Barcelona Gracia Festival 2010 – Part 2

Love the Gracia Festival night scene as much as us?! Here’s a glimpse of what was going on this year in the Gracia Neighborhood after all the little ones had gone to bed… The decorations were a bit lacking this year, but the music Rocked!

Barcelona Gracia Festival 2010 – Part 1

SuiteLife TV LOVES the Gracia Festival 2010 and here is our first footage of the beautiful yearly party in the Gracia Neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain. Checkout the video and get ready for part 2 & 3 coming soon!

Barcelona Gracia Festival 2010 – Part 3

The last Barcelona Gracia Festival video in the series, this one is mostly about body movin’! People danced danced danced the nights away in the famous Gracia neighborhood so if you missed it, you can now see them for yourself!

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