The Best Water Parks near Barcelona!


Cool Down this summer and go to the best Water Parks near Barcelona!

Summer is here and it can get pretty hot, especially here in Barcelona! If you are looking to spend a nice day with some friends or family, going to water parks near Barcelona can be a great option to chill out a bit and have fun at the same time.

We’ve got you covered at SuiteLife with our great selection of the best water parks near Barcelona! Check it out:


Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

costa caribe, water parks near barcelona

The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is part of the Port Aventura Park, only one hour drive from Barcelona. It is in the heart of Costa Dorada and is more than 50,000 square meter! You will be able to enjoy a great atmosphere of the Carribean, huge swimming pools, rapids, waves, river waters, palm trees and there’s even a special area for children. And guess what? There is also the highest free fall slide in Europe, for those of you who dare! The only bad thing about this park is that it is so famous that it can get really crowded, so don’t hesitate and take your tickets online to avoid queuing too much when arriving. You can also buy an “express pass” to beat the queue at the different attractions, which is going to save you a lot of time!

You can find all the information you need (prices, opening times, …) and book your tickets on their website:


Water world (Lloret del mar)

water world, water parks near barcelona

Water World is on the Costa Brava, so you can enjoy a nice location if you’re there on holidays. It is about a one hour drive from Barcelona.

It has more than 20 different rides that are divided in three categories: children, family and bold so there should be something for everybody! You will enjoy some giant rides, wave pools, Jacuzzis, rapid rivers, kamikaze, etc… The only thing is that you need to arrive very early in order to really enjoy your day and avoid the crowd at the entrance gate, but apart from that, this park is definitely one of the best water parks near Barcelona!

You can find all the information you need (prices, opening times, …) and book your tickets on their website:


Aquopolis (Vila Seca)

aquopolis, water parks near barcelona

Aquopolis is in Vila Seca, an hour and a half south of Barcelona by car. Just like Water World and Costa Caribe, Aquo Polis offers rides for the entire family. But, there is one big difference between those parks ! Actually, one of the greatest things about Aquopolis is that there are exhibitions with dolphins and sea lions! You can even interact with them, and who in the world doesn’t want to swim with dolphins? Moreover, the dolphin show is included in the price so you won’t have to pay extra to see them. However, you need to book to confirm the activities with the animals.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets online as they are discounted and you will avoid the queue at the entry!

You can find all the information you need (prices, opening times, …) and book your tickets on their website:


Marineland (Palafolls)

marineland, water parks near barcelona

Marineland is located in Palafolls, which is about an hour drive from Barcelona. This park would have to be one of my favourites as it is not only a water park but also a marine zoo! You will be able to see dolphins, penguins, sea lions, seals and exotic birds. Even though I don’t quite understand what exotic birds have to do with marine life, it’s still great to be able to see them. And obviously, since it is a water park, you will enjoy lots of rides made for the entire family. It’s definitely a must go if you have children (and even if you don’t!). It is about one hour from Barcelona by car.

Moreover, if you buy your tickets online, you’ll have a special discount so don’t wait any longer!

You can find all the information you need (prices, opening times, …) and book your tickets on their website:



Illa Fantasia (Vilassar de dalt)

water parks near barcelona, illa fantasia

A fellow SuiteLifer went there last weekend, and she really had a blast! It is only a 20min drive from Barcelona by car, but you can also take a bus to get there from the city. Even though it was on a Sunday, it was NOT crowded! And that is rare enough in Barcelona to be noted, trust me, especially in August. Like every other parks, you can enjoy many different water attractions, but in this one, you don’t have to queue for ages while burning in the sun!
Every Wednesday during July and August, you can also enjoy an Aquasound Pool Party from 3pm to 6pm in a huuuuuge swimming pool! We haven’t been there yet, but it sounds like an amazing experience. There is also this special promotion where you can buy a day ticket and have a night ticket for free! “Pay once, come twice”.

You can find all the information you need (prices, opening times, …) and book your tickets on their website:


What about you? What are your favourite activities to do during a hot summer day in Barcelona? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Cheers and have a lovely summer in BCN!


Water Activities in Barcelona

Water Activities in Barcelona: A fun way to spend your day

Water activities in Barcelona is a fun way to spend your day. There are many things to do around Barcelona, but often times during the hotter months, you just want to take a break and cool down. A good way to do this is to head out to the beach. Sometimes, however, going to the beach can get boring and you want to do more fun thing in the ocean. The good thing is Barcelona has a vast variety of different activities you can do in the water at all different price ranges. Here you will find some of the best water activities in Barcelona that you do not have to take training classes for. If beaches are more your thing then check out our Barcelona Beach Bible.

Banana Boat

There are many companies that you can ride a banana boat with in Barcelona. This is one of the many popular water activities in Barcelona and can be enjoyed by all ages. There are different durations of time that you can enjoy the boat. For 15 minutes you can ride on the banana boat for €20 a person. If you want to do this option you must have a minimum of 5 people going on the boat and a maximum of 10 people. There is an option to go on the boat for a longer period of time. You can go on a banana boat for 3 hours for € 120 per person. For this experience you only need a minimum of 2 people and there is a maximum of 9 people.

To book your banana boat and check availability you can call them here: +34 93 270 2048

Jet ski

Jet ski rentals are probably one of the most popular water activities in Barcelona. Jet ski rentals also do not tend to be the least expensive options of fun water activities. There are many different places that you can rent jet skis but for the most part the prices tend to stay in the same price range. For 30 minutes on a jet ski you will typically be paying 100 €, 1 hour is 180 €, 5 hours is 750 €, and 10 hours is 1400 €. There are also different excursions that you can take on a jet ski around the Mediterranean in the Barcelona area. There are excursions to Costa Brava or Garraf this is approximately a 4 hour excursion and costs 500 € per person. This excursion is only for 1 or 2 people. The other excursion offered is a long distance excursion, there are several locations in which you can travel up and down the Spanish coast line. The cost of the long distance excursion is 1000 € a day per person. Although jet skis can be pricey, they are well worth the money to be able to get out onto the open water and experience the Mediterranean sea.

To book one of the jet ski experiences you can call +34 659 935 966


Parasailing is one of the more relaxing water activities in Barcelona, except of course if you are afraid of heights. Parasailing gives you a wonderful view of the whole city and this is a view you would not be able to see anywhere else. For a single person parasailing is 90 €, double is 160 €, 3 people 210 €, 4 people 240 €, and 5 people 300 €. Although this can be a little pricey, parasailing gives you the most beautiful view of Barcelona and allows you to enjoy it even more from 150m above the ocean.

To book parasailing you can call +34 616 031 289

360 Jet Boat

The 360 jet boat is probably my favorite choice of water activities in Barcelona. This boat is called Monster Barcelona and it takes you flying through the ocean with a 450 hp boat. This boat will do 360 degree turn stops at random times and will also nose dive into the water. This boat is more for the adrenaline junkie even though it doesn’t hurt to be on this boat. You do get soaked so therefore must wear a bathing suit while you are on the boat, not that you wouldn’t wear a bathing suit on any boat. For a 15 minute ride the cost is 35€ per person, but totally worth it.

To book the Monster Barcelona 360 jet boat call  +34 616 031 289

Flyfish Barcelona

Flyfish as a water activity is an awesome tubing experience. This tube will take you flying through the air while you get pulled by a boat. It gets its name because you will be flying like a fish through the air. This experience lasts 15 minutes and costs 30€ per person. This is a fun experience that is enjoyable for most ages.

To book reservations for Flyfish Barcelona call +34 616 031 289


Flyboarding is definitely more for an adrenaline junkie looking for water activities in Barcelona to do on vacation or maybe just for fun on the weekend. This is fairly a new thing popping up around the world. These are boots that you put on with jets on the bottom of them. These boots allow you to swim quickly through the water and fly in and out of the water. This is definitely one of the more expensive activities to do in Barcelona but also one of the most memorable. Flyboarding costs 85€ per person for 15 minutes in the water. The price is a lot for 15 minutes but totally worth it if you’re an adrenaline junkie!

To book your flyboarding experience call +34 616 031 289

Whether you are looking for some short time fun in the water or a long excursion on a jet ski Barcelona has so much to offer in the line of water activities! What are your favorite activities that you have found in Barcelona?



What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day

What to do in Barcelona with ONLY 25 euros a day

What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day – spend smart!

Ladies and gents, welcome to the revolutionary brand new blog from SuiteLife about what to do in Barcelona with 25€  (or less) a day! Get ready for some really valuable insider tips for people just like you, but just with a little more experience in BCN :P ! For that matter, don’t be shy, feel free to share your tips in the comment section below. But for now, enough with the chit-chat, and lets get the party started!


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day All nutritionists recommend a really copious and nutritious breakfast and who are we to be against that? And since we’re in Spain, this is why you should start the day with a Spanish bocadillo (aka baguette sandwich; aka sub :P ). And since we know you want only the best, we highly recommend Panaderias 365. They are all over the city and for approximately 3€, you can get a big-ass bocadillo that is also tasty! And obviously a great day starts with an awesome coffee, they serve lattes for only 1,25€! THAT IS: 4,2€ (so far).


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day With no exaggeration, summer is definitely claiming its rights here in Barcelona (35° C today at 5PM :O ), so there’s no friggin’ way of being in Barcelona and not going to one of the beaches! So, time to get some tan lines on that skin and let everyone know what an amazing time you are having in this fantastic city (P.S. no beach leg selfies though, that is so 2014 :P )! In order for the fun to be complete, here’s what you are gonna need:

  • a public transportation ticket (either metro or bus should be fine): 2,15€
  • a 6-pack of beer cans : 3€
  • some snacks: 2€

THAT IS: 7,15€


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day The Tibidabo Cathedral is an amazing part of the Catalan culture on Barcelona, but the way to get there is even more awesome! Why? Because if you are more of a hiker than a ‘bather’, this is the place to be for you, as you will find yourself in the middle of nature breathing fresh air away from the city pollution? The pathway up to the Cathedral slithers round the hill and takes approximately 1 1/2 h to reach the top, so we would like to make some suggestions on what you would need:

  • first of all – public transportation ticket: 2,15€
  • bottle of water: 0,50
  • protein bar: 1

THAT IS: 3,65


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day After all these extremely physically draining activities, clearly it’s time for some well-deserved lunch! SutieLife Barcelona recommendation: TENTO! Wondering why? Well because you can also find them pretty much everywhere within the city and they sell healthy cooked dishes that are only 2 mins away from touching your mouth, due to the fact that they have a lot of microwave ovens where you can heat your stuff up! Not to mention they have a very wide range of meals with which you can customise your own menu for just 6,95€!!! The menus include 2 main courses, bread, a small bottle of water and a dessert! You can also go with the 1/2 menu (with only one main course) for 4,95€, but trust us, spending 2€ more for another plate of food is worth it here! THAT IS: 6,95€


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day

You haven’t come to Barcelona to sleep now, have you? It’s sightseeing time, because sleep is for the weak! So, after lunch, you have to burn those calories for good! And thank God, Barcelona has a bazillion places for you to see and admire! If you click here, you will see the SuiteLife recommendation for the MUST-SEE sites here in Barcleona, so why not check our blog for more info ;) ? Costs:

  • walking: FREE!!!
  • water bottle: 0,50
  • some snacks: 1

THAT IS: 1,50



What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day

Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, so after you’re done with all your plans we suggest you hit Cerveceria Montaditos! Most of their tapas are  1€ (!!), and believe us – they are reeaally good! Plus you can choose from a lot of varieties, which is awesome because you get to experience the real Spanish food! Prices:

  • 4 tapas * 1€ = 4
  • beer = 1



TOTAL: 24,85€


And that’s it, SuiteLifers! Feeling more enlightened now? Thought so! That’s what happens when you know what to do in Barcelona with 25€  (or less) a day! Now it is yours to take!

Till next time, peace out!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

American Food in Barcelona

Where to Find American Food in Barcelona

Hi there SuiteLife followers! Todays blog post will be about where to find American food in Barcelona. If you are from the US or abroad, and been in Barcelona for as long as I have, you grow an unsatisfiable hunger for your home comfort food. There are many places around the city that serve American style food, but there are few restaurants that can make it feel authentic. Hope you’re hungry!

Bernie’s Diner

American food in Barcelona
Bernie’s Diner is a retro styled American diner located in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona. Founded with simplicity and genuine quality in mind, Bernie’s Diner aims to provide a down to earth atmosphere where one can socialize with friends at any time of the day. Opening at 9:00 a.m., Bernie’s breakfast menu offers an American Breakfast that includes two grilled or scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and toast, among other great classics.  Though their breakfasts are amazing, their 100% beef burgers and specials are second to none. Everyday Bernie’s uses fresh meat from the Girona region of northern Spain and fresh baked bread made at a local bakery. Whatever meal you pick, it is safe to say you cannot go wrong at Bernie’s Diner.



American food in Barcelona

Founded in 2010, Bacoa has built its reputation for making one of the best hamburgers in Barcelona in just a few short years. Though the hamburger has been a staple of the Spanish menu for many years, Bacoa strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, fresh cooked burgers daily. Offering beef, lamb, and chicken patties, Bacoa uses in its opinion, the best meats in Spain in their burgers. If a teriyaki glazed Japonesa burger or stuffed pork San Jacobo doesn’t do it for you, you can finish your meal off with Bacoa’s artisan ice cream. Bacoa has 5 locations around the city, so you are never far from that burger you so desire!



Napa Restaurant was founded to bring together the unique  flavors of Catalonia, the Mediterranean and California. Known especially for its tapas menu, Napa also offers spectacular full size meals as well as desserts. On the menu you will find items like grilled salmon with potatoes confit, and tapas like calamari with citrus mayonnaise. The service staff is pleasant and helpful, and short wait times are common but it is also possible to make reservations online. Located just 20 minutes from Plaça Catalunya in the Eixample neighborhood, Napa has a friendly and intimate setting perfect for any night of the week.


Can Dende

American food in Barcelona

Can Dende is an American, Brazilian, and Asian fusion brunch and eatery. Located in Poblenou, Can Dende offers a menu full of simple yet delicious brunch and lunch items. Their Eggs Benedict is to die for and pancakes for dessert only make a great meal even better. Wait times are normally short during the week but expect them to be a little longer on the weekends. Make sure to try their pink lemonade and also get aquatinted with Dende, the restaurants resident dog.



American food in Barcelona

Milk Bar & Bistro was opened in 2005 by an Irish couple with years of experience in the food industry. Milk’s menu is diverse, creative, and changes seasonally based on what ingredients are offered in local markets. Milks signature is their noodle buns for their hamburgers. If you are not in the mood for a hamburger, you can also try items like a steak sandwich or buffalo chicken wings and finish with a banana split with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Milk is a perfect place for a birthday dinner, drink afterwork, or a night out on the town.


Nice People BB

American food in Barcelona

Nice People Bread and Burger is a hamburger joint located in Example. Using 100% beef that is prepared daily, Nice People BB is know for its quality and taste. Their special bread buns are baked daily and allow for the perfect fusion between bread and burger. Their ketchup, wasabi mayonnaise, mustard, and garlic aioli are home-made and prepared in the kitchen everyday. Nice People Bread & Burger is relatively new to the burger scene here in Barcelona but is a can’t miss if you’re in the mood for a delicious, high quality meal.


Taste of America

American food in Barcelona

Though not a restaurant, Taste of America cannot be left off the list. If you miss your Hershey’s Chocolate or Campbell’s Soup, this is your place. Taste of America is an American Supermarket located in the heart of Barcelona. Founded almost 20 years ago by a group of Spanish and American friends, Taste of America has grown from a single store in Madrid to 20 stores around Spain. With over 2,000 quality products on its shelves, Taste of American knows that sometimes its the little things that matter in life. Bringing brands like Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Arizona Ice Tea, and Snyder’s Pretzels to it’s stores stores makes it an ideal place to go if you are missing your American snacks. Taste of America is definitely a place worth checking out if you are going to be staying in Barcelona for any extended period of time.

Thanks guys! Are there any other great places for American food in Barcelona that you know about? Let us know in the comments!

Djs in Barcelona this july


Here we are ! It’s july and a crazy month is about to start here in Barcelona ! What you have to know is that every summer a lot of great Djs and artists are coming in Barcelona, and this year the line up is particularly exciting !! So I’m gonna make you a quick agenda to resume where the Djs are going to be in Barcelona this july as well as the places where you need to go this month. I hope you’re ready for this because it might blow your mind !

Wednesday the 1st of july :

Where to go tonight ? Opium ! SANDER VAN DOORN is playing. Buy your tickets on the Opium website before going (it’s cheaper this way) : 25 €. Opium : Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 34.

DJs in Barcelona this july

Friday the 3rd of july :

-BAKERMAT is playing at Razzmatazz !! You can buy your tickets online on the Razzmatazz website for 15€ (+taxes) or buy them at the entrance for 17€. Razzmatazz : carrer Pamplona, 88.

-NERVO at the Sutton ! Hurry up if you want to go because the cheapest tickets are already sold-out ! You can now buy tickets from 20€ on the Sutton website. The Sutton Club : Carrer Tuset, 13.

Djs in Barcelona this july

Saturday the 4th of july :

Big night at Razzmatazz because TOVE LO and BLONDIE are playing this night !! You can buy your tickets online for 15€+taxes or at the entrance for 17€. With one ticket you’ll have acces to all the rooms thus to all the Djs ! Razzmatazz : carrer Pamplona, 88.

DJs in Barcelona this july

Wednesday the 8th of july :

KASKADE is playing at Opium !! The tickets are now 25€ on the Opium website but hurry up cause they’ll get more expensive !! Opium : Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 34.

Wednesday the 15th of july :

Again at Opium : ALESSO !!!!! Yes Alesso is playing !! You can’t miss that. Of course it’s Alesso so the tickets are a bit more expensive than those for other DJs : it’s 30€ online for now ! Hurry up ! Opium : Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 34.

Djs in Barcelona this july

Saturday the 18th of july :

CRAZIEST FESTIVAL EVER! It’s the Barcelona Beach Festival with (among others) : DAVID GUETTA, HARDWELL, AXWELL^INGROSSO and MARTIN GARRIX ! It’s gonna be the craziest day of the year ! It starts at 6.30 pm on Platja de la Pau ! Buy your tickets on the official website !

Djs in Barcelona this july

Wednesday the 22nd of july :

On this wednesday you’ll enjoy the CHOCOLATE PUMA and THE CHAINSMOKERS (yes you know them !! “But first, let me take a selfie!!”) at Opium ! The tickets are sold online for 30€ for both DJs. Opium : Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 34.

Thursday the 23rd of july :

-KREWELLA is at Razzmatazz!! It’s 20€+taxes in advance on the website or 25€ at the entrance !!

-WAL SHY FIRE (from MAJOR LAZER) is also at the Razzmatazz but you’ll have to pay separately from Krewella. It’s 17€+taxes in advance on the website or 20€ at the entrance

Razzmatazz : carrer Pamplona, 88.

DJs in Barcelona this july

Friday the 24th of july and saturday the 25th of july :

It’s the Barcelona Rocktonic beach festival ! On friday the 24th are playing : LENNY KRAVITZ, STEVE ANGELLO and KINGS OF LEON (among others…) and on saturday the 25th : AVICII, ROBBIE WILLIAMS and JUANES ! Isn’t that awesome ? The festival is located on Platja del Forum and Parc de la Pau and you can buy your tickets on the Hard Rock Café website.

Djs in Barcelona this july

Wednesday, the 29th of july

Finally, to conclude this crazy month, the big, the huge ARMIN VAN BUUREN is playing at the Opium ! The tickets are a bit expensive, it’s 40€ in advance online but come on… It’s Armin Van Buuren !!! Opium : Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 34.



Well, now you know EVERYTHING about this crazy July ! I have the feeling that you won’t get bored ! Little tip : if you can afford it, take a VIP table in clubs when there are such big DJs because the club will be crowded for sure. I’m talking with experience ! Have fun guys ! If we miss any DJ please let us know we’ll be glad to add it on our blog !



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