Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I fill in the Suitelife request form?

We created the request form to improve the process of helping our clients to find their perfect home in Barcelona. Once we receive a filled in request form, we’ve have all the necessary information to start your flat hunt and begin to offer you the best options according to your requisits.

2. What do I have to do if I want to visit a flat?

If you are interested in a flat and want to see it, you can contact us by email, phone, or by filling in the ‘contact me about this flat’ option next to the listing on our site. We will then get in touch with you and arrange a time to do the visit taking into account your availability.

3. Are utilities included in the rent?

No, normally not, but however sometimes owners do include utilities in the rent as a promotion. When utilities are included it will be mentioned very prominently in the ad. If the ad does not say that utilities are included, then the answer in that specific case is, no, they are not included.

4. Do I have to pay commission?

Yes. If you found the flat of your dreams and you want to move in, you have to pay an agency fee. Generally it’s the equivalent of one month’s rent plus IVA.  If you’re worried about the commission payment it’s always best to ask up front to clarify.

5. How can I make a payment?

The 2 most common ways people make payments are the following:

Cash: This is often the easiest way and it saves quite a bit of time.

Bank Transfer: The second option, and common for people who don’t want to carry so much cash around is a bank transfer. Whether you are reserving a flat or paying for it in its entirety, it’s very important to always ask for a ‘transfer confirmation’ from your bank. This is a document signed and/or sealed by the bank confirming that the transfer is actually on its way. This is the only way an owner can tell for sure if the money has been sent and without it you’ll most likely have to wait for the money to physically come into the owner’s account before moving in. This can take between 2-5 business days depending on what country it’s sent from.

6. What’s the deal with documentation anyways?

Once you decide you want to take a certain flat, they will ask you for your documentation (for more specific info on how to prepare your documents so you don’t lose the flat of your dreams check out the ‘How It Works’ Section). This is to prove to the owner that you are a serious, and most importantly, solvent person. Once you are approved by the owner the process of securing you the flat begins.

7. Where or to whom do I have to pay the rent?

SuiteLife does not intervene in monthly rent payments. You will pay your rent every month directly to the owner. The most common form of paying rent is through automatic withdrawal from your Spanish account (if you don’t have a Spanish account you’ll need to get one setup). That way the rent money goes directly from your account to the owner’s each month and this is what most owners prefer as it saves everyone time.

8. Do I have to pay a security deposit? How much?

Yes. The most standard deposit for a long term contract in BCN is the equivalent of two months rent. This is given back to you at the end of your stay. Sometimes if the owner is not happy with the client’s solvency (sometimes an issue for students who have no income) they will ask for either more deposit or for a bank guarantee. Deposits are solely for damages and hence cannot be used as your last month’s rent.

9. When and how do I get the security deposit back?

After your move from the flat, the owner will come and check it’s condition. Providing you leave it in the same condition as you found it (normal wear and tear is expected of course) the owner will send you back the deposit, usually with a bank transfer to your account, and usually within no more than 30 days (sometimes they must wait for the final utility bills to come through in order to deduct the proper amount). Make sure to discuss this before you sign so you know how they will be taking care of it. It’s important to note that SuiteLife is not a property management company but a real estate promotion company.  Although we’re always available to give you friendly advice, we are not responsible, nor is it within our power, to settle any owner/tenant disputes after the signing of the contract.

10. What do you typically have to pay in order to enter a flat?

Typically, on the day of the contract, you will have to pay the following:
- 2 months ‘fianza’ or security deposit
- 1st month’s rent (or the proportional part of the 1st month)
- 1 month’s agency fee + IVA (value added tax is 18%)
The above is typically what is asked for assuming the owner is happy with your documentation and you have sufficiently proven solvency to them. For students and people without work contracts, proving solvency can be harder and might result in further guarantees or more deposit.

11. Can I enter the flat and pay later?

Simply put, no. On the day of the contract, in order to sign, receive your keys, and enter the flat you will have to pay the full amount of what is owed (see question above for clarification). Payment can be made in several ways (see question 5) but under no circumstances will an owner allow you to sign the contract and move until payment has been made in full.

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