Events in Barcelona in October 2014

What’s on in Barcelona this October 2014 – best events and venues

Looking for info about the best events in Barcelona in October 2014?  You have come to the right place! The following blog article will be providing you the things you need to know if you plan on taking in the most of Barcelona in the upcoming month. So instead of just ‘skim-passing’ through Barcelona, here’s a list with the MUST-DO stuff in this wonderful city in October.



Festa Barceloneta


  • LOCATION: the Barceloneta neighbourhood, Ciutat Vella district
  • PERIOD/DATE: end of September, beginning of October
  • DESCRIPTION: in-the-street parties involving fireworks, football tournaments, traditional music and dances, free Spanish food & drinks tastings, sweets for the children thrown away by characters performing in marvelous parades.



Pharell Williams Concert in Barcelona


  • LOCATION: El Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Montjuic Hill
  • PERIOD/DATE: 1st October
  • DESCRIPTION: Extraordinary concert of the American singer Pharell Williams as part of his worldwide Dear Girl Tour



SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair


  • LOCATION: Fira de Barcelona, Sants-Montjuic
  • PERIOD/DATE: 2-5 October
  • DESCRIPTION: Exhibition featuring young artists just starting their careers, focusing on increasing awareness and access of the general public to the contemporary art



Erotic Fair Barcelona

  • LOCATION: Pavelló de la Vall d’Hebron
  • PERIOD/DATE: 2-5 October
  • DESCRIPTION: Hottest fair in Barcelona, with erotic live shows, sex toy stalls, lap dances, erotic massages and even sex ed workshops



Sitges Film Festival

  • LOCATION: Sitges, 40kms from Barcelona
  • PERIOD/DATE: 3-12 October
  • DESCRIPTION: Early film festival, one of the oldest film festivals in Spain (started in 1968), considered to be the leading horror and fantasy film festival in the whole world





  • LOCATION: Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Montjuic Hill (yeah, that’s right – it’s the same place where Pharell will be having the concert!)
  • PERIOD/DATE: 4th October
  • DESCRIPTION: Live shows featuring gladiator battles and chariot races



Garmin Barcelona Triathlon

  • LOCATION: Nova Mar Bella and Llevant beaches
  • PERIOD/DATE: 5th October, 8 am
  • DESCRIPTION: One of the largest triathlons in Spain and definitely the largest in Catalunya, with over 6,000 athletes taking part in the event each year



Jazz Festival Barcelona



Kylie Minogue Concert Barcelona



Barcelona International Boat Show

  • LOCATION: Port Vell Marina, Barcelona port
  • PERIOD/DATE: 15-19th October
  • DESCRIPTION: Boat exhibition featuring more than 700 boats and yachts, more than 300 exhibitors, providing the participants the opportunity to test drive all the water vehicles
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Exhibition



Casa Batlló

  • LOCATION: throughout all neighbourhoods of Barcelona
  • PERIOD/DATE: mid-late October
  • DESCRIPTION: during a two-day period, more than 150 buildings in Barcelona open their doors to welcome architecture-savvy tourists



Barcelona - Ajax



Mercat de Mercats

  • LOCATION: Avenida de la Catedral
  • PERIOD/DATE: Late October
  • DESCRIPTION: All that Barcelona/Catalunya/Spain have the best in terms of food and drinks delicacies, everything gathered in one place – Mercat de Mercats! *GULP*



Manga Fair Barcelona

  • LOCATION: Fira de Barcelona
  • PERIOD/DATE: 30th October – 2nd November
  • DESCRIPTION: A four-day manga event featuring video games, performances and cosplayers from all over the world. For more info, check out our blog article about Japanese Culture in Barcelona HERE!



Passenger Concert Barcelona



La Castanyada Barcelona

  • LOCATION: All over Barcelona
  • PERIOD/DATE: 31st October
  • DESCRIPTION: The day before All Saints Day marks the Castanyada – the name comes from the fact that people usually cook chestnuts (castanyes) this day – so make sure you eat at least a handful of those because they are delicious (not to mention the sides: moniatos – sweet roasted potatoes and panellets – small balls of almond paste covered in pine nuts)!

Top Things Not to Do in Barcelona!

What you should not do in Barcelona!


what not to do in Barcelona


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T plan a relaxing day at the Barceloneta beach!

Barcelona is a touristic place, with a lot of people coming to enjoy the sun! Unfortunately, the Barceloneta beach – the cetnral beach in the city, it is NOT the cleanest one and is full of the tourists covering the sands. If you really want to lie down, get a tan, get in the water and have a good time check our ebook “The Barcelona Bible: Barcelona Beaches”. As well, you can visit one of the neighboring towns, e.g. Castelldefels, to which you can get in around 20 min by train.



Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T drink on the street and don’t buy from beer sellers!


It is forbidden to drink on the streets of the Barcelona, although we know that there are many street beer sellers everywhere and people are purchasing their 1 euro beer, but if the police pick you up drinking in the public place you can be fined. It is better not to buy from people who are saying on the streets pestering you to buy their beer. Most of the times, they are offering warm beer which they are carrying in their bags, or hiding in some other places – it can be just really unsanitary, and it is illegal to sell the beer this way and it hurts local businesses. You can find the beer sellers in all most popular touristic places in Barcelona, like: Plaza Catalonia or Las Ramblas.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T think that SIESTA is just the myth!

Remember! “Siesta” time still exists in Barcelona!

Barcelona embraces the Latin lifestyle of leisurely mornings, mid-afternoon siestas, and late dinners. There are two periods of siesta in Spain – siesta for shops and businesses, during which many people go to a bar or restaurant, and then siesta for the restaurants, which obviously can’t rest when everyone wants to come and eat. SO…! Shops might close during lunchtime (1:30-4pm) whereas restaurants might close after lunch and before dinner (5-8 pm). Small neighbourhood shops are quite often closed from 2pm till 5pm . It is better not to plan shopping during that specific hours or going out to eat in the restaurants, but you can find out that in the city canter of Barcelona, in the touristic areas, most places are open all day.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T expect everything to be in Spanish!


Catalan and Spanish are both official languages in Barcelona. The Catalan language is used by approximately 50-60% of the inhabitants of Barcelona when Spanish is spoken by 98% of people, but a lot of people are more comfortable in speaking in the regional language and at the same time feel very strongly their connection with Catalan culture and need for independence. You have to be ready for this, that you will hear the Catalan language all the time in the city and that most signs, names, and menus are written in Catalan first and then in Spanish. But hey, that’s not a bad thing at all! If you’re going to live here especially, it’s pretty nice to learn some Catalán and it shows the locals you actually care.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T show too much of your body!


Barcelona is the hot city in which everyone is trying to wear the least amount of clothes as possible. You can be shocked  at topless girls with thong bikinis on the beach, however Catalan woman tend to be more conservative in the centre of the city, dressing more smart despite that it is hot, sunny and holidays seem to never end here, mainly tourists are the ones wearing shorts/mini skirts with strappy tops/bikinis in the city centre. As well a lot of guys are trying to take off their T-shirts and just walk on the streets half naked, or leave the beach without any tops. I have to tell you that only in the really close area to the beach you can do that! Boys, when you are already on the streets of the city you have to have your T-shirt on, as the police always react and stopping the men who are not dressed appropriately. So if you don’t wanna be the one of them, remember, don’t show too much of your body – you have beach for that in Barcelona. Check our blog to find out more about one of the beaches in Barcelona where you can enjoy sun wearing as least as possible, or simple, nothing at all ;)


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T eat on Las Ramblas!

Las Rambla is the main touristic spot in central Barcelona, where you can find a lot of restaurants, cafes and shops. It is over-rated, over-crowded, tacky, filled with tourists, and most importantly over priced. All that combined with the fact that the quality of the food isn’t usually great. Don’t be silly and fall for posters with pictures of the dishes and overly eager ‘hosts’ trying to entice you in. This is not what you want from Barcelona. Better try food on the backstreets of the Old Town or go to beautiful Passieg De Gracia where food is usually really good or find some other great place to eat in Barcelona by reading some of our food blogs:


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T think that church in Spain is just a touristic attraction!


Not always, but it happens, that people have been turned away from the churches in Barcelona because of the bare shoulders, especially during the masses. I would recommend covering your shoulders and legs in a traditional sign of respect in religious settings. On a hot days, toss a lightweight scarf in your bag which you would use to cover your shoulders or tie around your legs for entrance into churches and cathedrals.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T take a sightseeing bus to see the city!


Barcelona is the amazing city with a lot of places to see, and because of this tourists are not too confident, thinking that the best way for them would be just take a sightseeing bus. But in reality this is the biggest mistake – the city communication is really easy to use, it is really cheap compared to another big European cities, and… is gives a ton of possibilities for planning sightseeing days without losing too much time. You can spend  your money a lot better  while experiencing  real life in the city. The bus can be really packed, especially in August, and simply you can end up waiting in the queue hours on end in the sunny hot day. At the end of the day you will feel that you didn’t see that much. Barcelona is a city which is hiding a lot of beauty in the tiny streets where the bus is not going, and as it is not that big, it’s better is to take a walk and enjoy the lazy day, stopping for a coffee and some tapas in nearby places (Check one of our Tapas Blog!).


Let’s summarise our  top things which you should not do in Barcelona:

  • DON’T plan a relaxing day at the Barceloneta beach
  • DON’T drink on the street and don’t buy from beer sellers
  • DON’T think that SIESTA is just the myth
  • DON’T expect everything to be in Spanish!
  • DON’T show too much of your body!
  • DON’T eat on Las Ramblas
  • DON’T think that church in Spain is just a touristic attraction.
  • DON’T take a sightseeing bus to see the city.


If you would like to share with us any more tips about things which people should not do in Barcelona, than please leave us a  comment below ;) Or if you don’t agree with one of our points we’d also love to hear from you! Cheers,












Barcelona Blogosphere: The Best Barcelona Blogs!

Best Barcelona Blogs

Have you ever spent a tremendous amount of time searching for a great and entertaining blog about Barcelona? I have to say it’s kind of frustrating and you wish you could find what you want in the blink of an eye instead of wasting time that you could use to sip a fresh Mojito on one of Barcelona many beaches! With that in mind, we have decided to write a blog on the best blogs about Barcelona! SuiteLife has designed a list of what we believe to be the top blogs that are related to Barcelona. We hope you will enjoy these entertaining sources of information as much as we do!


Barcelona photoblog best blogs
Barcelona photoblog is one of the blogs you definitely can not miss!
This blog will make you discover Barcelonathrough the incredibly beautiful and unique pictures. And on top of that, the pictures have comments, explained and discussed by the author. For example if one picture is about a museum, you will find information about the museum: its history, location, what the author thought when he visited it etc…
In my opinion, this is what makes this photoblog stand out as other photoblogs usually post beautiful pictures but do not give additional information on the things that were shot.
As a combination of aesthetic pictures of Barcelona and useful information about the daily life of the city, Barcelona Photoblog is worth having a look at!
So check it out here!!


Standing in a Spanish doorway best barcelona blogs
This blog is mainly about social and public issues and cultural life in Catalunya but it also covers these issues from a Spanish and European perspective. Indeed, some of the social problems encountered in Catalunya are also present in other countries throughout Europe and it’s always interesting to discuss things from a wider point of view.
Concerning the author, his name is Brett Hetherington. He is an Australian journalist and is now working as a freelance writer, blogger and teacher in Catalunya. He also happens to be a regular commentator on Spain’s social and cultural life for an Australian radio called “ABC Radio”. The content is really interesting and diverse as it combines politics, social issues, economics, daily life and facts about Catalunya, Spain and Europe in general.
So if these topics are of interest to you, you definitely have to read this blog!


Fleas and dogs in Barcelona best blogs
Funny name for a blog isn’t it? As you might have guessed, this blog is about Barcelona’s daily life and features all the advantages and drawbacks of living in this city. As its slogan says, “Si quieres el perro, Acepta las Pulgas”. In english,  ”If you want the dog, you must accept the fleas”! In my opinion, the name has been wisely chosen as this metaphor perfectly describes Barcelona.
The dogs are the things that we see in tourist guides, the good sides of Barcelona, its charming streets, districts and monuments. On the other hand, the fleas are all the disturbing stuff that you don’t hear much of, such as the drunk tourists on the beach, the drug dealers, the squaters, the thieves etc…
If you want to know more about all the thrilling action happening every day in Barcelona, you must checkout this blog!


Barca Blaugranes best blogs barcelona
This was inevitable!! A football blog about FC Barcelona had to appear in my list of Barcelona best blogs! In case you come from another planet, Barcelona happens to have one of the best (if not the best) football teams in the world and it can count on the unconditional support from Barcelona’s citizens!
This blog will keep you up to date with the club’s daily life, transfer rumours, match results, highlights and so on!
What I like the most about it is that some articles in the blog are written and edited by fans and there is an impression of community when you browse the website.
It makes the blog highly interactive and ‘live’. I totally recommend it if you’re a Barca fan! You can check it out here!
PS: Visca el Barca i Visca Catalunya!


Barcelona Street art Barcelona best blogs
This blog is dedicated to street art in Barcelona. It features many different creations from graffiti to urban sculptures. What I find really cool is that it is a way to discover Barcelona in an original manner as every creation is usually geolocalized meaning that its location is mentioned. So if one street art creation really catches your attention, you might be able to go and check it out for real!
The only obstacle to fully enjoying this blog is that it’s written in Spanish, but I guess it will be a good opportunity to practice your spanish and to be honest this blog is more about the pictures of street art.
Barcelona street art reminds us that art is not only in museums!
You can discover it here.


Forever Barcelona best blogs

Written by passionate local tourguides, this blog’s objective is to show you Barcelona in a way that you will always remember visiting it. Marta and her colleagues will give you advice on where to eat, what to see, where to go on a friday night or the best places to stay during your trip for example. This insider knowledge is always useful when coming to Barcelona!
Check it out here!


Homage to BCN Barcelona best blogs
Homage to BCN is a very complete blog where you can find a lot of different articles related to Barcelona. There is of course a lot of insider info on Barcelona such as “The top 5 Nightclubs in Barcelona” or “The best Barcelona bodegas” but also some interesting videos, infographics and fun facts about Barcelona!
My favourite section of this blog is the “BCN days” where people living in Barcelona describe their perfect day in the city to share what they love most about Barcelona.
Reading this blog is highly recommended!


Barcelona besotted best blogs
Besotted is a play on words with “beso” that means kiss in Spanish. As the author explains, she has been kissed by the beautiful city of Barcelona and is now living a love story with it! She shares why she fell in love with Barcelona by posting pictures of her favourite places, restaurants, bars, neighbourhoods etc…Check it out here!


BCN Bar culture best blogs barcelona
A very interesting blog dedicated to the Barcelona bar scene. I truly enjoy this blog as it allows you to discover many Barcelona bars and the majority of them are not really famous but rather authentic and original bars that you don’t often hear of.
You can discover it here.
Their instagram account is also worth a “follow”!

Food Barcelona best blogs barcelona
Food Barcelona is a gastronomic blog providing reviews about Barcelona restaurants but also some attractive homemade recipes! Very useful if you wonder where to go for dinner in Barcelona. Food lovers, this blog is made for you!


Guiri girl in barca best blogs barcelona
As you maybe already know, “guiri” means expatriate. This blog is written by a Scottish woman who moved to Barcelona a few years ago. Throughout her blog she shares her experience of living in Barcelona with her observations, feelings and the occasional funny story! Check it out!

SuiteLife Barcelona best blogs

Last but not least, the SuiteLife Barcelona Bible!!! This blog is the most complete in terms of insider info about Barcelona. Updated every 2 days on average, it is also really active and always keeps up with what’s happening right now in Barcelona. Amongst the numerous articles this blog has to offer, some are particularly worth a look!
The Barcelona Neighbourhood Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the city’s different districts.
Same for The Gaudi Guide that will make your Gaudi Tour much easier to organise!
And I bet you want to discover the Top 10 hot Spanish Women, don’t you? I won’t make you wait any longer, you can browse this blog here!

That is it for our list of the best blogs about Barcelona!I hope you enjoyed reading this article and these blogs. If you know of any Barcelona blogs that could appear in this list, let us know in the comments section and we might include it!

Churches in Barcelona: The Top 5 Must-See

Barcelona Cathedral

Famous Churches in Barcelona

As with any historic city, Barcelona has many famous churches to offer. Through their awe-striking architecture and beautiful artwork, these churches give glimpses into the storied past of Barcelona’s streets. Here are the top churches in Barcelona we think you should checkout!

Cathedral Barcelona

-Barcelona Cathedral

A perfect example of a Gothic cathedral, the Barcelona Cathedral (Cathedral Santa Eulalia de la Seu) started construction at the end of the 13th Century. While perhaps not as world renown as Gaudi’s own creation on the otherside of town, there are many who prefer the picturesque spires of this Cathedral adorned with Gargoyles and mystical creatures.


Barcelona Cathedral

-Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

Said to be the oldest of the churches in Barcelona by means of recreation, the current church building was finished in the 14th Century. The gorgeous high ceilings in the basilica will definitely have you pulling your camera out.

Barcelona Cathedral

-Church of San Felipe Neri

One of the lesser known plazas in Barcelona is outside of this church. The square is peaceful and romantic, yet carries a terrible morbid past. Amidst the fountain and shady trees, the walls of the church and surrounding area are scared with holes and chips. During WWII, two stray bombs were mistakenly released on the square killing around 40 people, half of which were children. The square remains a beautiful, sad reminder of the balance of peace and violence.

Barcelona Cathedral

-Sagrada Familia

Along with Antoni Gaudi’s other masterpieces, the Sagrada Familia is the face of Barcelona. The construction has continued after the death of its famous architect in 1926 and is already a UNESCO World Heritage site despite an expected completion date of 2026.

barcelona cathedral

-Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Your journey to Barcelona could not be complete without a visit to the top of Tibidabo Mountain to see this church. A recent finished construct in 1961, the the Sacred Heart of Jesus has the best view of any of the churches in Barcelona. A 2,5€ elevator and a few flights of stairs gets you to the top of the steeple, right under the open-armed Jesus, allowing for a 360 degree view of Catalonia.


Enjoy the churches in Barcelona! Let us know below if we left one of your favorites off of the list.




Top 10 Catalan Football Players

Some are young and playing some have became legends, but they are the top 10 Catalan football players

Cataluña and Barcelona in particular have always been a breeding ground for many famous footballers in the world. In harmony with the Fifa World Cup 2014, which is getting hotter and rougher, SuiteLife has picked the 10 most famous Catalan football players of all time. You’ve probably known about the trending names like Xavi Hernández, Carles Puyol, Sergio Busquets, Victor Valdes etc. but how about the legends from the early-middle of twentieth century?

1. Ricardo Zamora (1901 – 1978)

The legendary Goalkeeper was born in 1901 in Barcelona. He is probably the only player who played for both FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., Spanish football team and Catalonia national football team. During his career as player he has won 3 Copas del Rey, 5 Catalan football championships, 2 La Liga. As football manager, he helped Atlético Aviación (former of Atlético Madrid) win 2 La Liga championships. For individual titles, he was awarded the best Goalkeeper of the 1934 FIFA World Cup and the honour of best Goalkeeper in La Liga, the Ricardo Zamora Trophy was named after him.

Catalan football player ricardo zamora


Trophies as player:

  • 1 Copa del Rey with Espanyol, 2 with Barcelona
  • 2 Catalan Champions with Espanyol, 3 with Barcelona
  • 2 La Liga with Real Madrid
  • 2 Copa de España with Real Madrid
  • 3 Copa Princep de Asturies with Catalan XI


Trophies as manager:

  • 2 La Liga with Atlético Aviación


Individual honours:

  • Fifth in World – Goalkeeper of the century
  • Best Goalkeeper of the 1934 FIFA World Cup




2. Antoni Ramallets (1924 – 2013)

Antoni Ramallets Simón was born in Barcelona. He is honoured by FC Barcelona as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Barça and the whole of Spanish football signed up from Europa. During the era of maximum glory for the team, later called as “Cinco Copas”(Five Cups) era, he has achieved many awards with the team. Antoni Ramallets, together with another Barca goal keeper Victor Valdes are currently the two goalkeepers that have obtain the most Zamora trophies (5 each)

Catalan football player Antoni Ramallets



Trophies as player with Barcelona:

  • 6 La Liga
  • 5 Copa del Rey
  • 3 Copa Eva Duarte
  • 2 Inter-Cities Fairs Cups
  • Latin Cup


  • 5 Zamora Trophies

Manager for Zaragoza

  • Copa del Rey
  • Inter-Cities Fairs Cup





3. Estanislau Basora (1926-2012)

Catalan football player Estanislau Basora


Born in Colonia Valls, Barcelona, the Catalan winger/striker joined FC Barcelona when he was 20 and spent most of his football career with the club. With great technical abilities, great pace and ability to lose his marker he became a member of Barcelona’s famous forward line at that time (Basora, Kubala, César, Moreno and Manchón).


  • 4 La Liga Championships:
  • 2 Latin Cups
  • 4 Copa del Rey
  • 3 Eva Duarte Cups
  • 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup







4. Carles Rexach (1947)

Born in Barcelona in 1947, Carles Rexach joined Barcelona junior team when he was 12 and also spent his whole career in FC Barcelona. Although Rexach was a great midfielder with one Pichichi Trophy (awarded to top goalscorer in each La Liga season) in 1970–71, the once popular Catalan football player had his best years on the Barcelona bench as assistant coach to Luis Aragonés and Johan Cruyff before he was appointed manager in 2001. After his playing career, he worked for the team as a scout; Carles is the one who discovered and brought one of the greatest footballers in the world – Lionel Messi- to the club.

Catalan football player Carles Rexach

Trophies as player:

  • 1 UEFA Cup
  • 2 Inter-Cities Fairs Cups
  • 1 La Liga Championships
  • 4 Copa del Rey
  • 1 Pichichi Trophy

5. Roberto Martínez (1973)

Roberto Martínez Montoliú was born in the town of Balaguer, Lleida, Catalonia. The defensive midfielder started his football career at Real Zaragoza and shortly changed his career path to England. Here he’s archieved many titles with Wigan Athletic and Swansea City, both as player and on the coaching bench.

Catalan football player Roberto Martinez


Trophies as player:

  • Copa del Rey: 1993–94 with Real Zaragoza
  • Football League 3rd Division with Wigan Athletic
  • Football League: with Wigan Athletic
  • Football League: 2005–06 with Swansea City

Trophies as a manager:

Swansea City

  • Football League One: 2007–08
  • 3 League One Manager of the Month
  • League One Manager of the Year: 2007–08

Wigan Athletic

  • FA Cup: 2012–13
  • Premier League Manager of the Month: April 2012





6. Josep Guardiola (1971)

The incumbent manager of Bayern Munich is inarguably one of the most successful Catalan footballers, in both his playing and managing career. He was born in Santpedor, Barcelona and joined La Masia (youth academy of Barcelona) at age of 13. He is the player with most titles won as player and manager: 16 as a player and 14 as a manager. He is also the manager with best percentage of titles: 14 titles from the 19 possible between 2008 – 2012. As FC Barcelona manager, he’s brought the Tiki-taka style to its greatest success, allowed the club to win 2008–09 and 2010–11 UEFA Champions League.

Catalan football player Pep Guardiola

Trophies with Fc Barcelona:

  • 9 La Liga with FC Barcelona (6 as player and 3 as manager)
  • 4 Copa del Rey (2 as player, 2 as manager)
  • 7 Supercopa de España (4 as player, 3 as manager)
  • 3 UEFA Champions League cup (1 as player, 2 as manager)
  • 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup as player
  • 4 UEFA Super Cup (2 as player, 2 as manager)
  • 2 FIFA Club World Cup as manager
  • 1 Olympic Gold Medal with Spain national team


Trophies with Fc Bayern Munich:

  • Bundesliga: 2013–14
  • DFB-Pokal: 2013–14
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2013
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2013


Individual title:

  • Catalan of the Year Award: 2009
  • La Liga Coach of the Year: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • World Soccer Magazine World Manager of the Year: 2009, 2011
  • FIFA World Coach of the Year: 2011

7. Xavi Hernández (1980)

Born in Terrassa, Barcelona and join La Masia since the age of 11, Xavi has spent all his football life at FC Barcelona. The current number 6 together with Iniesta, they have made a fantastic duo in the centre. Xavi stands out for his tactical vision, ability to win the ball back and control the game pace. That explains why Xavi is irreplaceable during the club’s successful seasons. Proved via numbers, he holds the records for players with most appearances (822 games)/ most appearances in Liga (474 games)/ most appearances in international competitions (168 games). He is also the player with most titles in Barcelona (22 title, only one less than the national record of Real Madrid’s Paco Gento).

Catalan football player Xavi HernandezTrophies with Barcelona & Spain national team:

  • 2 Clubs World Cup
  • 3 UEFA Champions League Cups
  • 2 European Super Cups
  • 7 La Liga cups
  • 2 Copas del Rey
  • 6 Spanish Super Cups
  • FIFA World Cup
  • 2 UEFA European Football Championship
  • Summer Olympics Silver Medal
  • FIFA World Youth Championship


Individual trophies:

  • World Soccer Player of the Year: 2010
  • FIFA Ballon d’Or 3rd place: 2010, 2011
  • Ballon d’Or Bronze Award: 2009
  • FIFA World Player of the Year 3rd place: 2009
  • 4 times IFFHS World’s Best Playmaker
  • FIFA Club World Cup Silver Ball: 2011
  • FIFA Club World Cup Bronze Ball: 2009
  • And many others


8. Víctor Valdés (1982)

Víctor Valdés i Arribas was born in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. The current number 1 Goalkeeper of Barcelona joined the team in 1992 and has been one of the best goalkeepers in Barcelona’s history. The second goalkeeper in this Catalan football players list currently holds the title of unbeaten for the most consecutive minutes in official competitions: (896 minutes in season 10/11)

Catalan football player Victor ValdesTrophies with Barcelona and Spain national team:

  • 6 La Liga
  • 2 Copa del Rey
  • 6 Supercopa de España
  • 3 UEFA Champions League
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups
  • 2 FIFA Club World Cups
  • FIFA World Cup 2010
  • UEFA European Football Championship 2012


Individual trophies:

  • 5 Zamora Trophies
  • La Liga Goalkeeper of the Year: 2010–11
  • Prince of Asturias Awards: 2010
  • Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit: 2011




9. Carles Puyol (1978)

Carles Puyol i Saforcada was born in Lleida, Catalonia. He has served FC Barcelona since 1995 and that is his only football club till he retired in 2014. Interestingly, Puyol started his career as goalkeeper, then striker which explains his ability to score goal in Fc Barcelona. Only when he joined Barcelona his position changed again to defender. Although Puyol is not very tall (178 cm), his physical strength makes him very strong in the air and he is capable of man-marking opposing forwards who are taller than him. Puyol is a great leader and model for the rest of the squad due to his discipline, pride and total identification to the Club.

Catalan football player Carles Puyol

Trophies with FC Barcelona and Spain national team:

  • 6 La Liga
  • 2 Copa del Rey
  • 6 Supercopa de España
  • 3 UEFA Champions League
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups
  • 2 FIFA Club World Cups
  • FIFA World Cup: 2010
  • UEFA European Championship: 2008


Individual trophies:

  • UEFA Club Best Defender: 2006
  • FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 2010
  • BBVA Fair Play award: 2011–12
  • Prince of Asturias Awards: 2010
  • Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit: 2011



10. Sergio Busquets (1988)

Sergio Busquets Burgos was born in Sabadell, Barcelona. He joined Barça youth system in 2005, then he was promoted to play in the first team. Sergio is a complete midfielder with field intelligence and well positioning. He creates a solid shield in front of Barca’s defense line and brings stability to the team, thus helping Barcelona achieving many successes.  His father Carles Busquets also played (as Goal keeper) for Barcelona and they became the third father-and-son combo that have won Europe’s top club competition playing for the same team.

Catalan football player Sergio Busquets


Trophies with Barcelona:

  • 4 La Liga
  • 2 Copa del Rey
  • 4 Supercopa de España
  • 2 UEFA Champions League
  • 2 UEFA Super Cup:
  • 2 FIFA Club World Cup

With National team:

  • FIFA World Cup: 2010
  • UEFA European Championship: 2012


  • La Liga’s Breakthrough Player: 2009
  • Bravo Award: 2009
  • Prince of Asturias Awards: 2010
  • Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit: 2011





That’s our top 10 Catalan football players list. Do you have any other favorite ones? Feel free to share in the comment section below. I would like to hear it! And hey if you still looking for sport bars in Barcelona, check out our list!

Enjoy the 2014 World Cup!


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