Questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona

Questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona – don’t get deceived!

What is good señoras and señores? Are you looking for a flat to rent in Barcelona? We strongly suggest you to do your homework first and take a look at this blog about questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona, because, you know, real estate agents are sales people after all, and if you ask the wrong questions you might not get a straight answer. Accordingly, we’ve put together a list below with those questions NOT to ask when on a flat visit in Barcelona, so take a look and see what you should (or in this case shouldn’t) ask while searching for that perfect flat! :P



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Some of the most seemingly benign and logistical questions can be the worst to ask. “How long has this property been on the market” might seem like a perfectly good question but in reality you’re probably never going to get a straight answer. If an agent were to admit that a flat has been on the market for months and months, you would probably start to wonder, “Gee, how come?”, and the flat wouldn’t be as attractive to you. So normally agents will say it’s been on the market a lot less time than in reality. They’re trying to sell you on the place, so saying that it’s been around forever and no one will rent it is quite counter productive for them. Remember, whether you like a flat or not should not be based on the popularity of it but rather whether you actually like it or not.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Don’t you even think about asking this one! Just like question #1, the agent will probably never be honest with you by revealing the actual demand in the flat or how many people are interested in it. Think about it,  you see a flat, ask this question and the agent says “no, nobody is interested in taking this flat, I can’t seem to rent it for the life of me”. You would probably be instantly dissuaded. Now if the agent says “OMG, we’ve had 3 other visits today, one couple sending me documentation this evening, so you better be really quick if you don’t want to lose it” that would instill a sense of urgency in you. If you actually liked the flat, you might take the leap and reserve it more quickly if you know it ‘might’ disappear at any time. As you can see there is a lot of incentive in the agent misrepresenting the interest in a flat, so just don’t ask, you’ll never know if you’re getting a straight answer.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Mentioning you have a pet is often a deal killer for many property owners. Knowing that your little fur ball will be running around the apartment, possibly defecating all over it, and likely barking or making noises that disturb the neighbours (not to mention the extra wear and tear on the apartment itself) is not something that makes it easy to get accepted as a tenant. So, we suggest you don’t mention your pet at all! If you find a place you like, before making any type of reserve payment, ask to see a copy of the contract, and if it doesn’t mention pets, then sign and move in with your pet! If you constantly mention your pet you’ll see doors closing very quickly. If you’re one of those people that just HAS to know that the owner is ok with your pup, then ask on the phone before making appointments if each flat will allow pets or not so you don’t waste your (and the agent’s) time.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

You might think that an agent knows everything there is to know about the flat you’re seeing but that’s not usually the case. They have knowledge of the product but more in terms of it’s features and selling points. They usually have no idea who, or how well behaved, the neighbours are. After all, the agent maybe runs in and out a few times a day doing visits, but as they don’t live there, they usually have no idea who the neighbours are. This, then, is another question not to ask because either they will say “the neighbours are great!”, or they will tell you they have no idea.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

OK folks, there tend to be two types of rental flats; furnished and unfurnished. There is a huge difference! You wouldn’t believe how many people come to a visit for a fully furnished flat and then ask “can the owner take out all the furniture?” Usually, the answer is no. Not every person has the space to empty their whole apartment and store all their furniture. So, if you’re looking for a furnished flat only look at those options and vice versa. If you love a flat you see online and want to know if it’s possible to rent without furniture just call the agent and ask before setting up the visit. That way you avoid wasting your time.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Keep in mind that most owners will not wait more than about 2-3 weeks for you to move in to the flat (read: starting paying rent) from the time you make a reserve payment. What that means is you shouldn’t start your search much more than 4 weeks before the date of entry. If you do so you will be utterly wasting your time. “But I like to get a good jump on all my plans” you might tell me. Yes, we understand. People like to plan ahead and be prepared. However, that does not work in BCN. The flats you see AVAILABLE NOW are just that, available to move into now. So if you start to early you’ll waste time on flats where they won’t accept you. With that said, the worst you can do is see a flat and on the visit ask “can I move in in 2,3,4,5, etc… months?” The agent will tell you no, and probably want to kill you for wasting his or her time.



Questions NOT to ask on a flat visit in Barcelona

Most rental flats you see on portals and websites are for long term contracts. Long term in Barcelona is generally 1 year plus. If you are looking for less time than that, especially if it’s a stay of 1-4 months, we highly suggest you mention this on the phone before the visit. Every day we have people responding to ads asking if it’s available for a few months when the owner wants only 1 year plus contracts. So the worst thing you can do, is setup a visit and ask “can I rent it for 2 months?”, because most likely they are looking for long term tenants and most likely you will end up wasting everyone’s time. So, with that said, if you’re looking to stay somewhere for less than a year, make it clear to the agent while on the phone and before doing the actual visit.



In conclusion, our advice is that you should read the ad carefully and thoroughly before scheduling your visit. Naturally, if you have any inquiries, it’s the best to ask all the questions and things that you are confused about on the phone or by email. If you have any comments or suggestion on other questions not to ask on a flat visit let us know!  :D

Till next time, PEACE OUT, SuiteLifers!


Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)


Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona : absolutely everything you need to know

Hello SuiteLifers ! Today I come to you with the 10 most frequently asked questions about Barcelona (and their answers of course…) to help you have the most pleasant experience in this magnificent city !!

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 1 : What are Barcelona international telephone codes ?

The first most frequently asked questions about Barcelona is about the international telephone codes. What you must know is that the telephone dialling country code is +34 and the city code for Barcelona is 93. In general numbers that begin with 9 are fixed lines and numbers that begin with 6 are mobile phones.

Question 2 : What is Barcelona time’s zone ?

This is the second most frequently asked questions about Barcelona ! Well, we are located in the GMT+1 time zone !

Question 3 : How to get tourists visas for Spain?

Of course the citizens of European Union + Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein do not require a visa, just their ID or passport. For minors the ID must come with a written parental permission. They can visit for up to 90 days. Visitors from Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, the Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino, the Vatican, Singapore, Uruguay and Venezuela don’t need a tourist visa either, just a valid passport.  Finally any visitors from any other countries must apply for a tourist visa from the Spanish Consulate website in their home country.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 4 : What is electrical current in Spain ?

Our fourth most frequently asked questions about Barcelona ! Spain uses 220-volt AC, 50Hz electrical current with a two-pin electrical plugs.  Visitors from the UK need adaptors and visitors from USA also need adaptors as well as 110/125V transformers.

Question 5 : What is the weather like in Barcelona ?

Mediterranean climate !!! Warm springs, hot summers, mild winters. And up to 12hours of sunshine a day during the summers.

Frequently asked question about Barcelona

Question 6 : Where is Barcelona airport ?

The international airport is located outside the city, about 20 kms away and is called El Prat. The easiest way to come to Barcelona from the airport is the “Aerobus”. Check out El Prat website and the Aerobus website for more information.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 7 : How is public transport in Barcelona ?

Very modern and well maintained !!! We have buses, metro, trams, trains, city bikes. And the metro service is uninterrupted from 5am on Saturday to 12 am on Sunday ! Check out the public transport website for more info.

Question 8 : Where is the Tourist office ?

There are plenty of them all around the city but you’ll find the main one on Plaza Catalunya, underground. You can check the tourist office of Barcelona website for more information.

Question 9 : What about medical care and health care

One really important and most frequently asked questions about Barcelona. Visitors from the European Union must bring the blue EHIC card – European Health Insurance Card, which entitles them to free medical assistance in emergencies. The main emergency number is 112.  The number for medical emergencies is 061. Don’t forget to check CatSalut website.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

Question 10 : Pharmacies and chemists

They are called “Farmacias” here in Spain. They generally have the big green cross outside. You can buy prescription and non-prescription medicine  from pharmacies during normal shopping hours on weekdays between 9.00 and 20.00. There are also 24h chemist shops opened in Barcelona but an extra charge is added to medicine purchased outside normal opening hours.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

That was the top 10 most frequently asked questions about Barcelona ! I hope you guys have found this helpful and if you have another question about anything else please leave a comment we’ll be happy to help !


Events in June 2015: What to Do in Barcelona This Month

Barcelona events: Make Plans for June 2015



Hi everyone! There is a ton of stuff going on in Barcelona in June 2015 and maybe you did not make plans yet but we are here to help you with that. We curated a bunch of cool activities occurring very soon so let’s just hope you will be as shaking as we are for the month to come. Plenty of worldwide superstars are on their way to Barcelona and music fans should be delighted, we know we are! Among those musical events we also listed cultural, sporting and simply fun activities in Barcelona in June to please every reader who just wants to get out in the sun and enjoy life, as simple as that.


1. Champions League Final 2015: FC Barcelona vs. Juventus Turin


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015

We know the game will be played in the Olympiastadion of Berlin and you may have planned a trip to go there and watch the game live but if you did not, we thought it would be nice to give you some tips on the best place to watch the game in Barcelona. This is a thing here, if there is ever a football game, you have to go to a bar and watch and cheer for your team while drinking with friends.

  • When: 06.06.2015 at 8:45pm

Here are some bars we like and are probably the best places to watch a game in Barcelona:

Sports bar Rambles

The George Payne

Sonora Sports Tavern

For more great places to watch the Champions League final and enjoy a drink amongst friends please feel free to check out the blogs we made during the Fifa World Cup 2014 if you want further details on the bars listed before and more information on others.


2. The ColorRun by Desigual?


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


If you don’t know the fashion brand Desigual? well… just know that they are ALL about colours. So they basically used a concept that was born in the US and brought it to Barcelona and these kinds of races have now spread all around the globe. This is a free event sponsored by the brand where all participants have to run 5km covered in colours. All you need to do is to register yourself and your friends on Desigual?’s ColorRun website and wear your shiniest white clothes. Everyone is expected to throw colours around at the very beginning of the race and then the fun keeps going: you run for 5km and every kilometre, people throw more colours at you! I mean what a better way to work out than do it looking simply rainbow-like fabulous?

  • Location: start and finish in Avingueda de la Reina Maria Cristina near the Magic Fountain
  • When: Sunday 06.07.2015 at 9am
  • Metro: L3/L1 Espanya


3. Gran Gala de Flamenco


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


The Barcelona Gran Gale de Flamenco is not to be missed when you are a fan of this traditional Spanish dance. It’s all about rhythm and grace with a deep feeling of strength when the dancers move around on the musicians’ guitars and singing. When you see that all you want to do is join them on stage and dance too! If you want to experience the real Spanish life and have never seen a Flamenco show, well here’s your chance readers. Promise, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Location: Palau de la Música Catalana (Carrer Palau de la Música 4-6)
  • When: on stage until August, you can book your tickets for June 7-9-17-25-28 or later if you wish
  • Metro: L1/L4 Urquinaona
  • More informations and ticket bookings:


4. MotoGP Catalunya 2015



Located less than 30 minutes away from Barcelona, the Catalunya circuit is one of the most enjoyable circuits for the fans that allows them to have a enlarged sight of the action and not miss anything from the race. Motorcycle racing is a big thing here and you will have to face a big crowd of Spanish supporters but the huge grass fields are here for you to relax and enjoy the race anyway.


5. Maroon 5 Concert



The worldwide famous band is coming to Barcelona! Are you excited yet? We are! On tour for their last album “V”, the band is currently performing all around Europe and is soon to be in the city. If you did not get the chance to buy a ticket for Barcelona’s concert, don’t worry you can always try to get one for the upcoming concerts in Madrid and Lisbon. Otherwise, you’ll have to travel all the way to Japan to get the chance to see them and well let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely to happen.


6. Ariana Grande Concert


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


Big Sean’s girlfriend will be in town soon! She’s a great singer and her songs make us move like crazy on the dance floor so why not just go to her concert and enjoy her big party? She’s travelling the world with her Honeymoon Tour and I know fans are already dying from excitement. A little warning though, Barcelona is her last European destination before she goes back to the US for a national tour there so be quick and get your tickets as soon as possible!


7. Sonar Festival 2015


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


The Catalonian festival was created in 1994 and is now worldwide renowned on the electronic scene because it gathers both trending artists but also artists who are soon to become famous. It is a very big event in Barcelona and it attracts a huge crowd from all over Europe and gathers many big artists such as My Chemical Romance or Skrillex for instance. So if you’re a fan of electronic music and love festivals don’t hesitate to book your ticket as soon as possible.

  • Location: the Sonar Festival is composed of many events at once so to be the clearest, just check out their own website to find out where everything happens
  • When: Friday 06.18.2015 to Sunday 06.20.2015
  • More information and ticket bookings:


8. Kiss Concert


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


The legendary rock band is travelling around the world for their 40th anniversary tour and rock fans should definitely not miss it! Their last album “Monster” was released in 2012 and it has been a while already so aren’t you excited that they are coming to Barcelona to sing their hit songs just for you guys? Book your tickets as fast as possible!


9. Nit de Sant Joan 2015 (Saint John’s Night Festival)


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


So readers, if there is one and only one night not to miss in Barcelona it is definitely the Saint John Night. I mean, all of Barcelona is going to be outside on this night to gather around huge bonfires and just drink and enjoy the nice summer night. Bonfires are lit all around the city but the biggest event happens by the sea where almost 70,000 people gather on the beach and have fiesta! Watch out for the fireworks thrown around though and don’t forget to watch where you are walking too! People usually burry their bonfires in the sand to stop it but the embers are still really hot and could burn your feet. Other than this, get ready for an amazing night of festivities!

  • Location: various locations in the city
  • When: 06.23.2015


10. Barcelona Gay Pride 2015


what to do in Barcelona in June 2015


Barcelona is one of the most gay-friendly city in Europe and the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Questioning) community is very active in here. Having fought for their rights for decades now, the gay pride is about keeping up the fight for total equality but also celebrate the unique gay culture and the past victories for the LGBTQ community’s rights. If your gay, you’re gonna love the partying atmosphere and walk amongst all those fabulous people! If you’re straight, well…it’s gonna be the exact same thing! A great day for everyone and a great occasion to fight for equality everywhere. The theme of this year’s pride is “Stop Bullying LGBT!”, get out on the street and protest with everyone to ensure LGBT people’s safety and all this while dancing and drinking of course!

  • Location: Pre-Parade Party in Parc de les Tres Xemeneies, Avenue Paral.lel 49
  • When: 06.18.2015 at 4pm for the Pre-Parade Party / beginning of the march at 6pm / festivities last until 06.26.2015 (1 week!)
  • More information:


Make your choice and I wish you a delightful month of June 2015 everyone!

See ya!

- Aurélien

Drones Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys!

Drones Barcelona: What You Need to Know

Drones Barcelona

Have you been looking for info on drones in Barcelona? Buenos dias beloved SuiteLifers! How’s things? Are you ready for some really cool action? Because this blog is all about drones in Barcelona! It will contain all the major providers of renting services for these babies in case you feel adventurous and you are in the mood for some really stunning footage, obviously shot from the sky! It is only logical that the Barcelona skyline is gorgeous, so why not shoot it? If your answer is YES!, now is drones in Barcelona time! Let’s quickly see where you can find them.



Drones Barcelona




Drones Barcelona





Drones Barcelona


  • LOCATION:Bolivia 212, Barcelona
  • PHONE: +34 629 60 86 90
  • SERVICE LEVEL: Professional – concentrated on the event management and planning industry



Drones Barcelona


  • LOCATION: Camp 89, Barcelona
  • PHONE: + 34 934 171 403 / +34 639 321 927
  • SERVICE LEVEL: Industrial – focused on manufacturing businesses



Drones Barcelona




Until the 4th July 2014, the use of any type of drone is Spain use to be completely banned. Right now, these restrictions are a little bit more permissive, but the drones have to abide certain rules. You can find all that legal information by clicking here.

But in a nutshell, thanks to our friends at DRONAIR, we’ve put together a simplified list of rules that you should know if you are considering flying some drones in Barcelona:

  • The drone should have the maximum mass at take-off less than 10 kg
  • Maximum flight height should be below 400 feet
  • Flying drones will require a specific safety study (not general or basic as it is now)
  • Security measure regulations will change in the near future, becoming more rigorous than they are right now
  • Express permission from the specific Government departments specialised  in actions related to filming shows or events will shortly be required.


Hope you enjoyed this blog about drones in Barcelona, till next time, peace out drone aficionados!

P.S.: Here‘s a glimpse on how your recordings will look like after using a drone in Barcelona!

Muchisimas gracias,

Dragosh (El Dragon)

Events in May 2015: What to Do in Barcelona This Month

Barcelona Events: Make Plans for May 2015


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


Hello dear readers, do you want to know what to do in Barcelona this month? We gathered the most important events that will occur in Barcelona in May 2015 for you below. Just check it out and plan your whole month for exciting new experiences! Or just so you do not stay home too often this month. Barcelona has plenty to offer and you should definitely enjoy it. This month is especially interesting for sports fan, many tournaments are to be set in Barcelona in May and I have the feeling that sports freaks are already shaking from excitement! But do not worry, Barcelona is synonym for diversity and for those of you who hate sports, there are a lot of other activities to do.


1. Night of the Museum


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


This year again, Barcelona is hosting “La Nit dels Museus” and allows everyone for one night only to enjoy any museum in the city until 1 o’clock. Organised in all of Europe, this event is a great opportunity to go to the museum for those of you who don’t have time to go there usually. Visiting a museum at night is one of the best experience ever and if you’re not convinced yet, it is completely free! Yay, go culture!


2. Plobe Espanyol’s Playmobil Fair


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


The legendary Playmobil dolls are having a party in Barcelona and shouldn’t miss it. Including exhibitions of about 4,000 dolls divided into thirteen dioramas, sales and a contest for the best diorama, Poble Espanyol’s Playmobil Fair is an exceptional event where any of you readers who feel like going back to childhood again will sure appreciate, and your kids too!


3. Football, football and football again!


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


There are a lot of games scheduled this month for the FC Barcelona (Barcelona’s football team if you didn’t know). The team is going to be very busy in May 2015 with three games to play for the European tournament and the Spanish one at home in the famous stadium of Camp Nou. If you’re a fan, get your ticket as soon as possible! And if you’re even a bigger fan, do not hesitate to have a look at FC Barcelona’s calendar for the games to come and plan your travels across Spain and Europe to follow your favorite team.

Spanish League

FC Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad

  • Date: Saturday 05/09
  • Location: Camp Nou stadium

FC Barcelona vs. Deportivo de La Coruña

  • Date: Sunday 05/24
  • Location: Camp Nou stadium


4. Formula One Spain Grand Prix


what to do in Barcelona is May 2015


Created in 1991, the Grand Prix of Spain takes place every year and allows the participants to make 66 laps which means 307.104km to do on a 4.655km circuit. The speed record on this race was made by Kimi Räikkönen in 1998 and is still to be beaten. Is the record going to be beaten this year? Find out by yourself!


5. Opera in the Barcelona’s Gran Teatro de Liceu


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


Barcelona is a perfect place to see amazing representations of the most famous opera shows in the world. With its Gran Teatro located right next to the subway station Liceu (Line 3 – Green), it is very easy to go there and enjoy a sophisticated night when you are a fan of classical music. Two different operas are playing in Barcelona in May 2015, don’t miss it!


Così fan tutte by Mozart


5. Primera Sound Festival


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


Gathering plenty of artists from around the world, the Primavera Sound festival is one of the biggest live festival in Europe and received famous bands such as the Cure or the Moldy Peaches. This year – among many others – you’ll be able to see the Strokes, the Black Keys, Julian Casablanca and Patti Smith! So get your tickets now and get ready for the festival season!


6. AC/DC concert


what to do in Barcelona in May 2015


After hitting the Coachella Valley music and arts festival in California, the worldwide known group is coming to Barcelona to celebrate their 40th anniversary tour for their album Rock or Bust! That is something not to miss if you’re a fan. Get ready to be rocked readers!


Have you decided what you are going to do this month yet? Take your time readers but not too much, a lot is going on in Barcelona this very weekend!

We are very interested in hearing from you guys so do not hesitate to leave a comment on what you are planning for this exciting new month to come in Barcelona.

See you!

- Aurélien

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