Shopping in Barcelona: Bulala is the Place to Go!

Bulala shopping in barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona: The hidden store that the tourists have not yet discovered

I remember, three years ago, when I was a “tourist” in Barcelona. Coming here with my family, I remember going shopping around Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas. When letting our maps guide us to El Born in order to continue our shopping spree I started to feel a little bit lost so we decided to do some last-minute shopping in the Born neighborhood and then hit the beach in order to avoid the nausea.

Little did I know what I was missing because after living in Barcelona for almost half a year now, I can tell you one thing: the best shopping is not to be found in the touristy-areas. No, the opposite! The best shopping is to be found on the hidden streets of Barcelona! Therefore, when I  saw a chic newly-open store while walking home from grocery shopping in Raval the other day, I thought: if I don’t blog about this shop, how will people coming from outside of Barcelona ever find out about it?

Bulala shopping in barcelona

Bulala On Ramelleres 24 in Raval

Bulala shopping in barcelona

To the left: Marcos Lowy, owner of Bulala.

Therefore, I decided to visit Bulala this week in order to get some fab pictures, talk to the owner and…do some shopping!

The store is called  Bulala and is located at Ramelleres 24 in Raval. Just go down Las Ramblas from Plaza Catalunya. Make your first right and you are on Carrer Tallers (the street where I live..) then keep walking until you see a big palmtree and make a left. On that street, to your left hand side, is where  you will find this amazing store. Carrying beautiful summer-dresses for no more than 35 Euros, cropped tops with matching cute skirts, outstanding jewelry and hats, blazers and  champange-colored jackets that you won’t caught anyone else wearing.

Bulala shopping in barcelona

Bulala shopping in barcelona

Bulala shopping in barcelona

After walking around the store I got a sense of what type of style(s) the owner was focusing on selling to his customers. Romance and laces, 70s styles, stripes and Paris chic type of clothes were all to be found. However, I was curious and I wanted to know more.

I asked the owner ,Marcos Lowy, what he considered to be the trends for this summer. “I am trying to push exaggerated colorful clothes.” he told me “neon is the big thing for this summer and it is all about being brave and having the courage to stand out from the crowd” “I like clothes with stripes and prints.” he continues “as well as everything-cropped. These styles are all very happening this summer!”

Walking around the store however, I didn’t find that much neon but what I did found was a lot of cropped tops (love love cropped tops! Wear the cropped beauties with some high-waisted pants or skirts and you are all set!)

Bulala shopping in barcelona

Neon colors for the brave.

Bulala shopping in barcelona

Happy Shopping!

(Sidenote!)  These are the open hours:

Monday – Saturday 12-15 h / 17-21 h

– Charlotte Giver

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