Barcelona Street Profile: Carrer dels Tallers (calle Tallers)

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Carrer dels Tallers (Calle Tallers) is a beautiful hidden street, just a few steps away from Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas and the famous museum MACBA. The small street can be seen as a sort of connection between El Gotico and El Raval. Altough it´s so close to Barcelona´s busiest places, Carrer dels Tallers is not at all full of tourists. The street is a very secret place, full of vintage stores, restaurants, bars and spots to relax. Come and take a look around!

Carrer dels Tallers/ Calle Tallers by day:

Carrer dels Tallers is simply amazing. With a length of just 200m, it still has got so much to offer.  For music-fans, ice cream-lovers and for those who love vintage shopping – this is the place to be. When entering the street from “Las Ramblas”, you walk across a tight and pretty dark sidestreet. Once you walk a little bit further down the street, Calle Tallers turns out to be a small but really beautiful “Plaza”. That being said, you can go shopping and then relax with a nice cup of coffee on the grass or chill-out in one of the cute bars.

Things you shouldn´t miss when on Calle Tallers:

Relaxing in the plaza:

When I entered Carrer del Tallers for the first time, I was totally amazed by the variety of this street. I went there in order to take some photos and could´t believe my eyes when I reached the plaza.

Plaza Carrer dels Tallers, MACBA, Las Ramblas, Barcelona, calle tallersOne could say that this street has two faces. There was a woman sleeping on the grass, couples flirting and guys having a cold can of beer.

If you are looking for a few minutes away from the trouble and noise of Las Ramblas and Plaza Universidat, The Plaza on Carrer dels Tallers is the spot to go.

Vintage Shopping:

My colleague Charlotte Giver recently wrote about the great vintage shopping opportunities on Carrer dels Tallers. Its another thing one should´t miss for sure. Check out here blog for further info.


Udon is a japanaese restaurant chain in Spain. It´s not unique to Carrer dels Tallers, but you can still go there and have their awesome noodle soup. Check out their site for further info.

Music stores:

Carrer dels Tallers ist THE street to be when it comes to buying all kind of music. While walking trough Carrer dels Tallers, I figured out that there is a music store chain called “Discos Castelló”. This store is located on Carrer dels Tallers 3,7,9 and 79. Having entered one of them, I can defintely recommend those stores.

music in Barcelona

Sports stores:

In addition to all those fun things, Carrer dels Tallers has great opportunities for sports shopping. There are four stores, offering customized shoes, very seldom american sportswear, all kind of New Era caps , t-shirts , jerseys and everything one could imagine. Those stores are really packed with really nice sportswear. The mentioned stores are all at the beginning of Carrer dels Tallers, entering from Las Ramblas.

Ice cream – Gelateria Tallers –

It can be hard to notice this little ice cream shop. Nevertheless, it´s simply awesome. I´m really passionate about ice cream – I just can´t get enough of it. Thus, I have eaten a lot of ice cream in my life :)

The ice cream you can get at Gelateria Tallers is definetely one of the best I have had in my life. So you better not miss it!

Barcelona ice cream, calle tallers

Biker stores:

Calle Talles is full of stores for the individual. Therefore it offers things, one can´t buy anywhere else. I found this bike store, having vintage leather jackets, helmets and Harley Davidson products. When you are a biker in Barcelona – this is the place to go to.

Japanese food store:

There is this japanese food store next to the square. It is specialised in japanese food. THE store to buy those hard-to-find Japanese ingredients, once you have eaten enough tapas that is 😉

Carrer dels Tallers, Places to relax in Barcelona, calle tallers

Carrer dels Tallers by night:

Once nightfall arrives on Carrer del Tallers, the street turns out to be a pretty busy and crowded sidestreet off Las Ramblas. One can find bars, clubs, small restaurants and 24-h-open stores. This street is mostly visited by Spanish people, basically because it´s pretty hidden from tourists and foreigners. However, it has really fun things to do during the night.

Ovella Negra

Ovella Negra is a typical bar for students, offering cheap drinks and good atmosphere. You can play pool or order big Sangria cups. The service takes a little longer, but it´s worth waiting. It is located just a few steps away from Caller dels Tallers, on Carrer Sitges 5.

Have you checked out Calle Tallers yet?  Is there another street in Barcelona that you’re just dying to know more about? Let us know and we’ll try and profile it soon!


~Alex Kolb

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