Barcelona Skate Spots- Skateboarder’s paradise

barcelona skate spots

Skating in Barcelona is extremely popular. Many skaters from all over the world flock into the city to practice their skills. Read on to find out where you can find the best Barcelona skate spots and skate shops!

So you want to explore the city’s architecture in a different way? You could use some exercise to lose that winter chubbiness? Unlike yours truly, you have an above average sense of balance? Then why not discover the city on a skateboard? With the balmy climate, the laidback culture and the distinctive designs of public places, Barcelona has come to be known as skateboarding paradise.

In a previous blog post on skate spots in Barcelona, we already talked about the two most famous ones, namely Plaça de la Universitat and the MACBA Museum. Covering all of the Barcelona skate spots  would be a rather hopeless task, the best thing to do is take your board and go exploring, really. However, to get you started we have collected some other places that are much appreciated by skaters: (be sure to also check out our map below)

barcelona skate spots

Barcelona Skate Spots: Paral·lel

Some hundred meters from the metro station (green line, L3) there’s a spot with a lot of ledges, benches, a slope and a stage in the middle. Very popular!

barcelona skate spots

Barcelona Skate Spots: Fòrum

After you get off the metro (yellow line, L4), go towards the ocean. You will find benches, ledges, wavelike structures, large stairs and a skate park closeby. A lot of exploring possiblities!

barcelona skate spots

Barcelona Skate Spots: Sants station (Estació de Sants)

Both sides of the station (green line, L3 and blue line, L5) offer great skating areas. On one side you will find several stone benches, a long rail and some stairs. The other side features a manual pad and a set of stairs. A popular hangout place for many skateboarders.

barcelona skate spots

Barcelona Skate Spots: Fondo

A bit further a way, but easily accessible with the orange line (L9). Basically a skate park, but there are also nice benches on the side of the street.

barcelona skate spots

Barcelona Skate Spots: Arc de Triomf

Accessible with the red line (L1) Here you’ll find a lot of stairs, slopes and rails. Great place to practice!

barcelona skate spots

Barcelona Skate Spots: Port Olimpic

Large smooth boardwalks, some stairs, some rails and a refreshing sea breeze…

barcelona skate spots

What more do you need?   Being the skateboarder’s paradise, Barcelona also has some nice skate shops. So if you wish to update or expand your skating gear, we suggest you pay a visit to Inercia Shop, Free Barcelona and/or Ikara Skate Shop. They are the most well-known skate shops in Barcelona.

This should definitely get you on your way. So if you now feel the unstoppable urge to practice your skateboarding skills – or impress the girls / guys – you know where to go! But as said before, Barcelona certainly houses a lot more skateboarding spots, so don’t hesitate to set out on an exploration of the city!

If you’re looking for more great info on skating in Barcelona you must check out this site which is the Bible of Skate Spots in Barcelona! The map below is from their site but you can also get more detailed info from them so check it out!

Click Here to View a Larger Map

Let us know in the comments if you have any other skating recommendations, we’d love to hear them!   – by Machteld De Groef / Photos by Charlotte Jiaqian Chen

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