Park Guell – personal guide to Barcelona’s most famous park!

Park Guell – personal guide to Barcelona’’s most famous and spectacular park designed by Gaudí

Park Guell

Park Guell was commissioned by Count Eusebi Güell and was originally intended to be a gated community to house the Barcelona aristocracy but in the end only two houses were built and the estate proved to be quite commercially unsuccessful.  Park Guell is now a municipal garden and a world heritage site.

Visiting Park Güell

Park Guell

When visiting Barcelona Park Guell I came from the Vallcarca metro station.  By arriving this way I came across a wonderful street that was one of the steepest streets I’ve been on, and I’ve been to San Francisco.  Just off Avinguada de Vallcarca near the metro you will find “Baixada de la Glória”.  It is mostly a pedestrian only street with stairs and escalators and when you reach the top be sure to look back and enjoy the view.

At the top of the street you reach Park Guell, although you won’t see much Gaudí influence there as most of his work is near the centre of the park.  You do however come across a great viewpoint at the top of the hill with brilliant views of the city.  As you walk over this hill and down towards the centre of Park Guell you begin to see the works of Antoni Gaudí.
Park Guell

The main terrace has an unmistakable serpentine mosaic bench weaving around its edge.  Interestingly Gaudí designed the bench so you don’t get a wet bum.  The bench is tilted to ensure rain runs off it and the bench dries quickly.  Gaudí also installed small bumps, to ensure people don’t sit on the wet bits. Being very popular and famous ensures that Barcelona Park Guell is full of tourists and, as I found, children on school trips.  One downside of this is the amount of rubbish lying around.  You will also find salesmen trying to offer you tacky souvenirs off what seems like a bed sheet. (One guy was selling earrings off an umbrella).  But don’t let me discourage you, it is still a must see.


Park Guell


Under the terrace you will see what I found to be the most spectacular sight in Park Guell.  The terrace is supported by a series of spectacular columns, and the ceiling is decorated with unique mosaics that perfectly reflected Antoni Gaudí and his crazy visions.

Park Guell


Further down is the famous entrance with the mosaic dragon fountain.  This is an iconic Gaudí sight and so
it is a little busy with tourists. You may struggle to get a picture with other tourists posing for their photos.  There are also the two iconic Gaudí buildings near the entrance, which are used as gift shops.



Opening times

Park Guell


January to March – 10.00 to 18.00 April – 10.00 to 20.00 May to September – 10.00 to 21.00 Oct ober – 10.00 to 20.00 November – 10.00 to 19.00 December – 10.00 to 18.00   If you like Antoni Gaudí then try our Gaudí one day tour or check our guide to the Sagrada Familia.   If you have any comments or have any good tips for visiting Park Guell then we would love to hear them!



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