Rental Price Secrets Revealed About the Barcelona Real Estate Market!

Rental price secrets revealed about the Barcelona real estate market!

Greetings, SuiteLife gang.

This week I decided to get you involved in some of the Barcelona real estate secrets about renting properties. Don’t worry, it won’t be about boring spread sheets, stats and numbers (well, maybe just a little), but rather useful information about what to expect about a property you might be interested in when you see something like this: “12€/m2″.

Barcelona real estate

I do understand how tedious apartment-hunting is (been there, done that), but the worst part is when you find yourself torn between a couple of flats and simply cannot find the strength in you to pick one. So guys, let me try and make your life a bit easier with this insider blog I’ve put together, so you can pick the right apartment in Barcelona that will bring you the most value for your money.

Quick overview

So as you may or may not know, rental properties in Spain are often priced per square meter (for our American readers, 1m2 is the equivalent of 10 square feet). So my previous example – “12€/m2″, would mean that if your desired property is 60m2 your monthly rent will come up to 720€ (60×12). Easy math, simple enough. However, there is more to this three-digit number than just indicating the price. There are different price categories, concerning the Barcelona real estate market, that are tightly connected to the area in which the property is situated, its surroundings, proximity to popular attractions and sites and its overall state and classification. Whether an apartment is categorized as a luxury accommodation or not you can often find out from its price per square meter. If you know the average prices per square metre in a neighbourhood, it’s a great way to assess and compare the properties you are looking at possibly renting. So gang, if you want to become an expert in properly judging a property on first glance, I suggest you read along.

Barcelona real estate







In order to estimate a property’s features we need to be aware of some key facts about the Barcelona real estate market. So as you can image Barcelona has the one of the highest average rent prices per square meter in the whole of Spain (9.50€ to be exact). Also Barcelona is one of the top five cities in Spain to have a relatively high annual increase on rental prices. Real estate market research estimates an annual rise of 7.3%. Simply put, prices always change and more often than not they rise than drop. So take that into account. Although you probably see the newspapers talking about how bad the economy is here, Barcelona is very special and is simply not representative of Spain as a whole.  In order to make an educated choice we should always check the current prices of the market. If you are still reading and finding this blog useful, then I bet you’ll find our free E-book on Apartment hunting in Barcelona priceless. Now that you are informed let’s get to the good stuff.


General breakdown of rental prices in Barcelona

Back to basics


Barcelona real estate

10€/m2. What you see here, my people, is one of the better offers you have stumbled upon while looking for apartments. What I would suggest is that if you are looking for a descent apartment without any delusional expectations for something ‘out of this world’ stick to this price range. In terms of good quality accommodation, anything close to or less than 10€/m2 is considered below market value. When it comes to location, don’t raise your hopes you too much. I’m not saying the apartment will be in the outskirts of the city but I’m not saying it will be right in the middle of Plaza Catalunya either. The hot spots in Barcelona might be a couple of metro stops away, but hey, as one of my favorite sayings go: ‘There is no full happiness’. With that said, you could find something at that price that is super central, and maybe not in the best condition. Everything is always relative and comparative so you must take these prices per square meters as a guideline.

Location, location, location…

10€/m2 – 14€/m2. An apartment which falls into this price range, guys, you should consider well priced. These properties are usually well located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona. This price range is the most common for descent, well-furnished accommodations and if you are financially conscious but don’t make excuses when it comes to living a good lifestyle, you have just found your ideal apartment. . Here are the price ranges for the most popular and preferred neighborhoods in the city:

Cuitat Vella – 12.75 €/m2

Eixample – 11.84 €/m2

Gracia – 10.61 €/m2

Les Corts – 11.99 €/m2

Sant Marti – 11.33 €/m2

Sarria – Sant Gervasi – 12.74 €/m2

Barcelona real estate

As you can see, apartments ranging from 10€/m2 – 14€/m2 are highly likely they’ll be located in one of the best areas Barcelona has to offer. If you are considering to enter into one of these properties what you should expect is great views, walking distances to Barcelona’s main hot spots and neighborhoods full of life. Don’t forget to check out our popular post on the 5 top neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

Luxury straight ahead.

Barcelona real estate


15 €/m2 and above. Unless of the odd chance that properties might not be well-priced in accordance with the market state, prepare yourselves to witness luxury at its finest. Properties that are priced at 15 € or above per square meter are the definition of luxury. Do you remember when I said ‘There is no full happiness’? Scratch that. These apartments have a feature or a combination of several features that make them more expensive but totally worth it. Excellent quality, extremely well-furnished or situated in the most perfect locations possible is what one of the finer properties the Barcelona real estate market can offer you. If you are not concerned about your budget and indulge in a luxury lifestyle, I would highly advise you to invest your time and money into these gems of the real estate market. However, if the flat seems to be, for all intents and purposes, ‘normal’, and the price is at 15 € / m2 or above, this is a great signal that the flat is too expensive and is not priced properly in accordance to the market. This is good to keep in mind in order to weed out expensive options.

The bottom line here, my peeps, is that if you are paying 15 €/m2 a month or more, there is, or there should be something very special about your apartment.

Barcelona real estate

That was all from me for this week, gang. I hope you found this information useful and that now you know what to expect when you’re on the hunt for apartments in Barcelona. And if you feel exceptionally generous today, why not leave us a comment down below? I thank you in advance.

We all have different budgets for sure, but using this general guideline and comparing apartments in Barcelona based on their price per square meter will give you the best idea about how much value you are getting and will also allow you to do proper comparisons across the different neighbourhoods.

If you’re looking to rent a mid or long term apartment in Barcelona please check out our flats for rent, or you can contact us any time and we’d be more than happy to help you as we are experts. We’d also love to hear your feedback or questions below in the comments!





Barcelona Outlet Stores

Barcelona Outlet Stores : Shopping for Less

Barcelona Outlet Stores

Wanna go shopping this weekend but need to save money ? You can now do both with the guide of Barcelona outlet stores so you can shop without spending all your money at once.

You must have noticed that when it comes to shopping, Barcelona is heaven but what you don’t know is that there is plenty of outlet stores all over the city. Fancy clothes for almost nothing, I already feel the shopping fever… Don’t you ?!

La Roca Village

First one is La Roca Village, the biggest mall of Barcelona outlet stores and even the biggest outlet mall in Europe. You’ll find a nice little street and a lot of outlet sores, actually, this mall is a luxuary one. There is only fancy brands for less. If you like brands such as Gucci, Guess, Liu Jo, Michael Kors, Versace and more you’re gonna love this place ! But if you prefer simpler clothes you’ll be in heaven with Comptoir des Cotonniers, Maje, Sandro, Zadig & Voltaire, Superdry, Tommy Hilfger etc.

Barcelona Outlet Stores

Furthermore the mall is open everyday from 10:00 to 21:00 and you can access the shopping centre with two buses leaving from Barcelona or by train from Barcelona Sants station. Here is the link to access La Roca Village website.



If you don’t want to move too far there are also Barcelona outlet stores in the centre of the city. Of course I’m thinking about Lefties, the outlet shop of Inditex, that means Zara, Oysho, Pull & Bear, TRF and other spanish brands discounted. The concept is that they are working with a lot of brands (Inditex is their biggest partner) and they offer clothes for very cheap prices. They are really convenient because there are several of them and you can find one next to Plaza Catalunya (Pelayo 2 the corner of street Pelayo and Plaza Universitat).

Barcelona Outlet Stores

You can also find it in Mare Magnum (Port Vella area) or in the Heron City Mall, they are very popular in Spain. Check the link to Lefties website.


Heron City Outlet

Another outlet mall is Heron City outlet, located in the Heron City shopping centre. It is the only real mall in the centre of Barcelona (Sant Andreu). The shoping centre is not all outlet but you will find some outlet stores such as Bershka, Diesel, Pepe Jeans, Mango and more. The discounts can reach 70% off. Here is the adress of the shopping centre : Heron City shopping centre, Avenida Río de Janeiro, 42. Access to Heron City website.

Barcelona Outlet Stores


Mango Outlet

If you’re just looking for Mango clothes, there is a unique Mango outlet in calle Girona, 37. You can find clothes and accessories up to 40% off and they put new stock out everyday. So, if you’re in a hurry, you know what you want and don’t wanna spend the whole day shopping in a wide range of stores, this place is made for you. Here is the official Mango outlet website.

Barcelona Outlet Stores


Factory Shop Burberry

This is the place to be : 50 to 70% off on classic pieces for men, women and children. The shop is located in Calle Valencia, 640 and is open from monday to saturday from 10:00 to 20:30.

Barcelona Outlet Stores


Viladecans The Style Outlets

This one is not opened yet but is being built and should open soon. This is a brand new village of Barcelona outlet stores. 150 outlet stores at just 10 minutes from the city centre by car. You’ll be on the first ones to visit. You can shop clothes from Asics, The Body Shop, Roberto Cavalli… As La Roca Village it’ll be luxuary shopping centre with classy brands. Ready to be on top this summer ? Go ahead.

You can check Viladecans website here.

Barcelona Outlet Stores

Now you know where to go to shop for less. Share with us your Barcelona outlet stores experience, we are very interested in hearing from you !

Michelin Restaurants Barcelona Has to Offer

Michelin Restaurants Barcelona: Everything You Need to Know


Michelin restaurants Barcelona

Greetings SuiteLifers,

This week I’ve decided to throw some light on where to find the top Michelin restaurants Barcelona has to offer. Tell me, guys, what’s better than after a long day of site seeing, exploring, working or whatever you like to do with your time, than going for a evening meal with your favorite people.  Michelin restaurants are the most highly ranked restaurants in the world. Expect nothing less than incredible and creative food, excellent and on point service and a divine atmosphere. If you are not concerned about your budget, then you should most certainly pay a visit to one of the these brilliant restaurants. Feeling hungry yet? Me too. Let’s get to it then.

ÁBaC Hotel and Restaurant








Starting off with ÁBaC restaurant. One of the best Michelin restaurants Barcelona has to offer. Chef Jordi Cruz received his first Michelin star at the age of 24, becoming the youngest chef in Spain to be accredited with this prestigious rank. In 2011 the restaurant received its second Michelin star.

If you are in love with traditional Spanish cuisine this is surely a must visit restaurant for you. Chef Jordi Cruz’s menu tries to preserve the traditional taste but combines it with modern cooking techniques in order to serve us an exquisite meal. As a common practice you can order ‘a la carte’ which is a combined platter of meals of your choice. Definitely a great option if you are a food enthusiast. A regular dinner menu at ÁBaC would cost you around 94€.

Michelin restaurants Barcelona

Feel free to familiarize yourself with (ÁBaC’s menu) and build up an idea of what you would like to have for dinner on your visit.

Signature dish: Chef Jordi Cruz’s egg with asparagus.

Cinc Sentits

Michelin restaurants Barcelona










Another jewel in the field of fine dining in Barcelona is Cinc Sentits. Again, amazing dishes with a strong presence of Catalan cuisine but also inspired by foreign gastronomy. One of the finest Michelin restaurants in Barcelona. Literally, gang, their food is so deliciously strange and prepared in such a way to play with our senses that it truly becomes an all-time favorite immediately.

The restaurant’s strong suit is definitely the service. Friendly but professional at the same time, the staff will treat you like royalty. Their competences exceed the limits of sole waiting. For every meal you order they will recommend the best wine to go perfectly with it. Have questions about the food? No need to call for the chef. The waiters are fully able to explain everything about the ingredients, the flavors, cooking techniques and whatever might pop into your head.

Michelin restaurants Barcelona

Cinc Sentits is an amazing experience that you can have for the price of 85€ for a tasting menu.

Signature dish: Chef Jordi Artal’s ember-roasted sweet potato.


Michelin Restaurants Barcelona







Traditional and modern clash together. Recently relocated at the Ohla Hotel this restaurants is one of the hot spots for fine dining in Barcelona. Chef Xavier Franco’s creativity and passion provides us with a premium-quality traditional Catalan cuisine. Combined with impeccable service, Saüc restaurant brings the dining experience to a new level. Receiving its Michelin star in 2007, chef Xavier Franco has never failed to bring joy, happiness (and full tummies) to its customers since. The chef considers himself a ‘protein man’ and to account for that his dishes are very protein packed, making them very nutritious and healthy.

Michelin restaurants Barcelona

The tasting menu you can enjoy for an average of 78€ or 108€, depending on how many dishes you would like to include.

Signature dish: Chef Xavier Franco’s fricassee of fava beans with veal sweetbread.


Michelin restaurants Barcelona









Gresca is one of the more affordable Michelin restaurants Barcelona has. If you are on a budget, but still a quality food lover that demands exceptional service, then you my friend have just found the perfect restaurant. Inspired by tradition and his childhood memories of his grandmother’s recipes, Chef Rafa Penya provides amazing dining experience for a low price and a nostalgic element. His dishes might seem simple and but don’t be fooled by the names on the menu. Once your waiter puts the plate in front of you, just be prepared to be astonished by the creativity and amazing presentation. The chef is in love with tradition but his cooking techniques are very modern and innovative which consequently produces a meal full of rich flavors and textures.

Michelin restaurants Barcelona

The prices at restaurant Gresca range between 19€ to 70€, making it very affordable without cutting down on the quality.

Signature dish: Chef Rafa Penya’s “souffleed” egg with cured ham cream



Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine served with a bunch of creativity. This recently opened restaurant received its Michelin star in 2013. Don’t worry though, their food is top notch. Specializing mainly in Mediterranean cuisine, Nectari offers some of the best dishes including fish and other sea food. If you think that ‘Grilled squid, artichoke confit with honey, chanterelles and salsa’ sounds delicious, look no further – head down to Nectari restaurant. Chef Jordi Esteve is a young and passionate chef famous for his artwork that he puts in every dish making it look like it’s worthy to be put in a museum. The restaurant caters to and highly values their customers who suffer from coeliac disease, which is why the majority of the menu consists of gluten-free dishes.

Michelin restaurants Barcelona

Again, Nectari has a very good price to value ratio as Gresca. A tasting menu at Nectari would cost you around 55€ making it one of the affordable ones.

Signature dish: Chef Jordi Esteve’s scallops with truffle and fish foam.


Thank you for reading, gang, I hope that my blog was useful to you and that now you know where to enjoy some of the best quality food in Barcelona. Take care, have fun and ‘bon apetit’.

Here is a food joke for you guys:

Q: Why did the tomato blush?

A: Because it saw the salad dressing.

Do you know of any great Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona that we missed? Let us know in the comments!



Sitges Carnival!!!



Its that time of year again, yes thats right Sitges Carnival!!. The only time of the year where a man can get away with wearing a nurse outfit in public and not be judged…. not that I have tried to. 2015 was a year a to remember as the people of Sitges did not disappoint as always, this year carnival goers went THEE extra mile. Never had I seen such original costumers from the very creative to the absolute ridiculous this carnival had it all. It was my first time experiencing a carnival outside of the UK so I was well excited to see what I was in for. Fortunately an erasmus group helped organise the trip and for only 10€ and was also a great way of meeting new people. I made the mistake of going to buy the costumer the day before. Turned out the whole of Barcelona also had the same idea. It was mental I had never seen a costume store so busy before! I was left with the very unoriginal idea of going as a cowboy… well it beats going as someone with drawn on kitten whiskers right?? Well at least my friends had as little imagination as myself, a guy with a vendetta mask, a dutch girl trying to be french and a girl who I think was trying to be a character from Great Gatsby.

Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges

When someone first mentioned Sitges Carnival!! to me I was like a dog salivating and asking a 100 questions WHEN?? WHERE??? HOW MUCH??? I saw a quick glimpse of last years carnival on Youtube and knew I had to go even if I did have work the next morning. In retrospect it was worth the hangover! The carnival lasted a week starting on the Monday and finishing on the Sunday however the last day was when the parade took place. So that Sunday morning I woke late as always and rushed everything including sticking my moustache on the wrong way, as if I didn’t look silly enough. All anyone saw that morning in my area was a cowboy running for his life with a plastic gun tucked in his pants, quite the site for people awake that time. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough I got on to the metro to Catalunya expecting loads of people to be in costumes…. I couldn’t have been more mistaken, I was the only one dressed up! So there was only one thing I could do and that was to pretend to be a cowboy by saying ‘Howdy Partner!’ to people passing by. Hey it was carnival who cares right!!



I had never been so happy to see a clown in my life! It was a sign, I was close to the meeting point. One clown became two, then out of nowhere a group of 90s styled characters followed by a group of native americans. Finally a place where it was socially acceptable to dress as a cowboy with an upside down moustache. I remember a child walking pass shouting ‘hey look its a cowboy’… I felt vindicated!!! Few people even asked if they could take pictures with us which was just awesome… I felt like a celeb!! We finally got on the coach that took us to the Sitges Carnival!! which took us just over half an hour, it was also a good time to meet other people who were either studying, working, traveling or just felt like dressing like an idiot for one day.


Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges



We got there just in time for the kids parade. It was surprisingly good! Only problem was that we didn’t have the greatest view so I was more or less tip toeing the whole parade…Not happy! Despite that the kids didn’t disappoint they came out in the most adorable costumes you just felt like snatching one of them they were that cute… not that I would of course. There were although some awkward moments which I found well lets just say inappropriate for example when a float consists of girls dancing rather provocatively next to poles…. weird huh? Luckily the rest of the floats and kids acted like kids!! it was a great taster for what we were to expect from the adult parade later that day. I was worried about one thing, something I only ever worried about back in England… Im sure you guessed it.. the WEATHER!!! It looked very bleak and wasn’t the warmest day either. But it was still early so I was optimistic things would pick up, it had to right?? I mean it was Sitges Carnival!

Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges



In between the children parade and the adults we had about 8 hours to kill!! 2 hours of which were burned at a restaurant with ridiculous service. It literally took us 2 hours to order our food!!! 2 fricking hours!!!!! If your ever in Sitges stay away from ‘The American’ I think I need to remember I am a blogger and not a critic otherwise I will rant for hours about this god forsaken restaurant!!! Okay I shall calm down, where was I.. oh right the Sitges Carnival!!. So we now had 6 hours to kill which was perfect because we were next to beach which was a great way to just sit back, relax and watch the whacky costumes that walked by. There were chickens, cops & robbers, divas, the guy from Saw, Scooby Doo, Slutty Nurses, Cats, People with tights on their heads and even Mr T!!! The list goes on and on!!! The city itself was actually really nice, I mean except for all the diversions the parade caused it seemed like a really nice place to live with loads of shops and open spaces. Shame I didn’t get to explore Sitges as much as I would have liked.


Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges



It was finally what everyone was waiting for the adults parade!!! …. and once again we didn’t get a good spot. The floats came down after some delay so expectations were high. They were awesome as expected!!!! The first float was just a group of devils dancing followed by a group a team of american footballers. Then the one all men were waiting for.. well the main reason I went, a float filled with hot latino, tinsel wearing, barely clothed women erotically dancing! This for me is what the Sitges Carnival is about… yes I am that shallow, can you blame me??? Have you seen the women??? I was actually really impressed at the different themes they incorporated in the parade, we had scary floats such as Freddy Kruger to cultured floats such as Romans and Iconic British people, although the British float was a huge disappointment! So there I was seeing the United Kingdom flag in the far distance getting all excited.. only to witness an awful costumer of Prince Charles and Mr Bean and a guy playing rugby. I guess the Brits doesn’t have as much imagination as I thought but oh well maybe it was just my perspective, I’m sure the spanish loved seeing Prince Charles.


Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Carnival, Carnival Sitges, Sitges Parade, Sitges Carnival Parade, Parade, Sitges Parade, Parade Sitges, Parade Carnival Sitges


To sum up I had such a great time and a fantastic night!! I heard so much about carnivals in the rest of Europe and now I know what the big deal is. If i was to nit pick I’d say the music could have been a bit more well different, The songs were good but just so repetitive and also the weather but thats just down to luck. Other than that there really is just something special about Sitges Carnival and glad I had the opportunity to experience it. To those visiting Barcelona in the coming years remember to make your self available for this Carnival, it is not to be missed!!! Put it in your Calendars… Now!!! …. Do it!!!! …..Oh wait I didn’t give you the date did I. Well I dont know the exact date but its going to be around February time so GOOGLE IT!!!!

Anyway guys I must dash. Hope you guys enjoyed the blog and if you already been just share your comments below, what did you wear?? what did i miss?? Absolutely anything !!!!

Stay tuned :)

Hasan – (Senior Blogging Executive Assistant Intern Specialist)



Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona: The Funny Side of Barcelona

Stand-up comedy in Barcelona: The Funny Side of Barcelona

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Hello SuiteLife gang and welcome to my first blog entry about stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Stand-up comedy is something we all like and most likely relate to. As International people in Barcelona are a huge comedy audience in my first post I decided to let you know where you guys can enjoy this excellent style of comedy in English within the marvelous and apparently funny city of Barcelona. As a comedy enthusiast myself, I took the liberty of tracking down the best clubs, pubs and venues where we can put our funny hats on and let the giggles run free.

Barcelona Comedy Club

First off we have Barcelona Comedy Club. Stand-up is what this venue is all about. BCC is known to be more UK orientated than anything else, having mainly English and Irish guest comedians. Nevertheless Spanish and other foreign comedians are always welcome to try out their material in English. The shows are held in a cozy little pub called Gaelic BCN. Really old-ish and warm atmosphere providing a perfect setting to the hilarious stand-up you can enjoy for only 5€ (including a free drink! Woo!). Once you step inside and the comedians take you away with their tasteful humor, the feeling you experience is nothing short from the one you would have as if you were in old-time London.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona














As it turns out to be a trend in the field of stand-up comedy in Barcelona, this comedy venue organizes shows only once every month. Not the most exhaustive schedule, I know, but I suppose this just throws emphasis on how special the shows actually are (wink). Although their website is updated regularly, BCC has a big online presence on Facebook. If you ever need to find out when their next show is going to be or who will be performing, it would be a safe bet to hop on Barcelona Comedy Club’s Facebook page and read away.


Ample Comedy

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Next, we have a stand-up venue which allows us to showcase our own funny side. Ample Comedy throws an “Open MIC Night” every Thursday providing us with our so much needed weekly dose of ‘funny’ to get us through the busy and tiring work week. What we find at the shows is mainly an amateur based panel of performers, as well as audience members, that try their best to suck up their stage fright, grab the mic for a period of five minutes and try to make us laugh. Now guys, don’t judge. We get one or two bad jokes occasionally but hey, it’s not easy being funny in front of a crowd… It is?! Alright then, prove it! All you need to do is arrive at The Quiet Man bar at 20:30 and write  your name down in order to book yourself a five minute time-slot. Knock ‘em dead, guys.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona









If you hate being in the spotlight, however, just watching is perfectly fine too. Although never underestimate the power of a drink. You can quickly gobble up some inspiration with the cheap drinks they serve at the bar.

Now the best part of this venue is that all the jokes you can take in and all the laughs you can have are for the price of… (Suspense drums)… Nothing! That’s right, guys, you can enjoy a hilarious night out all for free. Kudos to Ample Comedy.


Stand-up Comedy Kills (SUCK)

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

All kinds of funny is what SUCK is all about. Don’t be thrown off by the name, consider it more as evidence of their spicy humor. At least you know what to expect now. This comedy group is the rebellious independent ‘child’ of Ample Comedy gone wild.  With shows twice a month SUCK offers us some of the best comedians to be found in the city putting stand-up comedy in Barcelona on a top level . Often they have guest comedians from abroad like Igor Orlovsky – performing in their last show this month.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona















Diversity is what these guys rely on and so far it has been working great. We get to experience all types of humor – from observational humor about everyday life which we all love to sometimes grim and dark humor which we all often don’t admit that we love and everything else in between.

We can enjoy SUCK twice a month in Las Cuevas del Sorte – a great friendly little spot worth visiting even on a regular night. Oh and guys, make sure you try their Mojitos at least one. It is literally a taste explosion in your mouth and you won’t even want to look another Mojito… ever!

You can follow SUCK on their Fcaebook page as social media is their ultimate outlet to promote their shows and connect with us comedy lovers.

Barcelona Improv Group (B.I.G.)

Another great form of comedy is Improv. Let me tell you all about it.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

B.I.G. or Barcelona Improv Group organize some of the biggest Improv comedy venues in the city. They have been performing in English since 2011 and have quickly built up a solid reputation for being brilliant comedians. Their performances are always powered by their beloved audience’s suggestions and energy, which fuel up the shows to the MAX. Once you step inside the theater leave your expectations outside and when the show starts, brace yourselves because the ‘funny’ is coming.

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona








Here’s the sad part of this venue. B.I.G. organize shows at Teatre de l’Enjólit only once a month (every second Friday of the month to be exact). And while we cannot have enough of them and wish they did a show every day we seek consolation and comfort in their monthly ‘Jams’ and weekly workshops they set up.

The Improv group values us as their audience and always love to get us involved in their activities and share the comedy experience first-hand. And that my dear friends is what Jams are for. Very casual and very fun, no instructions and no need for taking notes, their Jams are just like a night out with the lads. The only thing you have to do is hop on the stage and Improv away. If you’re one of the shy ones that’s fine, just sit back and observe what your fellow amateurs are doing and build up some inspiration for next time. If you feel like you need a break from partying hard after a hard week of work (I actually can’t believe I said that too), gather your friends and head to B.I.G’s monthly Improv Jams on Fridays. Or better yet, don’t call anyone and head out to make some funny new friends (common practice at Jam sessions).

Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona







For the more “eager to learn” comedy fans, B.I.G. offers weekly workshops in which you will be tutored and slowly mended into a professional Improv artist. However, guys, you might need to bring a pen and some paper for this one.

So there you have it guys. Take your pick, put on your good mood and head out to the hottest places you can enjoy stomach-paining, hilarious stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget – always look at the funny side of things ;)

Now here’s a joke for you guys:  So a guy walks into a bar, looking really moody and orders immediately a double-whiskey. Then he starts rambling on about how lousy a wife he’s got, until the bartender finally says: “You know, I don’t understand what you’re complaining about. All the other guys in here only have compliments about your wife.”

Yeah, I’ll try again next time.




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