have chance to attend one of the biggest music festival in Spain – the Primavera Sound 2014. This year’s Primavera Sound hit on May 28th-31st with appearance of over 170 artists. This festival is the most remarkable in May that we have a blog delicate solely to it in here.

Primavera Sound may 2014 Barcelona

It’s summer time, so let’s not wast these sunny days hiding in the shadows; instead join us to the liveliest activities allover Barcelona this May! Enjoy and if you have any recommendations, feel free to leave your comments!




The Top 12 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Barcelona

Top 12 Coolest Airbnb Rentals in Barcelona

As Airbnb’ing seems to be taking the world by storm, we decided to curate a list of the top 12 Airbnb rentals in Barcelona. Let’s get started!

#1 Artist Retreat


top 12 airbnb rentals in Barcelona

Looking for something original? Then you’ll love this flat, A chair on the ceiling, old clocks and scale on the wall, and multiple piled up wood crates used as a table. Pretty original, right?

Check out this original artist retreat

Price: 512€/month


#2 Welcome a Board, Sir!


Yacht Rental Barcelona

This time you won’t live in a stable place. But you’ll come out better off, with an awesome view of the sea, fresh air and an awesome experience! To share with up to 10 persons. Ahoy!

More Photos here, Boy!

Price: 7000€/night


#3 Barcelona Voyeur Flat


Great View Flat Barcelona

Barcelona has no more secret in this place. The walls are made of glass so that one enjoys the view on the city and the sea.

Want to see more I guess

Price: 1100€/night


#4 The Penthouse


Penthouse AirBnb Rental in Barcelona

You are the King of Barcelona, overlooking on the city. Your castle might not be the Kingdom’s biggest but what views!

Check out the Penthouse

Price: 70€/night


#5 Scarface Villa


Living room Scarface Villa Barcelona

Starting with the classics but efficient: 550m² Villa + 330m² Outdoor =Swimming pool + Jacuzzi + Billiards + Table Football, etc

Check out the whole description and photos of Scarface Villa

Price: 900€/night


#6 Flat of the Stars


Building Cave Rental Star Flat Barcelona

A 160m² Suite + rooftop private spa on Passeig de Gracia? Check. A basement to organize secret big parties or events with your star friends? Check. Private entrance for celebrities to escape the prying eyes of the paparazzi? Check.

You’re looking at a star flat.

More Photos of the Flat of Stars!

Price: 1300€/night


#7 The Castle of your Dreams


Great View Castle Living Room Barcelona

This is THE castle. Enormous, old school interior, big garden, and the best view ever of Barcelona and the sea.

Check out all the photos of the Castle of your Dreams.

Price: 1500€/night


#8 Luxury/Design Flat


Luxury, Design Airbnb Flat in Barcelona

The professional Designer would approve of this flat: spacious, original designed chairs, the material acts like a mirror and makes the room look even more spacious. Apart from that, the flat is very spacious with some columns and a balcony on Passeig de Gracia!

Check out the Designer Flat.

Price: 330€/night


#9 Princess Hippy Flat


Hippy colorful flat in Barcelona

Beautiful, colorful, hippy flat right in the central Gothic Neighbourhood of Barcelona!

Check out more photos of the Princess Hippy Flat.

Price: 118€/night


#10 Brick n’ Born


Airbnb Brick Flat in Born Barcelona

Inside walls are made of brick, it looks so cosy! Balcony View on Santa Caterina Market as well!

Check out this awesome flat in Born

Price: 99€/night


#11 Unique balcony view on Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia View Flat Barcelona

Even if the flat is not that big and has nothing special really, the view from the balcony is quite unique, you couldn’t be closer from the Sagrada Familia.

Check out the photos of the Sagrada Familia flat

Price: 110€/night


#12 House of the Catalan Architect


The architect Flat in Barcelona

Very big “Art Nouveau” flat with beautiful cornice ceilings in a “Catalan Modernisme” building of 1905. Located just at the foot of the Tibidabo hill.

Check out the architect flat

Price: 160€/night


Now you just have to win the lottery to get one of these beauties. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!



8 Things You Didn’t Know About Barcelona

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Barcelona and Can Now Impress Your Friends With

You’ve been living in Barcelona for a few months or even years and you think you know everything about Barcelona? Stop being so cocky and check out the 8 things you didn’t know about Barcelona:


#1 Why did Gaudi only work for private clients?


Gaudi First Work : The street Lamp
As a matter of fact, he did not only work for private clients. He first worked for the City Council and was asked to create a special street lamp in Plaza Reial. But when the masterpiece was finished, the City Council finally paid only the half of the original price to Gaudi. From that moment, Gaudi swear to not work for the public sector again. And he kept his word. Read more about Gaudi’s Life or about our special 1 day Gaudi tour.


#2 More than a street


La Rambla in Barcelona

One of the most famous streets in Barcelona, if not the most famous one, Las Ramblas, is actually as its plural form suggests, composed of many streets, 5 to be precise:- Rambla de Canaletes- Rambla dels estudis- Rambla de Sant Josep- Rambla dels Caputxins- Rambla del Mar.


#3 An Eiffel Tower in Barcelona?


The Eiffel Tower in Paris could have been in Barcelona

All of you know the famous metallic tower in Paris that attracts millions of people every year. Well actually, this very tower was proposed by Gustave Eiffel during the Universal Exposition of 1888 that took place in Barcelona. However the Catalan Government of that time was not interested in this weird and expensive architecture and refused to have it in Barcelona. And, you know, it was only supposed to be erected for the period of a year and then dismantled. Well, that was quite a mistake, wasn’t it?


#4 Portal de l’Àngel Avenue: Busiest Street in Spain


Porta del Angel Avenue in Barcelona, most crowded street in Spain

This famous shopping street of Barcelona, that hosts about 3500 passers by per hour, is the busiest street in all Spain. Quite impressive, isn’t it?


#5 Barcelona Beach is a Baby


The Barcelona Beach in the summer

Everybody loves to go to the beautiful beach of Barcelona but did you know it only appeared about 20 years ago? Indeed, before that, the seaside was “invaded” by industries. But when Barcelona was chosen to host the Olympic Games of 1992, they created these awesome beaches and from now on it is one of the places to be for all the tourists and locals all year long. Take a look at our Barcelona Beaches Free Ebook.


#6 Blind Restaurant


Blind Restaurant Dans le Noir, Barcelona

If you think it is out of fashion to see what you eat in a restaurant, then “Dans le noir” is gonna become your headquarters. One of the few Blind Restaurants in the world, you’ll experience eating without seeing anything which will enable you to enhance 2 of your other senses that are the taste and the smell. Blind guides help you to completely enjoy this unique experience. Check out our Dans le Noir blog here for more info.

For more information just check out Dans Le Noir Website!


#7 The mysterious origins of Barcelona


The mysterious origins of Barcelona

Nobody really knows, that’s the reality. But some say the city was founded 400 years before Rome by Hercules and other say that it was founded by the father of the famous Carthagenian General Hannibal, Hamilcar Barca, who named the city Barcino. All that we know is that the Romans founded a city next to the mount Taber in 100 BC and we found wall ruins in the current Barrio Gotico. Read about how Barcelona got it’s name here.

#8 Fancy a Mammoth?


Mammoth Museum in Barcelona

Do you like mammoths as much as we do? Have you always wanted to meet Manny from the Ice Age? Then check out the Mammoth Museum in Barcelona, a museum as rare as its subject! You’ll find real mammoth skeletons but also a life-sized reconstructions that you can touch, photograph and even hug. Everything short of  bringing one home for your kid(s). I know, some kids (even big ones) are gonna cry here.


That’s all for now, and this is more than enough!


Whats on in Barcelona in March 2014: Our Top 5

What’s on in Barcelona in March 2014: The Top 5 List


Are you seriously bored in Barcelona, or are visiting and want to know what’s on in March 2014? Check out our Top 5 Events in Barcelona in March 2014:


#1 Sitges Festival


Sitges Carnival Barcelona


Impossible to miss this Gay Carnival in the little town of Sitges, a few kilometers away from Barcelona. The festival starts on the 27th of February, the main parades take place on Sunday the 2nd of March and Tuesday the 4th of March. More than 300.000 partygoers will gather and dance the night away in the streets of Sitges. If you think this festival is only reserved for Gays and Lesbians, you couldn’t be more wrong! It is a unique festival gathering Gays, Lesbians, Trans but also any person of any race, age, and culture who just want to have fun and celebrate together.



Sitges Parades Route


#2 Spannabis


Spannabis Fair 2014


If you want to learn everything about Cannabis, its use, products related to the consumption of Cannabis, etc, then you should run to this fair! For a lot of people throughout the world, this might sound weird or unreal to have a public fair in such a big city as Barcelona, nevertheless Spannabis will take place from 14th to 16th March for the Eleventh year in a row in Barcelona.

Learn more about Spannabis and check out the video of Spannabis 2013 :


#3 25th Guitar Festival Barcelona


25th Guitar Festival Barcelona


From February, the 20th until July, the 5th, tons of concerts of different kinds of music are organized everywhere in the city.

Check out the program of the festival and extracts of the miscellaneous bands playing during this period :


#4 Mecal: The Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival

Mecal Short Film Festival 2014


The 16th Edition of the Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival will start on the 6th of March and finish on the 30th of March. So basically, whenever you arrive to Barcelona, you have no excuse not to go there and check out some of the films shown in the different venues!

For more information, check out the Mecal Website!


#5 El Clasico : Real Madrid – FC Barcelona


El Clasico Real Madrid FC Barcelona


For some of you (I guess coming from the American continent), this doesn’t sound quite familiar or you’ve heard of it as being quite a big game in Europe in that sport you might know as “soccer”. Now that you are in Barcelona, you better get used to this sport if you want to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere in Barcelona before, during and after the “Clasico”. The second-one of the year, for the second leg, will unfortunately take place in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid on Sunday, the 23rd of March but you’ll be able to feel the tense in every street of Barcelona.

Game on!


The Top 5 Most Photographed Spots in Barcelona

Drumbrolllllllll Please!

According to a Google’s recent “heatmap” study, Barcelona is the 3rd most photographed city in the whole wide world, following only New-York and Roma. But I won’t let you wait any longer to discover which are the most photographed spots in Barcelona…

#1 Park Güell

Park Guell in BarcelonaAnd the answer is… PARK GÜELL!  A tiny bit surprising to us (We had originally guessed Sagrada Familia) Park Güell is the most photographed place in Barcelona with its amazing view of he city. Tourists, lovers, and locals go to that park to enjoy the sunset or listen to some music or just take a leisurely stroll through the park. Awesome!




#Casa Batlló

The Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Being one of the most famous Gaudi houses in Barcelona, tourists seem to rush rush here after arriving to Barcelona. Passing by everyday, I see that the place is always crowded with swarms of tourists taking pictures of this beautiful Gaudi masterpiece.









#La Pedrera

Gaudi's Casa Mila in Barcelona

Again, it is no surprise that a Gaudi’s chef d’oeuvre is one of the most visited and photographed in Barcelona. Its unique architecture and amazing roof are the main reasons of it being visited by many!





#4 Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria Del Mar Basilic in Barcelona

This amazing Catalan Gothic church located in the beautiful neighborhood of “El Born” has remained in good shape over the centuries and has today a great success for its unique architecture.







#5 La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Finally you say! It is quite a surprise indeed that the Sagrada Familia, this world-famous expiatory church has not come up earlier. Gaudi’s most famous masterpiece is still unfinished and has therefore been been mocked quite a bit. However, whether you like it or not, everybody will agree that the church is one of the most unique in the world.





If you want to know the complete ranking of the most photographed spots in Barcelona or you want to learn about your favourite cities, just look at Google’s Sightsmap! ;)




SuiteLife Property of the Week: Chateau Ivy Blue

The Best Property to Rent near Barcelona!

SuiteLife Presents a Luxury Property for rent outside Barcelona. Wait till you see this!

luxury property for rent near barcelona

Can you imagine living here? Wanna spend a special occasion with your friends in an amazing house close to Barcelona? Why not relax in a castle like this one! The SuiteLife team presents this beautiful house called Chateau Ivy Blue. This unique property is a breathtaking house full of modernity and typical Catalan modernism. If you’re a fan checkout our blog on the Modernist movement.

15,000 € a Month?!?!

OK, we must admit it sounds a bit excessive, BUT this 1100m2 mansion has 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with typical features of modernism.  You can also rent it by the week. Imagine gathering your closest friends and basking in the luxury of this beautiful secluded house for a week. Just look at the impressive photos!

luxury house for rent near barcelona

luxury house for rent near barcelona

luxury house for rent near barcelona


Chateau Ivy Blue is in a great location in Castellar del Valles around 35 km from Barcelona, as you can see on the map below:

luxury house for rent barcelona

Just SOME of the awesome features include:

  • 3 Living Rooms.
  • an enormous kitchen fit for a professional chef.
  • your very own wine cellar.
  • private gorgeous pool and huge garden.
  • in case your time in the chateau gets a little dionysian, the house has it’s very own chapel where you can repent for your sins the night before!
  • this place sleeps up to 20 people

Anyway, this house can be just perfect place to spend special week or month with bunch of friends or even with all the family, because this unrivaled mansion is just that awesome!

If you fell in love with this place as Suite Life team did, don´t hesitate to contact us! Click to see the full listing.

So what do you think about that? Do you know of a better place to stay? Leave a comment below!

Thanks and enjoy your week!


Top Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Barcelona while on Vacation

Why Rent A Holiday Apartment in Barcelona Instead of a Hotel

If you’re wondering whether to book a hotel or rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona, here are some stellar reasons as to why self-catering Barcelona apartments are all the rage:

holiday rental apartments barcelona advantages

1. Live as a ‘local’:

We can’t stress this enough: Barcelona is a weird and wonderfully eclectic and beautiful city. Each neighborhood (check out our Barcelona neighborhood guide) has it’s own charm and by staying in a vacation Barcelona apartment you’ll get a much better idea of what it’s like to live in the city, just like a local! If authenticity and truly experiencing the feel of a city is your style than don’t book a hotel!


2. More character:

There’s no doubt about it, the sterile sameness of hotel rooms can get a tad monotomous. Barcelona vacation apartments often are oozing with character and charm, from exposed brick walls, to lovely sunny terraces, to gorgeous Catalán style vaulted ceilings, if you are a fan of interior design and architecture, booking a self-catering apartment in Barcelona is the choice for you!

vacation apartments barcelona for rent advantages hotel

3. Cook your own meals:

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on your vacation or if your just a completely shameless foodie like us, there is nothing better than having your own fully stocked kitchen while on vacation. Have the flexibility to eat out or in and the treat of being able to cook some of the local fare on your own! Here’s an idea, stop by the Boqueria Market, one of Europe’s largest working markets, grab whatever tickles your fancy and come home to make your own Spanish/Catalán feast! Talk about experiencing the city! Sometimes you just need a home cooked meal, even on the road.

self-catering apartments vs. hotels barcelona

4. More spacious and comfortable:

This one’s a no brainer. Hotel rooms in Barcelona tend to be a small box of a room just big enough to fit a bed. In a Barcelona vacation flat, though you generally have a lot more room and comfort.

barcelona holiday apartment rentals vs. hotels

5. The price:

The price of a Barcelona holiday apartment is usually considerably cheaper than a hotel room. Of course that is not always the case, but there is a lot more variety in terms of price/value with apartments and it’s easier to find one that will fit nicely with whatever your specific requirements are. For instance, if you’re traveling with a family or a group of friends you’ll likely be much more comfortable with the amenities in comparison with a traditional hotel.

We love Barcelona so much it comes oozing out of us! Checkout all our holiday rental apartments in Barcleona and our Barcelona Bible Blog in order to get lots of great insider info on this amazing mediterranean city.





Brunch in Barcelona: A Weekend Delight


Your definite guide on restaurants to enjoy the brunch in Barcelona

We have already written about the fine Barcelona brunch spots Picnic Barcelona and Milk. These places are just amazing on a weekend fraught with the hangover blues. We’re going to tell you about some other fish in the proverbial brunch sea in case you wanna try something new!


There isn´t anything like sleeping late on Saturday and chilling out in a nice bar. One of those is the Bar Dostrece on carrer Carme 40. Get the Combo Dostrece if you come with your friend. For 19 € you both get tasty pancakes with strawberries, eggs benedict or a salad and a glass of bellini. Nothing says “good morning sunshine, you drank a bit yesterday, didn´t you!?” like a tall cocktail with proseco and a peach juice.


What about an Irish brunch in Barcelona? Let me suggest … Crispy bacon, Irish sausages, fried eggs, baked beans, grilled tomato grilled mushrooms, toast and butter… Go to Dunnes Barcelona on Via Laietanna, 19 and bring some tissues with, because you will cry of joy and happiness.


Brunch in Barcelona Marmalade is good… dammmmn good. We’re not talking about the sweet jelly you spread on croissant, but about a place that is run by the same guys who brought us Barcelona Milk Bar. You can get a brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday and here the Barcelona brunch doesn´t mean a coffee with croissants. You have some 11 options starting with the Very Berry Banana Smoothie, through the Eggs Benedict and Tortilla Ranchera finishing with Penny Lane Pancakes. You can find this place at Riera Alta 4-6.

Federal café

Last, but not least we recomend you this top top place on carrer Parlament 39. You will love it when the weather is nice, because you can enjoy your awesome brunch on a terrace or at one of the big open windows. By the way, their burgers are just splendid as you can read in Benny’s blog: hunt for the best hamburger in Barcelona.

If you are new in town, really love brunches and like to hang out with other people while eating, you can join a Meetup Group devoted to brunch. What´s better than meeting some friendly breakfast lovers with your table full of pancakes, jam, eggs, bacon, spread bread, juice, coffee, fruit and a cake on the top.

Is there another brunch kingdom in Barcelona that we didn´t mention? Let us know!

Have a tasty weekend!

Sharka “like the animal”

By the way, if you are interested in another food you should try in Barcelona read this post.

Top 5 Irish Pubs in Barcelona – Best Pubs in Barcelona

Looking for the Best pubs in Barcelona? At SuiteLife we love a good pint so we decided to go to lots of Barcelona Pubs and drink lots of beer so that we could give you a list of our Top 5 Irish Pubs in Barcelona. There is a huge selection of Pubs in Barcelona and we think that these are the best Pubs that Barcelona has to offer.

The Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is one of the nicest Irish pubs in Barcelona, just off the famous “Las Ramblas” its in a great location and always full of expats looking for a good pint.  It’s a cosy pub with a good bar selection and they also serve simple TEX-MEX food!

Barcelona Temple Bar Irish Pub

The Temple Bar often has good live music and like most Irish pubs in Barcelona is great for sports.  They show mostly football, and you can catch games from most big European leagues, especially the premier league.  Because The Temple Bar is a relatively small pub there is always a good
So if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere then this is the Irish Pub for you.atmosphere for the big games and live acts.

Check out Temple Bar on the Map





Ryan’s Pubs

Ryan’s is a small chain of pubs In Barcelona.  There are 3 Ryan’s pubs dotted around Barcelona near the marina.  The best thing about Ryan’s pubs is that they are cheap.  You can get a bottle of San Miguel for €1 if you like their facebook page and get their loyalty card (without the card its €2) and they sell 5 shots for €5, just don’t have them all to yourself. (Single shots are €1.50).

Ryan’s pubs are also good for sports, showing British and Spanish sporting events (mostly football).  Their staff are generally friendly and there is always a fun atmosphere, probably because of the cheap drinks.

Ryans Irish Pub Barcelona

Ryan’s usually attracts a younger crowd, and is very popular with British students in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for cheap drinks and a fun time then Ryan’s is the Irish Pub for you.

Check out Ryan’s Pubs on the Map



P. Flaherty’s

P. Flaherty’s is a chain of Irish pubs across Spain and the one in Barcelona is a favourite among many.  It is in a great location in a sunny square just off “Las Ramblas” and only 5 minutes walk from the sea.  Flaherty’s is a great traditional Irish pub and they have a great selection of drinks on tap for a good old pint.  They also serve great British food for reasonable prices.  Most of the staff seem to be expats and are very friendly.

Flaherty's Irish Pub Barcelona

They have loads of flat-screens and projectors and as many sports channels as you can imagine, so if you ask politely they will show any game you want to watch. It’s a good size pub, and they even have a pool room where you can play darts and pool.

If you want an Irish Pub in Barcelona where you can watch all the sports you want then P. Flaherty’s is for you.

Also check their Facebook page for news and offers!

Check it out on the Map




Dunne’s is a great Irish pub that many expats would say is their favourite Irish Pub in Barcelona, and it is easy to see why.  Dunne’s is a wonderfully typical Irish Pub with great British/Irish food, good beer and friendly staff.  As a Brit I felt right at home as soon as I walked in, the whole place has a warm welcoming feel to it.  They have a lovely little outdoor terrace and of course some big flat screens for all the Barcelona football.

The pub is decorated with great care and attention to detail with authentic wooden bars and great leather seating.  It makes for a wonderful dining and/or drinking experience.

Dunne's Irish Pub Barcelona

If you’re looking for a nice Irish Pub in Barcelona where you can relax with friends, a nice pint and good food then this is the one for you.

Check Dunne’s Irish Pub on the Map





Michael Collins

Michael Collins pub is wonderful old-fashioned Irish Pub in Barcelona that is close to La Sagrada Familia.  It’s a large Irish Pub that is very popular, especially among expats in that area of Barcelona.  They have a good selection of beers and Irish Whisky but it is a little expensive.  The food is very traditional and its proper homemade pub food.  I thought the Guinness steak pie was brilliant, although I would say the food is a little over priced.Michael Collins Irish Pub Barcelona

If you’re looking for an old style cosy pub then this is the one for you.

Check out the Map!






So that’s our definitive list of the Top 5 Irish Pubs in Barcelona but if you feel like just going to a bar check out our Top bars in Barcelona.  Or you could try this Irish Pub that I would say feels more like a bar.  It didn’t quite make our list of the Top 5 Pubs because it doesn’t feel like a pub, but I still recommend it.


The George Payne

The George Payne is the biggest Irish Pub in Barcelona. It’s layout reminds me of a big club with a huge hall and spectacular mezzanines either side.  There are many bars in this Irish Pub, with a good selection of drinks, which are relatively cheap (although not as cheap as Ryan’s).

The George Payne also serves good pub food, with great Fries (Chips) that you can get with cheese garlic or Curry! I would also recommend their Gourmet burgers.  And let’s not forget sports, they have loads of screens for watching all kinds of sport and as I found out, it gets very busy when Barcelona are playing.

Because it is so big you don’t get the same warm, welcoming feel as you would with most pubs and that is why I would describe The George Payne as more of a bar.The George Payne Irish Pub Barcelona

If you’re looking for a big pub with cheap drinks to have a party then this is the Irish Pub/Bar for you.

Check out the George Payne Irish Pub on the Map





If you think we got it wrong and there are better pubs to be found in Barcelona then we would love to hear about them, leave us a comment below.

Matthew Rutter


Benny’s Burgers: A Hunt for the Best Hamburger in Barcelona: Part 7 – Bacoa

Kiosko’s Big Brother: Bacoa

Today’s Barcelona burger review is on Bacoa, which is the older brother (although smaller in size) of Kiosko Barcelona (the only Barcelona hamburger joint yet to get 5 out of 5 Benny Burgers). Does it live up to Kiosko? Let’s see!


bacoa barcelona best burger in barcelona

The Atmosphere:

The atmosphere at Bacoa is very pleasant.  The staff are overly friendly.  One down side though is that the place is too small. It fills up fast and if your not a bit aggressive you can easily be left with no place to sit! I went around 2pm on a weekday and it was quite crowded. A small negative, but something to take into consideration.

best barcelona hamburgers bugers bacoa

The Burgers:

The burgers at Bacoa Barcelona are simply succulent. The only burger that you wont also find on the Kiosko menu is their special Bacoa burger, which I of course had to try.  The Bacoa burger comes with a whopping 300g of beef, bacon, manchego cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce and special house sauce, and all for the rather reasonable price of 6.50 €. The home made fries (same ones at Kiosko) are the best in the city.  While the burger selection is decent here, the Kiosko menu is about double the size.

best burger in barcelona bacoa hamburgers

The Verdict:

Bacoa is certainly one of the very best burgers in Barcelona, but it loses points because of it’s diminutive size and the fact that it’s new brother restaurant (Kiosko) just beats it to a pulp.  Hence, Bacoa gets a solid 4 & 1/4 Benny Burgers out of a possible 5.  Highly, highly recommended but make sure you try and go on off-lunch hours to avoid the wait.  Enjoy!

Always looking for new recommendations to add to my list.  Any burger joints I can’t live without visiting? Let me know!

Cheers and have a great weekend SuiteLifers!


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