Carrer Muntaner: Barcelona Street Profile

Carrer Muntaner is located in Eixample left. It starts at Universitat and goes all the way up to Passeig de la Bonanova. Due to it's length, you can find almost EVERYTHING on Carrer Muntaner. Beautiful buildings, wonderful architecture, all kinds of restaurants, bars, supermarkets and much more. Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image
However, the other day, I went on a hunt for the best and coolest things on Carrer Muntaner. There's so much going on its hard to focus on just the best ones but here are my favourites: 1. 7 Sins Pub Barcelona / Muntaner 7 7 Sins Barcelona might be one of the coolest bars in town. Start your evening with an American dinner, foreign beer and a good atmosphere. Once you are done with your dinner, head downstairs and you'll find yourself in a wicked location with dancing girls, relaxing music and very good drinks! They have special offers every day. By the time I got there, they offered 4 coronitas plus 1 portion of yammy nachos for 12€. For further information and upcoming events, go to their website or follow them on twitter. Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image

2. BoysBar / Muntaner 6

Since parts of Carrer Muntaner are in the heart of the gay area in Barcelona, this bar is a dance bar for boys. I didn't enter the place but I saw pictures from outside. BoysBar is probably one of the many gay orientated bars in Eixample. Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image

3. Biking Clothes / Buy New Moto

Right next to a carwash, there is one shop for biking clothes. Also, a bit further up, there is a shop for buying motos. I am not to much of a motorcycle expert but those stores looked highly professional. The store for buying motos is called KTM Barcelona (Muntaner 95). The one for buying clothes is called Dainese (Muntaner 83b)

4. Zona Eleven / Muntaner 61

Zona Eleven is a great, small designer shop offering high price clothing and shoes. Brands like Dsquared, Dior, Moschino and many more are sold here. If you are really into designer clothes and are looking for something special, Zona Eleven is the place to go on Muntaner. Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image

5. Cremeria Toscana / Muntaner 208

Cremeria Toscana is one of the best ice cream shops in BCN! You can either take the handmade ice cream as a takeaway, or eat it in the cosy little café inside. The price is fair, the ice cream delicious! The place to go for ice cream on Muntaner!

Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image

6. Bar Velodromo / Muntaner 213

Bar Velodromo is a really popular bar/restaurant on Muntaner. It is always crowded. The food is amazing, the interior is wonderful and the service is friedly. Who can ask for more!? Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image

7. Starbucks / Muntaner 239

I know it's nothing special but Starbucks lovers might be happy for the tip. Located a bit further up Muntaner, you can't go wrong stepping into this classic coffee shop. Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image

8. Music Store

This huge music store buys and sells old and new instruments. They basically sell everything and the staff are experts. A must for any music lover. Carrer Muntaner : Barcelona Street Profile Image
Carrer Muntaner is packed with highlights. It's long, beautiful and offers tons of stuff to do. However, I prefer smaller streets, e.g. Carrer Montcada in El Born. What about you guys? What's your favourite street? Yours, Alexander Kolb

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