Impressions of Barcelona Best Beaches

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Going to the beach in Barcelona is a real experience. I’ve almost always lived on the seaside so you might say I'm a bit of a beach expert! Barcelona best beaches all share a special atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else. I know beaches in Northern Germany, West and South of France, Italy and California and none of them can be compared with Barcelona's best beaches. We've even written an e-book for you so you can choose the one for you! Or if you prefer, we've written about some of our favourite beaches in Barcelona - Montgat NordWaikiki Beach, Sant Pol del Mar -for you to take a look at. But...

Where does this particular 'Barcelona Beach' feeling come from?

1) The wonderful mediterranean sun

With blue skies and sunshine nearly all year round, you can't go wrong with the weather at Barcelona's beaches. I was even heading down to the beach with my towel in November!

2) Women go to Barcelona beaches topless

Barcelona best beaches all have this in common: 90% of all women take the upper part of their bikini off… This is a very normal thing here but newcomers might be a little bit surprised!

3) Barcelona nudist beaches are right next to the other beaches

This might appear a bit naïve but, being French, I am used to completely separate beaches for nudists and covered up people.  But it’s not that way in Barcelona: there is no physical separation between the different beaches. In other words, you can walk along Barcelona's beaches and suddenly see naked people walking and hanging out amongst the clothed people. Just be aware that Barcelona's best beaches include Barcelona's nudist beaches. Yes Sir! Sitges and the end of Mar Bella for example...

Impressions of Barcelona Best Beaches Image

4)      You hear “Cola Cerveza Agua Fria!” quite often…

Most certainly the first words you’re going to learn in Spanish. Barcelona beaches are full of people walking between the  towels and selling beer, coca cola and cold water to the thirsty ones. It can get a bit annoying hearing this over and over, but we also think it's pretty damn convenient to have cold drinks delivered right to your towel.

5)      Sand entertainers have imagination

Pay attention to the marvelous sand castles, forests and other sculptures on the side of the walkway. Some of them really are impressive: they build mountains with waterfalls, volcanos and pay attention to details like trees and caves!

Impressions of Barcelona Best Beaches Image

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Barceloneta Beach: General Impressions

Barceloneta is certainly the most popular Barcelona beach.  As it's one of the closet beaches to the city centre and one of the most easily accessible, it attracts hordes of both locals and tourists in search of a good time in the sun.  Living in BCN for just over 6 years has left me slightly jaded in the sense that my idea of a nice beach afternoon is not being surrounded by drunk, sun burnt and giddy tourists, but hey, to each their own no?  Despite my snobbery (lol), the Barceloneta Beach is absolutely fantastic and is a must visit.  If you're looking for amazing people-watching, architectural wonders, cutting-edge cuisine, and a buzzing nightlife, this is the Barcelona beach for you!

How to get there

Each Barcelona beach is quite easy to get to and Barceloneta is no different.  The easiest way is to hop on the metro.  Take the Yellow Line 4 to either the "Barceloneta" or "Ciutadela/Villa Olympica" stop, walk for a few minutes, and you're there!

Architectural Wonders

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Here are a few of the architectural wonders that line the Barceloneta beach:
  • Rebecca Horn's "Homenatge a la Barceloneta" is especially cool.  It was built for the 1992 Olympics and each of the 'cubes' remind us of a typical room in an apartment in Barceloneta where, because of space and legal constraints, the buildings don't reach more than 5 stories and the typical flat is around 30m2.
  • Frank Gehry's "Pez de Oro" (Golden Fish) was an attempt to go back to the roots of humanity.  It was also commissioned for the 1992 Olympics.
  • The Twin Towers are the two enormous buildings found at the beginning of the Barceloneta beach.  One building, also designed by Ghery, is the Arts Hotel (Ritz Carlton chain) and the other is the Mapre office building.  As the height of buildings in the area is very restricted, these two towers stand out as focal points on the Barcelona Skyline.

Beach Bars

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arcelona beaches are famous for their beach bars, which in Spanish are called "Chiringuitos".  Barceloneta is no exception and the chiringuitos are a great place to sit with friends, relax, and watch the world go by.

Restaurants & Bars

There are some great spots on Barceloneta beach.  For dining we suggest "Bestial", a modern Mediterranean eatery by the famous Tragaluz group.  Also, "Sal Cafe" is another fusion-style restaurant where you can sit outside on the board walk and have a delish meal. The boardwalk of Barceloneta beach, near the twin towers, turns into a virtual nightlife playground  as the clock approaches midnight.  There are lots of clubs to choose from, but we recommend "Opium Mar" and "CDLC".  Definitely stay away from "Catwalk" at all costs.

Check out our Barcelona Beach Profiles

Profile #2: Nova Icaria

Looking for a fun time at the beach?! Well, Barcelona has plenty of beaches to offer you! This is our 2rd Beach Profileand its all about Nova Icaria. In our new beach series we'll tell you all about Barcelona's beaches or "playas" as they say in Spanish or "platjas" in Catalan!

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Nova Icaria is located on the East of the Olympic Port. It is usually a bit quieter than the more popular Barceloneta Beach but just as nice, if not nicer. It is mostly frequented by families with children or small groups of friends. Also, it is said that people who go to this beach stay the longest - for some reason or another.

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Activities at Nova Icaria

Nova Icaria offers more activities than most of the other beaches. If you fancy having a more active time at the beach there is a designated activities area along with a ping-pong tables and a handful of volleyball courts - or you can just sunbath and watch other people run around! Personally, I'd go for the later. This beach has a very relaxed feel to it. People are just here to have fun and there doesn't seem to be the "Yuppy" crowd that you get at Barceloneta. Additionally it's a great spot for watching airshows, that seem to happen quite often here, like the Festa al Cel or the Red Bull Air Race.

Area for Disabled People

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Additionally, assistance is offered at Nova Icaria for disabled people or those with reduced mobility. This service is offered by volunteers throughout the summer months (more info see They have specially designed floating chairs to help people in and out of the water but they will also assist bathers whilst in the water as well. Here at SuiteLife we think that the volunteers who offer this service do an awesome job! It is a great idea and allows many people who would normally be unable go to the beach have a great day out at the beach! How to Get There!

Bus no. 6, 36, 41, 92, 141 will get you to the beach. Or why not take the Metro Line 4 - Ciutadella or Bogatell both are a short walk to the beach! Or try Tram T4  to Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica. Or you could walk or cycle  as well.

Bogatell Beach Barcelona - One of the best!

A beautiful, quiet 640 meter blue flag beach in the San Marti area, it’s far enough away from Barceloneta beach to escape the chaos and crowds whilst retaining all the charm and character of the Barcelona coast line. If you want to go to the beach, relax with a group of friends or family and feel safe, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better spot than this. Apparently, the average age of visitors to this beach is between 37 and 38, I’m not sure who or how these figures were recorded but if it’s true it would make sense. In my first year in Barcelona, I was working as a TEFL teacher close by and would cycle here every day to eat my lunch and read for an hour, soaking up the sun without feeling that I had to keep an eye on my belongings too closely. It definitely offers a less “touristic” vibe which can be refreshing, especially in the Barcelona summer months. [caption id="attachment_8481" align="alignleft" width="400"]

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Golden-Warm-Beautiful-Spacious-Extreme-Barcelona's Best Beach?[/caption]

What's on offer?

As with all the beaches in Barcelona, there are facilities in place to stretch those legs if you feel the urge! Bogatell sports facilities include a table tennis table or “ping-pong” table as we prefer to call them and of course, a volleyball court situated at the far end of the beach bordering Marbella beach. My personal favourite is the concrete skate park just off Bogatell beach, complete with “bowl” and “spine” sections. Ideal for skating and BMXing in Barcelona, there’s always a friendly and relaxed atmosphere there. The Barcelona cycle track offers an easy but enjoyable ride along the Barcelona coast and connects all the beaches along the way, sandwiched by the beach and the many Spanish paella restaurants.

Kite Surfing in Barcelona?

For those of you that want to pursue Kite surfing in Barcelona, this is the beach. With less people in the water, you have less obstacles to avoid. A little tip, most, if not all of the beaches in Barcelona will be packed through-out the summer season. Kitesurfing in Barcelona during these months isn’t very common as the space isn’t available. Saying that, when the conditions are right for Kitesurfing in Barcelona, Bogatell beach will be your best bet as there are less well known by tourists.It’s worth mentioning (for our less daring readers), nudity in Barcelona isn’t that big a deal and YOU WILL see people half or completely naked on most of the Barcelona beachesMarbella beach, however, which borders Bogatell beach, is the official nudist beach in Barcelona. From my personal observations, the nudists in Barcelona (usually men) enjoy walking up and down thebeaches strutting their stuff and attracting as much attention as possible. If you want a picture with one, just ask, they love it! This means however, that a trip to Bogatell will almost certainly involve nudity in some shape or form. I remember sitting on a ramp in the Bogatell skate park and seeing a man in his late 60’s, cycling stark naked along the Barcelona cycle track! Needless to say, the Bogatell skate park erupted in a fit of laughter! [caption id="attachment_8482" align="alignright" width="240"]

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Tan-lines getting you down?[/caption] Unlike most other beaches in Barcelona, you can easily access the beach by car. There is a relatively large car park which also has 12 disabled spaces. A watch tower and lifeguard highchair offers safety for swimmers and more importantly, children. There are 10 showers, great for cleaning off the sand before you make your way home and 6 public drinking fountains which will save you a few Euros (the beach bars aren’t the cheapest). Bogatell beach is super-duper clean and this is largely down to the 32 litter bins conveniently situated up and down the beach.

How to get there

Personally, I think the best way to get to Bogatell beach, is by bike but for those of you who are taking the metro, jump on Line 4 (that’s the yellow line) and get off at Bogatell. The beach is hard to miss but if all else fails, follow the sweet scent of suntan lotion! Barcelona Bus services offer a more scenic route to Bogatell and you can take bus 6, 36, 41, 92 or 141. I really hope you enjoy your trip to what I think is one of Barcelona best beaches, make sure to let us know what you think, you can add your pics to our Facebook page and be sure to check out the VIDEO below! Have fun tanning! Yours, A

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