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Benny Mouckley
Managing Director

Benny was born in Toronto, Canada. In 2004 he moved to Barcelona to study an MBA in International Business at the prestigious EADA.

In love with this city, he stayed here, and in 2007 founded the company SuiteLife S.L. Benny's dream is to provide high quality services to foreigners who, like him, have had the experience of arriving in a new city, which can sometimes feel like a new world.

Benny has his roots in the entrepreneurial world and real estate. Now, he is a registered real estate agent of Catalonia (AICAT) and is part of the Professional Association of Real Estate Experts of Catalonia.


SuiteLife S.L. is a real estate and service company that specialises in helping foreigners, both professionals and masters degree students, with above average spending power, to find apartments in Barcelona. They act as relocation agents and a "full service" real estate company. Additionally, it provides other services to make their move to Barcelona as seamless as possible.

We are Barcelona experts, and the way we work and our niche clientele ensures that we have high levels of demand and exceptional trust from our clients when looking to rent or buy a property. In order to better serve our customers we are constantly creating useful content to help them navigate the city whether it be our free e-books, blogs, or videos.


SuiteLife has a portfolio of over 1,000 properties and actively collaborates with over 50 agencies and agents in Barcelona.

These are some of the reasons why it is profitable (advantageous) to work with us:

Intensive qualification of all our customers, creating a match between them and the property. We only work with serious, responsible and demonstrably solvent clients, who already know the specifications of the property (price, terms, pictures, etc) and still show interest in it.

Our relationship with our property owners is much more important than pushing operations and contracts. With this attitude we have created hundreds of lasting relationships based on trust and efficiency. We try to find tenants with the same care as if the properties were our own.

Super pro-active agents. Our agents are not sitting around waiting for their mobile phones to ring. All day they are looking to create opportunities for homeowners and solutions for customers.

We work 24/7. Weekends, lunchtime, evenings, always! Our customers demand it. This way we ensure you never miss an interesting opportunity for something as silly as the potential client not calling within 'business hours'. We are always available to you.

Assistance in marketing the property online in English, preparation and development of creative advertising that attracts the foreign market, helping the property owner to position their apartment along side all the other leading real estate agencies catering to foreigners in Barcelona. We have a strong presence in leading portals from Spain, USA and Europe, and have a very strong brand online and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Etc.


Our customers typically fall into one of the following profiles:

1. International masters program students. We have agreements and contacts at all the most important universities (like ESADE, IESE, EADA, UAB, UB, EU, EAE, Etc.) and every year we have an insatiable level of demand for rental properties.

2. Young people between 25 and 45 years with above average purchasing power who want to move to Barcelona or within the city, and seek central properties, renovated and in very good condition, for long term rentals (1-3 years) or for sale. Our demand for rentals is for 1 year + periods normally but we also have demand for mid-term rentals (2-11 months).

3. Investors. Our investors are usually from outside of Spain and looking to buy apartments and buildings in Barcelona, always with a close eye on potential profitability. We work with individuals, as well as with investment funds from countries like USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Etc.

We take care of finding the product that best suits the needs of our customers. Therefore, we are always looking to expand our property portfolio to meet our constantly growing demand.

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