Mexican foods in Barcelona? You should definitely try Rosa Negra!

mexican food in barcelona

If you want to go to a very charming Barcelona Mexican restaurant, you’d not miss Rosa Negra’s delicious Mexican foods in Barcelona.

I know that it is a very important thing to try every special Spanish/Catalán food and Tapas while you are in Barcelona, but if you want something different, you should try one of the best places for Mexican foods in Barcelona.

mexican food in barcelona

There are two of this restaurant in Barcelona, one called the Rosa Negra and the other called Rosa del Raval. Both places’ design are very special, very kitsch – in the Mexican style created by the Mexican designer Lorena Zertuche! The restaurants are so colorful from the tablecloths to the little details – for example flip-flops or plastic dolls on the walls and huge lilac antlers on chandeliers.  The whole atmosphere is so unique and lovable even with it’s weird spots as well.

We have been there twice – once in Rosa Negra and once in the Rosa del Raval one – and I really can say that the food is worth the price. Especially if you go to have lunch on weekdays, because they have a diverse 2 or 3 course lunch offer for only 9 €, including a drink too (from 13.00 to 16.00).

I can highly recommend you to go to this Mexican restaurant in Barcelona, because they have really tasty Mexican foods for a very reasonable price. You should try many things from their menu, consisting of typical Mexican courses like: burritos, fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and much more.

But don’t miss out the starters either, because their guacamole is amazing, maybe the finest of the Mexican restaurants in Barcelona! It is fresh and really tasty, with a lot of tomato in it, making that more juicy – delicious with nachos! I think next time I’ll try the jalapeño rellenos with cheese, they looked so tempting.

mexican food in barcelona

Last time we ate some Flautas (fried tortilla rolls filled with chicken, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and cream on the top) and a mushroom soup which was also delightful.

For second plate we had Huevos a la Mexicana and Tacos de pollo en salsa verde. The portions were ideal and I also liked the presentation of the dishes at this Barcelona Mexican restaurant – they seem to pay quite a lot of attention to detail.

mexican food

Finally came the desert and – as I really like sweeties – I was very curious about them! I had a really nice White Chocolate Mousse. Normally I don’t like white chocolate, but it was amazing, creamy and crispy at the same time – because of the crunchy base with pistacchios and also with apricot sauce.

mexican food in barcelona

As you see Rosa Negra and Rosa del Raval has a pretty good selection of Mexican foods in Barcelona, so if you are hungry for some Mexican cuisine go to visit one of the Rosa-s!! (for more info click on the names!) Oh and don’t miss their happy hour  on weekdays from 18.00-20.00, the yummy mojitos and margaritas are just for 3,5 €!  You should absolutely try some!

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