Western Union in Barcelona: Get Money When You Most Need It

Need Someone to wire you Money ?There are places supported by Western Union in Barcelona!

Western Union in Barcelona

Ever needed help from a Western Union to wire you money in Barcelona? It happens, especially if you accidentally lose your credit cards or if your wallet gets pick-pocketed. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes in Barcelona, but if you keep your eyes open and follow the advice of other people you will be alright. Useful webpage for that is Robbed in Barcelona. Hopefully, you won’t have to experience such story!

But where exactly can you find a Western Union in Barcelona and how does one go about wiring money? Read the following advice and if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation needing money, you will be well prepared!


In order to wire money through a Western Union and receive it in Barcelona, the depositor and receiver of the money need to do the following:


1) Be ready with money.

  • Visit a local Western Union personally (must have cash or a credit card)
  • Call Western Union at 1-800-325-6000 (must have a credit card)
  • Visit their site online (Spain)

2) Authorize the amount of money that is intended to transfer by completing a ‘Send Money’ form.

3) Give the name of the Receiver AND the city/country that the Receiver is to get the money. (The name of the Receiver that you give HAS to exactly match the name of the Receiver’s identification)

4) The Depositor will receive a “numbered code” in which they must send to the Receiver (the Receiver ABSOLUTELY NEEDS this code in order to pick up his/her money)

Western Union Barcelona

*During this time, the information and deposit goes through Western Union’s computer system. Once the money is authorized in the country that the Receiver is, the receiver can go pick it up*


1) Go to a local station (listed below) that is supported by Western Union. BE SURE to have your passport or a resident card.

2) Give your “numbered code” and present your identification.

3) Receive your money!!!

That wasn’t so hard, huh?


There isn’t exactly a Western Union in Barcelona, but Western Union is incorporated with many companies that allows the transfers to process and go through. Here is a list of locations that have agreements with Western Union:

Change Express – Las Ramblas, 45 (Open Monday-Sunday from 8:00-23:59)

Change Express – Via Augusta, 88 (Open Monday-Sunday from 8:00-23:59)

Change Express – Avenida Diagonal, 329 (Open Monday-Sunday from 8:00-23:59)

Viajes Vincit – Travessera de Les Corts, 260 (Open Monday-Friday from 9:00-13:30, 16:30-19:30) (Open Saturday from 9:30-13:30)

Viajes Vincit – Via Augusta, 88 (Open Monday-Friday from 9:00-13:30, 16:30-19:30) (Open Saturday from 9:30-13:30)

stranded with no money

The great thing about the Western Union in Barcelona is that they also do currency exchange. So don’t be in a situation where you are stranded in Barcelona with absolutely no money! Everyone knows begging for cash on the street is never a good look.

Have you ever needed to get money wired to you in Barcelona? Ever been stranded in BCN without any money? Vent it out to us!

-Sam Fricker

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