Primavera Sound Barcelona 2017

Primavera Sound Barcelona 2017: THE Festival for Real Music Lovers!

One of the biggest festivals of Europe is taking place on our own doorstep, we are talking about Primavera Sound Barcelona! This festival brings about 200.000 music lovers to Parc del Forum, very close to the beach of Barcelona. Renowned musicians like Aphex Twin, Grace Jones and Van Morrison are performing in the 2017 edition of Primavera Sound Barcelona, we will tell you all about this awesome event. If you love indie rock, pop and alternative electronic and rock music then you should definitely get excited about Primavera Sound!

“Primavera Sound is one of those events that all musicians look forward to playing. It’s not just another festival. It’s a lasting experience for both festival-goer and performer. It’s special for many reasons but it really begins with the care that the programmers put into building the overall event” – Daniel Kessler (Interpol guitarist)

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How it all started…

What started off as an Indie exclusive festival, now a days is known as a globally renowned music showcase. But how exactly did this happen? The festival was born in 2001 in Poble Espanyol, an outdoor venue for music events. In 2002 they decided to add a second day to the festival, 60 local and international artists performed on five different stages that year. From 2005, they moved the event to the Parc del Fórum, an event and festival area on the coast of Barcelona. The wide range of bands performing on Primavera Sound Barcelona have made this festival THE event of the year to meet artists from all generations and styles, known and unknown artists. Until so far, they have always succeeded in bringing together the best of the best artists from all types of music. Every year the event is growing in terms of numbers and in terms of media attention. In 2001 there were only 8000 visitors, while in 2015 there were over 190.000 visitors!

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In that same year, promising upcoming artists like Franz Ferdinand, Wilco, and Arcade Fire made their debut in Spain on the Primavera Sound Barcelona festival. The years after, Primavera Sound became a renowned music showcase for many famous artists like Akron, Motörhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2006), Band of Horses, The White Stripes (2007), Public Enemy, Kavinsky, Bon Iver (2008), Bloc Party, My Bloody Valentine, Spectrum, Neil Young (2009), Peggy Sue, Gary Numan, florence & The Machine, Major Lazor (2010).


There were many unforgettable moments on Primavera Sound Barcelona. If you’d ask the loyal fans of the festival, they probably still remember the performance of the iconic Bon Iver in 2008, which was his first concert ever in Spain. And then a year later the one and only Neil Young performed on Primavera Sound Barcelona. Later on in 2012 it became the year of Metal. During last years edition, the Radiohead concert attracted the most people, over 45.000 festival goers went to sea the 90’s band.


What is Primavera Sound about?

The concept of Primavera Sound Barcelona is way richer than just a gathering of indies, it’s a platform for all kinds of music styles performed by many still unknown artists, you could see it as a festival within festival. When you go to Primavera Sound it’s very recommended to make a plan of each day to discover the best of the best unknown artists. As there are around 70.000 visitors a day, the organisation feels the responsibility to feed them all, which they do with food trucks serving the best street food.

The main vision of the Primavera Sound Barcelona organisation is to let people discover the undiscovered. Many people go to a gig of artists they never knew before, and they end up loving it! The organisation always carefully select its’ artists, they always look at the performance level of the musician, in order to always provide the audience high level artists. So if you go to Primavera Sound you’ll have to be an open minded person, open minded to enjoy new music of new bands.


2017 edition

This Primavera Sound Barcelona 2017 edition will take place on 31 May – 4 June. The official full festival tickets are gone, but don’t be sad because you might still find tickets on, a safe marketplace. This years main artists are Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, The XX, Aphex Twin, Grace Jones, Slayer, Solange, Van Morrison, Mac DeMarco, Run The Jewels, Skepta, Miguel, Metronomy, Flying Lotus, The Magnetic Fields, Death Grips, Descendents, Angel Olsen, The Make-Up, Teenage Fanclub and there will be many many more!

Want to be sure that you don’t miss one of the best artists of Primavera Sound Barcelona 2017 like Bon Iver, Frank Ocean etc.? We’ll tell you exactly where and when they perform:

♦ Bon Iver / Thursday 1 June / 22.00 / Heineken stage

♦ Aphex Twin / Thursday 1 June / 01.00 / Heineken stage

♦ Solange / Thursday 1 June / 20.50 / Mango stage

♦ Frank Ocean / Friday 2 June / 22.15 / Mango stage

♦ Grace Jones / Saturday 3 June / 22.35 / Heineken stage

♦ Van Morrison / Saturday 3 June / 19.45 / Heineken stage

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Tickets are normally for sale on their official website: or The tickets are around € 80, and full festival tickets are around € 180 on redktk, and between € 145 – € 175 on the official website. Check it out now, because you don’t wanna miss this!

We’d love to hear about your festival experience at Primavera Sound or if you know any other must-go festival, let us know!

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