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Get help moving to Barcelona today, not "mañana"

Are you moving to Barcelona? Our philosophy is pretty simple. We use our extensive insider knowledge of the city, immense network of contacts, and fast 24/7 service to help you jump ahead of the learning curve and start enjoying your stay from Day 1.

We have a wide range of flexible Barcelona relocation packages to fit anyone's needs and budget, no matter how big or small. Let the experts take care of everything for you so you can focus on your new life in this sunny mediterranean paradise.

Main advantages

No worries, we take care of everything

No worries, we take care of everything

Trust and satisfaction guaranteed

Trust and satisfaction guaranteed

Quick & efficient, everything is ready, just move in!

Quick & efficient, everything is ready, just move in!

Large range of choice, we have what fits you!

Large range of choice, we have what fits you!

Our packages

1. The house hunting package

Our most popular package will get you settled quickly and efficiently in your dream home. Let the hunt begin! Your dedicated SuiteLife relocation agent will get in touch with you by mail, phone or Skype depending on your preference. During our in depth chat we will identify your exact needs. Once you've arrived to BCN we'll organize up to 10 visits of flats that fit your requirements (the visits usually span 2 days). We'll give you advice and help you evaluate each of the flats you've seen to assist you with your decision.

Some flats we show you might be from our own inventory (meaning you get a discount on the agency commission of 25%) but we also work with all the agencies in the city so you know you'll be choosing from the best of the best. On the day of your visits we'll accompany on all of them. We will give you valuable insider advice and perspective, help you negotiate the best deal and verbally translate the rental contract to you. It's nice to have an expert on your side after all.
Please, consult for price.

Don't worry, be happy

2. Don't worry, be happy

Have Everything you REALLY need ASAP: Mobile, Internet, Bank Account. This package covers all the most essential basics you will need in order to be connected upon your arrival. We will open up a bank account for you with the best possible conditions, help you to find the best deal on your mobile phone contract and get your Internet connection established within 3 working days.
Price: € 90

Barcelona 360

3. Barcelona 360

The orientation tour of Barcelona specifically focuses on the different neighborhoods in the city and helps the client to understand which one fits them best. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of living in each neighborhood including a detailed demonstration of available infrastructure such as supermarkets, public transportation links and gastronomy. The tour will be approximately 3 hours long and for 3-5 People.
Price: € 215

I.D Me

4. I.D Me

That annoying to get but necessary NIE (foreign identification card). Let us worry about it.
This package includes only the NIE, because its a necessary item that every foreigner that comes to Spain requires. SuiteLife will deliver these services within a week once the client has delivered all the documents required. (The government office takes one month to deliver the NIE, SuiteLife promises to do the initial paper work for the client in a period of one week, and then the client will have to go pick up the NIE I.D.)
Price: € 145

Lights on!

5. Lights on!

This is another very popular package. It includes assistance in setting up gas, water, electricity and Internet contracts. In case the utilities are already running in the chosen apartment, the names and bank account information in the contract need to be changed, SuiteLife will complete the service delivery within one week.
Price: € 360

FCB Package

6. FCB Package

Do you need something else? Would you like to be picked-up at airport by limousine? Anything you need, just ask us!. This is sort of a make your own package; pick-up at airport, School search (we can find the best school for your kids), Spanish courses (selection of courses which suites the best to a level of you Spanish), Spanish private teacher, Doctor, Parking your car, Housekeeping, etc. Do you need something else? Write us, call us, we will do the best!
Please, consult for price.

Legalize it

7. Legalize it

This package basically includes assistance in getting all legal documents required by the foreigners in order to live in Spain. The documents can vary depending on the nationality and also depending on the requirements of each company so the “Legalize it” package is a tailored service that will cover the legal necessities of the client. The price and the service duration will vary according to the documents required. These legal documents could include: Town Hall registration, work permit, insurance, social security, certification of documents, etc.
Please, consult for price.

Lights off

8. Lights off

SuiteLife will help you disconnect everything from your name. The Lights Off Package (Closing Package) includes help in properly closing the accounts described in the package "Lights On” and any other utilities issues, and even helping to sell the items that the client has bought during the year and do not belong to the landlord nor the apartment.
Price: € 110

Sherlock Holmes

9. Sherlock Holmes

Have you found a great flat you like, but you are not yet in Barcelona? No problem!
Check out your place in advance; If you pick a flat or a room that you’re interested in, SuiteLife will provide you with pictures, video and overall summary about that place: situation of building, what's the situation of neighbourhood, access to shops, etc.
Price: € 250

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