Starting a Business in Barcelona – long story short!

How to start a business in Spain

Starting a business in Barcelona – 10 simple steps to success!

Good day entrepreneurs all over the world, feeling a bit creative today? In that case, I guess it’s time for some informative yet necessary stuff if you want to know the steps of starting a business in Barcelona. Spain is one of the most beautiful countries and has a lot to offer so, as knowledge is power, this blog will be providing you with all the info that needs to be considered in order to have your magical ‘willywonk’-ish $$$ making pond here (oh and we’ve made it so that starting a business in Barcelona is easy).


Starting a Business in Barcelona Step#1: Getting the famous NIE

NIE, or Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero (Foreigner Identification Number) is a document without which you cannot undertake any commercial action in Spain. The whole procedure on how to get it can be found here. The NIE can be used for other purposes as well, such as paying taxes or buying a property.


Starting a business in Barcelona


Starting a Business in Barcelona Step#2: Other preliminary documentation

Make sure you have the following paperwork ready and valid: passport and Certificado de Empadronamiento (Community Registration Certificate), details for which you can find by clicking here. You will need these in order to proceed to Starting a business in Barcelona Step #3.


Starting a business in Barcelona


Starting a business in Barcelona Step#3: Certificacion negativa de la denominación social

Certificacion negativa de la denominacion social means certifying the uniqueness of the proposed company name, which will officially provide you with complete rights on the actual name of the company and will be reserved for 6 months after you’ve chosen it. In order to obtain it you will have to go to the Central Commercial Registry (Registro Mercantil which can be found here), it costs 16.25€, and usually takes around 2 days.

Starting a business in Barcelona


Starting a business in Barcelona Step#4: Pay the Impuesto de Actividades Económicas

Next step is to pay the Impuesto de Actividades Economicas, which literally translates into Tax for Economic Activities. Practically it’s the tax that you have to pay to the Government to let you undergo a commercial action. It can be done in the Delegacion Especial de Economia y Hacienda, map right here. It is different, depending on the business. After you’ve done that, you will get the Codigo the Identificacion Fiscal (CIF) – tax identification code. This tax ranges from 150€ to 300€, depending on the amount of share capital deposited.


Starting a business in Barcelona


Starting a business in Barcelona Step#5: Open a corporate bank account

Why do you need a corporate bank account? Well, for several reasons. Firstly, it’s the place where your income will go when people make payments in exchange of your goods or services. Secondly, this where the government will be deducting the taxes from, so it’s kind of mandatory for you to have one. It takes about one day to create one and it’s free of charge. Note that you have to be pretty much a morning person, as banks here only work from 9am until 2pm (with an exception on Thursdays when they work 9am-8pm). Also bear in mind that you need to make deposit of a minimum 3005.06€ representing your intial start-up capital.


Starting a business in Spain

Starting a business in Barcelona Step#6: Make an appointment with a notary

You’re almost done with the paperwork. With the documents mentioned above you will now have to schedule a meeting with a notary in order to get them officially signed and stamped with the purpose of being presented to the Starting a business in Barcelona Step #6. Brace yourselves, as you’re going to be paying a little high price for couple of stamps – around 500€, depending on the operation complexity.


Starting a business in Barcelona

Starting a business in Barcelona Step#7: Find your operating site

The next logical step is to know where your operations will be taking place. Accordingly, you will need the documents that prove that you either own or are using a rented office, restaurant, warehouse etc. (obviously depending on the area of your business). With these, you will then proceed to Starting a business in Barcelona Step#8.

Starting a business in Barcelona


Starting a business in Barcelona Step#8: Obtain the Licencia Municipal de Apertura from the Ayuntamiento

Now it’s time for you to register your place of operations with the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) – here – with the papers mentioned above and apply for the Licencia Municipal de Apertura (Municipal Opening License) from the City Hall’s Departamento de Urbanismo (City Planning Department), which basically means that you let the City Hall know you are starting your commercial activity in that specified site. Charges -> 350€.

Starting a business in Barcelona

Starting a business in Barcelona Step#9: Register for the social services

For 240€ a month worth of tax, you will be registered for the welfare and health social services, meaning that you are pretty much covered by the social insurance in case something bad happens while at work. You can benefit from some more options if you extra (around €25 a month).

Starting a business in Barcelona


Starting a business in Barcelona Step#10: Register your people

Unless you are a one man business, you are going to need some more human resources to run your thingy. Consequently every person you take on has to be registered at the Tesoreria General de la Seguridad Social (Social Security General Treasury) and then within 10 days time at the Instituto Nacional de Empleo (National Employment Institute).



And that’s it! That’s all you need to know about the process of starting a business in Barcelona. Now the hard part begins – the actual money making. From us here, we wish you the best of luck with everything involving your business and we are happy to have helped you!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon).












Volunteering in Barcelona – giving back to the community!

Volunteering in Barcelona

Volunteering in Barcelona

If you’re looking to do some volunteering in Barcelona then congrats on being such a magnificent and selfless person! Did you know that Barcelona was named the European Capital of Volunteering for 2014?  In case you didn’t, you can find some info about that by clicking here! This blog will tell you about the three best volunteering agencies in Barcelona. They each have tons of varied opportunities so getting in touch with them is the perfect start to your altruistic adventure.



Volunteering in Barcelona

Connect 123 is one of Barcelona’s volunteering programmes with great connections with local organisations, such as Animal Science and Wildlife, Community Service, Economic Development, Education and Teaching, Environment, Human Rights, Medical and Public Health, or Youth Development and Sport. Take a look here at their website!



Volunteering in Barcelona

With a very wide range of volunteering programmes such as Terral,  Bank of Time, Tot Raval, or Colegio Gornal, in which they address topics like immigration, talent harvesting, event planning or gender equality, BCA Barcelona provides multiple chances especially for students that want to enhance their CVs (or resumes, if you come from America!). Click here to get the latest updates from them!



Volunteering in Barcelona

Charity Vault is a website dedicated to providing volunteering opportunities for people worldwide. Obviously they couldn’t miss Barcelona, now, could they? That’s why they’ve got a huge volunteering portfolio just for you. To give you some examples – from research, hunger and poverty alleviation, environment, till education and disaster management. Interested much? Take a peek here at their website!

Volunteering in Barcelona is a very rewarding experience. Do you know of any other great opportunities that we missed here? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

Places To Go In Barcelona! Montserrat

Montserrat is one of the Best Places to go in Barcelona

Are you looking for some cool places to go in Barcelona? Before I begin let me tell you one thing you need to know about me, I am not an early bird what so ever!! I am the type of guy along with thousands of others who keeps pressing snooze on their alarm until you have 5mins before you need to get to somewhere (Yes you the reader, I know you have done it too). In fact when I was told I needed to be up for around 8 to get the early train, so me being me I inevitably woke up 7.45 and I even contemplated not going, however thank god I managed to somehow force myself out of the bed that morning.

To get there we had to get a train from Plaza Espanya and looked for the R5 Line heading towards Manresa, we also had to purchase a ticket for the train however it is better if you buy a combined ticket which includes the train ticket return as well as the cable car journey which was €20. I would advice you bring food too as its really cool to be eating things like sandwiches on the edge of mountain. If you ever get peckish along the way there is an awesome cheese market!! Just help yourself to free samples and keep going back and forth, not saying that I did that….

The train ride from Plaza Espanya took us around an hour to get there which was perfect for me to make up for some of the sleep I had lost. We then arrived at the station where we then had to take a cable car that took us beyond the clouds. Be warned it was really cold when i got to the top but then again that was my own fault for wearing a skirt that day… I kid of course. If your afraid of heights you could join many who do hiking up the mountain which is a great way to explore as well as keep fit. However we still could not anticipate what kind of view we were in for as all we could see is mist.

Once the clouds disappeared we knew we had got our moneys worth. The second the view became visible I remember saying out loud ‘I need to snapchat this!!!’ This stunning mountain region is a a must see destination for anyone who appreciates breath taking sights. If your searching for a new Facebook profile picture this is the place to be (I should know I used mine below). Whether your with your family, friends, your girlfriend, boyfriend or even walking your dog Montserrat should be on your list of places to go in Barcelona.


Places To Go In Barcelona Montserrat

Views From The Top Of Montserrat



If you’re into spiritual environments then Montserrat is one of the best places to go in in Barcelona. As you make your way to the top you will come across a spectacular Benedictine Monk monastery. Whether your religious or not you can’t help but admire the historical significance of this region and the architectural beauty the monastery possesses. But if that is not your thing then you can always pop in for a quick prayer and maybe confess a few sins (in my case quite a few).


Places To Go In Barcelona Montserrat

Benedictine Monastery

What they Don’t Tell you About Montserrat

If that wasn’t enough we happened to stumble across a rather interesting stack of cubes,I still to this day do not have the faintest clue as to what the name is of this place but for now i’m calling it stacked cubes which are epic for any photography enthusiasts. There was a bit of a queue for the photos but i suppose that emphasised its appeal or maybe some people were just taking one too many selfies. Yes it may look scary but it honestly was not…. I only screamed for less then a minute. This is most certainly one of the most interesting places to go in Barcelona and one you most certainly will recommend to others just as I have. Who knew a stack of cubes could be so interesting right?

Barcelona, Bcn, Tourism In Barcelona, Places To Go In Barcelona, Things To Do In Barcelona, Montserrat

Stacked Cubes At Montserrat

Do you have any advice to share about Montserrat and what people should see there? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

~ Stay tuned!!

Hasan (Deluded Blogging Extraordinaire)

Barcelona New Year’s Resolutions 2015 – promises you have to keep in 2015 in Barcelona!

New Year's Resolutions Barcelona 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR ladies and gents! We hope you had a blast in the night between the years and that your holidays were awesome and that now you have your batteries recharged for the new year, because you’re gonna need that energy! Why? As any beginning of a year must have some resolutions, here are ours - Barcelona New Year’s Resolutions for 2015! And remember, always be a DO-er, not a DON’T-er! So let’s get started, peeps!


1. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #1 – ENHANCE YOUR PHYSICAL WELL-BEING

Gyms Barcelona

As people might say: ‘Beauty comes from the inside’, being strong and healthy is extremely important in order to prolong your life, so that you will prove to people that that saying is actually true. Here is all you need to know about gyms in Barcelona! In addition, also take a look these tips of how to stay healthy in Barcelona! Wanna join a sports club? Sure, we’ve got something about sports clubs in Barcelona as well!


2. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #2 – ENHANCE YOUR MENTAL WELL-BEING

Mental well-being Barcelona

From ancient times, people have been fascinated about mental wellness, which is why latins had the saying ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ (healthy mind in a healthy body), just to emphasise how important it is to have a perfect balance between your brain and your flesh. Accordingly, start thinking more positively, laugh more and basically enjoy your life in Barcelona! Perhaps some chocolate might cheer you up? Or a new movie?


3. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #3 – INCREASE YOUR WEALTH

Financial increase Barcelona

Money doesn’t bring you happiness, but still can’t move around without it. It is important to have enough money, as when you achieve that you could help others less fortunate than you. So why not join a course in Barcelona to help your raise some cash? Barcelona business schools are famous worldwide for their quality, so a course done here in definitely pure gold in your vault!


4. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #4 – IMPROVE YOUR EDUCATION

Education improving Barcelona

Did I already mention how many high quality universities there are in Barcelona ? Oh yeah, I think I did. Anyway, improving your education makes your CV go BOOM! when analysed by the employers, so better check out the most essential stuff that you need to know about studying here in Barcelona!


5. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #5 – LEARN TO PLAY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT

Playing musical instruments Barcelona

Nothing trains your coordination better than a musical instrument, and coordination is something that you need every day. So this year we suggest you learn or improve your skills of playing an instrument (the younger the better). If you’re into drums, click here to see the places where you can practice drums in Barcelona!


6. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #6 – TAKE A TRIP

Trip Barcelona

Travelling is awesome! It doesn’t only improve your general knowledge, but also your capability of empathy, the experts say. So this year you need to take at least one trip from Barcelona to see the places around it, as Catalunya is not just Barcelona. There are dozens of other amazing sites that you should not miss!!


7. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #7 – SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH THE DEAR ONES

Friends quality time Barcelona


Aristotle once said: ‘Man is a social animal’, meaning that if we do not socialise we are practically dead. This is year it is crucial to spend more quality time with your family and friends, as they are the only people you can always count on! Here’s a list of the best places in Barcelona especially crafted to provide you with a great night out!


8. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #8 – DISCOVER A NEW CULTURE

Exploring cultures Barcelona

Different cultures is what makes this planet Earth beautiful! As Barcelona is starting to turn into a more and more multicultural city, now it’s your time to explore them a bit more. Here are our blogs about Catalan culture: #1 and #2, here you can find the one about  Japanese culture in Barcelona!


9. Barcelona New Year’s Resolution #9 – BE MORE SPIRITUAL

Spirituality Barcelona

This year, also take care of your spirit! Meditate and reflect more, because this is the only way you can change, by acknowledging your current state. In other words, be closer to God! Here‘s how you can do that in Barcelona!


In conclusion, we wish you the best year of your lives and bear these words in your mind: BALANCE and LOVE! These are the precursors of a marvelous life!

Till next time, muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon).






Top things to do at Christmas 2014 in Barcelona


Like many places in the world, during Christmas, Barcelona is full of lights, decorations and energy to celebrate the most magical holiday of the year. The vibe and traditions here are unique, exciting and fun, which you will never forget. The weather in Barcelona during this time is around 10-15 degrees, which is cold but not freezing so you can still definitely go out and enjoy the festive atmosphere through  tons of activities. And SuiteLife would love nothing more than to share with you in our blog “Top things to do at Christmas in Barcelona 2014″.

Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas market and shopping

Fira de Santa Lucia Christmas Market

Christmas in BarcelonaThis is the most well-known and largest outdoor Christmas market in Barcelona. It celebrates its 228 anniversary this year (1786-2014). The market is opened in front of Catedral de Barcelona in the Gothic quarter from 30th November 2014 to Monday 23rd 2014. With 287 market stalls, you can easily find traditional items for example the famous el Caganer (the pooper), Christmas Caga Tio (a smiley face log), moss, Christmas trees and other handicrafts.



Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Familia

From 29th November to 23th December, in front of the famous Sagrada Familia, there are around 120 stalls selling traditional Christmas items. On two Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm, Santa Claus will collect letters from children and hand out balloons and cookies.

Christmas lights

“Els llums de Nadal” is the Spanish name for Christmas lights in Barcelona. It will be switched on 29th November at 17:45 by the Mayor of Barcelona. The ceremony is held Plaza Catalunya. The lights will be on until 6th January at almost 400 locations on Barcelona’s streets and the illuminations cover a total distance of around 85km.

Christmas lights Barcelona

Magic Fountain

In December, on Fridays and Saturdays, there are special Christmas water and music shows between 19:00 to 21:00. There will be additional sessions on 25th ,27th, 31th December as well as 1st and 5st January.

If you are curious about New Year’s Eve 2015 in Barcelona, check out our new blog: New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015

Christmas in Barcelona


Pessebre in Plaça Sant Jaume

In Barcelona, nativity scenes play an important role in Christmas traditions. It is called as “Pessebre” in Catalan. You can find many different nativities in Barcelona, mostly on plazas and in churches. But among all of them, the most impressive nativity scene in Barcelona is the one in Plaça Sant Jaume which attracts thousands of locals all eager to see what has been created this year. The production of the crib is changed from year to year. In recent years, both traditional and contemporary styles are applied, but always with the familiar characters of the Holy Family, shepherds, Three Kings and angels,…You also can see the caganer, an elf or a gnome-like figurine who will be found in the scene, crouching down to defecate. It is quite a strange and unique tradition in Catalonia. This tradition means that the caganer drops his britches to “fertilize the Earth”. The fellow is believed to bring good luck.

Christmas in Barcelona 2014

Eating out

Barcelona is always famous for its outdoor activities, nightlife and amazing food scene.  The typical Christmas dish is “Escudella i carn d’olla”. This is a bowl of pasta shells “galets” in a meat and vegetable stew or soup.  Another dish is the “carn d’olla” which is a meat dish of stuffed capon or turkey. About dessert, the typical  ” Turrón” is on sale at Christmas markets and supermarkets in Barcelona. It is nougat made with almonds, hazelnuts and honey. “El Pa de Nadal” is Christmas bread in Barcelona and is sold all over the city. During Christmas, a lot of restaurants in Barcelona serve Christmas menus, which you can check on this link from bcnrestaurantes.

Christmas in Barcelona

If you have any other suggestions about how to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to comment below.

So, this is probably our last blog of this year. We hope you have an amazing holiday season and New Year’s Eve ! See you in 2015 !



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