Gay Barcelona – STDs on your Weenie!

Gay Barcelona – An STD on your Weenie!



What’s up boys and.. Boys? (I do sincerely hope there are some girls around here, because well, this is a very, very serious topic.). This time in my “Gay Barcelona - ..” – blog series, in light of my glory-ous blog about gay-cruising, I want to write about the risk that cruising brings along with it, and most importantly, where to get tested and treated for STD’s in Barcelona. And not just with cruising my sweet little ponies, but with all forms of sex. Sex is fun. Sex is great. But sex is risky. Hey, it’s a risk we all are willing to take when we’re drunk. Well buckle up (or rubber up in this case) for the ride! Because this is going to be an informative one.

How do we get STD‘s? How do we prevent getting them? And maybe even more important; how do we get rid of them.

What is an STD?

Condoms, STD Barcelona, STD, ETS, ETS Barcelona, SexWell, STD stands for Sexual Transmitted Diseases, but STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) might be little bit more up-to-date. As the name states, you can get an STD by having sex. Any form of sex. Oral(!!! Think of Chlamydia, Herpes, even HIV.), anal, and so on. How do we prevent that from happening? Condoms. Condoms all the way. Of course there are more ways to prevent STD‘s from entering your body, but the good thing about condoms is; you can always have them with you and buy them everywhere, and in some clubs they even come free of charge! So you don’t have an excuse not to be safe, right?

Pills, Cure, STD, Barcelona, ETS


Well, we all party from time to time, drugs and booze can limit our rational thinking, and well, when we are about to have sex, we don’t want to break the hot tension of both parties, do we? It sounds so innocent, I mean what can happen if it’s just one time without, right? Well guess what, my beautiful unicorns, A LOT CAN HAPPEN! Thank God most STD‘s can be cured with just some random injections or pills (of course not random, but who cares what’s in the needle, just fix my last week’s mistakes, am I right?). However, some of them are really hard to get rid of, and I’m going to talk about the most dangerous one, of which you can’t get rid of (at least not yet); HIV.

HIV, gay, gay barcelona, gay STD, STD, STD Barcelona, ETS


How does one get HIV? It’s simple, you can either be born with it (if your parents have HIV), you can get it by sharing needles with random people who are infected with HIV, or you can get it by having sex. Unprotected sex. Sex where body fluids are being shared. Whenever two bodies get in touch with each other’s body fluids, you have a chance of getting HIV, but of course, the other person needs to have HIV. And I know it’s really easy to just ask the person before you have sex; ‘Hey, do you have HIV? No? OH LET’S GO!’ But no, that’s not gonna give you the gaurantee that it is going to be safe. The person doesn’t even have to know that he has HIV, or he can be lying to you. The incubation period (The time it takes to actually show symptons) of HIV is rather long, it can take up to a few months, years even, depending on the person.  And if you end up getting HIV, you’ll be living a life with pills, and not the party pills you might be thinking of. So please be safe and use a condom anytime you have sex. Be safe. Please.


So what do we do when we do get an STD? We go to health clinics, and I’ll give you the two (in my opinion) best ones.

HIV, test, Gay Barcelona, STD, STD Barcelona

The first one is Open House (located Carrer Sicília 253, nearest Metro Sagrada Familia), a private clinic, and I do prefer this one over the other, especially for foreigners who don’t speak spanish, or people who are just visiting the city. It’s an english-speaking clinic, and you can have your results within 20 minutes and you get the cure right after in case you have an STD, so there’s no need to go to the pharmacy! However, it does come with a price, as you have to pay right away, and isn’t that cheap. But if that speed isn’t high-quality service, I don’t know what is. Check out their website and get ready for your check-up!

The second one is Clínica Ginecológica Sants (located Roger 23 Street, nearest Metro Badal), a spanish clinic, of course this clinic is just as good as the previous one, except this one has a longer waiting time. For making an appointment and for getting back the results. It isn’t as expensive as Open House, but it isn’t as fast either. Check out their website to make an appointment!

Now don’t let this blog discourage you from having sex, because that’s not the idea. I just want to make sure that you know there are risks that come with having sex. So please, have fun out there! Get your game on! Bring out the condoms!

Be safe my princesses, because  you guys have to live on to read my next few blogs!

Have a fabulous gayday!

So long, gay boys!


Spanish Citizenship (Ciudadania Espanola) – 5 simple steps on how to get it!

Spanish citizenship

The Spanish Citizenship Joke

What is the main difference between a person that has a Spanish citizenship and a person without a Spanish citizenship? It’s the degree of coolness and awesomeness!

Now that you’ve tasted a little bit of our SuiteLife inside humour, it’s time to get to the serious business. Becoming a Spanish citizen is definitely a big deal, as you will basically be one of the King’s ‘subjects’ from now on!

Here you will find the steps that you need to undertake in order for you to actually get the Spanish citizenship.


SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 1: Reside in Spain for 10 years.

However, there are also some exceptions:

  • if you are a political refugee, you will only have to reside in Spain for 5 years.
  • if you are from Latin America, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or for Sephardic people – 2 years
  • people who are born in a Spanish territory / do not properly exercised its right to acquire Spanish nationality by option / have been subject to legal guardianship (under the supervision of a guardian), guardian or foster care (foster care that allows the reduction of legal residence one year is one in which there is resolution of the public entity in each territory have entrusted child protection and foster care who are legally recognized) a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years, even if I will continue in this situation at the time of application / who, at the time of application, have been married a year Spanish or Spanish and is not legally separated or fact / the widow or widower of a Spanish person, if they were not separated, legally or in fact at the time of the death of the spouse / born outside of Spain parent, (also born outside Spain), grandparent, provided that all of them had been originally Spanish – 1 year


SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 2: In order to fill in the documentation, you will have to go to your Residence Civil Registry

Note – not to the Ministry of Justice!

In Barcelona, you can find the exact location with this link.

The address is Plaça Duc de Medinaceli, 2, 08071, Phone: (+34) 934120474.


SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 3: You will have to fill in the application form.

You can find it right here.


SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 4: Prepare the other documents.

These include:

  • Foreign Identity Card, Family Card of the citizen of the European Union or the Central Registration Certificate for Foreigners
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Registration in the Community (Certificado de Empadronamiento). If you require info about Certificado de Empadronamiento, you can find everything it by clicking here!
  • Birth certificate of the person concerned, duly translated and authenticated
  • Criminal record in their country of origin, translated and authenticated in accordance with existing or consular conduct international conventions
  • Livelihoods to reside in Spain (employment contract, payroll employment report from the Treasury of Social Security, or any other evidence)


SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 5: Wait for the documents.

Once you have filled out all the paperwork required of you in the registry, this will be in charge of sending the case to the General Department of Nationality and Civil Status Directorate General of Registries and Notaries. When your file is received you will be notified in writing.

Once informed, where appropriate, the granting of Spanish nationality must perform the subsequent steps in the Civil Registry where you applied.

For more info go to the official Ministry of Justice website!

Info will be presented in Spanish, so it’s better to read our blog first!

Keep Calm and Wait for the Spanish Citizenship

Halloween In Barcelona 2014


Celebrating Halloween in Barcelona is quite different from many other countries. It is not easy to see a lot of people parading around the streets demanding candies or carving pumpkins, but Halloween in Barcelona brings you the full range of exciting Catalan traditions with many unique activities. Halloween here is a three day celebration known as Day of the Dead or “El Dia de los Muertos”. It starts from 31th October to 2nd November.  The day after Halloween is 1st November and it is a public holiday in Spain known as “Todos los Santos” (All Saints). Halloween in Spain is about commemorating loved ones who have passed and also to celebrate the continuity of life.

But, there is much more than that,  Suitelife will let you discover what Barcelona has to offer on Halloween.

Halloween in Barcelona

La Castanyada

The highlight of the Halloween celebration in Barcelona is La Castanyada or chestnut time. This is an intriguing celebration of eating “castanyes” (roasted chestnuts), “moniatos” (sweet potatoes), “panellets” (cakes) and drinking “muscatel” sweet wine. Many bars, especially near Las Ramblas, are decorated with spider webs. On the streets, you can see many people in spooky costumes and for foodies, this day should not be missed because there will be street vendors with stalls selling delicious delicacies. One of the most famous ones are castanyes which are chestnuts roasted on charcoal grills. This is a great idea to try something warm like hot wrapped roasted chestnuts before the weather turns cold. If you want to have a closer insight into Catalan culture, there are panellets. They are mini almond-flavored balls covered in pine nuts or in coconut, lemon, or chocolate. They are sold mostly in local bakeries. Finally, don’t forget to try boniatos (sweet potatoes) which are also sold by street vendors. Remember to combine the above foods with Muscatel wine served in porrons - a traditional Catalan wine pitcher with a stem to pour the wine into your mouth.

Halloween in Bcn

Not like many other holidays in Barcelona when there are massive parties on the streets, during Halloween, you get a more homey feeling. People go to churches or visit cemeteries to place flowers, wreaths, candles and then gather with families. There are nine cemeteries in Barcelona and they are full of people in Halloween.


Halloween in Barcelona is a chance to join in one of amazing costume theme parties. Most of them are held in clubs like Opium Bar, Shoko, Apolo and in some hotels as well. Below we pick some featured parties and fun activities from traditional  to fancy dressed ones (in no particular order).

1. Ruta de Altares

Ruta de Altares (or Alter Route) is a Halloween party in Mexican style. This kind of party is more and more well-known recently. Starting from 10th October to 24th October, this is an international project that connects various Mexican communities in the world to celebrate the Day of the Dead tradition. The public is invited to view themed alters dedicated to memory of the departed. The alters have different themes and are in around 30 bars, restaurants, and galleries in Barcelona.

Halloween party in Barcelona

2. Rock is dead Halloween in Barcelona 2014

Costumes, cocktails and an amazing panoramic view from the 26th floor of the W hotel, what can be more amazing than that? Every year, the W hotel organizes a special Eclipse Halloween edition  where you can dance in the ambience of a Gothic Glam party with the best music from DJs Agus and enjoy the live electric guitar set by Kamelmat. With the Gothic Glam dress code, make up artists will design the Gothic Glam look for the guests.

Address: Plaza de la Rosa dels Vents, 1 pl. 26, Barcelona

Food: Oriental food

Drink price: From 12€ | Soft drinks from 4€; VIP Price: Bottle of cava from 40€ | Normal from 150€

Door policy: 23 years old | Elegant & Stylish



3. Halloween Boat Party

If you like adventure, you definitely want to try to have a party on board. The Halloween Boat Party is an awesome experience as you can celebrate Halloween on a catamaran and sail around the Mediterranean. With the fee of 30 EUR,  you will get free beer/cava and 3 hours on boat with DJ + Appetizer. On 31 October, the catamaran will leave at 19h from Port Vell and arrive at Port Olimpic. Get more info about this unique party here

Best Halloween parties in Barcelona

4. La Posada Maldita

Do you want to try some fun terrifying experience ? Located in Cerdanyola del Vallès just outside Barcelona, Posada Maldita is a well known restaurant because it is more an attraction than a place to eat. Having a Halloween-themed for 365 days a year, this place will make you both laugh out loud and scream your lungs out at the same time. During the meal, you will be kept awake because you will receive many famous scary visitors such as the Beast, the bloody chef, some zombies,…This is a perfect place for meeting friends, Bachelor parties, etc. The menu price is 38 EUR, including a starter, a main dish, dessert and drinks.

Address: Avinguda de la Flor de Maig, 57, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona

Halloween in Bcn

5. Irish pubsHalloween in Barcelona 2014

You might or might not know but Halloween is originally Celtic. If you want to find some true Halloween spirit with Jack-o-lantern, dressing up as ghosts and ghouls, snapping apples,…, listen to good ghost story and have some craic. You never feel alone when you are in an Irish pub ! There are a lot of Irish pubs in Barcelona, check out our Top Irish pubs in Barcelona and choose your favorite one !


Useful Spanish Halloween words

Last but not least, let’s learn some Spanish Halloween words !

Halloween - Noche de Brujas
Pumpkin - La calabaza
Carved pumpkins - calabazas talladas
Farol – lamp
Vampires – vampiros
Ghosts – fantasmas
Witches – brujas
Zombies – zombies
Skeletons – esqueletos
Mummy – momie
Dress up - disfrazarse
Trick or Treat – truco o trato
Sweets and treats - dulces y golosinas

Suitelife wishes you a bloody happy Halloween !

~ Trang

Gay Barcelona – Parties Without Panties!

Gay Barcelona – Parties without panties!

Gay Barcelona Cruising Nightlife

Where to cruise in Gay Barcelona?

In our Blog Series “Gay Barcelona – … ” we’ll be talking about several gay topics, and this one is all about cruising with your fellow gay men, in men-only clubs! Oh! By the way, check out this awesome blog about Gaixample!

I bet you’ve experienced it, you see that beautifully well-built guy, dancing around that pole, and you are craving for his attention.. Well bad luck for you sir, because there they are, the well-known ‘fag-hags’ of the other gay men, drooling all around him screaming for a glimpse of his eyes (or you know, some other things). Well, we’ve come up with a solution just for you, so you won’t have to slap those girls faces: A list of a few Men-Only clubs! But yeah, you might’ve guessed it, Men-Only clubs can be rather.. Cruisy. Before you decide to go to these clubs, please consider reading the safe-sex guide!

Berlin Dark

Gay Barcelona Cruising Berlin Dark Nightlife CruisingBerlin Dark – The first one on our “Gay Barcelona – Party without Panties” – list would be Berlin Dark and the club is located at Passatge de Prunera, No. 18. The nearest Metro would be Poble Sec. If you exit the Metro it is about a 10 minute walk. Berlin Dark is not your average clubbing place. This club revolves around cruising. This gay club is home to gay men who are into fetishes, S&M, Naturism, Leather, and so on. There are plenty of events in this club which have certain dress codes, well, you could’ve guessed it, won’t be Catholic. The opening hours of this club, however, aren’t like most either, being closed on mondays, open from 22:30 – 2:30 tuesday to thursday, and 22:30 – 3:30 on fridays and saturdays, but oh well, we all know that cruising doesn’t take that much time, right? But, if you’re up to finding someone to spend and stay the night with, this might not be the place you’re looking for.

Club Trash

Gay Barcelona Cruising Trash ClubbingClub Trash is located at C/ Mare de Deu del Remei, No. 11. The nearest Metro would be Poble Sec as well, and is just a 5-10 minute walk away from the Metro station. If you think Berlin Dark is too much, then you’re in for a big one. Club Trash, with 500m2, is probably the biggest cruising club of Barcelona. This club is sex. Sex, sex and sex. Have I told you it’s also about sex? Yeah, I guess you get it. This club has strict dressing codes, and all are sex-based. If it’s either leather, S&M, sports or just being naked, everything is being judged at the entrance, just to check if you are worthy enough to get inside. Yeah, I’d say it’s pretty intense, but if you’re up for some hardcore cruising, please, be my guest and get in there, discover the grounds, and tell me after if there is anything I missed out on.


Metro Club
Gay Barcelona Cruising GoGo Metro

And then we’ve got Metro. Metro is located at Sepúlveda, No. 185. The nearest Metro would be Universitat. And then it’ll be just a 5 minute walk. Compared to the other ones in this list, this is probably the most ‘innocent’ club. If you are looking for 25yo+ men, this is probably the place to be. Metro has quite some sexual tension around the club, but it’s not as much as the others. Metro has great music, techno, dance, anything really that can keep you going all night. For those who like to watch, there sure is something that would please the eye; GoGo-dancers! These gorgeously built men will show you their dance moves.. And if you’re lucky, they might even drop that towel just in front of you..






Gay Barcelona Cruising Nightlife Gay Bar NightBerryThe last one (for now!) on our ‘Gay Barcelona – Parties without Panties’ – list, is Nightberry and this rather small bar is located at C/ Diputació, No. 161. Like I mentioned, this isn’t a club, it’s a bar. And just like all the other Men-Only clubs / bars, this is yet another bar that is probably just for cruising. Unlike the clubs, this bar has a more relaxing atmosphere and therefore it might be easier to start your cruising adventures here. But don’t be fooled by the relaxing atmosphere, because this bar can get just as hardcore as you want it to be..




If I would have to make a ranking list from hardcore cruising to somewhat ‘decent’ cruising (of course, cruising isn’t always.. You know, decent.) out of these four clubs, I’d say that Club Trash would be the rather intense one, followed by Berlin Dark. And Metro and Nightberry would follow respectively. But wherever you want to start your cruising adventures, I am 100% sure you’ll find it in any of these four bars!

Well, I’ve tried my best to give you some of the best cruising places in Barcelona, but of course, it’s not just these four, there are just so many clubs, bars, where you can cruise. Therefore I would love it so much if you would share me your amazing cruising adventures (no need for the explicit details though, we need to keep something for the imagination) in the comment box down below so I can find more cruisy clubs to write about, just for you!

Well this is it for now, so what are you waiting for? Put on your cruising boots, thong and hat, and get your cruise on!

Have a fabulous gayday!

So long, gay boys!


The Labyrinth Park in Barcelona: A Place of Magic!

The Labyrinth Park in Barcelona – Place of magic!

Do you want to experience some magic in Barcelona? We are in love with this Labyrinth Park in Barcelona – one of the most stunning and amazing places which is teleports you immediate to some other-worldly Alice in Wonderland type place. This is a place full of beauty! You will be stunned by the forest, streams, ponds, waterfalls, statues, paths and of course the famous labyrinth. The Magic and romance of this place is amazing. This photo blog will give you an idea about the quiet park where you can escape from your routine of life and noise of the Barcelona centre. Enjoy!


I need no magic

I was granted one days magic


By the power who rules the all


One day to wish for anything


Yet life is beautiful!!


I live in a world filled with magic


Every moment is so sweet


What more could I ever want


When all is so complete?


The sun it shines up in a sky


Though clouds might mar its view


The birds they sing a magic song


Each moment is brand new


The trees they dance upon the breeze


The flower look so bright

Oh everything is wonderful


My life is pure delight


So I don’t need no magic


All I’ll ever need is joy


This I have a thousand fold, and naught can this destroy!


Check our other blog about Labyrinth Park in Barcelona to find out more information about this place and how to get there, and our “Barcelona Bible” –  free ebook in which we included this spot.

To find more photos and news from Barcelona follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter and enjoy Barcelona with Suitelife – Barcelona Real Estate & Lifestyle Services.































Check our previous blog to find out more information about this magical place. Consider the park as a place for a date as well (Top) as it is one of the most romantic spots in the city.



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