The Labyrinth Park in Barcelona: A Place of Magic!

The Labyrinth Park in Barcelona – Place of magic!

Do you want to experience some magic in Barcelona? We are in love with this Labyrinth Park in Barcelona – one of the most stunning and amazing places which is teleports you immediate to some other-worldly Alice in Wonderland type place. This is a place full of beauty! You will be stunned by the forest, streams, ponds, waterfalls, statues, paths and of course the famous labyrinth. The Magic and romance of this place is amazing. This photo blog will give you an idea about the quiet park where you can escape from your routine of life and noise of the Barcelona centre. Enjoy!


I need no magic

I was granted one days magic


By the power who rules the all


One day to wish for anything


Yet life is beautiful!!


I live in a world filled with magic


Every moment is so sweet


What more could I ever want


When all is so complete?


The sun it shines up in a sky


Though clouds might mar its view


The birds they sing a magic song


Each moment is brand new


The trees they dance upon the breeze


The flower look so bright

Oh everything is wonderful


My life is pure delight


So I don’t need no magic


All I’ll ever need is joy


This I have a thousand fold, and naught can this destroy!


Check our other blog about Labyrinth Park in Barcelona to find out more information about this place and how to get there, and our “Barcelona Bible” –  free ebook in which we included this spot.

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Check our previous blog to find out more information about this magical place. Consider the park as a place for a date as well (Top) as it is one of the most romantic spots in the city.



Modeling in Barcelona!

Modeling in Barcelona

What the Modeling world is hiding in the city!

Everyone knows that Barcelona is one of that most fashionable cities in the world! Modeling in Barcelona gives you the opportunity to be the next “Top Model” or just to start a new and exciting hobby or to earn some extra cash – there is a lot of reasons to start and nothing to lose! This blog will show you what world of modeling in Barcelona is hiding and how YOU can start the journey of your life!

Modeling in Barcelona… How does the industry look in the city!?

This is the question! The industry is vibrant! Crazy! With a lot of to offer! Events, castings, modelling schools, the best photographers and a lot more is waiting for you in Barcelona!

Let’s start BIG!

Barcelona’s fashions shows are not only BIG but they are AMAZING! Modeling in Barcelona is never ending story – all year around a lot is going on in the industry! Barcelona Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows are gathering spanish celebrities, reach people from different countries, the most popular bloggers, and people in love with fashion! The experience is unforgettable for models and for the audience! Dressing up, getting hair styled, putting lots of make-up to finally spend a few minutes on runway wearing clothes from the best designers and the most known brands! This is what a lot of models would like to experience, and this is what is possible in Barcelona!


Modeling in Barcelona! What else…. EVENTS! A lot of them, what means a lot of possibilities!


Did you hear about Fresh Faces before? It is annual modelling contest is where people from over 150 countries compete to be named Fresh Face of the year! The Fresh Faces contest final last year took place exactly in BARCELONA. Modeling in Barcelona is just like that – exciting, with a lot of things happening!



Some of the annual fashion shows in Barcelona:

  • Denim by Premiere Vision  19-20.11.2014 place Montjuïc – Fira Barcelona (THIS YEAR)
  • Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week – a three day event of wedding bliss. Official days of the event 05-10,2015, GranVia – Fira Barcelona
  • Barcelona Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015
  • Barcelona Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014-2015
  • Mango’s ‘Rock it Up’ Collection Show
  • Barcelona Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014
  • Celia Vela at 080 Barcelona Fashion – more information available on the website, but sorry still no dates (


(If modeling in Barcelona is something what you are interested in, you should check our free ebook about fashion in the city! )

Ok… but what next…? Is there anything else! Yes, a lot of castings!

You can find some every week! Because of castings models lives are crazy busy. Some of the castings are huge, with hundreds of people coming just to try to get a proposition of a job. It is an exciting place to be, to find out what the modelling world is about,  to make new friends in the industry, to find out about the latest news from the modelling world… and this is the best occasion to learn confidence!  Wanna know how to start your carreer in modeling in Barcelona? You can read in the next part of our blog.


Now time for some CRAZINESS!!!

Barcelona is offering you something special! “Become a Model for a whole week Beneath the sun of Barcelona” You can have a special holiday and try modeling in Barcelona, the life of fashion and pleasure. You can experience something unique and have the best week of your life in our city! Model week holiday programme offers everything: “five star hotel, exterior and studio photo shoots with devoted photographers and makeup artists, cruises on a luxury catamaran with a fashion photographer, meetings with international models and renowned agency professionals, intense helicopter flight, shopping session with international model Nieves Mallor, massage & spa session, hairstyle, makeup…”

That’s a lot! Isn’t it! SO check the offer… Barcelona is just amazing! Isn’t it!?


Do you know any famous models from Barcelona????

That’s a good question, so… do you? Yes, you’ve seen their faces a lot of times, just you didn’t realised that one day they decided to start their carriers in modeling in Barcelona!



Judit Masco – model, television host and writer from Barcelona

Hired for a lot of high-profile campaigns. Only Spanish model who has appeared on the cover of US Vogue. She was a face of a variety of advertising campaigns. Featured in most major fashion magazines around the globe, like: Elle, Cleo, Glamour, Marie Claire. As a catwalk model she appeared in shows of designers such as Armani, Dolce& Gabbana, Valentino and more. The best Spanish model of the 1990s.





Vanessa Lorenzo – model and actor from Barcelona

She has been featured in a lot of magazines like: Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and covered some of the best ex: Neo, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Vogue. Worked for the most famous companies and known designers: Pepe Jeans, Escada, Giorgio Armani, L’Oreal, Saint Laurent, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Christian Dior. At this moment she is in a relationship with FC Barcelona captain, Carles Puyol with whom she has one child.





Oriol Elcacho – Spanish male model from Barcelona

He ranks No. 12 on MODELS.COM’s Top 25 list, “The Money Guys”. He is the best known for being the face of BVLGARI’s AQVA. He worked with a lot of famous brands like: Valentino, Polo Ralph Lauren, Custo Barcelona, Gap and appeared in a lot of magazines covers. He was on runway of Ralph Laurent, Paul Smith, Chanel.





OK! Let’s get to some details.

You interested in modelling world! You are good looking! You have something unique and different! You have personality and skills! You wanna try something new! You wanna be the model! The world of modelling in Barcelona is waiting for you!

The modelling industry is not only about the pretty faces. Basically, a lot of people have a chance to find something for themselves. The modelling industry includes print modelling, runway modelling, promotion modelling, trade show modeling, underwear modeling, petite or plus-size modeling – you just have to be patient to find something that will suit your predispositions.


Well you would say it is not easy to start in the modeling in Barcelona, but you are really wrong. First you have to find the agency, but not just any agency! You must check what they do exactly, what their offer is, and who are they looking for, and with who they cooperate. Based on that facts you can decide if the agency would be good for you to establish your personal goals. They must be excited to work with you as you are to work with them. AND remember the biggest and the best agencies are not always the best choice as they have a lot of people already working for them, and cooperating with models looking almost like you, be aware that you can end up not having as many job opportunities. There are a lot of agencies in Barcelona you just have to google them, and check their websites. We can suggest you as well to check the website where you will find not only agencies, but a lot of usuful infromation about the modeling world as well.

Remember that finding just the agency is not enough, as the modeling in Barcelona is really competitive – there are a lot of good looking faces like yours!

You need:

  • Personality
  • Some experience ex. in some photographers projects, volunteering to do charity fashion show, or any other, I’m sure that you can think about something by yourself.
  • It is really useful to take some classes in acting.
  • Or simple some classes in modelling to be confident in what you are going to do in the future. Check our choice of the course.


SO what next?

You have found some agencies with witch you would make a good match and you started working on getting some first experience and you know what you want exactly. Now it is time for starting big things!

Check how can you approach the agencies – look for some forms to fill out on their websites and guidelines. You will need photos, you can get some professional snapshots or just ask your friend to take some (remember you are just starting, agencies want to see you, how you really look as you are not a professional, so keep the photos the same way – just some good ‘snapshots’ without too much makeup and in a natural lighting).

The good way to find a job is to join casting calls as you can show the real you, not just your photos (Find out how to prepare for casting). When you want to start building your own portfolio then you must get some professional shots, as only this way you will be able to stand out by showing your best looks. Modeling in Barcelona is a big industry so you will find a lot of professional photographers with experience, so you really don’t have to worry about this. Your portfolio will be helpful when visiting agencies or attending castings as well, but not the necessary in the beginning.

In the fashion industry you have to be really patient, as nothing happens in one day. Remember there are a lot of people who are contacting agencies like you are going to do. Choosing the best people takes time and you never know what agencies are looking for exactly.


If you never chase your dreams you will never catch them!

After a while you will get your first job and everything will start – testing your skills, look and talent in the modelling world, and maybe one day you are going to be one of the most famous models in Barcelona.

It is important to remember that a large part of modeling is finding your own individual style, look, and pose.  No two high-profile models look the same, and they tend to be very creative.  Learn how to work with the camera and your photographer to try out different types of poses and work on channeling different emotions during your shoots.  Have fun and be interactive with the camera!

Remember you need to have your own style and look that no one else can offer. Always be yourself and treat this as a hobby and just enjoy world of Modeling in Barcelona!




Top 10 Things To Do In El Born

Surrounded with pedestrian streets, cool boutiques, great restaurants and cocktail lounges, El Born is surely the trendiest neighborhood in Barcelona. Unlike La Rambla and Gothic  Quarter always being full of tourists, I find El Born more funky, charming and intimate while wandering and being lost here. That’s why I want to introduce you top 10 things to do in El Born, which is an exciting discovery about local art, culture and vibrant nightlife.


1. Palau de la Música – Music Palace:Top 10 things to do in El Born

“It’s like a crown which surrounds and embraces you” is how the famous Opera singer Montserrat Caballé has described the Palau de la Música. Indeed, Palau de la Música is a masterpiece of Domenech i Montaner, a contemporary of Gaudi. From outside, the Palau is made of red bricks and decorated with colorful mosaics and busts. Inside, its sculpture represents on one side the “Ride of Walkiries” and on the other side, the figure of Beethoven. The hall’s splendid glass cupola roof can probably take your breath away. Palau de la Música has over 350 concerts per year, making it a symbol of Catalan music and culture as well as the first destination to visit in El Born.



2. Santa Maria del Mar:Best things to do in El Born

I randomly caught Santa Maria del Mar while I was walking to the very end of the authentic Carrer de l’Argenteria. Located in the heart of El Born, Santa Maria del Mar is a beautiful example of Catalan Gothic churches  as well as links close to Catalan history and traditions. The church is called  ”Saint Mary of the Sea” because the sea once lapped at the foot of this church, which is hard to believe. Santa Maria del Mar does not give a very big impression from outside as it is hemmed in by many nearby small streets. But the spacious and light interior can win any one’s heart. The lauded light streams in through tall clerestory windows, while the central nave and two flanking aisles separated by slender octagonal pillars give an enormous sense of lateral space.



3. Carrer Montcada – Picasso Museum Top things to do in El Born

As a connection between the busiest streets of El Born, Carrer Princesa and Passeig del Born, Carrer Montcada is the home of 4 museums and various art galleries. That’s why it is considered as the art street of Barcelona. If you are an art lover and want to know more about one of the most influential artists – Pablo Picasso, then Picasso Museum is definitely worth visiting ! You can find more about the best things to do in Carrer Montcada here

Address: Carrer Montcada, 15-23


4. The Passeig del Born

Being packed with modern tapas bars, boutique stores and cafes, Passeig del Born is one of the most fashionable streets and nightlife hot spots in Barcelona. This charming avenue stretches from the old Born market to the beautiful Gothic church Santa Maria del Mar. With its medieval flavor, it is very relaxing and nice to have a stroll here or just simply sit on one of the benches under the shade of trees and feel the world go by.

El Borne


5. Parc de la Ciutadella: Top 10 things to do in El Born, El Borne

Parc de la Ciutadella is located in the east of El Born. Being the biggest park in Barcelona, it is the urban “green lung” of the city and very famous among local people. For me, this is the perfect place to chill out with your friends or families. I really love spending a few hours here at the weekend to relax on the grass, enjoy the sunshine or to have a stroll around the English-style garden. You can find many things to see here such as beautiful Castell dels Tres Dragons, Parliament of Catalonia, the Cascada fountain, lovely Umbracle, glass house, the waterfall and lake. Also, on the other side of the park, there is the Barcelona Zoo which makes a perfect family day out.


6. Tapas tour:

El Born is a cultural hub of Barcelona, where you can find plenty of cozy tapas bars of outstanding quality. During the night, El Born turns into a very funky area with a lot of options for a buzzy dinner. Why not get together with your friends and take a tapas tour with our Tapas Tour Guide in El Born here

Tapas in El Born


7. Cocktail barsTop 10 things to do in El Born, El Borne

El Born is amazing for late night hang out. The area still maintains a high degree of local life and has a laid back street party vibe. Whether you like classy or quirky, El Born’s alleys offer you a wide selection of fantastic cocktail bars. The Passeig del Born itself has around 20 bars. Some highlights cocktail bars and lounges are: Coppelia (a luxury bar with magnificent interior design and very good life-long cocktails), La Vinya del Senyor (nice view to Santa Maria del Mar), Mamaine Bar (this one has great Mojito and true Catalan style) and La Luna  (it has a beautiful restored 17th century arches and soft lightining with delicious mojito)

8. BcnKitchen cooking class

Fun, enjoyable and being close to Catalan history and traditions than ever,  BcnKitchen cooking class will bring you an unforgettable experience by learning about Catalan ingredients, techniques and recipes with local chefs. From going to markets, cooking around the kitchen, then to siting down at the table with new friends,  you will get directly into Barcelona, Catalunya and then Spain bite by bite, sip by sip. It is definitely one of the funnest activities in Barcelona ! Check out BcnKitchen’s website here

Address: Carrer de la Fusina, 15

Best things to do in El Born

9. Seafood at La Paradeta

La Paradeta is very famous among seafood lovers. This restaurant has the most appetizing and freshest sea food you can get. As soon as you walk in, you will see a huge display of all kinds of seafood. After selecting the seafood you want, they will immediately cooked. When the dished are ready, the chef will call you and you need to get them by yourself. With great prices and a friendly casual atmosphere, La Paradeta is worth having dinner here ! Small tip: La Paradeta gets very busy. You should be there at least 15 minutes before it opens if you don’t want to queue!

Address: Passatge Simo 18

Top 10 things to do in El Born, Eating in El Born, El Borne

10. Santa Caterina marketTop things to do in El Born, El Borne

Being hidden in a brightly colorful roof, Santa Caterina is one of the liveliest markets in Barcelona. If you go inside, you will be amazed by sights and odors from astonishing array of fruit, cured meats, cheeses and fresh fish from the Mediterranean. There are also many stalls and restaurants that serve tapas and other Catalan specialties in outstanding quality.

Address: Av Francesc Camo, 16





If you think there are many other things to do in El Born, then we would love to hear from you, leave us a comment below.



The best of Japanese culture in Barcelona

Japanese culture in Barcelona is multifaceted, but fascinating. It may be steeped in the deepest traditions, but on the other hand, the country everyday develops new technologies rapidly that pushes back the boundaries of the possible. Japan has brought many amazing things like sushi, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Karate and so on. Samurai  spirit and fascinating traditions have spread a beautiful image of Japan in people’s mind. Therefore, we want to introduce the best of Japanese culture in Barcelona: Manga Fair, Matcha, and Japanese style shops.

Japanese culture in Barcelona


In late October/early November each year, Japanese comic fans from all over the world gather together in one of the most exciting Manga fairs in Europe: Manga Fair Barcelona, or Salón del Manga de Barcelona in Spanish. This fair is held at the Fira de Barcelona at Montjuic near Plaza Espanya and attracts around 100,000 participants being in love with Japanese culture , comics, cartoons, etc. The fair offers various activities from contests of cosplay, karaoke, musical concerts, manga workshops to Japanese cuisine and other activities about Japanese culture. Manga Fair Barcelona is proud to be visited by numerous notable guests in manga world.

Japanese culture in Barcelona, Manga Fair Barcelona

This year, the Manga Fair Barcelona will take place from October 30th to November 2nd. Kengo Hanazam, author of the world wide success manga “I am a hero”(already  published in Spain) will visit the fair. Takeshi Obata, the author of “All You Need Is Kill” as well as the artist of the famous Death Note will  come as well. For foodies, they definitely should not miss out on tasting the best Japanese cuisine from Michelin-star chefs who are working in the best sushi restaurants in Barcelona including Tamae Imachi, the sommelier at Dos Palillos and Hideki Matsuhisa, the chef at Koy Shunka restaurant. The admissions fee is 7 EUR. Here are some popular and useful vocabularies that you should know as you will hear them a lot during the fair

Manga: Japanese comic books and graphic novels

Anime: Japanese film and television animation

Cosplay: costumer play

Otaku: anime and manga fandom

Origami: paper folding Kawaii: cute, lovely


When it comes to Japanese food, Sushi is often mentioned most.  However, in recent years, Matcha (Japanese green tea powder) has become a new star. Matcha is premium bright green tea powder from Japan used for drinking as tea or as ingredients in recipes. Complex, Addicting, Pleasant Bitter and Sweet are the words used to describe Matcha. There are more and more people becoming Matcha enthusiasts. You can easily notice Matcha coffee, ice creams, tiramisu, macarons, cookies,…in menus at many coffee or gelato shops around Barcelona. The big name Starbucks has already updated the trend and added Matcha in their Frappuccino, Latte, Smoothies and Tea products.

Best of Japanese culture in Barcelona, Matcha, Green tea

There are so many choices on where to drink and relax in Barcelona. But if you want to find a place to chill after strolling around and feel the unique Japanese atmosphere  as well as try the “real” matcha taste you should try these amazing  two: Caj Chai tea room and Takashi Ochiai bakery shop. Being listed as one of the best tea rooms in town, Caj Chai offers extensive high quality tea menus which can surprise any tea lovers. This tea shop serves tea imported from Asian countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam and more. Seeing Asian tea pots, bamboo chairs, etc in this tea room, I feel like I enter a little Japanese town. With its cozy atmosphere, Caj Chai is a relaxing oasis of peace in the middle of Barcelona’s Gothic area as well as an ideal place to take the first date. If you want to know which kind of tea they offer, you can check Caj Chai’s menu at here.

Address: Carrer de Sant Domènec del Call, 12 Opening hours: Monday: 15 – 22; Tuesday – Sunday: 10:30 – 22

Japanese culture in Barcelona; Caj Chai, Tea rooms in Barcelona

Takashi Ochiai is another perfect option for dessert lovers. In this bakery shop, you can find exclusive Japanese desserts which spread the popularity of this brand. Takashi Ochiai is also a provider for dessert menus in most of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. Although Takashi Ochiai has a big selection of Japanese desserts, I suggest to try Daifuku (glutinous rice cake with sweet filling) and Dorayaki (red bean pancake). Daifuku is a very popular dessert in Japan. About Dorayaki, it is very famous among manga readers because this is also called as “the Doraemon cakes”. Doraemon is a best-selling manga being a part in many Asian people’ childhood. And finally, Matcha Kastera (or Castella) absolutely should not be forgotten. Kastera sponge cake is originally from Castilla, Spain. But the Portuguese merchants brought it to Japan and now Kastera is well-known as one of Japanese specialties. Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 110.

Opening hours:

  • From Tuesday to Friday: 8 – 14 and 17 – 21
  • Saturday: 8 – 15 and 17 – 21; Sunday: closed

Best of Japanese culture in Barcelona


While Japonisme is a typical Japanese store in Gracia area,  in the heart of the old Jewish quarter of Gothic Quarter, there is a small independent shop called “Momo” (means Peach) which is a little Japanese house of traditional Japanese ceramics, chopsticks and silk lanterns. Peaceful and quiet, Momo shop is a place for little escape from crowded tourist attractions, find comfort and admire the subtle Japanese design. Many lovely ceramics here are hand made by the Japanese community in Barcelona. Perfect to pick up a gift for your friend, the shop features from origami cranes, eyeless “Daruma” figures, silk kimonos, lanterns and to the beckoning cats Maneki-neko which bring luck and encourage optimism for the future. Located on Carrer Arc de St.Ramon del Call No6, the shop is opened on Monday 4:30 pm-8pm, on Tuesday-Sunday 11am-2pm, 4:30pm-8pm.

Japanese culture in Barcelona, Momo shop

So, if you have not had a chance to visit Japan, you still can feel amazing and fresh Japanese atmosphere inside Barcelona ! Have any other great suggestions we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!


Top Things Not to Do in Barcelona!

What you should not do in Barcelona!


what not to do in Barcelona


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T plan a relaxing day at the Barceloneta beach!

Barcelona is a touristic place, with a lot of people coming to enjoy the sun! Unfortunately, the Barceloneta beach – the cetnral beach in the city, it is NOT the cleanest one and is full of the tourists covering the sands. If you really want to lie down, get a tan, get in the water and have a good time check our ebook “The Barcelona Bible: Barcelona Beaches”. As well, you can visit one of the neighboring towns, e.g. Castelldefels, to which you can get in around 20 min by train.



Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T drink on the street and don’t buy from beer sellers!


It is forbidden to drink on the streets of the Barcelona, although we know that there are many street beer sellers everywhere and people are purchasing their 1 euro beer, but if the police pick you up drinking in the public place you can be fined. It is better not to buy from people who are saying on the streets pestering you to buy their beer. Most of the times, they are offering warm beer which they are carrying in their bags, or hiding in some other places – it can be just really unsanitary, and it is illegal to sell the beer this way and it hurts local businesses. You can find the beer sellers in all most popular touristic places in Barcelona, like: Plaza Catalonia or Las Ramblas.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T think that SIESTA is just the myth!

Remember! “Siesta” time still exists in Barcelona!

Barcelona embraces the Latin lifestyle of leisurely mornings, mid-afternoon siestas, and late dinners. There are two periods of siesta in Spain – siesta for shops and businesses, during which many people go to a bar or restaurant, and then siesta for the restaurants, which obviously can’t rest when everyone wants to come and eat. SO…! Shops might close during lunchtime (1:30-4pm) whereas restaurants might close after lunch and before dinner (5-8 pm). Small neighbourhood shops are quite often closed from 2pm till 5pm . It is better not to plan shopping during that specific hours or going out to eat in the restaurants, but you can find out that in the city canter of Barcelona, in the touristic areas, most places are open all day.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T expect everything to be in Spanish!


Catalan and Spanish are both official languages in Barcelona. The Catalan language is used by approximately 50-60% of the inhabitants of Barcelona when Spanish is spoken by 98% of people, but a lot of people are more comfortable in speaking in the regional language and at the same time feel very strongly their connection with Catalan culture and need for independence. You have to be ready for this, that you will hear the Catalan language all the time in the city and that most signs, names, and menus are written in Catalan first and then in Spanish. But hey, that’s not a bad thing at all! If you’re going to live here especially, it’s pretty nice to learn some Catalán and it shows the locals you actually care.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T show too much of your body!


Barcelona is the hot city in which everyone is trying to wear the least amount of clothes as possible. You can be shocked  at topless girls with thong bikinis on the beach, however Catalan woman tend to be more conservative in the centre of the city, dressing more smart despite that it is hot, sunny and holidays seem to never end here, mainly tourists are the ones wearing shorts/mini skirts with strappy tops/bikinis in the city centre. As well a lot of guys are trying to take off their T-shirts and just walk on the streets half naked, or leave the beach without any tops. I have to tell you that only in the really close area to the beach you can do that! Boys, when you are already on the streets of the city you have to have your T-shirt on, as the police always react and stopping the men who are not dressed appropriately. So if you don’t wanna be the one of them, remember, don’t show too much of your body – you have beach for that in Barcelona. Check our blog to find out more about one of the beaches in Barcelona where you can enjoy sun wearing as least as possible, or simple, nothing at all ;)


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T eat on Las Ramblas!

Las Rambla is the main touristic spot in central Barcelona, where you can find a lot of restaurants, cafes and shops. It is over-rated, over-crowded, tacky, filled with tourists, and most importantly over priced. All that combined with the fact that the quality of the food isn’t usually great. Don’t be silly and fall for posters with pictures of the dishes and overly eager ‘hosts’ trying to entice you in. This is not what you want from Barcelona. Better try food on the backstreets of the Old Town or go to beautiful Passieg De Gracia where food is usually really good or find some other great place to eat in Barcelona by reading some of our food blogs:


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T think that church in Spain is just a touristic attraction!


Not always, but it happens, that people have been turned away from the churches in Barcelona because of the bare shoulders, especially during the masses. I would recommend covering your shoulders and legs in a traditional sign of respect in religious settings. On a hot days, toss a lightweight scarf in your bag which you would use to cover your shoulders or tie around your legs for entrance into churches and cathedrals.


Don’t do in Barcelona!

DON’T take a sightseeing bus to see the city!


Barcelona is the amazing city with a lot of places to see, and because of this tourists are not too confident, thinking that the best way for them would be just take a sightseeing bus. But in reality this is the biggest mistake – the city communication is really easy to use, it is really cheap compared to another big European cities, and… is gives a ton of possibilities for planning sightseeing days without losing too much time. You can spend  your money a lot better  while experiencing  real life in the city. The bus can be really packed, especially in August, and simply you can end up waiting in the queue hours on end in the sunny hot day. At the end of the day you will feel that you didn’t see that much. Barcelona is a city which is hiding a lot of beauty in the tiny streets where the bus is not going, and as it is not that big, it’s better is to take a walk and enjoy the lazy day, stopping for a coffee and some tapas in nearby places (Check one of our Tapas Blog!).


Let’s summarise our  top things which you should not do in Barcelona:

  • DON’T plan a relaxing day at the Barceloneta beach
  • DON’T drink on the street and don’t buy from beer sellers
  • DON’T think that SIESTA is just the myth
  • DON’T expect everything to be in Spanish!
  • DON’T show too much of your body!
  • DON’T eat on Las Ramblas
  • DON’T think that church in Spain is just a touristic attraction.
  • DON’T take a sightseeing bus to see the city.


If you would like to share with us any more tips about things which people should not do in Barcelona, than please leave us a  comment below ;) Or if you don’t agree with one of our points we’d also love to hear from you! Cheers,












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