The dry town in Barcelona.

Welcome to Poble Sec

Poble Sec is a wonderfully underrated and up and coming area in Barcelona. Once known as a seedy area, it is now becoming quite trendy and the home of some of Barcelona's best bars and restaurants. Much like the Sant Antoni part of the Eixample, Poble Sec is starting to gentrify and there are very interesting opportunities here. One of the cheapest areas to drink in the city. The atmosphere is laid back and down-to-earth, a mini Gracia, if you will, in very close proximity to the city centre. 

The neighbors

Quite local but increasingly multicultural.

What to expect

A great residential neighborhood very centrally located in the city.


Lots of life in the streets. From bars and watering holes to a multitude of theatres and great restaurants.

What not to expect

Tourists. Poble Sec doesn't have any major historical sights to see, or for tourists to flock to. All the better for its inhabitants.

The market

An upcoming market and location. Very central with easy access to the downtown while being on it's perimeter. 

You'll fall in love with

The overwhelming sense of community spirit amongst the neighbours. 


Excellent location to price correlation.

Excellent community spirit and general ambience amongst residents.

Lower hosing prices with potential opportunities for investors.

A humble lower-middle class neighborhood.


Not as well known an area and hence doesn't command as high sale prices on investments.

Buildings tend to be small and sometimes run down. Not a lot of new buildings in the area. 

The location for some people can be a little too on the edge of the city.


Nearby Transportation

Market snapshot


10€ M2

Average price per m2

On average, Poble Sec is


Less than other
Barcelona neighborhoods


2700€ M2

Average price per m

On average, Poble Sec is


Less than other
Barcelona neighborhoods

Market Explained

Poble Sec is an interesting neighborhood in terms of it's real estate market. Due to it's location and easy commute to the center of the city, it can be interesting to expats, anyone who has to go to the airport daily, and for investors. You get the same small town feel as you would in Gracia, but since it's less well known, you're also going to get more for your money. There's something special about Poble Sec which you feel right away. It's the sense of community and community spirit, which is refreshing and not easily found in Barcelona. For investments you'd be looking to by as close to Avenida Parallel as possible either close to Plaza Espanya or the port. 

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