The Best Property to Rent: Chateau Ivy Blue

The Best Property to Rent near Barcelona!

SuiteLife Presents a Luxury Property to rent outside Barcelona. Wait till you see this!

luxury property for rent near barcelona

Can you imagine living here? Wanna spend a few days for a special occasion with your friends in an amazing house close to Barcelona? Why not relax in a castle like this one! The SuiteLife team presents this beautiful house called Chateau Ivy Blue. This unique property is a breathtaking house full of modernity and typical Catalan modernism. If you’re a fan checkout our blog on the Modernist movement.

15,000 € a Month?!

OK, we must admit it sounds a bit excessive, BUT this 1100m2 mansion has 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with typical features of modernism.  You can also rent it by the week. Imagine gathering your closest friends and basking in the luxury of this beautiful secluded house for a week. Just look at these amazing photos!

luxury house for rent near barcelona

luxury house for rent near barcelona

luxury house for rent near barcelona

Chateau Ivy Blue is in a great location in Castellar del Valles, about 35 km from Barcelona, as you can see on the map below:

luxury house for rent barcelona

Just SOME of the awesome features included:

  • 3 Living Rooms.
  • an enormous kitchen fit for a professional chef.
  • your very own wine cellar.
  • private gorgeous pool and huge garden.
  • in case your time in the chateau gets a little dionysian, the house has it’s very own chapel where you can repent for your sins the night before!
  • this place sleeps up to 20 people

Anyway, this house can be the perfect place to spend a very special week or month with a bunch of friends or even with the whole family, because this unrivaled mansion is just that awesome!

If you fell in love with this place as SuiteLife team did, don´t hesitate to contact us! Click to see the full listing.

So isn’t it the best property to rent ? Do you know a better place to stay? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks and enjoy your week!


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