Beaches Near Barcelona: The Lost World of Waikiki Beach!

Beaches Near Barcelona and Tarragona : Waikiki

beaches near barcelona

A little Barcelona playa action is always nice but they are full of people and and noisy venders (If you can’t make it out of Barcelona for the beach though, then check out our free ebook on the best barcelona beaches). There are some beaches near Barcelona, though, you can reach some pretty beautiful places that will thrill you with their beauty and tranquility and one of the coolest can be found amongst the Tarragona playas, just a short hop from BCN.

Tarragona playaWaikiki beach:

There is one place I have discovered called Waikiki beach, just like the famous Hawaii beach. I went there with some friends for a day and we didn’t want to leave. It’s like magic!

The water is so blue and there is more than enough wide open space. The atmosphere is quiet and paradise-esque! It is a real change from the dirty and distracting Barcelona playas!! And it is not so far from Barcelona. Waikiki beach is located 10km from Tarragona  close to a little village called La Mora. Tarragona from Barcelona is about 1h by car, and the trip is really worth it!

From La Mora, we had to walk in a pine forest for about 10 minutes, and it was a welcome venture into nature, and we enjoyed all its smells and great colors… It actually made us think of the movie “The Beach”… After this short nice walk we arrived at a beautiful beach with only about 10 people on a huge creek surrounded by cliffs . Personally,  I think Waikiki beach is one of the best beaches near Barcelona.

Everyone says hello to each other, the convivial atmosphere is there !!! Well, I didn’t tell you everything… Most of these people are nudists…Not all of them but quite a lot. These hidden creeks are pretty convenient for them. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to have a brown bottom there is a lot of space so you can escape from the nude world or just choose not to participate.

Waikiki Beach Photos (How Cool!?)

beaches near barcelona

beaches near barcelona

beaches near barcelona

beaches near barcelona

beaches near barcelona

Waikiki location:

Beaches Near Barcelona

beaches near barcelona

From Barcelona, there are two roads reaching La Mora, a motorway and a highway. For sure, it takes more time by the highway but this route also helps you avoid the 18€ of toll.

Careful with the traffic jams on the highway to Barcelona, especially on Sundays afternoons.

As you see on the above map there are 2 “dream” beaches, the one on the left is my personal favourite with high cliffs.

In the parking lot, you will find some  nice restaurants with sea-view terraces. they also sell sandwiches. There are no supermarkets in La Mora so if you want your own lunch, bring a picknick!

What about a post card from Waikiki beach made by our very own Caroline from Suitelife :

beaches near barcelona

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Tell us about your experiences around Barcelona, which hidden paradises places have you enjoyed the most???



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