Barcelona photo blog – Fantastic photo collection of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods and daily life

After many blogs about eating, shopping, traveling… the Suitelife team have come up with the idea of Barcelona photo blog in which we show you the beauty of all Barcelona neighbourhoods with some aspects of artistic expression such as Barcelona sculpture, Barcelona architecture, Barcelona street art and daily life of residents there. Let’s travel to Barcelona and explore art, architecture, people and tradition through our interns’s lens!

1. Barri Gòtic

Street performer in Plaça Reial, popular meeting place

Located in the old city, Gothic area with many attractions is always crowded by tourists, but in the evening you will find out that locals are attracted to many restaurants and bars.  Old, narrow, but beautiful streets, interesting bars, nice coffee shops and restaurants or clothing stores, you can find them all and do anything you want in this famous neighbourhood.

2. Raval Rambla

photo blog

MACBA, housing the city’s main collection of modern art and popular skate spot

El Raval is part of the second development stage of historic Barcelona. Even it was an unsafe and  no-go area for tourists, the Raval is being transformed into a lively and multi-cultural neighbourhood with a variety of attractive cafes, restaurants and bars.

3. El Born

photo blog

One of El Born’s characteristic narrow streets

One of my favourite neighbourhoods with the best pizza in town – only 1.50 euro a slice :) ! Here you can find nice restaurants, bars, trendy but pricey boutiques, shoe shops and one of the most amazing modernist buildings: the Palau de la Musica.  Ciutadella Park (also home to Barcelona Zoo) is such a perfect place for picnic weekend!

4. Barceloneta

photo blog

Passeig Don Joan Borbó Comte Barcelona where you’ll find some of the city’s best seafood restaurants.

Of course Barceloneta is one of the city’s most visited and popular districts with its perfect location near Barcelona’s Port Vell and sandy beaches. What should I say about this neighbourhood? In my mind, Barceloneta ‘s images are : rows of restaurants and bars, sound of guitar from street performers on the sand, locals sitting in their chairs in the street and narrow balconies displaying clothes drying in the sun!

5. L’Eixample

photo blog

Beautiful park near Sagrada Família

Central and quiet from the chaos of Plaza Catalunya or Espanya, L’Eixample is a nice place to stay in terms of safety and convenience. The area is packed with buildings in art-nouveau style, some of the best and most expensive restaurants in town and most of Barcelona’s international designer shops! Rambla de Catalunya is my habitual place to sit and people-watching from one of the many beautiful terrace cafes!

6. Gràcia

photo blog

One of the nicest streets in Gràcia

Gràcia is one of the most popular and vibrant district in the city! You can’t think of Gràcia without imagining the modernist Casa Fuster and Gaudi’s Cava Vicens! Plaza del Sol is the most renowned area of this neighbourhood (with terrace cafes), being a place for people to convene to drink and be merry at night!

7. Diagonal Mar

photo blog

The yellow flowering trees in a park in Diagonal Mar, Barcelona

With the broadest and most important avenues, modernist architectures, international schools and many large and modern shopping malls with supermarkets,  restaurants, cinemas and various services such as massage spas or hair salons, Diagonal  Mar is the deifnitely a city hotspot!

8. Poble Nou

photo blog

In Poble Nou, you can sit and enjoy the old part of district with elegant buildings and pavement cafes, see the locals and the kids playing in the park, Barcelonians going about in their business. There is a local Rambla street there and I love it more than the famous one! Furthermore, just a few minutes walking and you can see the beach which is quieter and non-touristy. It is such a brilliant area when you are sick of drunken teenagers in Barceloneta beach.


9. Poble Sec

photo blog

Street art and graffiti wall in Poble Sec.

Between the city centre and Montjuic, Poble Sec is sufficiently away from the main tourist areas. Therefore, it is fairly quiet except when your place is near the Camp Nou stadium or in Carrer de Blai – the ideal location for  many local bars and restaurants with authentic Catalan cuisine with very reasonable price!

10. Villa Olimpica

photo blog

Student gathering in a park near thePompeu Fabra University campus

In this area, Bogatell is an ideal place to sit and relax after a long day at the beach! With old looks of small cafes and narrow streets, the Olympic village also has many clubs, bars and restaurants where you will meet all of your entertainment needs! There are many famous architectures in this area such as The Port Olímpic de Barcelona, Golden fish and Torre Mapfre!


This is a photo collection taken by people who fall in love with Barcelona, the town you never want to leave. Let’s discover more information about all neighbourhoods in Barcelona through our last blogs below!

Top 5 Barcelona neighbourhoods

EL Born





Villa Olympica


Poble Sec

Poble Nou



What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day

What to do in Barcelona with ONLY 25 euros a day

What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day – spend smart!

Ladies and gents, welcome to the revolutionary brand new blog from SuiteLife about what to do in Barcelona with 25€  (or less) a day! Get ready for some really valuable insider tips for people just like you, but just with a little more experience in BCN :P ! For that matter, don’t be shy, feel free to share your tips in the comment section below. But for now, enough with the chit-chat, and lets get the party started!


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day All nutritionists recommend a really copious and nutritious breakfast and who are we to be against that? And since we’re in Spain, this is why you should start the day with a Spanish bocadillo (aka baguette sandwich; aka sub :P ). And since we know you want only the best, we highly recommend Panaderias 365. They are all over the city and for approximately 3€, you can get a big-ass bocadillo that is also tasty! And obviously a great day starts with an awesome coffee, they serve lattes for only 1,25€! THAT IS: 4,2€ (so far).


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day With no exaggeration, summer is definitely claiming its rights here in Barcelona (35° C today at 5PM :O ), so there’s no friggin’ way of being in Barcelona and not going to one of the beaches! So, time to get some tan lines on that skin and let everyone know what an amazing time you are having in this fantastic city (P.S. no beach leg selfies though, that is so 2014 :P )! In order for the fun to be complete, here’s what you are gonna need:

  • a public transportation ticket (either metro or bus should be fine): 2,15€
  • a 6-pack of beer cans : 3€
  • some snacks: 2€

THAT IS: 7,15€


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day The Tibidabo Cathedral is an amazing part of the Catalan culture on Barcelona, but the way to get there is even more awesome! Why? Because if you are more of a hiker than a ‘bather’, this is the place to be for you, as you will find yourself in the middle of nature breathing fresh air away from the city pollution? The pathway up to the Cathedral slithers round the hill and takes approximately 1 1/2 h to reach the top, so we would like to make some suggestions on what you would need:

  • first of all – public transportation ticket: 2,15€
  • bottle of water: 0,50
  • protein bar: 1

THAT IS: 3,65


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day After all these extremely physically draining activities, clearly it’s time for some well-deserved lunch! SutieLife Barcelona recommendation: TENTO! Wondering why? Well because you can also find them pretty much everywhere within the city and they sell healthy cooked dishes that are only 2 mins away from touching your mouth, due to the fact that they have a lot of microwave ovens where you can heat your stuff up! Not to mention they have a very wide range of meals with which you can customise your own menu for just 6,95€!!! The menus include 2 main courses, bread, a small bottle of water and a dessert! You can also go with the 1/2 menu (with only one main course) for 4,95€, but trust us, spending 2€ more for another plate of food is worth it here! THAT IS: 6,95€


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day

You haven’t come to Barcelona to sleep now, have you? It’s sightseeing time, because sleep is for the weak! So, after lunch, you have to burn those calories for good! And thank God, Barcelona has a bazillion places for you to see and admire! If you click here, you will see the SuiteLife recommendation for the MUST-SEE sites here in Barcleona, so why not check our blog for more info ;) ? Costs:

  • walking: FREE!!!
  • water bottle: 0,50
  • some snacks: 1

THAT IS: 1,50



What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day

Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, so after you’re done with all your plans we suggest you hit Cerveceria Montaditos! Most of their tapas are  1€ (!!), and believe us – they are reeaally good! Plus you can choose from a lot of varieties, which is awesome because you get to experience the real Spanish food! Prices:

  • 4 tapas * 1€ = 4
  • beer = 1



TOTAL: 24,85€


And that’s it, SuiteLifers! Feeling more enlightened now? Thought so! That’s what happens when you know what to do in Barcelona with 25€  (or less) a day! Now it is yours to take!

Till next time, peace out!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

American Food in Barcelona

Where to Find American Food in Barcelona

Hi there SuiteLife followers! Todays blog post will be about where to find American food in Barcelona. If you are from the US or abroad, and been in Barcelona for as long as I have, you grow an unsatisfiable hunger for your home comfort food. There are many places around the city that serve American style food, but there are few restaurants that can make it feel authentic. Hope you’re hungry!

Bernie’s Diner

American food in Barcelona
Bernie’s Diner is a retro styled American diner located in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona. Founded with simplicity and genuine quality in mind, Bernie’s Diner aims to provide a down to earth atmosphere where one can socialize with friends at any time of the day. Opening at 9:00 a.m., Bernie’s breakfast menu offers an American Breakfast that includes two grilled or scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and toast, among other great classics.  Though their breakfasts are amazing, their 100% beef burgers and specials are second to none. Everyday Bernie’s uses fresh meat from the Girona region of northern Spain and fresh baked bread made at a local bakery. Whatever meal you pick, it is safe to say you cannot go wrong at Bernie’s Diner.



American food in Barcelona

Founded in 2010, Bacoa has built its reputation for making one of the best hamburgers in Barcelona in just a few short years. Though the hamburger has been a staple of the Spanish menu for many years, Bacoa strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, fresh cooked burgers daily. Offering beef, lamb, and chicken patties, Bacoa uses in its opinion, the best meats in Spain in their burgers. If a teriyaki glazed Japonesa burger or stuffed pork San Jacobo doesn’t do it for you, you can finish your meal off with Bacoa’s artisan ice cream. Bacoa has 5 locations around the city, so you are never far from that burger you so desire!



Napa Restaurant was founded to bring together the unique  flavors of Catalonia, the Mediterranean and California. Known especially for its tapas menu, Napa also offers spectacular full size meals as well as desserts. On the menu you will find items like grilled salmon with potatoes confit, and tapas like calamari with citrus mayonnaise. The service staff is pleasant and helpful, and short wait times are common but it is also possible to make reservations online. Located just 20 minutes from Plaça Catalunya in the Eixample neighborhood, Napa has a friendly and intimate setting perfect for any night of the week.


Can Dende

American food in Barcelona

Can Dende is an American, Brazilian, and Asian fusion brunch and eatery. Located in Poblenou, Can Dende offers a menu full of simple yet delicious brunch and lunch items. Their Eggs Benedict is to die for and pancakes for dessert only make a great meal even better. Wait times are normally short during the week but expect them to be a little longer on the weekends. Make sure to try their pink lemonade and also get aquatinted with Dende, the restaurants resident dog.



American food in Barcelona

Milk Bar & Bistro was opened in 2005 by an Irish couple with years of experience in the food industry. Milk’s menu is diverse, creative, and changes seasonally based on what ingredients are offered in local markets. Milks signature is their noodle buns for their hamburgers. If you are not in the mood for a hamburger, you can also try items like a steak sandwich or buffalo chicken wings and finish with a banana split with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Milk is a perfect place for a birthday dinner, drink afterwork, or a night out on the town.


Nice People BB

American food in Barcelona

Nice People Bread and Burger is a hamburger joint located in Example. Using 100% beef that is prepared daily, Nice People BB is know for its quality and taste. Their special bread buns are baked daily and allow for the perfect fusion between bread and burger. Their ketchup, wasabi mayonnaise, mustard, and garlic aioli are home-made and prepared in the kitchen everyday. Nice People Bread & Burger is relatively new to the burger scene here in Barcelona but is a can’t miss if you’re in the mood for a delicious, high quality meal.


Taste of America

American food in Barcelona

Though not a restaurant, Taste of America cannot be left off the list. If you miss your Hershey’s Chocolate or Campbell’s Soup, this is your place. Taste of America is an American Supermarket located in the heart of Barcelona. Founded almost 20 years ago by a group of Spanish and American friends, Taste of America has grown from a single store in Madrid to 20 stores around Spain. With over 2,000 quality products on its shelves, Taste of American knows that sometimes its the little things that matter in life. Bringing brands like Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Arizona Ice Tea, and Snyder’s Pretzels to it’s stores stores makes it an ideal place to go if you are missing your American snacks. Taste of America is definitely a place worth checking out if you are going to be staying in Barcelona for any extended period of time.

Thanks guys! Are there any other great places for American food in Barcelona that you know about? Let us know in the comments!

Activities for Kids in Barcelona: let the fun begins

What to Do in Barcelona When You Have Kids


activities with kids in Barcelona, what to do in Barcelona with children

Hey everyone! Do you wonder what to do with children in Barcelona? Is there any activities for kids in Barcelona that I could plan with my family this summer? If you are the proud parents of some little excited kids eager to get their say in what your schedule will be during your stay in paradise, well we have thought of you families and we want your children to enjoy their vacations as much as you do. Besides, if you’re lucky enough to live in Barcelona it’s even better because you’ll have all the time in the world to do everything. If you’re just on holidays, just pick from the list of activities for kids in Barcelona that we created for you below and have the greatest time in here with your family!

Kids Activities in Barcelona: the Attractions


activities for kids in Barcelona, what to do in Barcelona with children

  • Sagrada Familia

Even though going to church while on vacations might not sound that appealing for your kids, the architectural beauty of this piece of art will blow their minds anyway. Going on a sunny morning is the best moment to enjoy all the colours created by the stained-glass windows and well, who doesn’t like a rainbow? Your kids will love it for sure.

Get your tickets in advance on the website and check out our blog on how to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia

  • Aquarium

Both fun and culturally rewarding, going to the aquarium is one of the best ways to keep your kids busy and entertained during your holidays in Barcelona. Besides, let’s not forget that any activity who allows you and your family to spend some time out of the sun’s reach is a blessing that I greatly encourage. Only warning, I know it’s hot in here during the summer but try not to dive in with the sharks when you go to the Aquarium of Barcelona!

Check out the website right here.

  • Montjuic Castle

Hosting various events such as exhibitions, feasts and even outdoor screenings, the Montjuic Castle is the ideal place to go with your kids to enjoy the beauty of this medieval castle and the atmosphere from a time of knights and princesses. Located on the fabulous Montjuic hill of Barcelona, get the chance to appreciate a wonderful view of the city and a travel back through time.

Have a look to the website and order your tickets in advance.

  • Zoo of Barcelona

Situated in the city centre and more specifically in the heart of the beautiful Ciutadella Park, the zoo is definitely a must in terms of activities to do with kids. If you’re in Barcelona this summer, don’t miss the show “Magic at the Zoo: Unbelievable Animals” by Edouard Juanola that will amaze your whole family!

Order your tickets and check out the latest events at the zoo of Barcelona right here.

  • Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol is located near the Palace next to Plaça d’Espanya. This is one of the best attractions to go when staying in Barcelona and enjoy a great day with your children. It is a typical little Spanish village which gathers buildings made according to each architectural style from all around Spain that offers activities for families and children such as clues games and shows.

Plan your visit on Poble Espanyol’s website.

  • Catalunya en Miniatura

Located 13km outside of Barcelona, in the municipality of Torelles de Llobregat, this amusement park offers you a large range of miniature sculptures to make you discover the wonders of Catalunya. Get to know this amazing region and the art of scale model replica.

Purchase your tickets online on Catalunya en Miniatura’s website.


Kids Activities in Barcelona: the Museums


activities for kids in Barcelona, what to do in Barcelona with children


Barcelona is a very cultural city which offers many activities for you and your children to get the chance to learn while having fun! Here’s a list of museums which are either made for kids or extremely kid-friendly. It’s not because your on holidays that you should stop learn people, especially since Barcelona has so many cool museums to go to and have a great time.


  • Science Museums

- Museu Blau

- Museum of Ideas & Inventions

- Holographic Museum


  • Historical Museums

- Archaeological museum

- Mammoth Museum

- Egyptian Museum

- Maritime Museum

- Museu Etnològic

- Barcelona Museum of History


  • Art Museum

- MEAM: European Museum of Modern Art

- Fundació Joan Miro

- MNAC: Museum of Art

- Picasso Museum of Barcelona

- Casa Ametller


  • Diverse

- Chocolate Museum

- Wax Museum

- Magic Museum

- Railway Museum of Catalunya

- Barcelona Olympic and Sports Museum

- Frederic Mares Museum


For more information on the museums, check out the amazing website of which gathers all the activities you can do with your children in the city.


Kids Activities in Barcelona: the Fun Stuff



So, cultural and grown-up activities are cool for your kids to learn but let’s be honest, they will definitely have more fun by doing some outdoor exercises and preferably those who involve water and slides!


  • SphereMania

Now that is something seriously funny that I need to try and that I am offering you right now for you to enjoy with your kids. It might look dangerous for some of you but it is very safe and most of all, it looks AMAZING! If you’re into “extreme” sports, just try the Sphere.

Check out the UK website here for further information and the Facebook page of the company’s Barcelona branch right there.


  • Bubbleparc

Want to keep in shape while on holidays? Go to the mini amusement park located right in the port of Barcelona where you’ll enjoy a Sci-Fi-like obstacle course to do with your kids and enjoy a good day of exercising.

Check out Bubbleparc’s website to see what it is all about.


  • Waterparks

WATERPARKS! I mean no words needed here, right? Actually there is. All of them are located outside of Barcelona and mostly in other cities of the Catalonian coast. The closest waterpark from Barcelona is Illa Fantasia but you’ll still need to plan your trip there by getting a train ticket or renting a car. The fun is worth it guys!

- Waterworld

- Aquadiver water park

- Aquopolis water park

- Aquabrava

- MarineLand

- Aqualeon

- Costa Caribe water park of Port Aventura

- Illa Fantasia


  • Beaches

Barcelona has plenty of beaches for you to go and the further you go, the calmer and family friendly the beaches get. Good thing is that even though it’s gonna require a little bit of walking you can get there with the Line 4 of the Metro that get you to all the beaches along the city.

- Barceloneta

- New Icària

- Mar Bella (nudist beach, be careful)

Moreover, the city of Sitges, which is located 30min away from Barcelona and very easily accessible by train, has many beaches that are very cherished by Barcelona’s population and that you should try out if you want to spend your whole day on the beach. Plus, you get to visit the nice city of Sitges.


Kids Activities: the Parks


activities for kids in Barcelona, what to do in Barcelona with children


If you’re feeling like going to a park because it is one of the best way to spend time with your kids, Barcelona is a very flourished city and it has many green spaces and great parks.

- Ciutadella Park

- Park Guëll (the outskirt of the park where you don’t risk to break any piece of art. Plus, there is a great view!)

- Jardin de la Maternitat

And so many more! There are squares for kids to play in almost every corner of the city, you’ll find what you’re looking for for sure.


Kids Activities in Barcelona: the Adventure


activities for kids in Barcelona, what to do in Barcelona with children


Feeling adventurous? You need to try those amazing activities to do around Barcelona!


  • Port Aventura

The famous amusement park is waiting for you! Located near Tarragona (South of Barcelona), you’ll need to plan your trip there but don’t worry the park did it all for you!

Check out the website and how to get there and purchase your tickets.


  • Tibidabo Theme Park

Located on one of the highest hills surrounding Barcelona, Tibidabo offers you the best view on the city. There is a beautiful Cathedral for you to visit but most of all there is an amazing amusement park. Just be careful, it is pretty expensive and you’ll need to take the metro, the bus and a funicular railway and your way there but it’s worth it!

Check out the website and how to get there.


  • Natupark
  • Activ Natura Adventure Park
  • La Selva de l’Aventura

If you like tree climbing and outdoor activities, check out those three aventure parks and spend the day believing that you and your kids too can be Tarzan. Active Natura Park also offers horse riding and other funny stuff such as archery or laser combat. Yay!

Further information: NatuparkActiv Natura and La Selva de l’Aventura


Alright so, I wish you the best moments with your kids and I really hope you all have fun in Barcelona.

See ya!

- Aurélien


Swimming pools in Barcelona

The Best Swimming Pools in Barcelona

Swimming pools in Barcelona

Brace yourselves… Summer is coming! That means a lot of sun, parties and beach sessions! Hold on… let’s rewind.

Beaches are a must during summertime and Barcelona has some really nice ones. But summer in Barcelona means lots and lots of tourists and sometimes we just don’t want to deal with loud and crammed spaces when all we want is to just lay back and relax while making tan.

So today I am giving you, my SuiteLife gang, an alternative. Public swimming pools in Barcelona!


Parc de la Creueta del Coll

Not your everyday boring community pool.

Swimming pools in Barcelona












Parc de la Creueta del Coll is not just one of the regular swimming pools in Barcelona. The whole area was initially decided to be used to build flats, however later on it was decided that it would be better to turn it into a recreational space for the neighbors in Gracia. The park consists of ping-pong tables, picnic and children’s play areas and most importantly a big bathing pool. What makes this swimming pool different than others is it’s decor and the nature surrounding it, which makes you feel as if you are on an exotic holiday somewhere in the Caribbean. The water in the pools is relatively shallow which makes it perfect young and old alike to enjoy a refreshing day at Parc de la Creueta del Coll. Admission fees are from 3€ to 6€. Children under 3 years old are let in for free. I know, right?!


Piscines Bernat Picornell

This one is for the sport-oriented swimmers.

Swimming pools in Barcelona
















Piscines Bernat Picornell located on Montjuic hill are three swimming pools created almost solely for competitions and sport’s events. The sport center opened doors in 1970 but it was almost entirely renovated in 1992 for the Olympic games in Barcelona. The Bernat Picornell pools are at the top in the list of swimming pools in Barcelona. The swimming center has three swimming pools in total – one heated indoor pool, one competition pool and one diving pool which is temporarily closed. During summertime, the outdoor competition pool is open for the public, however, occasionally there are movies played as part of the Grec festival by the pool. So you’ll need to call the center beforehand and establish which days the pool will be open. After all, you don’t want to go all the way up to Montjuic and be disappointed at the end, unless you enjoy walking uphill just for the sake of it. Yeah.. me neither.


Llac de Can Dragó

‘The lake’

Swimming pools in Barcelona















Llac de Can Dragó is of the best swimming pools in Barcelona. People refer to it as ‘the lake’ because of its enormous surface area - 2.960 m². It is the biggest swimming pool in Barcelona and is part of a sports complex that stretches over 15, 000 m². The water is shallow and the pool’s maximum depth is 1.30m which is perfect you have children or if you just don’t know how  swim :( . The pool has a grassy area surrounding it so pack those sandwiches in the picnic basket and have a great day at Llac de Can Dragó. Oh.. you forgot to pack lunch? No worries, there is a cafe with tables and chair waiting to cater to you.


That concludes my blog for this week. I hope you found it helpful if you were wondering where to have a relaxing day to sunbathe away from the noisy beach. If you liked this post feel free to share it with your friends or leave as a sweet comment below. Or both!


Weekly joke:

Q: Why do squirrels swim on there back?

A: To keep their nuts dry!






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