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If you’re looking for an Internship in Barcelona you’ve come to the right place! SuiteLife is always looking for dynamic, motivated and talented people to join our team and that’s why we offer so many interesting Barcelona internships. This page acts as our hub for everything related to doing your internship at SuiteLife. Take a look around, read the ads, and apply right here! If your profile looks interesting we’ll be in touch asap to setup a Skype interview.

We're always looking for

Online marketing manager intern


Online marketing intern


Video production intern


Web development intern


This is not a regular internship. Interns will be treated as part of our team. Their ideas will be listened to and they will be encouraged to pursue their individual passions in order to help the company as a whole. They will NOT be required to deliver coffee, make tea, or engage in other mindless activities that are common practice in large companies.

Our Office

Working hours:
10 am – 7 pm, Monday to Friday

Preferred internship length:
6-12 months (but if profile is very special
we can consider less time)

Address: c/Aribau 80, Atico 2a, 08036,
Barcelona - Spain

Tel: +34 934514118


Skype: BennySuiteLife


This is an unpaid interniship, but you will receive tremendous value and experience because of the following:

  • The quality of life in Barcelona is amongst the highest of any city in the world. Perfect weather, mountains, beach, sun, fun, excellent food, and great international people.
  • Because much of our marketing and blog writing is focused on the best of BCN, interns will jump ahead of the learning curve and learn about the city from an insider's point of view and at a very quick pace.
  • The ability to own and manage your own projects that are far beyond the normal scope of responsibility of most intern positions.
  • The constant ability to follow your specific passions and develop them further by contributing in those areas to the team.
  • We will give you advice and support regarding: relocation, flat finding tips and advice, mobile phones, and bank accounts.
  • Ability to earn university credit for your time here.

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