Decorate your home for cheap

Are you fed up with your decoration and need new ideas to make your house modern and much more pleasant to live in? Or maybe you just moved into a new home and want to personalize the space? Here you will find a lot of great tips to decorate your home for cheap! The best part? You don't have to be necesarily good at handiwork to do all of these...


You can either buy new stuff, make new from old furniture or even build your own from raw materials.

Invisible bookshelf

You have books but no bookshelf? So where are you going to put them? Think about it: real bookshelves are quite expensive and they also take a lot of space. With this really cheap and amazing invisible bookshelf, you can just have your books on the wall, no extras! Look how easy it is: all you need is a wall, this metal thing you can find in handiwork shops, a screwdriver, glue and a book you don't want to read anymore because you'll need to stick it. Decorate your home for cheap Image

Paletts' couch and table

It can seem crazy and not aesthetic at all but once it's painted and covered with cushions, it's very stylish! Everything you'll need is paletts, glue, painting or varnish and cushions (you can add little wheels if you want) and friends to sit there with you! Decorate your home for cheap Image
Tip: On the picture the couch is outside but you can of course put it inside too!

Big old bobbin table

All you'll need is a big old bobbin, painting or varnish. To make it a little fancier, you can add a glass on the top or even tiles! Look! These people made the bobbin table AND the paletts couch! Decorate your home for cheap Image
Good at DIY ? Try to make this one: a bobbin bar! Decorate your home for cheap Image

Furniture made out of Cardboard

Did you even know it exists? Cardboard furniture! You can buy it online but it won't be cheap... Or you can realize them yourself with old cardboard boxes you'd find! To make them, you will need certain things like :
  • cardboard
  • a meter and long flat ruler
  • a square
  • a pencil
  • a cutter and long cutting pliers (or scissors)
  • a jig-saw and some blades
  • a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • a roll of gummed kraft paper
  • a sanding block and sandpaper
Decorate your home for cheap Image


Sometimes your home just needs to be a little modernized with new things. It does not take much time and you can either find these in shops for quite cheap or make some of these things on your own.


Ok, no misunderstanding here! When I say carpet I don't mean the kind of carpets you can find at your grandma's place. There are trendy graphic carpets that can make your home modern and elegant at the same time! Decorate your home for cheap Image


Mirrors aren't only for people to look at themselves in, they can be used to make the illusion of a bigger room or simply to improve the decoration. Decorate your home for cheap Image
Tip: Think about having mirrors with frames: more classy and decorative than simple mirrors.


With stickers you can actually do everything easily like cover furniture, put them on the walls, doors and even stairs! In brief, you can stick them everywhere to refresh your interior! Decorate your home for cheap Image
Decorate your home for cheap Image


Good for health AND decorative, plants can be cheap and there are easy to find! Decorate your home for cheap Image
You don't have the green thumb? Think about succulent plants: they are real survivors (they don't need much to stay alive), beautiful and you can find them everywhere! Decorate your home for cheap Image
Good at DIY? Try this very easy Ikea Succulent Table Hack by Nifty!


If you have plants, you will need flowerpots for sure for the aesthetic part! And the good part is that you don't actually need to buy real flowerpots, look at these ones, they are just baskets with plants in it! Decorate your home for cheap Image

Cushions and Curtains

Having colourful cushions and curtains make a place look more joyful! If you don't like multicolor furniture and colorful walls and you like to have almost everything white, grey or black, your interior may be sad. For me, the simplest solution is to have little touches of colours in your house like curtains, cushions, blankets, lamps... Decorate your home for cheap Image
Think about this same living room without the red frame on the wall and the colorful cushions.. Isn't it sader?


It's also possible that you need bigger changes than the ones before such as changing the color of your walls or flooring... Don't worry, we also have good tips for that!

Paint or repaint your parquet

No need for more explanations here, all you need is :
  • a special painting for wood
  • sand paper
  • a spatula
  • a roller
  • a brush
Let's renew your parquet, this little video may help you!

Wallpaper with newspapers

Tapestry is quite expensive but think about reusing your old newspapers instead of throwing them away, it won't cost you anything! Decorate your home for cheap Image

Blackboard painting

This painting is SO cool! Think about it, you just have to paint some walls or even furniture with that and then write on it with chalks. The good part is that you can erase what you wrote whenever you want! Decorate your home for cheap Image
Tip: Don't abuse with the painting! If you put it everywhere it will be too much!

Paint directly on tapestry

Sometimes, remove tapestry is just a big waste of time because you could just paint on it. For that it has of course to be in good state and a light color is the best. Decorate your home for cheap Image
Which could also be great is to paint patterns on your wallpaper! Decorate your home for cheap Image
I hope these tips to decorate your home for cheap were useful for you! Tell us what you think and share your ideas in the comment section below!

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