The Complete Guide to Vintage Shopping in Barcelona

The Complete Guide to Vintage Stores in Barcelona

Between the amount of huge shopping malls to choose from, the designer stores along the famous Paseo de Gracia and all the cute little boutique stores scattered throughout the city, Barcelona’s got something for everyone when it comes to fashion.

But what with mainstream culture taking over the world, it can sometimes feel like every store is stocked with the same stuff.

But fear not Suitelifers!

We’ve written a complete guide to the best vintage stores in Barcelona to help you seek out those hidden gems and one-of-a-kind pieces that you so crave.

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Holala Vintage

The Holala Vintage franchise is known its finely curated clothing selection. This huge flagship store in Barcelona is right in the heart of the student area of Barcelona so its always got a good buzz but this also means some of the best stuff goes quickly so you’ll have to get down there quick!

The collection goes back as far as the 1950s with lots of vintage staples such as denim jeans, floral skirts and shirts and tons of accessories for both men and women, so you’re bound to find something that catches your interest.

Holala Vintage, Carrer dels Tallers, 73, Barcelona +34 934 12 23 07

La Principal Retro & Co

This cute little vintage store is slightly off the beaten path, just out of the Tallers bubble of vintage goodness The owners are more than willing to help you find the perfect piece amongst their carefully chosen selection of (mostly) 1980s and 1990s fashion.

La Principal Retro & Co Calle Valldonzella, 52, Barcelona +34 607 26 57 57


Camden Garage is probably the most eclectic vintage store on Calle Tallers. They’ve got a little bit of everything so its worth having a rummage around because you never know what hidden gems you might find amongst the racks.

Camden, Calle Tallers, 29 Barcelona

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Flamingo Market Kilo

If you’re an avid vintage shopper, you’ll probably prefer paying for the weight of your purchases instead of handing out the money for each individual piece. That’s exactly what Flamingo Market Kilo offers: a set price per weight. Treat yourself to some unique clothing and let the scale tell you the price. They have two stores, one on Tallers and one a little further into Raval on Carrer de Ferlandina. Its worth checking both out because you never know what you might find.

Flamingo Market Kilo, Carrer de Ferlandina, 20, Barcelona +34 931 82 43 87

Club 80s

Club 80s is a vintage clothes store entirely dedicated to the most iconic fashion decade – the 80s. There are shoulder pads, parachute pants and leather jackets, stonewashed jeans and whole lot of bold colours. If you’re looking for something specific from the era or even are just nostalgic for the 80s aesthetic and want to feel like you’re in a Whitney Houston music video (‘Dance With Somebody’ I’m looking at you) then get yourself down there and get browsing.

Clubs 80s, Carrer Riera Baixa, 6, Barcelona

Produit National Brut

Produit National Brut sells vintage clothing from all over Europe and the USA. There’s always plenty in stock with everything from clothing and accessories to retro furniture and unique French pieces. You could kit out your whole apartment at this place!
PNB, Carrer de les Ramelleres, 17Bis, Barcelona, +34 933 01 99 09

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La Font

This tiny boutique sell original vintage clothing as well as retro-inspired modern fashions and new accessories such as sunglasses, bags and jewellery. It stocks European brands such as Anerkjendt, Re-Kanken and Hymn, always preferring to work with independent labels and smaller producers where possible. Halfway between a vintage shop and a concept store, La Font – which gets its name form the small water pump that sits outside it – is a real treasure trove.
La Font, Carrer de la Riera Alta, 16, Barcelona, +34 935 08 37 38

Love Vintage

This little vintage shop in El Gótic is just off Portal De l’Angel; perfect for a spot of vintage shopping after the Zara/H&M/Bershka/Pull&Bear crawl (not that I do that every day).

Love Vintage, Carrer de Bertrellans 7, 08002


If you’re looking to make a difference with your shopping choices, how about heading to a Humana store? Not a vintage shop per se, more of a charity shop, this chain has several stores in Barcelona and collects clothing from donations and sells them on. The profits are then donated to various charitable causes. The prices are, of course, very low and you’d be surprised at the quality of the things that some people donate. Definitely worth checking out for your vintage fix.

Ronda de la Universitat, 19, 08007 Barcelona


So, that’s the low-down on vintage shopping in Barcelona. Hope you’ve got a bit of an idea where to go and can plan your next shopping trip! Leave us a comment below and let us know what you buy

– Erin

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