Economic Crisis in Spain: What You Need to Know About the Housing Bubble

Economic Crisis in Spain: The Story of the Popping Housing Bubble

housing bubble

The 2007 economic crisis is no secret for anyone anymore. As you probably know, the real estate sector has been victim of its own success and resulted in finding itself stuck in a bubble of speculation that ultimately burst and brought the whole world’s economy to its knees. Many parties were responsible for the disaster, including governments, media, property owners and most of all the banks.


Housing Bubble crash: How and Why?

In Spain, the housing bubble started cracking and the prices falling in 2007 after the government, through its 1998 “Ley del Suelo” (Law on Ground) allowed the land market to be privatised and thus sold to be built on. By 2005, the construction plan went a little crazy when Spain found its building rate surpassed those of France, Germany and Italy put together. The plan was to increase the offer in the real estate sector by booming the number of investments and therefore allow the Spanish youth to access ownership easily and for a fair price as the cost was supposed to be lowered significantly thanks to a large offer.

Between 1998 and 2002, everything seemed perfect and the Ley del Suelo seemed very effective, boosting the construction sector to a whole new level. Indeed, it has been so stimulated that it offered many young working people as well as immigrants jobs for all. As a result, Spain unemployment dropped to an all-time low – 9,2% in 2005 compared to 22,9% in 1995 – and the country’s GDP kept on growing every year. With the help of media advertising on how Spain is the perfect place to access ownership or buy a secondary residence for foreign investors, the building market was going great.


housing bubble



Unfortunately, the Ley was a complete travesty as the demand for housing skyrocketed, outdistancing the offer and increasing the housing cost drastically – from €915/m2 in 1990 to €1,667/m2 in 2002, reaching €2,516/m2 in 2005. Moreover, the average wage did not increase accordingly and Spaniards found themselves even more unable to buy accommodations as their salaries did not increase simultaneously with the housing prices, which had at this point doubled.

That’s when the banks came in and offered extremely attractive mortgages for people. In other words, you could get a credit and have 40 to 50 years to repay for it, what a win. They were giving mortgages often for up to 110-120% of the sale price. Once again, with the help of the media and the politics of course, the idea that the housing market was so good and so profitable led everyone to think that housing prices would never fall and that it was the best investment possible. That is why the banks gave debt so easily while the housing prices increased steadily until 2007. As a consequence, Spaniards had to take on about 40 years of debt just to buy a modest property.

When the whole financial system exploded, due mostly to the fact that most wealth created by Spain came from debt, the country and its people suddenly found out that the situation was dire and that pretty much every one was broke. In other words, the real estate sector crashed and no one was willing to invest in it anymore. Also, after prices started falling, there were thousands of people paying now ridiculous mortgage payments for properties that all of a sudden had lost a lot of their value.


housing bubble


Housing Bubble: Spain is Recovering

But the good news is, after a dramatic period, everything seems to have very slowly gotten a bit better because even though the housing prices in Spain have kept decreasing since 2008, they appear to be falling more slowly each year. Rumour has it, and by that I mean the experts of some remarkable institutions such as the Societe Generale bank or the Instituto Nacional de Estadestica (INE), that the housing market is forecasted to improve by 2016. In fact, although prices are dropping on a national scale, it is not the case in every part of Spain. Some of them are actually experiencing some improvements such as the metropolitan areas, the big cities and the Mediterranean coast – basically the housing market is improving in Barcelona! Plus, it has to be noted that foreign investments are largely coming back to Spain and are sustaining the market greatly, especially those from other European countries such as the UK, Sweden, Germany and France. For more information about this, check out this article from according to an article from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Lucy Culpepper, editor for, writes “According to the latest price index from the Registradores de la Propiedad (Association of Registrars), property prices in Spain rose almost 1% in Q2 2014 compared to the same quarter in 2013. This is the first time that prices have risen in six years”. And she adds that in 2014 the statistics proved those predictions on Spain’s housing market recovery :

“And for the first time in years, we’ve got collaborating statistics attesting to the market turnaround.

  • At the beginning of September, the National Institute of Statistics published its Housing Price Index for the whole of Spain, indicating a rise of 0.8% in Q2 2014—the first increase since the property crisis kicked off in 2008.
  • In the same report, prices of new homes rose by 1.9% compared to the previous quarter.
  • Out of the 19 autonomous regions in Spain, 14 showed an increase, according to the Housing Price Index, with Catalonia (where Barcelona is located) rising by 1.8%.
  • The latest data (released Sept. 26) from the Ministry of Development (Moncloa) show that property sales for the whole country rose by 12% in the second quarter of this year. And Barcelona city registered an annual increase in property sales of an amazing 23% year over year through July 2014. (That’s property sales, not property prices.)”

You can find this very interesting article on Signs seem to point out that Spain is on a good path to recover from its wounds but it appears to being happening faster in regions such as Catalonia and cities like Barcelona according to last year’s figures. Just like Culpepper says in her article, now is a good time to buy in Barcelona!



housing bubble

As so, everything is not lost yet! The Spanish housing market has suffered greatly from the 2008 economic crisis which hit it and crushed the bubble of speculation the country had created for itself. Seven years have passed and Spain’s real estate sector is slowly recovering from the crash and already shows some signs of improvement. Do not despair readers, everything is getting better!

If you want more information about the economic crisis in Spain and the reasons that led the country to its demise please check out this amazing satirical and funny video clip from the comic drawer Aleix Salo that will make you understand pretty much everything in a really short time. Plus, it is only available in Spanish so that you can practice your language skills!

For more information on the recovering of Spain, do not hesitate to read this article from which is extremely detailed, perfect for the economics freaks like me!

And if you’re looking to buy a property in Barcelona don’t hesitate to contact us!

See you!

- Aurélien


English Speaking Locksmiths in Barcelona

English speaking locksmiths in Barcelona – quick, reliable, emergency 24h service

Good day Señoras & Señores! Let me tell you a story. A very unpleasant story that happened to our beloved boss Benny alomost 10 years ago. In a nuthsell, he got locked out his flat at 3am in the morning and the next day he had to fly to Canada. Wanna know what he did? He called an English speaking locksmith in Barcelona who charged him 300 bucks, as he called him for an emergency. Now everyone would like to avoid that situation, right? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the English speaking locksmiths in Barcelona that could help you out of a bind. So save these contacts in the memory of your phone NOW!



English speaking locksmiths Barcelona

  • CONTACT NUMBERS: + 34 93 752 54 10 / + 34 659 536 536
  • EMAIL:
  • DESCRIPTION: With a call centre open 24/7 that can assist you in English, Cerrajeria BCN operates throughout all Barcelona and also in the cities located in close proximity (Terrassa, Badalona, Barbera, Sitges, Castelldefells, Cornellá, etc.). With proficiency in emergencies, residential or commercial locksmith services and also high security systems, they will make sure you get in asap.



English speaking Locksmiths Barcelona

  • CONTACT NUMBER: +34 658 668 478
  • EMAIL:
  • DESCRIPTION: Targeted specifically at tourists, Opendoor Locksmith provide a reliable and fast service, not charging a preferential fee for foreigners (like other locksmiths in the city). They can be employed both from inside Barcelona and from the cities around, such as El Baix Llobregat, Garraf, Maresme, etc. In addition to opening closed doors, Opendoor Locksmith sells locks, safes, domestic rolling shutters, bars, security blinds, and anti-shatter glass for businesses.



English speaking locksmiths Barcelona

  • CONTACT DETAILS: +34 670 774 733
  • DESCRIPTION: Cerrajeros Barcelona EAC is another locksmith company operating 24/7 as well as during holidays (and for the love of God, Spaniards do have loads!), with professional English speaking workers that open people’s door locks in the city centre and nearby. Besides from opening property doors and changing locks, they also do lock repairs and even car doors. They offer people discounts on each operation, so make sure you don’t forget to ask for yours!


We wouldn’t be anywhere without our dear SuiteLifers and we’d like you to always keep safe, so that’s why our friends from Cerrajeria BCN have provided us with a guide on how to make burglars’ attempts harder. Here are their pieces of advice:

  1. Do not let anyone into your house that you don’t know. If they claim to be a service worker of some sort, make sure to ask for the proper identification prior to you letting them in!
  2. Make sure to always lock all your doors and windows!
  3. Install dead bolt locks on all of the external doors!
  4. Always change all the locks when you first move in!
  5. Never give your keys to any service workers, gardeners, cleaning crews or anyone else not you do not know well!
  6. Never have an ID tag with personal information and home address attached to your keys!
  7. Install keyed window locks and locks on your garage!
  8. Make sure to have the outside of your home well lighted as a deterrent!
  9. What should you do when you are away!
  10. Always leave your outside lights on, so that it appears as though someone is at home!
  11. Ask some you know and trust to check up on your home periodically!
  12. Have your mail held at the post office while you are away or have you know and trust pick up your mail every day or every other day!
  13. Make sure all windows and doors are shut and locked. Don’t forget about your garage door and shed!
  14. Tell neighbors and the security patrol in your neighborhood (if you have one) that you will be out of town and for them to keep a look out for any unusual behavior!

Till next time, stay safe SuiteLifers!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


International schools in Barcelona

Hello, SuiteLife gang.

Last week we talked about the best International Day Care Centers In Barcelona where your toddlers can be trained to be multilingual. On a similar note, I decided to write a post on the best International Schools in Barcelona for those of you whose children are all grown up now.

You’ll be surprised at the number of International schools Barcelona has to offer and their variety. But, of course, I want only the best for my SuiteLife peeps, therefore in this post I will list only the finer ones.

The Benjamin Franklin International School

International schools in Barcelona

Truly International is what this school is aiming for. With a mix of approximately 1/3 American, 1/3 Spanish and 1/3 Foreign students, be sure that your child will have a lot of cultural exchange and appreciation (a bit too much maybe). There are 608 students enrolled in Benjamin Franklin International School as of 2015 forming a global community consisting of 48 nationalities.

The school opened doors in Barcelona in 1986 and while relatively new it came along with the new standards, new requirements and new passion the modern education system expects. So don’t be thrown off by the fact that the school has been running only for three decades, the teaching staff is fully motivated and driven by the common goal to mend your kids into future individuals seeking excellence in their lives.
Benjamin Franklin International School teaches students mainly in English. However, Spanish and Catalan are introduced later in the curriculum to ensure the pupils achieve good command in the two languages. If languages turn out to be your child’s strong suit they can also choose optional French to add to their program.

International schools in Barcelona


The school adopts an American standard of teaching with a typical American curriculum and lesson delivery. Your kids can benefit from Benjamin Franklin International School by receiving three different academic diplomas: the American High School Diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, and the Spanish Bachillerato Certificate. Consequently meaning that they will immensely boost their future prospects for getting into a high quality university.

These are the tuition fees for the different divisions for 2015/2016:

  • Early Childhood ( Nursery & Pre-K ) – 8,985 €
  • Kindergarten* – 8,985 €
  • Elementary School ( Grades 1 – 5 ) – 11,220 €
  • Middle School ( Grades 6 – 8 ) – 11,525 €
  • High School ( Grades 9 – 12 ) – 13,750 €


I know, I know it is pricey. What you need to take into consideration, however, is that this is one of the finest International Schools in Barcelona with one of the highest educational quality standard. If you live in Barcelona and find these fees affordable, be sure that you will be making an excellent investment in your childrens’ future.
The school provides all the necessary services to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Transportation is provided picking up and dropping off students in 10 areas in Barcelona. The cafeteria always prepares fresh and healthy meals for its students. And the nurse’s room is always prepared and available to anyone at all times.

English School Barcelona

International schools in Barcelona












A personal touch. With one class per year group and a maximum of 18 students in a class English School Barcelona’s teachers have a very personal approach to their students. Catering to every student’s individual problems or queries this system assures that every child is dealt with care and they achieve an extremely high academic level. Dedicating time and attention to every student individually is one of the things that sets this school apart from the other International schools in Barcelona.

The school was opened in 1957 and operates effectively and successfully until present day. The school always aspires to follow the newest trends in education and their years of experience allows them to be extremely good at it.

English School Barcelona strongly believes in the idea to teach their students to be multilingual. Lessons are taught in English, Catalan and Spanish evenly. No one language is favored over the other. This ensures that by the time their students graduate they will be completely fluent and speak freely in all three languages. When the child reaches secondary school they will start learning French as part of their program. This allows them to take the International Baccalaureate (IB) or its Spanish/French equivalent – the Batxibac.

Again the huge presence of an International community can teach pupils cultural appreciation and tolerance for their peers of different backgrounds, religion and ethnicity. There is no better way than to learn these things from first-hand experience.
The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. From sport activities including tennis, basketball, skating and yoga; going through music orientated activities such as ballet and drum lessons and ending with the creatively intellectual activities like robotics, chess and arts & crafts.

Kensington School

International schools in Barcelona



A piece of Britain in Barcelona. Opened in 1966 Kensington is the oldest British curriculum school in Barcelona teaching their subjects in accordance with the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Similarly to English School Barcelona, Kensington relies on a relatively small student body in order to offer a better quality education.

If you are moving to Barcelona from the UK and you insist on your child to be taught British style, then Kensington would be the perfect school. The school incorporates A-level studies and examination via Edexcel in London and all other examination and accreditation any British university might require for future studies. A common practice after graduating from Kensington school is students moving to Britain to pursue their higher education in one of the best universities on the island.

International schools in Barcelona


The majority of lessons are presented in English, apart from the Spanish and French language classes. Once again your kids are exposed to a variety of languages helping them develop amazing communicational skills.

After school activities at Kensingon school include sport activities such as basketball, football and table tennis. Other extra-curriculars include chess and choir singing.
Kensington also organizes summer camps at the end of each academic year both for Junior and Senior schools and ski trips to Espot Esqui every February for Senior students only.

Oak House School

International schools in Barcelona



Modern meets tradition. The first thing that will strike you about Oak House school is the modern facilities and technology this institution incorporates in their students’ education. The school opened its doors to students in 1968 and during the course of its management it successfully foresaw the importance of new technology which it effectively adopted as part of the learning process.

From the start of Primary until the end of the division pupils are taught their classes in English. At the start of Secondary school a trilingual study scheme is introduced adding Catalan and Spanish to the curriculum which are exploited quite vigorously. Additionally students can also pick a fourth foreign language, German or French, to go along with their studies.

Following the British educational system pupil are prepared for Cambridge IGCSE exams in subjects including:

  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Business Studies
  • Sociology
  • Combined Science
  • Environmental Management
  • History
  • ICT
  • Drama
  • Art

International schools in Barcelona

On and off-site services include transportation, dining services and medical care.The school buses commute on three different routes covering the entire city of Barcelona. The buses are scheduled to leave at 4:45pm after extra-curriculum activities the students might be involved in.

The food preparation is covered by chef D. Juan Ramos who prepares different menus including: normal, vegetarian and menus for students who suffer from celiac disease. The food is healthy and nutritious to make sure the students are part of a healthy diet.

Oak House has a qualified on-site nurse and if any emergency or special medical attention is required the schools insurance covers such medical care at the Quirón Clinic in Barcelona.

There you have it gang, the best International schools in Barcelona. I hope this blog was informative for you, if not enough you can always go on to the schools websites for more information. Tell us in the comment section which school you like the most and sounds best suited for your child’s needs.

Time for your well-deserved weekly joke:

Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.
The teacher says, “Why are you arguing?”
One boy answers, “We found a ten dollar bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie.”
“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” said the teacher, “When I was your age I didn’t even know what a lie was.”
The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.





Record Stores in Barcelona – that’s My JAM!


Record stores in Barcelona


Record stores in Barcelona? Yep, they exist. *authentic vinyl music in the background* Good day, vintage music aficionados! How is it going? We know many of you out there have awesome taste in music (that usually means music left to us by our predecessors), so we thought why not provide you with a complete list of record stores in Barcelona? As knowledge means power, next time you have a hankering for the warm vinyl sound you’ll know exactly where to go! But enough with the chit-chat about and we’ll let the music do the talkin’!



Record stores in Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Valldonzella 29, Raval,  Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: A vintage shop with an eclectic variety of cool stuff, amongst which you can find not only music on vinyl but also other artsy hipsterish articles like old magazines or cameras!
  • OPENING TIMES: 11am-9pm



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/ Sitges 9, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: One of the coolest record stores in Barcelona, Daily Records possesses an amazing range of old music formats (some say the best in Barcelona). If you have even the most exotic taste in music, rest assured they have a record for that specific band or genre!
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours


3. DISCO 100

Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/ Escorial 33, Gracia
  • DESCRIPTION: Biggest record store in Barcelona, Disco 100 also has a large collection of vinyls and the customer service is absolutely flawless. They specialise in commercial old music though, so if you are looking for a really really specific sub-genre, you might leave the store a bit disapointed.
  • OPENING TIMES: 10am – 1:30pm / 5pm-8pm (Monday-Saturday) ; 10am-2pm (Sunday)



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 7, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: The oldest record store in Barcelona, Discos Castello are most likely defined by a very long heritage. Tradition precedes Discos Castello, pretty much the foundation this market is based on. Better check them out soon!
  • OPENING TIMES: 10am – 8pm (Monday-Saturday)



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 61, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION:  Specialised in vinyls, this record store in Barcelona is always ready to surprise their customers with their daily collection changes, so if you feel undecided on what you wanna buy, then this is definitely the place that you have to hit up!
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Lluna 27, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: Discos Juando is a really nice and cozy record store in Barcelona, the owner of which is a real DJ that plays exactly the type of music that you can find in the store! Interested much? Why not go there and have a chat with him in person?
  • OPENING TIMES: business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Ferlandina 39, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: This is the newest record store in Barcelona! Focused more on electronic such as house, dubstep or funk, Disco Paradiso is the perfect location for the new gen music lovers!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Tallers 13, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: This 2-level record store in Barcelona is extremely well supplied not just with music, but also old books and magazines and all kinds of memorabilia. It is considered to be the most popular record store in Barcelona!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Corsega 202, Eixample
  • DESCRIPTION: As you may have already guessed, they sell only and only jazz music, so they kind of address the jazz listeners niche market. And be certain that you have a ton to choose from if you visit their store, as their records are countless!
  • OPENING TIMES: Business hours



Record stores Barcelona

  • WHERE THEY CAN BE FOUND: C/Riera Baixa 14, Raval, Ciutat Vella
  • DESCRIPTION: If you’re looking for the oldest music in town, this is the spot! These guys have records dating even from the 1900′s! However, their newer collections are not too extensive, but anyhow absolutely worth your time!
  • OPENING TIMES: 11am-2pm / 5pm-8:30pm Monday-Saturday


Hope you find this blog about record stores in Barcelona useful, guys! Till next time, MAKE LOVE – NOT WAR!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


International Day Care Centers in Barcelona

International Day Care Centers in Barcelona

International day care centers in Barcelona

Hi SuiteLifers,
Are you moving to Barcelona with your children? Are you already in Barcelona and you want your kids to be bilingual? Excellent. Have you considered an International day care center in Barcelona? Well, my people, you should. Let me tell you why and which are the best day care centers you can choose from.

A child’s ability to learn multiple languages at a very young age is simply amazing. Young kids’ brain capacities are completely fresh and able to take in a lot of information and therefore, language comprehension is so much easier for them. They are like sponges! We of course want to nurture our little guys and gals because knowing multiple languages is an incredibly useful trait for them in terms of communication and enriching their career prospects. I’ve decided to make sure you have a choice between the best International day care centers in Barcelona.

Noah’s Ark International Day Care Center

International day care centers in Barcelona

This day care center is all about diversity. Noah’s Ark welcomes all children from different cultures and backgrounds. Which means that alongside your toddler’s studies your child will learn to interact with other children, teaching it to appreciate and understand the importance of equality in the long-run. The center is concentrated in teaching children English while teaching Spanish is also present in the child’s curriculum in a lighter manner.

Noah’s Ark is one of the  successful International day care centers in Barcelona. Its success and fine reputation is strongly connected with the parents relationship the center aims to maintain. You as a parent will be highly involved in the center’s activities and frequent feedback from you is used to help improve their services in order to suit your child’s needs. This day care center’s love for children is strong and because of that they provide constant monitoring of the children’s progress and well-being.

Parents are presented with two evaluation reports a year providing feedback on the level of performance of their child. While these evaluation reports are officially done only twice a year, parents have the freedom to check on their child’s well-being regularly or as much as they need to.

International day care centers in Barcelona

Noah’s Ark is big on physical activities too. Once a week they provide optional swimming lessons for the kids to teach them how to be aware and feel safe outside and inside of the water. In accordance wit this, the center has an enormous garden with lots of green areas, sandboxes, swings and slides to ensure the children are active and entertained. Classes are divided by the age of the children. Below, you can see the children – teacher ratio in the different age groups:

  • Baby group (4 to 12 months) 6 babies 3:1 ratio
  • Yellow Class (12 to 18 months) 12 toddlers 6:1 ratio
  • Green Class (18 to 26 months) 14 toddlers 7:1 ratio
  • Orange Class (26 to 30 months) 16 children 8:1 ratio
  • Blue Class (30 to 36 months) 18 children 9:1 ratio

If you are interested in this day care center and need more information, go to Noah’s Ark website and study them in depth.


Kinder Barcelona

International day care centers in Barcelona

An excellent activity based International day care center in Barcelona. Your child will associate this center with fun and excitement. Literally, guys, don’t be surprised when you wake up in the morning and your child is already waiting for you fully dressed at the front door.

Kinder Barcelona offers several language courses you can choose from. Kinder is aware that families have different needs for the language their child should study. No matter if you are temporarily in Barcelona, you plan to move to another country or you have specific higher education aspirations for your child to pursue when it grows up, Kinder has you covered with their selection of language classes. The teachers, either native and bilingual, show excellent professionalism combined with charm and positive personalities to provide your child with the best learning experience ever. Catalan, German and English are the three morning courses you can choose from. Once you have made your decision you can also choose whether to combine the morning class with the afternoon Spanish class if you wish to train your child to be multilingual.

Kinder Barcelona believes that the best way to teach your children languages is through fun activities. Apart from the academic type morning classes, the rest of your child’s day will be filled with activities involving dancing, singing, painting and drawing and lots of playing.

The center organizes various outings around the Pobleneu area, park visits and holiday camps for the little tykes. For more information and upcoming events you should check the Kinder Barcelona website.

International day care centers in Barcelona


Once again this day care center has a deep connection with the children’s parents. Organising numerous activities for parents to enjoy with their children, and for parents alone, Kinder makes sure you are present in your child’s upbringing and growth as much as possible. Such activities include dance classes for the moms (sorry dudes), classes on how to improve your story-telling to your children, toy making workshops and many more. Interested? Check all of Kinder’s family activities.


English Kinder Barcelona

International day care centers in Barcelona

Kinder English is another great International day care center in Barcelona. This center has been operating for more than 40 years and its still following the same passion for achieving excellence in nursery education as it had from the start. With years of experience and constant improvement you can be sure that your child will be in the best of hands. English Kinder specializes in teaching English, Catalan and Spanish to its children. The English studies are 90% and the Catalan and Spanish classes divide between themselves the remaining 10%. The center’s testimonial states that by the time the children finish their standard study program at English Kinder they will have very good command of the three languages. If parents wish to re-enroll their children for additional studies with English Kinder Barcelona, they will have the option to include the French language in their child’s curriculum.

Although fun activities have a strong presence in English Kinder’s education plan, the center can be considered to be more academically oriented. Alongside the language studies they offer numerous music lessons. Children can pick from different musical instruments they would like to practise, the piano and the violin being the most popular among them.

International day care centers in Barcelona


The center believes that high quality education should go hand-in-hand with good physical fitness. You can also pick what sport activity would best suit your child. Tennis, Judo, Yoga and Dancing are just some of the sport activities you can choose from.

If you are interested in this day care center, might as well hop on to the English Kinder Barcelona website.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it informative. If you have had any good day care center experiences before, we’d love to hear about them. Just scroll down a little bit more and post them in the comment section.


Ready for your weekly joke?


Little girl: “Why does your son say, ‘Cluck, cluck, cluck?’”

Mother: “Because he thinks he’s a chicken.”

Little girl: “Why don’t you tell him he’s not a chicken?”

Mother: “We need the eggs.”








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